The New Girl, Part Two

  • Posted on November 12, 2022 at 3:17 pm


Note from JetBoy: Since this second chapter picks right up where the previous one ends, here’s a brief summary.

When obliged to invite a new student from school to her sleepover, thirteen-year-old River worries that the presence of Alyssa, a girl she barely knows, will put a damper on an evening of sexy fun with her best girlfriends. However, there’s much more to this new acquaintance than meets the eye… as it turns out, Alyssa likes girls, too.  Intrigued, they settle in for a game of Truth or Dare, hoping it might lead to something exciting. Does it? Read on and see, friends…


By No One

“So, my turn to ask a question, right?” Kacey said once they’d all settled down.

“Are we still doing that?” River asked. “And wait, isn’t it my turn? I didn’t ask anything yet.”

“Okay, ask this then.” Kacey leaned in to whisper her suggestion in River’s ear. In typical Kacey fashion, it was the most embarrassing thing imaginable.

“I’m not asking that!” River protested.

“Well, you’re boring then. And boring people skip their turn.” Kacey turned to Alyssa. “So, what’s the most times you’ve masturbated in a day?”

Livi rolled her eyes. “Jesus, Kacey.”

“What? It’s a valid question.”

“Is it, though?”

Alyssa laughed nervously. “Wow. Err, well… I mean…”

Livi shrugged. “Don’t be embarrassed, I guarantee you won’t have the highest count,” she said, with a meaningful glance at Kacey.

“Heh, okay… Well, I guess like, um, three times.”

Livi nodded. “Same.”

Kacey turned to River, arching an eyebrow.

River felt the heat rise to her face. “Err… I think… four times?” She was definitely not a compulsive masturbator, but there were just some days when everything seemed to make her horny…

“Hah! I win!” Kacey announced, looking very pleased with herself.

“It’s not a competition…” Livi said.

“So, how many…?” Alyssa sounded as if she might not want to know the answer.

“Ten times!” Kacey looked rather smug, as if that was something to be proud of.

Ten? Like, how? And, um, why?”

Kacey shrugged. “Just one of those days, I guess. Gotta admit, I was really sore by the end… but might as well finish on a round number, right?”

Alyssa stared for a moment, then glanced at River and Livi. “She serious?”

“I wasn’t a witness to this so-called accomplishment, but… yeah, I believe her,” Livi said. “This one’s a real hornball.”

“Heh, I guess you would know. I still can’t believe that you all… y’know, do it together. Um, how did that even start?”

“Well, that was, what, a couple years ago? Year and a half?” River said, and the others nodded. “It was a sleepover just like this, and, well… speaking of Kacey being a hornball…”

“What? I can’t sleep if I don’t get myself off first,” the girl in question interrupted.

“So you keep others from sleeping instead?” Livi said.

“Wasn’t that loud.”

“Eh, pretty loud.” River turned back to Alyssa. “Anyway, Kacey was doing you-know-what while we were in bed, and I was too polite to say anything, but Livi called her out and—”

Kacey pointed from River to Livi. “And you both had to admit that you usually did it, too!”

“Well, yeah.” River still remembered what a turn-on it had been to know her friends touched themselves at night, just like she did.

“And then someone suggested that we all do it in front of each other. Y’know, just to see,” Livi said.

Kacey looked at her pointedly. “And who was that someone, Livi?”

“I don’t remember,” Livi replied, her face a portrait of innocence. “Could have been anybody.”

River and Kacey exchanged a look, then each raised an eyebrow at Livi.

“So it might’ve been me. I was curious and… y’know, wanted to watch my best friends fuck themselves. Who hasn’t been there?”

They all laughed, then River resumed the tale. “So we did that and, well… it was really hot.” She couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed, though not enough to keep her from grinning at the memory of that incredible night. Her friends were smiling, too.

“Wow. I… I bet.” Alyssa looked rather stunned. “And then you… tried doing it to each other, huh?”

“Well, not that night. But it kinda became a thing that we would, um, jill off together. And then, yeah, eventually—”

“Then some genius thought it would be even better to rub each other, and damn, she was so right,” Kacey interrupted. “That was me, by the way,” she added, as if there could possibly be any doubt. “Yep, then we tried it all. Rubbing, licking, fingering… And for River, in—”

Now it was River’s turn to interject. “Okay! She doesn’t need to hear all the details!” There were some things that ought to remain private, even when you were trying to get a new girl into bed.

“Holy crap…” Alyssa shook her head, overwhelmed. “That’s… that’s really wild.”

“Soooooo…” Kacey began, eyeing Alyssa, stretching out the word until it became painfully obvious what she was getting at. “You wanna join in?”

“Wha… For real?” Alyssa looked at the three of them like she still expected the whole thing to be some kind of prank. “Whoa, um, I… I dunno… Things are moving real fast right now. Uh, I think I’d need to think about it…”

Kacey shrugged. “I’m just sayin’… Well, you’re dead sexy. And we’d have a lot of fun.”

“Don’t push her,” River said. “It’s okay if you don’t feel like it,” she told Alyssa. To be honest, she was dying to get her hands on the girl, but knew the risk of coming on too strong.

“Or you could just watch…” Livi added.

Alyssa laughed, perhaps thinking it was a joke. “Hmm, well, that could be tempting.”

“Fine with me!” Kacey said. “So I say that means the challenge is back on!” She pointed at Livi. “You’re going down!”

“Well, yeah. That’s the point, isn’t it?” Livi replied, deadpan.

River snorted. Kacey frowned, confused, then burst out laughing when she got the joke.

Alyssa glanced at River, looking puzzled. “Huh? The challenge?”

“Oh, these two have a kind of bet going on about, um… well, about who can make the other come the fastest. Like, at the same time. Y’know, sixty-nining.”

Alyssa’s eyebrows shot up. “Whoa! Wild. And… kinda hot?”

