Welcome Home, Sweetheart

  • Posted on May 18, 2015 at 9:33 am

By JetBoy

Susie, is that you? Put your book bag down and come upstairs to my room. I want to talk to you.

Well, don’t just stand there and stare, Susie. You’ve seen me naked before. Don’t be shy, come in! Here, sit down next to me. There we are.

So — how was school, baby girl? Didn’t you have that social studies test today?

Oh, sweetheart… it’s just that, well, your mom likes to go without clothes sometimes.

Well, yes, it is kind of naughty. But some naughty things aren’t that bad, you know. Remember when your brother blew up the McKenzies’ mailbox with an M-80? Okay, that was seriously wrong — and that’s why I grounded him for a month. But being naked isn’t like that. There’s something really fun about it… plus, it’s important not to be ashamed of your body!

So tell me, Susie… do you think your mom looks pretty without clothes? Don’t be embarrassed, hon — take a good long look. I like having you see me naked.

Oh, baby girl, that’s such a sweet thing for you to say. C’mere and give me a big hug. Mmmmmm…

That’s a pretty short dress you’ve got on — but I guess all you girls like short skirts these days, don’t you? The boys certainly do… and so do I, actually. Okay, now turn around and bend down a bit — yes, like that. Oooh, I can see your panties, you little show off! Now face me and lift your skirt a bit. Oh, honey, you look so cute in your pretty pink undies. I could just eat you up!

Take your dress off, Susie — I want to get a good look at you. It’ll be fun, won’t it, undressing with me? Oh, my… you are growing up, aren’t you? Twelve years old, and ripening into a beautiful young woman.

I think it’s just about time for you to start wearing a bigger bra, sweetheart. Goodness, I didn’t realize your breasts were coming in so nicely! Would you mind if I touched them? I just want to know what they feel like.

Here, let me unfasten your bra first. There we go.

Mmmm, they’re so soft. Does that feel nice? It does, I can tell. Oh, my, your nipple is getting hard when I touch it. See? No, that’s a good thing, Susie. It means you’re a very sensuous person. Hmmm? Well, it’s like being sexy, but even better.

Yes, you can touch mine. I’d like that very much. Mmmm, your hands are nice and cool. No, that’s fine, you can squeeze them — it doesn’t hurt. Oh, Susie, that feels so good. Pinch my nipples —yes, like that. Oh, my, that’s lovely.

You’re still my little baby girl, aren’t you? This is a very special thing, you know, a mother and daughter getting close.

Would you like me to kiss your nipples? You’ll like how it feels, I promise. Here, let me…

Mmmmm. What do you think? I know — it tickles a bit, doesn’t it? God, sweetie — your breasts are perfect. Yes, they’ll be lovely when you fill out, but they’re beautiful now, too. Mmm, I just want to kiss them all over. Now see how your nipples feel when I lick them. There — isn’t that nice?

Would you like do that to me, sweetheart? Oh, yes, I love having my nipples licked. Go ahead, Susie, don’t be afraid… I want you to.

Ohhhhh, yes… oh, baby girl, you make me feel warm all over when you do that. Touch the other breast while you kiss this one — ooh, that’s marvelous.

You look so sexy in your pretty pink panties. Yes, I said you were sexy, Susie. It’s true. You’re already driving the boys wild, I bet… and probably a few of the girls, too.

Can I take your panties off? I want to see if you’ve grown hair down there yet. Here, let me slide them down… Oh, you do have hair! It’s so wispy and soft.

You know, I love to touch pretty girls there, between their legs — and for them to touch me that way, too. No, sweetie, I still like men. It’s just that I also like women… and girls. Really, I like women and girls a lot more, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It just means that I’m bisexual. You’ve heard that word before, right? Mmm-hmm, I thought so.

It feels good to be naked, doesn’t it? See why I like to go without clothes? It’s such a free feeling. I’ll tell you something that feels even nicer, though — hugging someone when you’re naked. Come and lie down with me, baby girl, and let’s hold each other close.

Mmmmmmm… your body fits into mine so well, Susie. I love cuddling you like this.

Give Mommy a kiss… Oh, sweetheart, you can do better than that! Haven’t you ever kissed a boy before? That’s the kind I mean.

