Sasha’s Counsel, Part Two

  • Posted on February 2, 2022 at 2:36 pm

Note from JetBoy: Welcome to the thrilling and oh-so-sexy second and final installment of Louisa May’s triumphant return to the world of lesbian erotica… with many more to come, we hope!

Fate conspired to keep this from appearing as soon as we wanted — and since the plot of Chapter One is rather complicated, I strongly recommend that you visit it again before tackling this new part. (Click here.) Your enjoyment of the climax below will be all the greater.

And now, dear friends, take a deep breath and sit back as we part the curtains for our final act…


By Louisa May

I was at Marcia’s door again at 5:00 sharp on Monday. I rang the bell; the door opened almost immediately. And there she was.

“Hi! You’re Amy, I presume,” I said. Adorable, truly. Still in her school soccer outfit, light brown hair parted in the middle and pulled back into a ponytail, with a stray wisp hanging over her forehead. Amy had her mother’s wide-set blue eyes, a turned-up button nose, and dimples to die for.

“Yes, I’m Amy. Hello.” She blinked behind her big pink glasses. “And you’re Aunt Sasha.”

“I am.”

She grinned. “This is so cool. Please, come in!”

“Thank you!” I followed her into the foyer.

She closed the door and turned to me, biting her lip. “Mommy told me you were her best, bestest friend. She said you traveled all over the world, and you were really cool, and…” She bounced on her heels. “And, I couldn’t wait to meet you, ‘cause…” and she blushed. “Cause I just really wanted to.”

“Ahh, there you are…” Marcia swooped in from the other room, wearing another Von Furstenberg original. “On time exactly, of course..” She gave me a perfunctory hug, then looked down at Amy. “Honey, I told you to get dressed for Aunt Sasha, so you–”

“No, no.” I smiled at Amy, who was gazing up at me. “No, I think what you’re wearing is perfect.” Amy grinned, blushing. God, her dimples really were amazing. “Look at you… you’re beautiful!” She turned an even deeper pink.

Marcia rallied. “Shall we go in the kitchen? Get some refreshments for our guest?” Amy scooted off first, and we followed. A pitcher of lemonade, with glasses, sat on a tray on the counter. Amy poured, then offered me a glass.

“Thank you, sweetie.” I took a long draught. “Ahhh…” She stood there, looking at me. I reached out to touch her head. “I love your hair.”

She giggled. “Thank you. You are… you’re so pretty.” She took a deep breath, then blushed again.

“Why, thank you, Amy. That is so sweet.” I took a sip, and nibbled an ice cube. “So… why do you think I’m pretty?”

Her big blue eyes got even bigger behind those glasses. She opened her mouth, then closed it.

I smiled. “I mean, tell me… what parts of me, what… things about me make you think I’m pretty? Hmm?” I looked down at her as she thought, then glanced up at Marcia. She, poor fool, seemed just as perplexed.

“Amy. Do you like my hair?” I fluffed it backhanded.

She nodded. Small voice, light, high: “Yes, I do. I like your hair. It’s so… black, and fluffy…”

“Mmm…” I tilted my head. “What about my breasts?” I held a hand under my boob and arched forward. “Are my breasts pretty?”

I watched Amy draw a deep breath. Of course, blushing. She nodded.

I looked down at myself. “I’m not wearing a bra, so you can see right through.” I squeezed my breast through my T-shirt (oh yes, I’d thought of everything!). “See my nipple? Poking out here?” Amy was wide-eyed, staring. “Do you like that?” She nodded, hardly breathing. “Here.” I caught her hand in mine, then placed it on my breast. “Do you feel my nipple through there? Hmm?” She nodded again, transfixed. I felt her small hand, her fingers grazing my erect nipples. “Good…”

Now I turned around. “What about my bottom, Amy? Do you like my bottom?” I was wearing particularly close-fitting pants that day. I looked back at little Amy, who was gazing at my backside avidly. Hmmm…

“I do… I like your bottom, Aunt Sasha. I like it a lot.”

“Put your hands on my bottom, Amy.” She did, hesitantly. Behind her, Marcia was lurking — confused, unsure… horny.

“Do you like how that feels, Amy? My bottom in your hands?” I felt the girl gently squeeze. Ohh, lovely.

“I… I like that. It feels… nice.” My heart warmed to her. So concentrated, so focused on the task at hand. I wanted her to explore down there for a very, very long time… but I also wanted to take things even further.

I turned back. “Good!” Amy moved back, expectant. I put a hand to her soft cheek. “You are such a darling…” She blushed and smiled. Those dimples

Marcia clapped her hands together. “Dinner?”


We moved to the living room after dinner. Marcia and I sat on the couch, while Amy laid on the floor and used the TV for a video game monitor. Apparently this was something mother and daughter did after dinner, affording Marcia an unimpeded view of her daughter’s butt as she manipulated the joystick. Amy had changed into night attire — T-shirt and panties — and as she had headphones on, our conversation remained private.

We watched Amy’s little bottom shift and wriggle with the ongoing game experience. I turned to Marcia. “Quite an amazingly sensual little thing you created here.”

She flipped her hair. “Thank you.”

“No, I mean…” I watched her daughter work the game, watched her lithe little body respond. “She is extraordinary.” I touched Marcia’s leg. “I definitely think that you need to be at her session.”

“Oh, I will, yes, abso–”

“No, I mean, you need to be there.” I looked into her eyes. “You need to be in the room. With us. While she masturbates.”

Marcia started. “Wait, what?” She shook her head. “That’s… while she masturbates?” I nodded. “But… she’s only eleven!”

I tilted my head.