“And now we have two judges for this very important competition,” Kacey said. “So let’s do it.” With that, she unceremoniously pulled off her tank top to reveal her bare chest, nearly as flat as a boy’s. Despite teasing the girl about that from time to time, River still thought Kacey was very sexy in her own way. Now she was feeling a little jealous of Livi, who’d get to enjoy that tight, thin body very soon.

Alyssa’s jaw dropped. “Wait, wait. You’re talking about doing… all that stuff… right now?” She stared at River. “What about your mom?”

“Oh, don’t worry about her,” River said. “She has, like, insomnia problems, so she takes sleeping pills that put her out like a light. Mom always tells us to keep the noise down, but I don’t think she’d notice if we blew up the house.”

“Oh, huh… That’s cool… Err, I mean! It’s not cool for your mom! But—”

“I know what you mean, don’t worry. And yeah, we might have put the situation to good use a few times.”

Lots of times,” Kacey added, grinning.

Meanwhile, Livi was taking off her own shirt, those perky breasts coming into view. River thought she had to be at least a B-cup by now, maybe bigger, though she’d never actually asked. Whatever the case, Livi looked hot as hell stripped down to those little shorts. Now River was envying Kacey, who would get to taste her first.

Maybe this challenge had been a bad idea after all. River didn’t want to sit on the sideline anymore.

Kacey and Livi looked at each other, maybe wondering if they should get straight to it or not, but it seemed that they couldn’t keep things strictly ‘business’, because after a moment they slowly drifted together in a kiss that quickly heated up to a full boil.

“Wow, they’re…” Alyssa whispered.

“Hot?” River suggested.

“Well, yeah.” Alyssa chuckled. “But also, like… beautiful? I mean, in a different way than just sexy or hot… if that makes any sense.”

“Yeah, I get it. And you’re right.” River had noticed it before, how there was just something special between Livi and Kacey when they kissed, something beyond the sight of two cute girls making out. It was funny, in a way. The two of them were always sparring about something, but when they got together like this, they became… yes, beautiful. Perfectly matched in some way. River sometimes had to wonder if she was the third wheel in their little group.

“So, they’re really going to… you know? In front of us?”

“Uh-huh. They sure are. You okay with that?”

“Um… I guess so! Just… never had someone have sex right in front of me, y’know?” Alyssa laughed. “It’s sure not how I imagined this night going!”

“Is it better than you thought?”

“Well…” Alyssa’s lips curled up in a mischievous smile. “I’m not complaining!”

All the while, Kacey and Livi were making out like they were the only ones in the room. They finally came up for air, flushed and out of breath.

“Phew,” Kacey said, exhaling deeply. She noticed River and Alyssa staring, and gave herself a shake. “Um, right, I guess we should get to it.” She pushed her panties down like she didn’t care at all who was looking—she probably didn’t, actually—revealing the sparse reddish curls that adorned her sex.

Livi hesitated for just a second, then shrugged and followed suit, taking off her shorts to expose her pussy., The lips were framed by dark brown pubes that were a little thicker than Kacey’s. “You want top or bottom?” she asked her rival.


“Okay! I’ll be on top then!”

Kacey frowned. “Wait… Is that better?”

Livi flashed a mysterious smile. “I don’t know? Is it?”

Kacey grimaced. “I hate when you pull this shit!” She furrowed her brow, apparently trying to decipher if there really was some strategic advantage for top over bottom.

“How about we flip a coin?” River suggested.

“Works for me,” Kacey said with a last frown directed at Livi.

Crossing the room to her desk, River fetched a quarter, then said, “Okay, let’s see… Kacey, heads and it’s your head facing up, tails and it’s your, well, tail.”

Kacey chuckled. “Okay!”

River spun the coin into the air, caught it and flipped it down onto the back of her other hand. “Tails! All right, Kacey on top, Livi on the bottom.”

“Excellent,” Livi said, still smiling.

“What? You wanted on top!” Kacey exclaimed.

“Did I, though?”

Alyssa laughed. “Wow, the mind games here.”

Kacey let out a resigned sigh. “Whatever, just lie down!”

Livi complied, positioning herself on the bed. Kacey climbed over her, and they aligned their mouths and sexes as best they could, what with the height difference between the girls. Kacey glanced at River. “Okay, count to three.”

River snorted. “So official. All right then. One… two… two and a half…” She giggled when she got two identically annoyed glares. “Three! Go!”

And go they certainly did. The girls buried their faces into each other’s pussy, twin muffled moans echoing through the room as soon as their eager tongues got to work. River almost felt like moaning herself, just from watching. God, she needed her pussy licked, too.

“Holy crap…” Alyssa breathed, her eyes round as saucers.

River grinned at her, then leaned to one side to get a better view. Kacey was tonguing Livi’s sex with wild abandon, pausing only briefly from time to time when an especially forceful moan escaped her lips. At the other end, it looked like Kacey had tried to squirm away from Livi’s mouth, but now Livi had a firm grip on her rival’s ass, holding Kacey in place so there was no escape from her probing tongue.

The air was filled with the scent of arousal, the sounds of licking and sighs of pleasure. River didn’t need to slip a hand into her shorts to know she was soaking wet. Didn’t need to touch, but definitely wanted to.

Glancing sideways, River saw that Alyssa was transfixed, intently watching the others, a hand resting in her lap. Now and again, the girl’s fingers seemed to press into the crotch of her leggings, maybe unconsciously… maybe not. Suddenly noticing that River was looking at her, Alyssa hurriedly took her hand away. Had her cheeks just turned a shade darker?

River gave Alyssa a wink. She couldn’t blame her new friend for wanting to play with herself. Hell, she was dying to do the same. With a shrug, she made a show of pulling on the waistband of her shorts and plunging a hand in. She’d normally be way too shy to do something so overt in front of a relative stranger, but fuck it, she was too horny to care. Besides, she wanted Alyssa to be totally at ease to masturbate if she cared to.

