When Fourteen is Eight, Part Two

  • Posted on May 12, 2023 at 2:32 pm

by Karin Halle

A few months after Dana and her fourteen-year-old daughter Jolie became lovers, they met a girl named Monica.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and they were in a supermarket shopping for groceries. Jolie was pushing their trolley when, as they turned into the next aisle, a trolley coming fast in the opposite direction crashed into theirs.

A girl who looked to be about Jolie’s age was pushing the other trolley – in fact, she was hanging on the back of it and propelling it along like a scooter.

Dana was irked, but the girl and the woman who was with her both began apologising for the collision. In the meantime, Jolie was giggling. To her, it was all in good fun.

The woman glared at her daughter. “Honestly, Monica… I’ve asked you before not to tool around the store like that. What if you knocked someone over?”

“Sorry, Mum,” the girl meekly replied, She turned to Dana. “I’m very sorry, ma’am. That was careless of me.”

“Oh, no harm done,” Dana replied, charmed by Monica’s good manners.

By then, Jolie was tugging at the girl’s sleeve. She was anxious to make her acquaintance, noticing that the girl was like her in some ways. They were both close to the same height, about average for girls of fourteen, with thick, dark hair. But their figures were quite different. Jolie had a curvy shape and a narrow waist that emphasised her already generous bust, while this stranger was slim to the point of being skinny. Her short skirt revealed a pretty pair of legs, and Jolie found herself wondering about the parts of the girl’s body she couldn’t see.

She introduced herself. “My name is Jolie. I’m fourteen, this is my mummy, and we’re shopping for groceries,” she said in the sing-song voice she mostly used with strangers. “So, um, you’re name’s Momica, huh?”

Studying Jolie for a couple of heartbeats, the girl replied, “Well, you’re pretty close. It’s Monica, actually. This is my mum, and we’re getting groceries too.”

Dana was quick to notice that the girl seemed to be speaking far more clearly and carefully when she talked to Jolie. Intrigued, she turned to Monica’s mother, who clearly had questions of her own.

Deciding an explanation was in order, Dana told the woman about Jolie and her head injury, how it had left her daughter with the mental capacity of an eight-year-old.

“Jolie is the light of my life, though,” Dana continued, watching the girls as they got to know one another. “It’s true that she’ll never really be a grownup… but she’s the sweetest, most lovable little girl you can imagine. Oh, by the way, I’m Dana.”

“I’m Abby,” the woman replied, smiling as she extended a hand. “Nice to meet you. I see what you mean about Jolie – she seems quite the charmer!”

Glancing again at the girls, who were engaged in an animated conversation, Dana said, “They seem to be getting on quite nicely, I must say. Does your daughter have experience with special needs kids?”

“She does, yes,” said Abby. “Monica does volunteer work at a school for special children. She got into it as an elective subject that earned her extra credits at school, then decided she liked the job. The children she helps are much littler than yours, though – they’re mostly seven or younger.”

It was already evident to both parents that the girls had already developed a great rapport. Jolie was happy to have someone her own age talking to her on a level she could relate to. In turn, Monica found it to be an interesting change of pace, interacting with someone with special needs who was close to her age.

After a few minutes, Abby said, “Girls, I’m sorry to break this up… but we really do need to get on with our shopping.”

Jolie had other ideas. “Can Monica and I be friends? Can we, Mummy? Please?”

Monica nodded. “I’d like that.” She and Jolie exchanged big smiles.

That seemed to settle things. Abby and Dana swapped contact details and went their respective ways. By the time Jolie and Dana had joined a queue at the checkout, Abby and Monica had finished shopping and were passing by the entrance of the supermarket.

“Hi, Monica!” Jolie called out, waving energetically.

Monica turned, smiled and waved back.

Dana had no idea if they would ever hear from Abby or Monica again, but it hardly mattered because minutes after arriving home from the store, Jolie insisted that she be allowed to telephone her new friend. Dana tried to put her off, telling her daughter she oughtn’t to call Monica so soon after they’d first met, but Jolie was not to be dissuaded. At last, Dana reluctantly called the number Abby had given her.

When Abby answered, Jolie was right there at Dana’s shoulder, pleading, “Ask if Monica can come over to play. Please, Mummy, please?”

