…and I’ll show you mine, Part Two

  • Posted on May 4, 2015 at 11:17 am

By JetBoy

Seven years later…

Sally Stratton collapsed into the couch, her younger sister Ellie falling into a nearby chair. Both women sighed contentedly, then Sally reached for the bottle of Cabernet she’d left on the end table. Cautiously extracting the cork with her fingers, she filled a glass with wine, pausing to savor the bouquet before taking her first leisurely sip.

“Hey, can I have some of that?” asked Ellie.

Sally gave her sister a sideways glance. “And you a mere child of seventeen… you just want to get me in trouble for contributing to the delinquency of a minor,  don’t you?” She snickered, then ducked a carelessly thrown TV Guide. “Okay, okay!” Holding up a hand in surrender, she passed the bottle to Ellie. “Here, help yourself. Just don’t tell the parental units. And don’t drink from the bottle, for God’s sake. Be civilized, get a glass.”

“Yeah, yeah,” grumbled Ellie, stomping into the kitchen to seize a glass from the dish rack, then back into the living room to flop down in the chair. “Mom lets me have wine every now and then,” she declared, “that is, if Dad’s not around. Jeez, I’ll be legal in two years anyway.” Grabbing the bottle, she carefully measured out a rather large drink.

“Thirsty, are we?” murmured Sally.

“Up yours,” grinned the teen. “I earned it, with this pair of dishpan hands.”

“Can’t argue with that,” Sally said, raising her glass. “Merry fucking Christmas, sis.”

Ellie held her own glass up and took a warm gulp. “Merry fucking Christmas. God, I’m glad it’s over. Nearly over,” she added, glancing at the clock above the fireplace.

It was approaching midnight, and they had just dispensed with the last of the dishes from the enormous Christmas dinner. The house had been full of relatives from both sides of the family tree. Arranging and preparing for the event had taken weeks, and Sally had been marshaled into duty minutes after arriving home for winter break by her mother Anne, who had given her eldest daughter a hug, a kiss, and just enough time to shrug out of her overcoat before handing her an apron and pointing toward the kitchen.

The party had ended two hours earlier, but there had been plenty of cleaning up left to do when the last of the guests had said their goodbyes. Their mother Anne had wanted to stay up and help the girls, but Ellie and Sally wouldn’t have it, shooing her upstairs.

Now that the work was over and done with, the sisters relaxed in the living room, listening to a jazz CD. The parents had gone to bed, and the house was blissfully still.

The two sisters sipped their wine, savoring this oasis of calm after the hours of frenzied activity. In fact, what with a grueling week of finals just before her flight home from Dartmouth; then the dozens of party tasks her mother had delegated over the last few days, this felt like the first tranquil moment Sally had enjoyed in ages. She sank a little deeper into the comforting embrace of the couch with a happy sigh.

Ellie was wearing her Christmas sweater, the one her mother had knitted — red, with little green holly leaves above her left breast. She’d paired it with khaki slacks that fit snugly. Sally wore a maroon skirt, which came up to just above her knees and was slit halfway up the left side. She’d worn a semi-sheer blouse, open just enough to show a tantalizing hint of cleavage.

Ellie broke the silence, smiling wistfully as she cupped her wine glass in both hands. “Can I ask you something?” she said. “It’s sort of personal.”

Sally shrugged. “Fire away.”

“Do you ever… think about the things we used to do together?”

Sally arched and eyebrow. “Things…?”

“You know,” Ellie replied. “Don’t pretend. Not now.”

The older sister paused, pondered. “What brought that on?” she finally asked.

Ellie traced the lip of the glass with her finger. “I can’t help but remember those days… especially when you’re here.”

Sally sat quietly for a moment, then slowly nodded. “Yeah… I guess I still think about it. Not as much as I used to, but…” She studied her younger sister. “Ever tell any of your girlfriends about us?”

“No,” Ellie replied. “I never would.”

“Really?” Sally tilted her head, an intrigued expression on her face. “Think they might get all… weird on you?”

