Greenfield Tales, Chapter 12

  • Posted on August 30, 2021 at 3:01 pm

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By JB West

Part 1: Consummation

Eight-year-old Emily was straddling her mommy’s face, hugging herself as Rachel feasted on the child’s pussy. Ever since she’d spied on the lesbian orgy the grownups had a few days earlier, Emily had been thinking about sex between women, wondering what it would feel like. Now she knew… and it was so much better than she ever imagined. Especially ‘cause now, Mommy loves me that way, she thought. I wonder if I could give her these good feelings, too?

Once that idea took root in Emily’s mind, she was determined to make it happen. Leaning forward, she laid down on top of her mother’s soft, warm body.

It wasn’t easy to concentrate, what with the wonderful feelings that Mommy’s mouth was giving her, but Emily wanted to kiss her mother’s secret place, too. Quickly realizing that she wasn’t able to reach it with her own mouth, the eight-year-old began to nuzzle Rachel’s soft tummy instead.

Rachel was teasing Emily’s slit with a series of quick flashing licks when she felt a playful tongue probing her belly button. The feeling was tickly, but nice. Pleased that Emily was playing a more active role in the lovemaking, she gave her daughter’s bottom a playful swat, eliciting a giggle from the girl.

Emily’s legs were parted just enough so that Rachel could peer inside the child’s slick vaginal opening. Could I put my finger inside her? Rachel wondered. Deciding to take a chance, she started to circle her finger around the smooth pink entrance, causing the girl to squeal out loud.

Rachel gently masturbated her daughter for about a minute, then let the tip of her finger press against Emily’s hole. Her eyes widened in awe as the eight-year-old pushed back against the teasing finger — the girl was trying to encourage her Mommy to rub her more vigorously — but before either mother or daughter knew it, that finger was one knuckle deep inside Emily’s virgin cunt.

Emily reacted to this new sensation much the same way as she did to that first touch of the vibrator to her clit — she held her breath and tried not to moan.

By this time, Cassidy had recovered from her orgasm and had crawled over to join Rachel and Emily. As soon as she saw what was happening she exclaimed, “Oh, my God! That is so fucking hot,” a renewed wave of desire taking hold of her.

Placing her hand on the small of Emily’s back, Cassidy helped rock the child back and forth. Even though Emily was still holding her breath, every time she tilted back Rachel’s finger would push inside a little deeper, eliciting a sigh of pleasure. Before long, the tempo of their movements had sped up, enough that Emily was panting for breath. Then, unable to withstand the incredible sensations any longer, Emily let out a loud moan, which caught Deena and Kim’s attention.

Deena immediately realized what was happening and said, “Oh, wow! Look, Rachel’s fingering her.”

At this point, Emily was really enjoying being penetrated. She no longer needed Cassidy or Rachel to guide her, and was rocking forward and back on her own. Emily could feel Mommy’s finger inside her tight pussy — it was amazing — and the little girl wanted more. On her next lunge forward she paused, then with extra force, pushed back, causing Rachel’s finger to slip into her pussy up to the second knuckle. With a shriek of delight, Emily worked her body even faster, gasping with each thrust.

“So… so good, Mommy.” Emily moaned. Glancing up at Cassidy, she managed to ask, “Is this… uhh… is this what it f-feels like… uhh… for, for you…?”

“Something like that, baby,” Cassidy murmured, still stroking the child’s back. She knew that the pleasure Emily was feeling right then was only a fraction of what she would experience when she came, but she wanted the girl to discover that for herself.

Feeling a naughty impulse, Cassidy moved to seat herself in front of Emily, then began to masturbate. She lightly fingered her cunt, making sure that Emily had a very good view of what she was doing.

“This is what your mommy is doing to you right now, sweetie,” Cassidy said as she pushed a finger into her pussy, then withdrew it, glistening with her juices, She was tempted to suck it, or perhaps offer it to her new young lover; instead, she reinserted it and continued to fuck herself, matching Emily’s rhythm.

By this time, Katie had recovered her senses and she, along with her mother and Deena, drew close to Emily and Rachel so that they could watch the little girl getting fucked. Katie could hardly believe what she was seeing. The sight made her feel funny all over. She watched as Auntie Rachel’s finger disappeared into her cousin’s tight little hole over and over, Emily sighing with pleasure every time.

Katie began to play with her own pussy as she watched Emily, rubbing herself for a moment or two before noticing what Cassidy was doing. It hadn’t occurred to the child to try putting a finger inside herself, but now she wondered what it would feel like. Nibbling her lower lip in concentration, Katie gingerly probed the entrance of her vagina.

Deena was watching what Katie was doing and gave Kim a nudge. “Look at that!” she giggled.

Kim could only stare in awe as Katie carried out her little experiment, whispering, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God,” when the little girl managed to insert a finger into her tiny slit.

The sight of her baby girl fingering her tiny hole was highly erotic, almost overwhelming, leaving Kim with a sudden need for attention to be paid to her own pussy. She looked around, weighing her options. Cassidy was busy putting her cunt on display for Emily, Rachel was still greedily fingering and licking her daughter, and Katie was in the midst of finding her own pleasure.

Kim then turned to Deena. Catching her eye, she quickly leaned in to kiss the younger woman. “I want you to fuck me,” Kim demanded once she’d broken away.

