Beautiful Evelyn, Beautiful Bee, Part Three

  • Posted on February 9, 2022 at 6:35 pm

by Kinkys_sis

I sat in the garden, the happiest girl in the world. I thought of how in barely a week my whole world had changed. I felt so different, even my awful shyness was evaporating.

This girl, Bee. Like I said before, oh yes, I knew her, or at least of her, everybody did. She was a hero in our school. Not only was she the school’s boxing champion but in the whole area as well. Once she beat up the leader of the school bullies and faced down the rest of their gang.

I had always been in awe and a little scared of her, although there was no good reason why I should be. I hadn’t ever understood quite how someone could be so tough and yet so beautiful.

She was in another world to me. Three years higher up in school was like light-years away.

Then she had sat next to me on the bus. She scared me out of my wits but she spoke to me so nicely and I managed to calm my nerves. But I was in an awful fluster when I left the bus and I saw her wave. Bee had waved to insignificant me.

What followed was awesome. Now, I was her girlfriend and I still really couldn’t believe it. When we walked into school last Monday, and she held my hand, I saw her glaring about, daring anyone to comment. No one did. No one laughed at the thirteen-year-old holding a ten-year-old’s hand.

When I’d got to my class, my friends were so excited, gathering around me twittering like a bunch of sparrows. So many questions they threw at me. I was saved by the teacher appearing. Although I noticed her giving me a strange glance. Clearly, she’d also heard.

By Friday, things began to settle. I wasn’t used to being looked up to by my peers but now, I found I was. It was the strangest feeling, and all down to this girl, Bee. I loved her so very much.

It would never have crossed my mother’s mind that it was anything more than just a new friendship. In fact, she was delighted to see me coming out of my shell. She may have been a bit surprised at our age difference but she thought Bee was a wonderful influence on me.

She had taken an instant liking to Bee when she came to tea on Wednesday. It had been such a lovely evening. Somehow, I managed to not show my true feelings. Mum didn’t notice anything

I showed Bee my room, but other than a wonderful kiss, we behaved, although I could see the fire in her eyes. I knew she was dying to strip my clothes off or at the very least, finger my pussy, but somehow, she resisted. I was disappointed, but I also knew that it was for the best.

Now, it was Friday and tomorrow, I’d meet Bee, just us two together. She hadn’t said where we were going, only that if the weather was nice, she had places to show me.

I knew she had a strange hobby. Sometimes she went Geocaching and she said how she had discovered some beautiful places, places where almost no one else ever went. There was a sparkle in her eyes when she said we’d be alone in a world of our own.

Saturday morning came. Mum had made us a picnic lunch. “You’ll need it, traipsing miles while you do this geo thingy,” she said.

Then Bee was at our door. Mum gave her a hug and me a kiss. “Now, you two have a nice time, and don’t get up to any mischief.”

I saw Bee trying desperately to hide a smirk. “Oh, don’t you worry, I’ll look after her,” she told mum.

We had only got round the corner when Bee grabbed me. “Hey, come here you. I need a kiss.”

By now, I knew what her kisses were like. In only seconds, my toes were curling, my heart was fluttering and the tingle started up in my cunt. I wanted her to touch me and gripped her tightly, but instead, she pulled away. “Fuck! I’ve got a little sex fiend here, but you’ll just have to wait. This isn’t exactly the best place,” she said.

I hadn’t lived here very long and really didn’t know my way around. All I knew was what you saw from the car or the bus to school. But now, Bee led me into a world of magic. Violet and yellow coloured fields, hedgerows bursting with flowers, and fruits that weren’t ripe yet. The public footpath notices were there but I’d never paid them any attention. Bee explained how most of the paths went back to medieval times when people walked from village to village, but that hardly anyone used them anymore.

We saw rabbits galore, all kinds of birds and even one beautiful deer leaping away.

We went deep into a wood. The path almost disappeared, but Bee obviously knew where she was going. Then, in front of me, a wonderful sight. I knew instantly that it was religious but it couldn’t be the ruin of a church. Who would ever build a church so far from anywhere and in the middle of a huge wood?

Bee answered my question. “It’s a very old monastery but I don’t know any more than that. We could Google it when we get home, I guess.”

Most of it was a ruin, but some parts still showed how grand it must have been. I followed Bee through several archways until I saw much brighter light shining ahead. Through a final archway and there it was. Daylight broke through the gap in the trees. Lovely soft grass filled a small courtyard. To me, it was a paradise, a private world.

Bee stood watching me as I looked around in wonder. “Oh Bee, it’s so nice, thank you for bringing me here.”

She laughed. “I knew you’d like it but it’s not why I brought you here.”

