The Secret Passage

  • Posted on February 18, 2022 at 4:19 pm

By kinkychic (the idea from kinkys_sis)

I really hadn’t wanted to move away from home but had little say in the matter. Mum did say that she’d considered my feelings, but in the end, she made a decision, and there we were.

What really hurt was leaving my school, losing my friends but above all, moving away from my girlfriend. Mum didn’t understand that two thirteen-year-old girls could be in love. She had eventually, but reluctantly accepted that we were an item. Maybe that was part of her reason for moving; she didn’t approve, not one little bit.

Completely unexpectedly, a great aunt had left Mum a whole load of money, I don’t know how much exactly, but it let her fulfill a lifelong dream of having a ‘chocolate box’ cottage in the country.

I knew the place was beautiful. The term ‘cottage’ tends to imply something small, but this was anything but. The original building was at least three or four hundred years old, nobody quite knew for sure. All sorts of bits had been added on over the years, making it a warren of passages and rooms, even dark cobwebby cellars. On the very first day, I discovered a hidden panel that revealed steps leading down into a strange little room. I guessed there might be others. At least I had plenty to occupy myself.

God knows how thick some of the walls were, but in some parts, they were certainly over two or three feet. Great big dark oak beams seemed to overpower some rooms, yet everything seemed to have been done with careful thought. The overall result was breathtaking.

The gardens, although somewhat overgrown and neglected, were or had been just as stunning. Someone had gone to a great deal of trouble to create little hidden grottoes among the shrubs and flowers, accessed by archways all smothered in flowering climbers.

My bedroom, built into the attic, overlooked the rear of the property. My window had a seat built into the thick wall. Its comfy cushions had already made it my favourite spot, one where I could just sit and gaze out the window.

It had been a long, hard day. I knew I should be in bed, but I wanted to see the moonbeams shine as they penetrated the shadowy areas of the garden.

I was half dozing when something made me sit up and put my face to the glass. Was it my imagination, or had I seen something moving, like a little twinkling spark among the bushes?

As hard as I stared, I saw nothing, all was quiet. I swung my legs down and began to turn away. There! Just for a moment, I spied something out of the corner of my eye. I turned back to the window, but once more there was nothing to be seen.

I decided it must be me, I was far too tired and really should be in bed asleep.

I had a bad night. I ought to have slept like a log but instead, fleeting images would start to appear in my mind, half-waking me. As soon as I tried to concentrate on them though, they faded away.

“You look tired this morning, Bee. Didn’t you sleep well, or did you stay up too late?” my mother asked.

“Oh, I’m okay. I guess it’s just being in a strange place for the first time… but then I don’t have that much to do today, so it’s all cool.”

Mum tutted at my grammar, then got on with making breakfast.

I was thinking about the garden, and what I had or maybe hadn’t seen last night. I wanted to go out there to see if I could find any traces of whatever had drawn my attention.

I searched and searched but didn’t find anything that might help explain what I imagined I’d seen. Staring up at my window, I tried to work out exactly where I might have been looking. I think I narrowed down the area, but was still none the wiser.

I went to sit on the small seat in one of the little grottoes. Looking down, I saw a tiny bunch of flowers lying at my feet. Unconsciously, I picked them up as I sat, still deep in thought but getting nowhere.

I glanced at the flowers, then suddenly sat up straight and looked closer. The flowers were tied together by some small pliable plant stem, a neat little bow at the front. The whole thing was so delicately put together that I couldn’t begin to imagine how it had been done.

Suddenly I felt as if I was being watched. I spun around, searching with my eyes. I looked everywhere but just as before, there was nothing to be seen.

I was a bit frightened, but then I looked at the flowers in my hand and something told me that there was nothing to be scared of.

“Who are you… where are you?” I said in a very quiet voice. Silence greeted me, only the soft rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze and the buzz of the bees collecting pollen. I waited for an age, but nothing stirred. I saw my small posy of flowers were wilting, and knew that I needed to put them in water.

That evening, I was back at my post in the window alcove. It was a bit cloudy and overcast, much darker than the night before. The moon burst between two clouds, the grotto caught the light and there was the twinkle. I could clearly see it move, then stop in one place. It must be on the small bench seat, I decided.

