Unexpected Delights, Chapter 10

  • Posted on July 14, 2019 at 2:14 pm

by No One 

(Note: This chapter picks up right where the last one left off. Chloe is handcuffed to the bed frame, so she is unable to do more than watch while Nettie and her little sister Alex make love in front of her.)


The sisters lay panting side by side, their skin shining with sweat.

“Um, guys, that was really super hot and all,” Chloe said after a moment, a little breathless herself, “but do you think I could get some attention too, now? I really need it.”

Nettie turned towards her and sat up, raising an eyebrow. “Oh? Okay, sure, you need it… but do you think you deserve it?”

Rolling her eyes, Chloe tugged at her restraints. “Yes! Oh, come on, you two are totally into each other now. Like, obviously! So what did I do wrong?”

Nettie exchanged a dubious look with Alex, who was slowly sitting up. “Well, it doesn’t sound like she’s learned any humility. Maybe we should just leave her here for a while,” she said, making her sister giggle.

“What? No!” Chloe quickly decided to change her approach. “No, no, I learned. I totally learned… whatever you want. You’re right, I’m sorry. Pleeeeeease.”

Smirking, Nettie crawled towards her on all fours until their faces were just a few inches apart. “You beg pretty good, kiddo… maybe I should have you keep doing it.”

Though on the verge of screaming, Chloe somehow held back, giving the older girl an exasperated look. Fuck! How long is she going to tease me?

Nettie laughed, but it seemed she was done taunting because, in the next instant, her mouth was on Chloe’s, then her tongue slipped in.

After all this frustration, the kiss felt simply divine. Tingles of excitement spread through Chloe’s body as she met and matched Nettie’s passion. She would have wrapped both arms around the girl and hugged her closely… if she could only move her damn hands!

As they kissed, Chloe tasted Alex on her sister’s lips, and that turned her on even more. Then Nettie’s hands were at her breasts, offering caresses through the thin fabric of her new bra. Her nipples were very quickly at their stiffest.

Chloe was surprised for an instant when her bra popped open, then remembered how they were fastened. “Oh, right. These front clasps are pretty useful.”

“Aren’t they?” Nettie smiled, then pinched a nipple, making Chloe gasp at the pleasant electric shock of it.

By then, Alex had crawled up to join them. Nettie turned to her little sister and gave her a quick tongue kiss before moving aside to let Alex get closer to Chloe.

Not missing this little exchange, Chloe favored her best friend with a knowing grin. Alex gave a little sheepish shrug and leaned forward. Spying faint traces of wetness around Alex’s mouth, Chloe was only too eager to welcome the kiss. Making out with both sisters after they’d just licked each other’s pussy was a genuine thrill.

Chloe tried to keep her mind focused while her tongue danced with Alex’s, but Nettie had decided to continue teasing her nipples, and it was messing with her concentration, making her a less than ideal French kiss partner. But Alex didn’t seem to mind, giggling every time a gasp interrupted their kiss.

After a moment, the sisters exchanged a look, then each one moved down to take one of Chloe’s very stiff nipples into her mouth. On the left, Alex gently sucked the tip while slowly running her tongue around it; On the right, Nettie gave it rapid flicks of the tongue and an occasional little bite.

“Mmmm, that’s sooo good,” Chloe moaned. Having two lovers at once was a lot more titillating than one. And even better with sisters. She wondered if it was possible to come just from having your boobs played with. As turned on as she was, it didn’t seem that unlikely.

But it seemed like she wouldn’t find out today because Nettie soon moved on, hooking her fingers into the strings of Chloe’s panties—if they could even be called that—and quickly pulling them off. Examining the sodden undies closely, she raised an eyebrow at Chloe. “Looks like you’ll need to wash these sooner rather than later.”

Even at a distance, Chloe could see that the tiny piece of fabric was completely soaked. She gave a helpless shrug. “Well, it’s your fault!”

Nettie exchanged a knowing look with her sister, then tossed the panties at Chloe.

By reflex, Chloe tried to swat the flying underwear away, but her handcuffed hand could only move a few inches. The sodden panties landed square on her face, filling her nose with the not-unpleasant scent of her own arousal.

Giggling, Alex helpfully lifted the piece of lingerie away, inspecting it in passing. “Wow,” she commented, smirking at Chloe and looking very much like her sister for a moment.

“Hey, you’re to blame, too!” Chloe protested.

“Awww. Poor baby. Do you want us to do something about it?” Nettie asked.


“Well? Spread your legs, then!”

Chloe was only too happy to obey, parting her thighs as wide as they would go. The way that the sisters gazed at her lewdly displayed intimacy made her feel very exposed, but it was also intensely arousing.

Nettie leaned towards Alex, briefly nibbling at her ear. “Why don’t you show Chloe just how good you’ve gotten with your tongue?” she said.

Alex elbowed her sister, her face turning red. Though she seemed to have quickly transformed into something of a naughty girl, it looked like she still got embarrassed quite easily. She rapidly recovered, though, and began slowly crawling towards Chloe, her earlier smirk now a shy smile.

Chloe watched her friend lie between her legs, anticipation rising to a fever pitch, then gasped at the first soft kiss on her hungry sex. She groaned loudly when Alex’s tongue slipped between her pussy lips, giving her the delightful stimulation she’d been craving for so long.

Seeing her best friend licking her pussy with such enthusiasm was rather surreal, but it was also intensely exciting. It soon became clear that Alex had indeed grown very skilled with her mouth over the past week, her tongue exploring, teasing and pleasuring all the right spots. Chloe found herself Imagining exactly how Alex had mastered those techniques, which made the experience even better.

