Adventure of the Amazing Invisible Girl: A Bedtime Story, Part Two

  • Posted on November 26, 2019 at 3:46 pm

By Purple Les

Almost a whole week had gone by. It was a Friday evening, and Heather and Alice’s mother Sue was going out for a few hours with some friends.

“I’m trusting you to look after things while I’m out, Heather. I know that you won’t let me down.”

“I won’t, Mom,” ten-year-old Heather assured her mother.

Sue turned to her little girl, “And you be a good girl for your big sister, Alice.”

“I promise, Mommy,” the six-year-old replied. She meant it, too.

“Okay, then,” Sue said. “Heather, you know how to reach me if anything comes up. Bye-bye, now. Love you both.” With a kiss for each of her daughters, she left through the front door.

“What do you want to do, kiddo?” Heather asked her little sister. Alice had been bathed and was in her pajamas, while Heather still wore play clothes.

“I wanna play War,” Alice stated.

Heather sighed. She found the card game called War to be fairly dull… but with a shrug, she decided to be nice to her little sister and put up with it.

They sat on the living room floor as Alice got out the deck of cards, shuffled them and counted them out, then they began to play. It was a mindless game, one where each player turned a card up and whoever had the higher card took them both, until one player was out of cards. Sure enough, Heather soon found herself getting bored.

Then they came to a place in the game where both girls turned up the same card, which was where the “war” part took place. According to the rules, the players then put these cards to one side, laid two more face down, then turned over another as a tiebreaker. The winner got all eight cards.

As they prepared to turn their tiebreaker cards, Heather had a very wicked, very intriguing idea.

“Hey Alice, hold up,” Heather asked, “I just thought of something. How about, besides the winner taking the cards, the loser has to take something off?”

Seeing the befuddled look on Alice’s cute face, Heather tried to explain in greater detail.

“So like if I lose this war, then you get the war cards and I have to take off my shirt or socks or something. And if you lose, you take something off.”

“We do that every time we have a war?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“How long do we do it for?” Alice was trying to make sure that she understood.

“Till one of us is bare naked,” Heather said, grinning.

Alice laughed at this idea and eagerly said, “Oh. Sure, okay.”

They each turned a card over. Alice had a nine, but Heather had only a five.

Alice laughed with glee as she gathered the cards to her pile and pointing at Heather, saying, “Okay, now take something off.”

Both girls giggled as Heather removed both her socks, leaving her barefoot. Then the game resumed as before.

The next war found Heather losing again — and after a moment’s reflection, she took off her pants. That left her in just panties and a t-shirt. Alice became less giggly as she stole glances at her big sister, thinking about how cool it would be to see Heather naked again.

Their next war came soon after. This time Alice lost, and slipped out of her pajama top. That left the little girl topless, with only her pajama bottoms and panties left to lose. Heather’s eyes kept wandering to her baby sister’s bare chest. I’d love to lick her nipples, she told herself. I didn’t get around to doing that last week.

Several hands and a few wars later, both girls were down to their panties.

They came to another war, and Alice turned over a King. Heather slowly turned her own card over. It was a Jack, and Alice was all smiles. “Whoo!” she squealed, “take ‘em off, big sister!”

I guess I should make this fun. Heather thought. Heck, it is fun. Standing up in front of her wide-eyed little sister, she turned around, pulled her yellow panties down and shook her bare bottom back and forth for a moment. Heather then tugged her knickers back up again and spun around to face a delighted Alice.

“So… you ready to see me bare naked?” Heather purred.

Alice clapped her hands. “Yeah! I wanna see you with nothin’ on.”

“Okay,” Heather said as she grasped the waistband of her panties and began to slowly push them down. Once her vulva was revealed at last to Alice’s hungry eyes, Heather slid her undies all the way down to her feet and stepped out.

“Cool,” Alice breathed, staring in complete awe at her nude sister.

Enjoying this game more with each passing second, Heather posed with her legs apart, letting Alice see everything. Then, unable to resist, she began to play with her smooth slit.

Sitting back down on the floor, the ten-year-old spread her legs even wider, giving Alice a close-up view as she masturbated, running a finger up and down through her juicy cunt.

Heather was beside herself with excitement as she performed for her little sister, putting on a sex show for a child of six… but what happened next thrilled her even more.

Alice shimmied out of her little white underpants. Now just as naked as her big sister, she parted her thighs, putting herself on full display.

“I found something that feels really good,” Alice said. “I just touch this little bump thing up here. See? Like this.” The child spread her tiny vulva open with the fingers on one hand, and with the index finger of the other hand, lightly brushed her tiny clitoris.

Heather copied what her little sister was doing, and soon both girls were watching each other masturbate. They exchanged shy smiles, happy to be sharing something so naughty.

“Heather?” Alice began, “Would you, um, lick me, please? Like Linda did that time?”

Omigod, yes! Heather thought. She’d been thinking about going down on Alice ever since watching Linda do it, but hadn’t had the nerve to make a move on her own sister. “You really want me to do that?” she asked, still fingering her clit.

Alice gave a vigorous nod. “Yeah. Please? If you do it for me, I’ll do it for you. Okay?”

Heather could only stare at the six-year-old, her heart racing. She wants to lick me too? How awesome is that?  

Nervously moistening her lips, the older girl drew closer. “Um, okay. Now, I haven’t done this before, so let me know if I’m doing it right.” Lying down on her tummy, Heather looked closely at the baby-smooth pussy before her. Her little sister’s pussy.

