Tears of the Sun, Chapter 11

  • Posted on April 19, 2019 at 2:23 pm

by Purple Les

The first few days after The Kid’s departure had gone by slowly for Arabella. Aunt Clementine had insisted that she was to remain in bed the whole day after Frank Sims’ attempt on her life. Still feeling shaken after her ordeal, Arabella gratefully agreed to go along with her aunt’s wishes before turning in.

The next day, Arabella awakened late. She was still in a half-conscious state when Aunt Clem came to check on her.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Clementine said after kissing Arabella’s cheek. “How do you feel today?”

Arabella’s thoughts drifted idly for a moment — then like a cold slap to the face, the horrors of the previous day flashed through her head.

She remembered it all. The boulder thudding down the hill, followed by the shower of small rocks and dust. Falling off the horse she rode. The big man with the cruel face beating Slim. Grabbing the gun, clutching it in her hands, heart racing like a wild thing as she shot at the big man. The impossibly loud roar of the gun, the way it threw her onto the ground. The big man yelling and bloody. Getting picked up by her hair, the big man hissing at her, wrapping his hand around her throat. The ice she saw in his eyes. The rifle shot. The big man’s chest opening up on one side, gushing red. The man with the rifle smiling. His eyes, hard and cruel. She saw the hatred in them. Arabella remembered looking at Slim, his face deathly pale and contorted with pain. Both of them knowing they were about to die.

Only somehow, they didn’t die. Arabella still couldn’t understand it. The man — Kingsley, his name was — had put his gun down and come to help. He’d carefully moved the groaning Slim underneath a nearby tree, then gave him water. He wanted Arabella to get behind him on his horse and ride back to the ranch to get help, but she didn’t want to be alone with him, insisting that she wanted to remain with Slim.

With a curt nod, Kingsley set off. She sat with Slim and held his hand, fighting to be brave, to keep herself from sobbing helplessly, to look at anything but at the corpse of the big man, still sprawled out in the dust.

Within minutes, Kingsley had returned with a wagon, several of the ranch hands, and most important, Aunt Clem. Sore and exhausted as she was, Arabella had still jumped to her feet, raced into the woman’s arms and burst into tears.

The journey into town was a bumpy one. Arabella remained nestled in her aunt’s embrace, grateful that Clementine was seated between Kingsley and herself. The man seemed concerned and eager to help, very much the gentleman — but Arabella wasn’t fooled, not for a second. Kingsley hated her, wanted to hurt her. The few times their eyes had met, she’d seen it. Worse, he knew she’d seen it.

Back in the bedroom, Aunt Clem, pressed the back of her hand to the girl’s forehead. “Arabella? Are you all right?”

“I… I’m not sure.” Arabella answered. “Where’s The Kid?”

“She’s gone for a few days. Remember? You rest, now, while I get you some breakfast.” Clem drew the covers up to Arabella’s chin, then left the room.

Arabella closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then drifted off into an uneasy slumber. There was the big man again. Yelling at her father. Beating her father. Now the big man was on her sister, laughing and looking up at her father, his huge hand on Sophia’s throat. The big man grunting as his body moved. Another man behind Arabella’s mother. Ma in hysterics, screaming, “No, not my daughter, take me!”

Everything Arabella saw was in black and red. No other colors. Her legs wouldn’t work. She tried to move them and couldn’t. She crawled on her belly instead, elbows and knees scraping the ground.

What she saw wouldn’t stop. Then the bad things that were happening, they got smaller and quieter as her legs regained their strength and she got up and ran. Couldn’t stop running. Must run faster, faster!

When Clementine returned with a breakfast tray, she found Arabella sweating and moaning, legs churning about beneath the covers. Alarmed, Clem set the tray down and tried to rouse her niece.

Now Arabella saw the Tequila Kid, heard her whisper, “I’ll make it right, Arabella. If I don’t come back, remember how much I love you.”

Arabella awoke with a start. She stared into space, then began to cry. Clementine drew the sobbing child into her arms. “It’s all right, Arabella. Just a bad dream. You’re safe here with me and the girls.”

The next day Arabella got up early. She seemed fine to Clem and the girls. And yet, happy as Arabella felt at one moment, the next might find tears streaming from her eyes. By early evening, she was emotionally exhausted, and turned in that night without supper.

On the third day, Arabella had slept in, then awoke impatient to be up and about. When she came down for a late breakfast, Clementine told her that some of the hands had gone into town to bring Slim back to the ranch. Later that afternoon, she went with Clementine and her cousins to welcome Slim home. He was still badly battered, but in good spirits. Clementine had brought a large hamper filled with food, and a couple of the hands had built a comfortable chair out of red oak, which they placed near the entrance of the bunkhouse for Slim to rest in. Arabella was in a better mood, too. Those sudden fits of melancholy seemed to have faded away.

One of the hands was joshing Slim. “Good thing ya had Arabella along for protection, huh?”

Slim answered, “I know you’re just ribbin’ me, Ern. I’ll tell ya, though, this little lady showed more grit than a lot of men I’ve known. You ought to of seen her facin’ down that dirty dog Sims, holdin’ a gun ‘bout as big as she is. Fact is, if her aim had been just a hair truer, it wouldn’t a mattered if Kingsley had come along.” He fell silent, then sighed. “Truth is, I thought for a moment Kingsley was gonna kill us, too. If he’d done it without gettin’ caught, that gold mine would of been all his.”