“What — there’s more?”

She laughed again. “Oh yes, much more. Now come here and let me love you.”

I felt myself blush when I realised what she had meant, but this place was perfect, so very perfect, I stepped into her outstretched arms.

I felt the warmth of the sun on my back as she eased my top off my shoulders and slipped it down. Her lips followed it until I felt her on my nipple. I kissed the top of her head, my heart surging. She sucked me hard and I could feel the nipple stiffen. For a second, I clutched her head and then I was pulling at her clothes. I wanted to feel my Bee’s bare skin.

Her bum was warm and soft. “Bee, don’t you ever wear any knickers?”

“Only at school… sometimes,” she said.

I pushed her back so I could pull her top up and over her head. We stood there, just staring at each other. Two naked nymphs in the woods, was my thought.

She looked into my eyes. “Shit, I love you. Tell me you love me, I like to hear it.”

I rushed at her and she pulled me close again. “You know I love you,” I told her, just before our lips met. As we kissed, our legs bent and we slowly dropped to the ground. She lay me down in the soft grass, our kiss became wild as we rolled over and over.

I hadn’t known that I could feel anything so intense. I wanted to make love to her, but I also wanted her to make love to me.

Our rolling stopped and the kiss suddenly became so soft and tender. Bee looked at me once more. It was a look so full of love. “Thank you,” she said in a quiet voice.

“Why do you keep thanking me? I don’t want thanks. I only want your love. The question is, who’s going to be loved first?”

Bee knew the answer. I would never have thought of it.

She laughed again. “Oh, that’s easy, I’ve been thinking about this moment.” With that, she sat up and spun me around. She lay down and pulled me on top of her, but oddly, I was facing the wrong way. She spread my legs to either side of her chest with me sitting on her boobs but her hands grabbed my hips and she pulled me backwards until I felt her chin against my bum. A hand pushed my back, urging me down.

I felt her hot breath on my bum and I thought about the finger she had pushed in there the other day. It had shocked me. I didn’t understand why she would do that, but I didn’t care. If it’s what she wanted, then I was happy. I wondered if she was going to that now.

But instead, oh my God, she was kissing me there. Kissing my bum hole. How could she? Then I realised that it felt nice. It tickled and it made my pussy tingle. But even so, my bum?

My brain clicked into gear and I understood what her hand pushing at my back was telling me. I dropped flat on my face and went straight to her pussy. I felt her tongue tracing down from my bum hole, pressing and licking as I fell forward. Oh yes, it was good when she dipped into my slit. I thought I’d just found my new favourite position.

The first time I had used my tongue on her clit, I had been desperate to please her. Nothing else had mattered, but now I took the time to marvel at what was in front of my eyes. Two beautiful lips, more defined than mine were. Where my pussy was just a tight slit, hers was wide and ruffled.

I reached with my fingers. Oh, she was so soft under my touch. Her lips easily pulled open until I saw that little covering at the top. I knew it’s where I’d made her the happiest, where I had felt the bump between my lips.

I carefully pushed up and there it was. The little knob lifted in front of my eyes. I bent and took it between my lips, and her hips immediately jumped under me. I began to suck, and I realized how I loved the taste of her. How had I not noticed before? It was a glorious, tangy taste, like nothing I might have imagined. And then her smell. Oh God, it was wonderful. I breathed in deep, letting it fill my senses. It was my Bee.

I sucked harder, then used my tongue. I hoped that I was learning, that I was pleasing her. I must have been, because it’s what she was doing to me and I felt wonderful, my pussy tingling more than I’d ever known.

I could feel her fingers caressing my bum, then one traced down slowly from my spine,to my bum hole. I squirmed as the finger tickled around. Suddenly, I wanted her inside, and somehow, I knew it’s what she’d do.

She pressed and I pushed up, I heard a little laugh before she was easing inside. She seemed to pause. I knew it must be tight, but it didn’t hurt so I tried to relax. She felt it, and her finger went deeper inside as we both still sucked and licked.

I heard a mumble from her. I only caught a couple of words — “…fingers, Evelyn.” Did she mean that she wanted me to touch her bum as well? I hadn’t done that before. But then, maybe she meant her pussy, I had no idea.

I was learning that Bee seemed to like everything, the weirder the better, and I had the answer.

Her bum hole was wet and slippery from the juices seeping from her pussy. I felt it with a finger, the first time I’d ever touched one. It felt a bit wrong to me, kind of dirty, but Bee wanted it, and I would give her anything she wanted.