Honestly? You’ve never kissed a boy. How about a girl, then — ever kiss one of your little friends? No? Tell you what, I’ll show you what it’s like. Lie back, and I’ll give you a real grownup kiss.

No, don’t hold your mouth like that. Relax, Susie.

Did I startle you? That’s how adults do it — kiss with their tongues. You know, like they do in the movies. Let’s try again. Give it a chance, sweetie. You’ll love it, I promise you will.

Mmmmm… now, how was that? See, I told you. Oh, honey, you look so incredibly pretty when you blush like that. Makes me feel all warm inside.

I’m going to kiss you again. Only this time, you kiss me back, okay? With your tongue, that’s right. Nice and gentle…

My goodness, Susie — for someone who’s never done it before, you’re pretty good at kissing! Let’s do it some more.

Oh, baby, your mouth is so soft and sweet. I could do this all day with you.

Well, no… mommies and daughters don’t usually kiss this way. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t, does it? It just makes our love extra special. You and I are sharing something most parents don’t get to experience with their kids.

No, I wouldn’t do this with your brother. Umm… well, it’s different, honey. I love him, but not quite the same way I do you. Can I tell you a secret? There’s a kind of feeling that you give me, deep down inside, and I’ve wanted to explore that feeling with you for awhile.

Oh… since you were about eleven. One day I saw you in your bathing suit — that cute little blue bikini we got at the Crestwood mall, remember? You were lying out on the patio on the deck chair, I could see from the kitchen window, and well, I guess you might say that Mommy fell in love with you.

No, I already loved you because you were my sweet baby girl. This was more like grownup love, honey. I wanted to take you in my arms and touch you all over — everywhere!

Listen, Susie… would you like to be my secret girlfriend? It means that we can spend more time together like this. Taking our clothes off and lying together, touching each other and kissing.

Yes, baby — having sex. That’s what I really mean. Honestly, though, I’d rather call it making love. That’s what I want to do with you, Susie… so much it makes me ache inside, sometimes. I’ve felt like that ever since that time I noticed you in the blue bikini.

Oh, no, no. You were too young then, sweetie. I made myself wait until you were grown up enough to do things like making love. That’s why I was waiting to talk to you today… and to tell you the truth, it’s why I took all my clothes off before you got home. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

You don’t think that makes your mother a bad person, do you?

Awwww… that’s so sweet, Susie. You know that I’d never do anything that would hurt you — not ever. All I want is to make you feel wonderful. Teach my baby girl all about love.

Let’s kiss some more, okay? Only this time, I’m going to touch that beautiful body of yours while we kiss. You can touch me too, if you want. That’s right, sweetie — we’ll be making out, won’t we? Is that okay?

Tell you what — if you feel weird or uncomfortable, let me know, and we’ll stop. Fair enough…?

Good. Now, come lie down with me, let me hold my precious little girl.

Mmmmmmmm… oh, sweetie, I love how you kiss. And when you touch me like that, I feel warm all over. How about you, do you like it when I touch your bottom this way?

Oh, Susie, you have a perfect little butt. See how nicely it fits in my hands? It makes me want to caress it all over. Hm, let’s see…

Did that tickle? No, I like touching you there, sweetie. Your bottom hole is a very nice place to touch, if you keep it clean. You can experience some wonderful feelings there. Maybe I’ll show you what some of those feelings are like, a little later. But, right now, I’d like another kiss. How about you? Mmmmmm…

Now, just lie back, Susie. I want to take a good long look at my little girl. You’ve got a lovely pussy, sweetie… one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

Of course you can look at mine! Let me lie back and give you a good look. I’ll hold my legs wide apart so you can get in close. There. What do you think — do I have a pretty pussy, too?

It looks like that because it’s wet, sweetie. See, when a woman gets all warm and feeling sexy, she gets excited… and that makes her pussy moist. You make me feel that way, Susie. Being here naked with you, looking at your beautiful little body, touching you… oh yes, it gets me very excited.

