Idol II, Part Four

  • Posted on July 20, 2021 at 2:26 pm

By No One

Leading the girls to her king-size bed, Shana sat on the edge, patting the spot at the center. “Why don’t you lie down here in the place of honor, Stacy?”

The girl did as instructed, stretching out in the middle of the bed, hands behind her head, wearing nothing but a big smile, Shana and Zoe kneeling on either side. Stacy clearly wanted to seem relaxed; instead, she practically quivered with anticipation.

Shana placed a hand on Stacy’s knee, then let the tips of her fingers trail slowly upward along the girl’s inner thigh. Watching closely, Zoe imitated the motion on the other leg.

Stacy was squirming by the time they reached the juncture of her thighs, where her sex glistened with the evidence of arousal. Shana was sorely tempted to go straight for that little treasure, but elected to take things a little more slowly. She sent her hand up further, over Stacy’s hip and onto her flat belly. Zoe followed Shana’s lead.

Stacy let out a whimper of protest.

“Not just yet,” Shana told her. “Patience, cutie.” She leaned forward to kiss Stacy, slipping her tongue into the girl’s mouth as she cupped one small breast, teasing the nipple with her palm to feel it stiffen.

“Mmmm,” Stacy moaned as they kissed.

Then it was Zoe’s turn to make out with her friend, while Shana occupied herself with caressing Stacy’s belly and chest. They switched roles like that a few times, then Shana took it to the next level—nuzzling Stacy’s neck, then kissing her way down to one of those cute budding breasts. Zoe followed suit, and they exchanged wicked grins as they licked at the girl’s stiff little nipples.

Hungry for more, Shana moved down further, trailing kisses over Stacy’s belly until her nose was an inch from the child’s pussy, still baby-smooth, yet open and dripping wet, all but begging to be touched.

“Spread your legs wider,” Shana told the girl, her eyes riveted to the rosy cleft. She felt a dizzying rush of lust as Stacy obeyed, watching the tender labia part. By then, Stacy had raised herself up on both elbows to watch with interest as Zoe joined Shana between her thighs.

Shana exchanged a knowing glance with Zoe, then both of them leaned forward to take a lick, their tongues gliding through the girl’s pussy lips to meet at her clit. They heard Stacy moan “Oh, God,” then the sound of her head falling back into the pillow.

Shana and Zoe began to explore the other girl’s sex—sometimes working in tandem, sometimes taking turns. Occasionally, they paused to kiss, until an urgent whine from Stacy brought them back to the task at hand. Though they were both giving pleasure to Stacy, it was also a moment of closeness and genuine affection between the two of them. For Shana, the sparkle of excitement in Zoe’s eyes was every bit as sweet as the taste of Stacy’s pussy.

While Zoe was busy licking her friend’s bud, Shana teased the entrance to Stacy’s vagina with the tip of her index finger. There didn’t seem to be much resistance. She caught herself wondering if she could fuck the girl.

“Stacy, have you ever had something inside you?” she asked. “All the way in, I mean.”

Panting for breath, Stacy lifted her head to stare at Shana. She blinked, struggling to process the question. “Um… just my fingers,” she replied after a moment.

“What?” Zoe said, looking up. “I thought you said you never did that.”

“Well, I kinda tried it… last week.” Stacy squirmed impatiently. “Hey, don’t stop!” Once Zoe had resumed her licking, Stacy continued haltingly, “I was just, um… Aaah! Well, y’know… p-playing with myself… and I just… mmmm… I just kinda poked inside by accident and, uh, I decided to, to keep going.”

“Did it hurt?” Zoe asked. She was clearly surprised by this turn of events, but had the presence of mind to go right back to eating Stacy.

“Not really. Was k-kinda weird at first but… mmmm… it ended up feeling pretty good!”

Shana had heard enough. Smiling to herself, she gently placed her middle finger against Stacy’s entrance, then eased her way inside. It was a snug fit, but amply lubricated, so she didn’t have any trouble penetrating the child’s vagina up to the first knuckle.

Stacy gasped. “Oh! Your finger is, um, b-bigger than mine.”

“Is this okay?” Shana asked.

“Yeah. Yeah, keep going.”

Too distracted to keep pleasuring her friend, Zoe gawked as Shana slowly worked her finger in and out, pushing a little deeper each time, until it was completely buried inside Stacy. Even Shana stared for a moment without moving. She had completely penetrated the tight cunt of an 11-year-old. The sight had her seething with renewed lust.