“Speakin’ of which,” the cowpoke Ernie continued, “did you folks hear that Kingsley has done left town? Heard tell that he sold most ever’thin’ he had, just picked up and left. The lawyer Finch told me about it. What’s yet to be sold, the lawyer will take care of. He says Kingsley just gave up on bein’ mayor and runnin’ that gold mine. Wanted to start fresh elsewhere, says old Finch.”

“Good riddance to bad rubbish,” Slim muttered. “Wish Finch would of gone with him. He’s crookeder than a dog’s hind leg.”

“I’ll settle for having seen the last of Kingsley.” Clementine said. “Well, Arabella, I think we can go to town very soon and do some clothes shopping for you.”

“Let us know when you do, Mrs. Clem,” said Newt, the youngest of the ranch hands, “We figure it’s best if one if us still comes along for awhile, just to be safe. Give old Kingsley another couple of days to get where he’s gettin’.”

After their visit, Clementine and the girls returned to the house, where they spent a quiet evening together.

It was on the fourth day that Arabella found herself missing The Kid terribly. She went into the kitchen, where Clementine was busy plucking a chicken.

“Aunt Clem, do you know when The Kid will be back?”

“Not for sure,” Clementine said, “She told me she’d be gone for a week or so. Don’t worry, she promised to return.” Setting the half-stripped chicken to one side, Aunt Clem briskly washed her hands. “Come out into the parlor with me, Arabella. Let’s have a chat.”

A moment later, as they seated themselves on the couch, Clementine asked, “Do you like it here with us, Arabella?”

“Oh yes, Aunt Clem, very much.” Arabella answered, then gave her aunt a big hug. “Thank you for takin’ me in.”

Wrapping an arm around the child’s shoulders, Clementine kissed her head. “How could I do anything else? This is your home, child, and always will be.” She paused, thoughtfully observing Arabella. The girl was in good spirits, and Mimi and Susie were out of earshot, both of them busy weeding the vegetable garden. It seemed like the right time to bring up the questions she’d been longing to put to her niece.

“I guess you feel kind of close to Mimi and Susie, don’t you?” Clementine asked, carefully steering their conversation in the direction she wanted.

“I do, Aunt Clem. It’s almost like havin’ two sisters. I guess you must miss Ma, too.” Arabella gave a wistful sigh. “We both lost our sisters. I lost Sophia, and you lost Ma.”

Clementine nodded. “Yes. I loved your mother very much.”

“I miss Sophia a lot,” said Arabella. “I know you and Ma didn’t see each other that much after you got married. Were you close when you were little?”

“Oh, yes, Arabella. Very much. Just like Mimi and Susie are.”

The front door swung open at that moment and Mimi and Susie came bursting into the house, both of them naked. Their hair was wet, and they held their clothes in front of them to conceal their nudity.

“Girls!” Clementine said, frowning at her daughters. “What do you mean, traipsing around naked as jaybirds?” She didn’t fail to notice that Arabella was staring at her cousins with obvious interest.

“Aw, Ma,” Susie frowned, “We got so hot, workin’ in the garden. So we took a shower when we were done.”

“And we couldn’t just put our dirty clothes back on,” Mimi added.

“You don’t mind, do you, Arabella?” Susie asked her younger cousin. “It’s just us girls. Right, Ma?”

“Oh, I suppose,” Clementine said, smiling in spite of herself. “Now you two run upstairs and get dressed, for goodness’ sake. Don’t forget to dry and brush your hair. No dawdling, mind you — come straight down when you’re done and help get supper ready.”

“Okay, Ma!” Mimi said, and the sisters were off and running, pausing just long enough to chuck their clothes into the side room where laundry was gathered. Clementine loved seeing her daughters’ bare bottoms jiggling their way up the stairs… and a quick glance at her niece confirmed that Arabella enjoyed the sight every bit as much.

“Hope you weren’t too embarrassed by that, dear,” Clem said as the girls vanished.

“I don’t mind seein’ them naked, Aunt Clem. They’re both so pretty. Mimi puts me in mind of my sister, and I loved seein’ her with no clothes on. Sometimes, Sophia and I, we used to… um…” Arabella’s voice trailed off, and she looked at the floor, red-faced. You shouldn’t tell her about that! she scolded herself.

Clementine rested a hand on her niece’s knee. Weighing her words carefully, she began to speak. “When me and your mother were Susie and Mimi’s age, we used to like to talk about boys. Wonder what it was like to be courted by one.” Arabella shyly looked up at her aunt. “But we didn’t know anything about boys, you see. So we liked to take turns pretending one of us was a boy, and that we were lovers. We’d practice kissing.”

Gazing wide-eyed at her aunt, Arabella said, “Me and Sophia did something like that. Um, did you just kiss, or…?”

“Well,” Clementine began, feeling her face get warm. Once again, she wondered if it was wise to discuss these things with her niece. I’ll have to tell her sooner or later, she thought, and there’s no better time than this. “I’m going to be completely honest with you, Arabella, and I hope you won’t think too harshly of me. You see, your mother and I, we’d… uh…”

“What? Please tell me, Aunt Clem. I really want to know.”

“All right, then,” Clementine said, struggling with her shyness. “If we were alone, we’d…”

Arabella looked expectantly at her aunt.

“Well, Arabella, sometimes kissing wasn’t enough. It made us feel so funny and warm inside, especially down in our… girl parts. Do you understand what I mean by that?”

Reaching for her aunt’s hand, Arabella gave it a squeeze. “I sure do, Aunt Clem. Me and Sophia, we’d…” She briefly struggled with the words, then finally said, “My sister and me, we’d take all our things off, so we were bare naked. And then, we would… touch each other, down there. It was to, um, make each other feel nice. Sis called it ‘diddling’.” She sighed heavily, lost in the sweet memory. “It sure was fun, doin’ that with her.”

