Two Moms, Chapter 25

  • Posted on February 26, 2019 at 3:13 pm

By Naughty Mommy

That had to be the best day ever. Talk about great! I mean, it starts off in the morning with the wedding, a bikini wedding right on the beach with my mom getting married to my girlfriend’s mom, a totally happy event for everyone, and sexy too. Not to mention it’s New Year’s Eve — time for fireworks!

Next comes their honeymoon with me and Jess invited along to be part of it. We take a boat and end up at this really cool house high on a cliff on a little island, where after dinner that night we’re all four naked on a bed, having sex with each other. I’m fucking my mom with my fingers, actually fucking my own mom! I’m sucking on her nipple at the same time, which I love doing, and pretty soon my mother has this absolutely huge orgasm. So awesome!

Plus, at the same time as that, right next to us Jessica and her mom are eating each other’s pussies in a 69. I couldn’t see much of it since I was kind of busy, but I sure could hear when they both came — which happened to be almost exactly when my mom did! Can you imagine anything better? What an amazing day!

Then, before I could think about anything else, Mom suddenly pushed me over on my back, holding my legs wide apart and staring at my crotch. She was breathing hard and licking her lips, and she had this crazed look on her face like she was possessed by a demon or something. I knew it was really only because she was so turned on, so I wasn’t scared of her or anything, but still it took my breath away.

Without saying a word, she sort of growled then put her mouth between my legs and started licking me. Oh my god, it was happening! My own mom was licking my pussy!!




Karen lost count of her orgasms. Or perhaps more accurately, they all seemed to blend together, as if she was enjoying a continuous climax that lasted for fifteen or twenty minutes.

She kept coming over and over as she ground her cunt into her daughter’s mouth while at the same time finger-fucking the girl and sucking her little clit. She was sure Jessica had also come at least one more time after her first and she was hoping she could bring her to another. That might not happen, but it didn’t really matter. The important thing was they were pleasuring one another, kissing and licking and sucking and fucking, mother and daughter happily making love.

For the child, it most definitely was a happy time. She lay on her back with her mom on top of her, so nice and warm and comforting, her soft body scented with perfume and sex. Jessica felt a hot tongue licking her and could feel a finger, her mom’s finger, deep inside her pussy. She opened her legs wide and arched her pelvis, trying to push herself still closer.

When Karen came again, Jess swallowed and sucked some more, her mouth filled to overflowing with juices from her mother’s tasty cunt. With both hands she gripped the woman’s butt, pulling her in even tighter. It was just so perfect, everything a girl could ever want.




Nora knew she was out of control, but she couldn’t help it. This was the fulfillment of all her dreams, all her hottest, most forbidden fantasies. She was eating the pussy of a twelve-year-old girl — her own daughter! — licking and sucking that sweet, smooth, hairless pussy, and relishing every second of it.

More than relishing, she was ravaging, shoving her face as hard as she could into Lia’s crotch, tongue-fucking the girl with her mouth wide open, repeatedly spearing inside her. Clearly this wasn’t the most delicate or sensitive or skillful lovemaking she could manage, and she was aware, distantly, that it probably would not bring her daughter the kind of pleasure she deserved. Finally, after a few minutes of carnal chaos, Nora succeeded in calming herself down just a bit, at least enough so she could think rationally.

Drawing away for a moment and trying to catch her breath, but with her heart still furiously pounding, lust raging, she wiped her mouth and chin, then shifted her focus from Lia’s pink vagina, as tasty and tempting as that was, up to her clit. And, oh my, how truly beautiful it was.

As Nora spread the puffy labia with both thumbs, she found the child’s clit standing proudly erect, a swollen bud that seemed to beg for her mother’s attention. She’d seen Lia up close like this many times before and had always treasured the sight. Now, tonight, she would do more than just look.

Hungrily, but with some restraint, Nora lowered her mouth to the girl’s vulva. She kissed and tongued the tender clit, feeling Lia jerk beneath her, hearing gasps and moans. Summoning all her willpower, she forced herself to take things at a slower pace, not overdoing it, letting her daughter’s arousal build steadily. 