She began to fuck the little girl, moving very cautiously at first, then growing steadily bolder—withdrawing her finger, then pushing it back in, pressing against the g-spot with each stroke. Judging by her moans, Stacy was having one hell of a good time.

“How’s it feel?” Zoe asked Stacy.

“Mmmm, real good.”

“It’s even better if your clit’s getting licked at the same time,” Shana said, giving Zoe a meaningful look. Normally, she’d be more than willing to take care of that task herself, but suspected that Zoe would like to join in the fun.

“Oh, right!” Zoe grinned sheepishly, then set her tongue back to work, flicking the little bud with enthusiasm. Shana began thrusting a tad more vigorously, now that Stacy was getting used to it.

“Omigod!” Stacy wailed. Her hands clutched the bed cover in a white-knuckled grip, and her ecstatic cries grew louder and louder. It’s a good thing this suite isn’t next to any other rooms, Shana thought.

It only took about a minute of this treatment before Stacy couldn’t take any more. Her body began to convulse, her head lolled back, and her vagina gripped Shana’s finger so tightly that it was impossible for her to sustain the back-and-forth motion. So she curved her finger instead and tried to stimulate the girl’s G-spot as best she could.

Finally, Stacy clumsily pushed Zoe away, then went limp, gulping for breath, a final shudder racing through her frame as Shana gently withdrew from the girl’s pussy.

Shana sucked her finger clean, savoring the flavor, then crawled up to lie to the left of Stacy, Zoe flopping down on the right.

“Oh my God. That was amazing,” Stacy sighed, wrapping an arm apiece around Shana and Zoe, then drawing them both to her in a tight hug.

The three of them swapped kisses and caresses while Stacy recovered, then Zoe sat up to announce, “Now it’s my turn to lick your pussy, Shana! Been a loooong time since I got to do that.”

Pushing herself up, Shana leaned in to rub noses with Zoe. “Yes it has, baby,” she said before kissing the girl passionately.

“And it’s my turn to…” Stacy began excitedly, her energy fully renewed. She paused in mid-sentence, then continued in a more subdued tone, “Well, if it’s okay… I kinda want to try to sit over your face, like Zoe just did.”

Shana smiled. She’d never say no to a mouthful of little girl pussy. “Sure, sweetie. Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do.” She lay down on one side of the bed, parting her thighs. “Zoe, lie down this way,” she instructed, gesturing for Zoe to stretch out perpendicular to her. “Yeah, like that, now spread your legs. Stacy, you sit right here, lean forward and… Well, guess where your mouth’s gonna go.”

Giggling, Stacy straddled Shana’s head as indicated. “Yep, got it!” She burrowed between Zoe’s legs so that, after a little scooching around, each of them was within tongue’s reach of a tasty pussy.

Stacy and Zoe were amused by this odd new position at first, but soon they were all eagerly licking one another. Before long, muffled moans and wet noises filled the room.

Zoe was doing a spectacular job on Shana’s cunt. The girl had gotten a lot more experience at lovemaking lately, and it certainly showed. Shana felt a pang of regret, wishing she’d been the one to give Zoe all the practice a little girl might want, to be her teacher and lover. Sadly, that just wasn’t in the cards.

Special as Zoe was to her, it didn’t mean that Shana didn’t enjoy pleasuring Stacy, sampling her intimate flavor, subtly different from Zoe’s, and making the girl moan more and more urgently with each swipe of the tongue.

In fact, despite having just had an orgasm not too long ago, Stacy was the first to come again, the horny little thing. Zoe was a close second, though. She groaned loudly into Shana’s pussy, pushing her very close to the edge as well, but ultimately Zoe lost her focus before that happened, her head rolling back to rest on Shana’s thigh as her body shook, caught up in the grip of ecstasy.

Stacy rolled away from Shana and onto her back lying there with a big, contented smile on her lips. Shana reached out to caress Zoe’s cheek.

“Oh,” Zoe murmured, her eyes fluttering open. She gave her head a quick shake, as if to clear it. “Sorry. I think I was in the middle of something. Um, where was I…?” She leisurely ran her fingers through the folds of Shana’s pussy, paused to toy with her clit, then slipped one digit inside.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, baby,” Shana said. Zoe’s movements were slow, no doubt because the girl was still a little sluggish from the orgasm, but that probing finger was getting Shana right back to where she needed to be in a hurry.

