Our Fashion Show

  • Posted on June 6, 2015 at 11:51 am

By JetBoy

I suppose this story really began when my husband of fourteen years, a professor at a local university, walked out on me one day for one of his students, leaving my ten-year-old daughter Kim and I to fend for ourselves.

God, it was hard, learning how to manage as a single mother. But I was lucky enough to get a job I could do from home, so I could still be on hand to raise my little girl. And Kim, bless her, was a wonder — helping me out in every way she could, always giving me the encouragement I needed to build a new life for us both. I don’t think I could have coped without her.

At twelve, Kim was already a dazzling beauty. Her long flowing hair shone like spun gold, setting off her deep blue eyes. She was already ripening deliciously; her breasts were small but perky, and her cute bottom filled out a pair of shorts quite nicely. She loved being bare-legged, and usually only wore a t-shirt and panties around the house.

But Kim was more than beautiful. She was also a sweet-natured, adorable girl who I loved dearly. I found myself staring at her sometimes, utterly amazed at this wondrous being I had somehow created.

As for me, I was a still-single mother who still looked good at the age of thirty-six. Always slender, my body was in great shape, the result of eating right and regular exercise. My honey-hued hair was done in a pixie cut, and my eyes were, as a lover once told me, the light blue of a summer morning.

I still got my share of attention from men, but truth be told, I wasn’t really interested in starting up a new relationship with a guy. Instead, my desires lay in another direction… but I’m getting ahead of the story.

I’d planned an extra special weekend for me and my daughter, in celebration of her thirteenth birthday. First, I took her to a fancy restaurant, where I let her sneak a few sips from my glass of wine. After dinner, we went shopping at a store that specialized in sexy lingerie. I’d decided that, now that Kim was a young woman, it was time for her to have something a bit more glamorous in her underwear drawer the than plain cotton panties she always wore.

We had a marvelous time at the shop, trying on all kinds of naughty underwear. Kim picked out some very risque things, and I ended up buying them all for her.

When we got home, I’d planned for us both to curl up on the sofa and enjoy a nice romantic comedy DVD. Instead, Kim insisted that she model her new underthings for me. Then she got the idea that I should pose for her, too!

“We’ll have a sexy fashion show!” she squealed, bouncing up and down with excitement.

“But honey,” I laughed, caught up in the girlish enthusiasm that sometimes made Kim seem more like a child of eight than the teenager she now was, “I didn’t buy any underwear today.”

“Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter,” she sang. “Just put on something… hot. Like you’d wear on a date.” She clapped her hands in glee. “This is gonna be awesome!

After hanging up my coat, I’d impulsively uncorked another bottle of wine; a quality vintage I’d been saving for a special occasion. Kim asked me very sweetly to give her a glass, and I poured her a small one — after making her swear, cross her heart and hope to die, not to tell anybody. Needless to say, it only added to her giggly mood. I was laughing quite a bit myself, actually.

But, as Kim insisted, the show was to go on, no matter what! She disappeared into her room to change, while I sat down on the sofa to relax with wine glass in hand, feeling quite satisfied at how nicely our day together had turned out.

When my daughter walked into the living room wearing only a lacy bra and matching thong, I gasped at the sight of her. Oh, I knew she was becoming a young woman, but at that moment it struck me for the first time exactly what that meant. Seeing her was like watching a real model strut before me. I clapped my hands in absolute delight when I saw how sexy she had made herself, while Kim smiled and winked, acting saucy and being quite the little tease.

I had an excellent view of her tight little bottom, bare but for the thong running between her cheeks. The small triangle of cloth that covered her vulva barely concealed a thing.

I felt my cheeks flush a bit, looking at this lovely creature that was my daughter. My temperature was rising, and I blamed it on the wine I’d drunk — but deep down inside, I knew better. I had been without a true sexual release in some time, from a man or a woman, and the sight of my little girl was beginning to arouse me.

It seemed as if I had always been bisexual, from the day I understood what sex was. In fact, my first experience was with a girl, and I’d enjoyed lesbian love many times since then. I never cheated on my husband with another man, but I sometimes felt a yearning for the touch of a woman that was too strong to resist.

And now that he was gone from my life, that side of me seemed to have taken over. I’d had a few brief flings with other women over the last couple of years — nothing serious, just satisfying my sexual appetite.

But recently, I’d found my lesbian desires taking an odd new direction. I began to catch myself glancing longingly at younger girls — dreaming of kissing their pouting mouths, imagining them naked and in my arms.

