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  • Posted on May 11, 2015 at 10:45 pm

By JetBoy

A happy task has fallen to me: introducing a writer with whom you already should be familiar, if you have a serious thing for the kind of erotic fiction that my partners and I enjoy. His online handle is eloquent delinquent, and we have humbly requested that he allow us to make his story “Bad Like Me” part of the Juicy Secrets library. He said yes, so everybody wins — especially our readers!

The first chapter of “Bad Like Me” made it clear that a major new talent was in the house, with its depiction of helpless, obsessive desire for an underage girl. Naughty Mommy and Cheryl will surely agree with me that the struggle with one’s forbidden sexual cravings is what adds true drama and excitement to an erotic story… and the tormented uncertainty of inexperienced teenager Charlotte, torn between religious convictions and her frightening urges, will have you riveted. This reader was drawn in from the first, and subsequent chapters have only increased the tension — and the heat — in a very satisfying way.

It’s been a while since a new chapter of “Bad Like Me” has been posted. When we exchanged emails a few months ago, eloquent delinquent mentioned several other projects that he’d been working on. To be honest, a big part of our motive for inviting him to contribute was to nudge him into turning out a few new installments to this fine story. I only hope that he will forgive us for our manipulative ways.

As ever, my partners and I ask that you share your thoughts and impressions in our Comments section after enjoying this story, for which you are thanked in advance.

And now, please step over to our Guest Authors department and get cozy with the first eight chapters of “Bad Like Me“.


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  1. DaughterLover says:

    I totally agree about the draw of the torment that Charlotte undergoes. Although I also suffered extreme confusion being raised under religious parents, at least mine weren’t as openly oppressive about it. The fact that Charlotte has to live in a fanatically religious household (and community) makes her desires and wonder all the more appealing. When starting the story, my suspicion was that Amy would show Charlotte the light, so it was very “sexy” (to steal a phrase) to have Charlotte push through and discover the light on her own. I still fervently hope that Amy will be a player, however, since the attraction already displayed between her and Charlotte is palpable. Besides, I can’t believe that naughty Megan doesn’t have an equally naughty mom 🙂

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