Beautiful Evelyn, Beautiful Bee, Part Two

  • Posted on January 5, 2022 at 5:01 pm

by Kinkys_sis (with Shy Mom)

My beautiful Bee … my beautiful Bee … my beautiful Bee …

Those words thrum through my head like a heartbeat.

You know by now how shy I am, Bee, my beautiful. But I think you’ve caught glimpses of how quick and naughty I can be, too. You’ve unlocked that hidden part of me.

Lots of people don’t notice me, or ignore me, because I shrink from attention. That’s mostly fine. I’ve gotten used to being left alone, and like it. I can do what I want, be what I want. I don’t have to please people who don’t matter.

Still, it can get lonely sometimes.

We move around a lot. My parents keep going from one university to another, getting degrees and stuff. This time, we moved “across the pond.” So when I make friends, I know I’ll lose them before long.

I’ve learned it’s better to make friends with books. We have lots of books. They move with us, so they’re always there for me.

Actually, it’s the authors and characters who are there. They live in my head. I imagine talking with them. They can be more lively than the loud people around me.

Now you are in my head, Bee, and the most interesting friend of all. My girlfriend.

I still can’t believe it. I pinch myself to make sure.

So… can I confess that I did more than pinch myself last night? That’s why I’m writing to you. It’s easier to say things with my keyboard sometimes. Okay, most times. I write a lot.

In my bedroom, remembering what we did — what you did — I teased my nipples. I covered them with spit and imagined it was your mouth that got them wet. They stiffened like pebbles. They felt delicious to touch.

I caressed my tummy on the way down. I played with my belly button, remembering how you licked it. My pussy tingled.

Yes, my pussy. I know that word, and an even dirtier word, cunt. I read a lot.

I was too shy to say it, so I came up with “pee purse.” Is that silly? But you didn’t laugh at me. You used it too.

I massaged my mound. I don’t have any hair because I’m still just a little girl. I was going to say sexless little girl, but no more, thanks to you! Kisses and kisses, Bee.

I ran a finger up and down my girl lips, my slit. It was so wet. I think it’s called cum? When I closed my eyes, I imagined your tongue loving me down there. How did I taste?

I tried for myself… mmmm. Like salt and lemonade and honey. Most of all, like sex.

At least, that’s what came to mind when I tasted myself. It made me wild to have sex with you. To get fucked by you.

Yesterday, I said you can sex me, but what I thought was, you can fuck me. I never said that word out loud before, until after our sex. Our fuck. But I’ve thought it.

I thought it when you sat down on the bus next to me. I even thought it when I peed, and you were watching.

I knew you were watching. It made me pee harder for you. Was that naughty?

So I played with my pee purse, my pussy, my cunt, like you did with your divine fingers and tongue. I adored how tender you were. You knew I was a virgin?

Was a virgin. Not anymore.

You took my virginity and my heart at ten. I’m crying now writing this. You’re fucking beautiful, Bee. I love you.

I write this message to you because I am not experienced at expressing my feelings to other people… not anyone.

You have cut through my reserve. You have woken something in me that I never knew existed. You have captured my heart, it is yours. It scares me, how I feel. But it also excites me.

The toughest girl, no… the toughest person in our school says she loves me. Me… oh my god!


We had been so wrapped up in each other, I’d forgotten the time until I glanced at my clock. Shit! I had to get her home, I’d promised her mum.

For a moment longer, I looked down at her, peacefully sleeping, her face showed her happiness. Again, I marvelled at how she had so quickly invaded my heart. I hated to wake her, but I knew that I had to.

My lips brushed gently on hers, she turned a little and sighed. Her eyes flashed open, for a moment bewildered but then she smiled and reached a hand to my face. “Bee, you are real. It’s not all just a dream.”

“Oh, it’s real, my love, but I had to wake you, we have to go.”

For the first time, she pouted. God, it was lovely, So I told her, “Just one more kiss, then we really have to go.”

We arranged for me to collect her again the next day and I left her my phone number and email address. I ached to kiss her goodbye but that was impossible with her mother looking on.

At dinner time, Mum and Maria gave me strange looks. They knew nothing about Evelyn, not yet.

Maria asked first. “You look happy with yourself today, Bee, Something good happened?”

Mum knows exactly what Maria and I are. She doesn’t approve, but she quietly accepts the situation. She’s not stupid, though. “Looks to me like you’ve met someone. Is she nice?”