Marcia glanced at me. “I know, I know, I’m sorry, yes… but…” She watched as her daughter scored a point and lifted her bottom up from the carpet, then sighed. “But how will that–”

“Marcia. This is something I have been doing for years. I know what I’m doing. Do you doubt that?”

Marcia shook her head. “No, no, of course not.” She leaned into me and lightly kissed my cheek, then quickly looked at me. “I’m sorry; is it okay for me to do that?” I smiled and nodded. She breathed a sigh.

I watched Amy. “And if you want to touch yourself during our session, you should.”

“While you’re in session?”

“Yes… believe me, she won’t even know you’re there. It might be very therapeutic for you to masturbate to the sight of your daughter masturbating. See how you feel.” I got up to go to the bathroom.

Later, we were putting Amy to bed. Before she got in, she hugged me. “I’m so glad you’re Mommy’s friend…”

I kissed the top of her head. “Me too, little love…”


Amy lay back in a very large and comfortable armchair, set at a restful 38˚ angle. She wore her school uniform, and had removed her saddle shoes. Her eyes were closed.

I sat behind her, my voice lightly amplified through the speakers in her chair. “Can you hear me, Amy?”

She smiled. “Yes, I can hear you.” She felt a bit dizzy, but nice dizzy. Kind of like how she felt once when she’d had the eggnog at Grandma’s Christmas dinner. Her eyes would be closed the whole time.

I could tell by her response that Amy was beginning to experience the effects of the herbal tea I’d brewed for her. This particular blend of chamomile, kava kava, passionflower, ashwagandha and valerian was most useful for producing a mellow, relaxed feeling in the drinker, even making some patients a bit giggly. So far, it appeared that the tea was affecting Amy in the precise way I wanted.

“Do you feel comfortable, Amy?”


“Yes? Do you feel good?”

Amy writhed luxuriously in the chair. In a soft, high voice, she murmured, “Mm, I feel really good…”

“Good… I’m glad.” I pushed a button in the console on my desk. A door quietly opened behind me. Marcia entered and gave me an inquiring look. I motioned to the chair on the other side of the room, in the shadows, opposite Amy. She crept over to it.

I pushed another button. “Now, Amy?”


“Do you know who I am?”

She giggled. “Are you…? You sound like that elf queen in Lord of the Rings. The… that lady…”

After a moment, I continued. “Do you want to talk with me?”

“Ohh, my gosh, yes, absolutely, I… you sound so nice, I just wanna… hmmm…” Her little voice cooed playfully.

“Good. Okay, Amy, I just want you to tell me… last night, when you were in your bed, just before you went to sleep… who were you thinking about? Do you remember?”


“You do? Who were you thinking about, Amy?”

“Umm… I was thinking about Aunt Sasha..”

I smiled. “You were?”

Amy grinned to herself. “Mmm-hmm…”

“What were you thinking about Aunt Sasha, Amy?”

“Mmm… I was thinking about how pretty she was… and how she said I was pretty… and, um, when she let me feel her boobies.”

“And what were you doing when you were thinking about her?”

“I was petting my kitty.”

“You were?”


“That’s so nice. She would like that you were petting your kitty.” I saw Marcia leaning forward on her chair in the dark corner. “You know, Amy, if you want, you can pet your kitty now. You can just lift up your skirt and pet your kitty.” I saw Amy smile. “You’re free, Amy. Pet your kitty. Feel good.”

And she did. Her eyes still closed, Amy idly tugged her school skirt up so it was draped across her tummy, and let a hand slide onto her panties. She lazily massaged herself, and sighed. “Oh… that’s nice,” she murmured.

“It is, Amy. That’s so nice…” I got up from my desk chair and stood behind her, looking down. My voice, on head-mic, still carried through the chair speakers. She lay back, eyes closed, skirt up, fingers idly massaging the crotch of her panties.

“You’re in the living room of your house, Amy. Thinking about Aunt Sasha. No one else is here…” The girl made a soft, satisfied mewing sound and continued to stroke herself. “Oh, now Aunt Sasha comes in. She’s smiling. Oh, Amy, she’s so happy to see you…”

Amy crooned, “Mm, I’m so happy to see her, too,” and her fingers began to move a bit faster.

“Aunt Sasha wants to ask you something.”

Amy’s eyebrows rise. “What? What, Aunt Sasha?”

I come around to stand by her side. Amy is firmly kneading the front of her panties. “Amy… my pretty love… may I take off my clothes? Is that okay?”

Amy swallows, nods. “Yes. Oh, yes, Aunt Sasha. I would love that.”

“Really? It’s okay?”

Amy rubbed herself even harder. “Mmm, yes, yes, Aunt Sasha, yes. Take off your clothes. Yes…”

I watch the girl’s face flush as she masturbated through her panties. She is panting softly. Standing in front of her. I say, “I love getting naked.”

“Oh, me too! At the beach… I love being naked, I love how it feels. Ooh…” Yes. She’s feeling the first little tendrils of orgasm.

“I’m taking off my shirt now… ohh, my breasts feel so free… do you like my breasts, Amy?”

“Mmmn… yes, oh, yes, Aunt Sasha… ohhh… I love your breasts, I love how your nipples, ohh, gosh… they’re so big…”

“Mmm… now I’m taking off my pants. And my panties.” I could see Marcia in the corner. She had a hand under her dress, her mouth hanging open. She saw me looking.

“Ohh, Aunt Sasha,” Amy’s voice was getting shaky now. “Are you… are you naked?”

“I am, Amy.” I gently put my hand on hers, the one resting on her pussy. She gasped. “Now I want to make you feel really, really good. Okay?”

Putting her hand over mine, she nodded. Her eyes were closed the whole time. I pulled her panties down, and she lifted her hips so I could slide them right… off.