Clementine slowly nodded. “You know, that’s very close to what me and your Ma did, Arabella. Only we didn’t take all our clothes off — not at first, anyway. And yes, you’re right — it was very nice.” They were both silent for a few moments, then Clem added, “Like to know a secret, sweetheart? It’s very likely that your cousins are touching each other that way right now.”

Having touched Mimi’s breasts with Susie just a few nights earlier, Arabella wasn’t very surprised by her aunt’s revelation, but thought it best to act as if she was. Letting her jaw drop, she stared at the older woman and said, “Gosh, Aunt Clem! Are they?”

“Does that bother you, Arabella?”

“No! I think it’s wonderful. You really think they do that?”

Clementine swallowed, then took a long, deep breath before replying. “I know they do.” Bending down, she brought her lips to her niece’s ear, quietly saying, “I know they do, Arabella, because I do it with them.”

This time, Arabella was genuinely surprised. She thought about it, what Aunt Clem had just said to her. Not only did her two cousins get naked and have fun with each other… they did it with their mother, too! Arabella’s insides went all funny and hot, imagining her aunt and the girls with all their clothes off, kissing and diddling.

Maybe even more than that — maybe some of the things I got to do with The Kid. Or Miss Annie, or May and June! The possibilities dazzled the excited ten-year-old, made her heart race.

Clementine’s voice broke into her reverie. “Arabella?”

At a loss for words, Arabella just said “Yes. Aunt Clem?”

The older woman parted her lips to speak, hesitated, then said, “Come help me get started on supper.”

As they made their way into the kitchen, Clementine’s nerves were jangling. She’d just shared her deepest, darkest secret with Arabella — that she and her daughters were lovers — and the child had simply fallen silent, without any sort of response. Maybe I shouldn’t have told her just yet, she mused.

While Arabella quietly shucked ears of corn, her thoughts ran wild. Right now, she thought to herself, my cousins are upstairs with nothing on, doing… Lord knows what.

It had been more than five days since she’d made love, that last time with May and June back in Oak Creek. Now, she ached to be upstairs with her cousins, naked and sharing good feelings.

Soon, that deep-down hunger she felt was too great to keep to herself. Looking up at her aunt, she spoke. “Um, Aunt Clem?” When the older woman looked her way, Arabella said, “Would you… d-do those things with me, too? I mean, letting me be naked with you and Mimi and Susie and we, um…” Not knowing the right words to say, the child simply stopped.

Clementine stirred the pot on the stove a few more times, laid the old wooden spoon to one side, then came over to Arabella and kissed her on the mouth. It was only a gentle touch from her aunt’s lips, but to the young girl it coaxed forth a deep-banked warmth that went straight to her soul.

Kneeling before her niece, Clementine quietly said, “Of course, Arabella. You’re one of the family. If you’d like to make love with us, we would be happy to do that with you.”

The child felt as if she was glowing inside, like she’d swallowed the sun. Make love. That’s what The Kid had called it, the first time she lay between Arabella’s legs and licked her.

Gazing into the warm, adoring eyes of the woman who had taken her in, Arabella whispered, “Yes. Yes, Aunt Clem. That’d make me happier than — than anything.”

Clementine reached out to caress her niece’s cheek. “Then we will, sweetheart,” she said, then stood, took a deep breath and shook her head as if to clear it. “Well, come on, Arabella, let’s finish getting supper ready. That corn won’t shuck itself.”

Still slightly dazed, Arabella reached into the bushel basket for another ear of corn. Clementine resumed her stirring, then glanced upward. “What on earth is keeping those two…?” she said. Reaching for the straw broom, she gave the ceiling three sharp raps with its handle.

Moments later, the girls’ feet could be heard thundering down the staircase, then Susie and Mimi burst into the kitchen. “Sorry, Ma!” Mimi exclaimed. “My shoes were dirty, and I had to wipe ‘em off.”

Clementine gave her daughters a stern look, but she couldn’t quite suppress a smile. “Well, you’re finally here, so hop to it, young ladies. Susie, you cut up the green beans. Mimi–”

“I know, Ma… get the biscuits made. Is there still gravy from last night? I forget.”

As Aunt Clem and the girls discussed the evening meal, Arabella continued to strip coarse husks from the ears of corn as she allowed her mind to wander, dreaming of sharing pleasure with her new family.


Arabella’s air of distraction continued as they dined. No matter what the others were was talking about during supper, whenever there was a moment of silence, she heard Aunt Clem’s voice saying, If you’d like to make love with us, we would be happy to do that with you.

“Are you all right, Arabella?” Clementine asked — though a certain twinkle in her eyes made it clear that she knew full well what was on her niece’s mind.

“Oh, um, yes, Aunt Clem. I just… uh, it’s warm in here, that’s all.” Arabella said.

After finishing supper, they all pitched in to clear the table and clean up the kitchen. Once the task was done, Clementine unfastened her apron, hung it from its hook and said, “Let’s go to the front parlor.” Pausing to touch Arabella’s forehead, she gave the girl a wink. “It’s cooler in there.”

Once they’d lit a few candles and the oil lamp, Mimi seated herself at the piano. “What shall I play?”

Arabella spoke up. “Would you play that pretty song that The Kid liked, please?”

“Er… which one was that?” Mimi asked.

Clementine smiled. “Chopin’s Nocturne Opus Nine, Number Two. The Kid thought it was beautiful, and I must agree with her. It’s one of my favorites. Please play that, Mimi.”

