Birds In Flight, Chapter 7

  • Posted on April 16, 2021 at 3:32 pm

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By Girl Lover

Down the hall, Mabel was about to fall asleep when she heard the door open. Turning on the lamp, she was surprised to see Emma and Madison poking their heads in. “What is it?”

“Can we sleep with you?” Emma asked.

“It’s too scary in there,” Madison explained, “We keep hearing these scratchy noises.”

“Oh, those are just squirrels in the attic,” Mabel explained, but the girls did seem to be genuinely spooked, so she patted the bed. “Okay, get in.”

The girls scampered over and jumped into her bed, pulling the blanket over them. The girls snuggled up tightly against her, and soon they all fell asleep.


Mabel opened her eyes. Something was touching her. With the new day’s sunlight coming through the window, she glanced about and saw that both the girls were toying with her breasts through the nightgown she wore. Shocked, she exclaimed, “What are you girls doing?”

They quickly withdrew their hands, pouting a bit. Not wanting to injure their feelings but still curious, Mabel asked, “Girls…?”

Emma spoke up first “We didn’t mean nothing.”

“We’re sorry,” Madison echoed in her own sad voice.

“Now, girls…” Mabel tried to reassure them, “I’m not angry, just a mite confused is all. Why were you…” She paused, deciding not to pursue the matter. “Well, since you’re all so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, what say we get some breakfast going?”

Loving the idea, the girls jumped out of bed and raced back to their room to shower and get dressed. Mabel did the same, then made her way downstairs to meet the girls in the kitchen. Before very long, breakfast was on the table. Jill and Linda joined them, and they all tucked in.

While they ate, Jill kept noticing Emma and Madison stealing peeks at Mabel every now and then, particularly when she bent over, then giving each other mysterious smiles. Aha, she thought. Very interesting. 

Later as Jill and Mabel sat on the back porch, watching the younger girls play, Jill said, “Yknow, Gramma… I think that Emma and Madison have a crush on you.”

Mabel stared at her granddaughter. “Jill! Where on earth would you get a crazy notion like that?”

“From the way that they were staring at you during breakfast. They were checking out your boobs… and your bottom.”

“Now, Jill, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. They’re just children! Those girls are much too young to be having those kinds of thoughts.”

Jill had to smile at that. “Well, the thing is… they’ve already had sex with each other.”

“What?” Mabel’s eyes narrowed. “If that’s some kind of joke, young lady, it’s not very funny.”

“I’m not joking, Gramma. I saw them doing it. Linda, too.”

“G-good grief!” the older woman exclaimed. “How did such a thing happen?”

“It’s sort of my fault,” Jill replied, looking sheepish. “One night before we found Madison, Linda and I were in bed together, and, uh… well, I got kinda, um, excited, and I really wanted to have sex with her. So I did. Now, I thought Emma was asleep, but it turned out she wasn’t. She watched us doing it — and the next day, she had a ton of questions about how girls have sex.”

“Oh, my. So what did you tell her?”

“The truth,” Jill answered with a shrug. “She already knew me and her sister were lovers. I didn’t want to lie about it.” She thought it best not to mention how she’d actually explained lesbian sex to the seven-year-old by making love to her… and how Linda had helped out, teaching her younger sibling how to French kiss. “Anyhow, I guess Emma wanted to try it out herself… and when Linda and I woke up yesterday morning, we caught her really going at it with Madison. They seemed to love it, too.”

“Um, I see. But you say that — that the girls might be thinking that way about me?”

“Why shouldn’t they?” Jill replied. “You’re still a lovely lady.” She watched Emma and Madison take turns doing somersaults. “And I’m pretty sure that those two have made up their mind to be lesbians.” She paused. “Gramma, have you ever been with another woman?”

Mabel sighed. “No, child. But… when I was a girl, I — I was in love with a friend of mine.”

“Did you ever let her know?”

“Oh, my, no! Not in those days. I’d never have dared.” She shook her head, suddenly melancholy. “You know, I never loved anyone the way I did her. N-not even your grandfather.” Her eyes were filled with tears. “You’re the only person I’ve ever told that to, after all th-this time…”

Jill moved closer to the woman, wrapped both arms around her. “Maybe you ought to let Emma and Madison sleep with you again tonight, Gramma.”

“But they’re children, Jill!”

“So is Linda, practically,” the teen said. “And she’s the love of my life. Age doesn’t matter, not that much. If the girls want you to be with them that way, it’s not wrong. Honestly, you should have seen them in bed at the motel yesterday morning. They might be able to teach you a few things, if you’d let them.”