“God, no,” snickered Ellie. “My last girlfriend Mandy — you never got to meet her… when she saw that snapshot I have of you in your volleyball uniform, she said you were, and I quote, a ‘hottie’, and told me she would love to take you to bed.” She giggled, then shook her head. “Jeez, if I ever even dropped a hint about the things you and I got up to back in the day, Mandy wouldn’t give me a minute’s peace until I introduced you to her. ” She fell silent, gazing into the embers that still glowed in the fireplace, then glanced up at Sally. “Honestly, I never wanted to tell anyone about you and me. It’s… it’s not for them. Only us.”

“I’ve never told anybody, either,” Sally nodded. “Probably for the same reason…”

Ellie smiled. “I knew you wouldn’t tell. Somehow, I just knew.”

“El,” murmured Sally, setting down her glass. “Have you given some more thought to… you know, coming out to Mom and Dad?”

Sighing heavily, the seventeen-year-old leaned back in her chair, studying her hands. “No,” she shrugged. “I think Mom would be okay with it, but Dad… he’d totally freak.” She glanced over at Sally. “What about you? When’s the last time you went to bed with a girl?”

“Oh… a couple of months ago, actually. Billy, the guy I’m seeing… he understands that I need to explore that side of myself every once in a while.” She grinned. “Of course, he’s bisexual himself, so…”

“No kidding!” Ellie exclaimed. “Is he into, you know, threesomes and all that?”

Sally shook her head. “No… and neither am I. We respect each other’s space that way.”

“Well, you and I never did a threesome, either. Not that we needed anything like that.”

“Guess not… still, it’s weird that the idea never came up. You’d think that we would’ve tried to get at least one of our friends into bed with us.”

I think what we had was perfect as it was. Just you and me.” Ellie hesitated, took another sip of wine, then gazed shyly at her older sister. “You know… for all the girls I’ve been with, I never had a better lover than you, sis.”

“That’s so sweet,” Sally smiled, blushing a bit. “I still have some of those pictures you drew of me. I love the one you did of us making out in the shower.”

Ellie giggled. “God, I’ll never forget that one! You were late getting back from volleyball, I was waiting for you… and feeling so hot and bothered that I thought I’d explode.” She tilted her head, studying her big sister. “We had some good times, didn’t we?”

“Yes… yes, we did. Funny how we’ve never talked about it since then.”

Ellie leaned back, gazing up at the ceiling… thinking about the night, nearly seven years ago, when she and Sally had become more than sisters.

She had been ten, Sally fifteen. They had always been close, much closer than any of their friends were with their siblings. Sally played volleyball, was a star member of the school debate team, extremely outgoing and popular at school. Ellie was shy, though lively and adorable with those who got to know her. She preferred artistic pursuits — drawing, painting, collage, sculpture.

Ellie began to look at her sister in a different way when Sally was just starting high school… and it began on one particular day when she was watching her older sibling play volleyball with her team. Ellie was just beginning to develop a real curiosity about sex and sexuality… and while the game was in progress, she noticed how nice her sister’s bottom looked in her black volleyball shorts, and how gracefully Sally moved on the field.

After that day, she began to think more and more about Sally, studying her big sister as she went through her daily routine… often feeling a kind of tickly sensation in her tummy at the sight of the older girl.

Soon, the ten-year-old began looking for any opportunity to see her big sister naked, or even in her underwear. She would lean against the bathroom door, listening to Sally when she was in the shower, wishing she could see her sister washing herself, confused as to why she felt that way. When Ellie was alone in the house, she would sometimes lie face down on Sally’s bed, savoring the scent of the older girl on the sheets.

She was jealous of Sally’s body, even as she longed for glimpses of it. Her sister had nicely developed breasts for her age and her hips were already assuming a womanly contour, but Ellie was still built like a boy. The single peek Ellie had stolen of her sister’s naked lower half revealed that Sally had a chestnut triangle of pubic hair, while her own sex was still completely bare.

Ellie had not yet realized that she had a crush on her older sister… but she would finally know the truth on that wonderful, magical night when everything changed between them both.