Heather took a deep breath in an attempt to calm her racing heart, then gently kissed Alice’s sex. She paused to sample the flavor, quickly deciding that she liked it, and began to lick and nibble her baby sister.

Alice lay on her back and raised her knees up and cooed and giggled with delight at what Heather’s tongue was doing to her. “Ooooohhh, that feels nice,” she moaned, “D-don’t stop!”

From where she sat, Alice had a lovely view of Heather’s bare butt. It’s so pretty, she decided. Wonder if she’d let me play with it?

But that thought was interrupted by the sudden surge of good feelings between Alice’s thighs. The child’s eyes drifted shut as those sensations grew and grew, then turned into that thing that her sister’s friend Linda did to her last week, something so huge that it stole her breath away.

Like last time, those feelings eventually became too big, and started to tickle. Alice finally told Heather, “You can stop now. That felt good.”

Heather lay back, lightly caressing herself as she drank in the sight of her angelic little sister, content in the glow of her orgasm. I made that happen, she told herself, buoyant with pride.

Once Alice had recovered her breath she said, “Okay, now it’s your turn.”

Heather was very excited, but wasn’t sure if this was right. “You don’t have to if you don’t want, Alice,” she told her little sister.

“No, I wanna do it. Lay down now, and make some room for me.” Alice instructed her big sister, pushing Heather’s feet apart to spread the older girl’s legs. Instead of lying down between them, though, Alice knelt by her big sister’s side, then bent down to place a few shy kisses on Heather’s slit. Deciding she liked the taste, the six-year-old began to lick.

Placing a hand on Alice’s shoulder, Heather said, “Not so hard with your tongue, sweetie. Do it soft. Yeah. That’s good. Mhhh, yeah, keep doing it just like that.”

As Alice went down on her big sister, her flawless little bottom was about a foot or so from Heather’s face. The older girl idly ran her hand over those tender globes, then slid down to fondle Alice’s pussy, much to the child’s delight.

Heather reached a lovely climax of her own, then had Alice stretch out next to her. The sisters cuddled, sharing kisses and words of love.

“That was amazing,” Heather told Alice. “I’ll do this with you anytime you want, kiddo. Just say the word.”

“Okay!” Alice replied. “I’ll prob’ly want to real soon.”

“But not now,” the older girl said, glancing at the clock. “We gotta get dressed before Mom gets home.”

They got back into their clothes, then went downstairs and parked themselves in front of the TV.

When Sue got home, she praised her daughters for being good girls. She was also pleased to see that Heather still seemed to be willing to hang out with her little sister.


The next day, Linda came over to play. Linda’s mother Rita came with her, as Sue was hosting a little get-together for some of her grownup friends.

Sue told the girls, “You go upstairs and play. When the party’s over there’ll be some chocolate cake left, and you can each have a piece. If you’re good, that is.”

The girls dutifully promised to behave, then went up to Heather’s room, where they played games for a while. When the sound of grownups laughing and talking could clearly be heard, they knew that it was safe to have some real fun.

“You guys wanna kiss and stuff?” said Linda.

I’m into it,” Heather declared.

“Can we do it naked?” Alice asked.

Linda and Heather glance at each other in surprise, then they both eagerly said “Yeah!”

Heather closed her bedroom door, then all three girls began to excitedly undress. As the last of their clothes came off, the girls looked closely at each other’s bare bodies.

“Let me see you guys kiss.” Linda said.

Taking her little sister’s hand, Heather lay back on her bed with legs spread wide, Alice on top of her. They began to kiss, and Linda licked her lips as she watched, turned on by the sight of sisters doing sex with each other.

When Heather reached down to fondle Alice’s cute little bottom, Linda couldn’t hold back — she had to masturbate, tracing a finger through her smooth slit. Reaching out, her free hand met Heather’s on Alice’s ass. Linda wanted to do more to that lovely bum than just caress it, though.

She allowed her finger to slip into Alice’s butt crack and move back and forth, stroking the child’s rosebud. Alice was taken aback at first, but quickly decided that she liked having her bottom hole touched. When Linda’s fingertip paused at the cleft of the six-year-old’s anus, Alice pushed back, wanting to feel it inside her.

That caused Alice’s sex to rub against Heather’s, giving both girls great enjoyment, so Alice began to work her hips forward and back, grinding into her big sister. It felt divine.

When the pleasures of cunt against cunt became too powerful, Alice would move her bottom up just a bit to feel Linda’s finger pressing against her tight little butthole. When that felt too good, Alice lowered herself back down onto her sister.

Then, while Alice and Heather were still pushing their pussies together, Linda slid the tip of her index finger into Alice’s anus. She was tight at first — but then the child relaxed, allowing that probing finger to enter her rectum right up to the third knuckle.

Having her asshole and pussy pleasured at the same time proved too much for Alice. Her body jerked violently as she came, crying out loud in delight, then the little girl lay limply on top of Heather.

Heather gave her little sister a tender kiss, carefully moved the child to one side, then beckoned for Linda to join her. Linda eagerly climbed on top of Heather, and they kissed and rubbed their pussies together while Alice watched.

“You guys should lick each other,” Alice said, “Like at the same time.”

Linda liked this idea. She raised herself up, turning around until her beautiful bare cunt was over Heather’s face. Moistening her lips, Heather stared at her friend’s pussy. It’s so pretty, she thought.

Linda felt much the same way. She kissed Heather’s slit, then began to trace the moist opening with her tongue. Firmly grasping Linda’s hips, Heather drew them down so she could lick her friend’s sweet snatch.