After a moment, Alex began to moan herself. Looking up, Chloe saw that Nettie had a hand between her little sister’s legs, and it was obvious that those fingers weren’t idle. The older girl winked as their eyes met.

“Don’t stop, Alex,” Chloe implored.

“Sorry,” her friend murmured, already a little out of breath. But she resumed her task as well as she could, her wonderful tongue feeling positively divine against Chloe’s clit.

Things were heating up in a hurry, as Chloe enjoyed Alex’s oral skills while taking in the sexy spectacle of Nettie toying with her little sister’s pussy. Knowing just how distracting Nettie’s fingers could be, Chloe found it easy to forgive Alex for the occasional pause in her licking. Besides, hearing her friend’s sounds of pleasure turned her on nearly as much.

Nettie sat off to the side, avidly watching her little sister go down on Chloe. But she was clearly too aroused to let Alex have all the fun. She moved in for a closer look. A very close look, snuggling right up next to Alex. She gave her sister a quick kiss, then took a much longer lick at Chloe’s pussy.

“Oh God!” Chloe cried, watching in amazement as the two girls began to take turns licking her. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears as her excitement rose to new heights. She’d never considered it before, but two tongues were a lot better than one!

The sisters were varying their oral assault in exquisite ways. First, one of them would lick her, then the other, then they might let their tongues tangle in a sexy kiss before teaming up to attack Chloe’s pussy together, then start all over again. It felt heavenly.

It quickly became obvious to Chloe that she wouldn’t be able to endure this pleasure for very long before reaching her limit, but that was just fine with her.

She closed her eyes to focus on the blissful sensations, amused to realize that she could tell whose tongue was whose without even looking. For all of Alex’s newly gained skills, Nettie’s tongue felt more… self-assured, somehow. Still, the pair of sisters formed an unbeatable team that would drive Chloe to ecstasy any second now.

“Yes, yes!” she cried, feeling her orgasm within reach.

Then the delightful stimulation suddenly vanished. “Noo, don’t stop!” But nothing happened.

Confused, she blinked her eyes open, only to find the two sisters looking at her. Nettie was smirking, Alex hiding her amusement behind a hand.

Gritting her teeth, Chloe tugged uselessly at the handcuffs. “Oh, come on! I was soooo close!”

“Oh, I know you were,” Nettie said, chuckling. “Buuuut… if you really wanna get off, you’ll have to earn it.”

Now what do you mean?” Chloe asked, exasperation creeping into her voice.

Nettie leaned over to whisper in her sister’s ear. Alex giggled at whatever was being said, raising an eyebrow.

“Go on, she won’t mind,” Nettie added, giving her sister a nudge.

Alex climbed to her feet on the bed and advanced towards Chloe. It was pretty obvious what the plan was when the girl got close, her sex right at face level. She gave Chloe a shy smile and shrugged.

Chloe licked her lips in response, and Alex broke into a grin. She was definitely very willing to please her friend this way—she’d been daydreaming about having another taste of Alex’s pussy for a week, after all—but still, she’d have been just as eager if they’d let her come first!

Once Alex was within reach, Chloe pressed her mouth into the juicy flesh, the warm nectar coating her lips and tongue.

“Aaah!” Alex moaned loudly, her knees nearly buckling. She had to grab for Chloe’s shoulder to avoid toppling forward, but the movement also pushed her sex harder against Chloe’s mouth, making her cry out again.

Chloe, basking in the sounds of pleasure, did her very best to make Alex utter more of them. She longed to let her hands roam over her friend’s body, but could only barely brush her thighs. Still, she had to admit that being restrained and helpless came with its own kind of excitement. Being at Alex’s mercy, even though she wasn’t very forceful about it, was really getting her motor running.

Suddenly Chloe felt fingers touching her pussy and gasped, a violent shiver racing through her. Had Nettie decided to take pity and give her release? The teenager’s fingers teased her clit for a moment, then disappeared, only to return a short time later for another quick caress. It was enough to sustain her arousal, but too brief to send her over the edge. It was a sweet kind of torture, one that she was certain had been deliberately planned.

Out of the corner of her eye, Chloe saw that Nettie’s other hand was working much more vigorously between her own legs, two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. She was clearly enjoying the sight of Chloe licking her little sister.

The show was drawing to a close, though, as Alex’s moans were growing more urgent with every passing second. Her fingernails bit into Chloe’s shoulders as her whole body went rigid, then she threw her head back and let out a long cry. Her legs shook as she rode the waves of her orgasm, probably having trouble keeping her upright.

Chloe didn’t relent, concentrating her efforts on Alex’s clit, until her friend could take no more and stepped back, then sat down heavily on the bed.

“Phew, wow.” Sighing contentedly, Alex stretched out on the covers. “Mmmm, that was so good.”

“A satisfied customer,” Nettie said as she got to her feet. “My turn now.”

Chloe wasn’t surprised in the least. The hungry look in Nettie’s eyes told her that the older girl was definitely ready for more than her own fingers. Chloe considered demanding that the sisters take care of her needs first, but then again, she wasn’t in the best bargaining position. Besides, it wasn’t like she wouldn’t delight in eating Nettie’s pussy.

The teen was still playing with herself as she approached. Taking the fingers away from her sex, she brought them up to smear Chloe’s lips with her excitement.

Obediently, Chloe opened her mouth, accepting Nettie’s dirty fingers. She licked and sucked the digits clean, enjoying the taste of the girl’s arousal, anticipating her chance to get more of it from the source.

She didn’t have to wait long. As soon as she was done cleaning those sticky fingers, Chloe was seized by the back of the neck, her face shoved right up against Nettie’s pussy. Though taken by surprise, she extended her tongue and began to lap at her partner’s sex as best she could.