Mabel remembered watching Madison and Emma while they were swimming, running around in nothing but wet panties. The twinge of warmth she’d felt at the sight. “I… I don’t know…”

“A lot of kids have crushes on grownups,” Jill insisted. “They’re just looking for someone to love… and who will love them in return.”

Mabel thought about that. “I’ve been alone for so long, I don’t know if I want to be in a relationship again.”

“Everyone needs a companion. To keep them company and to share life with.”

“Well, I have you girls to keep me company.”

Jill shook her head. “Having friends isn’t the same as having someone special to be with. To love.”

They continued watching the girls play as Mabel thought about how long she had been a widow. Discovering that someone had a crush on her after all these years was unsettling, especially when that crush came in the form of two lovely little girls. Mabel was used to being on her own, though she had to admit that sometimes, the nights did get rather lonely.

Now that her house was no longer empty, what would it be like to share a bed with someone? To make love again?

“I have to — to think about this,” Mabel said, then scowled at her granddaughter. “I ought to take you over my knee, young lady… putting these kinds of ideas in my head!”

Jill only smiled. “Those ideas were already there, Gramma… I just helped you find them.” Leaning over to give Mabel a kiss on the cheek, she got up, went down the porch stairs and made her way out into the field to join the girls in their play.


Morning turned to afternoon. Around 2 PM, Mabel told Jill, “I need to go into town to pick up groceries, then I’m going to visit a friend. I won’t be gone long.”

She got into her old pickup, started it up, and set off to the supermarket, the only one in the county. There she picked up a week’s supply of groceries, enough to require help getting the bags loaded in the truck. She now had four extra mouths to feed after all.

That task accomplished, she drove to the other side of town, finally parking outside a large building that resembled an old two-story hotel. A faded sign read, OAK CREEK RETIREMENT HOME. Making her way inside, she greeted the receptionist at the front desk, an older woman with thick glasses and snow-white hair. “Afternoon, Gladys.”

The woman greeted her with a cheerful nod. “How are you, Mabel?”

“Good, good. Granddaughter and some friends of hers are visiting. How’s Ellen doing?”

Gladys shook her head sadly. “Not too good. She just seems to have lost the will.” Rising from her chair, she accompanied Mabel down the long hall, past the many doors that lined the corridor. Some of the doors were open, and a few of the elderly people inside said hello to Mabel as they passed by.

“Nearly everyone here gets visits from their family. You can see for yourself how much it means to them. But you’re the only one left who visits Ellen. Her family never comes by. She keeps asking me if her son has come to visit, and it just breaks my heart to have to tell her no. But now you’re here… hopefully, that’ll cheer her up some.”

They stood before Ellen’s door. It was open, but unlike most of the other rooms, it was utterly silent. Over by the window, an elderly woman sat in a rocking chair, covered with a shawl. “Ellen?” Gladys called out, “you’ve got a visitor today! Isn’t that nice?”

Mabel stepped in, “Ellen?”

Hearing her name, the old woman called out in a frail voice, “Michael, is that you?”

Mabel walked over to sit on the bed beside her old friend, taking her hand, “Hello, Ellen. It’s me, Mabel.”

Ellen slowly nodded. “Mabel! I thought it might be…” She sighed, “I’m so glad you came. My family has forgotten all about me, but you still remember.” Her voice dropped, grew mournful. “No one else comes, not ever. Sometimes… sometimes I wonder what’s the point of living, if it means that you’re all alone.”

“You’re not alone,” Mabel told her, “You have friends here. And there’s me.”

“It’s not the same as having someone special in your life. To share moments with. To hold you at night so you don’t feel lonesome.” Ellen squeezed her hand, “Cherish your family, Mabel. Savor every moment you have with them, because you don’t want to be alone. You don’t know what it’s like to be alone. To have no one.”

Mabel replied quietly, “I think I do know, Ellen. I’ve lived on my own for a few years, after all.”

“No… no, you don’t, Mabel.”

Later, as Mabel drove back to the house, Ellen’s words echoed in her head. You don’t know what it’s like to be alone. To have no one.


When Mabel returned, she stepped out of the truck to find two enchanting little girls waiting for her.

“What’d you get?!” Emma squealed.

“Yeah,” Madison echoed, “What’d you get?!”

Oh, I stocked up on food. I’ve got a houseful of hungry girls, after all!” She touched Emma’s shoulder. “Tell you what. If you both help me bring in the bags of groceries, I might just have a nice surprise for you.”

