Sheltering, Chapter 7

  • Posted on September 19, 2020 at 2:38 pm

by Shy Mom

After the heated climax to our fashion show, my girls and I needed showers. Fortunately, the cubicle in my master bathroom could easily accommodate the three of us.

We entered the shower together, all of us naked. There was just one small—or rather, not so small—bit of housekeeping I’d neglected that afternoon. My stick-on dildo still protruded from the tile wall at cunt level.

Years ago, my daughters had stumbled upon the sex toys in the nightstand drawer next to my bed. They were too young then to regard them as anything other than wands for waving, swords for poking, or (in Olivia’s case) pacifiers for sucking. I can’t deny that the sight of my youngest with the tip of one of Mommy’s dildoes in her mouth aroused me something fierce, especially when I imagined her tasting my essence on it. I wonder if that was what planted the seed of these complicated feelings for my little ones.

“Is … is that a cock, Mommy?” Olivia asked, her expression a mix of curiosity, fear, and distaste. Ashley simply murmured, “Wow …”

Before I could answer, my ten-year-old reached out to take hold of the cherry red phallus. Its suction cup kept it pinned to the wall.

“It’s huge!” Ashley exclaimed, wrapping all ten fingers around it. In her small hands, it looked even larger than it felt when jammed into my vagina.

Well, here was another teaching opportunity that I could not pass up.

“It’s a dildo,” I said, putting emphasis on the unforeseen Word of the Day.

“Dildo!” Olivia repeated, as her big sister smacked the erect phallus experimentally, causing it to wobble like a diving board.

“It’s a sex toy!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Indeed,” I confirmed, adding, “I used it today, just before dinner.”

“Wow …” Ashley repeated, her eyes wide with imagination.

Naturally, Olivia asked, “How did you use it, Mommy?”

In teaching, showing is often better than telling. “Shall I … demonstrate?”

“Yes!” replied Ashley, as her sister shouted “Yay!” and jumped up and down.

I was just as thrilled, eager to show the girls how I get myself off when I crave being fucked from behind.

“First, darlings, I turn on the shower to get things hot and steamy.”

I have one of those rainforest showerheads that releases water straight down. I selected the highest temperature and let the hot torrent flow run down my body.

“Next, I soap myself all over.” I squirted a thick gob of papaya-scented shower gel into my palm, then smeared it between my hands. I coated my pliant breasts with the creamy lather, taking time to tease my nipples erect, caress my flat tummy, and finally slather my vulva, which was already slick with natural lubrication. The girls watched, entranced.

“Mommy is getting her cunt ready.” I explained. “Getting it wet and hungry so it can swallow every inch of the dildo. You can see for yourself how long and thick it is.”

I paused for questions while continuing to soap myself.

“Is it like … like putting a cock in your cunt, Mommy?” asked Olivia, frowning slightly.

“Not really,” I replied, sensitive to her distaste for the male member. “You see, girls, I’ve come to think of my sex toys as, well, extensions of myself—like my fingers. I use them both to masturbate with, after all.”

That seemed to click for Olivia, who had stroked her pussy to climax mere minutes ago in the living room.

“Only,” I continued, “this toy does two things Mommy’s fingers can’t do quite as well …”

The girls waited, hanging on my words.

“One, it stuffs my vagina so completely—more than anything I’ve ever put in there …”

The girls’ eyes darted back and forth between the dildo and my cunt—trying to picture it, I suspected.

“Two,” I went on, “Mommy sometimes gets the urge to be fucked from behind …”

Ashley’s mouth dropped at this turn of phrase.

“The dildo goes in nice and deep, and it makes Mommy feel very wild … and very dirty.”

By now, the girls were flushed, and not just from the heat of the shower. That gave me an idea. “Why don’t I get you both nice and soapy too?”

They nodded in enthusiastic agreement.

Reaching for the shower gel, I soaped Olivia’s body first, then Ashley’s. The differences that I saw and felt between my girls, just two years apart, were fascinating.

At eight, Olivia still sported a childish figure—slender and flat, though softened by baby fat over her chest and pubis and around her pert bottom. The pouty outer lips of her slit, into which I rubbed a fresh gob of gel, felt more like that of a baby than a woman, but their parting at my touch hinted at her progress toward puberty. “The Princess Pea,” as I had christened her clitoris, seemed large in relation to the little-girl slit.

Of course, Ashley’s advancement toward puberty was more pronounced. Her budding breasts, little more than dumplings, were capped by pink areolas on which lay almost invisible nipples—at least, until they turned pebbly when I teased them with soapy fingers. Her vulva was no longer puffy, and bore faint similarities to mine in shape and feel. Most notably, there was a fine sprinkling of honey-blonde pubes that made Ashley’s cunt look even softer than it felt.

The diversions of soaping my darlings made me even more desperate for release. “Why don’t you stand there, girls, next to me,” I suggested. “That way, you can get a good look at how Mommy fucks herself.”

Ashley stood a foot away, and Olivia peeked out from behind. Recollecting that my ten-year-old was the only family member who had yet to climax, I added, “Olivia, reach around and play with your sister’s pussy while you watch. That’s it, love.”

Finally, I applied lube to the dildo, from a tube of Astroglide that I kept on the soap tray, and got into position. Under the drizzle of hot water, I arched my back, clutched my tits, and backed into the wall, trapping the bulbous tip of the toy between my cheeks, at the opening of my hungry vagina. Practice made perfect. I paused to make sure the girls were watching, then pushed back with a swift thrust of the hips.