With a saucy grin, Deena murmured, “I’d love to.”

The two women came together in another lustful kiss, each hungry for the other. A plush blue comforter had been spread out nearby, and they fell onto it while continuing to make out, grinding their bodies together as if attempting to strike a fire.

Kim heard a choked cry of ecstasy, immediately recognizing it as Emily’s voice. She’s coming, Kim told herself, coming in her mommy’s mouth. Just thinking about that was enough to drive her own passion higher. Kim forced a thigh between Deena’s legs, and soon the two women were humping furiously, wet slapping sounds issuing from the point of contact as their bodies came together again and again.

“Mommy!” Emily cried as her orgasm rose to its peak. Just like her cousin, a few drops of nectar leaked from the child’s cunt as she climaxed. Rachel savored the light clean taste of it, then collected a sample of the warm fluid on her finger. Breaking away from Emily’s slit with a smack of her lips, Rachel looked over at Cassidy, who was still masturbating, and called out, “Cassidy. Get over here.”

Cassidy crawled over to Rachel, greedily licking her lips when she saw what the woman was offering. Taking the extended finger into her mouth, she sucked it clean. The child’s juices tasted so good, not at all like Deena’s, Kim’s or even her own. There was something… girlish about the taste, and Cassidy absolutely loved it. She wanted more.

Glancing around the room to see what the others were up to, Cassidy noticed that Katie was busy fingering herself. The little girl’s movements were clumsy, but they seemed to be giving her pleasure.

She crawled over to Katie and placed a hand on the child’s wrist. “Can I taste you, Katie?” The child gaped at the young lesbian for a few heartbeats, then gave a shy nod.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” Cassidy sighed. She brought Katie’s small finger to her mouth and sucked it in. There wasn’t a great deal of juice, but what she tasted was delicious.

Releasing the six-year-old’s hand, Cassidy then held up her own glistening finger. “Would you like to taste me now?” The girl nodded again, more emphatically this time.

Cassidy brought the finger to Katie’s lips and the little girl stuck her tongue out to give it a tentative lick. She closed her eyes and savored the odd, but intriguing flavor. It was sweet like candy, but it didn’t taste like any sugary treat the child had ever had.

Cassidy watched in disbelief as Katie reached out, wrapped both hands around the woman’s wrist, and took the entirety of Cassidy’s finger into her greedy mouth. Katie purred with pleasure as she sucked all the juices from that wet finger, clearly loving the taste. Cassidy shivered, mumbling under her breath, “Holy fucking hell.”

As soon as Katie released her hand, Cassidy sat down and spread her legs wide, scooping another finger’s worth of sweet, gooey girl honey from her oozing cunt, then proffered it to Katie, who happily took the finger into her mouth again.

Kim and Deena were still frantically humping and rubbing their pussies together, filling the immediate area with the liquid sounds of cunt against cunt. They were watching the interaction between Cassidy and Katie, and the sight of the big-breasted blonde feeding her pussy cream to the angelic little girl drove both lovers to distraction.

“It looks like — ohhh, God — like your little girl is a c-cum slut,” Deena panted into Kim’s ear.

“Uhh… I bet you… uhh, uh… want her… uhh… t-to be your… oh, fuck… your cum slut,” Kim huffed.

“I want to sit… ohhh… on her face and… ohh, God… drown her in my pussy juices.” Deena’s eyes were glazed over with lust.

“Mmmm…I’d love to, to see that.” Kim gave a shaky laugh, then claimed Deena’s mouth in a bruising kiss. Their tongues mingled in a heated dance as the two women continued to fuck.

Emily was still in a bit of a daze after her first ever orgasm, but she managed to dismount her mother’s face, then lie down next to Rachel, gazing deep into the woman’s eyes. “I love you, Mommy,” Emily whispered.

“I love you too, baby,” Rachel replied, then mother and daughter came together in a long, slow, sensual kiss. Emily was riding a high like none she’d ever had before, and she fully intended to show her mommy how grateful she was for all these wonderful new feelings.

After a few minutes of passionate tongue kissing, Emily stood up, then wandered over to the couch where the sex toys her mommy had purchased were all spread out. Rachel propped herself up on both elbows and watched the girl, wondering what she was up to, but also feasting on the sight of Emily’s bare body. My God… she’s the sexiest creature imaginable. And that bottom of hers is absolute perfection. Why did I take so long to realize it?

When Emily turned around, she was holding a dildo, one that Rachel thought closely resembled her husband’s cock. She had picked it out specifically for that reason, and found it funny but also oddly erotic to see her daughter holding it. Just then a very wicked thought flashed through Rachel’s mind, causing her to quiver.

Padding back over to her mother, Emily presented the sex toy as she knelt before Rachel, a question in her eyes. Rachel understood what the child was after, and was more than happy to oblige. “Yes, baby,” she said, leaning back, spreading her thighs. “Fuck your mommy.”

“Oh, shit —  I’m c-coming!” Kim screamed from the other side of the room.

Rachel looked up just in time to see Kim collapse on top of Deena, but her attention was quickly drawn back to what Emily was doing between her legs, the child carefully lining up the head of the dildo with the entrance of her vagina.