It began when Ellie had wandered into the bedroom she shared with Sally, having just brushed her teeth and changed into the t-shirt she always slept in — only to find Sally on all fours, naked but for a pair of red panties.

Her heart began to race at the sight of her beautiful big sister. Sally’s breasts were perfect, absolutely perfect; and the apple shape of her buttocks was set off beautifully by the skimpy panties.

Unable to think of anything else to say, Ellie had stammered “What’s up?” or something equally foolish.

Sally had glanced back at her, grinned, and replied, “I’m putting on a show for you!” then shook her bottom in a very enticing way.

Ellie had felt hot all over, so excited she could barely draw breath. Sally, doing a strip show for her…? She remembered cheering her sister on, encouraging her to continue.

Well. Sally sheepishly explained that she was really looking for her missing contact lens, and Ellie felt a twinge of disappointment that she tried her best to conceal. But then, instead of covering her nudity, the older girl continued to scan the floor in her undressed state. Even better, Sally began to move her bottom around in an almost sexual manner, as if she really was putting on a show for her baby sister. The vision of that beautiful rump had Ellie quivering inside.

Suddenly Ellie had an idea. A very wicked, very delicious idea that required every ounce of nerve the little girl possessed.

Grasping the waistband of her underpants, she slowly slid them down to just above her knees, then turned her back to her sister, who was still combing through the carpet. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, the ten-year-old squealed, “Check this out, Sally!” then began to dance for her sister, arms and legs churning as she wiggled her bare bottom to an imaginary beat.

Ellie was unsure of how her sister might respond to this lewd display. Would Sally become peeved, or berate her for being childish? She stole quick glances at the half-dressed teen as she continued to grind her hips, thrilled to see that not only was her older sibling not offended, she seemed downright fascinated by Ellie’s partial nudity.

When a surprised Sally asked what she was doing, Ellie squealed, “I’m giving you a show!” And she kept right on dancing.

Seven years later, Ellie savored the memory of her beautiful big sister grinning with delight and clapping; then telling her she was “so cute… sexy, even!”… and the feeling of joy that suffused the little girl at those words.

But then, Sally said something else… something that excited Ellie so much that she felt strangely dizzy.

Sally said, “Okay, my turn.”

The game proceeded quickly from there, the sisters taking turns displaying their bodies for one another in a bold game of striptease, revealing a little more each time until they were both naked.

And when Ellie had removed her panties and lay back to pose on her bed, completely bare and open to Sally’s stare, her older sister had made a move so utterly freaky that it left the child gasping, incapable of thought or speech. Sally had dipped her face between Ellie’s parted legs and kissed her pussy!

It happened so quickly that the act took a few seconds to register, then her big sister was standing at the foot of the bed, blushing as she thumbed the elastic of those red panties, the last stitch of clothing between them — soon to join the rest on the floor.

From there, things could only get even more interesting. Neither of them wanted to stop playing, even when there was nothing left to take off. Sally got on all fours upon her bed, facing away from Ellie, who was kneeling right behind her, and bent down to display her vulva and anus to a trembling younger sister, inviting her to look more closely.

Ellie had stared in wonder at the juicy pink crease of Sally’s sex, framed by soft brown curls. Then there was the darker-hued anal pucker, nestled so enchantingly between her sister’s buttocks. It was the loveliest sight the ten-year-old had ever encountered. She felt herself almost moved to tears, for some reason she didn’t understand.

Then Sally turned to peer over her shoulder at her younger sibling. “Touch me, El,” she whispered. “Touch me there. See how it feels.”

Ellie’s heart smashed against her ribs like a mad, caged thing as she reached out, lightly grazing the moist heat of her sister’s vulva with nervous fingertips; then, surprised by the warmth she found, began to explore the sticky flesh.

That was only the beginning of the sexual delights the sisters would explore that evening. Minutes later, Ellie lay back, thighs splayed apart while Sally kissed and licked at her slit. The ten-year-old mewled and whimpered as her sister’s mouth brought her pleasure such as she never imagined possible.

Afterward they cuddled, exchanging whispered words of love.