Here, come sit between my legs. Just relax, lie back against me. If you’re really going to be my girlfriend, then you should know how women love each other. After all, you’re practically a woman yourself…

Remember a few months ago when we talked about masturbation, and how great it feels? Oh, c’mon, now — don’t you get embarrassed, Susie! I know you do it… and so do I. It’s a perfectly normal thing.

But that’s not why I brought the subject up. Here, let me show you what I’m trying to say…

Heh heh… now, doesn’t that feel amazing? It’s lovely when you touch your pussy, but it’s way better when someone else does it for you.

Open your legs wider, sweetheart. I’m going to make you come.

That’s it, Susie. God, you’re so wet!

Yes, sweetheart. Mommy’s touching you, making you feel good. That’s it. That’s it. Oh, yes, baby. Let it happen. Come for me!

Yesssss, my precious little girl. Yes. Yes.

Feels so nice. Feels wonderful. That’s what making love is, sweetie. Good girl. Good girl. Just relax, now…

Well, how about that, Susie — wasn’t it lovely? Remember how I said it was better than touching yourself?

Thank you, baby girl. Believe me, there was nothing in this whole world I wanted more than to make love to you. And we’re just getting started. Want to give your mother a kiss?

Not like that — a real kiss, sweetie, like I showed you. Mmmmmm… Oh, that’s lovely.

See how wet my fingers are? That came from your pussy, you know! Mmmm, it’s yummy.

Want a taste? No, no, it isn’t like pee at all. C’mon, just a little taste… there, see what I mean? You like it, don’t you? I thought you would. Know what that is, baby girl? That’s the flavor of sex.

Sweetie… do you think that you could touch my pussy, like I did yours? I really need to come, and I could do it myself, but it would mean a lot to me if you’d help your mommy out.

How about it, baby girl? Will you make love to me?

Thank you, Susie. That means more to me than you can imagine. I love you so much!

Here. Just kneel between my legs. I’ll open myself up for you, nice and wide. There. Now you can touch me.

Don’t be shy. Here, give me your hand. There… It feels warm and wet, doesn’t it? That’s because I want you so much, Susie. It’s what I dream of — the two of us being lovers.

Oooooooh, yes. That’s it, baby girl. Stroke my pussy up and down.

You can put your fingers inside me, Susie. Here, like this. Ohhhhh, yeah. It’s nice and hot in there, isn’t it? Now move them in and out.

You don’t have to be that gentle, hon. Well, you do need to be gentle at first if you’re making love to another young girl, say someone around your age. See, I’ve had a penis in me, so I’m not quite as delicate down there as you are… or your little friends.

Oh, yes, Susie… that feels marvelous. Move your fingers around inside me.

Ooooh… Do you know what you’re d-doing to me, baby girl? You’re fucking me. That’s right, oh GOD that’s it, you’re fucking your mother.

It’s a bad word, yeah… but, but when you m-make love, that’s when those kinds of words are — can be really exciting! Say it for me, Susie. Say, “I’m fucking you, Mommy.”

God, that makes me so — so hot, hearing you talk like that.

I’m so happy that we’re d-doing this, baby girl, making love, just you and me. It’s a special kind of sharing, don’t you think? Oh. Oh, yes, Susie… I love you too!

So good. Mmmmmm…

Hold on for just a moment, hon. No, don’t take your fingers out, not yet. Gracious, my head is spinning. No, you’re doing a great job, yes, you are… I just want to teach you one more thing about how to give pleasure to a woman. Okay?

It’s something you already know, Susie. Remember when I taught you all about the clitoris? Uh-huh, you know what I mean. Well, now I need you to touch me there. Right here, baby. You’ll make me come that way.

Here. Use your fingers on my clit like this. Gentle, now, because it’s so sensitive. Then you fuck me with the other hand, see?

All right, baby girl. I’m ready. Make Mommy feel good.

Oooooh, yes. Oh, my, that’s it — just like that. Oh Susie, that’s so, so…

Oh, my God. Don’t stop, Susie — d-don’t stop, do not stop! Ohhhhhh! Yes, yes, fuck Mommy! OH!

Oh. Th-that’s enough, baby girl. Oh my… oh my. You just made me come. Thank you so very much for giving me that. You’re a wonderful lover, sweetheart.