Chloe could hear Nettie purring with pleasure as the teen ground against her mouth. It was a far more aggressive approach than Alex had taken, but it wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, Chloe found herself enjoying the experience of being taken by a forceful lover. Maybe, just maybe, they could do something like this again sometime… but only if Nettie promised not to tease her so relentlessly.

Nettie’s pussy was really wet, and Chloe tried not to waste a single drop of her essence. She compared the taste of the two sisters, finding them similar yet different. Alex’s was maybe a little bit sweeter, Nettie’s more tangy but still delicious. She wondered if every girl had a flavor all her own.

Nettie must have been very turned on because, after only a minute or two of this, she was trembling all over. Chloe knew she was close to coming, so she took the girl’s clit between her lips, gently sucking it.

That did the trick. “Mmmm fuck!” Nettie blurted, then brought both her hands against the wall behind the bed with a loud slap. She remained there for a long moment—immobile, her body rigid, her voice stolen away by what Chloe recognized as one intense orgasm.

At last, Nettie let out a low groan and clumsily pushed herself away, collapsing onto the bed. She waited a little while to catch her breath, then moved close to touch her forehead to Chloe’s. “You’re good, baby,” she said before giving Chloe a quick but passionate French kiss. “And… yeah, fine, you’ve earned a treat.”

Finally! Chloe thought, but knew better than to say it out loud.

Grasping Chloe’s feet, Nettie lifted her legs up, spreading them even further apart. “Here, hold on to your ankles.”

With some difficulty due to the restraints on her wrists, not to mention her less-than-expert flexibility, Chloe managed to grab both legs and hold them up the way Nettie wanted. She anticipated what was to come with impatience, yet Chloe felt her cheeks heat up a little at how utterly exposed she was.

It didn’t help matters when Alex, now recovered from her own climax, moved in for a better view. The wide-eyed look she gave Chloe left little doubt as to the lewdness of her pose.

Nettie wasn’t wasting any time, kneeling down on all fours in front of Chloe. “You take her pussy,” she told Alex, before going straight for Chloe’s anus, teasing the tight hole with her tongue.

Chloe gasped in surprise. That wasn’t quite what she’d expected, but if Nettie was in a kinky mood… well, that was just fine with her. Especially if Alex was going down on her at the same time.

Apparently, Alex wasn’t familiar with just how dirty Nettie was willing to get. She stared, eyes round as saucers, mouth hanging open at what her big sister was doing. A picture of utter incredulity. “What… but… are you really…” She fell silent, unable to finish.

Chloe had to laugh at the expression on her friend’s face. When Alex turned to her with a look of complete disbelief, she shrugged. “Yeah, she’s… kinda wild, if you didn’t know. Feels pretty nice, though, gotta say.” Sighing blissfully, she tried to relax, wanting to open herself up even more to Nettie’s probing tongue. Wonder if she could actually get it inside my butt? she mused.

Alex looked from one of them to the other, clearly at a loss.

“Don’t just sit there, go on,” Nettie said, briefly interrupting the pleasant motion of her tongue.

Slowly, Alex knelt next to her sister. Wrinkling her nose, she was still giving Nettie a dubious look, but eventually, she shrugged and assumed her own role in this kinky scenario. She obviously found licking Chloe’s pussy to be a much more appetizing option, quickly setting to the task with zeal.

“Omigod yes!” Chloe wailed as Alex’s tongue parted her labia. All the pent-up sexual frustration fled her body, replaced with pure pleasure. After only a few seconds, that awesome, familiar warmth was building between her thighs, and she knew that this time, the path to her climax would be a very short one.

The feeling of two tongues working on both her holes at once was incredible, the sensations magnifying each other. Chloe had enjoyed the times when Nettie had been inclined to lick her ass in the past, but being rimmed wasn’t enough to get her off by itself. Now, however, the stimulation Alex was giving her pussy only heightened the pleasure she felt in her anus, just as Nettie’s tongue movements seemed to resonate all the way to her clit.

It was a blissful experience, and the mounting pressure inside Chloe was reaching its limit in record time. She prayed to whatever supreme being would listen that the girls wouldn’t stop before she got her release.

Suddenly, it was happening. Chloe screamed and screamed as one of the strongest orgasms of her life shook her. It was difficult to keep holding her legs up through this moment of perfect rapture, but the last thing she wanted was to interrupt the sisters, who were doing their best to make her ecstasy last even longer than she could have imagined.

Finally, as Chloe’s cries abated, so did the movements of Alex’s tongue, letting her drift down slowly from that incredible high. Nettie’s tongue, however, proved insistent, relentless in its probing. God, she’s such a dirty girl, Chloe thought.

“Don’t stop, Alex,” she heard Nettie say, the voice distantly perceived through the afterglow haze that clouded her mind.

Why’s she saying that? Doesn’t she get that I just came? Chloe thought, puzzled, then she gasped when Alex’s tongue traced her slit again. It was very sensitive down there after her climax, and the stimulation was almost too intense.

She’d never had two orgasms so close together before. Was that even possible? She soon decided that it just might be. As Chloe let herself be carried away by the movements of her friend’s tongue, those incredible feelings, which had faded a minute ago, began rising anew.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned as her pleasure continued to mount. The climb would take longer this time, but still much faster than she would have thought possible.

Chloe was soon out of breath, overwhelmed by this relentless stimulation. Getting done by two tongues working in tandem felt truly amazing. Alex was lapping at her pussy with abandon, Nettie doing the same to her rosebud, each swipe of the tongue building up the sweet tension inside her until Chloe felt ready to burst.

