Greenfield Tales, Chapter 11

  • Posted on July 16, 2021 at 2:36 pm

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By JB West

A Night of Firsts

As Kim and Katie embraced, Cassidy watched them carefully, feeling a dizzying mixture of love, wonder, excitement, and, yes, desire that radiated from mother and daughter. Opening her mind further, Cassidy could also sense similar feelings from Deena, Rachel, and Emily. The very air seemed to crackle with sexual heat, fueling Cassidy’s own lust past the point of rational thought. She wanted to act the slut, to strip naked and offer herself up to all these beautiful women and girls, to beg them to take her however they desired.

Instead, Cassidy held her lust in check and looked around the room. Rachel was still lightly masturbating herself through the flimsy material of her thong, the woman’s own desires all but written on her gorgeous face. Emily was standing in place, gently rocking to and fro as she watched her aunt and cousin in their half-naked embrace.

Cassidy had sensed Emily’s arousal once before, on that magical night when the girl had watched the women making love, but she was astonished by how much stronger that feeling had grown since then. No doubt about it, this little girl was ready to take the next step.

Shifting her attention to Deena, Cassidy smiled to see her lover gently massaging herself through her panties, just like Rachel was. Her face was a mask of pure lust and her emotions were crashing into Cassidy like an unceasing tide against a rocky coastline. Just then, Deena turned her head and the two women exchanged a long, heated stare that said everything they were thinking without the need for words.

As Kim and Katie broke their embrace, slowly drawing apart, Cassidy cleared her throat, gaining the attention of the room. “I think it might be time to kick things up a notch, she said,” nodding in the direction of the girls. She looked from Kim to Rachel. “Would you like to start…?”

“I think so, yes,” Rachel replied, taking the initiative. “Let’s do this.”

Without a word, the women seated themselves in a semicircle, facing Katie and Emily. The two little girls were practically mesmerized by the collective beauty of these four women, all in their underthings, though also a bit uncertain about what was happening… and why all the grownups were looking at them with such strange expressions on their faces.

After a moment’s silence, Rachel patted the floor in front of her. “Take a seat, girls… we need to have a little chat with you.” Emily and Katie quickly sat down in front of the women, eager to find out where the evening was headed next.

“I know you both were hoping to play some fun party games or maybe watch a movie…but that’s not going to happen tonight,” Rachel continued, a more serious tone creeping into her voice. The girls exchanged a worried look, each suddenly feeling crestfallen and nervous, wondering if they were in trouble — and if so, what it was they’d done wrong.

Noticing their distressed expressions, Kim was quick to interject. “Don’t worry, you two. You’re not in trouble.”

“Just the opposite, in fact,” Rachel said. “You see, there’s a special reason why we invited Cassidy and Deena to this sleepover. We wanted to give each of you the chance to spend more time with your new friends, of course… but Kim and I also wanted — well, we wanted to make love to them again.”

Katie looked at her mother and Kim nodded her agreement. “It’s true, sweetie,” she murmured. “Auntie Rachel and I had a wonderful time with Cassidy and Deena the other night… and we really want to enjoy more of those good feelings.”

The girls exchanged another look, this time one of bewilderment, then turned back to Kim, who was intently watching their reactions with eyes clouded by lust. Katie instantly felt a swarm of butterflies in her little tummy and Emily started to squirm a bit where she was seated.

“When Cassidy told us how you’d been watching us that night, Emily… and the way it made you feel,” Rachel said to her daughter, holding the young girl’s gaze, “we decided that you and Katie were old enough to learn more about these things.”

“So tonight…if you’d like,” Kim continued, catching Katie’s eye, “we’d like to include the two of you when we all make love.”

Both girls were dumbstruck for a moment, neither entirely sure of what their mothers had meant, but Emily managed to find her voice. “Uh… Mom? You really mean that — that you want to d-do sex stuff with us? With me and Katie?”

“That’s right, baby girl,” Rachel said. “Your auntie and I… we’ve found a new kind of love with each other.” Reaching out, she took Kim’s hand and beamed a bright smile. “A kind of love we didn’t have before. Deena and Cassidy are a part of that love, too. It’s beautiful. It feels better than — oh, anything you can imagine. And we want to share it with both of you.”

Again, the girls were silent and could only stare at the sight before them as they watched the women exchange a series of light kisses and playful caresses. Emily thought that the ladies might start having sex right there, but then, just as suddenly as it started, the kissing stopped and women turned their attention once more to the two little angels seated before them.