“Ooooh, yeah!” Madison cried. “I like surprises!”

“Me too,” Emma declared, and just like that, the girls eagerly set to work — not only bringing the bags inside, but helping Mabel put everything away.

“Thank you, girls,” Mabel said when they were done. “You did a marvelous job. Now, go back out to the truck and look for another bag on the passenger seat. That’s your surprise. Wait until you get back before looking inside, though.”

“Yayyyy!” the girls shrieked, racing outside. A moment later they returned, carrying the bag between them. Setting it on the oaken coffee table, they practically dove inside, jumping up and down when they emerged with the contents: a batch of new clothes Mabel had picked up: pants, shirts, shorts, t-shirts, socks and underwear.

To her surprise, Madison and Emma immediately began to undress, stripping down until they were naked, then started trying on their new things. Mabel grew flustered at the sight, especially after the conversation she’d had earlier with Jill, and retreated to the kitchen to get an early start on supper.

She couldn’t stop thinking about the girls, though, recalling what Jill had told her: I think that Emma and Madison have a crush on you.

For the first time, she began to seriously consider what it would be like to take a little girl as a lover. She thought about Jill and ten-year-old Linda; how blissfully happy they were. She recalled her childhood friend Esther, and the helpless adoration she’d felt for the girl when they were second graders. I actually wanted to marry her… a silly kid’s dream, or so I always thought. But what if we’d actually been lovers?

It had fallen silent in the living room, so Mabel peered around the door to see what the girls were up to. Emma and Madison were hugging, their arms wrapped around one another, twisting from side to side. Madison was naked but for one of the new t-shirts, and Emma wore a tank top and panties.

Fascinated, Mabel watched the girls until they broke apart in a burst of giggles. Spotting Mabel looking at them from the kitchen, Emma raced over to her, Madison close behind. “Gramma?” Emma asked. “Can you read us a story?”

“Tell you what, girls. Take your new clothes upstairs, and when you come back down, I’ll read to you.”

With a hearty cheer, the youngsters hastened to snatch up their clothes, then thundered up the stairs. Still feeling a bit shaken, Mabel went back to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine, which she gulped down.

A few minutes later,, Mabel was in her recliner reading to Emma and Madison. The girls were snuggled in her lap, side by side. Their hands were casually draped on her chest, and though they were mostly focused on the story, their hands absentmindedly stroked her breasts through her blouse as if they were casually petting a cat.

Before long, Mabel was having trouble focusing on the story, though the little ones didn’t seem to notice.. Jill and Linda passed by, and Jill gave Mabel a knowing smile when she saw what the two seven-year-olds were up to.

Mabel was still uneasy about her growing interest in these little girls, though not as much as before. She couldn’t deny that it was very nice to be touched in such a lovely way. How long had it been since anyone had shown her such loving attention? And somehow, being caressed by these adorable children made the experience even more satisfying. In a peculiar way, it reminded her of being a mother, an experience she hadn’t thought about for ages.

She paused in her reading, thought for a bit, then asked the girls quietly, “Would you two like to sleep with me again tonight?”

Both girls nodded vigorously. Madison squealed, “Yes, please!”

“Yeah, we liked that a lot!” Emma added. “You got a nicer room, too.”

Encouraged by the girls’ excitement, Mabel continued, “Y’know, sometimes it gets rather warm in my bedroom at night… and sometimes, I… well,  I prefer to sleep naked. Would that be okay with you?”

No reply was needed. The expressions of delight on the girls’ faces assured Mabel that this was more than okay with them.

“Can we sleep naked too?” Madison asked in a quiet, hopeful voice.

“If you want to,” Mabel replied.

“Could… could we maybe, uh… touch you? Y’know… when we’re all in bed with no clothes on?” Emma ventured.

Mabel’s heart was thudding in her chest. This is it, she told herself. The moment of truth. Are you really going to allow this?

Closing her eyes, she whispered, “I think that… yes, I would like that.”

“We can show you how to have sex,” Emma continued

Madison added, “It’s way fun, too. You’ll like it.”

Amused despite her nervousness, Mabel replied, “Okay.”

“It feels really… really good,” Madison assured her.

“All right, let’s get back to the story,” Mabel told them, as well as herself.

After the story was done and the girls were outside playing, she made her way upstairs to the spare room she’d given Emma and Madison. Delving into the battered dresser that had belonged to her daughter, she gathered up the few articles of clothing the girls had come with, picked up the bag of new things, then carried everything down the hall to her own bedroom, where she put everything away in the massive chest of drawers that had been in her family since the Coolidge administration.