And then she did. A new orgasm came crashing down, surprising her even though she’d been expecting it, taking her voice away. She thrashed about, her mouth open in a silent cry, every part of her feeling impossibly good.

It was hard to tell whether the heavenly interval lasted for seconds or minutes, but finally, Chloe came back down to Earth, taking in big gulps of air, heart beating as if she’d run a mile without stopping. She tried to speak, but, “Oh… oh my… God…” was all she managed to get out.

Through half-closed eyelids, she saw Nettie straighten up and look down at her. Smirking, of course. “Worth the wait?” the older girl asked, all innocence. Weary as she was, Chloe could only give a vigorous nod.

Alex sat up as well, looking quite pleased with herself. With good reason, too. The girl had done a fantastic job of getting Chloe off. Twice! Her body was still trembling from it all.

“You sure learned fast,” Chloe told her friend, who smiled shyly in return.

“Hasn’t she?” Nettie said. “I’d say she’s a natural.” Looking rather proud of her little sister, she drew Alex to her.

It seemed like they were about to kiss, but Alex drew away at the last moment. “Oh, um, wait. Your tongue’s been in her… uh…”

Nettie laughed. “Oh, come on. It won’t taste like anything.”

Alex wrinkled her nose, her lips pursed. “Um… no, go rinse your mouth out.”

Shaking her head, Nettie looked to Chloe for support but found no help there—Chloe was too busy laughing her ass off. “Jeez, fine. I needed to use the bathroom, anyway.”

“Hey, hey, hold on,” Chloe interrupted as Nettie stepped off the bed. “Can you take these stupid things off now?”

Chuckling, Nettie fetched the bag she’d brought the handcuffs in. “Oh, sure. Wait… Do I even have the key?”


“Kidding.” Ignoring Chloe’s reproachful look, Nettie fished the key out of the bag and quickly unlocked the handcuffs. “Don’t make that face, you. I have a feeling you enjoyed this way more than you’re letting on.”

“Well… it wasn’t all bad,” Chloe admitted as she rubbed her wrists. There had been a lot of very exciting moments, she had to concede, and that incredible finish had done a lot to alleviate her earlier frustration. “Maybe… maybe we can do this again sometime, but only if you’re not so mean.”

“Aww, but you’re so fun to tease.” Nettie reached out to pinch Chloe’s cheek like an annoying grandma, but her hand was quickly slapped away.

“Where’d you get the handcuffs, anyway?”

“Borrowed ‘em from a friend.”

“Oh? Why does she have handcuffs?”

Nettie raised an eyebrow. “Seriously?”

Chloe realized belatedly that Nettie’s friend probably used them for the exact same purpose that they’d been put to tonight. “Oh. Right.” And if Nettie knew about them… She idly wondered which of the two girls had been the one chained to the bed.

Once Nettie had left the room, Chloe turned to Alex. “Do you think Nettie was the one all tied up?”

“What? Oh. Hmm… I dunno, it’s hard to imagine anyone putting handcuffs on her.”

“Could be fun, though…” Chloe flashed a sly smile.

Alex considered that for a moment, then an equally mischievous smile touched her lips, and she nodded.

They remained silent for some time after that. Chloe let her gaze roam over her friend’s nude body, admiring her budding form, and felt a hint of renewed desire rising within her. Their eyes met, and Chloe suspected Alex had been checking her out, too. Both of them started giggling.

“Is this… weird?” Chloe asked, realizing they hadn’t really talked about the new sexual dimension to their relationship. It seemed like a much bigger deal when her brain wasn’t overcome with crazed lust.

“Um, kinda… but not in a bad way.” They exchanged sheepish smiles, then their lips met in a soft kiss. Alex snuggled in close, resting her head on Chloe’s chest. “This is… nice.”

“Yeah.” Chloe wrapped both arms around her friend. “So… you and Nettie, huh?” she added after a moment, unable to keep her grin in check.

“Um, ya… That just kinda happened.”

Chloe couldn’t see her friend’s face, but a tinge of red in the ear she did see told her that Alex’s cheeks must be a bright pink. “Oh? You just happened to have sex with your sister?”

“Well, yeah, sorta! I’d just got out of the shower, and I thought she was checking me out, maybe, so I kinda decided to tease her some, and then… you know, stuff happened.”

“Oh yeah, ‘stuff.’ Mmm, wish I’d been there. You guys are so hot together.”

Alex nudged Chloe in the ribs. “Perv.”

“Pff. Look who’s talking. You looked like you were enjoying it a lot.”

Alex looked up, her face still slightly red. “Maybe,” she admitted.

“So. What’s it like, having sex with your own sister?”

“It’s… well… “ Alex broke into a huge smile. “Pretty awesome! But, you know what’s really great? That Nettie and me are friends again. We used to be so close, but then when she became a teenager, she kinda turned all cranky, y’know? Always out with her friends, never wanting to hang out with me anymore… Now, I feel like I’ve got my big sister back.” She giggled. “We still pretend to argue and stuff in front of Mom, so she doesn’t get totally suspicious… But I dunno, I don’t think she’d guess what’s really happening, right?”

“Probably not. That’s all real sweet, though. I’m happy for you. Now, what I really wanna know is… How many times did you guys do it while I was out of town?”

“Um…” Alex thought about it for a moment, blushing a shade brighter, then shrugged. “Well, y’know, Mom is out most days, soooo…”

“Jeez. Sounds like I missed a lot of fun.”

“Well… we can catch up.” Alex was really cute when she was embarrassed and flirty at once.

“I like the sound of that.”

Alex moved in and they kissed again, more passionately this time. Soon, their tongues were entangled, and Chloe lost herself in the kiss, feeling her desire welling up all over again.