Alice moved around on the bed, taking in the hot lesbian action from all angles. First, she watched her sister licking Linda, then she took in the view of Linda going down on Heather.

Reaching her climax first, Linda abruptly rolled away, wrenching her too-sensitive cunt away from her lover’s lips and tongue while she panted for breath. Alice chose to seize the moment, moving in to lick Heather.

Watching a girl of six go down on her own big sister soon had Linda excited all over again, and she remounted Heather, lowering her pussy back down to her friend’s open mouth.

Thrilled to have access to Linda’s juicy slit again, Heather licked eagerly at it until she came herself from the amazing things her little sister was doing to her pussy. Wow, Heather thought, she’s really good at this!

Soon after that, Linda came again on Heather’s face, overwhelmed by the very idea of the wild, dirty things they were involved in.

In the aftermath of their loving, the two ten-year-olds laid side by side, kissing each other and sharing the taste of little Alice’s nectar on their lips. Alice crawled in between the older girls, and they took turns kissing her cute little mouth.

Soon Linda and Heather dozed off, but Alice was still wide awake. Carefully disentangling herself from the older girls, the restless child puttered around the room for a couple of minutes — then she had an idea. It was taking the grownups forever to finish their stupid party, and Alice wanted a piece of that chocolate cake now.

Carefully opening the bedroom door, Alice stepped into the upstairs hallway, still completely nude.

Whispering, “I am now invisible,” Alice walked down the stairs and into the living room, where she saw that all the ladies were in the dining room and kitchen. Most of the grownups had already left, though a few of them seemed to be helping Mom tidy up.

Alice walked up to the dining room table, loving her new power of invisibility. She picked up a dish and put a piece of cake on it — then paused, seeing that there were cookies, too. Unable to resist, she filled the rest of her dish with cookies, then took a fork and a napkin. She turned and began to carefully make her way to the stairs.

The chatting ladies didn’t notice the naked little girl at first. Then a woman saw Alice out of the corner of her eye and nudged one of the others. They were amused by the sight of a naked girl filling her plate with goodies, but didn’t say anything or look directly at her.

But then Linda’s mother Rita saw Alice, and hastened into the kitchen to tell Sue, “You’d better come quick… your little girl is wandering around without a stitch on.”

Alice’s mother was more amused than angry, but still felt she ought to scold her daughter. Leaving the kitchen, she caught up with Alice just as the six-year-old was about to mount the stairs.

“Alice Ann Mitchell! What on earth do you think you’re doing?” Sue cried as she grabbed her daughter’s arm with one hand, taking away the dish of treats with the other.

Shoot, Alice thought, realizing where she’d gone wrong. They couldn’t see me, yeah, but they saw the dish floating through the air. Now Mom knows I can turn invisible.

“I — I didn’t want to wait for cake,” Alice mumbled. “So I turned invisible… but I forgot, you can see me holding stuff. I’m sorry, Mommy.”

“You were… invisible, you said?” Sue asked, puzzled.

Alice gave a sorrowful nod. “I figured out how.”

Clucking her tongue, Sue hustled Alice up the stairs and to her bedroom. “Now get into your pajamas,” she sternly said. Alice quickly obeyed, then Sue added, “Go stand in the corner.” Her lower lip quivering, the child did as she was told. “You stay right there, and don’t dare move an inch till I come back,” Sue pushed the door closed.

As Sue made her way back toward the stairs, she paused to glance through Heather’s open door, and was shocked to see her oldest daughter and Linda lying together naked and entwined, both sound asleep.

Sniffing the air quickly confirmed Sue’s suspicions — the room reeked of sex. She stared at the girls for a long while, pondering the significance of what she saw, then slowly went back downstairs.

Sue arrived in time to say goodbye to the last of the guests, who had gotten their coats and purses. Soon everyone had left except Linda’s mom Rita.

Taking a deep breath, Sue told Rita, “Alice wasn’t the only one who was naked.”

Rita raised an eyebrow, her cheeks flushing a light pink.

Sue felt an urge to draw it out, but couldn’t hold back, “Heather and Linda are asleep on Heather’s bed. They’re both nude, and it’s pretty clear that they were doing something sexual.”

It was a conversation Sue and Rita had engaged in before, usually when they were alone together. The two mothers had been lovers for two years now. At first, quick, casual sex had been enough for them, but soon the two women found themselves growing closer.

One afternoon, as they lay in bed together, Rita asked Sue about any childhood sexual experiences she might have had.

Sue said, “I was maybe eight or so. Me and another girl my age were playing in my room. I don’t know how it started, but she went in my closet and said, ‘Guess what I have on.’ When she came out, her shoes and socks were off. Well, then it was my turn to go in the closet. It turned into a game between us.

“The thing is, we started getting more and more daring about it, stripping down to our underpants, or even completely naked. I found it very exciting, though I wasn’t sure why. We were both having great fun till my mom came in and caught us. She made us feel very guilty about what we were doing, and we never played the game again.” She sighed, then looked up at her friend. “How about you, Rita?”

“Well,” Rita began, “I remember I was around ten. We were camping out in my backyard. There were two girls my age. We were all in our sleeping bags in the tent. We’d slept with our clothes on. You know how it can be, staying up late and having no parents around, right? So one of my friends decided to run around the backyard bare naked. After she’d done it, she talked us into joining her. I’ll never forget how thrilled it made me, being naked with them.”

Though these things had been nothing more than the innocent play of children, both women were quite turned on by their recollections.

The next time they were snuggling together after sex, Rita said, “This may be too weird. If it is, tell me, and I’ll never bring it up again.”