Emily’s face was a mask of concentration, the eight-year-old trying her best to make Mommy feel good. It was a sight that warmed Rachel’s heart, not to mention her pussy. Reaching down, she spread her cunt wide open, so that Emily could easily guide the dildo inside.

Staring into her mommy’s vagina, Emily was mesmerized by its beauty. Like a pretty pink flower, she thought. The little girl then slowly pushed the bulbous tip of the cock into her mother’s hole and pressed forward, surprised by how easily it slid inside.

Rachel let out a hoarse cry as the dildo penetrated her, the molded veins and flesh-like texture of the toy massaging the inner walls of her cunt. Emily started with a slow, steady tempo, but soon shifted to a hard, frenetic fucking, the girl’s slender arm pumping like a piston. Rachel started moving her hips in time with her daughter’s rhythm, trying to take the dildo deeper with each stroke.

“Oh, God, YES! Fuck me, baby girl!” Rachel cried. “Do it f-faster. Harder. More, please, more!” She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, lost in ecstasy.

Emily, for her part, was doing a spectacular job for a beginner, making sure that every stroke went as deep as she could make it go. In fact, each time she plunged the toy into her mommy’s hole, the side of her hand would graze Rachel’s clit, driving the woman to even greater heights of pleasure.

Cassidy and Katie had paused their tasting game when Rachel screamed, their attention drawn by the erotic scene, but quickly returned to it, eager to continue their own fun. By this time, Cassidy was no longer sharing her juices with Katie — remarkably, the little one was feeding herself. At first, the child only used one finger to probe Cassidy’s cunt, but now she was using all four fingers of her little hand to seek out more of the sweet honey she craved.

Her fingers thoroughly coated once more with the thick, warm fluid, Katie was about to withdraw her hand when Cassidy grasped the child’s wrist, stopping her mid-motion. “Put it all the way inside, little girl,” she panted, “I want you to fuck me.” With that, she began to press Katie’s hand into her cunt.

Understanding what Cassidy wanted, Katie immediately balled her hand into a fist and pushed forward until it disappeared into Cassidy’s pussy with a slurping sound. Cassidy pulled, Katie pushed, and soon the six-year-old was wrist deep.

Katie could only gape at the sight, her heart throbbing. She couldn’t believe that this wasn’t hurting Cassidy somehow. A quick glance up at the young woman’s ecstatic face, however, assured Katie that her grownup friend was feeling anything but pain. In fact, Cassidy was encouraging her to go even deeper. “More,” was all she said.

That was good enough for Katie. She bent to her work, determined to do whatever it took to make the young woman happy, One push, then a second — and another inch of Katie’s arm penetrated Cassidy’s hot hole.

“FUCK!” Cassidy exploded as all breath left her body. She started to rock her hips, and Katie soon picked up the rhythm, pumping her arm back and forth, in and out of the woman’s slick cunt. Katie could feel the walls of Cassidy’s vagina contracting, saw her body begin to shake. Seconds later, she came all over little Katie’s hand.

In the meantime, Kim and Deena had moved to either side of the howling woman and, as she shuddered through her orgasm, each took one of Cassidy’s nipples into her mouth. The sensation helped prolong the young lesbian’s climax, and soon a second wave swamped her, this one even more powerful than the first. Even with Katie’s hand still buried in her cunt, the juices were flowing freely, soaking into the blanket spread beneath them.

Rachel had been watching this kinky scene unfold, and as Cassidy’s orgasm began to wind down she felt her own ecstasy start to rise. She shifted her gaze to her daughter, who was still fucking her with the fleshy dildo. Placing a trembling hand on Emily’s shoulder, Rachel said, “Do it harder, baby. Make your mama come.”

Emily was already working the slippery cock at a brisk pace, but at her mother’s request she quickly accelerated the tempo of her strokes. She’d been using one hand to steady herself, but now grasped the toy with both hands, using their combined force to ram the cock in and out of her mommy’s cunt at a feverish pace.

Rachel was ecstatic. Since the discovery of her new sexuality, she’d been pleasured with mouths, tongues and fingers, but sometimes found herself missing the cut and thrust of a good hard fuck. Now she was getting exactly what she’d longed for… and at the hands of her beautiful daughter, which only added to the excitement she felt.

Rachel’s cunt was making juicy, squelching noises with each stroke, and she could feel her climax drawing close, but she wasn’t ready to come yet. As much as she loved what Emily was doing with the dildo, there was something else Rachel wanted from her little girl, something to make their first sexual experience together truly complete.

Halting Emily’s movements with a hand on the child’s arm, Rachel reached down and removed the dildo from her pussy. She then spread her thighs even further apart. “Emily, baby…” she gasped, “p-please, suck my clit!”

The little girl’s expression made it clear that she didn’t exactly understand what her mother was asking for, so Rachel spread her cunt open to reveal the swollen nubbin. “Right here, sweetie… it’s where you touch a girl to make the good feelings happen.” She smiled at her daughter. “And if you use your mouth and tongue to lick and suck… it feels even better.

Ever since she’d spied on the grownups during their lesbian sex party and seen the four women licking and sucking each other’s pussies, Emily had wondered about it — what getting licked felt like, how it tasted. Now that the eight-year-old had experienced the pleasures of receiving oral sex, she was more than ready to try giving. And who better to try it with than Mommy?