“Open up to me, baby girl. Open…” And she spread her thin legs wide. I cupped her hairless, slick little pussy. In the shadowy corner, I could see Marcia’s pale thighs and the darkness between them. Her dress was now up around her middle, and she was working her pussy, rubbing away…

Ohhh!” Amy bucked against my hand. I began frigging her with my fingers. “OhhHHH, Aunt Sashaohhh my gaaa!” I felt her orgasm into my hand, felt her little body churn into me. “Oh, oh, ohhhh gosh, eeuuuhhh…!” And with a high-pitched keening, Amy shuddered into orgasm just like her Mom had, those thin hips now perched on the edge of the chair. Marcia was digging into her own pussy, trying not to cry out, watching her daughter come into my hand.


At noon the next day, I was sitting in a booth at my corner cafe, Cafe Paris, waiting for Marcia. She’d called minutes earlier, asking that I meet her for an ‘emergency meeting’. I sipped my latte.

Marcia hustled in, seating herself across from me. She wore a blue boho high-waisted midi dress. Our waitress immediately brought her the affogato I’d ordered for her.

Marcia was in hyper-apologetic distracted mode — her usual demeanor, really — and started right in. “Oh, my God, thank you so much for seeing me, I just had to–”

“Are you wearing panties?”

It brought her up short. “What?”

I tilted my head. “You heard me.”

Marcia opened her mouth, then closed it. “Yes?”

“Take them off.”

She looked at me, wild-eyed. “I… but this is–”

“Take them off.”

She nodded, quickly glancing around her. Then she reached under the table, squirming, and peeled her panties out from underneath. I held out my hand, and she hurriedly gave them to me. I crushed them to my nose. “Ahh… Eau de Marcia.” Turning away from her, I raised my other hand.

Marcia cringed. “Sasha, no…”

I caught the waitress’s eye.

She approached. “Yes, Miss Laval?”

Holding the panties in my hand, I asked, “Could I have another latte, do you think?”

“Certainly.” She scurried off.

Marcia was blushing furiously. “Sasha, please..”

I smiled at her, and stuffed the panties in my purse. “Now what?”

Marcia took a deep breath, shaking her head. “You…” She took a sip of coffee, then put it down. “Okay… so Amy, this morning…” she tittered, “I mean, every morning, she is so impossible, like, I can’t get her started, you know? She’s always so sleepy, and grumpy, and… I don’t know… just blahh. But this morning, oh my God, she comes bouncing into the kitchen, and she’s just talking non-stop, and she tells me this dream she had…”

“Make sure your legs are open so you can feel the air.”

Marcia stops, and considers. “I can…” She shifts in her chair, then takes a breath. “So… Amy starts telling me this amazing dream she had, about you… and being with you, and… really, Sasha, she had no idea… I mean, she thought she’d just gone to see you at the office, and you’d talked, and then… well, then I guess Amy thought she’d come home, gone to bed, and had this amazing dream…”

Which she did, yes…”

“Yes, but now she’s all upset that she was starting to feel all this ‘sex stuff’ — that’s what she said, ‘sex stuff’ — and she was just going on about how she needed someone to teach her, because she didn’t want to be doing that kind of thing with kids she knewand she didn’t know any grown-ups. Anyway, the whole thing came down to…”

“She wants me.”

Marcia nodded. “Yes. That’s what she said. ‘I decided that I need Aunt Sasha to teach me.’ That’s what she said.”

I nodded. “Sooner than I thought. But good.” I took a sip from my latte, then leaned forward. “Okay, here’s what I need you to do.” Marcia squirmed in her chair. “When does Amy get home?”

“Umm… well, it’s Wednesday, so… she’s home by 3:30.”

“All right. So, tell her I will be at your house at 4:00. Tell her to wear whatever she thinks I might like. And I think we should be in your bedroom. Yes.”

Marcia was unobtrusively flapping her skirt below the table. “This is… so you’ll be teaching her…”


Marcia nodded. “And… what can I–?”

“You will let me in, and bring me to your bedroom, and — is there a way to reach you from there? Should I phone you, or–”

“Oh, we have a wireless intercom by the bed, to the kitchen, the poolhouse, and Amy’s room –”

“Excellent. So you can say your hellos and then go do whatever you do, until I call you.”

“Yes.” Her face was flushed. She continued to stare at me.

I made a dismissive gesture. “So go!”

She hurriedly stood, pulling at her dress, almost stumbling over the chair. “Yes! All right, I’ll… I’ll see you soon, then!” And she hustled out.

I reached into my purse and felt the soft fabric of her panties.


The door was open as my town car pulled up. As the driver pulled away, Marcia waved from the entryway, dressed in the same blue floral midi she’d worn at the restaurant. As I neared the doorway, she looked both ways, then quickly flashed me to let me know she’d kept the commando faith. I smiled.

“Amy’s in the bedroom,” she told me, closing the door. “She wanted to be there, waiting for you.”

I handed her my overnight case, then slid a hand up Marcia’s thigh to cup her. She gasped. “Thank you,” I said. “You are my darling slave girl.” She laughed nervously. I kept my hand on her vulva. “You know that.” I brought my fingers to my nose and smelled them. “Mmm. Now bring me to her.”

Marcia gave a shaky nod, then led the way to her bedroom.

I stopped her at the door, opened it myself, slowly, then gave it a quiet tap. “Knock-knock?”

And little Amy, who’d been lying fully clothed on the bed in her soccer outfit, jumped up. “Aunt Sasha!” Racing over to where I stood, she hugged me, burying her face in my midsection. The top of her head came to just above my breastbone. I stroked her dark, silken hair. As usual, it was parted in the middle and pulled back in a ponytail, with a few stray strands hanging down.