Zoe sat up, studied Shana thoughtfully for a moment, then flashed a mischievous little smile. Glancing over to Stacy, she said, “Hey, watch this.”

A second finger penetrated Shana, then a third, then all four.

Oh God, she’s gonna… “Z-Zoe! I—”

Shana’s words were interrupted by a loud gasp as the widest part of the girl’s hand forced its way past the entrance of her stretched vagina. Her body was flooded with intense pleasure mixed with a little pain as Zoe’s small hand pushed deeper and deeper until, with a sudden lurch, she was up to her wrist inside Shana.

“God!” Shana exclaimed, once she could breathe again. “Babe, a little warning next time!”

Stacy stared with bulging eyes, her mouth agape. “Holy… crap…”

Zoe froze for a moment. “Um, sorry,” she said hesitantly. “Is it—”

“Well, don’t stop now,” Shana quickly added, already feeling the wave of a huge climax swelling, just starting to crest.

“Okay!” Now grinning, Zoe began a gentle back-and-forth rhythm that was quickly turning Shana into a very hot mess.

I’m getting fist-fucked by a 10-year-old! her mind screamed. And another little girl is watching us! “God! Oh… oh, FUCK!”

It only took a few seconds before her back arched and she was coming, howling wordless cries of pure pleasure. It was an orgasm more powerful than she could have possibly imagined, and it just went on and on until Shana wasn’t sure if it was one long climax or a series of shorter ones in rapid succession.

Finally, her body flopped down on the bed, limp, sweaty and completely spent. Shana couldn’t form anything close to a coherent thought for a long while as she lay there struggling to catch her breath.

Shana was dimly aware of Zoe carefully withdrawing her hand, then her eyes drifted open to see the girl blissfully cleaning herself, sucking each finger in turn, then finishing up with some tissues. The sight made Shana smile.

Then Zoe was back, snuggling into her arms. “So? That was good?”

Shana gave a weak chuckle, shaking her head. “My God,” she said simply.

Giggling, Zoe rested her head on Shana’s chest.

“I… didn’t think you could even do something like that,” Stacy said, now seated on Shana’s left.

Shana wrapped an arm around the girl, letting it rest on her tight little ass. “Don’t try it until you’re quite a bit older,” Shana warned.

Stacy laughed. “That’s for sure.”

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m parched,” Shana announced, pausing to clear her throat. “Want some water?”

The girls agreed, then they laughed when Shana got up to find herself walking a bit unsteadily. Leaning against a wall to brace herself, Shana turned back to give them a look. “Hey, you guys did this to me, okay?”

Zoe just grinned. Shana relished the sight of the girl sitting on the bed, naked and sublime, quite pleased with what a dirty little thing she’d been, yet somehow managing to look completely innocent at the same time.

God, she’s everything I want in a lover, Shana thought.

She managed to make her way to the kitchen and grabbed three of the complimentary bottles of water from the fridge. As she opened hers and gulped it down, she reflected on how much Zoe had changed since they’d first met.

And whose fault is that? she asked herself. Shana had to wonder if the chaste,  naive Zoe of a year ago would ever have ended up in bed with Stacy, were it not for her influence. Was it a good thing or a bad thing to have hastened her sexual development like that?

That was a question for another time. For now, pondering her experiences with Zoe was already making her horny again, despite all the dream-come-true sex they’d just had.

Padding back to the bedroom, she paused in the doorway. Zoe was now lying on her back on the bed, with Stacy to one side but half on top of her. The girls were speaking in hushed tones, occasionally giggling. Stacy leaned in for a tender, loving kiss, then they smiled at each other.

It was sweet, beautiful, and sexy. And yet Shana felt a stab in her belly. From the way they looked at each other, it was clear that Zoe and Stacy were developing feelings that went beyond simply fooling around. Nothing wrong with that. Two precocious girls finding each other, beginning a relationship, perhaps even falling in love. It should be a beautiful thing.

But Shana couldn’t keep herself from experiencing that sharp pang of jealousy. She was the one who wanted Zoe, more than anything. It was unreasonable, she knew that much. There was no way they could have an actual relationship. It was best for Zoe to find a lover her own age. Shana had fought to make\ peace with that idea, but watching the girls kiss now was causing a lot of envy and resentment to bubble up to the surface.