Mimi settled in at the piano and opened the music book to the place she wanted. Susie stationed herself nearby, ready to turn the pages for her sister when needed.

Arabella leaned against her aunt, who was sitting beside her on the loveseat. Clementine’s arm was twined over Arabella’s shoulders, her hand resting on her niece’s chest. As Mimi began to play, Aunt Clem carefully placed her other hand in Arabella’s lap, then buried her face in the girl’s soft hair, breathing in its sweet fragrance.

Covering Aunt Clementine’s hand with her own, Arabella felt a warm surge of love flow through her. It was like the adoration she’d felt for her mother, but there was more to it than that. There was that other love, too. The love that gave her that wonderful feeling. That excited feeling.

Aunt Clem began to lightly stroke Arabella’s chest. The woman’s hand was barely moving, but it felt wonderful, causing the child to tremble as her nipples stiffened to the touch.

As the last notes of the piece dwindled away, the room fell into a blissful silence. Finally, Susie placed both hands on her big sister’s shoulders. “Oh, Mimi,” she sighed, “that was so pretty… I have to kiss you for it,” she said. Bending down, she pressed her lips against the older girl’s neck. Cooing with delight, Mimi turned to her little sister, and their mouths met in a brief but loving kiss.

When they drifted apart, Mimi smiled at Susie. “Thank you, little sister. That’s even nicer than applause.” Glancing over at her mother and cousin, who were still nestled together on the loveseat, she said, “Since I don’t hear you clapping for me, I’ll come over there for kisses.”

Arabella felt as she was under a spell of some sort as she watched her older cousin slowly rise from the piano bench, then drift across the room to where she and Aunt Clem sat.

“I love you, Ma,” Mimi said, extending a hand to her mother.

A smiling Clementine stood, taking the girl into her arms. “I love you too, dearest.”

Arabella stared in awe as her aunt and Mimi came together in a lingering kiss. Clementine’s tongue darted between her daughter’s parted lips — a sight that made Arabella felt warm all over, as if she was standing next to a roaring fire. Mimi’s hands glided down her mother’s back, until they rested just above the curve of Aunt Clem’s lovely bottom.

Then Mimi was kneeling before Arabella, taking the ten-year-old’s hands in hers. “May I kiss you now, dear cousin?” she whispered. Arabella was too stunned to speak, but somehow managed a single nod.

Mimi’s kiss was shy and sweet, so different from the lust-filled urgency of The Kid, yet every bit as thrilling. But when the older girl’s tongue traced Arabella’s lower lip, the heat of her desire was plain as day.

Before Arabella could respond, Mimi had already broken their kiss and was now perched on the loveseat, wrapping both arms around her cousin, holding her close. Arabella hugged Mimi back, the throbbing between her legs grown more intense than ever — as if she had to diddle herself or go mad. She nuzzled her cousin’s chest, loving the smell of her body.

Then she heard Susie speak. “Y’know what, Ma?” Looking up, Arabella saw the girl standing before her, wrapped in her mother’s arms. “The first night Arabella was here, she took off all her clothes and was naked with us. I think she liked it, too!”

“Did you, Arabella?” Clementine asked. “Did you like seeing Mimi and Susie naked together?”

Arabella found it hard to make her voice work, but finally managed to squeak out, “Yes.”

There wasn’t much room left on the loveseat, but Clementine was just able to seat herself to the right of Arabella, so the ten-year-old was now tucked in snugly between Aunt Clem and Mimi, embraced by them both. Then there was little Susie, who stared at her cousin with that hungry, wanting look that Arabella knew very well after her travels with The Kid.

Clementine cradled her niece’s head to her chest. Arabella loved how her aunt’s soft breasts felt against her cheek, and the way she went up and down with each breath. Warm hands began to touch her body — one on her hip, another stroking her belly, yet another trailing its fingers down her neck.

Gazing up at her aunt, Arabella whispered, “I want to, Aunt Clem. Oh, I want to so bad.”

Clementine smiled down at the child, knowing exactly what she meant. “What we talked about before, dearest Arabella? Is that what you mean?”

“Yes, please. Please, Aunt Clem,” Arabella begged, emotions raging so strongly inside her that she almost wanted to cry.

Clementine kissed the top of Arabella’s head, then glanced at her youngest daughter, who was restlessly moving her hips from side to side while she tugged at the sides of her dress.

“Susie,” Clementine said, “I think that Arabella would like to see you and Mimi naked again. Undress for us, won’t you?”

“Alright, Ma,” Susie said as she sat on the floor to remove her shoes. Casting them aside, she stood, reached behind her back and unfastened her dress. As it fell to the floor, Susie carefully watched her ten-year-old cousin, thrilled by the excitement she saw in the girl’s eyes. Her mother and big sister were also observing Arabella as Susie started to slip out of her underclothes.

She unbuttoned the top of her under linen, revealing her budding breasts, then began to push the one-piece down further. Soon her torso was in view then her navel. As she worked it down the rest of the way, the others drank in the lovely sight of Susie’s nudity, especially her sex — the narrow labia, now visibly moist, adorned with a mere sprinkling of silken pubes.

The girl stepped from her undergarment, standing naked and proud before her family. “Come on, Mimi. Your turn,” Susie said. The older girl stood, and Susie quickly took her big sister’s place on the loveseat next to Arabella.

Mimi had already removed her shoes. As she unbuttoned her dress, Arabella’s eyes darted from watching Mimi undress to Susie’s naked body, now right next to hers. Arabella felt a surge of arousal when she realized that Susie was diddling herself, the girl’s fingers busy between her legs.