Amy gazed up at me. “I’m so, so, so glad you came!” She kissed my belly, and looked up again, blushing.

I kissed the part in her hair. “I am, too, sweetheart.” I turned to her mother. “Thank you, Marcia.”

Amy immediately darted over to Marcia and hugged her, too. “Thank you, Mommy…”

Marcia looked at me, amazed, then patted her daughter’s head. “You’re welcome, honey. I’m glad…” She took a breath. “Yes.” She went to the door. “Just… let me know if you need anything. The, umm, the intercom is right there, so… so have fun!” She made an awkward smiley face and left, closing the door.

I turned to drink in the sight of this beautiful little girl. She had her shiny green soccer outfit on: an over-large jersey and long, loose shorts. And knee-high sport socks, or whatever they called them in soccerland. Her hair, as I said, was parted in the middle, and she wore glasses. And had freckles. And braces. And dimples for miles. She was absolutely adorable.

“I love your outfit,” I told her.

She grinned, and tumbled onto the bed, then bounced up onto her knees. “I put this on ‘specially for you, ‘cause you told me it was perfect!” She made the bed jiggle. “You said I was beautiful.” She blushed.

“And I was right!” I kicked off my heels and sat on the bed, putting my feet up, then laid back, resting my head on the pillow. “It is perfect. And you are beautiful.”

Amy looked at me shyly for a second, then threw herself at my side, and put her thin arm over my belly. She nuzzled her face into the side of my breast. “Ohh… you are so, so beautiful, too…”

I brushed a strand from her forehead, then kissed her there, idly trailing a hand up and down her back.

We lay like that for a few long moments, enjoying our own warmth. Then she looked up at me. “Mommy told you what I… umm, why I wanted you to come. Right?”

I nodded. “I think it’s best if you told me yourself, though.”

She lowered her head, took a long breath and released it into my side. So warm. Her head popped back up. Amy’s eyes were huge and blue behind the lenses of her glasses. “I just… I had the best, bestest dream, and you were in it, and you were making me feel so, so, so amazingly good, and I knew it was… I knew it was sex stuff, but I didn’t know… I mean, I don’t know anything about sex stuff, or anything…” Her little hand was tracing circles on my tummy. Melting, moi.

“And so, and so, I don’t know anybody who could teach me! Not other kids – she made a face – “and definitely not any grownups.” Did she know what that little circling hand was doing to my belly? Amy’s big eyes turned up towards me again, then with a sigh, she flopped sideways, onto her back. “I know I’m just a kid…” She rubbed at her nose — very kid-like. “Just a stupid little kid.” She took a deep breath through her nose. “But–”

I put a finger to her pretty, slightly chapped lips. “Shh, shh, shhh…” Turning on my side to face Amy, I tapped her cute little nose. “First of all… you are anything but stupid.” Her mouth twisted to hide a smile. “But most of all… you are not ‘just a kid’.” I gently rubbed my thumb along her cheek. “You are so special, Amy. Do you know how special you are to me?” She shook her head.

“Well…” I sat up to survey her. Amy raised herself on an elbow, curious. “You know how much I love seeing you in your soccer shorts and shirt, right?” She nodded. “But what I’d love even more is seeing you out of your soccer shorts and shirt.”

Amy’s grin grew as she understood what I meant. She could hardly contain her glee. “Like… naked?” I nodded. She dove at me and hugged me hard. “Yaay!”

I hugged her back. “And of course, I would be naked too.” She abruptly pulled away from the hug and stared at me, open-mouthed. She actually started to tear up. “Ohh, baby, baby, it’s good, we’ll be naked together.”

The dear girl spoke through her incipient tears. “No, I know, it’s… amazing, it’s… I’m j-just so happy, I just didn’t know what to do…”

I had to kiss Amy all over her teary face. And her glasses, which got smudged. So we took them off and set them by the intercom. Her face without glasses, those large blue eyes teary and blinking, were even more vulnerable, more doe-like.

I put both hands on her flushed cheeks. “Okay. How about we make getting naked a fun, sexy game?” She nodded vigorously. We were both now kneeling on the bed, facing each other. I thought. “How about we take off each other’s clothes… and every time one of us takes something off, they get a very special kiss?”

Amy clapped. “Yeah!” Then she tilted her head. “What’s a special kiss?”

“Ahh… fortunately, you’ll start our little game by taking off my shirt. And then I can show you what a special kiss is.” Amy nodded sagely, still a bit unsure. I smiled at her. “And then you can give me a special kiss, ‘cause you’ll know how it’s done.” I kissed the tip of her nose. “Got it?”

“I guess.”

“Good. So…” I opened my arms to her. “Unbutton my shirt!”

Amy grinned a horror movie grin, then took a deep breath. “Alll-riiight…”

“Oh, stop… you can do buttons.”

“Shh! I’m concentrating…” She was, too, her little tongue sticking out as she worked. There were only four buttons on my work blouse, so presently — done! Amy actually said, “Ta-daa!”

I shuffled out of the garment, then sat back against the pillows at the head of the bed. Amy was staring at my boobs, nestled in their white lace bra.

I held out my arms. “Get up on my lap, baby girl. Time for your special kiss.”

“Yesss!” She grinned, and scrambled up to straddle me, half-kneeling, her legs splayed outward in that hyper flexible way young girls have. We were almost even in height — her eyes came up to my chin. Resting her small hands on my shoulders, she bit her lip.

I gave her a warm, reassuring smile. “Ready?”

She nodded slowly, then took a deep breath. “What do I do?”

“It’s just a kiss, sweetie.” I touched a finger to her soft lips. “And if you happen to feel my tongue slipping in, into your mouth… just let it. And then maybe your tongue can play with mine.” I eased my fingertip between her lips. She gave it a light suck, her big eyes on mine. “And we just have fun. All right?” A tiny wet sound as I withdrew my finger.