Here, lie back down with me. Let’s snuggle. Can I get a kiss? Mmmmmm…

I love holding you, Susie… just holding you like this. When you’re in my arms, I can touch your beautiful body all over. Everywhere my hands can reach.

You’re getting excited again — aren’t you, baby girl? Oh, I can tell! Your heart is beating fast, and… here, let me… Oh, yes. Your pussy is all hot and slippery.

Would you like for me to make love to you some more, Susie?

No, no, I want to. I need to explore every sweet inch of my little girl. It’s like you’re a tasty treat that I’ve been watching and wanting for a long, long time, like a yummy chocolate cake… and now that I have you, I can’t be satisfied with just a few bites.

Let me show you another way to make love, sweetie. This is what I like best of all when I go to bed with a woman.

First, roll over on your back… like that, yes. Now, let’s move your legs apart. My, that is a wonderful sight — my baby girl’s pussy. It’s like a lovely flower. Mmmm, and it smells wonderful, too!

Here, let me open you up with my fingers. I want to take a peek inside your vagina. God, Susie, you’re so beautiful in there, all pink and juicy…

Oh, baby girl, I’ve got to lick you now. Mommy needs to taste you.

Mmmmm… You like that, don’t you, sweetheart? Mmmmm, yes…

I can’t believe this is happening! I’ve wanted my little girl for so long, dreamed of making her my lover. Now I’m lying between Susie’s legs, licking her beautiful pussy, and it’s even better than I imagined. My tongue tracing the gentle curve of my daughter’s slit, her honey flowing forth to quench this thirst I’ve carried inside for all these years, ever since she was a child…

I can’t tell you the truth, baby girl, not just yet. It didn’t really happen the way I said, me falling in love with you when you were eleven, seeing you on the patio in the blue bikini. No, that was just the first time I made myself come while watching you.

The real story is this, Susie: I felt sexual desire for you when you were younger. Much younger.

Even when you were a baby, I’d get aroused whenever you nursed from me. At first it unsettled me, but before long I was masturbating while I held you to my breast. At the time, I wondered why touching myself while I fed you excited me so much more than sex with your father.

When you were still a little girl, it gave me a warm, good feeling just to watch you — playing, watching TV, thumbing through your picture books, sleeping. At first, I told myself that most mommies responded to their children that way… but as much as I love your big brother, I never got those kinds of special, deep-down feelings for him.

It wasn’t until you were six that I finally understood the true nature of my desire.

You were naked, fresh and gleaming as you emerged from your bath. I’d just finished masturbating to images of beautiful young girls on the internet, and had come in to wash my hands. One glimpse of your sweet bare body, and a connection was made that I’d failed to see for years.

That’s when I knew that I was in love with you, my darling daughter. I always had been.

From that moment I was beset by fantasies of touching you, kissing you. Exploring you all over with my mouth and tongue, from those enchanting brown eyes to the tips of your little toes to the crack of your bottom. I burned for you, ached to possess you as a lover.

But you were still a child, much too young to experience sex with a grownup. If I tried to lick you between the legs or suckle your tiny nipples, you surely would have been confused — maybe even frightened. No matter how strong my lust, I didn’t dare take the risk of leaving you emotionally scarred.

So I made a bargain with myself. I would keep my hunger for you locked away — at least until you turned twelve, on the threshold of womanhood. Then and only then could I attempt to share the wonder of lesbian love with you, if and when the time seemed ripe.

Those six years of waiting seemed like an eternity, Susie. Watching you blossom, growing more lovely with each passing day… How many times did I finger myself to orgasm, dazzled by visions of your nakedness? How often, while being pleasured by other women, did I wish it was your pretty mouth kissing between my legs?

Now we are naked together, my beautiful little girl, sharing our bodies for the first time… and you love it! I’m watching you while I trace your slit with the tip of my tongue — dreamy-eyed, your cheeks flushed a rosy pink, mouth slack with pleasure.

Oh, my… your body is beginning to tremble. I can feel your thighs quiver as I lick you.

You need to come, Susie. I can see the mounting tension as the craving for release builds and builds. I could tease you, if I liked — take you to the brink of ecstasy and no further, then start all over again. But this is our first time making love, and all I want is to make you happy.