“Look at Susie touch herself,” Clementine said to Arabella, “Very soon, we’ll all be doing that.” Arabella wondered if that meant they’d all be touching themselves, or touching Susie. Either way, she’d be happy.

Then Clementine rose to her feet. Mimi was down to her underclothes now and Aunt Clem was removing her dress. Poor Arabella didn’t know where to look. She loved watching Susie diddle, but then she’d look up again, and Mimi and Clementine would be that much closer to naked.

She glanced back at Susie just in time to see the girl withdraw her finger from her pussy, slip it into her mouth and suck it clean. Then she put it back into herself again. Wish she’d give me a taste, Arabella thought.

Turning to her aunt and older cousin, Arabella saw that they were both nude, both watching Susie play with herself. Mimi began to fondle her mother’s breasts, teasing the nipples between her fingertips. Clementine returned the favor, gently caressing her daughter’s pale globes.

“Arabella?” Clementine said, giving her niece a knowing smile. “Perhaps you’d like to undress and be naked with us. Would you?”

“Yes!” Arabella blurted. She was leaning forward, staring at her aunt and cousin as they touched one another.

Susie began to unbutton the back of Arabella’s dress. Clementine reached out to place a hand on Mimi’s vulva, and Mimi carefully pushed one of her fingers into her mother’s dripping vagina.

Arabella’s excitement was at fever pitch. Here was her aunt, and here were her cousins, all of them naked. All touching themselves or each other. And soon they would be touching her too. Without even diddling herself, she had that hot, crazy feeling down there — and suddenly it mounted into a rush of pleasure that stole the child’s breath away.

Crying out loud, her head spinning, Arabella slumped to the floor, curled up in a ball with both hands pressed tightly between her legs.

Look, Mama!” Susie gasped. “Arabella… my gosh, she just had a come!”

Quickly kneeling down, Clementine cuddled Arabella in her arms. “That’s just the beginning, my love,” she said. “Tonight, we’re going to truly make you part of this family.”

After Arabella had come to her senses, she was happy to realize that the edge of her sexual need had been taken off, leaving her able to relax a bit.

“Well, now,” Mimi said, her arms folded, “I think it’s time we get you naked. Don’t you think so, Ma?”

“I’d have to agree. Are you ready, Arabella?” said Clementine.

“But I’m not pretty… not like all of you are.” Arabella protested.

“Stuff and nonsense!” Clementine exclaimed. “You’re as pretty as any of us. Just younger, that’s all. Which is a special beauty in itself.”

“Well, I sure want to see you with no clothes on,” Susie said.

Three sets of hands began to slowly undress Arabella, and in moments she was naked as the others.

“Stand up with your cousins, Arabella,” Clementine ordered. Susie and Mimi stood Arabella between them. Clementine sat on the floor, her back against the loveseat, looking at the girls while she masturbated. “Why don’t you take turns kissing each other?” she said.

So the girls did just that, sharing increasingly heated kisses, touching each other’s bare bodies while Clementine’s fingers moved faster around her clitoris.

“Now turn your backs to me. I want to look at those sweet little behinds.” Clementine said, pumping two finger in and out of her vagina.

Susie reached down and gently touched Arabella’s smooth slit, then began to tenderly finger the girl, while Mimi knelt down behind her cousin, fondling her bottom. “Look at this, Ma,” she said to her mother, then spread Arabella’s buttocks apart, moving in to lick the child’s tight pink rosebud.

“Oh, my, that’s lovely.” Clementine breathed, then added, “Girls — bring Arabella over here.”

Susie and Mimi led their cousin over and stood her in front of their mother. Clementine reached around Arabella to grasp her tight little bottom, then drew her close until the little girl’s bare slit was within reach of her tongue. Parting her lips, Aunt Clem extended her tongue to take a long, slow lick.

A shivery moan escaped Arabella’s lips as she watched her aunt’s tongue move up and down, bathing her sex, each lick a warm, wet caress. The sisters stood on either side of Arabella, holding the girl steady as their mother pleasured her.

“That’s so beautiful,” Mimi sighed. “I love watchin’ Ma lick Arabella. Don’t you, Susie?”

“I sure do.” Susie answered her big sister. “Mimi, come sit on my face, and I’ll lick you while you watch them.”

Mimi considered this for a moment — but her thoughts were interrupted by Arabella, who said, “I can’t stand any more. Uh — I mean, I can’t stand up any more. It feels so good, Aunt Clem, b-but my legs are gonna plumb give out on me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, dearest,” Clementine said. “Here, sit down on the loveseat. That’s right… lay back with your legs spread open.” She and the girls got the dazed ten-year-old into position, then Clementine turned to her eldest daughter. “Mimi, you lick Arabella now.”

Kneeling before her naked cousin, Mimi kissed the insides of her thighs, inching her way upward until her lips were brushing Arabella’s vulva. Then she began to pleasure the younger girl with her tongue, enjoying the smoothness of her sex and the sweet nectar that flowed freely with each lick.

As she watched, Susie started to masturbate. When Clementine saw that, she took her younger daughter and got her to climb up onto the loveseat, standing astride Arabella’s thighs so that Susie’s sex was just inches from her cousin’s mouth.

“Now, Arabella,” Clementine said. “Lick Susie, just like Mimi is licking you.”

A shiver raced through Susie’s frame. “Ohhhh,” she moaned. “She’s doing it, Ma — she’s… oh, her tongue feels so nice!”

Clementine stood behind her daughter, one hand on Susie’s arm and the other on her bottom to help the girl keep her balance. Feeling a wicked impulse that was too delicious to ignore, she began to tickle her daughter’s anus with one finger.