She nodded. “All right.”

I turned my head slightly and leaned in to kiss her. Amy’s lips met mine, puckered tightly at first, then loosening as she felt my own larger mouth cover hers, wet and warm. Sensing my tongue as it slipped inside, she parted her lips, welcoming me in. I felt her smaller tongue quiver slightly as it met mine. I felt Amy’s entire body relax; she breathed deeply, then began to let the pleasure happen, inside and out.

I don’t know how long we kissed… but suddenly, as one, we broke away from one another. Wet-lipped. Wet-chinned. Just… gazing at one another, taking deep breaths. Amy’s freckled face was a glowing pink, her eyes still half-closed. She gave a weak giggle. “Yep, that’s… that’s special, all right.” Another giggle. I giggled in response. We had a small laughing fit together, then she put her fingers through my thick, dark hair. “Your hair is so pretty…”

I reached up to take her hand, then turned her wrist and kissed the soft, pale skin of Amy’s palm, whispering. “Sweet girl…” Then I lightly slapped her bottom. “Good grief, we will never get naked at this rate!” Amy immediately hopped off me and knelt at my side. “I mean, we do want to get naked — right?”

She bounced up and down on her knees. “Yes! Yes, we wanna get naked, we wanna get naked!”

I grinned. “Okay then, your turn! I get to take off your shirt now. Right?”

She grinned back and held her arms straight up. “Yes! Take off my shirt!”

I kneel-walked over to Amy, took hold of the hem with both hands and tugged it upwards. “Watch your ponytail, sweetie…”

“It’s okay…” she said, her voice muffled by the upturned soccer shirt. We carefully maneuvered her top up and off, and I tossed it aside. Her skin was so pale, alabaster. Freckled alabaster. And… breasts!

“Ohh, honey, look what’s growing here!”

Amy blushed and tried to cross her arms. “They’re tiny, they’re not even boobies, they’re like, just bumps…”

“Oh, stop. Come on now, let me see…” And she reluctantly let her arms fall, looking away, then up at me with hopeful eyes. I leaned down to see them up close. “Ohh, baby… they are beautiful.” I touched her right breast bloom gently, tenderly. “Very soon, you’re going to have just as beautiful big-girl breasts.” I gave each one a little kiss.

She breathed, and swallowed. “Really?”

I nodded. “Absolutely.” She gave me a shy smile.

I leaned back on the pillows. “Now. Do I get a special kiss?”

Her shy smile grew slowly into a somewhat wild one, as she climbed onto me, bare-chested, with just her shorts and socks on. “Yes! You do! I get to give you a special kiss!” I was now flat on my back, and Amy lay on my chest, looking down at me. Gorgeous.

Then, somehow, Amy suddenly became shy, unsure how to begin. “Um…”

“You only have to kiss me, honey. The rest just happens.”

She came closer, pressing her lips to mine… and time went away all over again.

When our mouths finally drifted apart, I noticed that I’d been kneading Amy’s firm little bottom through her shorts, and she was grinding that cute butt against my busy hands.

She came out of our mutual trance first, then lightly clapped her hands to my cheeks. “Special. Kiss!”

I gave her bottom a playful squeeze. “Special. Kiss!”

Amy grinned fiercely, then with a little moan and a sigh, quickly kissed me on my lips, hard. Her eyes shone. “Okay…” she said, “okay, now you have to, I mean, I have to…” She took a confused breath, then let it all at once. “We have to take off your bra!

I sat up, turning sideways. “You know how to undo the fastener back here?”

Amy nodded. “I help Mommy all the time, Aunt Sasha.” And she started undoing.

“Wait.” I felt her hands pause. “Come here.” I brought her around. “Now. First things first: I am not your aunt. I’m just your mom’s oldest, best friend. And she thought ‘Aunt Sasha’ is right for who I am to you. Which is fine, I guess.” I stroked her arm. “But now, I want you to know that I’m just… Sasha. Okay?”

The girl nodded. “Sasha.” I nodded back.

She pointed at her bare, beautiful chest, and smiled. “Amy.”

I grinned, responded. “Amy.”

She pointed at me. “Sasha.”

I nodded. “Right. Now get crackin’ on this bra.”

She expertly undid the fastener, and I turned back towards her. “Here you go, baby.” I gave Amy both ends of my bra, for her to let fall away. She knelt with it in her outstretched hands, staring at my breasts. They were a bit smaller than her mom’s, and firmer… but my nipples, especially now, were… extravagant. Dark, engorged, standing amid plump, textured aureoles. They were like two miniature versions of that mountain everyone is looking for in Close Encounters… like nipples on an actual baby’s bottle.

Amy dropped the bra. Her hands opened, frozen in the act of wanting. “They’re amazing…” she whispered.

I smiled. “Go ahead and touch them, honey. Squeeze them. They like that.”

She stared at me, her mouth slack, then brought both hands to my chest. Her fingers seemed to avoid my adult-sized nipples, but she carefully cupped her small hands around them. Amy looked up at me, eyes wide with wonder. “They’re so warm.” She gave each one a very gentle squeeze.

I stroked her cheek with the back of my hand. “You know what they’d really like?”


“For you to suck them. Would you do that for me?”

She nodded at me, then looked back down at my mounds of awe. Her head leaned in; then she stopped,. swallowed, then came closer. I watched her lips part and take a nipple in. Just the tip against her tongue. Her eyes went up to mine, and I nodded. “Mmm… nice.” At that, she sucked more of the breast in, and oh, it felt wonderful.