“Go ahead,” Sue said.

Steeling herself, Rita began. “Even though my Linda is ten, I still like to give her baths. Why not? She enjoys it, and so do I. Well, sometimes lately when I bathe my daughter, I… I find myself getting, um, aroused by the sight of her naked. Maybe it reminds me of some of those things when I was a little girl, maybe I’m turning into a pervert.” She gazed evenly at her friend. “Is that too freaky for you, Sue?”

In answer, Sue guided Rita’s hand to her pussy, murmuring, “No… no, it’s not. Feel how wet I am.”

From that time forward, Sue and Rita often discussed and fantasized about sexual situations involving them and their daughters. They would create scenarios where they made love to the girls, and it always seemed to bring a greater intensity to their orgasms. They’d never acted on these impulses, but often felt tempted to.

Now the mothers gazed at one another in disbelief, grappling with the reality of what Sue had just seen upstairs. “Oh, my God,” Rita whispered. “Our daughters are having sex, Sue. Are they just fooling around, or could they really be lovers?”

“Come take a look,” Sue replied, “then tell me what you think.”

The two mothers went upstairs together, tiptoed down to Heather’s door and took turns peering inside.

“Oh, yes,” Rita said, staring at the nude children, nestled together so peacefully on the bed. “I’m sure you’re right, Sue, they’ve had sex for certain. You know,” she added after a brief pause, I caught my little Sean and Linda together just last week.”

Caught them?” Sue asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Yes, you know, naked together, touching each other’s genitals,” Rita explained. “Oh, it was more a case of kids’ curiosity than anything. I mean, they definitely weren’t having sex. Not like this.” She nodded toward the dozing ten-year-olds.

“Did you… confront your kids, then?”

“I did,” Rita said, “I told them I wasn’t angry, as long as neither of them felt that they were being pressured into doing these things.”

Carefully easing the bedroom door closed, Sue said, “Now, let’s go check on Alice.”

Sue explained to Rita about her youngest daughter’s very vivid imagination, and how Alice seemed to believe she had the power to vanish completely. “I guess that’s why she was naked.”

“Wait, wait,” Rita said, “Do you think that maybe… she was naked before that?”

Opening her mouth to speak, Sue paused. “You mean, was Alice playing sex games with her sister and Linda?”

“You think it’s possible…?”

Sue pursed her lips, lost in thought. “You know, my girls have been spending a lot more time together lately. And last week, Heather and Linda were letting Alice hang out with them. They’d never done that before!”

Fuck,” Rita breathed, her eyes wide. “Making love to Alice. How old is she?”

“Just six,” Sue answered.

“That’s — that’s so wild!”

Sue slowly nodded. “I believe a little chat with my youngest is in order.” She entered Alice’s room, Rita close behind, and found her daughter still standing in the corner.

Folding her arms, Sue said, “Well, young lady… what do you have to say for yourself?”

Alice turned toward her mother, wearing a glum expression. “I’m so sorry, Mommy,” she whimpered. “I promise not to ever be invisible again. Don’t be mad at me, pretty please?”

“I’m not angry with you, sweetheart,” Sue replied. “But you need to understand that being invisible isn’t a nice thing to do. If you can see others and they can’t see you, it’s like you’re spying on them. Okay?”

“Okay, Mommy,” Alice replied, nodding.

Come here, baby girl,” Sue said, extending her arms as she sat down on her daughter’s bed. Alice sat next to Sue, letting herself be drawn into Mommy’s warm embrace. “There’s something else I wanted to talk to you about. Before you turned invisible and came downstairs, were you playing naked games with your sister and Linda?”

“Uh-huh, I was,” Alice began, then realized what she’d just said. “Oh, no!” she cried out in distress. “I was s’posed to not tell! I did a pinky swear!”

Cradling the agitated girl to her, Sue made soothing noises. “Shhhhh, sweetie. Don’t be upset.”

“B-but… Heather an’ Linda, they’re in trouble now, huh? Bad trouble.”

“No, sweetie,” Sue said, swaying to and fro with Alice in her arms. “They think that what they’re doing is wrong, but it isn’t, and I’m not upset with them… or with you. Believe me, Alice, it’s perfectly fine for girls to love other girls.”

“It is?” the child said, gazing up at her mother.

“Yes, absolutely. In fact…” Sue looked up at Rita and the two women exchanged warm smiles. “…Auntie Rita and I love each other that way.”

“Really?” Alice exclaimed. “With your clothes off and, and everything?”

“That’s right, Alice,” Rita said, seating herself on the bed with the others, little Alice in the middle. “Your mother and I have been lovers for two years. We’ve been naked together many times… and I’ll bet we’ve done all the things that you did with Linda and Heather.”

“That’s right, sweetheart,” Sue said. “So it’s okay for you to tell us about what you girls were doing while we had company downstairs. We’d love to hear all about it.”

Alice was still a bit uneasy, but she couldn’t say no, not when Mommy was looking at her with those warm, loving eyes. “Well, first, we took off all our clothes. Then we did kissing, like how grownups do it. Um, and Heather and Linda touched me, down there. Then we kissed each other’s, um, things, and licked them, too. It felt so nice, Mommy! Is it good like that when you and Auntie Rita take your clothes off?”

Sue had to take a long, deep breath before she could speak. Her heart was pounding like a jackhammer. “Yes, sweetie. It’s very good.”

“Wow,” Alice said, a dreamy smile on the child’s lips as she pictured it, Mommy and Auntie Rita, playing the same naughty games she’d just enjoyed with her big sister and Linda.