“Hold on, Dana. Let me talk to Monica,” Abby replied.

On her end, Dana heard Abby call out to her daughter, then ask Monica if she would like to visit the girl she’d just met in the supermarket. With no idea how Monica would respond, Dana was delighted to hear Monica say, “Sure, I’d love to!”’

Now that a get-together had been agreed upon, the two mothers worked out the details, It was decided that Abby would bring Monica over the following afternoon. Jolie was thrilled, and so, it seemed, was Monica.


Visits on Sunday afternoons became a regular occurrence – usually at Jolie’s house, but sometimes at Monica’s place. During these visits, Abby and Dana would sit and chat or sometimes go out for coffee. As for the girls, they chatted on the telephone nearly every day when they weren’t hanging out together.

Before long, Monica began to treat their visits as an opportunity to encourage Jolie’s mental development. It was no easy task, but she made Jolie a special project of her own. She set little lessons for her friend and worked with her to complete them. Jolie responded with enthusiasm, and over time it was evident that her capabilities had expanded, even if only a little. The girls were thrilled by the progress Jolie had made, and Dana was delighted as well.

As the girls grew closer, Jolie found herself wishing there was something she could teach Monica in return. While lying in bed one night, it occurred to Jolie what that something might be. After that, she was counting the minutes until they were able to spend time together.

That weekend, the girls were in Monica’s room, going through a story together, Monica helping Jolie with the big words she didn’t understand.

They were sitting side by side when Jolie said, “Monica?”

As Monica turned to her, Jolie leaned forward and gave the girl a kiss.

By then, Monica understood that the relationship she and Jolie had ran deeper than simply being friends, but she’d never given it much thought beyond that. All she knew was that Jolie was very, very special to her.

Jolie’s kiss was tentative; a question, an invitation.

Monica’s response was immediate. A wave of desire rolled through the girl that left her warm all over, lightheaded and eager to be kissed again.

Monica had little to no experience in dealing with sexual urges. Boys close to her own age were of no interest – so immature, practically all of them. She expected to find love with a man one day, perhaps after university… certainly not in the immediate future.

On the rare occasions when Monica felt the need to pleasure herself, she never fantasised about specific males, or even sexual acts. Instead, she would picture herself strolling through a flower garden at twilight with a tall, handsome man in a turtleneck sweater… or recall a teenage boy she’d seen who had gorgeous orange hair that put her in mind of a sunset. The idea of lying naked in the arms of a man seemed distant to her, with no relevance to her everyday life.

Now, though… Monica felt something new, something unexpected. And she wanted more.

Jolie had cautiously initiated the kiss… and now Monica returned it with a passion that shook her to the core. My gosh, she told herself, I’m in love. I love Jolie!

She’d never thought of herself as someone who could love another girl. But now she did… and it made perfect sense, especially with her sweet, beautiful friend. She wrapped both arms around Jolie. This feels so good. So right.

As for Jolie, she was beside herself with joy. She instinctively sensed that, unlike herself, Monica was inexperienced at playing loving games. This was her opportunity to be the instructor, to teach the teacher.

They kissed again. This time, Jolie parted her lips, allowing the tip of her tongue to trace the outline of Monica’s mouth. With only an instant’s hesitation, Monica responded, and their tender kiss soon grew deep and passionate.

Jolie’s hand blindly found the front of Monica’s top. Cupping her friend’s small but flawless breast, she gave it a playful squeeze, then tweaked the nipple.

Monica gasped, already wondering, How did she learn these things? Did another girl teach her?

Jolie’s hand slipped beneath her t-shirt, then into the cup of her bra. And with that, Monica was barely able to think at all.

It felt lovely, so much nicer than her own infrequent bouts of masturbation… especially when Jolie’s soft, warm lips brushed her neck.

“Oh,” Monica whimpered. “Oh.”

Suddenly she found herself wanting very much to take her clothes off, every stitch. More than that, she longed for her friend to be naked, too. Monica had only vague ideas about what girls did when they had sex, but she wanted to explore Jolie’s body, and for Jolie to explore hers.

As if Jolie could read Monica’s mind, she declared, “This’ll be lots better if we don’t have any clothes on.”

“Oh, okay,” Monica said and eagerly began to undress.

Delighted that her friend seemed so willing to play loving games, Jolie quickly shed her clothes too.