When fifteen-year-old Becky from across the street was mowing the lawn in a cut-off t-shirt and skimpy denim shorts, I watched her through my bedroom window and masturbated to a shuddering climax, lost in a fantasy of tugging down those shorts, parting her buttocks and licking the sweaty crack of her ass.

This and other similar cravings alarmed me at first, but as time passed I came to accept my desire for girls as part of who I was. After all, it wasn’t as if I planned to do anything about making these fantasies come true.

So there I was, an attractive thirtyish woman, beset by wistful longings for a beautiful young girl to become my love partner, to share my bed and my life.

Only now, it was my own thirteen-year-old daughter who was making me feel that familiar, forbidden hunger, standing before me in the skimpiest of underthings, light-headed from good wine. I felt my pussy throb in my panties as I studied her exquisite bottom, my body suddenly alive with sexual heat. How could this be happening?

Kim paraded in front of me, then stopped to pose, her near-nakedness proudly on display. I tingled from head to toe, and my body felt hot and cold at the same time. She’s your child, I said to myself, trying desperately to deny the confused lust that raged through me. She’s your daughter. She’s never dated, probably never even been kissed.

But that only made my excitement all the more acute. I couldn’t help but think how perfect it would be to teach my newly teenage daughter about the mysteries and pleasures of sexuality. Kim was a sweet virgin flower, and the thought of being her first lover had me quivering inside.

Gazing deep into Kim’s eyes, I told her how beautiful she was. She giggled, then flopped onto the couch. Her legs parted to give me a tantalizing peek at her barely concealed vulva, and my heart skipped a beat.

“Your turn, Mommy!” she squealed. “Put on something sexy!”

With a weak smile, I rose and strode numbly into my bedroom.

I stood over my drawer of underthings, heart racing as I weighed my options. Could I really do this?

And suddenly, I knew that I could. I wanted my baby to see me in the most provocative lingerie I had; wanted to lewdly flaunt my body before her. More than anything, I hungered for Kim to see me as a sexual being. Even if it came to no more than that, it might be enough to know that my daughter could think of her mother as an object of desire.

I selected a couple of items, then quickly undressed.

When I emerged, I was dressed in sheer red panties, worn beneath a filmy white pegnoir that fell to my upper thighs. I’d gone without a bra, and my breasts were clearly revealed through the gauzy material, the nipples erect and throbbing.

The sight of my daughter’s eyes going wide as I moved toward her in my naughtiest underthings only stoked the fires of my lust. Her hand rose to cover her mouth. “Oh, Mommy…” she whispered, “you… you are so hot!

She lifted her arm, almost if she wanted to touch me, then stopped herself, carefully placing her hand on her bare thigh. A surge of excitement flooded through me when I noticed that.

“Turn around, Mommy… let me see all of you!”

I slowly twirled, giving my daughter a good look. The panties I wore were all but transparent, so I knew that Kim was getting a great view of my ass.

She shook her head in wonder. “Wow… hope I look as sexy as you do when I’m thirty-six!”

I reached out to brush her cheek with my fingertips. “Such sweet things you say, honey.”

She grasped my hand and brought it to her lips, kissing the palm. Then her eyes met mine and… something flashed between us. I wasn’t sure of exactly what it was, but I sensed in that instant that this crazy fantasy of making love to my daughter might be more than a dream.

Kim broke our gaze first, her face flushing slightly. “My turn,” she murmured, rising from the sofa, “I’ll… I’ll be right back!” She gave me a fleeting smile, then quickly exited into her room.

I slowly seated myself, my heart racing at the thought of what I would see next — and that strange but thrilling glance that had passed between my baby and me. For the first time, I wondered if my thirteen-year-old girl had ever experienced lesbian cravings.

When she came out again, my cunt throbbed at the sight of her. She wore a see-through nightgown that I had thought a bit grown up for a girl of thirteen… but she had insisted on having it, and I’d easily given in. Now she was wearing it and nothing else; showing me all of her exquisite body, naked behind the gossamer material.

She was perfect, simply perfect: nipples brushing against the gauzy fabric, her vulva in full view, adorned with the merest hint of pubic down. My heart was skipping wildly at the sight of her.

“Do you like it, Mommy?” she asked me shyly, a bashful smile on her lips.

I smiled and held out my arms for her, and she came to me. I gathered her close, feeling her warm soft body nestle into mine as we cuddled on the couch. She gazed up at me, still waiting to know what I thought.