Just as Mabel was folding pairs of little-girl underpants, Jill happened to pass by. She paused in mid-step, then watched her grandmother — wearing a wry smile, much to Mabel’s embarrassment.

“What’cha doing, Gramma?” Jill asked, though that smile and the tone of her voice made it crystal clear that she knew exactly what Mabel was up to.

Her face growing warm, Mabel replied, “Oh… Emma and Madison don’t seem to be too comfortable in their bedroom, so I thought… um… that…”

“So you’re moving them in here? Interesting.” She noticed something draped across the back of a chair. Picking it up, she held it up, revealing a skimpy, see-through negligee. “Why, Gramma,” she asked, “why would you have something like this? Will you be wearing it tonight?”

Now Mabel’s cheeks were flushed a bright red. She snatched the nightie out of Jill’s hand. “That’s… it’s just something I would wear when I wanted to feel pretty.”

Still smiling, Jill shook her head. “My goodness, Gramma… you only just found out about Emma and Madison being gay this morning! They’re really getting to you, aren’t they?”

“Jill!” Mabel protested. “Don’t tease me. I’m… I’m still confused about these feelings.” She sighed. “They’re so young, but so very sweet, too… and I must admit, it is nice to have someone want me that way.”

Jill said, taking Mabel’s hands in hers. “It’s a chance at love, Gramma. You shouldn’t pass that up.” With a sheepish grin, she added, “Sorry I made fun of you. Honestly, I’m really happy knowing that you might have such wonderful girls for lovers. I know what an awful thing it is to be alone.” She kissed her grandmother’s cheek, whispering, “Go, Gramma… seek happy nights to happy days.”


Later that night, Jill and Linda were working on a jigsaw puzzle while Mabel was seated in the recliner, Emma and Madison cuddling in her lap. Putting her magazine down, Mabel bent to whisper something to the girls, who then jumped up excitedly and ran up the stairs, Mabel following close behind.

Linda glanced up, “What was that all about?”

Fitting a puzzle piece in, Jill casually replied, “Oh, they’re going to be sleeping with Gramma from now on.”

Linda’s eyes narrowed. “What do you mean, sleeping with her?”

Jill grinned. “The same way that we sleep together, silly.”

Linda drew in her breath. “Wait. You mean…they’re going to have sex?!”


“My sister… and Madison? With your grandmother?”

“Yep.” Jill fitted another piece in. “The girls really like her. And I caught them checking out her tits quite a few times.”

Linda found herself wondering about what was going on in Mabel’s room right then, surprised to find herself aroused by the thought.


As a very excited Madison and Emma began to remove their clothes, dropping them on the floor, Mabel picked up her negligee from the back of the chair and headed into the bathroom, telling the girls, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

As she undressed, Mabel kept telling herself how crazy this was. What would her late husband think if he could see what she was up to? Her daughter? Her friends in town?

Slipping into the negligee, she studied at her barely-covered body in the mirror and sighed. At least it still fits, she told herself. It had been over twenty years since she had worn it, an anniversary gift from her late husband. Back then, she had no qualms about wearing such provocative lingerie, but her body wasn’t as firm as it used to be, especially her breasts. ‘Still, the girls think I’m attractive, and that’s all that matters.

Turning out the light, Mabel stepped out of the bathroom. The bedside lamp cast a soft glow about the room as she padded over to the bed. The girls, grinning gleefully, were sitting on the bed naked, and upon seeing Mabel in her skimpy, see-through nightgown, they were practically bouncing with excitement.

Mabel climbed into the bed, lying on top of the blankets. Emma and Madison exchanged a glance, then hesitated, unsure what to do next.

For a good minute, no one moved or spoke. Deciding to break the silence, Mabel said, “Come over here, girls,” patting the bed on either side. The girls shuffled over to sit beside her, but they remained quiet.

Licking her lips nervously, Mabel touched the front of her nightie “Should I take this off?”

Both girls slowly nodded, totally fixated on her. Mabel pulled up her nightgown and cast it aside, releasing her large breasts so that they hung down, to the gasps of both girls.

“C-can you…” Emma said breathlessly, “…can you get on your hands and knees?”

Now as naked as the children, Mabel rolled over and positioned herself on all fours.