“So now… you both have a decision to make,” Rachel said. She smiled at Katie and Emily, who were listening with rapt attention.

“You have three choices,” Kim said, looking at Katie, then Emily. “One. You can go upstairs and go to bed right now.” Neither of the girls were interested in that option. “Two,” Kim continued, “You can stay here, sit quietly in the corner, and watch us make love.” That choice seemed much better to the girls. “Or three,” she concluded, “You can join us.”

As the youngsters absorbed her meaning, Kim turned to Rachel, reached behind her sister’s back and pulled on the silky strings that kept the woman’s bra in place. The tiny piece of material fell away, fully exposing her breasts to Katie and Emily. Even though her nipples had been plainly visible through the sheer fabric, both girls let out tiny gasps as they took in the magnificent sight.

Rising to her feet, Rachel grasped the ties that kept her skimpy thong in place. The small wedge of fabric clung to her vulva, but Rachel flossed it forward, feeling the silky smooth material graze her clit. She tossed the panties over her shoulder and onto the couch, leaving her fully nude, her large breasts proudly displayed, her glistening sex dripping with anticipation as she smiled at the girls.

“So then… would you like to play with us?” Rachel asked. The desire in her eyes was plain as day, even to an innocent child.

Emily and Katie sat quietly, both overwhelmed by this turn of events. This was nothing like how either of them had expected the evening to go. In fact, they’d come up with a plan that very afternoon to get up in the middle of the night and creep over to the master bedroom, in hopes of catching the grownups having sex again. Katie longed to witness what Emily had been lucky enough to see the other night, so they concocted their little scheme, fully intending to carry it out. But now the two little girls had a chance at something far more thrilling than furtive glimpses of their mommies having sex. More thrilling… but also a little scary.

Emily was first to respond. Just like she had several minutes earlier, the girl rose to her feet, padded over to Rachel and wrapped both arms around her mother’s waist. “Yes, Mommy. I want to play with everybody.”

Rachel knelt down and hugged her daughter, feeling a rush of helpless lust as her bare breasts pressed  against Emily’s flat chest. She ached to kiss her daughter like a lover at that moment, but managed to restrain herself. It wasn’t easy — recently, she’d been thinking quite a lot about her daughter’s pretty mouth and all the ways in which she could derive pleasure from it.

The night before at Cassidy and Deena’s house, the topic of the girls’ first kisses had come up. Rachel and Kim were both certain that neither of their daughters had ever kissed anyone in a romantic way, so all the women agreed that it wouldn’t be right for any of them to steal that experience from Katie or Emily. If the girls elected to participate in their sex games, they would be given the chance to choose who they wanted to share that special first kiss with.

Katie slowly got to her feet, took a single step forward, then paused. She looked at her mommy,  then at Deena, taking in the looks of excitement on their faces. The child knew that the grownups wanted her to respond the same way that Emily had, but she wasn’t so sure. Instead, Katie took a couple of steps backwards and seated herself on the couch. “Can I just watch first?”

Kim felt a small twinge of disappointment, but understood. She’s just a child, after all. That didn’t ease the hunger she felt for her little girl, though. In fact, it only sharpened her lust to a keener edge. She pictured herself kneeling before Katie, gently tugging the girl’s panties down to her ankles, then leaning in to trace her daughter’s slit with the tip of her tongue. Damn, I’ve got it bad, she thought, shaking her head, then glancing at her niece. At least Emily wants to join in. If she enjoys herself, maybe Katie will be persuaded to play, too.

Meanwhile, Emily was looking from one woman to the next. “So, what happens now?” the child asked, her voice barely a whisper. She was feeling a bit shy after her bold display, but still eager.

“Good question,” Rachel replied. “It’s your first time, so we shouldn’t just throw you into the deep end of the pool.”

“How should we begin?” Deena asked, frowning slightly. “We never really talked about that. Maybe let the girls watch us… together?”

“Kissing.” Cassidy suddenly blurted out, her face flushed with desire. “Let’s teach her how to kiss.” All the women and girls turned to look at her and could tell by her body language and the expression she wore that the young lesbian was quite agitated. Her desires were threatening to consume her.

“I think that’s a splendid idea,” Rachel murmured, then turned to her daughter. “Tell me, sweetheart… have you ever kissed anyone before? A real kiss, the way lovers do in movies.”

Emily shook her head. “No, Mommy.”