Getting an idea, she looked back and forth at the two women, then spoke. “Could I maybe, um, take my jammies off and do those things with you guys?”

There was a long stretch of silence as the child’s words rang through Sue’s head. Did she really just ask for permission to…?

Sue turned to look at Rita — and a surge of warmth flowed through her frame when she recognized the need, the wanting in her partner’s expression. She loves the idea… and damn it, so do I.

Taking her daughter’s hand, Sue patted it. “Tell you what, sweetness. Auntie Rita and I will both make love to you — but first, we have to take your powers of invisibility away. Does that seem fair to you?”

“Yes, Mommy,” Alice replied. “But, uh… how do you do that?”

“Leave that to me,” Rita said, reaching out for Alice’s other hand. “I know the magic you need.”

“Let’s take this to my room,” Sue said, rising to her feet. “That bed is big enough for all of us.”

Alice followed the two women to her mother’s bedroom. Her mother shut the door, then said, “Now we need to get bare naked. Not you just yet, Alice. I want to undress you myself.”

The six-year-old watched with increasing interest as Sue and Rita took off their clothes. Alice couldn’t recall ever seeing her mother in the nude before, and was thrilled to finally be getting the chance. She liked seeing their bare breasts, but what really got the little girl excited was the sight of Mommy’s and Auntie Rita’s bare bottoms. Alice found herself longing to touch them. She was puzzled, though, as to why her mother had hair down there, and Linda’s mother didn’t.

Rita and Sue sat together on the bed, their legs spread apart. Alice liked looking at their things. They were bigger than what she or Heather or Linda had. Auntie Rita’s looked like a piece of juicy pink fruit. Why are they so wet? she wondered.

“Now, Alice,” Rita began, “Are you ready to give up your power of invisibility?”

“Yes, I am.” Alice said, “I don’t wanna get in more trouble.”

“Good for you, sweetheart,” Sue said, “Come here.”

Alice approached her mother, who unbuttoned and removed the child’s pajama top, then tugged the bottoms down until they ringed Alice’s feet. That left the little girl’s white cotton panties.

“Can I — would you mind if I took Alice’s panties off?” Rita asked, a quiver in her voice.

“Why, no,” Sue replied, gesturing toward her daughter. “Go right ahead.”

Kneeling before the six-year-old, Rita grasped the waistband with trembling hands, then slid them down very slowly, as if she was uncovering a priceless treasure. As Alice’s baby-smooth slit was revealed to her hungry eyes, Rita whispered, “My God… she’s perfect.”

Alice carefully stepped out of her bedclothes, leaving the child every bit as naked as the grownups. She gave them a bashful smile.

“Very good, Alice,” Rita murmured, then patted the bed. “Get on your hands and knees for me, okay?”

Alice climbed onto the bed and got into the position Auntie Rita wanted. She was facing away from the two women, but could see them reflected in the mirror on her mommy’s closet door.

Now a soft hand was stroking Alice’s bottom. She gave a blissful sigh, very much liking the nice warm feeling of that hand, then shivered as two fingers slipped between her cheeks, tickling her rosebud.

“I’m going to cure you from becoming invisible, I promise,” Alice heard Rita say, “but first, I’ve got to get you ready for it. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.”

A second hand joined the first, and the child felt her buttocks being gently pried apart. What’s she doing? Alice wondered, then gasped as something warm and moist slid through the crease of her anus. She was confused for a moment, but quickly realized that Auntie Rita was licking her bottom hole.

She was shocked at first, then it felt so good that Alice simply relaxed and let it happen. Then Auntie Rita pulled away, but before Alice could protest, the woman placed the tip of her finger against the little girl’s tight pink asshole and slid it inside.

Seated beside the trembling child, Rita carefully penetrated the girl, going a little deeper with each stroke, moving it in and out very slowly until her finger was buried right up to the first finger joint.

“I need to leave this in your bumhole for a few moments,” Rita explained to her lover’s daughter.

“Does it feel all right, sweetie?” Sue asked. “Doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“No, Mommy.” Alice said in a dreamy voice. “Mmmmm… I like the way it feels.”

Moving closer, Sue pushed Alice’s legs a little further apart, enough for her and Rita to take a good long look at her daughter’s cute little girl pussy. Their eyes met, and the two mothers shared a smile, knowing that they both wanted the same thing.

Rita said, “Alice, since you’ve been such a good girl for us, would you like your mommy and me to lick you?”

“Wow! Honest? Yeah, I’d like that lots,” was Alice’s very enthusiastic answer.

Rita began to withdrew her finger from Alice’s anus. “Ohhhh,” the child pouted. “Are you sure it’s been in there long enough?”

“Well, perhaps just another minute or two. To be sure it works.” Rita turned to Sue who was watching her lover slide a finger back into her six-year-old daughter’s rectum, going a little deeper this time. Alice’s butt clenched, then rose up and down slightly as the child tried to relax.

Reaching out, Sue placed her hand on her daughter’s butt, her fingers brushing Rita’s.

Pointing to the right-hand side of the bed, Rita told Sue, “Go stand in front of your daughter and masturbate, show her how to do it. Be sure to tell her what you’re doing.”

“Okay.” Sue said, with her voice gone soft and husky. Padding over to where Rita indicated, Sue posed for her little girl, then reached down to lightly caress her sex. “See what I’m doing, angel? This is how you can make yourself feel wonderful.”

Alice studied Sue’s movements, enthralled. Mommy’s pussy was so close to her face that she could detect its rich, exotic aroma.