“Ooooh, Ma!” Susie gasped, leaning on her mother to keep from keeling over. With her free hand, she spread her cunt open with two fingers so Arabella could lick even deeper — cooing with delight when her cousin did just that.

Clementine’s attention shifted to each of the three girls in turn as she watched them share pleasure, warm vaginal secretions oozing down the insides of her thighs.

Arabella’s mouth was buried between the legs of her eleven-year-old cousin, where she sucked, licked and kissed Susie’s lightly-downed sex, happy to be making love for the first time in days.

Susie put both hands on the back of the love seat as she pushed her hips forward, grinding her wet cunt into Arabella’s face. She made a noise like a crying animal when Ma’s finger slipped past Susie’s tight anal ring and into her rectum.

Then those animal sounds became words as Susie cried out, “Oh! Oh mercy, don’t stop. I’m coming. Oh Lord, I’m c-coming!” Susie’s body was jerking helplessly, and the only thing keeping the girl from toppling to the floor was her mother’s steady hand.

Susie let out a choked scream, then her knees began to buckle. Clementine caught the girl before she collapsed, gently lowering her to the floor. Her whole body was flushed and covered with a sheen of sweat. Susie took a few deep breaths, then clumsily pulled herself up onto the loveseat. Gazing at her cousin with adoring eyes, she kissed Arabella, tasting her pussy on the ten-year-old’s lips and tongue.

Clementine watched Mimi go down on Arabella, then moistened her lips at the sight of her oldest daughter’s fully exposed holes. She laid on the floor, scooted between Mimi’s feet, then reaching up to grasp the teen’s hips, guiding a very juicy vagina down to her open mouth. Clementine began to lick her daughter’s sex. Mimi shifted both knees farther apart, opening herself up to her mother.

Copying what she’d done to Susie, Clementine placed a fingertip against the older girl’s anus, and Mimi pushed back against it, moaning into Arabella’s pussy as she continued to lick the little girl.

Susie broke the kiss with Arabella and said into her cousin’s ear, “That’s nice, huh? Mimi licks so good. I love to see her doin’ it to you.” She caressed Arabella’s chest, brushing the child’s nipples. “Y’know, one of Mimi’s most favorite things is when you come on her face and in her mouth.”

As Clementine brought her older daughter to a climax with her mouth and fingers, Mimi sucked at Arabella’s tiny clitoris. A jolt of ecstasy raced through the girl’s body, causing her to jerk violently.

“Yes, Arabella,” Susie said, hugging her. “Come for Mimi — yes, just like that. Come on my sister’s face.”

Arabella did just that, exploding in an orgasm so powerful that it had her shaking helplessly, as if she was having a seizure. Susie held her cousin close, giving her soothing words and little kisses until the girl’s climax reached its peak — leaving Arabella limp, bathed in sweat and in a dreamy state of mind.

Still tingling from her own orgasm, Mimi got up on her knees to kiss Arabella. The ten-year-old eagerly responded, loving the taste of herself on Mimi’s lips, tongue and chin.

Clementine seated herself on the piano stool, where she sat watching the three young girls, the flavor of Mimi’s cunt still sharp in her mouth. I must be the luckiest woman in the world, she told herself. What a gift it is that I’ve been given — to live in a house filled with love. Her thighs were carelessly parted, and she was playing with her nipples.

Suddenly Arabella broke her kiss with Mimi. Rising from the loveseat, she walked over to where Aunt Clem sat and got on her knees before the older woman.

Arabella was transfixed by Clementine’s large, juicy labia, as well as her thick pubes, now matted with love honey. She gazed up at her wide-eyed aunt. “It’s your turn now, Aunt Clem,” she said. “No one’s licked you yet.”

Clementine moaned, lost in surprise and pleasure as Arabella buried her mouth in those dark, glistening curls, the child’s tongue darting into her aunt’s vagina.

Arabella explored Aunt Clem’s most intimate places with her tongue and mouth and fingers, using every trick learned from the different lovers she’d had.

Clementine stared down at Arabella’s face, the girl’s eyes occasionally flicking up to meet hers — then over at her two daughters. Mimi and Susie were diddling each other as they watched Arabella please their mother, guiding her to what would surely be an explosive orgasm.

It was, too. When her climax hit, Clementine went bone-rigid, her every breath hissing through clenched teeth, then slumped against the piano, tears flowing down her cheeks. Reaching out for her niece, she drew Arabella up and into her arms.

“Oh, my beautiful child,” she said between sobs, “I love you s-so very much… just as if you were my own daughter.” Clementine stroked the child’s bare back as she spoke, from her shoulders down to her pert little bottom. “In fact, there’s something I’ve been thinking about, that I wanted to ask you.” She hesitated, then spoke. “Arabella, it would make me very, very happy if — if from now on, you thought of me as your mother… and your lover.”

Pulling back, Arabella gazed at Clementine, her lower lip trembling, eyes filling with tears of her own. “I bet that’s what Ma would of wanted,” she whispered, then kissed the older woman’s mouth. “I love you — Momma.” Now the girl was crying, too. Susie and Mimi raced over to embrace them both, hugging Clementine and their new baby sister.


They refreshed themselves in the kitchen. Running water into the sink from the hand pump there, Clementine and the girls splashed cold water on their faces, necks and private parts. There was half a pecan pie left over from the day before, which they divided up. Looking at each other’s bodies as they ate, then exchanging kisses and touches, the four lovers were soon ready for more.