She started to nurse from me like an infant, drawing in even more of my hungry nipple. “Ohh, Amy… ohh, baby girl, that feels so good…” And yes, I was starting to feel it down below, that glorious thickening…

Not yet, though. I gently pulled away, my nipple going *plop!* as it left Amy’s mouth, then fed her the other one. “Let’s even things out here, sweetie.” She dutifully obeyed, and sucked…

That sensation nearly overwhelmed me all over again… so once more, I broke that blissful contact.


She knelt back. I looked down at her, breathing rather heavily, and shook my head in disbelief. “Girl… what are you doing to me?” I sat back on the pillows, and Amy joined me, stretching out by my side. Her finger traced a circle on my bare belly. “I just think you’re so, so… so cool…” She looked up at me.

I touched her nose. “I love you too, Amy.”

She blushed, and her chin quivered. “That’s… that’s what I meant.”

I smiled. “I know, honey.”

Her eyes were wide. “I do, Aun – Sasha. I do. I love you.”

I leaned down to plant a kiss on her forehead. “Now, come on, we’re just dilly-dallying here. We’ve got more clothes to take off! Right?”

Amy was up on her knees again in a flash. “Right!”

“You know what? Let’s just do it,” I said, getting to my feet. “You just stand there on the bed and take off your shorts. And I’ll take mine off.” I began to peel my black suit pants down.

“Okay.” Amy pulled her shorts down, stepped out, then threw them across the room. “Ta-daa!” She was standing on the bed in just white panties and knee socks.

I quickly hung my pants over a chair, then turned back to her, going, “Ta-daa!” in my black hipster briefs. We both raised our hands in triumph. Then I lowered my eyes to give Amy an evil look, jumped onto the bed, and tackled her! She squealed with delight, her laugh one of full-on abandon. Lovely.

I wrapped my arms around Amy’s bare midriff and blew a raspberry into her belly button. She shrieked, then I let her go. She lay in the middle of the bed, knees up and swaying in and out. I sat on the side of the bed, looking down at her. A strand of her soft hair stuck to her sweat-dewy temple.

“Do you know how sexy you are in those?” I touched a finger to her pantied hip.

She blew her cheeks out, then dug a thumb under the waistband and snapped it. “They’re just my silly old white underpants…”

I leaned down to lie by her, my mouth close to her ear. “But you know what?”

She whispered back, eyes towards me. “What?”

I whispered, directly into her ear, “I get to see what’s inside those silly old white underpants…”

Amy gave a soft gasp. I raised myself and gazed down at her. She swallowed, her knees continued to sway, and in a small voice, she said, “That made me feel all… squishy when you said that…”

“Good.” And I leaned down to kiss her. Amy’s lips parted, and we began to share deep, sexy kisses again. Her little hands cradled my face, while I sent my hand traveling down her soft tummy until it rested just on the edge of her S.O.W.U. (sillyoldwhiteunderpants). Before I went further, though — I stopped, and raised my head.

She looked up at me, dazed. “What?”

“Turn over. Lie on your tummy.” Without a ‘why’, or another word, she rolled right over. Her ponytail reached the middle of her delicately-boned back. I straddled her lower thighs. “Mmm… I just wanted a good look at this pretty little bottom of yours.”

She turned her head, her ponytail swishing to the side. “Here it is!” And she wiggled her butt.

“I want to kiss it. Can I kiss it?”

She gave me a pitying look. “Aunt… um, Sasha. Sasha, you can do anything. Really. I want you to.” And she laid her head back down.

I looked down at that petite, white-panty-clad bottom, then leaned down and laid a kiss in the middle of a cheek. Then the other one. Then in between them, and this time my mouth stayed there. I breathed her in, breathed out…

“Wow… I can feel you breathing in my bottom. Right in my, my poopy hole.” Her bottom tightened, then relaxed. I felt her legs beneath me part slightly.

I kissed the backs of both smooth, white thighs. “Time for these to come off, I think.” I grasped her panties at the waistband and pulled down, revealing her perfect little bubble butt. “And then you get an extra-special kiss.”

I kept tugging downwards until those panties came to her thighs, bunched at her knees, then off. Now naked but for her white knee-high stockings, she clenched the newly bared bottom, then wiggled it again. She sang a little song into the bedcovers. “My bahh-tom, my naked bahh-tom. Bahh-tom, my naked bahh-tom…”

“Oh, just what I wanted!” I exclaimed. “A singing bottom!” Amy giggled.

I planted a kiss on each bare cheek. Lovely soft, tender skin to my lips. Then, as she hummed into the covers, I put my hands on her bum cheeks and spread them apart. Pink little halo, around a tiny, crinkly, dark dimple of an aperture. Amy had stopped humming. I leaned in and kissed her anus. I felt it contract on my lips. I licked, running my tongue slowly along her tiny hole.

“Ooh, that feels so weird…” Amy murmured. She shifted herself to push her bottom upwards, toward my mouth. “Do it again.” And this time, I stuck my rather long tongue out, swirling the tip against her little asshole, slowly spiraling inwards.

Amy lifted her head and turned towards me. “Oh my gosh, that’s…” she took a shaky breath, “you’re… oh gosh, that feels… ohh…” I pushed my slick tongue further into her. “Ohhh..” I could taste her insides, her little-girl insides. Deeper now. “Mmnn…”

When I let my tongue slide back out of her, I loved watching her wet, open butthole contract again to its former, guarded contour. She looked back at me. “Do that some more!”

I kissed a cheek. “Turn over first.”

With a deep breath, she did. I knelt between her legs. Amy’s bare, hairless little puss was open to me. It was pink and shining. Amy gazed up at me. Absolute trust. “This feels like my dream…” she whispered.

“Does it?”