With this improved approach, it didn’t take long. In only two or three minutes, Lia began showing signs of getting close. She was trembling and panting, and Nora thought she heard her murmuring, “Mom, Mom…”




“Mom, Mom, Mom…” That was all I could say, over and over.

My whole body was on fire. I was shaking and sweating as if I had a fever. I did have a fever, but not from being sick. This was a sexual fever. I was almost ready to climax with my mother licking my pussy.

All those times I’d imagined this… the many, many nights I’d masturbated in my bed while dreaming of my mom’s tongue between my legs or my face between hers… and now at last it was real. She was actually doing it, and I was just about to come in her mouth.

Yes! I was gonna come in my mother’s mouth! I was — I was —

And then I did.

Oh. My. God.

I couldn’t believe how hard I came. My body practically jumped right off the bed. I was screaming out loud, bouncing up and down. I’m surprised I didn’t pull a muscle or something. Somehow Mom held a tight grip and managed to keep her mouth over my pussy even while I was thrashing around. She kept sucking and I kept coming, all these huge eruptions again and again and again.

As much as I loved sex with Jessica, it had never been quite like that for me before. I guess the secret must be this: if a girl wants to have the best possible orgasm, make sure it’s your mom eating you.




Now there was another thing she had to do.

When Lia finally seemed to settle down a bit, following that wonderfully volcanic climax, Nora crawled atop the child. She lay on her and kissed her mouth, swirling her tongue inside, sharing the delicious juices from the girl’s pussy.

But this wasn’t the thing she had to do. Their sweet, loving kiss lasted perhaps half a minute, until Nora’s patience gave out. She needed something else, something more. Getting to her knees, she straddled Lia, sitting on her chest, and took her head in both hands.

“I need you to lick me, baby girl,” Nora said in a throaty voice as she gazed into her eyes. “I need you to lick my pussy.”

Without waiting for a response, she brought her steaming cunt to Lia’s face, pressing it into her mouth. And as she felt her daughter’s warm tongue beginning to lick, probing within her slippery folds, seeking her center, Nora groaned with profound satisfaction.

What a feeling! Love and lust, pleasure and passion, affection and desire, all blending together in the ultimate expression of mother-daughter intimacy. Never, not even with Karen, had she experienced so much emotional joy combined with such erotic intensity. This was the peak, the culmination, the highest pinnacle of her life. It was everything she wanted or could ever hope for.

Then, almost before she knew it, certainly before Lia had been able to do very much in the way of stimulating her, Nora sensed a climax rapidly surging up from inside. She couldn’t stop it from coming, nor did she want to, not in the least.

Holding Lia’s head in her hands and looking down into her eyes, Nora humped the girl’s mouth, fucking her daughter’s face, soon bursting into a powerful gushing orgasm.




We rested for a while then. I really needed to, since like I said I just about strained every muscle in my body when I came so hard in my mother’s mouth. I didn’t have to do a lot after that when she was sitting on my face — although I tried to move my tongue around some, and loved doing it — because she mostly did it all herself, fucking my mouth like mad until she came on me.

So now I was resting.

Karen and Jess looked like they were pretty worn out too after eating each other’s pussies for such a long time. They were lying near us with their eyes closed, holding hands, both panting and sometimes licking their lips, still tasting the good stuff I guess.

I’d managed to push myself up after a couple minutes, except I was lightheaded, a little dizzy. My mom was the only one who seemed fine, happy and smiling, almost jolly.

As soon as I sat up, she leaned over and gave me this loud smacking kiss on the lips. “Mmm, I love you, darling,” she grinned.

“I love you too,” I said, returning the smile.

Seeing Mom so happy made me feel great, gave me some energy back. And I also liked looking at her body. She was on her knees, sort of swaying back and forth, like she was dancing or something. Her boobs jiggled, big nipples sticking way out. Yummy!

“You know what?”

That was Karen’s voice. She was still lying on her back, but looking up at me.

“What?” I replied.

“I want to lick you.”

“You do?”

“Yes. Oh my god, Lia, I want to lick you so bad. But we can wait if you’re not ready yet.”

“No. I mean, yeah, I am. I’m ready now, I think.”

Although I definitely was tired, it was exciting to think about the sexy Karen — my new mom! — licking my pussy. That got me ready in a hurry.