I made my way downstairs, quietly letting myself out. I did my best to creep carefully towards the grotto. I peered through the arch — nothing! I’d really expected to see something, too.

I walked to the seat, then my heart skipped. Another bunch of flowers, just like the first one, neatly tied with a bow. I knew they were for me, but why? What was the point if whoever left them wouldn’t show themselves?

I brought the flowers to my nose and inhaled deeply. The scent was divine. I breathed deeper, taking it in. A strange feeling crept over me. I felt kind of woozy, my skin tingled, then I could hear every little sound in the air.

I closed my eyes and listened, still breathing in the delightful aroma coming from my flowers.

Could I hear words, or was it just the natural noises of the garden? I concentrated harder. Yes! I could begin to make out something. I thought I heard ‘pretty’, just the merest whisper. I tried to hone in on the sound, then I clearly heard, ‘beautiful little girl’.

My eyes snapped open, then instantly everything began to spin and I was falling. The last thing I saw was a small cloud of sparkling lights before the ground was rushing up to meet me.

I‘d thought it was going to hurt, but all of a sudden, my weight disappeared and I was floating down to the ground.

I was aware, yet not aware of gentle hands caressing my face. Soft lips brushed over mine, then a tiny voice spoke. “I’m sorry, I gave you too much. Now rest awhile. and you will be fine.”

Once more, I felt those lips, followed by the lightest of caresses to my breasts. Then came a tingle, one that slowly grew in intensity, that familiar I get when someone plays with my pussy.

When I became aware once more, my eyes snapped open. I glanced between my legs, quite sure that I would find someone there. But there was no one, just my legs spread quite wide. It hadn’t been my own hands, they were clutched together and resting on my tummy.

Slowly reaching down, I felt the front of my panties. They were quite wet; someone had brought me very close to an orgasm.

Feeling somewhat dazed from the experience, I made my way back to my room. After undressing, I collapsed on my bed, still holding the bouquet. I stared at them, remembering their smell. Was it possible? Did these flowers produce some drug that got me all worked up?

I brought them back to my nose. The scent wasn’t quite as strong now, but still there. I closed my eyes and breathed it in. At first, there was nothing much, just a pleasant feeling, but I gradually felt the tingle again. I inhaled deeply, absorbing the cloying smell into my senses.

I was only vaguely aware of my legs parting. I wanted to open my eyes, but something told me that I mustn’t; it would make everything disappear.

Like before, I felt the lightest of tickling touches on my breasts. It was a shock when I realised that at the same time, something was caressing my tummy, my thighs and the area around my pussy. I was being touched in a dozen places all at once. It was the most beautiful sensation I’d ever experienced.

At the rate my body was responding, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I got to a climax.

The soft caresses of my clit were especially amazing. It wasn’t done by fingers or lips… but something else, something wonderful. Then I felt something pushing into me. It seemed to be tiny, yet the feelings were immense. My pussy was on fire!

I was struggling to breathe, my whole body coiled like a spring waiting to snap. There was a tickle at my ear, then I heard, “Relax, little one, you’ll be fine, we only want to love you. Now breathe.”

The constriction in my chest suddenly disappeared. I gasped in a deep breath, then basked in the bliss of my approaching orgasm.

It came like an express train, a huge train, all-powerful. I heard tiny little laughs and giggles, then I was coming. Coming like I could never have imagined. My mind perceived every little sensation as I was lifted higher, ever higher, on and on and on.

My breathing slowly calmed and I felt my eyelids begin to flutter before the lightest of touches held them closed. That beautiful tiny voice seemed to whisper in my head, “No, don’t try and look. It takes time, but you will see us when the moment is right. Now sleep, little one.”

I woke with a start. The dream had been so real, so utterly wonderful – how was such a thing possible? I felt weak and drained, just like when I masturbated too hard, for too long. Shit! I had come, I knew that much – my thighs and my pussy were soaked.

Slowly, I sat up and looked around. Everything seemed normal until I saw the flowers. Several small bunches, all tied neatly with a bow. On the window sill, on my dressing table, even two on my pillow. The scent filled my room. My whole body tingled in something like an almost constant state of arousal.

Going over to the window, I pushed it open and stared down at my grotto, but all was quiet.