She gasped as soon as her fingers made contact, rocking her body with a jolt of pleasure. The look of mixed surprise and arousal she saw on Alyssa’s face only turned her on more.

Soon, she was pleased to see that Alyssa’s hand was back between her thighs, though still outside the leggings she wore. River alternated between watching Kacey and Livi going at it and eyeing Alyssa as she timidly touched herself, both very hot displays.

River was dipping a finger between her pussy lips every few seconds, teasing herself but avoiding going all out on her clit just yet. She yearned to come, but knew she’d have a much stronger orgasm if she waited for Kacey or Livi to give it to her. Or maybe even… Giving Alyssa a sideways glance, she wondered if the girl was having second thoughts about joining in.

Scooching closer to her, River whispered, “Enjoying the show?” Livi and Kacey were still going wild on each other, their moans growing more urgent, but neither of them had surrendered to ecstasy just yet.

“Omigod, they’re soooo sexy.”

As Alyssa leaned forward a little, intent on the action, River got an eyeful of cleavage through the collar of her oversized shirt. She bit her lip, thinking she sure wouldn’t mind some action of her own with this beautiful black girl. Should she try anything?

Pushed forward by her fierce need, River said,  “You’re pretty hot yourself, y’know.”

Alyssa turned to meet her gaze. “Th-thanks. You, um… you too.”

River smiled, and Alyssa responded with a rather nervous smile of her own. River was very conscious of how close they were sitting, their faces less than a foot apart. She eyed Alyssa’s full lips, longing to taste them. “Ever kissed anyone?”

Alyssa shook her head.

River hesitated, then figured she might as well go for broke. “You don’t have to, but…  wanna try it?”

Alyssa stared at her for a few seconds, and River began to regret making the offer. She hadn’t meant to push too much or make her guest uncomfortable. Once more, she reminded herself that this was all new to Alyssa.

Just as she was about to apologize, though, Alyssa spoke. “Okay,” was all she said.

“Oh, yeah?” River replied. “Cool!” Excitement surged through her. She’d only ever kissed Livi and Kacey, and they were well used to each other by now. The prospect of making out with someone new—especially someone as pretty as Alyssa—had River’s pulse racing.

She leaned forward, closing her eyes, and their lips met. The kiss was rather tentative at first, with Alyssa’s inexperience showing, but soon enough they got a feel for each other. Alyssa’s lips were nice and soft, slightly different from Kacey’s or Livi’s in their own way. River figured that every girl’s mouth must feel subtly distinct when kissing.

“Mm. That’s nice,” Alyssa said once their lips parted.


They exchanged smiles, Alyssa’s more assured than before, then River went back in for another kiss. Her partner eagerly welcomed it, quickly growing in confidence as their mouths moved together. River decided that Alyssa would fit in quite nicely with their little group.

Lost in the kiss, River let a hand wander to Alyssa’s thigh, then up her side, her ribs, her… She paused just before reaching the girl’s breast, realizing just in time that her new partner might consider that a big step to cross. “Is this okay?” she asked.

This time, Alyssa hesitated only a second before giving a quick nod, then leaned forward to capture River’s mouth with her own.

River was pleased that Alyssa was already taking the lead—oh yes, they’d get along very well—and even more pleased that she’d been given permission to fondle to her heart’s content. She wasted no time cupping one of Alyssa’s ample breasts. Damn, they were definitely bigger than Livi’s. She quickly found the stiff nipple, straining against the fabric of Alyssa’s shirt, and teased it between finger and thumb, making her partner moan into their kiss.

She rested her other hand on Alyssa’s thigh, already wondering if the girl would let her slide it between her legs, or even inside her leggings…

Urgent cries suddenly reminded River that they weren’t alone in the room. Breaking apart, they turned towards the bed, where Livi and Kacey were both trembling, moaning loudly as they ate each other. She was pretty sure they were both coming.

“Uh, oops. Did you notice who came first?” she whispered to Alyssa, who only gave a helpless shrug. “Shit.”

Kacey finally rolled off Livi, and for a moment both girls lay spent, sweaty, panting and utterly sated… and sexy as hell. Kacey struggled to sit up, then lifted an arm up in victory. “I win!”

“What? No way! You totally came first,” Livi protested.

“Nuh-uh. You cried out before me!”

“Just one cry doesn’t mean I’m actually coming… You were shaking all over. I know how you are when you come, girl.”

“I know how you are, too! Okay, River, tell her I’m the winner.”

Both girls turned towards River expectantly.

“Ummm… actually, it was… pretty much at the same time,” River said. It might have been the truth, but she simply wasn’t sure. “Right, Alyssa?”

“Uh, yeah, sure. I’d say so.”

Kacey and Livi both frowned, serious doubt etched on their faces.

“No way,” Kacey said. “Were you guys even paying attention?” She peered at River and Alyssa suspiciously, taking in the fact that they were practically in each other’s lap. River belatedly took her hand away from Alyssa’s thigh, which probably just made her look even guiltier. “Wait a minute, what’s going on over there? I thought you were just gonna watch, New Girl!”

Alyssa scratched the back of her head, looking extremely sheepish. “Welllll… you know… it got a little, um, heated around here… and maybe one thing led to another…”

Livi and Kacey looked at each other. “They were fooling around instead of doing their damn job!” Kacey said.

“Unbelievable. Failing their sacred duty.” Livi shook her head with the intense disappointment of a parent whose child flunked all their classes.

“Now we’re gonna have to do it all over again, some other time,” Kacey sighed. The two looked somber for a few seconds, then broke into a grin. “Well, that’s fine with me!” she added.

Livi turned to River and Alyssa. “So… do we also get to have fun with Alyssa, or is it a private thing between you two?”