Now completely naked, her heart pounding, Monica turned to face Jolie. “Wh-what now?” she stammered. Oh, God. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.

“We’re gonna play loving games!” Jolie exclaimed, all but bouncing up and down in her excitement. “First, I kiss you and touch you and lick you – all over!” She giggled. “Then, if you want to, you can do that to me.”

“Oh, wow…” Monica whispered, marvelling at how her friend managed to say such erotic things, yet make them seem innocent as a round of hopscotch. This thought vanished into the ether when Jolie’s mouth closed over her hard nipple. She moaned, cradling the girl’s face to her chest.

The thought of taking her time didn’t occur to Jolie, eager as she was to give Monica the good feelings. She let her hand trail down the girl’s body until it rested on her vulva, surprised to find it bare. How come? she asked herself. Me and Mummy both have hair down there.

Putting that thought to one side, she returned to the task at hand, easing a finger between Monica’s labia. Jolie cooed with delight to find that her friend had the wetness down there – the good kind that means you’re ready to have special feelings.

Jolie parted Monica’s labia, putting a finger to the entrance to her… What is it? Vagina, that’s the word. She carefully penetrated Monica until her fingertip touched the teen’s hymen, then quickly withdrew.

When Jolie’s virginity had been taken by her mum, the pain had been very slight, but she was unwilling to do anything that might hurt the girl she loved.

Instead, she stroked Monica’s slit until she found the little button that made the best feelings happen. Using the tip of her index finger, she gave it a feather-light caress, the same way Mummy touched hers.

“Oooohh… fuck!” Monica gasped.

Jolie broke into a huge grin. “That’s right – fuck,” she said, then giggled. “It’s what you’re s’posed to say when I do this.” She gave her friend’s clitoris a light tweak between finger and thumb.

That sent Monica into freefall, a strangled cry exploding from her lips.

I did it! Jolie exulted, working her fingertip around in tiny circles, driving Monica into a helpless tizzy. I made her have the feeling!

Tingling all over in response to the first orgasm she hadn’t given herself, Monica gave her head a little shake to clear it. She’d never experienced anything like it. But her friend wasn’t done yet. Once Monica began to catch her breath, Jolie began to lick her down there, bathing Monica’s vaginal opening with long, eager swipes of the tongue.

Within seconds Monica was coming again, something she’d never experienced before. It was lovely, but soon her vulva grew too tender, and she gasped, “Okay, Jolie, you c-can stop now.”

Jolie was ecstatic, delighted that she’d made her friend feel good. Monica’s wetness coated her lips, and it tasted wonderful. Maybe even better than Mum’s.

Once she’d recovered her breath, Monica looked up at Jolie. “I want to touch you now.”

“That’s nice, Mon. Real nice. I’d like that a lot.”

“Um, I don’t think I’m quite ready to, uh, lick you just yet, though. Is that okay?”

Jolie hugged her friend. “Whatever you want to do to me, do that.” She was already happy, but then Monica said something that made her even happier – proud, even.

“I’ve never done it before, so I won’t be as good at it as you are…”

Rolling onto her back, Jolie parted her thighs expectantly. “It’ll be good, Mon, I know it will. Don’t worry, I’ll love it. You’ll see!”

Monica reached out, placing a hand on Jolie’s thigh, then began to caress her. She was hesitant at first, but soon her excitement began to mount as the girl responded to her touch. When she lightly rolled Jolie’s nipple between her finger and thumb, it quickly stiffened, and her friend said, “You can do that harder… I like how it feels.”

Growing increasingly confident, Monica began to explore her new lover’s body in earnest, touching her legs, her breasts, her tummy.

Finally she’d worked up the nerve to touch Jolie’s pussy, and was rewarded by an ecstatic moan, followed by, “I love you, Monica,”

“I – I love you too!” Monica exclaimed, her heart pounding as she realised the truth of those words.

She continued to stroke Jolie’s slit with her index finger, and while the girl was humming happily, she soon sat up, opening her eyes. “In me, Mon. Put your finger in my… in my hole.”

Holding her breath, Monica carefully penetrated Jolie, surprised by how easily her friend’s vagina accepted her finger. My gosh, I’m touching inside her body! It was warm, snug, and slick with fluid.