Emily bent down and leaned in toward her mother’s glistening sex, slowly inching closer, second by agonizing second. She paused for a brief moment to breathe in the rich, exciting aroma, then pressed her lips onto the moist, pink flesh in a gentle kiss. Licking her lips, she pondered the flavor of her mommy’s juices. She then kissed Rachel there a second time, then a third.

Suddenly remembering what her mother had asked her to do, Emily placed a line of kisses up the juicy slit until she got to the special place. Finding the bump, she gave it a quick lick before taking it between her lips.

Rachel came almost immediately as Emily began to suck her clit. Grasping the child’s head with shaking hands, she held her daughter in place between her thighs. “Don’t stop,” Rachel cried, “don’t stop, d-don’t stop!”

Emily had no intention of quitting. She was in love with everything about Mommy’s pussy — the warmth, the juiciness, the scent and especially the taste. She tried her best to keep licking and sucking the engorged bit of flesh as her mother thrashed about, moaning wordlessly, but her instincts took over and soon enough she was licking and sucking all around her Mommy’s vulva, letting her tongue glide down into the sodden hole before returning to the clitoris.

The little girl was taking another long lick when all of a sudden a small gush of fluid splashed on Emily’s lips, tongue and chin. “Oh, God. Oh, fuck yes!” she heard Mommy cry. Her mouth and chin were now coated with warm juices, which sent the child’s excitement soaring sky-high. Abandoning her mother’s clit, Emily locked her mouth over Rachel’s pussy hole and began to suck, eager for more of the thick, warm nectar.

A few feet away, Cassidy was slowly recovering from her own orgasm. Taking hold of Katie’s wrist, she slowly withdrew the six-year-old’s hand from her cunt, making a wet squelching sound as it pulled free. She then slumped back against the leather ottoman, her head still spinning.

Once she’d gotten her hand back, Katie studied it closely, thrilled to see that it was completely covered with Cassidy’s essence all the way down past her wrist.  She began to lick and suck the juices from her fingers, purring with delight all the while.

Raising their heads from Cassidy’s breasts, Deena and Kim shared a knowing glance. “Katie, sweetheart… can we have some too?” Kim said, licking her lips.

The child giggled. “Sure, Mommy!” she said, offering her hand to the women. Deena licked her fiancée’s juices from the back of Katie’s hand, savoring the taste that she knew so well. Kim sucked Katie’s fingers, licking each one clean in turn. And for the first time in years, Katie took her thumb into her mouth, but now for a much different reason than when she was a toddler.

Katie saw that there was still a patch of wetness on the edge of her hand. She scooted over to where her aunt was lying and offered it to her. “Do you want a taste, Auntie Rachel?”

Extending her tongue, Rachel licked the hint of juice away, then began to make love to her niece’s tiny hand. She sucked each finger one by one, licked up and down the palm, then playfully circled Katie’s thumb with her tongue. When Rachel was done, she drew her little niece into a brief but heated kiss, and caught another taste of Cassidy’s juices on the girl’s tongue.

“No fair!” Emily cried, looking up from between her mother’s legs. “I didn’t get any.” Exchanging glances, the four women started laughing.

“Come here, baby girl.” Cassidy said to Emily. “You can have some honey straight from the pot, if you’d like.” She spread her legs wide, putting her cunt on full display.

Emily stared at the young woman’s pussy, it was flushed and swollen and still leaking the viscous cream that Katie had stirred up. She then turned back to her mother, uncertain how to choose… should she return to licking Mommy, or try Cassidy’s pussy instead? Luckily, Rachel could see the look of indecision on her daughter’s face, and made the choice for her.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” she said, patting the girl’s knee. “That was wonderful. Now, I think Cassidy might need your attention.”

“Okay, Mommy,“ Emily replied with a grin. She then crawled over to Cassidy, laid down between her thighs, and adorned the young lesbian’s vulva with a shy kiss.

Emily carefully licked around the edges of Cassidy’s pussy, cleaning away the wetness that was already there. Cassidy shivered at the caress of Emily’s soft tongue, then a jarring shiver raced through her when the little girl licked deeper, probing the heated interior of her hole.

“Oh, fuck! You’re so good at that, baby,” Cassidy cried. “K-keep licking me, yeah!” Looking up, she met Rachel’s eyes. The expression the woman wore was a mix of lust and pride. Rachel flashed a wicked grin and Cassidy let her head tilt back and her eyes close as she gave into the incredible feeling of having her cunt eaten by a young girl.

Moments later, she was coming again. Cassidy didn’t squirt the way Rachel had, so Emily was able to keep her mouth locked to the woman’s slit all the way through her orgasm.

Once her climax had subsided, Cassidy pulled Emily to her and they exchanged a long, passionate kiss. After breaking away, Cassidy looked around and saw that the others were intently watching her and Emily while lightly massaging their pussies. Catching Deena’s eye, she noticed that her lover was frowning slightly. “What’s wrong, babe?” Cassidy asked.

“Well, not to sound petty… but you’ve come three times already, and I haven’t even gotten off once,” Deena replied.

Cassidy glanced at Kim, then looked back at Deena, wearing a puzzled expression. “Wait, though… didn’t you two fuck just a few minutes ago?”

“We did,” Deena answered with a nod. “I didn’t finish, though. I got distracted, watching a certain someone getting fisted.”