“I’m okay with sharing,” River said, then looked at Alyssa. “What do you think?”

Alyssa blinked, looking at each of them in turn, then finally shrugged. “When in Rome, I guess!”

“All right!” Kacey pumped her fist, then jumped down from the bed to join River and Alyssa on the mattresses. “I think you’re wearing too much, though.”

Alyssa looked down at herself, then at the very nude Kacey. “Oh… maybe?”

Kacey glanced at Livi. “You thinking what I’m thinking?” At Livi’s nod, she shouted, “Get ‘em!”

Alyssa squealed as Kacey pounced on her, grasped the waistband of her leggings and tried to pull them down. Meanwhile, Livi grabbed the bottom of River’s shorts and gave them an insistent tug.

“Hey, you don’t have to force me,” River said, laughing. She was only too happy to get naked.

Lifting her butt, she let Livi yank off her shorts, then took off her own top and tossed it to the side. Now teaming up with Livi, they each snagged one side of Alyssa’s shirt and pulled it over her head—without much resistance, as the girl lifted her arms to help. At the same time, Kacey finished taking off the leggings, leaving all of them buck naked.

“Holy shit!” Kacey exclaimed, staring at Alyssa’s chest. “Move over, Livi. We have a new Queen of Tits.”

“Queen of… ugh.” Livi facepalmed. “Did you really just say that? First of all, you of all people should know that it’s not the size that matters.” She reached out to pinch Kacey’s nipple, and got furiously swatted away. Turning back to Alyssa, she added, “But that said… yeah, wow, amazing boobs, gotta say.”

“Um, th-thanks? God, this is so embarrassing.” Alyssa squeezed her eyes shut, as if that would make the situation go away.

River protectively wrapped her arms around the poor girl. “C’mon. Leave her alone, you guys.” She could well imagine how awkward it would be to find yourself the center of attention like this. Still, her friends were totally right: Alyssa had magnificent tits. They were big for a girl her age, but perky and perfectly shaped. River had a strong urge to fondle one, but restrained herself for the moment.

Instead, she turned to Alyssa and said, “It’s okay. They just think you’re super hot. As they should.” She gave the girl a soft kiss, pleased to feel her relax in response.

“Yeah! I wasn’t making fun at all. I’m super jelly, actually,” Kacey said, shifting closer. “So… Can I touch them?” she asked—blunt as always, but flashing a cheeky grin. “I mean, you can feel mine, too, but…” She looked down at herself. ”Yeah, there’s not much there.”

Alyssa gave a shaky laugh. “No, I think you’re… pretty hot, too.”

Kacey thrust her chest forward. “Go ahead, then.”

Alyssa giggled at the absurdity of the situation, but a mischievous smile played on her lips. She reached out with one hand, hesitated a second, then ran her palm over one of Kacey’s little boobs. She gave it a squeeze, her smile growing wider, then dragged a thumb across the stiff nipple, making Kacey draw in a sharp breath.

Then it was Kacey’s turn to explore Alyssa’s tits. Gazing into the girl’s eyes, she waited for a nod, then grabbed two big handfuls. “Woooow,” she said, clearly impressed, while Alyssa let out a cute little whimper.

River was watching the scene, partly aroused and partly jealous of Kacey, when Livi pressed up against her back. A quick lick at her ear made River gasp.

“So… Did you at least get wet watching us, or were you too distracted?” Livi’s hand snaked around River’s tummy and slipped between her legs, one finger deftly pushing straight into her. “Mmm, damn… sure is juicy down there.”

River cried out at this sudden but very pleasant intrusion. That got the notice of Alyssa, who grinned at her when she noticed what Livi was doing. But her attention was soon taken away when Kacey claimed her mouth in a heated kiss.

River watched the passionate exchange as Livi’s finger moved back and forth inside her, then it slipped out and began to rapidly tickle her clit. “God, yeah, Liv. I need it so bad,” River moaned, leaning back against her friend.

“Well, then… maybe you should have done your job properly.” And with that, Livi suddenly withdrew, letting River fall back on one of the mattresses. “So instead, Alyssa gets to come first,” Livi said, moving towards the other girl but looking back at River, making a show of sucking on the finger that had been inside her.

“What? That’s not fair!” River protested. “Alyssa got distracted, too!”

“Maybe. But I have a feeling I know who started the distraction.” Livi playfully nudged Kacey away from their guest. “My turn,” she said, then began to kiss Alyssa herself.

River couldn’t exactly deny that she was the one who had initiated things with Alyssa when they were supposed to be “judging” but… it still seemed unfair. Grumbling to herself, she sat back up, watching her three friends.

Kacey shot Livi an annoyed look—which the girl completely ignored, busy as she was making out with Alyssa. With a shrug, Kacey bent to use her mouth on Alyssa’s nipple instead. She extended her tongue to flick at the stiff little nub while fondling the other breast.

“Ah! God!” Alyssa gasped. She glanced from one girl to the other, looking rather taken aback. “This is… so wild,” she said before meeting Livi’s lips again.

Kacey raised her head from Alyssa’s breast just long enough to say, “Wait ‘til we get to your pussy!”

River smiled. She knew full well how deliciously overwhelming it could be to find yourself the center of attention of two horny girls. And if two were so great, what about three?

She eyed the scene. There was a very choice spot left for her.

Crawling forward, she gently pushed Alyssa’s legs apart. There was a muffled sound in response, but Alyssa’s mouth was filled with Livi’s tongue at the moment, so whatever she meant to say was unclear. In any case, she didn’t resist, leaving her legs open as River trailed kisses up her inner thigh.

Pausing a moment, River admired her new friend’s sex up close. The lips were adorned with dark, curly hair, though it was rather short, and River wondered if Alyssa kept it trimmed. A strong scent of arousal wafted to her nostrils. Alyssa was clearly excited about what was to follow, and River was only too happy to fulfill her expectations.