“Not even with Katie, maybe? I know you two are very close.”

“No,” Emily replied. “But I’d like to kiss her like that.”

Everyone looked towards Katie to see how she would react to Emily’s confession. Kim and Deena had joined Katie on the couch, flanking the little girl on either side, holding her hands in theirs.Katie turned bright red but didn’t speak.

Kim smiled to herself, knowing that her daughter wasn’t easily embarrassed. I guess she really does have a crush on her cousin, she mused, and Emily clearly feels the same way. Kim felt a tingle of excitement at the realization that, if events unfolded as she hoped, she might actually get to see her daughter and her niece make love that very night.

Her lustful reverie was interrupted when Rachel spoke. “Well, other than Katie, is there anyone else here who you’d like to try kissing with?”

Emily looked at her mother, then at Cassidy. She was certain that both of them wanted to kiss her, and she very much wanted to kiss them. Emily glanced back and forth between the two, trying to make up her mind, finally settling on Cassidy. “I’d like to kiss you.” she said shyly.

Cassidy instantly felt butterflies. It had been a long-held dream of hers to kiss, to hold, to make love to a beautiful little girl… and she’d been deeply enthralled by Emily ever since she’d first laid eyes on the girl. Now, her fantasy was on the verge of becoming real, and she was a hot mess of nerves, excitement and lust.

“I’d love to kiss you, Emily,” Cassidy replied. Placing a hand on the child’s bare shoulder, she gently turned the girl to face her.

Emily was smiling, though a trace of doubt could be seen in the young girl’s eyes. She wanted to do this, but couldn’t help feeling afraid. What if she was bad at kissing? What if Cassidy laughed at her? What if everybody laughed at her?

No! Emily told herself, suddenly determined to best her fears. In her mind, she shifted into thinking of this moment as a performance. Just like that, her nervous tension fell away. The changes Cassidy had made in her mind a few minutes earlier had worked flawlessly. I gotta thank her for that, Emily thought.

Thanks would have to wait, though, as Cassidy suddenly leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on the child’s soft pink lips. Emily felt her insides go all gooey, and her knees nearly buckled, as a surge of warmth radiated through her body.

“Close your eyes,” Cassidy cooed.

The little girl complied, and Cassidy wrapped both arms around the child’s slender body, drawing Emily into an intimate embrace. She kissed the child again, this time allowing her lips to linger.

Emily let Cassidy do what she wanted, loving the warmth and tenderness of the woman’s mouth on hers. Then, growing more confident, she began to return those kisses, twining her little arms around Cassidy’s waist.

Her excitement now at fever pitch, Cassidy decided to take the kissing to the next level. Letting her mouth open, she brought her tongue into play, lightly grazing Emily’s lower lip. Startled, the child broke away, gazing at Cassidy’s smiling face… then she smiled too, her eyes drifting shut once more, lips parting slightly.

It was a response that Cassidy understood perfectly, and its significance thrilled her. Tilting her head, she kissed Emily again, her tongue slipping into the little girl’s mouth — cautiously at first, so as not to frighten the precious child.

She needn’t have worried though. Emily immediately accepted the young lesbian’s tongue, moaning into the kiss as the realization struck her that yes, this was the way she’d seen grownups doing it on TV and in movies.

Cassidy nearly swooned when Emily’s tongue shyly came forth to engage with hers. She immediately deepened the kiss, inviting the child to respond.

Before another minute had passed, the woman and the girl were kissing like passionate lovers as the others watched, enthralled by the sight. Rachel, who was kneeling next to the kissing couple, started to play with her clit. The sight of Cassidy and her baby girl devouring each other was the hottest thing she’d ever seen, even hotter than the many sexual delights she’d explored with her sister and their new friends.

After another minute or so, Cassidy and Emily finally drifted apart, then broke into gleeful laughter, so happy to have shared that lovely moment. Turning to her mother, Emily noticed right away that Rachel was touching herself. Without a second thought, the child rested a hand on the front of her panties, pressing on the spot that always made her feel so good.

Feeling an uncontrollable hunger, Rachel reached out to touch her daughter’s arm. “I love you, angel,” she said. “Can I kiss you now?”

“Yes, Mommy… please!” said Emily, reaching for her mother. Placing her hand on the back of Emily’s head, Rachel pulled her child into a kiss that immediately became heated — their mouths open, tongues dancing.