Grinning sheepishly, Cassidy told her lover, “Well, we should probably do something about that.”

“You volunteering?”

“Sure, but we are guests at this party, after all. Don’t you think that one of our lovely hostesses might like a taste first?”

“I’m game,” Rachel said, smiling up at her new lover from her prone position on the floor.

“Me too,” echoed Kim, the desire plain on her face.

Deena looked back and forth between the women, trying to choose between the two beauties. On one hand, she longed to feel Rachel’s silken tongue again, on the other, she hadn’t come with Kim earlier and wanted to give the woman a chance to finish the job.

“Who’s it gonna be, babe?” Cassidy asked. “Which sister gets the honor of getting you off?”

Deena mulled over her decision for a few more seconds, her cheeks flushing a bit as she finally said, “Well, actually… I choose Katie.”

Everyone turned to look at the little girl, who was busy once again, experimenting with touching her pussy. Katie had just inserted the tip of her index finger when she looked up and realized that the others were watching her.

“What?” The little girl asked.

Kneeling down next to her daughter, Kim stroked the child’s bright blonde hair. “Deena was just saying that she hasn’t had an orgasm yet… and she’d like for you to give her one.”

Katie furrowed her brow. “Orgas — huh? What’s that mean?”

”You had one just a little while ago,” Kim said, smiling at her little girl. “It’s the really good feeling that you get in your tummy and your vagina when you’re doing sexy things. That’s an orgasm.”

Katie tried the word out. “Or-gasm. Huh. I like it.”

“Well, we all like it,” Rachel said to her niece, then started to mimic what Katie was doing, inserting one finger into her juicy hole.

“And you want me to do that for you?” Katie asked, looking up at Deena.

“I sure do,” Deena said, smiling down.

“But I don’t know how,” Katie said, pursing her lips and lightly frowning.

“Doesn’t matter,” Deena said, looking the young girl in the eye. “You didn’t know how to do sexy kisses until tonight, but you figured that out.”

Pondering these words, Katie decided that Deena was right. “I’ll try,” she said, “but you can’t get mad at me if I don’t do it right.”

Deena laughed. “Don’t worry about that, sweetie… if it’s you licking my pussy, I’m sure I’ll love it. That much I can promise.”

“So, um… how do we do it?” Katie asked.

“Well, the best way to start is with a kiss.” Deena said, then leaned in to place a gentle peck on the little girl’s lips, allowing it to linger. The softness of Katie’s tender mouth made Deena shiver with helpless lust. Wrapping both arms around Katie, she drew the girl into a warm embrace. Katie’s quiet sigh was music to Deena’s ears, her pussy quivering in response.

After a few more soft kisses, Deena laid Katie down on a nearby quilt and started to nuzzle her chest, then began to explore the whole of the little girl’s body with her lips and tongue. Katie giggled each time Deena touched one of her ticklish spots.

As she kissed around Katie’s tummy, teasing the girl’s navel with a quick swipe of her tongue, Deena was sorely tempted to go down on the little angel, burying her mouth in the child’s sweet pussy, but her hunger for release was too intense to put aside for one more minute. Instead, she swung one leg across Katie’s body, kneeling over the child.

Leaning down to give Katie one last kiss, Deena murmured, “Do you trust me, sweetheart?”

The little girl nodded, staring up at her new friend with bright blue eyes. Deena took a deep, steadying breath, then scooted forward to straddle Katie’s face.

Rachel let out a small gasp as she realized what was going to happen.

Slipping a hand between her legs, Kim started to masturbate, playing with her still-tender clit. Her little girl was about to perform oral love on a grown woman, and just thinking about it thrilled her to the core.

Cassidy recalled the rough sex she and Deena had enjoyed the night this all began. For an instant, she felt a small amount of trepidation, but then she remembered the next morning, when Deena had assured her that, given the chance to take pleasure from the adorable six-year-old, she’d treat Katie far more gently.

“I’m going to lower myself down to your mouth now, Katie.” Deena said in a soothing voice. “All I want is for you to suck and lick my pussy. I promise, there’s nothing you can do that I won’t like.”

“Um, okay,” Katie said.

Rolling her hips forward, Deena let her knees slide apart just enough to bring her pussy into contact with Katie’s open mouth. The child took a moment to breathe in the sweet, strange scent of her grownup lover, then placed a hesitant kiss on the woman’s juicy cunt.

“Yes,” Deena whispered, holding her body motionless as she silently begged the little girl to continue.

Katie was sampling the wetness on her lips — considering its flavor, quickly deciding that she liked it. Cassidy’s juices had tasted sweeter, but there was a savory tang to Deena that instantly caused the little girl’s head to swim. Eager for more, she pressed her mouth into the warm pink flesh and began to lick.

A shudder ran through Deena’s body. “Fuck, yes!” she gasped. She glanced down at Katie, just as the child’s eyes fluttered open. Deena smiled, and she could tell that Katie was smiling back, even with her mouth occupied.

I’ve dreamt of this for such a long time… and now it’s happening. I’m making love with a little girl, Deena thought, on the verge of joyous tears. She then inhaled sharply as Katie’s tongue briefly grazed her sensitive clitoris.