Leaning forward, she let her tongue slip out for a taste, gently parting Alyssa’s labia to find abundant wetness within. The flavor was at once familiar and subtly different, and River was eager to discover all the uniqueness of her new partner. She pushed her tongue deeper, teasing Alyssa’s entrance for a moment, then trailing upwards.

A loud moan caught River’s attention. Alyssa had broken the kiss and was now staring down at her, open-mouthed. On either side, Kacey and Livi were fondling those awesome tits. River winked up at the girl, then tickled her clit with a flick of the tongue.

Alyssa let out a great cry and her eyes rolled wildly, as dramatic a reaction as River could have wished for.

“Shhh,” Livi said. “I know we said the noise wasn’t a problem, but… maybe not that loud.”

“S-sorry!” Alyssa panted. “God, that feels soooo good.”

“I know, right?” Livi chuckled. “River’s got a very talented mouth.” She favored River with a smile, then began to nibble at Alyssa’s earlobe and nuzzle her neck. Meanwhile, Kacey had her mouth on Alyssa’s breasts, occasionally switching from one to the other.

It had to be quite the sensory overload, but River wasn’t going to give her new lover a moment’s rest. This was Alyssa’s first sexual experience, and it was going to be absolutely mindblowing. River set to pleasuring her partner with a new fervor, exploring each fold of her sex, dipping inside now and then, and of course, frequently returning to her clit. She was intent to show Alyssa all the wonderful sensations that a skillful tongue on her pussy could conjure up.

Alyssa twitched, a whimper escaping her lips. It appeared that she’d gone limp in Livi’s arms, but then she spread her legs even further apart, thrusting her sex against River’s mouth. She’d been hesitant to join in at first, but now Alyssa had fully given herself over to this new experience. River silently rejoiced at the thought—it seemed that their little circle might just get a fourth member.

“Oh! I… I can’t… Shit! I’m… I’m gonna…” Alyssa whispered haltingly.

It was good that Livi had the presence of mind to muffle Alyssa with a kiss just before she came, because by the sound of things, she might have awakened the neighbors with her cries. River was thrilled by the response, and did her best to prolong Alyssa’s ecstasy, stopping only when the girl had quieted down, reduced to a panting, quivering mess.

Sitting up, River exchanged a satisfied smile with Kacey and Livi. “Well, I’d say that was a job well done!”

“Looks like it,” Kacey said. “What do you think, New Girl? Still with us?”

“Oh… oh, my God…” Alyssa breathed. “That was… How did you do that? I’ve never… y’know, it was never so intense for me before.”

River smirked. “I’ve had some practice. And anyway, it’s always better when someone else does it for you.”

“Don’t be modest,” Kacey said, crawling up to River. “You’re damn good at eating pussy… own it.” Turning to Alyssa, she added, “I mean, we all are, to be clear. But River has a pretty great tongue, and speaking of which…” Turning around again, she went straight for the French kiss, meeting River’s “great” tongue with her own.

River was happy to welcome Kacey into her mouth, and they drifted naturally into making out. Never one to waste time, Kacey slipped a hand between River’s legs, pressing a finger to her clit.

River threw her head back and moaned, a sudden jolt of pleasure coursing through every nerve in her body. Damn, she needed this.

“Ready to get off, then?” Kacey said, sporting a wicked grin.

“God, yes! Please.”

With that, Kacey unceremoniously pushed River down on the mattress and nudged her legs open. For a moment, it looked like she intended to dive right in, but then paused, looking as if she was considering something. Looking over her shoulder, she said, “Hey, New Girl… you want to do the honors?”

River squirmed a bit, unsure what to make of this. As turned on as she was, she was very much in the mood for Kacey’s aggressive approach, but on the other hand, she was thrilled by the thought of giving  Alyssa her first taste of pussy.

“M-me? Um…” Alyssa pushed herself up, clearly surprised. She met River’s eyes, then glanced down at her sex, on full display between embarrassingly splayed legs. A shy smile appeared on Alyssa’s lips as she resumed eye contact. “I mean, I’d like to make you feel as good as you did me but… um, not sure I’d know how to.”

“Don’t worry, it’s easy,” Kacey said. “Here, I’ll show you.” She patted a spot on the mattress between River’s legs, and a nervous Alyssa crawled up for a better look.

“It’s not rocket science or anything. Like, I don’t need to tell you this is a pussy. You can start by opening her lips, like this.” Demonstrating, Kacey spread River’s labia apart with both hands, revealing her most intimate spot.

It seemed that River was now a demonstration model in some weird sex ed lesson. She’d never felt quite so exposed, but had to admit it was exciting in some strange way. Livi moved up next to her, watching the proceedings with interest as she idly caressed River’s hair.

“Down there is her hole… lots of fun to play with,” Kacey continued. She illustrated the point by shoving her middle finger inside, making River cry out in surprise. “And up here is her little love button. You know what that’s for, right?” She gave River’s clit a few tweaks as she spoke, almost too rough for comfort.

“Aaah! God, Kacey!” River gasped and shuddered, a surge of pleasure nearly overwhelming her.

Kacey smirked at her, then continued Alyssa’s lesson. “So yeah, I’m sure you’ve already got a good idea of what feels nice. It’s mostly just… following your instincts, I guess. There’s no bad way to do it. You just lick all around her pussy, and when she gets loud, you keep doing that.”

Alyssa reached out to River’s sex and gave it a tentative caress, much gentler than Kacey had been. It was a nice contrast. Glancing up at River, Alyssa flashed a quick grin. “You’re so wet!”

“Now you know why they call her ‘River,’ ” Kacey said.

Alyssa snorted in laughter, but River just rolled her eyes. The joke wasn’t as funny after the tenth time you heard it. Kacey needed new material.