Not knowing what else to do, I laid down on my bed. I knew I should get some sleep, but my mind wouldn’t stop wondering about what had happened. This was way beyond my understanding, I knew it was impossible, and yet… it had happened, I hadn’t imagined any of this.

I remembered the words, You will see us when the time is right. What did they mean? I had no idea, but I did find myself in an incredibly happy mood; not the least bit concerned or unsettled.

The next morning, like before, there was another little bunch of flowers on what I now called ‘my seat’. I bent to pick them up and saw faint words etched in the damp dew on the bench. They read, ‘We love you.’

I wandered about the garden, looking here and there. Where did these mysterious beings live? Even more importantly, what were they, who were they? I found no answers, but somehow it didn’t worry me.

Without thinking, I put the flowers to my nose again, and in seconds I was tingling all over. Oh my God. They were like a drug, a sex drug that caused instant arousal in the user. I was deep into the heart of the garden, hidden from the cottage. I held tightly to the post as I breathed in that heady aroma, screwing my eyes tightly closed. With each breath, my pussy glowed more brightly, I had no need to touch myself. My clit was vibrating all on its own.

My legs began to shake, it had only taken about a minute and I was coming right where I stood. It was beyond my power of description, I didn’t have the words. I gripped the post as, bending at the waist, I let myself go completely. The orgasm washed through me, so intense, so very beautiful.

This was crazy. I couldn’t keep coming like this, I’d wear myself out in no time. And yet, it was so bloody good.

After lunch, I decided to explore. I fetched a torch before I opened the secret panel. Steps led down into the darkness. I switched on the torch, then pulled the panel closed behind me.

Carefully, I made my way down. It wasn’t too far before I found myself in a small room. There were very old plaques hanging on the wall, and closer inspection told me that they were religious. Of course they were, there was a crucifix hanging in between them. There was a small cot and one chair to one side of the room. I could see that these things were very old.

I realised that this must have been an old priest hidey-hole, back from the days of religious persecution. Clearly, though, no one had been down there for many years.

Then I saw another tiny bunch of flowers, lying on the floor by a wall. I bent to pick them up; what were they doing there? There had to be a reason.

I studied the wall, which was panelled with wooden squares. I pressed the one next to where the flowers had been – nothing happened. I pressed one square after another, as many as I could reach – still nothing.

Then I saw a small metal hole in the upper corner of one of the squares. I pulled a hair grip from my head, but it was too big to fit. With a bit of struggle, I bent it into one straight line, then it just fitted. I pressed it in until it wouldn’t go any deeper, then applied a bit more pressure. There was a click, and the door swung open on a spring.

Shining my torch inside, I saw a small, dark tunnel. I couldn’t imagine what the tunnel was for – it was so small, hardly big enough for a mouse.

I sat on the floor, feeling quite deflated. I’d solved the way in, but for what?

I picked up the new bunch of flowers and brought them to my nose. Like before, they smelled wonderful, Breathing in, I closed my eyes.

Suddenly everything started to spin, and my head bumped the wall as I fell onto my side.

I felt strange in a way I couldn’t explain, but at least the dizziness had gone. I opened my eyes, then almost screamed. Now the tunnel was right in front of me, and I was lying in the entrance.

Looking back over my shoulder, I thought I’d lost my mind. The room was huge, the bed and chair towering over me. The torch lay next to me, but it was more than three times my height. I was tiny.

Slowly, I picked myself up and walked into the tunnel. The first thing I noticed was that it wasn’t as dark in there as I thought it would be. There was a glow which appeared to get brighter, further in.

Did I dare to go in there? Now I realised that those flowers had been there for a reason, I was expected. I inched forward, my hand touching the wall. The light did get brighter and now I could hear a sound. In fact several sounds, voices engaged in excited chatter.

I came to an abrupt stop as a vision appeared in front of me, silhouetted in the light coming from behind. As my eyes adjusted, my view of the girl – was it a girl? – became clearer.

I gasped as she drew closer. Never had I seen anyone quite so beautiful. And yet it was a strange kind of beauty. Her cheekbones were set high, her eyes wider than normal. Then, when she moved her head, I saw her ears.

My hand flew to my mouth, I tried to speak, but no words would come, I’d only ever seen ears like hers in children’s books. They were elves’ ears.