Amy nodded. “You were naked, and then,” she searched her memory, “then, I think you took my underpants off, and you were petting my kitty–”

I smiled. “Amy. My darling.” I sat up, looking down at her.

Her brows rose. “What?”

“Well…” I stroked her open thighs. “I think… you know how we use baby names for our private parts, like… pee-pee, and, well, I used to say ‘my nonny’… and I think ‘kitty’ is a baby name, too. Right?”

Amy looked up at me, solemn. “But… that’s what I always called it – my kitty.”

“I know, baby. But you’re a big girl now, and I think you’re old enough now that you should be able to name your beautiful, precious place between your legs — whatever you want to.”

“Like… my pussy?” She blushed.

“Yes. Or, whatever you want to call it.” I gently rubbed her inner thigh. “It’s yours, pretty girl. It’s yours to name.”

“My…” All of a sudden, her face lit up. Her eyes widened. “I know!”

“What, honey?”

“I know what I’m going to call it!”

“Her.” I said.


“Call her. It’s a her.”

Yeah.” Amy grinned. Her legs came up as she giggled.

I smiled. “What, cutie? What’s the secret?”

Amy let her feet come down. She looked at me, biting her lip. “I’m going to name her — Sasha!”

It threw me. I laughed. “Sasha?”

She giggled. “My Sasha!” Her feet thumped on the bed. “’Cause then, even if you’re not with me, I always have my Sasha, right here!” She put both hands over her pink vulva. “And I can make my Sasha feel good. And my Sasha will make me feel good…” She gazed at me, blushing but happy.

I have to say, I was moved beyond what I’ve ever been used to. I fell back on the bed. Golly gosh — I was actually crying!

Amy was immediately up and scrambling over me. She saw my tears, and started kissing my face, all over. “Ohh, Sasha, I didn’t–”

“No, Amy, honey baby…” I could only hug her, and feel her kisses on my face, and neck, and chest. Putting my hands on her arms, I lifted her up. “Amy.” I kissed her forehead. “I… I don’t know how to…” I took a deep breath. She let me speak, looking deep into my eyes. “Baby… that is the nicest, most beautiful thing I have ever known…” She smiled shyly. “You are the nicest, most beautiful thing I’ve ever known…” I kissed her lips, tenderly. “Thank you, sweetie.”

She smiled, those dimples working miracles. “You’re welcome.” She sighed, and stretched out on top of me. After a while, she murmured, “Sasha?’


Her head came up to look at me. “I want to marry you. Can I marry you? We can, can’t we?” She laid back down on my chest. “I want to marry you…”

I stroked her back. “Let’s take it one step at a time, pretty girl.”

Amy’s response was to get to her knees, turn around and lie down in front of me. Opening her legs wide, she presented herself. She bit her lip, then said, shyly, “Sasha loves you.”

I took a huge breath, and moved to kneel before Amy, looking down at her open, bare, wet little pussy, then back up at her. She was giving me a look of unconditional love.

I melted. Returning my attention to her Sasha, I said, “Hello, Sasha. It’s so nice to meet you at last.” I kissed the labial folds. “I’ve wanted to for so long.” Opening my mouth, I took in her whole smooth vulva. Amy moaned, arching her back. My tongue slid down her velvet slit, tasting the Amy oils, her spices. She moaned again. And I started to suck her, driving my tongue into her small entrance, rubbing against her developing clit. Her moans became high-pitched squeals, loving, loving…


We lay together, entwined, on the bed. I’d pushed various buttons on Marcia’s wireless intercom — kitchen, pool house… and soon, there was a soft knock on the door. It opened.

Marcia looked in, wearing a terry cloth robe and bearing a drinks tray. “Hello? Ready for refreshments?” And she tottered in, setting the tray down on her vanity. She served us our drinks the way a stewardess might. “Ice water,” she said, handing a glass to me. Garnished, of course, with a slice of lemon.

Amy jumped up, still naked, and hugged her mother around Marcia’s robed waist. “Mommy, Mommy…”

“Well…” Marcia held her daughter’s Capri Sun Fruit Punch as Amy embraced her. “Here you go, love.” She gave the girl her juice box. Amy sucked greedily at the straw, then, still drinking, slid back onto the bed.

“So…” Marcia began, “I was taking a swim when I heard you on the intercom.” She rubbed her still-damp tresses, then noted her daughter’s flushed body, her mussed hair. “Have you… I mean, did you find out what you wanted to know, honey?”

Amy took a last, hard pull of her juice, then held the empty box out for her mother to take. “Ohh, Mommy,” she sighed, falling back on the bed. “It’s so amazing!” She crawled back to lie beside me. A proprietary hand on my belly. “We did so much sex!”

I watched Marcia. Her face betrayed a wide spectrum of emotions: envy, maternal pride, happiness… lust. “That’s… that’s wonderful, honey.”

Amy looked up at me, then back at her mom. “And you know what else?”

Marcia slowly shook her head. “What, honey?”

Amy flipped herself around, opened her legs, and pointed to her pink, open lady parts. “You know what I call this?”

Marcia was confused. “Umm.. you mean, your kitty?”

Amy grinned, waving her legs. “Nope! Because, I’m, you know, I’m more grown up now, so… what do you think?”

Marcia shook her head. Amy persisted. “Mom! What do I call her? You have to guess!”

“Your… pussy?”

Amy grinned again. “Nope!” Glancing down at her little vulva, she petted it fondly, then looked up again at her mom. “Give up?”

Marcia was hopeless. “Yes?”

Amy was triumphant. “This… is my Sasha!!” She patted herself. “’Cause, then, I can have Sasha be here with me, all the time…” She bit her lip. “And, I can always make Sasha feel good… and Sasha can always make me feel good.” She flopped back up to snuggle against me.