Examining the traces of wetness on her fingers, Alyssa tried a cautious lick. River remembered how she’d worried about the taste, too, the first time she went down on Livi. But like River, Alyssa seemed satisfied that it wasn’t at all unpleasant, and she moved closer, her face now inches from River’s pussy.

The caress of warm breath on River’s sensitive flesh was tantalizing, and she felt unable to restrain herself for much longer—especially when Livi joined in and began to caress River’s breasts. She needed to get off, damn it!

The first uncertain lick brushed River’s clit, making her shudder with delight. Alyssa smiled nervously at her reaction, then went back in for a more thorough attempt, slipping her tongue between the lips to better explore River’s sex.

“Like this?” Alyssa asked after a moment.

“Mmm, yeah,” River purred. “Keep going.”

Alyssa bent to her work. She was doing quite well for a beginner, and the fact that it was her first time somehow made things even more exciting. Each swipe of the tongue set River’s nerve endings on fire, and she soon found herself moaning in time with Alyssa’s movements.

Kacey sat next to them, a hand tucked between her legs, observing her pupil with a critical eye. From time to time, she reached out with the other hand to tickle River’s clitoris, even kneeling down at one point to team up with Alyssa in a double-tongued assault, which felt positively divine. But Kacey mostly let Alyssa do the work, though, perhaps because she didn’t want River to come too soon, or she wanted to give the new girl plenty of practice, or she just found it hot to watch. Maybe all the above.

Meanwhile, Livi was teasing River’s nipples, gently pinching them until they were at their stiffest, sending echoing jolts of pleasure down to her pussy. Leaning in, she slipped her tongue into River’s mouth, quickly kindling a passionate French kiss. River had some trouble focusing on Livi’s tongue while Alyssa’s felt so damn good on her sex, but it was a nice “problem” to have.

Gently breaking their kiss, Livi smirked down at River. “How’s she doing?” she asked, nodding towards Alyssa.

“Mmmm, real good. She’s—aah!—a quick learner, for sure.” River’s breath was growing ragged, her pulse hammering as Alyssa’s tongue flicked and swiped, bringing her ever closer to satisfaction. For all her inexperience,  the new girl was having no trouble leading River to a nice, juicy orgasm.

Perhaps thinking along the same line, Kacey suddenly said, “Hey, wanna know the trick to making River come like it’s the fucking Fourth of July?”

“There’s a trick? Sure,” Alyssa said, pausing in mid-lick.

At the same time, River exclaimed, “Kacey! No!” God, so embarrassing. She didn’t need Alyssa to know about that just yet, maybe end up thinking she was some kind of weirdo. Still, she felt her pussy twitch at the very thought of it.

“What?” Kacey said as if she didn’t see the big deal at all.

“Shush, you know you want it,” Livi agreed, before muffling River’s protest with a kiss.

God, they were right. River did want it. She couldn’t even really explain why she enjoyed such a dirty thing, but damn, it turned her on so much.

“See, first you get a finger all nice and wet,” Kacey explained, sticking one of her digits all the way inside River’s vagina, twisting around until it was well lubricated. “Then you move a little lower and…”

River tensed up as she felt Kacey withdraw that finger from her pussy and trace a path downwards, though she did try to relax in anticipation of what was about to come. She whimpered when Kacey gently pushed against her anus, her finger slowly gaining entrance.

She heard Alyssa exclaim, “Holy crap!” but couldn’t see her expression as Livi was in the way. Maybe that was for the best. It seemed slightly less embarrassing if no one was staring at her, though that didn’t stop her cheeks from getting very warm.

All that paled in comparison to the excitement she felt, though. It wasn’t even about the physical sensation. Not just that, at least, though it did feel pretty nice in a weird way. But beyond that, simply being aware that this was something so lewd and obscene, that… well… there was a finger up her ass, was enough to turn her arousal up to eleven.

“Now just lick her clit and you’ll see… she’ll come in five seconds flat,” Kacey was saying.

River shook her head, desperate to prove Kacey wrong. This wasn’t going to get her off that fast, come on. But as soon as Alyssa’s tongue touched her clit, making her asshole clamp snugly around Kacey’s finger, it was like getting hit by blissful lightning, and she knew that there was no stopping the orgasm that was about to crash into her. She wasn’t sure how many seconds had elapsed, but suspected that Kacey’s five-second guess wasn’t far off.

Then she stopped thinking, and embarrassment was the last thing on her mind as she came and came and came. Eyes squeezed shut, her world was reduced to the tongue licking her pussy, the finger penetrating her rectum, and the amazing sensations they gave her.

As if from far away, she heard Kacey laughing. “See? I told you!”

Let her laugh, River thought, feeling way too good to care. As she began to slowly descend from her ecstatic high, she found herself nestled in Livi’s arms.

“Big one?” the girl asked with a knowing smile.

River nodded emphatically, unable to speak.

“Um, should… should I stop now?” Alyssa asked, pausing her licking and giving River an opportunity to catch her breath.

River nodded again, glad for the reprieve. She’d become too sensitive down there for more stimulation. She felt Kacey carefully pull her finger out, which made River twitch with one last jolt of pleasure as it popped free of her ass.

“Wow, you girls are kinky,” Alyssa said as she sat up.

“Don’t look at me,” Livi said. “Nothing goes in my ass.”

“Yeah, I tried once, but it doesn’t do much for me,” Kacey added. “That’s just River being a butt slut.”

River gaped at that, giving her head a shake to clear her foggy brain. “I’m a what? Hey, who dared me to try it in the first place? And who keeps wanting to do it to me?” She felt her cheeks flush.

Kacey shrugged, looking completely unconcerned with her role in the matter.

“It’s okay,” Alyssa said. “Whatever floats your boat, right? It was, um, really hot to watch you come so hard.”