They were interrupted when a sudden weight on the bed made them start.

“Look at you two, so cute together,” Nettie said, crawling up to them and grinning. “There, all clean.” She wagged her tongue at Alex.

Giggling, Alex leaned close and stuck out her tongue to meet her sister’s, the two of them licking each other’s tongue more than kissing. It was a silly—yet somehow very hot—make-out session.

Chloe stared as the girls’ tongues twisted practically in her face, struck again by how unbelievably sexy Alex and Nettie were together. This time she could do more than just watch, though. Smiling, she drew near and extended her tongue to join the other girls.

Laughing, the sisters welcomed her into the kiss, which soon became a messy tangle of tongues that quickly had Chloe’s blood pumping.

“Well, that’s one way to kiss,” Nettie said. She immediately demonstrated another by pressing her mouth against Chloe’s and slipping her tongue inside. A more traditional French kiss, but no less exciting.

Chloe was left wanting when Nettie broke the kiss after only a moment, but when she saw the older girl repeating the maneuver on Alex, she figured that watching the sisters was just as good.

Her movements now unrestricted, Chloe was free to let her hands roam over her friends’ bodies as they kissed. She groped Alex’s cute ass with one hand while teasing one of Nettie’s nipples with the other, making the teenager moan into her little sister’s mouth.

They began to take turns exchanging kissing partners and caressing each other. Soon, it became difficult to tell who was touching what, but it didn’t matter. Every grope and fondle felt better than the last, feeding their collective arousal, and moans quickly began filling the room. A hand came up Chloe’s leg—Nettie’s, she suspected—and a finger slid between her slippery pussy lips.

“Feels like you’re ready for more, “ the teenager said.

“Mmhmm.” It was all Chloe could manage with Alex’s tongue in her mouth.

“I’ve got one more surprise for you, if you feel ready for it.”

Curious, Chloe broke the kiss and glanced at Nettie, who wore a more serious expression than usual. “Ready? For what?”

Getting to her feet, Nettie padded over to her dresser, pulled open a drawer, and grabbed something from inside. Turning around, she showed off the object: a tangle of straps and buckles, all attached to… a bright pink dildo?

Chloe figured it out after a second or two. “Oh, is that… a strap-on, right? Like you told me about?”

“That’s right. I found one that might be a good size for you. If you feel like trying, but no pressure.” Nettie held the dildo at her groin and wiggled her eyebrows. “Or you can wear it, if you want,” she added with a wink. “Use it on me.”

Chloe and Alex both burst out laughing at the sight of Nettie with a plastic member sticking out from between her legs, and doubly so when she started stroking it with exaggerated motions.

Chloe wiped tears from her eyes. “Wow. Um, so…” She hesitated. This seemed like a big step. “Did you borrow this, too?” she asked, needing time to think about this.

“Nah, ordered it online. I thought it might get some use.” She smirked. “Good thing Amazon ships so fast.”

Chloe considered the dildo; it was definitely a lot less intimidating than Nettie’s big vibrator. What would it feel like inside her? There was only one way to find out. Or… she could use it on Nettie. That did sound like fun.

Some other time, Chloe decided. I think I want this. I want her to fuck me.

She’d had sex already, by any measure that mattered to her, but if she was penetrated with the strap-on, then she wouldn’t be a virgin in any sense of the word. The idea was an appealing one, even if it made her a little nervous. It seemed fitting to do something like this on her birthday, after all. To turn a year older and to reach a new milestone in her sexuality… something like that, anyhow. And she couldn’t imagine better partners than Nettie and Alex for her first time.

“What do you think, then?” asked Nettie, brandishing the plastic cock like a magic wand. “Ready to get it on?”

“Um, yeah… I think I want to try it.”

“Yeah? Great.” Nettie pointed at herself then at Alex with the dildo. “Which of us do you want to fuck you?”

Chloe was taken aback by the question, having assumed that Nettie meant to do it herself. The older girl was eager enough, and certainly knew how. Then again, if Alex lacked experience at this kind of thing, so did Chloe, and it would be fun to try it out together… Besides, the idea of getting fucked by a shy, blushing Alex seemed really sweet, somehow. Still, Chloe didn’t want to hurt one sister’s feelings by choosing the other.

Alex always looked extra cute when flustered, and now she was staring wide-eyed at her sister—clearly, she’d been unaware that Nettie had intended to give her the chance to take her best friend’s virginity.

Before Chloe could answer, Alex made the decision for her. “Uh, wait, no,” she quickly said. “You do it, Nettie. I… I wouldn’t know how.”

Nettie shrugged. “It’s not too complicated… but okay!” She made quick work of stepping into and fastening the strap-on harness—Chloe still struggled not to giggle at the sight—then she fetched a small bottle of clear liquid from her nightstand. Climbing on the bed, she squirted some of it into her hand, then applied it to the dildo. “It’s lube, to make things slippery. But honestly…” Nettie reached out and slid a finger right into Chloe’s pussy, “I don’t think you need it.”

Chloe inhaled sharply at the sudden intrusion, then laughed. With a wink, Nettie sucked her finger clean, then knelt between Chloe’s spread legs. Gripping the dildo in her right hand, she rubbed the bulbous head against Chloe’s vulva, working it up and down. It felt pretty good, too, especially when it grazed her clit.

Alex took a place at Chloe’s side, holding her hand tightly. She looked nearly as nervous as Chloe felt.

“Ready?” Nettie asked.

Her heart pounding, Chloe gave a slow nod.

Nettie gave her a reassuring smile. “Relax. This will be great.” She angled the dildo towards the entrance to Chloe’s vagina, then gently pushed her hips forward.