My bottom hit the tiles as the dildo plunged into my cunt. My daughters gasped.

“See, girls? All gone. All in.” I wriggled my ass about to punctuate my point. And because it felt so fucking good.

“But does it—does it hurt, Mommy?” asked Olivia.

“No, baby,” I replied, as I withdrew to the very tip of the toy. “My cunt can take it. It loves every inch.”

I looked from one incredulous sister to the other, pondering the fit of their own vaginas. “One day,” I assured them, “Your cunts will be big enough too.”

They gaped as I pressed back against the dildo, letting it fill me again. “For now, your little-girl cunts probably can’t take much more than my finger. Or the tip of my tongue.”

At those words, Olivia rubbed her sister’s pussy more vigorously, while Ashley started toying with her own breast buds. Both kept their eyes fixed on my ass, watching their mother get penetrated.

It was time for a serious fuck. I began to rock back and forth, bouncing off the tiles, feeling the dildo enter my vagina to the hilt each time.

“Fuck … oh, fuck …” I murmured.

I flicked my nipples, sparking little jolts of pleasure that raced straight to my cunt, where a ball of static charge was building.

I moved faster, then faster still. The sound of my wet ass slapping against the tile wall reverberated sharply in the steamy room.

“Momma!” cried Ashley, lost in her own ecstasy as Olivia’s pace picked up as well, the girl’s fingers a blur between her big sister’s legs.

What a lovely sight that was. “That’s it, Ashley … come for Momma… come for—”

“Momma! I’m—ah, fuck!”

Ashley shuddered, her thighs clamping Olivia’s hand between them. Her orgasm triggered my own. My cunt clenched the thick dildo in spasms so intense that my jiggling ass nearly ripped the toy off the wall.

Then my oldest slumped against the wall, gasping for breath, while my youngest did a dance of joy, crying, “I did it, Mommy! I did it! I made Ashley come!”

“You did, darling.” I was flushed with heat and affection. “Mommy’s so proud of you both.”

I still had one more lesson to teach. Releasing the dildo with a sigh, I squatted down and proceeded to lick and suck my juices from its length.

“I know what that is,” Ashley declared. “That’s a blow job!”

I considered the aptness of the term, all the while wondering whether she’d learned it online.

“Very good, Ashley,” I began, keeping her less knowledgeable little sister in mind. “Though it’s not exactly right. A blow job is when you suck a cock.”

“Ugh!” Olivia spat out.

“Yeah, gross,” Ashley agreed.

“But this is different, darlings. I’m tasting myself—like licking my fingers after masturbating.”

This explanation seemed to satisfy them. “You know, girls,” I said, looking meaningfully at the slick dildo, “there’s still plenty left, if you’d like to share…?”

After a moment’s hesitation, my daughters dove in. The hot water continued to rain down on us as we licked my fuck toy clean as a family.

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  1. 3FingersNeat says:

    Another great installment!

  2. kim says:

    truly a pleasant surprise to see chapter 7 today. Such nice Mommy-daughters fun. Loved the descriptions of the girls bodies as Mommy soaped them up. We found ourselves very much enjoying this chapter, just as we’ve enjoyed all the previous chapters. What a good teacher with suggestions like this…

    “That way, you can get a good look at how Mommy fucks herself.”

    Ashley stood a foot away, and Olivia peeked out from behind. Recollecting that my ten-year-old was the only family member who had yet to climax, I added, “Olivia, reach around and play with your sister’s pussy while you watch. That’s it, love.”

    Great job, Shy Mom,Can’t wait to see what happens in chapter 8.

    Kim & Sue

  3. David says:

    Wow that was so hot, mom showing her girls how to fuck a dildo and also lathering them up and having Olivia give Ashley an orgasm. Another great chapter Shy Mom and I look forward to much much more.

  4. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Oh, fuck YEAH! Just as Kim ( of Kim & Sue ) commented…what a pleasant surprise! and also as Kim so aptly said- what a good teacher!

    Mommy Beverly really had a most pleasant time teaching her darling daughters all the ins & outs of the proper use of a dildo…a lesson that, imagine every mother teaching her daughter(s) the same, would be so delicious!

    Another great addition to this amazing story, Shy Mom! Your writing and descriptions of such erotic and sensual lesbian incest doings are brilliant! My cheeks were burning and I’m sure I was drooling at some point! And have allowed another reason for this poor male to wallow in gender jealousy and pussy envy :)…but in a good way!

    Thanks for posting this, Shy Mom!, looking very much forward to the next chapter of explorations of mommy Bev and her brood of happy, sexually inquisitive young daughters…


  5. Brian says:

    Thank you for another great installment Shy Mom. I must admit to having masturbated and cum to each of your installments thus far. Hope there are many more to come in to cum to!


  6. Shy Mom says:

    Thank you for all your lovely comments. This was a quickie of an installment, and the penultimate in the Sheltering series.

  7. Tim says:

    I love mummy daughter love making and teaching her two willing pupils something new would always be hot.
    This certainly was very hot indeed, and so beautifully described.
    Great chapter thanks Shy Mom. Now back to the ones I’ve missed!

  8. kinkys_sis says:

    Shy Mom, would you perhaps consider teaching me.

    I have much to learn………….

    Fuck, so hot.

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