After putting out the candles and turning down the oil lamps, they all traipsed upstairs to Clementine’s bedroom. Clementine lit the oil lamp and sat on her bed, Mimi beside her, then had Susie and Arabella engage in a series of the most lascivious poses she could think of, putting every bit of their bare bodies on display while she and Mimi fondled their cunts.

Once her desire was sharpened, Clementine invited the two younger girls to join her and Mimi on the bed, asking Susie and Arabella to lie on their tummies and kiss each other. While they did that, Mimi and Clem got behind the girls and pleasured their bottoms, making love to each girl’s rosebud with warm, wet swipes of the tongue. It had Arabella and Susie completely unable to remain still, grinding and rubbing themselves against the bedclothes.

Finally, Susie broke her kiss with Arabella, turned her head and said, “Oh, Ma, I can’t stand it anymore! Please, please make us come?”

Pressing a fingertip against Arabella’s anus, Clementine said, “How would you like for me to do that, sweetheart?” Mimi continued to rim her little sister.

Susie cried, “Don’t care how! Just do it soon. I’m about to — to bust, I need it so bad… m-me and Arabella both! Make us come, Ma, please. Anyway you like.”

Arabella chimed in, panting, “Yes, please. I’ll do anything you want. Just… just make me come.”

Mimi and Clementine looked at each other with grins on their faces. They shared a kiss, then Clem said, “Arabella, lay on your back.” The girl quickly obeyed, then Clementine got Susie to climb on top of her cousin, face to face so that their noses were touching.

“Now, girls,” Clementine said, “I want to see you two really kiss one another, like you’re madly in love… and while you kiss, rub your pussies together. Make your clits touch, if you can.”

“Mmmm… I can do that,” Susie said, staring at the younger girl. “I do love you, Arabella. Lots and lots. I’m so happy that you’re gonna be my sister!”

“I… I love you too, Susie,” Arabella sighed.

“That’s very sweet of you both,” said Clementine, “but I don’t see any kissing. You do want to come, don’t you?”

With that, the youngsters came together in a steamy kiss that seethed with passion, their bodies quickly falling into a hard rhythm as they began to grind into one another. Mimi and Clementine fingered the girls, touching their slits and bottom holes.

It wasn’t long before Arabella and Susie both came, hips churning together in a frenzied motion — working up to a peak, then slowing to an exhausted halt.

Once the afterglow of the two preteen girls had lessened, Mimi turned to her mother. “Y’know, I think I heard Arabella say just before that she’d do anything for us, Ma.”

Clementine smiled. “Yes, Mimi. I heard that, too.”

Mimi pursed her lips in thought, then said, “Can we get ‘em to lick our bottoms, now?”

“Oh, my, yes — that’s a wonderful idea,” Clementine said, She and Mimi got on their hands and knees, then Clem looked over her shoulder at the others. “Come lick our buttholes, you two. Take turns on us.”

“Sure, Ma!” said Susie, getting into position behind her sister, then glancing at Arabella. “Ever done this before?”

“Um, no,” Arabella admitted. “But I’d like to try.”

“Good!” Susie nodded. “It’s fun. Here, just do what I do.”

Arabella watched as Susie spread her big sister’s cheeks apart and licked the crack of Mimi’s ass, then buried her mouth in the dark pink cleft.

Moistening her lips, Arabella placed both hands on Clementine’s buttocks and gently pushed them apart, moving in to bathe the woman’s anus with a long, slow swipe of her tongue. Then another, then another. Soon she was pleasuring her new mother’s rosebud with all the enthusiasm she’d felt for licking her pussy.

Her rimming was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. “My turn to lick Ma’s bottom,” Susie declared. “You do it to Mimi!”

Arabella and Susie switched back and forth several times, until Mimi moaned, “Ohhhh… will you lick my pussy now, Ma? I’ve been wantin’ to feel your mouth on me somethin’ awful. Will you please, Ma?”

“Yes, my love,” Clementine answered, and rolled over on her back. “Here, Mimi. Come ride on my face.”

Mimi straddled her mother on hands and knees, facing the opposite way. She lowered her cunt to Clementine’s already open mouth, then dipped her face between the woman’s thighs. They quickly settled in, each feasting hungrily on the other’s pussy.

Arabella could only stare, mesmerized by the sight, the liquid sounds and the thick, rich scents of mother and daughter making love. Susie had stationed herself behind Mimi and was licking her bottom hole again. Arabella wanted to do the same for Clementine, but there wasn’t room.

Soon mother and daughter reached a furious climax, moaning into each other as they came.

Afterwards, the four lovers lay together on the bed and rested, lazily swapping caresses and kisses. Terms of love were stated in the most intimate and endearing ways. Eventually, Clementine rose from the bed and poured some water from the pitcher on her dresser into the wash basin. They all took turns cleaning up, then the girls went to bed.


Later, Clementine awoke. Still in her nightgown, she wrapped a shawl around her shoulders and went out to the front porch. She seated herself on the top step, then gazed wistfully at the stars, wondering where The Kid was. She told me she’d be gone a few days. It’s almost a week now. Clementine couldn’t help but feel worried.

Hearing a quiet rustling from behind, Clem glanced over her shoulder to see Arabella, dressed in a old nightgown of Mimi’s that she’d given her. “My goodness, Arabella. What are you doing up so late? Are you all right?” She patted the space beside her, then when Arabella sat down, wrapped the shawl around the girl and herself.

“I’m fine, Aunt Clem — Momma, I mean. I just woke up, then I got to thinkin’ about The Kid and couldn’t get back to sleep.”

Clementine hugged the girl to her. “Now, don’t you worry. She told me she’d be gone a week or more on business. The Kid said she’d be back, and she always keeps her promises, doesn’t she?”