Grasping Deena’s thighs with both hands, Katie probed the woman’s cunt with her tongue, using it as a sort of scoop to gather as much of the tart, thick honey as she could. Everything about Deena’s pussy appealed to the eager child — the strong aroma, the comforting warmth, the liquid sounds it made with each lick. Oh, and the flavor. Especially that.

The others gathered round to watch Deena ride Katie’s mouth. They sat, mesmerized by the erotic scene unfolding before them, each woman or girl lightly caressing her own pussy, tickling and teasing herself, imagining what it was like to be in Deena’s place.

The sight of a grown woman taking her pleasure from such a young girl thrilled each of them to no end, but for Cassidy, the feelings emanating from the others were nearly overwhelming. The young blonde yearned for another release and looked to little Emily to find it — she was surprised, however,  to see that the girl had crawled over to the couch, where all the sex toys were laid out, and was currently examining each of them in turn.

After watching Cassidy come from using one toy, then helping her mommy do the same with another, Emily decided that she wanted to try a dildo for herself. But first she selected several dildos from the collection, one for each of the others, based on what she thought they might like the most.

For Cassidy, Emily selected a medium-sized toy that was gold in color, with a small knob at the end. That meant it was a vibrator, like the one she’d been given as a gift. Emily remembered how nice it had felt on her clit, and looking over her shoulder at her new lover, the girl could tell that Cassidy needed something more than just her fingers to stimulate her love button.

For Aunt Kim she picked out a small, thin dildo that curved along the shaft and widened at the end. Emily was intrigued by its shape and was curious to see how it was used.

And for her mommy, Emily considered giving her the same dildo that she’d fucked her with earlier, but decided instead to go with the largest of all the toys. The massive, black dildo was a foot long and about two inches in diameter. Emily wasn’t sure if her mother’s vagina could take such a large object, but the little girl was eager to see her try.

Rejoining the group, the eight-year-old distributed the toys to the ladies. They each thanked the girl with a kiss, then began to pleasure themselves with the toy they’d been given.

By this point, Katie was feeling increasingly confident in her ability to perform oral sex, which became apparent to Deena as she found herself enjoying the child’s tongue more and more with each passing moment. Still, I really ought to check on her, see how she’s holding up, Deena thought.

Raising herself from Katie’s face, Deena peered down at the little girl. “Are you doing okay, cutie?” she asked.

Katie grinned back, the lower half of her face coated with Deena’s fluids. “Yeah!” she replied. “I’m doing great!” Reaching up to take hold of the woman’s shapely hips, Katie gave them a tug, drawing Deena’s dripping cunt back to her open mouth.

Surprised by the six-year-old’s enthusiasm. Deena allowed herself to be moved back into the position Katie wanted. This girl sure is hungry for pussy, she told herself. But now, it’s time for me to take charge.

Deena started to slowly rock her hips, lightly grinding her pussy into Katie’s mouth. She wasn’t exactly sure if Katie would like that or not, but when the girl began to giggle, Deena figured she must. She brought her hands to her breasts, taking a stiff nipple between each thumb and index finger, then twisting hard, feeling a shock of pleasure run straight down to her cunt. Deena glanced down at Katie again, knowing that she wanted — needed — more than just the child’s lips and tongue to get her off.

“Katie,” Deena said, drawing the girl’s attention, “You like licking my pussy, don’t you?”

This time, Katie only answered with a nod, her tongue still at work.

“Good. Now I want you to tell me how much you enjoy it. And when you respond, I’d like for you to call me ‘Officer Dean’.” With that, she raised her hips, allowing Katie to speak.

Giving Deena a blissful smile, the child said, “I love licking your pussy, Officer Dean. It tastes soooo good! Um, can I please have some more…?”

“Oh, God… oh, God,” Deena whimpered as, once again, she fed her cunt to the nude youngster, carefully settling back onto Katie’s face.

Fuck, that’s hot,” Rachel hissed, watching Deena ride her niece’s face as she masturbated herself, getting ready to take all twelve inches of the dildo that Emily had selected for her.

The moment of truth, she mused, squatting above and positioning the head of the monstrous phallus at the entrance of her cunt. Letting gravity do most of the work, Rachel lowered herself onto the toy, her pussy opening wide, taking almost four inches of its length on the first stroke. She screamed, but not from pain — no, at that instant, Rachel knew only pleasure. “So big,” she gasped, wriggling her way even further down the thick shaft. “Mmm, s-so fucking big.”

Emily’s attention was constantly shifting from her mother to Katie and Deena, then back again, all the while masturbating with the smaller toy she’d chosen, rubbing it against her clit and the opening to her vagina. Then, when Rachel next screamed out in ecstasy, Emily’s gaze was locked to her mother and the large latex cock she was straddling. By then, only an inch or two of the dildo had yet to enter Rachel’s vagina, and the bedding at base of the toy was positively soaked with her fluids.

Raising her hips once more, Deena took her sex away from Katie, fixing the child with a stern gaze. “You’re a naughty little girl… aren’t you? You must be. Only a bad, wicked girl would enjoy licking a woman’s cunt. Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Deena wasn’t sure that Katie understood what she was playing at, but the young girl was quick on the uptake and chose to join in the game. “I am a bad girl, Officer Dean,” Katie replied, making a sorrowful face. “Um… do I have’ta get punished?”