Over on the couch, Kim, Katie and Deena were mesmerized by the forbidden spectacle they were witnessing. As they continued to watch the taboo display, Kim and Deena both realized that Katie was squirming around where she sat. She’d also tightened her grip on the ladies’ hands, her breathing a bit more labored. It was obvious that the little one was becoming more and more excited, perhaps even reconsidering her earlier reluctance to join in the lovemaking.

Leaning down, her lips brushing the child’s ear, Deena said in a voice not much louder than a whisper, “Katie, would you like to know a secret?”

Katie turned to look at Deena — as did Kim, who had just barely been able to hear the question. The six-year-old’s face was a mix of excitement and curiosity that made Deena want her even more. “Y-y-yes,” Katie stammered.

“See the lingerie I chose for today? My bra… and my panties…?” Katie had, of course, been paying close attention to Deena all night, especially when she had been stripped down to her lovely, pink undergarments during her rough-and-tumble with Cassidy.

Too overwhelmed to speak, Katie gave a quick nod.

“I wore these just for you, Katie,” Deena said, gazing into the little girl’s eyes. “Because I know you love the color pink, and I wanted you to like what I was wearing.”

Suddenly bashful, Katie ducked her head, then gave her older friend a shy glance. “You look real pretty,” she whispered.

Deena was just about to thank the child for the compliment, when Katie suddenly half-rose to give her a quick kiss on the mouth. Kim, still holding her daughter’s hand, gasped in surprise, while Deena reached up to touch her own lips, gazing in awe at the blushing little girl. Gently freeing her hand from Katie’s, Deena cupped the child’s face, then bent down to place a long, gentle, and terribly romantic kiss on the little girl’s lips.

Katie’s eyes widened in surprise, but instead of pulling away, she leaned into Deena and let the kiss linger. Deena tentatively brought her tongue into play and quickly found the six-year-old eager to learn this new, sexy style of kissing. Before long, Katie’s tongue was fluttering in Deena’s mouth, and the young lesbian was in heaven. It’s finally happening, she marveled. I’ve dreamt of this for so long… it’s even better than I could’ve imagined. 

Watching her little girl swap heated French kisses with a grown woman had Kim’s cunt bubbling like an active volcano, her panties wet enough to wring out. She placed a hand on Katie’s leg and began to softly stroke it, from the top of the girl’s knee up to the edge of her simple white panties, the only thing the child was still wearing. The urge was unbearably strong to give in completely to her desire, to allow her fingers to drift a little higher and touch her daughter’s slit… but Kim wasn’t quite ready to cross that line.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Emily were still lost in their own embrace. Cassidy was stroking their backs,  enraptured by the sight of mother and daughter swapping passionate kisses. Glancing to the couch, she spied Kim, Deena and little Katie caught up in a passionate display of their own. A tiny moan escaped her lips when she realized what was happening. Turning back to Rachel and Emily, she whispered, “Look,” while motioning to the others.

As soon as Emily saw Katie and Deena engaged in a lover’s kiss, she shrieked with delight, clapping her hands several times. The sound broke Katie and Deena out of their kiss, and they looked over just as Emily jumped up from her kneeling position on the floor and darted over to the couch. Wrapping both arms around Katie, Emily dragged her cousin on top of her as they fell to the floor, the young girls coming together in a kiss — playful at first, but growing more passionate with each passing second.

Deena couldn’t believe her good fortune. In her mind she was transported back to Friday night in Kim’s hospital room, when these same little girls had hugged her for the first time. At the time, she’d felt uneasy about her illicit desire for Katie and Emily, but now she understood how natural — how right — those urges had been. Everything that was happening in this moment was absolutely perfect, and the love she felt for little girls had turned out to be a blessing.

The women were riveted to the glorious sight of the girls’ lithe, young bodies entwined on the floor, making out, each stripped down to her panties. Emily was on top, Katie’s hands gripping her cousin’s tight, round bottom, each girl had a thigh pressed between her cousin’s legs. The little ones started to instinctively grind their young pussies onto the other, their tongues flickered back and forth as they continued to kiss.

“My God,” Kim whispered, her lips nearly touching Deena’s ear, “it’s like they’re fucking.”

Deena turned to smile at the beautiful single mom. “They are,” she said, taking Kim’s right nipple between finger and thumb, giving it a playful pinch.

As she watched her daughter and niece enjoy each other, Rachel once again started playing with her pussy. This time, however, she wasn’t satisfied with merely teasing her clit. Her lust was roaring like a furnace and she needed to feel something inside. Rachel had just dipped two fingers into her vagina when she suddenly remembered the collection of sex toys she’d bought earlier that day.