“I guess,” Arabella said. “I just miss her so much. She said that she’d love me forever and ever.”

Dear God, Clementine thought, feeling a shiver that had nothing to do with the night’s cool. She’s so young, The Kid is. Practically still a child herself.

Forcing herself to sound cheerful, Clem smiled at Arabella and said, “The Kid is fine, sweetheart. She’ll be back any day now.” Rising to her feet, she reached out for the girl’s hand. “Let’s get you back to bed now, young lady, before you catch your death of cold.”

Hand in hand, they made their way upstairs to Susie’s room, which Arabella was using until the bed Clem had ordered for her got delivered. It had been decided that Arabella and Susie would share that room — but for the moment, Susie was still bunking with Mimi.

As Clem tucked Arabella in, the child said, “I love you all so much, you’ve been so good to me… it’s just that I — I can’t help worryin’ about The Kid.”

Kissing the girl’s forehead, Clementine said, “Don’t worry. She’s a strong woman who knows how to take care of herself. Go to sleep now.” With one last smile, she gently pulled the door to.

Clementine felt numb with sudden fear as she made her way down the hallway to her own room. Upon entering and closing the door, she went to her bed, getting down on her knees beside it.

Closing her eyes, Clementine clasped her hands together. Dear Lord, she silently pleaded, please watch over The Kid. Protect this good woman from evil, from those who would do her harm. Bring her home to us, safe and sound. This I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.

With a sigh, she crawled into the cold bed and settled in, finally drifting into a fitful sleep.

On to: Chapter Twelve!


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  1. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    OMG! we’re completely spent!..what an awesome chapter! it it so lovely to read how sweetly Arabella was accepted by Clementine as one of her daughters, so touching to read how much she loved her! And as Arabella thrashed about her bed caught up in a bad nightmare,these lines also reminded us how much young Button cared for The Kid,too:

    “When Clementine returned with a breakfast tray,she found Arabella sweating and moaning, legs churning about beneath the covers. Alarmed, Clem set the tray down and tried to rouse her niece.

    …Now Arabella saw the Tequila Kid,heard her whisper, “I’ll make it right,Arabella. If I don’t come back, remember how much I love you”

    “Arabella awoke with a start. She stared into space,then began to cry. Clementine drew the child into her arms. “It’s alright Arabella. just a bad dream. you’re safe here with me and the girls.”

    Oh how beautiful! so well written, it gives us shivers and makes us teary-eyed too!

    But, then the sex!..whooo weee! awesome, awesome…and, awesome! Clementine and Mimi and Susie finally take their lost cousin (niece) under their loving wings!
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    Can’t hardly contain our sweaty expectations for the next chapter, however it turns out, it’s sure to be exciting!

    Thank you, thank you so much Purple Les! you are amazing!


  2. collie says:

    Beautiful chapter! Full of both physical and emotional love, just how I like it. Clem adopting Arabella as both a daughter and a lover truly touched my heart and made me so happy. Now the only question is how the Kid fits in. I trust you have a great resolution in store for us.

  3. sue says:

    I don’t know what to say. I agree completely with ET&A and collie. Just totally loving and hot! And lets hope Clementine’s prayer is answered. Where are the Kid and Kingsley? I am hoping the Kid fits in with the family. I am hoping the Kid returns alive.

    And yes, big comes here,really big. So dang hot…

    Arabella chimed in, panting, “Yes, please. I’ll do anything you want. Just… just make me come.”

    Mimi and Clementine looked at each other with grins on their faces. They shared a kiss, then Clem said, “Arabella, lay on your back.” The girl quickly obeyed, then Clementine got Susie to climb on top of her cousin, face to face so that their noses were touching.

    “Now, girls,” Clementine said, “I want to see you two really kiss one another, like you’re madly in love… and while you kiss, rub your pussies together. Make your clits touch, if you can.”

    “Mmmm… I can do that,” Susie said, staring at the younger girl. “I do love you, Arabella. Lots and lots. I’m so happy that you’re gonna be my sister!”

    “I… I love you too, Susie,” Arabella sighed.

    “That’s very sweet of you both,” said Clementine, “but I don’t see any kissing. You do want to come, don’t you?”

    With that, the youngsters came together in a steamy kiss that seethed with passion, their bodies quickly falling into a hard rhythm as they began to grind into one another. Mimi and Clementine fingered the girls, touching their slits and bottom holes.

    It wasn’t long before Arabella and Susie both came, hips churning together in a frenzied motion — working up to a peak, then slowing to an exhausted halt.

    Once the afterglow of the two preteen girls had lessened, Mimi turned to her mother. “Y’know, I think I heard Arabella say just before that she’d do anything for us, Ma.”

  4. Purple Les says:

    I can not thank you all enough for your most wonderful comments. As the Kid would say,’Much obliged.’

  5. No One says:

    That’s quite the family, isn’t it? I had an inkling that Arabella would feel right at home. 😉 Very hot chapter, with sweet moments as well. Now I do wonder how The Kid will fit in this new family situation. And on the darker side of things, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with The Kid’s current mission… next chapter, I assume!

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    What a great loving and erotic chapter. All of them becoming the most loving family around. What a loving and sensual family. Love the detail and looking forward to chatper 12.
    Thanks Purple

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    Thank you both very much. Chapter 12 should be coming soon.

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      I would love to chat with you sometimes Purple, and talk about where you get your ideas. I love your mind! Can’t wait for Chapter 12.

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    Love this chapter. My only quibble: would frontier girls wear shoes indoors, or in the garden for that matter?

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