“Omigod” Emma blurted out, and a tiny whimper escaped Madison’s lips. After another moment of stunned silence, sweet little Madison stuttered, “Can… can… can…” She paused, swallowed, then managed to continue “…can you kinda make your boobies… move around?”

Mabel had to smile. Even when exploring sex, they’re still innocent little girls, she thought. It’s not dirty to them. More like a fun game to play. Then again, isn’t that a healthier attitude than most adults take?

She rocked back and forth, causing her breasts to sway. The girls giggled and nudged one another, but made no attempt to touch her. By then, though, Mabel wanted to be touched.

Realizing that she would have to make the first move, Mabel gently took a hand of each girl — Emma’s first, then Madison’s — placing each one on a bare breast. She felt Emma’s fingers slowly open, cupping it, while Madison hesitated . Reaching out to caress the shy little girl’s cheek, Mabel whispered, “It’s okay, Maddie. You can touch me all you want.”

Soon enough, the girls were having a lovely time with Mabel’s breasts —  squeezing, fondling, rolling, even pressing their faces into them. Emma then got the bright idea of lifting a breast in her hands and dropping it, watching with great pleasure as it smacked loudly against Mabel’s belly. Madison joined in Emma’s game,  and soon they were dropping Mabel’s breasts on their hands and even their heads.

Mabel enjoyed this, but wanted something that was more like sex. She finally said, “I have an idea. How ‘bout we play mommy and babies? I’ll be the mommy and you two will be little ones. Do you know how a mommy feeds her babies?” The girls shook their heads. “They drink from their mommy’s breasts. Come, lay your heads down in my lap and I’ll show you.”

The girls quickly turned around and laid down on their backs with their heads on Mabel’s thighs, looking up at her expectantly. She guided a nipple into each of their open mouths and they began slurping away.

“My my, such hungry little babies,” she cooed over them, stroking their cheeks. The girls giggled at this and kept suckling as she leaned back, rubbing their chests and sighing in contentment. She was glad that she decided to let this happen, never imagining that sex with little girls would be this good.

After several minutes, Madison sat up, stating, “I want to play with your pee-pee.”

“That’s what little kids call it!” Emma said, frowning at Madison. “Big girls say ‘pussy’.”

“Okay, okay,” Madison sighed, rolling her eyes, then she gave Mabel a beseeching look. “Please, Gramma, can I play with your pussy?”

“Oh, me too!” Emma quickly chimed in.

“I… I think I’d like that very much,” Mabel said, slowly parting her thighs.

As they settled in between the woman’s legs, they began pulling her lips apart and poking their fingers inside, oohing and ahhing the entire time.

It was a little too rough for Mabel. “Gently, gently. Here let me help.” She spread her labia open so that the girls had a good view of the interior of her vagina. “Remember now, it’s very sensitive down there. Use a light touch — don’t be rough. Oh, and if you want to, you can lick it.” She paused, studying the girls. “Have either of you done that before?”

“We licked each other!” Madison exclaimed proudly, wrapping an arm around her new sister.

“I did it to Jill once,” Emma said. “She put syrup on hers first, so it tasted extra good.”

Madison’s eyes lit up. “Ooh… can you put syrup on yours, Gramma?”

“I don’t see why not,” Mabel replied. Getting out of bed, she grabbed a bathrobe from the closet and slipped it on. “I’ll get some from the kitchen.”

She quickly darted out to the kitchen, grabbed the bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s from the pantry, then hurried back, trying her best to hide the syrup from Jill and Linda, who were still working the puzzle.

“What’s that you’ve got there, Gramma?” Jill teased, knowing very well what it was.

“Nothing!” Mabel replied, feeling flustered.

Back in her room, she slipped off the bathrobe, climbing back in the bed. Popping open the top of the bottle, she poured a little syrup onto her pussy, smearing it around with a finger.

“There you go,” she told Emma and Madison. “Help yourselves.”

Both girls moved in and began to lick, feasting on the sticky sweetness between Mabel’s legs. As the girls licked it all off, she would dribble a little more on until soon their mouths were coated a caramel color.

Those busy tongues amazed Mabel, creating all sorts of sensations that she’d quite forgotten about. Even better than that was their enthusiasm. The slurping noises and constant giggling enchanted her, also adding to the moment.

Emma kept interrupting her licking to touch Mabel’s breasts until, unable to resist, she scooted up to sit beside the older woman, feeling her up. Amused, Mabel watched as the child kneaded her breasts as if they were large wads of dough. At least she’s not squeezing them too hard.