“G-go in and out,” Jolie moaned. “That’s how you do sex.”

Monica did as Jolie asked, moving slowly, but increasing her tempo as the girl nodded her approval. Then Jolie said that word. “Fuck.”

In response, Monica worked her finger even deeper inside. She felt her eyes grow misty, overwhelmed by how beautiful it felt to make love to her best friend.

“Fuck,” Jolie repeated. Then her body went stiff before she began to shake helplessly, staring wide-eyed at Monica as she came, finally going slack with a deep sign.

Jolie lay quietly for a long moment, then blindly reached out for her friend.

Monica crawled into Jolie’s arms and they nestled together, whispering words of devotion as they basked in the aftermath of their lovemaking.


In the days that followed, then girls made love every chance they got. Monica went down on Jolie the next time they got together, and quickly decided that she loved eating pussy. Jolie then taught her the rest of what she and her mum had learned and explored as secret lovers – sixty-nining, tribbing, analingus.

Monica still had no idea how Jolie had come by her sexual expertise. She’d asked about it once, but Jolie simply shrugged and replied, “I just know.”

Two weeks after their first time together, the girls were naked and cuddling in Jolie’s bed, resting from a particularly frenzied bout of sex play.

Placing a kiss on Monica’s nose, Jolie said, “I wanna tell Mum ‘bout us being in love.”

Monica thought about it, then slowly nodded. “I guess you’re right. I don’t want to keep it secret anymore, either. So. she’ll be okay with it, right?”

“Mum? Oh, yeah, she’ll be fine.” Pushing the sheet aside, Jolie stood, then extended a hand. “C’mon, let’s go tell her now.”

Getting to her feet, Monica took Jolie’s hand – then froze as her friend led her toward the door. “Wait, wait a minute!” she exclaimed. “Aren’t we going to put our clothes back on?”

“Why?” Jolie asked. “We’re telling her me an’ you are lovers, right? This way she’ll know for sure!”

“Um, I don’t know about this… I get telling her we’re in love, but is she supposed to know that we’re having sex, too?”

“It’s ‘loving games’, Mon – that’s what I call it. And yeah, she should know!” Jolie insisted. “She won’t be mad, cross my heart! C’mon, let’s go!” She tugged at Monica’s hand.

“I feel weird about not wearing anything, though,” Monica protested. “Couldn’t we go in our underwear, at least?”

Jolie responded with a beseeching look. “But we need to not be wearing anything. It’s really, really important! Please, Mon? Pretty please with gumdrops on top?”

“Okay, okay,” Monica answered. “But only because I love you so much.” She told herself that after all, in view of what they were about to tell Dana, their nudity wasn’t a big deal. That didn’t stop her from feeling jittery, though.

Two minutes later, the girls were standing at the door of Dana’s study. Jolie reached up to knock.

“Come in,” Dana called out from inside.

Taking a deep breath to calm her jangling nerves, Monica followed Jolie into the room.

When Dana looked up, her jaw dropped at the sight of the nude girls. “What in the world…?” she began, then fell silent.

Jolie blurted, “Mummy, Mon and I have been playing loving games.” Suddenly she felt less confident about her mother’s reaction. In a smaller voice she added, “That’s all right, isn’t it?”

Dana was somewhat shaken, but there was only one possible response. “Of course it is, pumpkin.”

Something occurred to Jolie that she hadn’t yet considered. “Um, Mummy… will you still play loving games with me, too?” Suddenly remembering she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone else about that, she squealed, “Oops!” then clapped a hand over her mouth.

Good Christ, Dana thought. Well, our secret’s out. No sense denying it now. “Yes, sweetie. Of course.”

In the meantime, Monica had gone pale. “Oh my God…” she mumbled. Now she understood how Jolie knew so much about sex.

Jolie rushed over to Dana and hugged her tightly. “I’m sorry, Mum!” she wailed, “I d-didn’t mean to tell our secret.”

Gazing at Monica over her daughter’s shoulder, Dana said, “It’s okay, pumpkin. I do think you need to wash your face, though. You smell like Monica.”

“Okay!” Jolie ran off, leaving Monica ashen-faced, trembling with anxiety.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Blackstone,” the teen mumbled. “I didn’t know. I wasn’t trying to steal Jolie from you!”