“Yeah?” River said, a little mollified. “Well, that’s thanks to you. You did really great! You sure this was your first time?”

Alyssa laughed. “It was! I really did a good job, then?”

“Mmm-hmm.” River motioned Alyssa closer with a finger, then showed the girl some appreciation with a juicy kiss.

“So… how’d you like your first taste of pussy?” Kacey asked.

The shy smile that appeared on Alyssa’s lips soon grew into a grin. “I, um, I loved it. It felt sooo… I dunno, sexy to feel her like that with my tongue, and see her respond and hear her moan and all that.” She let out a timid chuckle. “Damn, I’m all turned on again.”

River exchanged knowing smiles with Livi and Kacey. “Sounds like you’ll fit in just fine with our little group!”

“And hey, if you like eating pussy that much…” Kacey said, slipping a hand down to her sex and spreading the lips, “I got one right here that could use your help.”

Alyssa snorted. “Still can’t believe this is all happening but… yeah, I’m game!”

As she began crawling towards Kacey, Livi interjected, “Hey, what about me? I need some, too. I got all hot from watching.”

River smiled, wrapping both arms around the girl. “Give me a minute and I’ll take care of you,” she said, feeling her energy—and desire—returning with a vengeance.

“My hero,” Livi said, affecting a mock-swoon.

“I got a better idea,” Kacey said, “since I think we’re all horny again… wanna try our longest daisy chain yet?”

Now there was an inspired notion. The look in Livi’s eyes said she was definitely up for it. River had just come a few minutes earlier but… why not? She definitely felt aroused enough to give it a shot.

Alyssa furrowed her brow. “Daisy chain?”

“Never heard of that?” Kacey said. “See, it’s simple. You eat me, and… let’s see. Livi eats you, River eats Livi, and I get River and close the loop,” she explained, pointing at each of them in turn.

“Holy crap,” Alyssa said, her eyebrows rising up as she contemplated the notion. “For real? You’ve done that before?”

“Yeah, few times. Bet it’s even more fun with four links in the chain, though!”

Alyssa considered that for a moment, then flashed a mischievous grin. “Okay, I’m in!”

“All right! Get over here, then,” Kacey said as she lay down and spread her legs wide.

Alyssa got into position between Kacey’s legs, then turned her body towards Livi. “This way?”

“Oh, yeah,” Livi murmured as she drew closer to the black girl’s gorgeous pussy. “That works.”

Livi took her place, roughly parallel to Kacey, then River maneuvered into the last spot, completing the wonky square shape. She laid her head on Livi’s thigh and pushed the other leg upward, opening her friend’s pussy. Seeing it up close and breathing in the strong scent of arousal made her own sex twitch in anticipation.

“Well, let’s do this, then,” Kacey said, and with that, she immediately dove in, clutching two handfuls of River’s ass and lapping at her pussy with great vigor.

River moaned, pure pleasure rushing through her body. The only problem with daisy chains was that it could be hard to focus on your task when you were feeling so good. It was tempting to just lie there a moment, enjoying Kacey’s attentions, but she forced herself to lean forward and slip her tongue between Livi’s pussy lips, letting it roam from her hole to her clit.

Soon, the room was filled with muffled moans, and it sounded like everyone was having a great time. From time to time, River let her fingers take over for her tongue so that she could crane her neck and catch a glimpse of Livi licking Alyssa licking Kacey. They looked hot and sexy as hell, fueling her excitement.

She gasped when she felt Kacey reach between her ass cheeks, pressing against her anus. Her friend stopped short of penetration this time, simply caressing her rosebud, which still felt really nice, especially along with the wonderful things Kacey was doing with her tongue. River was beginning to wonder if Kacey wasn’t more into butt stuff than she claimed to be.

Meanwhile, River was doing her best to pleasure Livi. When she began to circle the girl’s clit with her tongue, Livi reached out to hold River’s head in place. The message was pretty clear. Focusing her attention on the little bud, River flicked it repeatedly with her tongue, accelerating the rhythm as Livi’s moans grew  urgent.

Kacey’s cries were also getting more intense. Not so much in volume, muffled as they were by a faceful of pussy, but River could feel the vibrations reverberate through her sex. It felt strange, yet stimulating.

Suddenly, Livi’s thighs clamped around River’s head, her body going rigid. River knew what that meant. At the same moment, Kacey’s tongue slowed, then paused, her breath hot and harsh against River’s pussy. Were her friends both coming? Livi and Kacey really were weirdly in sync at times. Maybe they had got off at the same time during their challenge.

Whatever the reason, Kacey was no longer licking her. River was a little frustrated by the abrupt interruption of her pleasure, but at least it allowed her to concentrate on giving Livi the most powerful orgasm she could. She used her tongue for all she was worth, making Livi quiver and shake until she finally pushed River’s head away.

Now free to move, River took a look around and saw that both Livi and Kacey were panting hard, slowly catching their breaths after their climax. Alyssa looked rather pleased with herself, no doubt happy with her newfound skill at making girls come.

Positioned as Kacey was, her lips were lightly grazing River’s pussy, making her ache for attention. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she tapped Kacey’s forehead with a finger. “Hey, doofus… finish the job!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kacey mumbled. “Mm. You were right, New Girl’s pretty good…”

A moan from Alyssa indicated that Livi had been quicker to resume her task. River had a good view of her friend giving Alyssa’s pussy great big licks, a lovely sight that made her a little envious. Thankfully, Kacey didn’t let her languish for too long. Soon, the girl’s tongue was back where it belonged, parting River’s labia and giving her a thorough probing.

“Mmmm, yeah,” River murmured, tangling her fingers into her friend’s short hair as she reveled in the blissful feelings Kacey was giving her. Damn, the girl sure was no slouch when it came to eating pussy.