Jumping to her feet, Rachel raced to the hall closet, where she’d stashed the bag of goodies on the top shelf where the girls wouldn’t accidentally find them. When she returned to the group moments later, everyone was watching her — even Katie and Emily, who were resting in each other’s arms, but still lightly grinding their hips against each other. Naturally, Kim knew what was going on, but the others were staring at the plain, brown paper bag in Rachel’s hands, wondering what it held.

Rachel padded over to the far side of the living room, taking a seat on one of the easy chairs. She placed the bag on the floor between the chair and the adjacent couch then said, “Gather round, my lovelies.”

Katie and Emily hurried over to sit down right in front of Rachel. They were holding hands, more than ready for the next new experience that awaited them. The other women arranged themselves in a semicircle behind the girls.

Deena and Cassidy were both a bit confused as to what was happening, and why Rachel had interrupted the girls’ sexy show. “Trust me,” Kim assured them, “this’ll be well worth it,” and gave her new lovers a coy smile.

“Girls,” Rachel began, “we have a present for each of you.” Emily and Katie’s eyes went wide as they watched Rachel lean down, her large breasts swinging freely, and reach into the bag, drawing out two small, cylindrical objects that had been wrapped in silver foil. One was tied with a bright pink bow, the other done in yellow.

It had been Rachel’s plan all along to give these gifts to the girls, but she’d especially wanted to present them at the sleepover, if the evening unfolded as she hoped it would. Now, she was beside herself with anticipation, ready for the girls’ new playthings to become part of the festivities. She was glad that Kim had come up with the bright idea to gift wrap the two items, making them seem even more like a special surprise.

Rachel handed the present with the pink bow to Katie and the one with the yellow bow to Emily. The girls unwrapped their gifts, then studied them, puzzled. Each girl held a six-inch tube of brightly-colored plastic that tapered at one end and had a black knob at the other. Katie’s was hot pink, while Emily’s was a neon yellow. It was obvious from the girls’ reactions that they had no idea what they were holding. Cassidy and Deena, on the other hand, started to laugh. Kim was right, it had been worth the interruption.

“They’re called vibrators,” Rachel told the girls, who had no idea what that meant or what a vibrator was used for. Taking Emily’s toy, Rachel showed the girls how to switch it on by twisting the black knob. Katie and Emily were both taken aback, then amused by the buzzing sound it made, but still didn’t understand what it was used for.

“What is it, Mommy?” Katie asked, looking over her shoulder at Kim’s bemused face.

“We could tell you, but we’d rather show you how these work,” Rachel replied. Katie and Emily exchanged a perplexed look, neither one quite sure what to make of their new toys.

“Okay, stand up, girls.” Rachel said, motioning with her hands for the girls to do so. Katie and Emily got to their feet and Rachel took the vibrators back from them, handing the pink one over to Kim, then turned her attention back to the girls. “Now take your panties off, okay?”

The girls looked at each other and giggled. Both of them might have been shy about getting completely undressed in front of Cassidy and Deena before tonight, but after having kissed their new friends, then each other, there was a giddy mood in the air that neither of them could ignore. Quickly pulling their panties down, Katie and Emily stepped out of them, then stood side by side without moving, putting their bare bodies on display for the grownups.

The room was completely silent as the four women took in the sight of the naked little girls. Of course, Rachel and Kim had seen their daughters in the nude many times over the years, but this was the first glimpse since their minds had been altered, since they need to have sex with young girls had permeated their very souls. Cassidy and Deena, on the other hand, had only been able to fantasize about this moment up until now. Neither was disappointed.

All four women exchanged knowing, hungry looks. They could see where this was headed, and wanted to be prepared for anything to happen. Cassidy and Deena quickly slipped off their bras and panties, tossing them to the corners of the room. Kim, on the other hand, had to be far more careful with her custom-made lingerie.

Her lovers moved to assist, Cassidy standing behind Kim while Deena knelt at her side. They each placed delicate kisses along various parts of Kim’s body as they helped her remove her bra and panties. The delicate pieces were folded with care and placed on a nearby bookshelf so that the pearls that adorned them wouldn’t accidentally be trod upon over the next few hours.

Women and girls alike took a moment to admire the naked bodies that were now on display. Light kisses were exchanged, caresses too. Soon they were all giggling like schoolgirls, the excitement level through the roof.