Madison, meanwhile, continued to lick Mabel’s pussy, a curious, rather comical look on her face as she explored the intimate area with mouth and tongue, furrowing her brow in earnest effort.

It felt lovely, but the child’s attempt at giving oral lacked focus, too scattershot to provide the stimulation that Mahel craved. “Maddie, sweetheart,” she began, “can you rub me right here?” She touched her clitoris.

“This little bumpy thing?” Madison asked in her cute little voice.

“That’s right.”

“Oh, sure. Emma has one, too… she likes when I lick her there.”

Madison caressed the inflamed bud, and  Mabel closed her eyes. A delicious shiver raced through her frame, then she heard Madison ask, “What happened? Did you get the good feeling?”

Mabel had to smile at that. “I’m getting there, If you keep doing that, I will for sure.”

Madison continued to rub Mabel’s clit, asking every now and then, “Does it feel good?” or “Is it happening yet?” Hearing her sweet voice and watching Emma fondle her breasts, Mabel began to get a feeling that she hadn’t experienced in a long time. Something she’d only felt with her husband, back when he was a much younger man. She tried to stay quiet, but a small groan escaped her lips.

Then she heard Madison say, “Oh, wow. Are you peeing?”

As she was getting her breath back, Mabel quickly answered, “No.” Slightly embarrassed, she added, “That’s just something that happens when I feel really good.”

“You pee when you feel good?”

With a sigh, Mabel attempted to explain “It’s not pee. It’s… a liquid that comes out of me when I have… well, remember when you asked me if I’d had the good feeling? That’s when it happens.”

“Did you like it?” Madison asked, her finger still moving across Mabel’s clit.

“Yes, I did… very much.” She playfully mussed the child’s hair — then gasped as another fierce twinge of pleasure shot through her. Oh, my goodness, am I going to…

Mabel groaned loudly, shaking all over as she came a second time. Panting for breath, she  heard Madison say, “There’s more pee coming outta you.”

“It — it’s not pee,” Mabel managed to say.

This got Emma’s attention, causing her to peek over to see what was going on. “Cool! It’s all over your hand,” she told Madison, then turned to Mabel. “You made a big ol’ wet spot on the bed.” She giggled.

Still out of breath, Mabel mumbled, “…Oh, I’ll wash the sheet… in the morning.” She gripped the sheets tightly in her hands as she felt herself building up to another orgasm, brought on by Madison’s busy fingers. This time, instead of a trickle of fluid running down her thigh, a brief stream squirted from her vagina, hitting Madison square in the face. The child stared at Mabel’s pussy, her mouth hanging open.

Emma burst out laughing, “Omigod! She peed on your face!” She clambered over Mabel’s leg, squealing, “Do it to me, Gramma — do it to me!”

Eager to comply, Madison furiously rubbed Mabel’s clit, releasing another squirt — this one jetted onto Emma’s chest. “Do it again!” Emma cried, and Madison kept rubbing. A third, smaller gush came out, puddling on the bed as Mabel continued to shiver through her third orgasm.

“Stop! Stop!” Mabel choked out, pushing away Madison’s hand, “That’s enough…” She gulped in deep breaths of air, completely drained of energy.

“Are you okay?” she heard Madison ask.

“Yes… I just… n-need to rest,” Mabel whispered.

The girls laid down on either side of the woman, snuggling against her. She wrapped her arms around them both.

After a few minutes’ rest, Mabel opened her eyes. The girls were both studying her with great interest. “I’m sorry, Madison,” she said. “I didn’t mean to, erm, come in your face like that.”

“It’s okay,” Madison declared. “I liked it.”

“Me too!” Emma echoed.

“Well, I’m glad you did. I really must thank you girls. I can’t tell you how good that felt.”

“Did it feel really really good?” Madison asked, pleased with herself.

“Even better than that,” said Mabel.”

“Should we do it to you again?” Emma asked.

“Oh no, no! I don’t think my heart could take it. What I would like to do is to make you girls feel as good as you made me feel.” Mabel thought about what to do, aware that this was all quite new to her. Emma and Madison were staring expectantly at her. “Okay,” she finally said, easing herself into a sitting position. “Why don’t you both lie down on your backs for me.”

The girls quickly positioned themselves, their eager eyes on Mabel. She gazed in awe at their childish slits, so tiny and smooth compared to hers. Reaching out, she gently stroked them both, one with each hand, watching the girls to gauge their reactions.