“We’ll see, child,” Deena replied. “While I’m thinking about that, I guess you’d better finish what you started.” With that, she pressed her pussy back into the child’s waiting mouth.

As Katie began to lick again, Deena started moving her hips, grinding her sex against the lower half of her little lover’s face, gradually moving faster. At first, she was a bit worried that Katie might not like the increased tempo, but the little angel didn’t seem to mind in the least. In fact, the girl was now giggling with glee as she ate the woman’s pussy, driving Deena wild with renewed lust.

A couple of feet away, Kim had worked the curved dildo into her vagina, loving how the wide head stimulated her g-spot. No matter which way she moved, it kept contact with the sensitive area. Kim knew that she would be coming very soon. She looked down at Katie, pleased to see that her little girl was enjoying her first time giving oral.

“How ya doing, baby girl?” Kim said, reaching over to take Katie’s little hand in hers.

Deena raised her hips so that the girl could answer. “I’m great, Mommy,” Katie said. “I love Officer Dean’s pussy!” Then she reached up with her free hand to lightly tweak her grownup lover’s clit.

Deena let out a choked cry, then quickly returned her juicy cunt to Katie’s waiting lips, no longer worried about the child’s ability to take the aggressive lovemaking she was dishing out. No matter how much force Deena used or how hard she rode the girl, Katie continued to feast on her cunt, clearly having a wonderful time.

“Good girl,” Kim cooed, beaming with pride. “Make sure you do whatever Officer Dean tells you to. Let her fuck your face.” With a gleeful laugh, Kim opened her legs even wider, pressing the curved dildo deep into her hot cunt.

That’s what I’m doing, yeah,” Deena panted, locking eyes with Katie. “I’m fucking you. Did you know that, baby girl? And soon I’m g-gonna come…come right in that sweet little mouth of yours. My lover, my little one…”

Katie was beside herself with joy. I’m Deena’s lover; she just said so! And she’s fucking me, she said that too. The child didn’t know which one thrilled her more.

By then, her tongue was getting tired, so Katie was mostly sucking at Deena’s creamy hole. That way, she was getting even more of the warm nectar, and anyhow, Deena seemed to enjoy it every bit as much as licking — though Katie still dipped her tongue inside every now and then, too.

Cassidy could see that Deena was riding the little girl’s face with the same intensity that she’d experienced herself only a few days earlier, the night that her lover had first met and fallen for six-year-old Katie. At first, Cassidy had worried that Deena’s lovemaking might prove too rough for the child, but it was clear to her now that Katie could not only handle her lover’s aggressive nature, she was actually enjoying it! Even more than I do, Cassidy thought to herself. Just look at her! The little minx thinks it’s a game.

Just then, Cassidy had one of her brilliant ideas. She crawled over to the couple, bent down and whispered into Katie’s ear. The six-year-old listened, then gave a quick nod.

Deena immediately raised her hips, freeing Katie’s mouth, then stared down at the child. “What did she say to you? Tell me,” she demanded, glancing over at a smirking Cassidy.

Katie gave Deena a huge smile that was practically dripping with the woman’s juices. “I’m s’posed to tell  you that you’re a mean old lady, Officer Dean… and an evil child molester, too.”

With a loud, choked cry, Deena forced her cunt back onto Katie’s smiling face. Once again, the little girl began to slurp at the sodden hole of her grownup lover, humming with pleasure as the honey flowed into her mouth.

Deena was a woman possessed, rocking her hips at the fastest tempo yet, breathing hot and heavy, moments away from a massive orgasm. Reaching out, she seized Cassidy, pulling her fiancée into a wild and passionate kiss. “I… I fuckin’ love you.” Deena blurted as they broke apart.

“Until the end of time, babe,” Cassidy replied with a wink.

Reaching down, Deena took Katie’s head in both hands, holding the girl firmly in place as she continued to ride the little girl’s face. It only took another few seconds before Deena’s orgasm broke. She screamed, then shook and shuddered helplessly, her breath rasping through clenched teeth. Her climax peaked with one final cry, then she slumped forward, exhausted. Somehow, Deena managed to dismount Katie’s face, then laid down next to the girl, drawing her into an embrace. The two lovers then came together in a gentle but passionate kiss.

“That was amazing!” Rachel exclaimed, still bobbing up and down on the monster dildo.

“So hot,” Kim murmured, feeling a swell of pride for her daughter’s accomplishment.

“W-w-wow!” Emily said in a daze, hardly able to believe what she’d just seen her younger cousin do. I wonder if she’d lick me like that?

“Awesome.” It was the only word that sprang to Cassidy’s mind, but it perfectly summed up what she’d just witnessed.

While Deena and Katie kissed, the others continued their masturbation. Emily was still a little worn out from her previous orgasm and couldn’t finish just yet. Cassidy elected to save her climax for later, as she still desperately wanted to make love to little Emily, and wanted to come with her the way Deena had come with Katie. The sisters, however, got off one by one — Kim nearly passing out from the extreme pleasure deep inside her cunt while Rachel’s pussy exploded in a torrent of juices all over the long, thick dildo.

After a short breather followed by a few minutes of light making out and laughter, everyone agreed that they should take a break to use the bathroom, wash up, and have a snack. Choosing to remain naked, the six women and girls moved to the kitchen.