“Are you girls ready to learn something new?” Rachel asked.

“Yes!” Emily cried, while Katie nodded vigorously.

“Hmmm, let’s see,” Rachel murmured. She glanced around the room, then smiled. “Cassidy, Deena… I need you two to sit on the floor with your backs against the couch. Now spread your legs apart, nice and wide… you’re each going to have someone sitting between them.”

Once the women were seated with their thighs apart, Rachel turned to Emily and Katie. “Okay, girls,” she said, pointing at the spaces between Deena’s and Cassidy’s legs. “That’s where you sit.”

The girls eagerly took their places — Katie choosing Deena, Emily going with Cassidy — and nestled in close, resting back against the women’s breasts.

Katie twisted her head around to gaze up at Deena. “Your hair makes my bottom feel tickly,” she declared, wriggling her tight little rump against the neatly shaved patch of pubic hair above Deena’s vulva.

“Well, your bottom feels amazing against my pussy,” Deena replied, her voice thickened by lust as she bent to nuzzle Katie’s neck. The little girl let out a small giggle.

Emily had both legs stretched out before her, but Rachel shook her head. “Knees up, sweetie.” The child arranged herself to match her cousin’s posture, feet flat on the floor, knees bent. Cassidy and Deena then grasped the girls’ knees and spread their legs even further apart revealing their immature pussies to Rachel and Kim.

Kim drew close to her daughter, her eyes sparkling with mingled love and desire. “Mommy’s gonna make you feel good now, baby girl,” she cooed, glancing from Katie’s awed face to the child’s exposed sex. Katie slowly nodded, enthralled by the hungry look that her Mommy was giving her.

Rachel and Kim were now kneeling before their daughters, each holding one of the girls’ new sex toys. As if on cue, the sisters twisted the knobs on the vibrators, then set to work teaching Katie and Emily about the pleasures their bodies were capable of experiencing.

They started by teasing the girls a bit, running the vibrators along the girls’ legs and around their bellies and chests, buzzing their cute little nipples — but never quite touching the girls’ most intimate areas.

Emily, who was quite ticklish in general, fought to keep from laughing, but little giggles kept escaping her lips. As she squirmed about, Cassidy could feel Emily’s ass rubbing against her clit. The sensation was divine, and Cassidy let her head tilt back and eyes close as she savored it.

She was snapped out of her reverie, however,  when she heard Katie cry out. Cassidy looked over and saw that Kim had spread Katie’s labia apart with one hand, exposing the little girl’s tiny clitoris. The tip of the vibrator was pressed against the child’s love button, causing her to squeal and thrash about. Deena was holding the little girl steady, cooing gentle words of encouragement. “That’s it, honey. Let your mommy make love to you.”

Not to be outdone by her little sister, Rachel began her own ministrations on her daughter’s equally exposed clit, but Emily’s reaction was quite a bit different from that of her cousin. The girl went still and silent, and Rachel realized that she was holding her breath. As she continued to trace small circles around her daughter’s small but highly sensitive nubbin of flesh, Emily started to quiver. After another thirty seconds, the girl let out a huge moan and started to buck her hips. Cassidy held Emily still while Rachel kept the vibrator in place, pressed firmly against the child’s sweet little clit. They were determined to make sure that Emily learned what it was to experience an orgasm.

“Oh baby, you’re doing so good,” Rachel said to her little girl, her voice choked with desire “Mommy is so proud of you.”

Kim was pleasuring Katie in a similar fashion when she noticed a small drop of clear liquid trickle from the girl’s vagina, slowly rolling down past her rosebud and onto the bedding below. The sight hit Kim like a shot of raw liquor, suffusing her body with its heat.

It was all too much to resist. Caught up in her own desire, acting purely on instinct, Kim made the move she’d been fantasizing about. Still holding the vibrator to Katie’s clitoris, she leaned in and licked around the outside of Katie’s vagina, from where the juice had escaped. Katie let out a startled gasp that trailed off into a moan and Kim responded by licking along the entire length of Katie’s slit.

“Oh my God, yes,” Deena breathed. “Lick her. Lick your little girl’s pussy.”

Looking up, Kim made eye contact with Deena. The connection was immediate, no words were needed. Kim handed the vibrator to Deena, then got down on her belly, lying with her face between Katie’s legs. Using both hands, she tenderly spread her child’s vagina wide open and gave it a long, slow lick. The sharp, tangy taste of her little girl was incredible; it made her head swim. She took another dozen or so licks, then fastened her lips to Katie’s clit and began suck on the small bud.