I kissed her cheek and whispered, “I like it very much, sweetheart… and you are the most adorable creature I have ever seen.”

She lay in my arms, her tiny breasts pressed against my own. My very soul was alive with desire — for my own thirteen-year-old child! I was helpless in the face of it, unable to stop myself.

I kissed her again, but this time on the mouth. She mewed with pleasure as I did so. “Oooohhh, I like that, Mommy… do it again.”

“Oh, I could kiss you like that all day long, sweetie,” I cooed in my sexiest voice, making her giggle.

You have to understand this: I was all too conscious of how wrong these feelings were. It was incest — and lesbian incest with an underage girl at that! But having Kim’s near-naked form on my lap, nestled into me so enchantingly, only made me want my daughter all the more. This newly realized hunger needed to be sated.

Leaning into Kim, I kissed her, more deeply this time. I thrilled to feel her warm, luscious lips press into mine, then hesitantly part, as if inviting her mommy to explore.

I slipped my tongue into my daughter’s mouth, nearly swooning as I savored her warmth, her softness, the taste of her cherry lip gloss. Her body trembled in my arms as she molded herself to me. Then I knew for certain that Kim wanted this as much as I did.

My hand slid slowly up the front of her body as we kissed until I cupped one of her small breasts, covering it with my palm, then moving my hand around in a circular motion to tease her nipple. She moaned into my mouth, shifting her body so that it pressed tightly into mine.

This was it — a line had definitely been crossed. I was making love to my little girl.

I felt her nipple harden between my fingers and I teased it, twirled it and lightly pinched it, making Kim whimper with pleasure.

“Ohhhhh… oh, Mommy… that feels so good…”

Kim’s words only spurred me on — telling me to do this thing, to take my little girl right there and then. Our mouths were locked in a passionate kiss, tongues mingling deliciously. Her breathing was fast and excited as my hand left her breasts, sliding down to grasp the hem of the nightgown she wore and tug it up to above her belly, leaving her sex bare.

My hand moved over her tummy and down to her thighs, finally resting on her lightly downed pussy. She was warm and wet, and a soft cry escaped her throat as I touched her moist petals.

“Open your legs for me, sweetheart,” I breathed. “I’m going to make you feel nicer than you can ever imagine.”

She immediately parted her thighs, revealing her glistening slit to my hungry gaze. Licking my fingertips, I sought out the tiny bud of her clitoris, coaxing it forth from her labial folds.

It was an absolute delight, watching my baby squirm in my lap as I pleasured her. Kim’s pussy quickly grew moist, and my eager fingers glided deftly up and down her vulva, taking the occasional detour to caress the clitoris, which made her squeal with delight. I even traveled further down to explore the sweet jewel of her anus, sliding a finger between her cheeks to stroke the dark cleft.

My daughter was panting frantically, clutching the arm of the sofa tightly as her pleasure grew and grew. As for me, I was delirious with perverse joy. My darling Kim was about to come — for the first time? — and I would be the one to make it happen.

I fingered my baby’s slit until she arched her back, her body going iron-rigid for an instant. Then a small scream tore loose from my daughter as she came. I felt her virgin cunt pulse to my touch, her thick fluids moistening my fingers, a few drops falling to anoint my bare thigh.

I kissed my daughter hotly as the intensity of her climax began to wane, and she parted her lips to accept my probing tongue. She ground her pelvis against my hand, already wanting more; asking without words. I decided to give it to her.

I slid a finger into Kim’s cunt, right up to the fragile barrier of her hymen. She was so wet that it was easy to push through the thin membrane with a stroke, claiming the prize of her virginity.

She cried out, more in surprise than pain, and I gently soothed her. My finger remained motionless inside her as I whispered, “Relax, honey — the hurt will be gone very soon, I promise… then we can enjoy more good feelings together.”

Kim bit her lip and nodded, stilling herself as best she could while I kissed away the single tear that rolled down her cheek. Finally she murmured, “It… it feels better now.”

I began to slowly, slowly move my finger about inside my daughter, rolling it about to gently stimulate the walls of her vagina. Her juices were already beginning to flow anew as my baby’s cunt opened up to me, growing increasingly hot and slippery.

Kim gazed up at me dreamily with adoring eyes. “Mommy, am I a woman now…?”

I smiled, leaning in to place a playful kiss on the tip of her nose. “Yes, angel. You’re a lovely young woman, who I adore more than anything.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck, and hugged me close, our faces nearly touching. “I love you too, Mommy,” she breathed. “Really love you.”