God, can’t I keep a secret around here? “Well, yes I did meet someone. Actually, I’d seen her a while ago, but we only just became friends.”

“So, come on sis, spill the beans. Who is she?” Maria asked.

Now I got nervous, I mean Evelyn was only ten — well, nearly eleven. Would they laugh at me or would they be shocked? “Her name is Evelyn and you can meet her tomorrow, but I want you to promise something. She’s a bit younger than me. You won’t say anything embarrassing in front of her, will you?”

“Bee, you’re worried, it’s quite clear, so just exactly how young do you mean?” my mum asked.

Fuck! Here we go, “She’s almost eleven but she seems older coz she’s very clever, and — ”

The look on Mum’s face stopped me dead. “You mean that she’s only ten? Oh, my god, Bee, whatever are you thinking?”

I felt the tears coming. This was going all wrong. I wanted them to like her, not have a go at me. But Maria answered for me.

“Mum, it’s okay. Bee’s not stupid, so why don’t we give her a chance? Let’s meet the girl first, then we’ll see.”

Mum still looked doubtful but then; “If you say so, but I would rather have not known. But yes, we will meet her if that’s what you want, Bee.”

I took Maria’s hand. “Thank you, sis. It’ll be fine, just you wait and see.”

Back in my room, I fired up my laptop. A message! A message from Evelyn. Hastily, I clicked and read.

My wonderful Bee

How happy you made me today, I still can’t believe it. What you saw in me I will never understand. But it’s enough for me that you did.

And then in your room, I can’t put it in words what you made me feel. I feel alive for the first time in my life.

I’m going to write you a bit about me, you can read it in the morning. 

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

Love, love, love,



I wasn’t usually one for crying but this girl had got me all emotional. Now I cried. Tomorrow seemed such a long time away.

I woke early and eagerly checked my messages. Nothing! Oh well, it’s early yet, so breakfast first. Mum was surprised to see me. “It’s Sunday, Bee, what on earth are you doing up so early?”

“I want to go for my run nice and early so I can be showered and done before I fetch Evelyn.”

I ran through the reserve. It was another beautiful morning. Maria would usually run with me but she’d said it was too early and she would run later. I didn’t mind, not today. I wanted to be able to think about Evelyn on my own.

Back in my room and there was her message. I read it once very fast, then read it again slowly. Her words tugged at my heart, reading about what she had gone through, the loneliness she had suffered. But then came the good part, the sexy part. I could feel myself flush and the tingle between my legs. Would she touch me there today?

I went for my shower, tossed my running stuff in the wash basket, but only after I gave the shorts a wipe with my flannel. They were all wet and gooey in the crotch.

The water rinsed away my sweat as I stood there with my eyes closed. The image of Evelyn was sharp in my mind. I thought of her being here, how she would reach out for me. I pulled and pinched my nipples like I imagined she would. I pulled my lips open wide so she could see inside me. My clit was swollen when my fingers touched, “Oh Evelyn, will you love me?” I couldn’t wait any longer. I rubbed my clit with two fingers, my other hand reaching behind. I found my asshole and pushed in, no gentle easing, just a desperate need. I didn’t have to fuck myself for long. My baby had awoken a lust in me. I was coming in no time at all.

I chose something pretty to wear but made sure it wasn’t something that made me look older. I started to pull my knickers on but then I paused. Maybe? Yes, I would. I threw them back in the drawer.

She was waiting out front when I got there, I saw her mum at a window and Evelyn waved to her, I saw her wave back and the smile on her face. Oh well, she seemed happy enough with me.

She took my hand as we walked. “Did you like my message, Bee?”

“Yes, I did and I must say, what a surprise. I was a bit shocked, but in a nice way. It was so sexy and I loved it.”

She turned to face me and after a quick look about, pulled me into a hug. “I’m so pleased you liked it. I nearly deleted half of it but then somehow I knew that you’d love it.” Her hands were at the top of my bum.

“Would you like a surprise?” She gave a nod, “Move your hands down and feel my bum.”

I saw her hesitate. This was a new step for her but then her hands slowly slipped lower. “Now lift my skirt.”