Soon, everyone was seated around the table, sharing bread, cheese and fruit. The girls were each allowed another soda, while the women enjoyed a celebratory glass of champagne. As they ate, the group discussed what pleasures ought to be explored next.

Cassidy suggested that they take a few minutes to teach the girls the importance of breast play and how to tease, lick and suck a woman’s nipples for maximum pleasure. Everybody thought that was a great idea, especially the girls, so they adjourned back to the living room to do just that. Emily and Katie had a wonderful time getting to know the breasts of all four women, and got to pleasure each other’s nipples as well.

Then, Kim mentioned how so far that night, she’d only gotten to eat Katie’s pussy… and that she wanted a chance to go down on everyone else before the night was over. Then and there, a game was played where each woman and girl got to try a taste of every pussy, even her own. It was a roaring success.

Emily then announced that she really wanted to try taking a dildo in her pussy. There was doubt among the women over whether such a small child could be penetrated, even with the smallest of toys, without hurting herself, but Emily insisted that they let her try. Ultimately, she failed at her attempt, even with copious amounts of lube applied to both her pussy and the sex toy, but Emily made a vow that she’d be able to do it before the same time next year. Cassidy politely requested that she be given weekly updates as to the girl’s progress, and Emily happily gave her consent.

Deena was asked if there was anything she wanted to try. Hugging her little lover close, she said she’d already lived out her wildest fantasy when Katie licked her to orgasm.

Then it was Rachel’s turn to share her fantasy. “Y’know what I’d like to try?” she said, looking around at her new lovers. “I want all of you… at the same time.”

The others exchanged intrigued glances, then Kim spoke up. “Oh… I think we can help you with that, big sister.”

Two minutes later, Rachel’s dream was coming true. Kim was sitting on her face, Cassidy and Deena were sharing her cunt, and the girls got a chance to try out their new skills by sucking and playing with her breasts. Rachel couldn’t remember ever having a more intense orgasm.

Kim then asked Katie if there was anything she’d like to try. The little girl hemmed and hawed for a minute while the others gave her a number of sexy suggestions, but finally, while staring down at her feet, she said, “I want to make love with Emily.”

“Cool!” Emily cried, leaping to her feet. ”Let’s do it now!” Seizing her cousin’s hand, Emily pulled Katie up to her, the little girls’ mouths coming together in a sweet yet passionate kiss.

A beaming Rachel reached for Kim’s hand, giving it a squeeze. “Our little girls… aren’t they incredible?” Kim looked at Rachel and smiled. The sisters then exchanged a sweet kiss of their own.

Once again, nearly overwhelmed by the feelings swirling around her, Cassidy turned to Deena and their eyes locked. No words were needed.


Part 2 – Gratitude

Two hours later, Rachel had her last orgasm of the night, brought on by Deena’s mouth and fingers. Afterward, the new lovers cuddled and kissed for a while, before gently breaking apart. Spotting her daughter curled up in one of the corners of the nest they’d built on the living room floor, Rachel padded over, laid down next to her and embraced the sleeping child. She then dozed off herself, less than a minute later.

Deena saw that Cassidy was sprawled out on the couch, the one that wasn’t covered with sex toys, and crawled over to see if her lover was still awake — but no, she was dead to the world, which didn’t surprise Deena in the least. It had been a long evening and everyone had had quite a workout. Deena placed a gentle kiss on Cassidy’s forehead, whispering “Sweet dreams, my love.”

Then, looking across the room, she saw Kim and Katie nestling together in front of the other couch, the perfect picture of a loving mother and daughter. Kim caught Deena admiring them, and motioned for her to join. Deena scooted over and laid down next to Katie, who was still awake but struggling to keep her eyes open.

As Deena snuggled in close, Katie leaned in for a kiss. “I love you, Deena,” the child whispered, just before she drifted off to dreamland.

“I love you too, little one,” Deena said, but Katie was already sound asleep. She then looked up and met Kim’s smiling eyes.

“Thank you,” Kim murmured, not wanting to disturb her slumbering child.

“For what?” Deena asked, also in a whisper.

“For… everything. All of this. Without you, none of this would have been possible. We wouldn’t all be here now. We wouldn’t be lovers.”

“Me?” Deena was surprised. “What about you?”

Kim furrowed her brow. “How do you mean?”

“Well, if you weren’t so clumsy and hadn’t tripped over your own dishwasher door, none of this would have happened.”

Kim chuckled. “I guess you’re right.” Leaning closer, feeling the warmth of Katie’s small form between them, she and Deena exchanged a brief but sweet kiss, one filled with the gratitude they both felt.

Deena and Kim then snuggled in closer to Katie, wrapping their arms around the dozing child. A few moments later, they too were fast asleep.

The End


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    Letoria’s beautiful Karen and Laci novel set the standard for this, where the sex scenes are very carefully set apart from the scenes where Karen and Laci are mother and daughter, Laci is an ambitious middle-school student with a new best friend in another student, and where Karen’s former girlfriend is now her best friend who truly loves both Karen and Laci.

    The characters in this story (and nearly all the stories on Juicy Secrets) have nice dimension, but I am left hungering to learn even more about them as people. I had harped a good bit on Rachel’s husband and toddler son because there seemed to be no way at all to fit them into Rachel’s new life.

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