She really liked watching Mommy play with herself, and having Auntie Rita’s finger in her bottom felt lovely. Alice moved her hips around, seeing if she could get that finger to go even deeper.

“This is my vagina,” Sue told her little girl, then slipped a finger deep inside herself. “It’s what you and Heather came out of.”

“When we was babies, huh, Mommy?” Alice said, “Now we’re big girls.”

“You’ll always be my babies, but yes… you are getting to be big girls. Taste this, sweetheart,” Sue said as she pulled her gooey finger out of her cunt and offered it to her child.

Alice’s mother was always holding a finger out to her daughters, saying, ‘Taste this.’ Sometimes it was cake batter, or frosting, or something else nice. This was something completely different, however, and the little girl knew it. Opening her mouth, she took Mommy’s finger between her lips.

The first thing she noticed was that it wasn’t sweet, not exactly. In fact, Alice couldn’t quite pin the flavor down, except to say that the taste was stronger than her big sister’s pussy, and she liked it a lot. She sucked and licked the finger clean and, when finished, said, “Can I have more, Mommy?”

“Oh yes, Alice my love,” a thrilled Sue replied, “You can have all you want. But Rita has to take her finger out of your bottom first.”

Alice made a face. “Aw, Mom,” she pouted, “does she gotta? I like it.”

“Well, if she doesn’t, we can’t lick you down there, now can we?”

“I guess not. Okay, you can take it out.” Alice said, and Rita did just that.

Sue continued with her demonstration “This bump here is your clitoris… the clit, for short. The most sensitive part of a woman’s body. It feels amazing when you touch it.”

Getting up on her knees, Alice spread her vulva open with both thumbs and said, “Here’s mine, Mommy.” Touching it with the tip of her finger, she smiled and said, “You’re right, it feels nice.” She paused, studying her mother’s cunt. “I like your clit, Mommy. It’s big. Er… can I see what it feels like?”

“Of course, dear,” Sue said, joining Rita and Alice on the bed.

“Would you like to touch mine too?” asked Rita.

“Sure,” Alice replied. “Here, sit close to Mommy, and I can touch you both!”

Sue and Rita both leaned back against the headboard, their legs spread wide. Seating herself before them, little Alice explored the cunts of the two adults, delighted by how warm and juicy they felt to the touch. The wetness just seemed to invite her fingers into the women’s vaginas.

Rita and Sue watched as the little girl touched them, occasionally sharing passionate tongue kisses and fondling each other’s breasts. It felt lovely, but Alice wasn’t quite experienced enough to make them come with her fingers.

Finally, Rita spoke up. “Um, Alice? Your mommy and I need to do something to one another now, so we can get that extra special feeling.”

“Yes,” Sue agreed. “Watch what we do, Alice… it’s something really nice that you can try with Linda and your sister. Oh, and you can touch yourself while you watch us, if you want.” She laid down on her back, then Rita knelt on top of her, only facing the other way.

Alice immediately knew what they were about to do, having seen Heather and Linda engaged in the same act. They’re gonna lick each other, she told herself, and I get to see it! The thought of it dazzled the child.

Now in the classic sixty-nine position, Rita and Sue began to lick and suck each other’s pussy with an animal hunger. They were soon very close to coming.

When Alice said, “I saw Linda and Heather do that. I wanna try it, too!” Both mothers moaned, then came together in an especially intense orgasm. Finally they lay limp and entwined, their bodies glazed with sweat.

Once the women had emerged from the cozy afterglow of their ecstasy, they turned to Alice and began to caress and kiss her all over, enjoying the delights of a little girl’s body for the first time.

Sue nuzzled her daughter’s neck, whispering, “I adore, you my angel. Can Mommy kiss you, the way that lovers kiss?”

“Yes, Mommy,” the child sighed. “Please kiss me.” Their mouths drifted together, and soon their tongues met as well.

Before Alice knew it she was on her back, kissing Mommy while Auntie Rita licked her, the woman’s hot tongue gliding through the moist opening.

“You saw Linda and Heather doing what me and Rita just did?” Sue asked her daughter in between kisses.

“Yes, Mommy.” Alice answered as she watched Rita’s head between her legs.

A few moments later, Rita raised her face from the six-year-old’s slit. “Sue, come lick your daughter. You’re aching to taste her, I’m sure.”

“Yes, I am,” Sue murmured. Caressing Alice’s face, she added, “I love you, baby girl. Don’t be scared — this is just another way for me to show you how strong that love is.”

“I’m not scared, Mommy,” the child replied — though she was, a little bit. “And I love you, too.”

Alice was spellbound as she watched her mother settle down between her thighs, then a delicious shiver raced through the little girl as Mommy looked up and their eyes met, her mouth no more than an inch away from the girl’s sex.

Alice felt the caress of Sue’s breath, and spread her legs even further apart. Please lick me there, Mommy, she silently begged. I want it so much!

A low moan escaped the girl’s lips as her mother kissed, then licked her cunt. Just the tongue at first, then a warm, tender mouth covered Alice’s slit.

“Do you like how this feels, honeybunch?” came a voice close to the child’s ear. It was Auntie Rita. “Is it good, your mommy making love to you like this?”

“Yes,” Alice breathed.

“What about the things you’ve done with your sister… and my little girl? Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes,” Alice said, her voice soft and dreamy. “I like k-kissing Linda an’ Heather.”

“Kissing them? Their lips, you mean?” Auntie Rita had a hand between her legs, rubbing herself there.

Alice shook her head. “Not just… I love kissing more of them, too. Their titties. And — and their things, I mean p-pussies.”