She was completely naked, with an utterly flawless body. I tried to judge her age, but it was impossible. She could have been anywhere between twelve and thirty.

I didn’t know where to look. Her face mesmerised me, but her body drew me nearer. She exuded sex.

Then she smiled, and my heart melted, “You came, we knew you would. Come in, come into our world, we’ve been waiting.” She offered her hand to me, and I reached out to her until our fingers touched.

It was as if a jolt of energy went through me. My nipples grew, my pussy juiced like mad and my clit throbbed. My mind was filled with desire, a totally wanton desire.

As I extended my free hand to touch the girl’s face, I saw the sparkle in her eyes – was that the same light I’d seen in the garden? Then I brushed her cheek with my fingers, and the feelings I was having surged at the contact, until I was about to lose control.

The girl smiled. “You see, you can feel it. We’ve already loved you, and now you can love us in return. We don’t often let humans into our world, but we felt you were special. You sensed our presence so quickly.”

I practically fell into her arms when she opened them to me, and we embraced. It wasn’t just a case of two bodies coming together, it was as if we’d melted and then blended into one being. It was only then that I realised I was as naked as the girl – my clothes had vanished.

Without a second thought, I claimed her mouth in a hungry kiss. As her tongue danced with mine, I heard her speak to me. “I’ve waited for you, Bee. We knew you would come, just not when.”

“I never told you my name… how do you know it?” I said – only somehow, we were still kissing.

“Are you actually speaking now, Bee? You’re not, are you? And yet we can communicate. I know everything about you.”

“You keep changing from I to we,” I told her, “but I only see you. Yet last night, I saw several lights in the garden. And later, I felt the presence of many others, not just you. How is that possible?”

“It is complicated and difficult to explain. Instead, close your eyes and let me show you.”

I felt, or maybe just sensed the slightest touch, I thought I heard a rustle, then something very light seemed to enfold me. It was like being enfolded in a layer of the finest silk.

My skin came alive with wonderful sensations – one moment here, then there, then everywhere. It was like a thousand touches. I was filled with joy, and nothing else mattered but to give myself to this… my lover.

I could taste the nectar from between her legs, touch every part of her body and yet… my lips never left hers, my arms never dropped from her neck.

Never had I been so aware of my sexual feelings. It was like pure animal lust, an immense craving to fuck and be fucked.

I could feel the girl’s happiness flow through me, and knew that her craving was just as strong as my own. It was that feeling of complete surrender to sexual pleasure, two bodies as one, totally absorbed in the search for that ultimate goal.

Somehow, my clit had become the centre of my being, pulsing and radiating feelings that surged through every bit of me. The interior of my dripping pussy was being assaulted in the most wonderful way. The star of my anus was alive with sensations. It was utter rapture, too beautiful to capture in mere words.

Again, her thoughts came to me. “Now we have reached that ultimate togetherness, we are as one and ready for release. Let your mind float with mine… feel the joy with me, Bee.”

It was how I imagined a junkie must feel, floating high in some ethereal place. But at the same time, I was experiencing the absolute height of sexual ecstasy. Somewhere in the midst of all that, my climax came. Not hard and fast from out of the blue, though. More like a slow climb, up and up. forever up.

I reached a plateau where orgasm after orgasm swept through me, one feeding into the next. Would it ever end? I didn’t want it to, I fought to keep the pleasure going.

That sweet voice penetrated my mind. “Enough, little one… come back down before you harm yourself.”

Giving in, I slowly relaxed, basking in my new lover’s comforting warmth. After a while, I forced my eyes to open.

Perhaps I should have been shocked, but somehow, I wasn’t. Translucent wings were wrapped around my body, completely enfolding me. It was from these that the thousand touches had come.

The girl’s elfin face seemed to shimmer, as if it wasn’t quite in focus. I stared into her eyes, those strange yet beautiful eyes.

Finally, I spoke. “You call me ‘Little One’, and yet you don’t look any older than I am. Why is that?”

She laughed. “How old do you think I am? For that matter, what is age? I am whatever you want me to be. I can only answer you by saying I was here before this dwelling above us was built. This is my land, and always has been. In the way that you think of time, I have lived here longer than you can imagine. For us, it is different. I do not count time.” She smiled at me. “Well, perhaps I do… when I spend it with someone like you.”