My heart sang as I realized what Kim was saying to me. She knew that we were now more than just mother and daughter — much more.

I nuzzled her ear. “Would you like for me to make love to you, honey? ”

The words came so easily to me, as if Kim and I been intimate many times before. She blushed, but quickly nodded her head.

“Stand up, sweetheart,” I murmured. She did so, and I reached for the hem of her delicate nightie and gently tugged it up and off, leaving Kim nude. Then I rose, smiling at my child. “Would you like to see me naked?”

Kim nodded again, and I pushed the straps of my own nightgown from my shoulders, letting the delicate garment slide down to puddle at my feet. I stood before her, clad only in sheer panties.

My daughter stared at my breasts as if she were hypnotized, then raised her face to mine. “You’re perfect, Mommy.”

I reached out to caress her cheek. “Want to take off my panties?”

She nodded again, her eyes huge as she knelt before me, grasping the thin waistband of my barely-there knickers and tugging them down to my feet. I stepped from them and stood proudly before Kim, my thighs parted to let her see all of me.

Slowly, hesitantly, my daughter extended a timid hand to touch my sex. Her fingers first tangled in my pubic curls, then pressed in to find the juicy flesh.

Kim seemed enthralled as she gently explored the folds and contours of my cunt. “Such a pretty pussy,” she whispered, moving in close for a better look. I could feel her warm breath caress my thighs.

It was too much to take — I had to have my daughter, now!

I tugged Kim’s shoulder, raising her to her feet. My arms twined round my girl’s slender body, then slipped down to cradle her baby-soft bottom as I claimed her mouth in a kiss. Her tongue flashed to life, sparring with mine.

Breaking away, she buried her face in my breasts, kissing them, her lips finding their way to a nipple.

I whimpered, cradling Kim’s face to my chest as she suckled me for the first time since her infancy. Her hand was busy fondling the other breast, brushing the tip with her fingers.

My own hands were not idle; the right still traveling the contours of her pert little ass, the left slipping between her thighs to explore my baby’s slit, still moist from her climax. I coated my fingers with her juices, then brought them to my mouth to taste. Ambrosia…

She noticed what I was doing, and raised her face from my breast. “D-does that taste good?”

I rubbed my nose against hers. “You’re luscious, sweetheart.” My hand cupped her vulva once more, a finger wriggling into her cunt to moisten it — then I offered her the glistening digit. “Go on, Kim,” I purred, “taste yourself.”

A wide-eyed Kim hesitantly took my sticky finger into her mouth, sucked it clean, then smiled. “It’s kinda weird… but I like it.”

“So do I, honey. In fact, you’re so yummy that I’d like to have a real taste.” I brought my lips to her ear, whispering, “Can I lick your pussy?”

“S-sure, Mommy,” she replied, blushing at my boldness.

I positioned my daughter on the edge of the couch, her bottom perched on the edge, legs spread wide and her wet pussy slightly open. I went down on my knees before her, enraptured by my daughter’s beauty.

With trembling fingers I opened her slit even wider, then kissed inside the dewy flower. “Oh,” Kim whimpered.

My tongue emerged to glide slowly, exquisitely up the cleft of my baby’s vagina, savoring the tart flavor of her. Placing my hands on Kim’s shivering thighs, I licked again, flattening my tongue to bathe her vulva.

My heart throbbed like a V-8 engine. This was really happening — I was living out my forbidden fantasy of making love to a young girl. A little girl who also happened to be my own beloved daughter. I felt like the luckiest, most blessed mother in the world.

Kim’s little hand sought out mine, squeezing it tightly as I went down on her, my lips and chin now sticky with her essence. My head was tilted sideways, and I was French kissing my girl’s cunt as if it were a lover’s mouth, probing inside her body with an eager tongue. Then I trailed my way down to the sweet rosebud of Kim’s anus, licking in between her angel-soft cheeks. She gasped in disbelief, clearly shocked that her mother would commit such a lewd act. I lapped at my little girl’s asshole for a minute or so, then returned to her luscious pussy for a few more open-mouthed kisses.

Kim cried out loud, her pelvis arching from the sofa to meet my mouth. She tasted so sweet and delicious, juicy as some exotic fruit I’d never tried before. My child’s fingers tangled in my hair as she held me between her thighs, ripples of pleasure surging through her slender frame. I slipped my right hand beneath Kim’s squirming bottom, my thumb pressing into the crack of her ass to slide up and down the slick crease while I ate her.