Of course, just a short while ago, watching them make out had only inflamed her desire, but now that her brain was less preoccupied with thoughts of sex…

Well, that was the solution, wasn’t it? She just needed to drown out her jealousy with lust—and there was certainly enough young flesh on display to fuel her desire all over again.

Shana made her way to the bed, handing a bottle of water to each girl. “Here you go.”

“Thanks,” Stacy said, sitting up to drink. “I still can’t believe we did all that with… y’know, with you.”

Shana smiled. “It was pretty special for me, too, sweetie,” she said, sitting behind the kid. She began to caress Stacy’s back, from her shoulder blades to her ass, purposefully focusing on the girl who wasn’t the object of her deepest affections. Soon, she brought one hand around to cup a budding breast. “Are we actually done, though?” she added, her lips grazing Stacy’s ear.

The girl turned her head to flash a wicked grin, all traces of her previous shyness now gone. “I didn’t say that!” She gave Shana a kiss which soon grew passionate, their tongues meeting in a lewd dance.

Shana fondled Stacy’s lovely little tits as they kissed, her hunger steadily growing. In no mood to take things slowly, she went straight for the child’s cunt, only to find it dripping with nectar. What a dirty little girl.

For her part, Zoe had raised herself up onto the pillows to drink her water, and was now watching them with interest. She didn’t betray even a hint of jealousy as she clearly enjoyed the view of Shana rubbing her friend’s pussy. Wish I could be more like that, Shana thought.

By and large, though, the distraction was working. Shana’s busy fingers were coated in a child’s honey, Stacy’s moans caressing her ear, the girl’s warm body nestled into hers. Then when she saw Zoe slip a hand between her own legs, her lust went into overdrive.

“Let’s get Zoe into this, okay?” Shana whispered. “I wanna show you guys something really hot.”

“Mmmm,” Stacy replied, eyes closed, though it was unclear whether she was even responding to the question.

Shana helped the girl up onto her knees, then guided her forward until she was straddling one of Zoe’s legs. “Yeah, now how about this? Zoe, give me your left foot,” she said, extending a hand.

Zoe looked puzzled but obeyed, raising her free foot so that Shana could take it in hand.

“Good. Now, this goes here,” Shana said, resting Zoe’s ankle on Stacy’s shoulder. “And you, move down a bit.” She pushed against Stacy’s lower back, moving her between Zoe’s spread legs until their pussies were pressed together.

Stacy let out a groan and, without needing to be told what to do next, began rolling her hips in rhythm, grinding against her friend’s sex. Zoe looked amused at first, but Stacy’s movements soon had the intended effect and she began to moan as well.

“Yeah, just like that,” Shana said huskily. She kissed Stacy’s neck, licked her earlobe. “You’re a natural. Ever done this before?”

“Uh, kinda. Me and Stel, um, my friend from before, we used to d-do stuff like this, sometimes. Not exactly like this, but… yeah!” Stacy said, her explanation peppered with grunts of exertion.

“Mmmm. Naughty girls.” Peering over Stacy’s shoulder, Shana slipped a hand between her own legs, sliding two fingers into her throbbing vagina. As she masturbated, it struck her what a crazy thing lust was. One minute, she was upset by the sight of the girls kissing. The next, she had to fuck herself while watching Zoe and Stacy rub their cunts together.

But her libido had taken over, so now she craved the lewd cries from these two kids, the obscene wet sounds from their pussies, the sight of their young bodies writhing in a hot, sweaty tangle.

Shana cupped Stacy’s ass with her right hand, giving her little nudges to encourage her thrusts against Zoe. She kept the other hand busy between her legs, plunging two fingers into her wet vagina again and again with increasing urgency.

The girls were panting now, their bare bodies slick with sweat. Zoe’s mouth hung slack, a groan escaping each time Stacy rolled her hips forward. She stared down at the juncture of their bodies, as if unable to believe where all this pleasure was coming from. Hair plastered on her forehead, features twisted by ecstasy, she looked radiant. The most beautiful girl in the world.

Suddenly, Shana’s fierce need for Zoe kicked in again. She wanted to be the one who made her young lover come. Withdrawing from her vagina, she seized Stacy, gently pulling the girl away from Zoe. “Alright, enough of that.”

There was a two-girl chorus of frustrated cries.

“Why’d you do that? I was so close,” Stacy protested.

“Let me take care of you,” Shana said, reaching down to explore the child’s sex. Already slick with her own juices, Shana’s finger slid right in. There was a surprised cry that trailed off into an appreciative moan as Shana began thrusting into Stacy’s tight little pussy, using her other hand to rub the girl’s clit.