Her gaze seemed to penetrate my soul, bathing me in love. Perhaps I ought to have been a little scared, but I wasn’t. Instead, it felt like I was in heaven.

“You rest now, and I will see you again soon. You can watch me play at night, if you like. I may leave some flowers for you, but not too often. They are powerful, and I would not wish to hurt you. Now sleep.”

An instant later, I was doing exactly that.

Upon awakening, I wondered for a second where I was, then the memory of it all came flooding back. The floor was hard and I ached a little, and yet I felt so alive, so happy. I stretched, relaxing my aches away.

I opened my eyes, then sat up with a start when I realised that the room was pitch black. Fumbling about, I managed to find my torch, switched it on and looked about. The panel! It was closed, but my hair grip still protruded from the hole in the wall, I pulled it free and stared at it, knowing that I now held the key to my wildest fantasies.

I got to my feet on rather wobbly legs, knowing without a doubt that what I’d experienced hadn’t been a dream. Besides my sticky inner thighs, I also had that feeling of euphoria that only comes after an intense orgasm.

I let myself out of the priest hole. Everything was quiet as I crept back to my room. I was surprised that it was still daylight, half expecting it to be night time. My bedside clock told me that I’d been gone for barely half an hour.

I stripped off my clothes and stood naked in front of my mirror. My slit was wet to the touch – wet and sticky, just as if everything had happened minutes ago. More than that, my body still tingled.

Wanting a shower, I reached for my robe, then saw the little bunch of flowers on my pillow. I dared not pick them up… not just yet, anyway.

The End


13 Comments on The Secret Passage

  1. NC Bright says:

    Now that was something different but I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sid says:

    I don’t usually like stories in the fantasy realm, but this was enjoyable!

  3. Tim says:

    Nice story – maybe it should be thanks to both of you! You for writing, and your sister, for the idea.
    I hope youi both got as much pleasure from it was we, your readers, did.
    Thanks indeed.

  4. kinkys_sis says:

    A while ago, my sister (kinkychic) was the writer. I just came up with a few ideas.

    In this case, I was amazed with what she came up with, I think it’s a beautiful story. She really made my idea come to life.

    Nowadays, Sis doesn’t write very much, she prefers to let me do the writing
    and give me nudges when I’m stuck. We make a good team I believe.

    • Lakeisha says:

      This is indeed a beautiful story kinkys_sis! I have found my reading niche here at juicy secrets in fantasy stories like yours and Nuit de Loup’s.

      They are all so beautiful and they take me to beautiful places in my mind’s eye!💞

  5. Steve says:

    A very nice little fantasy story that is told well very far above porn

  6. Kim & Sue says:

    A very warm erotic fantasy. Well told. A good team indeed.

  7. David says:

    Very well written erotic story, I could picture the naked elf as she saw her. Great story Kinkychic!

  8. Leprechaun says:

    EXCELLENT!! Extremely well written and unfolded into an amazing fairy tale come true. One major thought, WISH, that this be just the first part of a longer story.

  9. kinkychic says:

    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments.

    Some stories have a theme that can easily be progressed over a number of chapters. Indeed, my next story, soon to be here, is one of those.

    With Secret Passage, there is little scope to offer an extended story with any true substance. I like it exactly as it is.

  10. Erocritique says:

    A sweet little “Fairy” tale. Definitely unnecessary and possibly detrimental if it were serialized. The use of the flowers as a magical conduit of sorts was somewhat familiar and rather novel at the same time. An original take on the standard magic potion. It’s nice to hear that this story was an aperitif to another multi-chapter offering. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to another offering from “the kinkies”.

  11. Curtis says:

    Always enjoy a story with paranormal or fantasy themes. Thank YOU very much, please keep posting.

  12. No One says:

    An intriguing and interesting tale! It’s always nice to see stories with more unique settings. I kind of wish the character of the fairy had been developed a little more, though. Beyond the magical trappings, her motivation is little more than “I love you for some reason. Let’s fuck.” But I don’t know, maybe the mysterious, ethereal nature of the proceedings is part of the charm. In any case, certainly a refreshing and original story.

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