They turned out to be quite ticklish, and Mabel took great pleasure in rubbing their pussies with her thumbs while using the fingertips to tease their bellies. But soon enough, their squirms and giggles ceased as Mabel began to stimulate them for real.

The girls were very quiet. Mabel marveled at how they seemed to lose focus of her, their eyes glassy, staring off into space. Soon, their bodies began to shift restlessly as pleasure made itself known, then began to rise.

A painful look came over Madison’s face, accompanied by a quiet whimper. At first, Mabel feared that she’d hurt the child, then realized that her little lover was having a very intense orgasm. She spoke soothingly to the girl, whispering “It’s all right, sweetheart. Let it happen.”

As Madison cried out, Emma muttered in a shaky voice, “Y-yeah…r-right there…” Glancing her way, Mabel saw that Emma was having her own climax. The little girl emitted a moan that quickly mounted into a wail, her thin body twitching helplessly. Finally, with an adorable little squeak, she went limp.”

Madison seemed to be dozing peacefully, while a dazed Emma stared sightlessly at the ceiling.  Mabel whispered, “Emma… are you okay?”

Turning her gaze to Mabel, Emma smiled weakly, mumbling, “Oh, Gramma, that was so… awesome.”

Though the girls clearly wanted to rest, Mabel decided that they really ought to wash away the sticky signs of their lovemaking. She gently roused the girls, then led them into the shower. The warm water woke them up and soon, they were animated as ever, chattering about what an incredible experience that had been.

Mabel washed them lovingly, like a mother would, then dried them and herself. Returning to the bedroom, she took off the soiled sheet and put on a clean one, then they crawled into bed together.

Madison and Emma cuddled up against her, one on each side, and she kissed their foreheads, saying, “Such lovely little girls. How did you two get to be so sweet?”

Emma shrugged, “I dunno.”

Madison added, “Must’ve been the cookies we ate.”

Mabel chuckled, “Must have been.”


Mabel’s eyes fluttered open as the morning sunlight peeked through the window. She glanced in turn at the girls on either side,, both of them still asleep. Mabel had to smile at how precious they looked, like sweet slumbering angels. The girls were motionless but for the rise and fall of their boyish chests, and , their hair draped across the pillows. Madison was quiet as a mouse, while a gentle snore issued from Emma’s mouth.

Mabel thought back to the previous night, feeling awed by the things she’d done. Did I really have sex with two little girls? she asked herself, then smiled.. Actually, I did just that — and now, I’m in love. With children. I suppose that ought to bother me… but goodness me, I can’t remember the last time I felt this happy.

She carefully sat up and yawned, stretching her limbs. The temptation was there to sleep for a little longer, but Mabel decided to rouse herself and make coffee. Scooting slowly and carefully across the bed so as not to wake the girls, she got up and slipped into her robe. Picking up the soiled bed sheet from the floor, she quietly exited the room, pulling the door shut behind her, then heading down to the kitchen. She assumed that everyone was asleep, and was surprised to see Jill at the dining table, munching on buttered toast.

“Don’t make too much noise. The girls are still asleep,” Mabel told her.

Jill laughed. “You really wore them out, huh?”

“More like they wore me out,” Mabel replied as she dropped the sheet into the washer, followed by a capful of detergent. “Is Linda asleep?”

“Yeah. I made a pot of coffee, by the way… looks like you could use some.”

“That I could.” Mabel poured herself a cup, then sat down across from Jill, yawning again.

Eating the last bit of her toast, Jill smiled at her grandmother. “It’s an incredible experience, isn’t it?”

“Oh, my, yes,” Mabel sighed. She stared off into space for a bit. “Never in a million years would I ever have imagined getting involved in something like this. I loved every minute of it, too.”

“There’s something about little girls,” Jill agreed, “You just get sucked in by them. So sweet, so cute. Anyways,” she added with a snicker, “welcome to the Young Pussy Club.”

“There’s no need to be vulgar,” Mabel frowned as she stood up. “I suppose that I should go check on them.”

“Be careful,” Jill said as Mabel left the room. “If I know those two, they’ll be in the mood for more.”

Cautiously opening the bedroom door, Mabel saw that the girls were still asleep. She was about to awaken them, but felt a sudden urge to cuddle some more with her new lovers. Letting  her robe drop to the floor, she tried to climb into bed without disturbing the little ones, but her movements woke Emma from her slumber.

Seeing Gramma on all fours beside her, the woman’s breasts hanging down just inches from her face, Emma reached out to touch one, singing, “Good morning, boobies!”