Suddenly that extra good feeling was upon the six-year-old, and she loudly cried, “Oh, Mommy! Oh, yeah, mmmmmyeah! Oh. OH! Don’t stop, Mommy, d-d-don’t stop!” She clutched her mother’s head, shaking helplessly as waves of pleasure rolled through her thin body, one after the next, until the child was spent. Alice let her hands fall, then lay back panting like she’d run a long, hard race. “Uh, you c-can stop now, Mommy,” she managed to say at last.

Then she was nestled between Mommy and Auntie Rita who, Alice noted in her dazed state, were sharing deep, sexy kisses. She wanted to be kissed herself, but lying there doing nothing felt so nice…

After letting herself be cuddled for a while, Alice asked, “Mommy, can Heather and Linda come play with us? They’d prob’ly like to, I bet.”

Rita and Sue looked at each other, then smiled. “Well, yes,” said Rita, “I don’t see why not. How about it, Sue? Up for some more fun and games?”

“Oh, I’m definitely on board,” Sue agreed, then kissed her little girl’s cheek. “Good idea, sweetie.”

Heather and Linda were still dozing peacefully when they were awakened by a voice saying, “Girls?” Sitting up in a panic and covering their bare bodies as best they could, the ten-year-olds were very surprised to see both their mothers and Alice, all standing bare naked in the doorway.

They were even more surprised to hear Sue say, “Girls, let’s go downstairs for cake and cookies. Don’t bother getting dressed, just come as you are.”

Heather and Linda felt a little odd at first, seeing their mothers bare naked — especially while they, too, were nude. However, they quickly grew to enjoy this new experience, not least because their moms looked so beautiful with all their clothes off.

As the five of them ate sweets and drank juice, Sue and Rita explained to the two ten-year-olds that they knew about their little sex games, that they played them too, and now they could all enjoy them together. Linda and Heather were shocked at first, but quickly realized that liked the idea very much.

“Shall we go back upstairs?” Rita finally said, laying down her fork. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m in the mood for love.”

They made their way back up to Sue’s bedroom. Reaching out for Heather, Rita drew the girl into her arms, kissing her lover’s daughter. And just like that, the afternoon’s festivities were underway.

They made love in every combination. Alice especially enjoyed watching Rita lick Linda’s pussy, almost as much as she liked watching her mother go down on Heather. Alice also discovered that she really enjoyed rimming, and eagerly licked the bottom holes of her four new lovers.

Who needed the power of invisibility, anyhow? Alice was happier than she’d ever been. She could kiss and do sex stuff with her mommy and her sister. Or she could play over at Linda’s and enjoy naked games with a different mother and daughter.

Sometimes they all played together. Sometimes Alice just played with herself. It was all great fun, and they lived happily ever after.

The End

Note from Purple Les: Thanks to JetBoy for his assistance with this story.


34 Comments on Adventure of the Amazing Invisible Girl: A Bedtime Story, Part Two

  1. Nathan Riches says:

    So pleasantly surprised to see another chapter, although a little disappointed its the last one. Still, great story. One quick thing, when playing the War game, you stated they were both down to panties, but when Alice strips, she takes off her undershirt as well?

  2. sue says:

    I couldn’t wait for bedtime to read this. Just so chock full of cute girl sex. And the moms joining in. I wish I could be at a party where a little girl just starts walking around naked. Loved the story, Purple Les, nice hot fun.

  3. Erocritique says:

    Fucking adorable!! Sexy little bedtime story. Loved the part where Alice was ” invisible ” and tried to sneak some goodies. Very cute. For some reason I really like the characters in your stories Purple Les, especially when you are speaking in the child’s voice. It comes across as naturally sweet and believable. Your depiction of Alice makes her my all time favorite little nymph. The child’s imagination angle was beautifully executed. Kudos to Jetboy for the assist.

  4. cherryco says:

    So hot!! I loved this story, Les! Made me leave a BIG wet spot on the towel I put down. Thank you for the great writing work you do!

  5. Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

    Oh hell yes! so beautiful!… completely agree with Sue: nice hot fun!
    Brilliant ending to a purely delightfully delicious story about a young girl’s “invisible adventure” into her blossoming lesbian sexuality and that of her family & friends!

    Great story,Purple Les…just great!


  6. Jake says:

    Very nice, a good dose child ass play.
    I love the slow rhythmic anal fingering, so very hot. Thank you for that.

  7. Jay Denton says:

    I really loved this story and identified with it a little. My 5 year old niece Grace loves being naked. She and her best friend of the same age often get naked and run around. I have to confess to quite considerable arousal as I see their gorgeous little bodies. It’s interesting to note just how different their little peaches look. Grace has a quite prominent pubic bone while her friend’s is much less so. Luckily, I also get nominated as the one to bathe the girls. If only my sister in law and her best friend had any idea what a wet and squelchy mess it makes me.

  8. Purple Les says:

    I am very thankful this Thanksgiving for all of these wonderful comments. Thank you for the nice things you had to say about this story. I really enjoyed each and every comment, and am glad you enjoyed the story.

  9. Captain Midnight says:

    I am startled by how SHORT this story is! I admit I was looking forward so much to the rich character development that is Purple Les’s tremendous asset. There appeared to be so much you could do with the girls and the moms. Instead,Chapter 2 rushes through introducing the moms’ relationship and how the “invisible girl” isn’t so invisible any more. I hoped for 10 chapters at least, following them through their days, drawing me in with steadily developing sex/love scenes. Goodness. Hope for one of your classics again down the line, Purple Lea.