Suddenly Kim’s body tightened, and I knew that she was about to come again. Wanting to take her even higher this time, I began to suckle the tiny nubbin of her clitoris. She shuddered almost convulsively, crying “Oh, yes, Mommy… d-d-don’t stop! Oh, God, that feels so… so…”

Placing the tip of my thumb against the tight pucker of my daughter’s anus, I slowly pushed the tip, then its length into the slippery heat of her rectum.

Kim bucked furiously, the back of the couch hitting the wall with a thump as her climax kicked in. Her fingernails dug into my scalp, her thighs squeezed my face like a vice. But I kept sucking at my baby’s clit, rolling my thumb around in tiny circles inside her asshole. Her long, keening cry of ecstasy echoed through the living room, gradually fading to a sob as her orgasm crested and receded. My oral loving gave way to feather-light kisses, gently bringing Kim back down from paradise.

Finally, I lifted my face from her wet pussy to gaze adoringly at my daughter. Kim lay spent, panting for breath, hair tousled and her body gleaming with perspiration. She was so beautiful in the aftermath of her pleasure that I suddenly felt like crying tears of pure joy.

Kim’s eyes slowly flickered open, a dreamy expression on her face. “Oh, Mommy,” she breathed, “that was… wow.

Still kneeling between my baby’s thighs, I wrapped my arms around her waist, my face buried in the softness of her tummy. “Wow,” I agreed.

“Can I have another kiss?” Kim shyly asked.

I raised my face to hers, and our mouths met. This time, my daughter was the aggressive one, circling my neck with both arms as she thrust her tongue into my mouth. I melted into Kim’s embrace, letting her take me. She hummed happily as she licked her way around my lips, tasting her cunt.

She broke away, tossing her hair back. Her eyes shone excitedly. “Mommy? Can I lick you down there? Like you did to me?”

Sure you can, honey, if you really want to,” I replied, giving her a sultry glance. “But first, you have to say it the right way. Say, ‘Mommy, I want to eat your pussy’.”

“Ooooh!” Kim squealed gleefully. “That’s bad!” Then, composing herself, she gazed deep into my eyes, clasped both hands together and cooed, “Oh, Mommy… I really want to eat your pussy. May I, pretty please?”

I sat down beside her on the couch and drew both knees up to my breasts, spreading my thighs wide to show Kim everything I had. “Sweetheart,” I whispered, “you can do anything you want to me.”

Kim licked her lips, transfixed by my slutty display, then slowly pushed herself from the sofa to kneel before me. Her eyes were wide with wonder as she reached out to touch my cunt, gasping as her fingertips made contact with the rosy flesh. “Y-you’re so hot, Mommy!”

“Yes, I am,” I murmured, trailing my fingers through her golden tresses. “I’m hot for you, little lover.”

Kim’s mouth formed a perfect O when I called her that. “Cool,” she whispered, then leaned in close to grace my slightly open pussy with a kiss. I gave a soft cry when I took the first lick, her tongue gliding over my labia. Oh my God, it felt absolutely divine.

I wasn’t sure how Kim would take to eating pussy — but she clearly loved it, making happy humming sounds as she buried her nose in my pubes, a warm, wet tongue finding its way into my lust-slicked vagina.

“Oh yes, Kim,” I moaned. “Yes.” I cradled her head as she went down on me, my eyes growing moist with joyful tears. How could it have taken me so long to discover this? I had raised and adored my beautiful child for all of her thirteen years without seeing how much more powerful our love could be…

My heart raced at the thought of it while I watched Kim pleasure me, a dreamy look on her face as her sweet mouth explored the folds of my cunt. I imagined my daughter and I, living as lovers, sleeping in the same bed — our bodies tangling together in sexual abandon whenever we chose.

I saw myself sending Kim off to school in the morning with a passion-filled tongue kiss, my hand straying beneath her skirt to caress the front of her panties before saying goodbye. Or coming home from the gym to find my daughter waiting for me, stretched out on my bed, naked, wet and eager for her mommy’s loving.

My child’s hands rested on my thighs, the wet sounds of mouth and cunt mingling with her purrs of contentment. Her tongue circled the opening of my slit a few times before slipping inside to probe about.

My imagination strayed further, ever wilder images exploding in my mind. I pictured Kim and I in my car at the local make-out spot, clumsily undressing before getting into hot, sweaty sex in the back seat. I saw my daughter and I in the changing room of some department store, watching one another try on sexy underthings, then coming together in a ravenous kiss. I’d slip her pretty panties down and off, then lean my little girl against the floor-length mirror, lifting her skirt to lick at her juicy slice. Kim would bite her knuckles to keep from screaming as other customers strolled unknowingly past our cubicle.