It was like a chunk of paradise had fallen from the sky into Ellie’s hands. She’d always adored her big sister, and now Sally told her that they could be girlfriends,  too. The ten-year-old was struck nearly speechless with joy, suddenly understanding, deep down inside, just how badly she had wanted this without knowing.

Then Sally invited Ellie to kiss her, saying that it was what girlfriends did, after all. The shy little girl placed a hesitant peck upon her older sister’s lips, but Sally responded with a real kiss, a French kiss. Ellie, who had never even held hands with a boy, nearly swooned at how lovely Sally’s mouth felt on hers. Soon their tongues were engaged in a loving ballet, flickering back and forth as the sisters’ passion grew increasingly heated.

She could have kissed Sally for hours, but then the older girl broke away to show Ellie another way to feel wonderful, sucking at her nipples like a nursing baby would, slipping a hand between her legs to caress the child’s bare slit. Ellie panted helplessly, clutching at her big sister’s back as, once again, Sally made her come.

And as the ten-year-old lay dazed, tingling from head to toe in pleasure’s aftermath, Sally offered Ellie fingers that were sticky with the little girl’s juices. Ellie eagerly sucked them, then shared the flavor with her sister in a kiss.

Having savored and relished the delights of lesbian lovemaking, Ellie was struck by a burning desire to pleasure her big sister in the same way. And she did, first nursing at Sally’s breasts, each in turn; then squirming downward to lie prone between the teenager’s thighs. She was very nervous and a little scared, but determined to do her best to make Sally feel good.

Ellie quickly fell in love with her sister’s pussy — kissing and sucking at the rosy flesh, soft pubes tickling her lips as the thick, warm fluids of Sally’s cunt dripped from her chin, thrilling to the older girl’s moans of rapture. Before she knew it, Sally was bucking crazily on the bed, lost in the sweet release of orgasm.

The girls spent much of the night making love, playing ceaselessly with one another like children with wonderful new toys. Finally the drowsy sisters exchanged one last passionate kiss, then Sally slipped from Ellie’s bed, drawing the sheets over her already dozing baby sister. Climbing into her own bed, Sally soon drifted into a peaceful slumber.

The next morning, Sally was first to waken. She stretched herself luxuriously, then suddenly bolted upright in her bed, eyes wide as memories of her night with Ellie flooded her consciousness. It all came back: the teasing, the undressing, the surprising transition from playing games to making love. She recalled the warmth of her sister’s body, the taste of her sex, her angel-soft mouth.

Heart racing, Sally slowly turned to gaze at the still sleeping ten-year-old, curled up so enticingly in bed. A twinge of desire surged through the teen as she studied Ellie’s form, concealed by a thin blanket — knowing that her baby sister was naked underneath.

Then a discordant note interrupted the melody of Sally’s arousal: would Ellie still feel the same today as she had last night… still mean the loving words she had spoken in the heat of their passion? The fifteen-year-old nibbled thoughtfully at her lower lip. What if Ellie awakened feeling used, even violated? What if she cried? Became angry?

Determined not to give her sister an opportunity for regret, Sally thrust the covers to one side, rising to her feet. Sweeping her hair back with an impatient gesture, she padded over to stand next to Ellie’s pillow. Bending down, she placed a hand on the child’s shoulder.

“Ellie,” she whispered, “wake up.”

The little girl shifted, breaking into a yawn as her eyes fluttered open. “Whas’sup…?” she mumbled… then Ellie gasped, gaping open-mouthed at her naked sister as remembrances of the night kicked in. “Oh, Sally,” she breathed.

The teen shushed her younger sibling, touching a finger to Ellie’s lips. “Morning, sis,” she cooed. “Wanna take a shower with me?”

Ellie seemed utterly disoriented by Sally’s request, for the briefest instant. Then she smiled hugely. “Yeah!”

Slipping into robes, the girls tiptoed across the hallway to their bathroom, quickly shedding the terrycloth garments as the door clicked shut behind them.

Sally drew her sister into a loving embrace, cupping Ellie’s bottom as she kissed her. The ten-year-old melted into Sally’s arms, meeting the teen’s exploring tongue with her own.