The child’s response was immediate. She shivered and shook, almost violently, but Deena used her left arm to keep the little girl in place. The vibrator was in Deena’s right hand, and she was using the buzzing tip of the toy to tease Katie’s tiny pink nipples.

Katie let out a small moan and tried to say something, but words failed the child as her tiny body continued to tremble. Still nursing at her daughter’s clit, Kim began using the tip of her finger to gently tease the entrance of Katie’s vagina, causing the girl to push her hips forward, as if seeking out more of this pleasurable sensation. She wants me to fuck her, Kim realized. My little girl wants to be fucked by Mommy. The idea was enormous, too much for her mind to take in.

Kim was tempted to do just that, to insert a finger into her daughter’s vagina, but she knew that Katie was far too young to be fully penetrated. Instead, Kim chose to refocus her efforts on Katie’s clit, flicking it with the tip of her tongue. She paused briefly to glance up, feeling a rush of mingled love and lust when she made eye contact with her child. Katie’s eyes were glazed with pleasure, and Kim knew that her little girl wanted more than anything for the good feelings to keep coming.

Meanwhile, Rachel was concentrating on giving Emily an orgasm with the vibrator, but she couldn’t help noticing what Kim was doing to Katie — and how much the child loved it. The sight of her sister going down on the six-year-old had Rachel’s cunt dripping down her inner thighs. She had never been more turned on in her life.

It was time to take this even further, to truly make little Emily her lover.

Rachel turned off the vibrator and set it aside. A distressed look crossed Emily’s face, the little girl’s eyes asking why. Rather than answer, Rachel leaned in to claim her daughter’s mouth in a hungry kiss, driving all other thoughts from Emily’s mind. All that mattered was the softness of Mommy’s lips, the sweet surprise of her tongue.

After a moment, Rachel grabbed her daughter under her arms, pulling her up and away from Cassidy. She then fell backwards onto a thick quilt spread out on the living room floor, bringing a squealing Emily along. Mother and daughter continued to swap deep kisses once they settled down, Emily’s small body spread out on top of her mommy’s womanly frame. As they kissed, Rachel slid her hands down to fondle her eight-year-old’s bare bottom.

Since Cassidy no longer held Emily, the young lesbian had to amuse herself. She leaned over and grabbed the paper bag that Rachel brought in, the one that had contained the girls’ vibrators. Dumping its contents onto the couch she was leaning against, Cassidy couldn’t help but giggle at what she saw. There were a dozen or so dildos and sex toys of various shapes, sizes and colors, along with two large bottles of lube.

Cassidy quickly selected a dildo that was about eight inches long with a narrow girth, molded from soft black rubber. It was covered with an array of differently sized bumps and nodules along the shaft that she knew would feel amazing against the walls of her vagina. Coating the toy with a generous amount of lube, Cassidy positioned the head of the dildo at the entrance of her hole, then with one long stroke, took nearly the entire length inside. A loud moan escaped her lips — everyone else stopped what they were doing to look over at her.

The heat that had been steadily building inside Cassidy was suddenly released as she began to rapidly fuck herself with the dildo. It felt every bit as incredible as she’d suspected, and as she plunged the slippery rubber prick in and out, a rapid stream of obscenities and dirty talk flowed from her.

“Oh, fuck yes… s-so fucking good… so d-deep in my cunt… Jesus, I’m so, so fucking wet… FUCK!”

Looking over at Deena, Kim and Katie, dazed by the sight of her lovers and a little girl in the midst of lesbian incest and pedophilia, Cassidy started to fuck herself faster, driving the dildo deeper than she’d ever been penetrated before.

She made eye contact with Kim, who was still nibbling and sucking on her daughter’s clit. “Lick her,” Cassidy said, her tone gentle but insistent, with just a touch of envy. “Lick your little girl’s cunt. Drink her sweet juices… make her come in your mouth.”

Kim wanted to see the young blonde get herself off, but she felt an overwhelming urge to taste Katie again, a need that was much too powerful to deny. Dipping her head between her daughter’s thighs, Kim licked the child’s smooth slit with a renewed vigor.

Kim’s head swam at the realization that Cassidy, accidentally or not, had just used the power of suggestion to fuel her incestuous hunger to even greater heights. The implication might have been troubling, but Kim was too caught up in her overwhelming passion for Katie to care. At that moment, she loved her child more than she ever had, and she was determined to make the little girl scream with pleasure.