She gave a gasp when she felt my bare bum. “Bee, you don’t have any panties on. That’s so naughty.” Then she frowned. I was getting used to that. “But I shouldn’t be touching your bum, that’s rude.” She seemed to think about what she’d said. “But it’s nice, all soft and round.”

I felt her hands slowly roam across my cheeks. She hesitated at the crease. To be honest, I would have been surprised if she had gone in. But I still loved her touch.

“Come on,” I said, “let’s get back to mine before I molest you in the street.”

“Ooh, what a nice thought that is,” she answered. Her shyness wasn’t showing at all, at least not with me.

“You’re going to meet my mum and sister. Mum’s doing a little lunch for us.”

Now, her shyness showed. “You didn’t say anything about meeting anybody, Bee, but I suppose it’s obvious really. I didn’t think.” She looked quite agitated.

I stopped walking and turned her to me. “Evelyn, don’t worry. It’ll be fine, I promise.” I hoped I was telling the truth.

She didn’t seem any happier but she continued on beside me.

I half expected Mum to be at the door when we got there but there was no sign of anyone. Then she called from the kitchen, “That you, Bee? I’m in here.”

I almost had to drag Evelyn into the kitchen. I was dreading Mum’s reaction just as much as Evelyn seemed to be. But I got a surprise.

“Oh my, what a pretty girl you are, Evelyn. It makes a change from some—”

“Mum, please don’t say anymore.”

Mum actually looked guilty. “No, you’re right, I’m sorry. Now let me look at you.” She gave an unhappy Evelyn a close check-out. “I’ll be honest, I was worried when Bee told me your age but you’re lovely, I must admit. And you do look older than she said, well, a little anyway.”

The weight lifted off my shoulders. It was going to be okay. Then Maria came in.

Instantly, I knew that look. She was just as taken with Evelyn as I had been. Maria saw that I’d seen and immediately blushed. “Oh Bee, she’s divine. You lucky girl.”

Her words pleased me well enough, but Evelyn looked shocked. Maria recovered her poise. “Don’t mind me. What I mean is, I can see why Bee likes you.”

Mum spoke up. “Enough of this chatter. Off you go and… whatever, while I finish lunch.”

I led Evelyn upstairs. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

As soon as I closed my door, she was in my arms. We didn’t either of us have to ask. Our lips came together for a kiss. This time, it was passionate, filled with a joint need and love.

I backed to the bed and let myself fall, pulling her with me so she lay on top. She pressed straight down on me and I humped myself up into her. She caught on immediately and ground her pussy against mine.

I took hold of her ass and pressed her harder. I could feel my own arousal rapidly mounting, but I was just as aware of hers. The way she was kissing me. there was an eagerness I hadn’t felt before, so I knew she was enjoying this.

My need had been so high, my climax came without warning. She must have known, because her face pulled away and she stared at me as I was shaking. She pressed and moved herself faster and harder. My orgasm was wonderful, washing over me, as good as any I’d ever had.

“I made you come. Oh Bee, I did it,” she said. Then she gave an, “Oooh.” Her eyes screwed shut, and she gritted her teeth. I pressed myself into her pussy, but I think the ‘ooh’ was because my finger had found her asshole. I hadn’t meant to, but I was so used to doing it, it just naturally happened.

I stopped myself from trying to push into her and contented myself with just a tickle, round and round. She was right on the edge, her fingers dug into my shoulders. I pressed her little rosebud, just entering a tiny bit, but it was enough. She went rigid, unable to move, and I pushed a little bit further into her ass. The orgasm took hold and she began to tremble, her ass gripped my finger, then I felt her wetness warming me. As much as I loved that, I was worried that she might soil her clothes, I hadn’t prepared for this.

She flopped down on me, still gripping me fiercely. My finger was still in her bum, not very far in but she must know, it was too late to worry about it now.

We both calmed down, our breathing settling. “You okay, my love?” I asked her.

She lifted her head. “Oh yes, so okay and so happy that I made you come. I did, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did and it was beautiful, thank you, but we’d better move. I didn’t mean for that to happen until after lunch. Mum might call us anytime soon, so we better get cleaned up.”

“Well, if you were to take your finger out of my bum, I might be able to move.” She was grinning broadly. God, that was a relief.

The coast was clear as we went to the bathroom. “I need a pee,” I said.

“Oops sorry, shall I go and wait?”

“Don’t be silly, after what we just did, you think I can’t pee in front of you? And there’s no need to turn around either.”