For a second or two, it felt like the dildo was too big to go in, but then it suddenly did, and Chloe gasped. Very gradually, Nettie penetrated her further, proceeding inch by inch. It didn’t really hurt—Chloe had taken care of any real obstruction with her fingers long ago—but it felt uncomfortably thick at first. Nettie paused once the dildo was in as far as it would go, though, and Chloe got used to the size of it soon enough.

“You okay?” Nettie murmured, studying Chloe’s face for any sign of discomfort.

“I think so. I feel… I dunno, really filled up,” Chloe said, a little embarrassed. Nettie’s toy felt much bigger inside than the two fingers that she’d become accustomed to.

Nettie smiled. “Yeah. That’s good. Just wait, though. It’ll feel great, you’ll see. I’m gonna start moving, okay?”


Nettie began a careful back and forth motion, withdrawing until only the tip remained, then penetrating her up to the hilt. The more Chloe got used to the feeling, the better it was and soon she was panting in time with Nettie’s slow, even thrusts.

“How is it?” Alex wanted to know. Her eyes were fixed on Chloe’s sex and the dildo moving in and out, in and out.

“It’s—ah!—feeling p-pretty good—mmm—right now.”

“Do you want it slower? Faster? Harder?” Nettie asked.

“I… I think it’s good like this.” Chloe could feel it deep inside, her slow, steady climb to yet another climax.

Alex reached out to caress Chloe’s boobs, teasing her nipples and making them stiffen.

“Mmmm.” Chloe turned to kiss her friend, but it soon proved difficult to concentrate on making out with all this deliciously distracting stimulation that competed for her attention.

Alex chose to let Chloe catch her breath, and put her mouth to another use. She took a nipple between her lips and flicked it with her tongue.

“Mmm yesss,” Chloe moaned as Alex covered her chest with licks and kisses, then gazed up at Nettie. “Harder now,” she begged, her need now grown especially urgent.

Nettie was happy to comply, and promptly increased the force and rhythm of her strokes, drawing a long, keening cry from Chloe’s lips.

Alex raised up to watch, staring thoughtfully at the dildo as it pistoned back and forth between Chloe’s legs. A mischievous smile spread across her lips, then she winked at Chloe, moving down until her face was only a few inches from the action.

“Yeah, lick her clit. Make her come,” Nettie said in a voice husky with exertion.

“Aaah! God! Fuck! YES!” Chloe blurted incoherently when she felt Alex’s tongue teasing her engorged clitoris. The pleasure was almost too much to bear. Nettie’s strap-on sliding into her, Alex’s tongue flicking her bud, the thick aroma of pussy that filled the room—it felt like every nerve in her body was firing with pure bliss.

And then her orgasm hit, and the ecstasy Chloe felt was all but indescribable. Her body bucked and writhed beneath Nettie’s thrusts, her fingers clawed at the sheets. She cried out again and again as the sisters showed no mercy, not relenting until she was completely spent.

Finally, she went limp, shaking, too weak to even open her eyes. She felt Nettie gently withdraw from her, and Alex snuggled in close, resting her head on Chloe’s heaving chest. She felt all gross and sweaty, but her friend didn’t seem to mind.

It took quite a while to catch her breath, but when Chloe could at last blink her eyes open, she found Nettie lying on her left, now minus the strap-on, with Alex nestling into her on the right.

“So… fun, huh?” Nettie’s smirk made it clear that she already knew the answer.

“Holy shit.” Chloe laughed, shaking her head. “You were right, that was so great.”

“I figured. Gotta be honest, though, you’ll probably be a bit sore for a while.”

“I guess.” Chloe could already tell that her vagina ached a little, but in the afterglow of such incredible sex, she didn’t mind at all. “It was worth it.”

Nettie gave her a tender kiss, then playfully licked a nipple before resting her cheek against Chloe’s breast. On the right side, Alex copied her sister, her tongue tracing a circle around the other nipple.

Grinning foolishly, Chloe hugged both girls to herself. They remained like that for some time—lying quietly, at peace with the world. Before long, a touch of drowsiness clouded Chloe’s mind.

Suddenly, her eyes flickered open. Whoa, think I drifted off there for a minute, she thought.

Just above her, she saw Nettie and Alex sharing a passionate kiss. Amused, she propped up the pillow, giving herself a better view of the two sexy sisters.

She’d probably have to go home soon, but for now she relaxed, enjoying the beautiful sight of her friends making out. Stupid school starting tomorrow, she thought, and sighed. Sure wish there were a few more weeks of vacation.

Still, Chloe had to admit, she’d had a pretty amazing summer. On that last day of school, she couldn’t have imagined in a million years that she’d end up here, naked in bed with Nettie, the girl she’d had a mad crush on for ages, as well as her best friend Alex, who just happened to be Nettie’s kid sister… all three of them resting up from an evening of crazy awesome sex. Chloe still found it hard to believe.

In short, her life had taken a pretty great turn. Sure, they’d have less time for sexy fun once school commenced, but she knew they’d find ways to get together. She wasn’t quite sure what the future held in store, what steamy new experiences awaited her, but it seemed certain that Alex and Nettie would be part of it, at least for a long while.

For the moment, though, the sisters were wasting no time getting up to no good. Nettie had now crawled halfway over Chloe and was pushing her little sister down with a deep kiss. Judging by the muffled moans that issued from Alex, it sounded as if  Nettie’s hand was already busy between her legs.

Though still feeling winded, Chloe made an effort to sit up. She did want another taste of both girls before going home…

The End?