After a long while they gently parted, sharing a shy smile.

“How do you feel about all this, El?” murmured Sally. “Are you okay with what we did last night?”

“Yeah,” Ellie sighed, her eyes shining with adoration. “It… it seems kinda like a dream to me… the nicest dream ever.” She hugged her big sister close, lightly kissing her neck. “I love you, Sally.”

“I love you too, sugarpop. Now come on — let’s get wet.”

They climbed into the shower cubicle, Sally turning on and adjusting the water. The two sisters took turns soaping and washing one another, pausing often for hot, hungry kisses. Then Sally knelt before her sister, nuzzling a path down her tummy to cover Ellie’s smooth slit with her mouth. Ellie slumped against the yellow-tiled wall, breath hissing through her teeth as Sally licked her to a knee-trembling orgasm.

Once the girl had regained her breath, she got Sally down on all fours, crouching behind her older sister. Parting her buttocks, Ellie began to trail her tongue through Sally’s anal cleft, recalling how wonderful it had felt when she had been licked that way a few hours ago. As she rimmed her sister, Ellie slipped a hand between the teen’s thighs, clumsily fondling her vulva. Soon Sally was panting in amazement, trembling violently as the ten-year-old girl brought her off.

Emerging from the shower, the girls toweled one another dry, then embraced.

“That was… oh, jeez, it was amazing,” Ellie murmured.

“God, it really was,” Sally responded. “You know… I’m probably going to want to do a lot more of that with you.”

Ellie giggled. “Oh… I think I’m okay with that.” She reached up to touch her sister’s face. “Love you, Sal.”

“I love you too, El… and it’s a different kind of love. Better!” She paused, then grinned. “Hey — wanna go on a date with me?”

Ellie gazed quizzically at her big sister. “Um… sure, yeah. Where? When?”

“Tonight, in our room, about nine o’clock,” purred Sally.

“I’ll totally be there!” the ten-year-old squeaked, giggling excitedly. “Should I dress up?”

Sally shook her head. “Just bring your sexy little self.”

With that, they shared an altogether un-sisterly kiss before donning their bathrobes and heading downstairs to the kitchen, where their mother was making breakfast.

From that morning forward, Sally and Ellie were lovers.

They explored their newfound intimacy as often as they were able — and what with sharing a bedroom, they had many opportunities to learn the ways of lesbian love. Sally got an older friend to purchase a vibrator for her, which she used to break Ellie’s hymen not long after her baby sister turned eleven.

Until Sally left to attend college, the intimacy the sisters shared was the most important relationship of their young lives. They both dated and had sex with others, but only occasionally, always returning to one another. It was natural, it was beautiful, it was perfect. The night before Sally left, she and Ellie made love so forcefully that they finally collapsed from exhaustion, their tears mingling in a sorrowful aftermath as they bid each other goodbye.

Sally’s school was nearly a thousand miles away, and she was unable to return home until the very end of her freshman year. Once separated, the sisters drifted into new relationships. Sally began to date boys, though she continued to enjoy sex with females as well. Ellie decided she was gay, and indulged herself with girls whose tastes ranged from bi-curious to openly lesbian — though she was always careful to keep her preference a secret from their sweet but very conservative father.

With the passage of time, their youthful sexual adventures with each other came to seem naive, even childish; and they never picked up the thread of their romance when Sally finally returned from school. There was an awkwardness between them at first that they overcame by maintaining a careful silence about the special, secret loving they’d shared for more than two years. Gradually, with the passage of time, Sally and Ellie were able to resume a normal sisterly relationship.

Now, staring into glasses of wine, Sally and Ellie were speaking of their incestuous lovemaking for the first time since those heady days. They sat together in silence, but suddenly on edge with an unexpected excitement as they listened to the music in the glow of the Christmas tree.

Ellie nibbled nervously at her lip as she studied her sister. Taking a deep breath, she spoke. “I was watching your ass move all night while you were walking around… all I could think about was how much I wanted to touch it.” Her voice faltered, but she soldiered on. “I… I wanted to take you into the basement and feel you up, like we used to do.”