Hesitantly, I pressed in the very middle. It seemed to resist, so I took a breath and pressed harder. I felt the warmth on my finger as it gradually eased in. She suddenly pressed down very hard and my finger disappeared, but she lifted again, almost immediately. She was trying to move her bum up and down, trying to fuck my finger. I knew then what I needed to do. I began to fuck her ass, just as she was now doing to mine.

I felt my whole body responding to her.I was on fire. Something wonderful was building inside me. I felt something new, something wild. Pure lust. My own thoughts surprised me. I wanted to show her how much I could give her. I wanted to fuck her brains out.

I lost all control. My other hand searched for her pussy — her cunt, she liked to say. My fingers pushed in, easily sliding through the hot wetness that seemed to be pouring from her. I kept adding fingers, trying to fill her. She surged up on my hand. For a second I worried that I might hurt her, but then I heard her wail, “Fuck, yes!”

I was so close to coming. I just wanted to let my body enjoy the beautiful feeling, but I didn’t want to stop fucking Bee. We were a bucking, writhing pair, so totally immersed in giving each other pleasure.

I could feel her straining, so I knew that she was just as close as I was. My finger in her ass hurt, she was banging down so hard. I had to pull it out. She didn’t seem to notice.

I could feel her insides gripping my hand. Fuck! My whole hand was inside her. I hadn’t been aware of how or when it went in, but it was. She started to shake, her lips clamped tight on my clit, and I saw the spray trying to force its way out of her around my hand buried inside. She was peeing and this time, I didn’t care. Instead, I just thought of how hard she was coming. This, I knew, was something special.

It was all too much for me, it tipped me over the edge. I couldn’t think. There were no thoughts. Only one shattering orgasm.

How long we clutched at each other, I’ll never know. I became aware that my face was on top of her pussy, and her arms were holding me tight. I lifted my head at the sound of her voice. “Are you there, my love?”

I began to pull my hand from where it was now deep inside her pussy. “No, don’t take it out,” she called. “Just turn around slowly, but keep it there.”

I struggled to manage, I felt so weak, but then I was between her legs, facing up at her. The look on her face told me everything, but she spoke anyway. “Oh my fucking God, Evie. What the fuck was that? So… so total, so…” she paused, “Are you okay, was it all right?”

Now, I grinned. “Bee, what you’re trying to say is, it was amazing. I never felt anything so wonderful.”

She laughed, then gave me one of her lustful looks. “As long as you’ve got your whole hand inside me, why don’t you fuck me again?”

There was nothing that at this moment I would rather do. She stayed, propped up on her elbows, she was watching my arm as I pumped in and out of her. Little streams of pee still squirted out every time I pushed in.

Her eyes closed just before her head dropped back, and she almost wailed, “God, Evelyn!” Her insides gripped my hand so hard that I could barely move it.I rubbed her clit with my free hand instead. Her elbows gave way and she lay back on the grass as her body convulsed. Her orgasm was so beautiful to watch.

Slowly, I eased my hand out of her pussy. It was sleek with her juices, glistening in the sun. I took a tentative lick, then I sat and cleaned my fingers like a cat licking its paws.

I glanced up and I saw her watching me, a huge grin on her face, “You like the taste of me then?”

“Bee, I like everything about you. You are my everything. I love you so much.”

We lay there, cuddled together. No words were necessary. We were the two happiest girls in the whole world.

The End


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  1. steve says:

    Outstanding story needs more chapters

  2. kinkychic says:

    My younger sister makes me so proud with her writing.

    I love this story and especially this chapter, (written about eighteen months ago). It was the first time that she really showed just how good she could become. I knew she was going to be as good, or most likely, better than me.

  3. David says:

    Wow Kinky sis, what an amazing chapter and end to one of the hottest stories I have ever read! I just love this site and authors like you help make it better. Wonderfully written and detailed making me feel like I was right there watching them. Sorry to see it end, but looking forward to reading your next story.

  4. kinkys_sis says:

    Thank you guys.

    Of course, my sister is biased although when I sometimes write something she thinks is rubbish, she tells me straight.

    I think that maybe, David exagerates a little, but I don’t mind.

    I am often tempted to add more chapters but I resist. I like it when a story ends on a high, and then move on to something new.

  5. Keiko says:

    This story is so beautifully erotic and sensual… and especially the wetness… I recognize that so much…

    • kinkys_sis says:

      Thank you.

      My sister says she can tell how hot a story is that I’m writing by how wet I get sitting at my desk. (My wetometer).

      • Joanna says:

        Oh my well my wetometer is reporting a down pour, I love your stories so much kinky sis! Thank you xoxo

  6. Kate says:

    Omg kinky sis that was truly amazing! Such a deliciously hot tale of love and lust, it certainly had the desired effect on me, thank you 😘

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