    • Erocritique says:

      I believe this was always intended to be a short story. I recall reading a post about Purple Les working on a follow up to the brilliant ” Tears of the sun” but had this idea for a short story and wanted to put it out.
      I totally agree that the invisibility angle could have been played out much longer, and indeed was a missed opportunity for another classic full length story.
      Not a criticism at all, knowing that there is just so much time in ones day and life.
      Still….The concept of an invisible naked little nymph was too wonderful to limit her existence to two chapters. JMHO

    • No One says:

      Not every story can be a long epic. Sometimes an author just wants to write a quick piece to get an idea they had on paper, or as a “palate cleanser” of sort between longer tales. 🙂

      • Captain Midnight says:

        Thanks, Purple Les. Happy Holidays.

        • Purple Les says:

          thanks and Happy Holidays to all. Yes, No One, just as you said, a “palate cleanser” of sort between longer tales.

          I needed a little break from hearts breaking and characters getting killed off. I didn’t think the little ‘invisible’ angle would be so well liked and maybe I would have done more with it.

          Alice just tried what she’d seen on TV, and it really worked. I actually did this at work once. The hall was dark and a coworker I didn’t want to talk with was coming. I honest to goodness pressed myself against a wall and he walked right by with out noticing me. Alice just took it a step further thinking she may have become invisible.

  10. No One says:

    I admit I’m a little confused about the invisibility power. Clearly, most of the time, it’s just Alice thinking she’s invisible while she’s not. But at the very beginning of the first chapter, there seems to be a part where her sister and mother really don’t see her when she’s naked in the hallway… but then this is never addressed again. Are we to understand they simply didn’t notice her? That seems… unlikely.

    I was kind of expecting more development about that, but then this second half is, well… just the standard Juicy Secrets thing with the moms and everyone getting involved. Which is not bad, certainly a lot of people love that, but I feel like the more unique hook of the story got lost somewhere.

    Ah well, still an enjoyable tale with plenty of sexy bits.

    • Erocritique says:

      I think the wallflower effect, pressed up against a wall and going unnoticed/invisible, was briefly explained in the story. I agree that the second chapter was your average JS trope. Fairly or unfairly Purple Les and many of you authors on the site have set a high bar for yourselves, and average doesn’t seem to quite cut it. I for one am rooting for a rewrite (ala Jetboy)starting with Susan’s reaction to seeing Alice naked sneaking the cake and cookies. If the two moms surreptitiously followed Alice back to Heathers room and listened in on Alice telling the older girls about turning invisible and purloining the goodies, they could find out about the girls sexual activities at the same time. The two moms could confront the two older girls after Alice goes to bed, with everyone admitting that they all enjoy naked little Alice’s invisibility. ( of course the discussion makes everyone horny and the moms and two older girls have to help each other find relief). They all agree to indulge Alice’s imagination while facilitating sexy opportunities for Alice to use her special power.. I can just picture invisible naked Alice watching the two moms make love while they pretend not to see her, and Alice slyly sneaking little licks and touches all over their bodies. So many wonderful possibilities.

  11. Captain Midnight says:

    Purple Les, your talent in erotic story writing is so great that people will flock to this site every time you publish.

    I am very sympathetic to your wanting to get away from death and mayhem. I just love the slice-of-life interludes you mix among the sex scenes, where the kids get to be kids and learn how to slowly mature and take care of themselves and other people. Letoria’s Karen and Laci did that. For me to compare you to Lee as a writer–well, that’s the highest praise I can give.

  12. Alex says:

    I liked this a lot, but I think it would have been a lot better without the moms. It always happens and I would rather have seen more adventures between the girls.

  13. Sunnybunny says:

    Ahh, one of my favorite erotic authors delivers another knock-out tale~
    As always, brilliant work! I can’t wait to see what you show us next 😀

  14. David says:

    Fantastic story Purple Les, sorry it had to end. Loved the detail and build up between the girls and then Alice with the moms. Great writing Purple Les and look forward to more stories from you.

    • Purple Les says:

      Thanks, and honest, I’m working on a new story right now.

      • JetBoy says:

        Let me also remind you good people that we have “Knuckle Ridge,” Les’ second Tequila Kid saga, in our possession, and I am currently preparing it for public view… news that should thrill each and every one of you.

        It won’t be appearing in the immediate future — Les has made the decision to hold off on posting the first installment until all nine chapters are done. (A wise move, I think, considering the complicated nature of the plot.) It’ll be well worth the wait… a thrilling yarn, coupled with tons of hot lesbian sex. What’s not to love?

        • David says:

          Oh god I am so happy to hear that the Tequila Kid is coming back. I loved that series. Thanks Les, I look forward to its arrival!

  15. Tim and Litka says:

    What a fantastic story, and like others here, sorry to see it is the last. Never mind, it is definitely one to put in the “read again” folder!!
    Thanks so much – wonderful sister, daughter mom erotica!

    • Purple Les says:

      Thank you. It’s very nice to know you would read this story again. And thanks to you and all the others who wished it were longer. Sometimes it’s better to leave the table wanting just a little more.

  16. sue says:

    I love this story. So sweet and dirty all at the same time.

  17. Chris says:

    Purple Les, you did yourself proud. This story is perfect, a little funny, very sexy, and very believable. I also think it is the perfect length, any more and it word drag, any less and you would miss something.

  18. tractorboy says:

    very hot story

  19. sue says:

    I think there was so much sex in the two parts of this story it could easily have been split in to four very hot chapters. But I’m not complaining.

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