Sally arched an eyebrow. “Wow… you really have been giving this some thought, haven’t you?” Her heart was now throbbing steadily, and there was a restless warmth building between her legs. She shifted in her seat, murmuring, “It’s been a long time…”

“Know what started it? I was looking at that picture of you and me in Mom’s photo album. Remember — the one of us on the beach in California?”

Sally nodded. The photograph was of the girls in their two-piece swim suits, hugging each other and smiling brightly for the camera. Sally’s nipples were prominent, and the line of Ellie’s slit could be perceived through her bikini bottoms.

“If Mom knew what we did in the motel room that night, she’d have fainted,” Ellie said.

“That’s for sure,” Sally said, with a quiet smile.

They sat silently for a long moment, listening to the whispery caress of Miles Davis’ trumpet, sipping at their wine.

“So, El… let me ask you something,” Sally finally said, setting her glass down.


She gazed evenly at her sister. “If I was to pull up my skirt and take off my panties… would you come over here and kiss me?”

Her eyes alight, Ellie nodded slowly. “Yeah. Yeah, I would.”

Sally leaned back on the couch and tugged the hem of her skirt above her hips to reveal black panties. These she slowly slid down and off, carelessly dropping them on the floor. She put her arms behind her head, watching, waiting.

Ellie slowly rose, then padded over to where Sally sat on the couch, kneeling before her. The sisters drifted into each other’s arms and, for the first time in five years, shared a kiss.

It was gentle at first, but Ellie quickly brought her tongue into play, tracing Sally’s mouth. The older girl moaned, eagerly parting her lips. Within seconds, they were kissing like ardent lovers, as if they’d never been apart.

Their hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies. Sally’s hands slipped into Ellie’s slacks, squeezing her ass through silky white panties. Ellie clumsily shoved her pants down to her knees, then embraced Sally again.

Sally parted her legs to accommodate her sister, letting Ellie grind lustfully against her mound. The motion and the heat sent waves of pleasure rippling through Sally’s tummy. Ellie unbuttoned her sister’s blouse, then dipped her head to kiss the tops of Sally’s breasts. Sally struggled with Ellie’s sweater, finally tugging it over her head to reveal a sheer red bra, her younger sibling’s nipples easily visible beneath the cups.

Ellie sat up, unbuttoning her pants, then flicked open the clasp of her bra while Sally eased herself up to struggle free of her own. Now bare-breasted, the two sisters came together in a frantic embrace, kissing passionately.

Ellie’s hand found its way between Sally’s thighs, and the older girl parted her legs to admit her sister’s questing fingers. She put her own hand inside Ellie’s panties, closing her eyes as she fondled the warm, secret part of her baby sister that she hadn’t touched in years.

“God, I love you, Sally,” Ellie breathed, as her older sibling worked a finger, then two, inside her.

“I… I love you too, Ellie!”

“Do you like it, Sal — my fingers inside you? Jeez, your pussy is like an oven!”

“Oh, fuck… I didn’t realize how m-much I missed this…”

Their hands worked frantically as the sisters brought their mouths together in a bruising kiss.

When the inevitable climax came, it enveloped both of them at the same time. They shuddered and moaned and clutched at one another, Ellie’s face buried in her sister’s neck.

After the throes of ecstasy passed, they lay quietly, holding each other close and listening to the sounds of their breathing.

And then, another sound. A soft cry of surprise.

Ellie and Sally looked up, both stiffening as they saw their mother Anne, standing in front of the Christmas tree in her nightgown, a look of utter shock on her face.

Sally imagined the tableau, just as Mom must have seen it: her two daughters on the couch, the eldest one with her legs spread as wide as they could go, the youngest with her slacks bunched at her ankles. Both women bare-breasted and their fingers still buried inside one another.

“Uh… hi, Mom,” Ellie said, eventually.

Anne slowly sat down in a nearby chair. “My God,” she gasped, “what are you two doing?”

Sally and Ellie glanced at one another, then slowly turned to face their mother.