Katie’s eyes were fixed on Cassidy’s pussy, watching her grownup friend plunging the dildo in and out of her juicy cunt. That was exciting enough, but what thrilled the six-year-old even more was getting licked by Mommy down there, in her special place.

When Emily had told her about seeing Deena and Cassidy doing the same thing to their Mommies the other night, Katie hadn’t believed her cousin, at first. Why on earth would you let someone do that? But now that it was happening to her, Katie understood why. ‘Cause it feels so good, she told herself. It’s the best feeling ever. 

Suddenly, Katie’s eyes widened and a moan escaped her mouth as she felt something new — Mommy’s tongue slipping inside her. A delightful shiver rippled through the child, and she started to rock her hips, helping Mommy explore her little pussy with that warm, wet and oh-so-willing tongue.

Sensing that Cassidy was looking her way. Deena turned to meet the pleasure-glazed eyes of her lover. She had seen Cassidy in highly aroused states many times before, but never like this. The vivacious young lesbian was wild and ravenous, her body radiating heat.

“Kiss me,” Cassidy demanded.

Their tongues met first, then their mouths smashed together as they exchanged one of the most fiery kisses they’d ever shared. Finally drawing apart, the two lovers gazed deep into each other’s souls, smiling at what they saw. Deena knew exactly what Cassidy needed at that moment, and it was something she was more than happy to give.

Wrapping her right arm around Katie’s chest, Deena held the girl close. With her left hand, she reached down to take control of Cassidy’s dildo. Once the slippery toy was firmly in her grasp, Deena started to jackhammer it in and out of her lover, penetrating her to the hilt with each stroke. Soon, a frothy foam had collected around the entrance of Cassidy’s pussy, tiny flecks of cream landing on her thighs and Deena’s hand as the ferocious assault on her overheating cunt continued unabated. Cassidy loved it.

“Oh fuck yes, baby… I’m gonna come… gonna c-come… aaah… aah… ah… oh, fuck… YES!” After that, words failed her. She was only able to moan and wail, lost in the sweet chaos of orgasm.

Rachel and Emily had paused their lustful kissing, distracted by this erotic display. The sight of Cassidy’s climax stoked Rachel’s lust even higher, leaving her with an all-consuming hunger for pussy that couldn’t be ignored. Rachel needed to taste her daughter, then and there!

Luckily, Emily was still in her arms, the child watching Cassidy over her shoulder, transfixed by the lewd scene. Rachel grabbed Emily’s waist and turned the girl around so that she was now facing Cassidy. She then pulled the child towards her so that her daughter’s sweet little slit was almost brushing her lips. Rachel started licking around Emily’s vulva, causing the girl to giggle, “Mommy, that tickles.” After a minute or so of teasing, Rachel grasped Emily’s tight little bottom with both hands and started to eat the girl’s cunt properly, like a lover.

Just a few feet away, Katie was lost in her own world of carnal pleasure. As Kim continued licking the girl’s private place, Katie could feel an odd sensation starting to bubble up from inside. The little girl had never felt anything like it, but before she could even try to comprehend what was happening, the sound of Cassidy’s orgasm flipped a switch in her, and suddenly those good feelings between her legs and inside her tummy began to spread throughout her whole body.

“Mommy!” Katie cried out as the first orgasm of her life overtook her senses. “M-Mommy… It feels… it feels… unhhh… OHHHHH!”

Deena instantly realized that Katie was coming, so she tilted the child’s head back and kissed her luscious little mouth as the little girl rode out the incredible sensations that were rocking her body. Kim also realized what was happening and continued to suck on Katie’s clit, hoping to prolong her daughter’s ecstasy for as long as possible.

After nearly a full minute, Katie’s cries and moans began to diminish as her orgasm subsided. Her tiny body shivered one last time then she slumped limply against Deena’s breasts. Parting from her child’s slit with one last kiss, Kim glanced up to see Katie and Deena, both smiling at her. Katie was somewhat dazed by the experience, but Deena was beaming, happy to have helped give this lovely little girl her very first orgasm.

Deena then motioned for Kim to come closer, eager for a taste of the young mother’s lips. A small amount of Katie’s essence had been released as she orgasmed, so as the new lovers kissed, Deena got her first sample of the child’s sweet juices. It was heavenly.

On to Chapter Twelve!



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