“I know you weren’t, Monica,” Dana replied, looking squarely at the distressed girl. “Don’t worry, okay? I’m not upset. In fact, I think it’s wonderful that Jolie has a true friend who genuinely cares about her.”

“I do, I really do!” Monica insisted. “I’ll be there for her, forever and ever!”

Dana gave the girl a gentle smile. “I believe Jolie has a lot of love to give… enough for both of us. How would you feel about sharing her?”

Monica’s face brightened. “Oh, I’d be fine with that. I really do love her, you know.”

“So do I,” Dana agreed.

“B-but it’s not the same. I’m in love with her!”

“I am, too,” Dana said evenly, deliberately. “Sex with my daughter… it’s the most beautiful experience imaginable. But you already know that, don’t you?” She sighed wistfully. “I wouldn’t give up what she and I have for anything.” She stared intently at Monica. “You understand how important it is that you never tell anyone about this, don’t you? Not to anybody, not ever! Not even your mum. Jolie would be taken away from me, and that would destroy both of us.”

“Yes, I know. I’ll never say anything, Ms. Blackstone – I swear!”

Dana studied Monica for a long moment. “Fair enough. But please – call me Dana. Remember?”

Just then, Jolie bounded back into the room. “All clean and fresh, Mummy!” she reported.

Dana smiled at her. “Good for you, pumpkin.” She turned back to Monica. “I’ll bet you need to wash up yourself.”

Blushing deeply, Monica exited for the bathroom.

Jolie padded over to Dana and climbed into her mother’s lap. “Mummy, can I have a kiss?”

“Of course, baby.” Bending down, Dana claimed her child’s mouth in a tender kiss. But Jolie wanted more, and soon their tongues were passionately mingling.

My God, Dana told herself, I love her so desperately. She’s my North Star, my compass, my rudder. I’d be completely lost without her. 

She slid her hand down Jolie’s body until she was gently cupping the girl’s lightly-downed vulva. Not masturbating her, just touching.

When their lips finally drifted apart, Jolie looked up at her mother. “Mummy… can three people play loving games together?”

A squeaking sound was heard in the open doorway – and when Dana glanced in that direction, she saw Monica, still gloriously naked, wide-eyed and shocked by Jolie’s words.

On to Chapter Three!


4 Comments on When Fourteen is Eight, Part Two

  1. Carol Anne says:

    OMG what a lovely chapter Karin. I love that Jolie has a friend now and that she is going to join Dana and Jolie. Looking forward to chapter 3!

  2. Erocritique says:

    I loved the addition of Monica and Abby. The thought of Jolie having Monica in her life makes me very happy. I found the decision to have Monica and Jolie go tell Dana about their “loving games” naked a bit fantastical, but not too disruptive to the flow of the story. Maybe reconsider such unorthodox scenes in future stories??? I do think that scene would have been far more effective if the girls had been scantily clad in light sundresses or shorts and light tops. Sometime less nudity is more imho. Overall, a cute and sexy chapter. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Powertenor246 says:

    This story is excellently crafted and has very good bones indeed. The balance of knowledge and innocence is both finely achieved and maintained. However, we are lacking a bit in some visualization in that it was not revealed to us, I don’t believe, exactly what Monica’s age is actually. If it is in the chapter somewhere, then I apologize I missed it. Plus I don’t remember reading exactly what Monica looks like. Type of face, kind of complexion, color of eyes, type of nose, things like these. What style of clothes does she prefer? Does she wear Mary Janes or combat boots? Frilly or holey? Does she carry a preference for glitter or lip gloss? Strawberry shampoo or French Vanilla? As much of a description of what the girls look like and smell like and taste like is, at least for myself, very important to the appreciation of the story. If you can do this while holding tight to the emotional connection between both the girls and their respective Moms, that would be a massive improvement to the story. IMHO. Thank you for listening. Please to have a pleasant and safe day. See Ya!!!

  4. JetBoy says:

    We don’t often fiddle with stories in response to reader requests, but Karin and I both thought both Erocritique and Powertenor246 had good points to make. A description of Monica has been added… and while we still have the girls naked when they call on Dana, we made Monica more hesitant to go along with Jolie’s idea, and had Jolie plead harder. The scene works better now, and is (so we think) more believable. Who says we don’t listen to our public?

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