34 Comments on Unexpected Delights, Chapter 10

  1. Amanda Lynn says:

    Awesome story and awesome writing, No One. I’ve been enjoying these characters so much that I’m sad it has to end. Maybe there will be a sequel or a cameo or two from the girls in one of No One’s future stories. 🙂

  2. sue says:

    Great job, No One. If it had to end this was a wonderful finale. We felt like we were there.

    Sue & Kim

  3. collie says:

    All good things must come to an end. Thank you for the wonderful series, I’m sure I’ll return to it again and again.

  4. Purple Les says:

    Very hot ending to a very hot and erotic story. Will we be seeing a new story from you, No One?

  5. Erocritique says:

    So I’m sitting here slack jawed like a kid watching the grand finale of a fireworks display. This chapter was like sexual sensory overload. Light bondage and D/s, edging, O- denial, ass play, strap-on, multiple orgasms, lesbian incest, young girls vs older girl, Whew. If you’re going to end this storyline, that’s the way to do it. I still believe there’s more to explore and develop on the girls evolving relationships. Is there a deeper love or is it just sex. I think introducing Nettie’s mystery friend who gave her the handcuffs would provide an opportunity to challenge the bond the girls have forged together. The mystery friend could provide a foil for jealousy, danger( if she were into heavier kink ), or maybe simply to square this love triangle. Maybe a combination of all three. Some conflict and resolution. Whatever you decide to do, you can be proud of what you have created. Believable story and characters with well written sex scenes. Loved it !!

  6. Phil says:

    Please continue with the story, want to hear about chloe using the strap on on the sisters, that would be so hot.
    Great story

  7. No One says:

    Thank you very much everyone. It’s great to hear that you all liked this story so much. This particular tale is over (or at least on extended hiatus) but I will keep writing and hopefully you’ll enjoy future stories just as much. I have a new one half-written, so you shouldn’t have to wait as long to read something from me again, this time.

    • Alex says:

      I know you said this is over but there’s so much to still explore… Chloe’s interest in light BDSM and maybe some anal discoveries… Honestly your characters are so well rounded and so well written that even a quick story just about the sex with these three would still be well ahead in quality compared to the rest of this website. And personally you’re my favorite for mostly not featuring any adults in the sex while still making it believable that the characters actually have parents. I shall stop before I gush too much!

      • Liseron says:

        That’s it I just finished this beautiful story, I’m trying to wake up to reality and I admit that I have a little trouble when I was so good in your dream world No One. What a beautiful style and what a beautiful scenario. You were right to end this story now, of course we want more, but isn’t it the principle of love to have to part after wonderful moments?. No, it was very good, other characters coming to add to the trio, I think you will know how to do it in other stories. Thank you for this one which was great.

  8. Jordynles says:

    I so loved this whole story was amazing

  9. kinkycjic says:

    Fuck! You did it again, got me so bloody hot you naughty person.

  10. Brianee Sheely says:

    Extremely hot series. Bravo!

  11. David says:

    More please!!! This story does need to continue.

  12. Angel says:

    This series was wonderful! The characters of Chloe, Nettie, and Alex were all well-developed. The sex scenes were very well-depicted as well as hot, and the girls’ sexual behavior was well motivated, too. (I was thinking in particular, of how the two sisters first became sexually involved; that’s not the kind of thing that just happens out of nowhere!) And I really loved the fact that sex brought Nettie and Alex closer together, and ended their estrangement!
    Finally, I was pleased with the ending, too; I do like a happy ending, and the girls all did wind up being happy together!

    • No One says:

      Thank you very much! Happy to hear that you found the story well-developed. I do try to give my characters a believable motivation for getting into bed (something a bit more than “it’s a sex story so everyone wants to bang everyone else,” you know?), even though it can still be a little far-fetched at times. I’m glad that resonated with you, and that you liked the characters and their adventures in general.

      Thanks for commenting.

  13. Bryan says:

    This story was absolutely bananas hot. Must have cum 3xs per chapter

  14. susy and Mireille says:

    Unexpected Delights
    Hi No One, Here we are again.
    No problem in thinking that Chloe could be the girl in the picture of Chapter one. Even though it’s supposed to be 17-year-old Nettie?? Top with skeleton. – Nice choice.
    The first surprise for Mireille and I was just how attracted to Nettie Chloe was, especially when her sexual experience until then was zero.
    Had Chloe been slightly older (perhaps a little worldly-wise then she may have picked up the signals from Nettie, the most obvious of which was Nettie sitting with splayed legs. Chloe had noticed and looking surreptitiously, wondered if Nettie had seen her looking.
    Poor Chloe has resigned herself to being unattractive to Nettie and hopes her two-piece bikini alters her perception for she does feel older wearing it as it enhances what little god has given her so far.
    As Chloe had begun to feel her sexual urges, we wondered why she had not felt these for Alex, her friend since kindergarten – perhaps it was because in comparison, Alex had no boobs and of course Nettie’s were all too obvious to Chloe and especially after her watching her undress through the crack in the door. I said to Miri that Nettie had ensured the door was open and from that point on, everything that Nettie did and said was aimed at seducing young Chloe and seemed very caring to about Chloe’s needs and not just getting off herself. It was Mireille who noticed that Nettie felt Chloe’s disappointment after she’d had her orgasm, so she masturbated Chloe – gave her the best “O” of her life following their first go at tribbing. Certainly, a caring lover – as well as being sex mad,
    Since reading Nettie’s views on girls and sex, Mireille has been trotting it out every time we read about a young girl having sex, namely: “if you’re old enough to get turned on and want it you’re old enough.” How right she is.
    Despite Chloe being inexperienced she seemed very capable when it came down to it and cannot wait for another session with Nettie so uses a ruse going round to the sisters’ house and pretending, she had forgotten Alex was still at her dad’s although she did confess immediately when asked that she knew Alex was not there. This told Nettie all she wanted to know. Dressing provocatively, she obviously can’t wait for Nettie to give her another orgasm and now she’s introduced to a vibrator and having enjoyed its use, can’t wait to find all about a strap on.
    In 4 Chloe finds out, things can get better when she’s on all 4’s and Nettie’s tongue introduces her to something new. Then the moment that had to come, Alex turns up and perhaps is not so surprised because she has been thinking that Chloe is gay. Mireille said Alex must have been thinking about sex with girls especially as she had been watching her sister and Chloe enjoying themselves and of course the $64k question “What’s it like?” Interesting that already, Chloe is wondering if the sisters’ “taste” the same. Interesting thought.
    The episode had started Alex wondering “what’s it like” – better than your fingers and three weeks later it’s still on her mind.
    At night she can’t get Chloe out of her mind and ends up “giving her teddy bear one” and thinking of Chloe doing wonderful things to her at the same time.
    When they go to the mall, we can’t help thinking it is an aid to them both to get together. Interesting, that when in the same cubicle they face away to change but after a few pics and Alex confessing she had been meaning to talk to Chloe about sex they, obviously to Chloe’s delight and Alex’s thoughts on sex with her friend, face each other when getting dressed. A big move along and Chloe can’t wait to teach Alex all she knows and get Nettie on board as well. After that first kiss, Alex is well on her way when she says, “that was nice.”
    Terrific realising that Nettie wanted Chloe all the time and had hoped it wasn’t a one-time affair, so she was no doubt overjoyed when Chloe went upstairs with her whilst Alex carried on watching a Disney film.
    Very strange that Alex has just accepted their having sex and they being aware she knows. Alex was ok with it because, one way or another, she wanted in and she is spotted watching them from Nettie’s doorway. Literally, pulled in by Chloe, it doesn’t take long for Alex to become involved and believes her orgasm was given to her by Chloe. Naughty Chloe and Nettie for the deception but it did get Nettie thinking about her sister – now cute in her eyes and so now she joins in after visiting the bathroom – on wobbly legs.
    Chapters 7/8 gives both Nettie and Alex what they want, with Nettie seducing her sister in the bathroom and then having full blown sex in Nettie’s bedroom. A wonderful and loving touch is their looking into each other’s eyes as they orgasm.

    It was hardly surprising that the sisters “stepping over the incest line” have become very comfortable with sex and Mireille wonders if it is the fact, they are sharing Chloe. I think she is right.
    We like the way they spring their newfound relationship on Chloe, a kind of birthday present we suppose. “Happy birthday Chloe, watch us have sex.”
    Now in handcuffs, Chloe watches them kiss and we suspect her “NO WAY” is more delight than surprise because it would certainly push her sex thermometer up as they tease Chloe by having sex. Mireille and I have seen something similar done.
    One wonderful occurrence that came of the sisters having sex, is that it rekindled the friendship they had lost some time ago.
    We suppose the ultimate birthday gift for Chloe, was Nettie using her strap on but all the wonderful sex brought one sad thought to Chloe’s mind – summer was not long enough.
    It’s all very well having characters having lots of sex with everyone else but there has to be a good storyline – you have it in U.D.
    Thanks again No One for another super, entertaining story

    • No One says:

      Hello! Your detailed impressions are always much appreciated, thank you. As ever, I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed this tale. You even remembered all the details for your summary, even though the story is quite long. 😉

      Yes, there have been many twists and turns for our three heroines. Surprises, discoveries and, ahem, unexpected delights. While the plot is still squarely focused on sex, I do try to have interesting character moments as well, so I’m glad you enjoyed that and felt it was worth the read.

      Regarding your “first surprise” that Chloe was so into Nettie. Well, we all have our first crushes, right? I suppose sometimes things can get a little obsessive. I think at the beginning, Chloe only had eyes for Nettie, perhaps ignoring other girls closer to her… like her best friends. Who knows, maybe in other circumstances, Chloe might have made her first sexual explorations with Alex. But I think it worked out for everyone involved in the end.

      As for Nettie’s thoughts on underage sex, err, well… This is a line of thinking that makes sense to an edgy (and fictional) teenager, but maybe don’t go putting that in practice in real life, hmm? 😉

  15. Mike says:

    A fabulous ending to an absolutely amazing story, though I wish you would write a sequel at some point.

    • No One says:

      Thank you so much for all the comments throughout this series! Much appreciated, and I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the story so much.

  16. kinkys_sis says:

    I’m actually not very good at making comments or with reviews. Seems strange for a writer to admit.

    The main thing I guess is how much did I enjoy it? That’s easy to answer. I was completely captivated from start to finish. Horny? As fuck!

    Now, I have to check out which of No One’s stories I haven’t read. And those of others of course.

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      I am a big fan of No One’s writing.

      Remnants was the first story by No One that I read. That story was posted at Nifty and it led me to Juciy Secrets which was more or less responsible for kick-started my writing for the site. That, in turn, launched my real-world writing.

    • No One says:

      Thanks a lot for the comments throughout the story, much appreciated. It’s always nice to hear from someone who finds one of my stories so “captivating,” but doubly so when it comes from another skilled writer!

      And by all means, yes, do read all my other stories. 😉 Though I think you’ve read most of them already. I will also endeavor to catch up on the latest from Captain Bren soon.

      And thanks as well, Amanda. I’m certainly glad you joined us here on JS!

  17. sue says:

    More please. Even a new story from you would be great!

    • No One says:

      Thanks, Sue. It’s always nice when someone feels my older stories are worth going back to.

      I must admit I’m not very motivated to write, these days, but maybe in the future.

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