Keeping an eye on Livi and Alyssa, River found it very erotic to watch them going at it, amplifying her own excitement. Alyssa looked so sexy, one hand coming up to caress her boobs, letting out little mewling cries, doing her best to be as quiet as she could but not quite succeeding.

Their eyes met, and Alyssa flashed a bashful smile, maybe still feeling a little shy about everything. That didn’t stop her from ogling River and Kacey, though. Her lustful gaze roamed over the scene, not missing any detail.

River grinned back. There was something thrilling about being observed during sex, she’d discovered. Maybe Alyssa was feeling it, too. The girl bit her lip as they leered at each other, her breath quickening, sweat pearling on her dark skin, eyes glazing over with ecstasy. She looked radiant. Not to take anything away from Kacey or Livi, but Alyssa might just be the hottest girl in their little group, River decided.

And then Alyssa squeezed her eyes shut, clamping a hand over her mouth just in time to muffle a long wordless cry. Her back arched up from the mattress, her body trembling in the throes of an intense-looking orgasm.

That was enough to set River off. Kacey’s amazing oral skills had been steadily bringing her closer to the edge, and the sight of Alyssa coming pushed her right off. Pure bliss radiated outward from her sex, and Kacey knew just what to do to keep it going. River shook her head from side to side, jaw firmly clenched to keep her moans in. God, that was a big one.

Finally, her pleasure slowly began to fade, and she squirmed away from Kacey’s mouth, managing to catch a much-needed lungful of air. She lay motionless for a while, waiting for her brain to function properly again.

When River opened her eyes, she found Kacey sitting next to her, flashing a self-satisfied smirk. River couldn’t fault her. She motioned weakly and the girl leaned over for a kiss. Between them, they shared the flavor of River’s pussy, a sexy and very intimate part of lovemaking that River had always enjoyed.

Glancing over at the others, she saw that Alyssa was cradled in Livi’s arms, looking a little dazed. She crawled over to where they lay, Kacey close behind. They all rested there in a heap, slowly recovering.

After a while, Alyssa suddenly burst out laughing, and the rest of them turned to her, confused.

“I guess I know why you all were acting so weird before. You were afraid you wouldn’t get to… well, do all this if I was around, huh?”

“Well… yeah,” River sheepishly admitted. “See, it was nothing against you. We just had, um, a different kind of fun planned.”

“But I’d say it all worked out in the end,” Livi said.

“For sure! I didn’t think it would go this well!” River said. “So… should we invite you next time?”

Alyssa grinned. “Oh, no way I’m missing more of this!”

Hell yeah,” Kacey said, high-fiving their new friend. “Welcome to the club, Alyssa.”

“Oh, did I get promoted from ‘New Girl’?”

“Eh, we’ll see. I guess we did get to know each other pretty intimately there. Not a bad initiation!”

They laughed, then Alyssa said, “Okay, are we gonna get some sleep now, though, or…? Gotta admit, I’m exhausted.”

“Sure, we can sleep,” River said, chuckling.

“Does that mean that Kacey won’t start things up again in the middle of the night?” Livi asked.

Kacey raised an eyebrow. “No promises.”

Giggling, they turned off the lights and snuggled up on the mattresses. No need to get into their sleeping bags, they were already warm enough like this.

Before closing her eyes, River reached out to take Alyssa’s hand and gave it a squeeze. She could barely see the girl smiling back in the darkness. They’d ran into each other by complete coincidence that afternoon, and now they’d had some pretty wild sex, but somehow River was certain that they would become even closer in the months to come.

The End


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    Absolutely beautiful and stunning. I have been following the author for some years, and always look forward to a new story.
    My only disappointment was seeing “The End” at the bottom!

  3. weewanderer says:

    Surely there is going to be more to this story. !!!

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    Now that was fun, we enjoyed that.

    The interaction of the characters was nicely handled.

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    Well you didn’t disappoint No One, it was a very erotic Part 2. Loved the daisy chain at the end. Sorry to see this one end as there could be some more amazing nights with this group. Thanks for the great story!

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    Wow! Oh No-one that chapter made me cum so hard! Such hot sex between four gorgeous girls….can’t wait for the next chapter!!

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    Thank you very much, everyone. Good to see that no one was disappointed by the much anticipated sex scene. 😉

    And yeah, this was just a quick tale I had in mind. Sure, there are always ways to keep a story going with “and then they had more hot sex”, but that’s not terribly interesting in my view. They say it’s better to leave your readers wanting more, so… mission accomplished, I guess! But who knows, some of these girls might show up again in a future story…

    As always, big thanks to JetBoy for his help in editing and improving the story.

    • JetBoy says:

      Thank you, my friend. Your stories are always a pleasure — to read and to edit.

      Have to concur with you, by the way… I’m not at all interested in continuing stories where the characters are just fucking again. That’s pretty boring to write, actually.

      Now if one of the girls in this story had a supposedly straight sister who got wind of these sexy sleepovers, this used this info as a way to satisfy her bi-curiosity and get in on the action…

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    So hot so sensual, so hot so sensual, oh wait I said that,hehehe! OMG I am so wet and tingly all over. Like I said after the first part, we played Truth or Dare, but it never became just Truth and oh how I wish it had. My sleepovers would always have me with one of the girls that was interested in more but never did all of us play. How I wish we had, cause the daisy chain scene was so erotic and I came so hard. Thanks No One, I loved every bit of this and am looking forward to your next story.

    • No One says:

      Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked it so much! Your sleepovers might not have gotten *this* wild, but it sounds you still had a lot of fun. 😉

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    Thank you so much, everyone. Much appreciated.

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    I’m extremely thankful for the link at the beginning of the story to this site; I think I’ve found my true home for erotica. The subject matter here is exactly to my tastes and I can’t wait to read it all. So happy to be here and I’m sure this is only the first of many very appreciative comments I’ll leave here.

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    Loved it, a great story. I hope like some others that we hear more about these girls.

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