Sally smiled weakly. “Um… well, I guess you could say that we’re making love, Mom.” She withdrew her hand from between her sister’s thighs, and Ellie followed suit.

Anne’s gaze drifted down to glance at her daughters’ exposed vulvas. She shook her head, as if to clear it. “How… how long has this been going on between you two?”

The sisters made eye contact again, both thinking the same thing: Should we tell her? Ellie shrugged, and Sally turned to Anne again, sighing heavily.

“Well, Mom,” she mumbled, “we first made love, um, seven years ago.”

Anne seemed dazed. “Seven years… Jesus. You were just children then!”

Ellie spoke up. “We just ended up… getting together, Mom. Neither of us planned it. It’s hard to explain how it happened.”

Sally put in, “This is the first time we’ve been together since I left for college. We just wanted to… to be intimate again, for old time’s sake.” She paused. “I’m sorry, Mom.”

Anne gazed evenly at her daughters. “Don’t say you’re sorry,” she said, folding her arms. “You’re only feeling guilty because I caught you.”

Sally slowly nodded her head as she smoothed down her skirt, covering her nakedness. “I… I guess so… but that’s because Ellie and I love each other, Mom. Maybe more than most sisters, but…”

“Well, I’m not sorry about us,” Ellie said firmly. “I feel bad if you’re upset, Mom… but what Sally and I shared together was beautiful. It made us happy.” She wrapped her arms around her big sister. “And being with her again just made me realize how much I’ve missed what we had.”

“All right,” Anne said softly. “I understand.”

Ellie and Sally broke apart, exchanging a look of surprise. “Uh, Mom…” Ellie began, “you… you aren’t going to lecture us? Read us the riot act?” She nibbled at her thumbnail. “God, I can’t believe I’m asking you this, but, well, aren’t you upset? You just caught me and Sally fucking, for God’s sake!”

Anne sighed, then smiled wryly. “You two aren’t the only girls in the world who’ve been to bed with other women, you know.”

The sisters exchanged an even more astonished glance, then turned back to their mother. “Mom…” Sally began, hesitated, then began again. “Mom, are you telling us that… that you’ve had sex with women?”

Anne nodded. “Yes… many times.”

Ellie and Sally waited for their mother to continue, but she said nothing. Sally leaned forward, hands on her knees, while Ellie sat back, pants still around her ankles.

Finally Ellie spoke, a hint of impatience in her voice. “When, Mom?”

“The first time was back in college,” Anne began. “It was a girls’ school, after all. You’d be surprised how many of the women there were willing to experiment, even in those days.” She gazed wistfully into space. “I shared a room with a girl named Sophie… she and I were lovers for nearly two years.”

“So what happened?” Ellie asked.

Anne shrugged. “Oh, your father and I began to date… and he got me pregnant. So he and I got married, and I dropped out of college. I saw Sophie a time or two after that, but we never made love again.”

“Um… were there others?” Sally asked.

Anne gazed pointedly at her daughters. “What I’m going to tell you stays in this room, agreed?” Ellie and Sally nodded eagerly, and Anne continued. “Yes, there were others. Your dad is a good man, and he takes care of us… but I’ve never really been in love with him.” She paused. “I’d never cheat on Ron with another man, but I couldn’t give up women. I’ve had several affairs since we’ve been married.”

“Wow,” Ellie whispered. “Does Dad know?”

“No,” Anne said softly. She sighed. “Anyhow, I guess that’s why I’m not angry at you two for… what you’re doing. If it makes you happy, then don’t deny yourself.” Smiling, she added, “I have to say… you two are beautiful together.”

Sally glanced at her sister… and saw something in Ellie’s eyes that made her heartbeat quicken. Something about a conversation they had shared while lying naked in bed together, years ago. A certain conversation about how sexy their mother still was…

Turning back to Anne, Sally spoke, carefully measuring her words. “So, Mom… how long has it been since you’ve made love to a woman?”

Anne stared down at her hands. “A few years. There hasn’t really been anyone who I could be with that I know of, since my last lover moved to Toronto… and I would feel, oh, totally awkward going into a lesbian bar and hooking up with a stranger. I’m just too old for that.”