“Ooh, and while you two do that…”

My other mom, my original one, was crawling on her hands and knees across the king-size bed toward Jess, who giggled cheerfully and spread her legs open.

So then we spent a while longer, a few more hours, having a really great time, all four of us making love. First it was our moms eating us, their new daughters, and they made both of us come pretty fast. After that we got into this daisy-chain, with me licking Karen, Karen licking Jess, Jess licking my mom (my real mom), and my mother licking me. Although we didn’t all come at the exact same time, which probably would have been impossible, everybody did have at least one orgasm, and Karen of course had a lot more than one. By the time we finished doing that, my face was a dripping mess, gooey with all her pussy juice.

But we still weren’t finished. We switched around some more, trading partners, sometimes licking, sometimes fingering, maybe sucking tits, or maybe masturbating, or all together in some wild combination. When it finally moved toward the end of that amazing night, when it got so late that I was starting to yawn, the last thing we did was one of the first things we’d talked about.

Our moms fucked us.




As she had promised she would do several hours earlier, Nora mounted her daughter, carefully positioning herself, using her fingers to align their pussies so their labia would mesh and their clits nearly meet. Slowly she began to move on top of Lia, fucking her.

Karen was less precise about it, simply holding Jessica’s legs wide open, then dropping her cunt onto the child’s mound and quickly starting to hump.

Nora and Karen, the newlyweds, were facing toward one another, the kids almost head to head. That was so the pair could watch each other, both eager to see a mom fucking her daughter. This visual stimulus made it even more arousing, though the physical sensation of hot pussy on hot pussy was plenty to get them revved up.

For the girls, simply the idea of being fucked by their mothers was a huge turn-on. They’d talked about it together and masturbated about it many times. And now that it was actually happening, now that they could feel that slippery cunt thrusting against theirs, it didn’t take long until both were ready to come.

Nora looked down at Lia. The slender child was gasping, wincing, her pretty face and her flat chest flushed red.

“You gonna come, little girl?” said Nora. “Are you gonna come with Mommy fucking your pussy?”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh,” Lia squeaked.

“Yeah, I’m fucking you!” cried Karen. “Fucking your little fucking pussy!!”

“Mom, I — I —” and suddenly Jessica climaxed. Karen came too, at nearly the same instant, on top of the girl.

Lia followed a few seconds later. She couldn’t say anything coherent, had no breath to speak, merely grunted and groaned as she climaxed beneath her mother.

And that was enough for Nora, enough to send her over the top as well. But she wanted to say the words. Gritting her teeth, she managed to choke out, “Mommy’s fucking you!! I’m gonna fuck you and come on you!!”

Then the woman shuddered in ecstasy, her flowing juices mixing with her daughter’s as they shared a simultaneous incestuous orgasm.




We’d opened the bed and were under the covers, all four of us together, still naked and sweaty, with everyone smelling like sex. Jess and I were in the middle, our moms on either side. Now we were waiting.

Karen had looked at her watch a couple minutes earlier. She’d said, “Know what, guys? Only two more minutes until the New Year!”

So we counted it down, and then it was time: “FIVE – FOUR – THREE – TWO – ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

We kissed and hugged, wishing each other happiness, which of course I knew we’d have for sure, and us girls congratulated our two moms on being married. Then we all kissed some more and said how much we loved each other. It might’ve seemed like a good time for sex, except by then we were totally done, wiped out after hours and hours of coming again and again.

We settled in, snuggling up together, getting ready to fall asleep. But then I thought of something else, one more thing I wanted to do. We’d already kind of gone around in order, one after the other, looking into each other’s eyes, kissing and saying, “I love you.”

That was nice. It was really great. I was part of a family, a wonderful family where everyone truly loved each other, and where we all made love too. I was a very lucky girl.

Anyway, there was that one last thing. After we’d finished kissing and saying our I-love-you’s and then got snuggled in, I suddenly had this idea. So I shoved the sheets away and got down between my mother’s legs, pushing them apart.

I leaned in very close to her cunt. It was damp and fragrant. After studying her for a moment, I said, with all my heart, “I love you,” then brought my lips to her pussy lips and kissed her. 