I opened my legs wider than I usually would, her eyes were fixed on my pussy. Of course, I realised, she hadn’t seen it until now. I reached down and spread my lips and then I peed. Her eyes opened wide as she watched. My fingers got wet, and she followed them with her eyes as I lifted my fingers to my mouth and sucked them dry.

“But Bee, that’s your pee. That’s… gross.”

“Not to me it isn’t. I like my taste. Now, you already had a little pee. You wanna finish?”

She looked nervous again. She sat on the loo while I stood right in front of her. “No, Evelyn, open your legs for me so I can see as well.”

Slowly, she spread them, but nothing happened. “Hey don’t mind me, my love, let it go.”

There was a little squirt. I saw her clench her tummy, pressing, then she really did pee. I couldn’t resist it, I reached down, my palm facing up, and then I spread my fingers out, feeling her warmth.

Once again, I sucked my fingers, savouring her flavour, all the time my eyes looking into hers.

I heard a shout. It was Maria. “Five minutes, you two!”

Hurriedly, we washed and cleaned ourselves. Back in my room, I changed my skirt, which was still wet from earlier. Then we hurried downstairs.

Of course, I saw Maria’s all-knowing look, but thankfully, Mum seemed oblivious. It turned out to be a pleasant lunch and quite quickly, I saw Evelyn relaxing.

I carried our plates into the kitchen, my mum following behind me. “She’s a very nice, polite girl but she is still a bit young. I hope you know what you’re doing, Bee.”

Naturally, I told her I did and she didn’t have to worry.

Evelyn and I went back to my room and sat on the bed. “What’s up, love?” I asked her.

“I want to see you undressed and I want to love you, you know, like you did to me yesterday. Will you show me what to do?”

“Oh, my love, I told you, I don’t need to show you. Just do what you want. It’ll come, you’ll see,”

I slipped out of my skirt and top and stood still, watching her eyes darting here and there as she took in all of me. Then she smiled. “Bee, you’re so beautiful. Are you really mine?”

“Oh yes, I am, all yours.” Then I climbed onto the bed.

I lay there as she played with my tits. I saw how she loved them. And then how she discovered my nipples and how they responded to her touch. Her smile told me everything.

I watched as she went lower. I never dreamed for a moment that she would. but then… heaven. Oh, fuck. Her tongue found my clit. She glanced up. “Is it here?”

“Fuck yes.”

It didn’t take long for me to come.

She was smiling at me. “There, now I did it properly, and I made you come. And guess what? You taste so amazing, I would never have thought that. Oh, I forgot, I didn’t touch your bum. I’m sorry.”

“Plenty of time for that, my beautiful Evelyn.”


Monday came, we walked to school, I was holding her hand when we passed through the gate. She looked at me. “Bee, you don’t care?”

“Evelyn, why would I? Ain’t no one in this school gonna argue with me.”

Her look was divine. “No, there isn’t, is there? Not with my champion.”

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  1. kinkys_sis says:

    The first part of this Chapter was written by Shy Mom (Evelyn).

    The whole story is dedicated to her, even though… Never mind, she will always be my Evelyn.

    • JetBoy says:

      Oops! I forgot to mention that crucial detail when posting this, but now Shy Mom has the official credit she deserves at the chapter’s opening.

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    So mysterious. The subtext is interesting. Bee seems confident in going public with the relationship. Evelyn seems cautious. Hmmmmm.

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    Soooo sweet! You really feel the love. Thanks Kinky Sis.

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    What a well written, detailed and erotic chapter. Thanks for submitting it Kinky_sis. I look forward to the next part of this story and how far they will go.

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    I just love this storey, WoW, just so sexy, so well written and really makes me feel hot!!!!, I would love to know the age of Bee,

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    Thank you for your kind comment. Bee is fourteen – nearly fifteen.

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    Can’t believe I haven’t read this story before now.
    Loved it so much, beautifully written, erotic, and of course leaving us wanting more.
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    I have a whole bunch of stories written over the past two or so years. The earlier ones probably not so good. I learned a lot, both from comments and then advice from better writers than me. A couple of them have now become good friends. I listen and I learn.

    This story was not what I consider one of my best. I purposely chose something somewhere in the middle as my first submission. I wanted to see what reaction it received. I have been more than pleased with the reaction – thank you.

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