Now my daughter was was licking me with long, luscious strokes, bathing my vulva. She trailed her tongue up the sticky slit to tease my clitoris — and that was when I nearly lost it.

I clutched her head, bright green pinwheels whizzing crazily behind my eyes as I fought for breath. “Oh God, baby… keep d-doing that, keep licking me there, yes honey, ohhhhhhh!

And bless her, my angel Kim sucked my clit between her lips, just the same as I had done for her, flicking at the inflamed pearl with the tip of her tongue.

I cried out, seizing up as a convulsive orgasm enveloped me in its fiery embrace. Sweet shocks of pleasure lanced through my shuddering frame, wrenching me this way and that. I clutched at myself, all but overcome by the sheer intensity of my release.

Finally, my climax began to recede, the heat of ecstasy fading to a lovely warmth. I drew in a long, shaking breath, then exhaled slowly, my body relaxing back into the couch.

My eyes inched open to reveal Kim, smiling up at me from between my legs. “Did I do good?” she murmured.

I was so giddy with joy that I began to laugh, even as my eyes grew moist. “Oh yes, sweetheart, yes.” I reached out for my baby, sniffling as I drew her into my lap. “Mommy’s little angel… oh, Kim, you m-made me feel wonderful.”

I sought out her mouth with my own, kissing my daughter with every ounce of passion inside me. Tasting my cunt on Kim’s face was a thrill that stirred the soul, quickened the pulse. I sucked on my baby’s lower lip, then licked at the wetness that coated her chin.

Then I hugged her to me, my little girl who was now a woman. Her slender body rested peacefully against mine.

We cuddled quietly for a long while before Kim whispered, “Mommy?”

“What, sweetheart?”

“Does this mean… um… are we girlfriends now?”

I stared into space, suddenly tingling from head to toe at those beautiful, beautiful words… like a benediction from my child’s lips. Gently lifting her face to mine, I whispered, “Would you like that, Kim?”

Eyes sparking, she nodded. “Yes, Mommy. Yes, I would.”

Reaching for her hand, I pressed it to my lips. My soul radiated love for this heavenly creature, my daughter, now offering herself to me. “I’d like that too, baby.” I placed her hand above my breast, and Kim’s eyes widened in awe as she felt the throbbing of my heart. “Precious child… I love you.”

“I love you too,” she breathed. Tilting her face up to mine, Kim’s eyes drifted shut, her lips parting slightly. She was waiting for me to kiss her, so I did.

Our tongues met and entwined as my daughter and I shared our first embrace as open lovers. She began to shift about in my lap, legs scissoring together as our kissing grew increasingly heated. I knew how she felt.

Finally Kim broke away, her cheeks flushed with excitement. “Um, Mommy… can we make love some more?”

I stroked her cheek. “I think we should, honey. Only… let’s go to my room, and do this on a nice big bed.”

“Cool!” she squealed.

So my daughter slid from my lap and turned to me with a smile, extending her hand. I took it, and we padded naked through the house to my bedroom, ready to take the next step in our new life together.


The idea for this story was sparked by Delia Wild’s excellent “A Mother’s Taboo Desire.” I thank Delia for her inspiration, and wistfully wonder where she has been of late…


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  1. This is another one of my faves, JetBoy. It’s so hot… I can barely wait to read the new stuff you have in store for us!

  2. JetBoy says:

    Thanks, dear heart… praise from a writer as erotically skilled as yourself is like having a medal struck in my honor. I shall wear it with pride.

  3. Aliciamom says:

    Where do you find these wonderful pictures?? I love them! I haven’t even gotten to the story yet.

  4. Incestlover73 says:

    Excellent story god it made so horny my cock is throbbing and so hard I hope u can carry this one looking forward to more story’s

  5. Pervygramps says:

    Wonderful story…had me stroking throughout. I’ve always fantasized about having a yng girl lingerie fashion show….yum…..such a lucky mom !!

  6. nick says:

    where did you get the photoe`s from? are they from a film

  7. JetBoy says:

    Interestingly enough, the photo was from a piece about women’s body issues (found at the Salon site, if memory serves). The shots are of two models with very different body types. There were words at the bottom of the photo, which Naughty Mommy helpfully trimmed off — about the average weight of a professional model which, you can well imagine, is shockingly little. An important message, but not one that fit the tenor of this story.

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