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  1. sue says:

    Oh my god, it was happening! My own mom was licking my pussy!!

    Yes. Oh my god, Lia, I want to lick you so bad.

    “You gonna come, little girl?” said Nora. “Are you gonna come with Mommy fucking your pussy?”

    “Uh-huh, uh-huh,” Lia squeaked.

    “Yeah, I’m fucking you!” cried Karen. “Fucking your little fucking pussy!!”

    “Mom, I — I —” and suddenly Jessica climaxed.

    So much hot sex. What a climax to the story, and we that in both ways. So many good comes, for the characters and us. thank you Naughty Mommy for being you and writing these great stories.

    Sue and Kim

  2. Cybare says:

    nice finish nm

  3. Amanda Lynn says:

    I know that JetBoy and Poppabear share my sentiments when I say that I am so happy that Naughty Mommy has picked up her pen once again. One of the perks of working behind the scenes at JS is that I get to read all the stories before they are posted. I read this final chapter a while ago then read it again today after I posted it for you, our beloved readers. I think I came just as hard this time as I did last. 🙂

    Keep your towel close to your chair and your eyes on the screen. There will be more yummy goodness from NM in the not too distant future.

    Hugs, Amanda Lynn

  4. Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

    “As much as I loved sex with Jessica, it had never been quite like that for me before.I guess the secret must be this: If a girl wants to have the best possible orgasm,make sure it’s your mom eating you”

    Oh Mommy!…so, so delicious!

    words and superlatives escape me right now…after reading this ending chapter, we are all drained!..and what an awesome ending! Sweet Lia had the most lovely expression of lesbian sexual Love, telling it directly to her mom’s beautiful cunt….Mmmm, could there be anything sweeter?!

    Amanda Lynn, you have the best job ever!

    Naughty Mommy, you ARE amazing! if Science could harness your burning hot lusty ideas, it would power the world for centuries!


  5. Naughty Mommy says:

    Thank you, my friends, for all the lovely comments! This was a fun story to write, a slight departure from my usual repertoire since it included quite a bit of adult romance. But I truly liked all four of our main characters, and I will miss them. Right now, however, I’m spending a lot of time on “Teaching the Girls.” That one’s almost finished too, and you’ll soon be seeing new chapters appear here.

  6. JetBoy says:

    Another glittering prize for the Naughty Mommy trophy shelf… and a fucking HOT slice of prime lesbian erotica.

    Nobly done, my dear friend. Seeing you finish these vintage NM stories has been a splash of brightness in a grim time. My cup is raised in your honor.

  7. Milanov says:

    As always, NM is on top! Great end great story. Now our heroines will be fine, because they love each other and even more than just love))

  8. Pam MacD says:

    Wow Naughty Mommy,
    Have read many of your stories, all of them just spectacular but, this one, Just all time best. Had everything for everyone who shares our desires and fantasies. And the writing was so well structured that I can speak for myself that it carried me right along.
    Thank you so much for making my life so much better

  9. Naughty Mommy says:

    Thank you so much, Pam. What a lovely response! And thank you also to JetBoy and Milanov. Knowing that my stories can get a reaction is a big part of what keeps me writing. 🙂

  10. BigRhys says:

    I am coming to this excellent series well after it was published so I guess you might not see this Naughty Mummy but this is truly spectacular writing!! To say “Well done” would be like saying that Leonado da Vinci was a decent painter, it would be so wide of the mark. I am sorry I cannot find the words to express how good this is.
    I did not comment on each chapter because I have read the whole series in two runs it was so absorbing I could not put it down.
    There is a lot of very, very good writing on this site and you are all careful to only post stories that are of a high standard but this series has to be in the top rank. It is brilliant. I genuinely enjoyed it and I will treasure reading it for a very long time.
    Thank you so much for everything you put into this and I hope you are able to write and post more in the future.
    I am now on a mission to read all of your stories over the next couple of months so you will see more comments from me I am sure.
    With very best wishes,

  11. Naughty Mommy says:

    Oh, thank you, BigRhys! You’re just too kind, too kind — you people are spoiling me with all these compliments! (Hint: that means please leave more 😉 ) But anyway, I do hope you’ll get a chance to read some of my other stories, and if so, please let me know what you think!

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