“Too old? Mom, you’re only forty-six… you’re still totally desirable!”

“Thank you, honey. I suppose I should get out there and try to find someone… seeing you girls together only reminds me of how much I’ve missed it.” She rose from the chair. “Well, I think I’d better go back to bed, and give you two some privacy. Just keep the noise down, all right?”

Once more the sisters made eye contact — and they both smiled. Ellie nodded to Sally as if to say, Go ahead.

Heart racing, Sally pushed herself up from the couch with trembling hands and moved to where her mother stood.

“You know, Mom,” she murmured, “if you really want to make love to a woman again… all you have to do is stay down here with us.” She kissed her mother’s mouth, then drew back to smile lovingly at a gaping Anne. “Ellie and I would love to be with you.”

Anne looked over to where her other daughter stood, only to gasp as she saw Ellie step out of her pants and underwear, then move in to join her mother and sister, nude from the waist down.

“I d-don’t know about this, girls…” Anne stammered… but she made no move to leave, or even break away from her daughters.

“C’mon, Mommy,” Ellie cooed, “join us.” She wrapped her arms around Anne, leaning in to kiss her mother’s neck.

“We… we can’t do this,” Anne gasped. “I — I’m your mother, for God’s sake.”

“Well, Ellie is my sister,” Sally purred, pausing to lick around the edge of Anne’s ear. “And you just told us how beautiful we were together.” She reached around to fondle her mother’s shapely ass. “Just think how much more beautiful the three of us would be in bed.”

“Doesn’t that sound hot, Mom?” Ellie added. “It sure does to me…”

“A mother and her daughters,” whispered Sally, brushing Anne’s breasts with her fingertips, “making love. Sharing their bodies. Getting closer than most parents ever are with their children.”

“I… I’m not s-sure about this,” Anne whimpered, her resistance clearly giving way.

Sally slipped her hand through the folds of her mother’s nightgown, then inside the elastic waistband of Anne’s panties. The older woman gasped as her oldest daughter slid a finger into her cunt… then another.

“You can’t say that you aren’t excited, Mom,” Sally purred, “not when you’re this wet.” She swirled her fingers around inside her mother’s vagina… then withdrew her hand, bringing it to her mouth. Anne stared as her daughter first licked once at her glistening fingers, then smeared her lips with the wetness that coated them.

Turning to Ellie, Sally cooed, “Want a taste of Mom’s pussy, Sis?”

Nodding, Ellie leaned in to kiss Sally, licking her way around her older sister’s mouth.

“My God,” Anne whispered. “You two are so fucking sexy…”

Then Ellie turned to Anne, reaching for her hand. Before the older woman had time to think, Ellie had tucked it between her legs, pressing her mother’s fingers against her exposed pussy.

“Feel that, Mommy,” she whispered, “how wet I am. That’s how you make me… the thought of making love to you.”

“Oh, my,” Anne whispered, trembling from head to toe. “My girls… my wonderful girls… I shouldn’t, but I want you b-both so much.” She leaned in to Ellie, taking her daughter’s mouth in a kiss.

Surprising the teen, Anne brought her tongue into play first, Frenching Ellie so passionately that the half-naked young woman moaned into her mother’s mouth. She quickly responded, her own tongue emerging to engage Anne’s.

Sally, meanwhile, began to unfasten the buttons of her mother’s nightgown, opening the front to bare Anne’s breasts. She paused to admire them — full and creamy, with only a hint of sag. Heart racing, she dipped her head to take a nipple into her mouth.

“Oh, God,” Anne gasped, breaking away. “G-girls… let’s not do this here. Let’s go up to my room and get comfortable.” Still breathing heavily, she gave her daughters a bad-girl smile. “I think my bed is big enough for three.”

The three women paused to straighten themselves, the girls quickly slipping back into their clothes. Then Anne reached out to take a hand from each daughter. “Come,” she murmured. “Do not wake your father.”

Hand in hand they climbed the stairs, then tiptoed together down the hallway, finally entering Anne’s bedroom.

Continue on to Part Three


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