Stacy had indeed been close. After less than a minute, her body stiffened and she leaned back into Shana’s arms, wailing loudly as an orgasm rocked her.

All the while, Shana gazed into Zoe’s eyes. As soon as Stacy quieted, she gently laid the girl down, then crawled over to the one true object of her desire. “Your turn, baby.”

Zoe looked a little nervous. “Are you gonna do that to me? Go, um, all the way in?”

Yes, I’m going to fuck you, my love, Shana wanted to say, but instead chose to go with, “Do you want me to?”

Zoe hesitated a moment, then nodded. “Um, I think I wanna try, yeah.”

All smiles, Shana leaned forward to kiss Zoe while she trailed her fingers up the girl’s inner thigh. “Just relax, don’t worry,” she said, pausing to lightly stroke Zoe’s sex. “You’re wet enough for it to slip right in.”

Moving with the utmost caution, Shana prodded Zoe’s entrance with her middle finger. The hymen was quite tight, but slowly stretched to admit the intruding digit.

“You okay?” Shana asked once her first knuckle was inside.

“Um, I think so. It kinda stings a little bit, but not too bad.”

Nodding, Shana pushed a little further, withdrew, then pressed forward again, letting Zoe get used to the feeling of penetration. “How’s this?”

Zoe gave a hesitant nod. “Yeah… starting to feel kinda nice.”

Shana smiled down at the girl. She was now up to her second knuckle inside Zoe. Curling her finger upwards, she found the most sensitive point, then gave it a gentle prod. Zoe let out a sharp gasp. “Mmmm, yes, that’s the magic spot, isn’t it?”

“Y-yeah!” Zoe stammered.

Shana crouched down and lowered her mouth to Zoe’s sex, licking the girl’s clit while massaging her g-spot.

A sharp jolt shook Zoe’s slender frame. “Oh, oh, oh! Oh, Shana!”

Excited and encouraged by Zoe’s response, Shana pushed a little deeper until her whole finger was buried inside the child. She was deflowering this sweet little girl, giving Zoe her very first fuck. Shana’s excitement was at a fever pitch. God, I could make myself come just from doing this!

It was Zoe who came, though. Her little body arched up from the bed, and her vagina gripped Shana’s finger like a vise. Her heedless shriek of ecstasy made Shana redouble her efforts on Zoe’s clit, pushing the girl to even greater bliss.

Finally, Zoe crumpled to the bed. She weakly pushed Shana away, shaking her head. Shana sat up, carefully extracting her finger from the child. There was a tiny bit of blood on it, but Zoe seemed none the worse for wear, at least judging by the sleepy smile she wore.

Stacy rolled onto her tummy, still dazed from her own climax, and draped an arm over her friend. Zoe’s eyes were closed, her chest rising and falling quickly as she regained her breath. It didn’t appear that Shana would be getting a helping hand with her own release—not any time soon, at least.

Time to take matters into her own hands. She knew it wouldn’t take much to work up the big finish she craved. She shoved the finger that she’d used to fuck Zoe into her own cunt, mixing their juices and the blood from Zoe’s first penetration. That thought alone was nearly enough to get her off.

As Shana masturbated, her eyes roamed over the girls’ sublime naked bodies, exhausted from an afternoon of forbidden sex. It only took a dozen thrusts or so before she succumbed to a powerful orgasm.

Her head spinning, she crawled over to flop down by Zoe’s side, snuggling into the girl and nuzzling her sweet-smelling hair.

“Mmmm,” Zoe purred sleepily, apparently quite happy with her new experience.

Most of the time, it was difficult for Shana to think rationally around Zoe; to center her mind on anything other than holding this amazing little girl in her arms, making love to her, simply basking in her presence. But after an orgasm—or a few of them—her mind could regain some semblance of clarity. And with that came the guilt.

She had just taken Zoe’s virginity. In a strict physical sense, at least. After all, she’d already taken it in the more abstract sense as well. And beyond the sheer excitement of the act, Shana had to ask herself what she was doing to the girl.

Zoe clearly loved the sex, but still. At her tender age, she almost certainly wouldn’t have experienced anything like that if she hadn’t been seduced by Shana. Though everything was wonderful and perfect when they were together, Shana did worry in her more lucid moments about how she was shaping Zoe’s life.