With one last lingering lick, my mouth travels north, seeking out the tiny button of your clitoris. I find it, circle it with the tip of my tongue, then take it between my lips to suckle.

The breath catches in your throat; a long mewling cry escapes as you are snatched up in the heat of orgasm. Yes, my precious child; you are coming, and it is incredible.

I continue to nurse your clit, strumming the tip with lightning-swift flicks of the tongue. You are thrashing beneath me now, fists clenched tightly as the storm rages and shifts inside.

Finally I sense that you can stand no more. Gently withdrawing, I place one, two, three tender kisses on your vulva, then rest my sticky face on your thigh, giving you a moment to catch your breath…

Whew! So… how was it, sweetheart? Did you enjoy that?

I know, Susie. It’s my favorite way to make love. There are lots of names for it — oral sex, cunnilingus, eating pussy. The one I like best is “going down.” I just went down on you, Susie… and I’ve wanted to love you that way for a long time.

You know, your pussy is delicious. You liked it when you licked my fingers, remember? Here, let me give you a kiss, so you can get a real taste. Mmmmm…

I knew you’d enjoy that! We’re a lot alike, you and I. More so than ever, now.

So… how do you feel about us being lovers, Susie? We’ll have to keep it a secret from everyone, but it will still be — well, a very real thing between the two of us. We can make love like this, again and again.

Oh, Susie… thank you. Thank you. That means so much to me. I promise that I’ll be a good girlfriend to you — the best in the world! There are so many things I want to do with you, so many ways for us to love one another. We’ll try them all.

Aw, that’s sweet of you, honey. I’d love for you to lick my pussy… but we can’t, not just now. Your father will be getting home before long, and we shouldn’t let him find us like this. He wouldn’t understand this at all. Besides, you and I need to get ourselves cleaned up.

Tell you what — tonight, after everyone’s gone to bed, I’ll come to your room, and we’ll make love again. You can lick me then, if you still want to.

Let’s go take a shower, sweetie. We could soap each other up with my peach body wash, get all slippery and wet together — wouldn’t that be fun?

Good, good. First, though, let’s cuddle just a little while longer. I just want to hold you, and think about how special you are to me. Mmmm, my precious child, my beautiful daughter.

I love you too, baby girl. I love you too.


11 Comments on Welcome Home, Sweetheart

  1. Cheryl says:

    What an excellent story! I love it!

  2. Omigod, JetBoy, I love this story! It’s a daring style, but so well done. 🙂

  3. JetBoy says:

    Many thanks! I won’t lie: this was a real back-breaker of a story to write, but I’m fairly pleased with how it came out. Hey, if you guys both dug it, I must’ve been doing something right!

  4. Amanda Lynn says:

    Such a wonderful story JetBoy, and a very interesting style of writing. I enjoyed this very much.

  5. Liz says:

    I like how it was told from the perspective of the mother, with her dialog giving us all we know about what is happening. I really like the thought of a mother seducing her young daughter, and wanting her daughter as her lover.

  6. Litka and Tim says:

    Beautiful story , Jetboy ! The love of the mother for her daughter over so many years builds to such an intensity that when she feels that her daughter is finally ready to accept her physical desire, the love becomes so sensual and intimate ! The mother is very tender and caring and this will bond them for life .
    We loved this story and wonder what if now the daughter would tell her side ??

  7. sue says:

    That was a little different, and very hot. Liked just the Mom talking.

    Sue and Kim

  8. Jack says:

    Loved it!! And would love to see more of mom and Susie!

  9. admatt says:

    The one narrator rendered the story a little bit superficial, almost as a gimmick. However, the overall tale was beautifully presented. The reading of it was enjoyable (erotic). Others on this site, however, are significantly more so, particularly the one involving the girl scouts, blue birds, or some such. Meanwhile, thanks for the good work and for keeping this site alive. I’ll keep reading, if you’ll keep writing.

  10. TheDudeAgain says:

    Wow, what a very hot, very well-written story… especially liked Mom’s flashback scene.

    Very erotic.

  11. C Money says:

    I absolutely love the photo accompanying it as well. What a perfectly, heartwarming addition to a beautiful story.

    Where is it from?

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