That roused Madison, who instantly became wide awake upon seeing a naked Mabel next to her. “Oooohh!” the child squealed. “Are we gonna do sexy stuff again?”

“No, I was just trying to get back in bed without waking you two up,” Mabel replied.

“Awwww…” Emma pouted.

“We’ll do it again tonight,” Mabel assured her.

“Can we pretend we’re hungry babies again?” asked Madison.

“Yes.” Mabel laid down between the girls, “You know, I had a marvelous time with you girls last night. Now, it feels like some crazy, beautiful dream.”

Emma rolled over on top of Mabel, resting her chin on the woman’s breast. “Yeah, it was crazy! You even peed on us!” she said emphatically, with no small amount of glee.

Mabel covered her face, groaning, “Oh, I can’t believe I did that! And it wasn’t pee!”

“Can you pee on us again tonight?” Madison asked.

“Drink a whole bunch of water,” Emma suggested.

“It wasn’t pee…” Mabel started, but the girls weren’t listening. They jumped out of bed and wriggled into the new pajamas that Mabel had bought for them, then raced into the hall.

Linda was coming out of the bathroom as the girls ran out into the living room. She asked them, “So, did you two sleep good last night?”

“Uh-uh,” Emma shook her head, “We were too busy fucking… um, I mean making love.”

“It was neat!” Madison bounced up and down excitedly, “We got to see Gramma’s boobies!”

“Yeah!” Emma crowed, “And she let us touch them and everything!”

“They’re really, really big!” Madison held her arms apart, as if she was grasping a beach ball. “And she peed on us!”

Linda’s mouth dropped, “She what?”

“She peed all over us!” Madison repeated, grinning that silly smile of hers.

“It was so awesome!” Emma added.

“No, I didn’t,” Mabel’s faint voice came from the closed bedroom.

“She actually peed on you?” Linda asked incredulously.

“Uh-huh,” both girls nodded.

“I didn’t pee on them!” Mabel’s faint voice again came from the bedroom.

Jill, overhearing the commotion, poked her head out of the kitchen, “What happened?”

Madison blurted out excitedly, “Mabel peed on us!”

“No, I didn’t!” Mabel’s faint voice floated from the bedroom again, sounding increasingly flustered.

Jill’s face was a mixture of astonishment and confusion, “Did I miss something here?”

Madison whispered to Linda, “Some of it got in my mouth, but it didn’t taste yucky.”

By that time, Mabel had managed to get herself dressed, scolding the girls as she emerged from the bedroom, “Girls! You don’t have to go blabbing our private business to everyone.” Taking their hands, she led them to the dining room. “I’ll make us all pancakes.”

“I think we used up all the syrup last night,” Emma reminded her.

Mabel sighed, closing her eyes, “I’ll make omelets, then.”

To appear eventually: Chapter Eight!


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  1. Leo says:

    I utterly love this story, as all your previous ones! Thanks!

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    Well worth the wait. Insanely hot, and even a little funny, great chapter i loved it

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    Another great chapter in this ongoing story!
    just have to agree with Bryan: really hot and at times, cutely comical.
    So wonderful to read that Gramma came to the realization that Love is the most important thing in Life, and that too many years without it can be so debilitating.
    And Gramma certainly enjoyed her revitalized feelings and emotions with those two precocious, sweet-as-sugar ( or should I say syrup ) sexually inquisitive young imps, Emma and Madison!
    Loved the banter and detailed dialogue between Gramma and the girls as they became more closely attracted and also the realistic, nonchalant tete-a-tete between Jill and Gramma on the porch as they watched the girls at play…so good and thought provoking!

    And so, to sum up, I’ll repeat a passage from the ending, as the girls were talking to Linda about their fun with Mabel:

    …Linda’s mouth dropped, “She what?”

    “She peed all over us!”, Madison repeated, grinning that silly smile of hers.

    “It was so AWESOME!”, Emma added.

    Awesome indeed!…Great chapter, Girl Lover!


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    Another excellent chapter Gorl Lover!!!

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    We agree with other comments. This chapter did have a lighter feel in the safety of Mable’s home. And we loved picturing Mable on all fours while the two seven year olds watched in fascination as Mabel’s breast swung freely.

    Great job, Girl Lover. A very hot chapter that leaves us wondering when, Jill and Linda, might be joining in with Mabel and Emma and Madison.

    Last thing, a special thanks to , JetBoy. You seem to be in hyper-drive with your editor duties. No sooner do we get a chance to read and come to one hot story when another appears.

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