By most standards—and certainly by society’s norms—it would have been better to let Zoe make these discoveries by herself, in her own time. Maybe Stacy would still have enticed her into bed, but the idea of two little girls experimenting together seemed much more acceptable.

In fact, it really was a good thing that Zoe had found a like-minded friend—perhaps even a lover. Petty jealousy aside, Shana wished them the best. Maybe a relationship with a girl her own age was just what Zoe needed. If Shana was a better person, she’d cut ties with Zoe and let her live her own life. Hell, if I was a better person, I’d never have started any of this in the first place.

But that wasn’t going to happen. There was no way she had the willpower. Even if she tried, Shana knew that as soon as Zoe sent her a flirty message, she’d be at the girl’s feet once again. She couldn’t bear to stay away from this child she’d become so infatuated with. No, the child I fell in love with, she had to admit to herself.

Shana had lusted for this day, beside herself at the prospect of getting two little girls into bed—and certainly, she wasn’t complaining about the amazing sex they’d just enjoyed—but in the end, it had only made her realize just how deep her feelings for Zoe ran.

If only there was a way to have a real relationship with her, it would feel less like she was toying with Zoe’s affections. But it just couldn’t happen—no way, no how. Shana gave a heavy sigh. She had all the money she could possibly want, but it couldn’t get her what she desired most of all.

There were no easy answers. Then again, she hadn’t thought things through up to this point… so why start now? Best to simply enjoy the moment. Pushing the uncomfortable ideas away—as she always did—Shana wrapped her arms tighter around Zoe, breathing in the child’s pleasant scent.

The girls seemed to be dozing off, and a nap did sound pretty good right then, so she closed her eyes to join them. Maybe when they all woke up, she’d show them what fun could be had in that enormous shower, if there was enough time…

The End


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  1. Amanda Lynn says:

    Another awesome story from an amazing author.

  2. kim says:

    Just like Idol I you took something that could have been creepy, and made it very, erotic, loving, and dripping wet sex.

    A great climax. We guess you had to end it there, but more is good. Wonderful ending and writing.

    Fantastic job, No One, and looking forward to what ever you do next.

    Kim & Sue

  3. keiko says:

    beautiful story beautifully written – thank you for sharing it…

  4. Erocritique says:

    OK, I absolutely loved everything about this story…….. except. I cannot accept the “not knowing ” what happens to Shana and Zoe moving forward. Idol II was a wonderful continuation of the couples forbidden love, but I refuse to believe that this is the end. There has to be an Idol III to give us hope that some how, some way Shana and Zoe can get their HEA. The two aren’t that far apart in age, and the circumstances of Zoe’s sexual coming of age are practically ideal for a budding lesbian. I suspect she would have been far more traumatized by having her first time with a clumsy teen boy. At the.very least I would like for Shana to find a girlfriend her age ( maybe a fellow pop star) with a similar taste for young lesbian girls. The ending of Idol II was somewhat bittersweet, and I want better for our girls. (Yeah, I know I’m being selfish and demanding, but it’s no one’s fault but No One) 😉

  5. cherryco says:

    LOVED IT! Another great one from No One.

  6. NC Brighr says:

    No One Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with us. I enjoyed it very much. Hope to see more.

  7. David says:

    Fantastic ending to a fantastic series, thanks No One! I love the detail and description in your writing, you are and excellent writer for sure and would love to see more from you. If not continuing this one as some are wanting, then something new!

  8. Nikki says:

    I loved the whole story, but it surely can’t end here? There has to be more from the girls and Shana.

  9. No One says:

    Thank you everyone. It’s always good to see people enjoying one of my stories.

    There are no current plans for a sequel, but we’ll see. It was indeed meant to end on a bittersweet note. Sometimes you can’t get what you truly desire, no matter how much you want it. I will give it some thought, though.

    The thing with sequels is that people always clamor for them, but… If you compare the number of people commenting on a sequel (like this very tale, or Unaccompanied Minor Book 2, for instance), it’s often significantly lower than on the original story, so we do seem to lose people along the way. Every comment is always very much appreciated, of course, but it appears people might actually prefer fresh tales. Well, that or the number of people visiting the site is decreasing, which I certainly hope isn’t the case.

    Oh, and as always, big thanks to JetBoy for his considerable help in editing the story.

  10. Steve weatherbee says:

    Outstanding video love this story keep it up

  11. Steve says:

    I truly hope this is not the end to this story man you have got talent as a writer and a storyteller keep it up

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