Gazing back up at Marcia, I raised an eyebrow. To be honest, I was probably as conflicted as she was by then.

Amy was tracing circles around my navel, then suddenly raised her head. “Oh, and Mommy? Sasha kissed my bottom, too! It was great!

I kissed the top of Amy’s head, still holding Marcia’s gaze. “You know, baby girl… your mommy has wanted to kiss your bottom for a long time.”

Amy stared at her mother. Marcia said, “Ohh, well, it’s not exactly–”

“Really, Mommy? You do?”

Marcia stood, speechless, her mouth open. I said, “Come on, Mommy… tell her.”

She looked at me fearfully, then at her daughter. “Well, yes, I… I suppose I… yes, I did want to…”

Amy rolled over onto me, presenting her bare bum to Marcia. She looked up at her mother. “You can kiss my bottom if you want, Mommy.”

Marcia was paralyzed, caught up between her morals and her lust. There was Amy’s little bottom, bare and open to her. Years of dreaming…

Amy spoke again. “Kiss my bottom, Mommy…”

Marcia looked my way. I nodded. She lowered herself slowly onto the bed, gazing at her daughter’s smooth, perfect skin, the two divine little butt cheeks waiting for her. Was this, too, a dream? She saw me watching her, and again, I nodded.

Taking a deep breath, Marcia brought her lips to Amy’s bottom. She placed a gentle kiss on one cheek, then shivered, as if she’d had a glimpse of heaven. A kiss on the other cheek. Ohhh my God… 

Amy looked over her shoulder. “Sasha put her tongue in my butthole, too, Mommy.” She shifted against me, opening herself further. “Do you want to do that?”

Such a remarkable viewpoint I had — watching my young lover’s mother, wide-eyed, gazing hungrily at her daughter’s anus. “Go ahead… Mommy,” I murmured, smiling.

Marcia put both hands on her daughter’s cheeks. “Oh, my…” She spread them apart. “Ohh…” Then she pressed her face into Amy’s crack.

“Ooh… that’s so nice,” Amy sighed as she felt her mother’s tongue. “Ohh, Mommy… I feel you inside me…”

I cupped my hands around Amy’s dimpled cheeks. She looked down at me, her eyes half-closed. “Kiss me, baby girl.” And she swooped down, her little mouth open, and we started kissing, deeply, deeply, kissing and sucking. As Mommy drove her tongue deep into her daughter’s asshole, Amy kissed me and kissed me, sighing, whimpering and moaning. I felt and tasted her inner self, her excitement, her love.


Well. Amy got her wish. Believe it or not — we did marry! She was nineteen, I… well, okay, I was thirty-nine. Yes, all right, just short of forty, but who cared? I certainly didn’t, and Amy… oh, lord, Amy couldn’t have cared if I was eighty — she said. I kind of doubt that, seeing how she was such a sexual little bitch! Anyway, me being forty still worked very, very well.

And her mother visited us frequently. Marcia, God love her, had completely submerged herself into her role as sexual ‘NPC’ — she was our go-to fantasy player. And she absolutely thrived on it! I’d email her character breakdowns, and she’d arrive all set to assume whatever role we’d chosen for her.

Whether it was: ‘Mother of Ivy-league candidate, willing to do anything to get in’… or, ‘Mother of hapless teen caught at customs with contraband, ready to do anything to set things straight’… or…

You name it, Marcia is very, very willing to play. And we all have delicious fun.

And, my God, that is one of the uncountable things I love about my Amy. She knew me. I myself considered myself to be unknowable — but Amy knew me. From the start. At age eleven. She got me. And, heck, we knew we had to wait and wait until we could live openly as lovers. In this particular day and age, we must do as things are done. But when she, at that wonderful moment, told me that she wanted us to marry… I knew, too. It simultaneously broke and healed my heart.

We will ‘do sex’ until we can’t do sex. But I will be with Amy until the end. And I will always, always, know… that her Sasha will be there with her.

The End


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  1. Amanda7 says:

    OOOOOHhh My, What a beautiful story, so excellently written taking us along a such an amazing ride -I vertainly hope there will be many more stories to flow from your pen. Thank You.

    • Louisa May says:

      Thank you so much, Amanda. I’ve a lot on my plate right now, but I do look forward to publishing more stories eventually.

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    Very well written and detailed erotic ending to this story. Sad to see it end but know you will pleasure us with more stories in the future. Great job Louisa May.

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    • Louisa May says:

      Well, dear, your humble opinion is spot on! Thank you for your perceptive critique. I hope to fulfill your wishes.

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    Fun story, I enjoyed it very much, especially the Anal play suggesting mother wanted to feel and taste her daughters “inner self” suggesting scat play was a possibility in the future. Very exciting

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    It’s so totally great, too, maybe the best thing she’s ever done. Thanks for giving such a amazing writer a new home for her stories. I hope we’ll see tons more of them!

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    Didn’t know Louisa’s work before, but ths story really hit the spot. Beautiful, exciting and way sexy. I loved every word. Much respect, LM!

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    Beautifully written and sustained scene with Sasha and Amy. I must say, I’m jealous. The descriptions — the pink halo around the dimpled aperture, the textured areolas — strike me as wholly original, and they stick in the mind. This story could have gone in a couple of different directions, esp. with regard to Marcia. (Was Sasha’s seduction of Amy a form of revenge? We may never know.) But I’ll just say I’m impressed with what did happen, rather than disappointed in what didn’t.

    • Louisa May says:

      Thank you, Jacqueline, what a lovely, incisive review. The seduction of Amy may well have begun as revenge, but seemed to turn back on the schemer — in the best way possible, I think. I do feel impression beats disappointment any day!

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