Merging, Chapter 1

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By: J. R. Hartley

Claire looked at herself in the large mirror and started checking her make-up. Taking her lip gloss from her bag she reapplied a little on one corner of her mouth where it had been smudged.

When she’d entered the house, she’s gone to air-kiss Leia on the cheek in the fashion of two loosely acquainted friends but, well, missed. She’d caught Leia on the cheek by accident and had to apologize for being her usual clumsy self, leaving a ruby-red lipstick mark on her new friend’s face. Instinctively, she took the other woman’s head in her hands and wiped away the lipstick with her thumb as she would do for her own daughter.

“It’s been a while since anyone’s cleaned my face quite like that,” Leia said with an amused smile.

“Oh shi…. Oh, I’m sorry!” said Claire, horrified that in her nervous state she’d first reverted to her normal role of mother, and then again that she’d sworn in front of her hostess.

“That’s fine, Claire, honestly,” Leia said, offering a warm smile as a comfort. “And you can swear all you like. There are no fucking kids around,” she added to break the ice.

Claire sighed with relief and smiled before asking to use the bathroom. Leia pointed it out to her and she made her way upstairs. Claire was a few years older but was still very proud of her looks at 36. She was a little on the thin side but not unhealthily so and had shoulder length blonde hair with a slight wave running through it. She had a daughter, Jessica, from a previous relationship, and they lived together a few miles away, having moved to the area within the last six months.

Jessica had met Leia’s daughter, Molly, at school and the girls had become close friends in the past few months, spending more and more time in each other’s company. That had led to Leia and Molly being invited to a home barbecue Claire had organised recently for the friends they’d made locally in that time.

Leia and Claire had often bumped into each other at the school gates when picking up or dropping off the girls and had found themselves standing together whilst waiting. In part this was due to the ‘clique’ of school mums whom they never really fitted in with, and they both enjoyed having someone to talk to who wasn’t obsessed with school. Who wants to organize upcoming bake-sales or end-of-term parties before nine in the morning?

Partly, however, it was due to an unspoken attraction between the two women.

Claire emerged from the bathroom with her freshened lipstick and re-joined her hostess. Leia led her to the dining room and motioned for her to take a seat. “Drink?”

Claire gratefully accepted. She was understandably nervous and very nearly canceled this visit numerous times but eventually decided that she had no other option. Given what happened at the barbecue, Claire knew that she would have to face the music with Leia at some point.

She knew that they would have to discuss what happened but it didn’t help matters that Leia was spectacular. Molly’s mother was a little shorter than Claire and just 32 years old. She was of Spanish descent, with coal-black hair and a manner about her that made both men and women pay her a lot of attention.

Claire watched as Leia walked through the squared-off archway to her kitchen and pulled a bottle of sparkling Prosecco wine out of the bottom of the fridge where it got the coldest. Two large wine glasses were already washed and waiting on the side ready for use. Leia interlaced the stems between her fingers allowing her to carry both in one hand and headed back into the dining room.

“So, er, tell me the story about your name.” said Claire, trying to make small-talk. “You’d said it wasn’t your real name?”

“Ahh, well. It’s nothing really. I didn’t like my real name and I experimented with different variations and things. One night I went to a party with pigtails in my hair. We were messing around I ended up having it gathered in a bun shape on each side of my head and someone called me Leia and that stuck. That’s about it, really. You’re not driving are you?” Leia said as she filled the glasses.

“No, no. I came in a taxi.”

“That’s good. So. I think we need to talk, don’t you?” said Leia, changing the entire mood in just a few words. Claire clammed up and could only give a nervous nod. “Okay, Claire. Here it is. I’m going to be blunt now and tell you exactly what I saw from my perspective, okay?”

Claire nodded again. She suddenly felt like she was being interrogated and the room seemed to get uncomfortably warm. She knew it was all in her head, but that didn’t stop her flushing red. She’d already taken a large sip of wine and held the glass poised by her lips as if using it offered some sort of protection.

“At the barbecue, you specifically asked everyone to use the downstairs bathroom only. It was already quite late and both our girls were in bed. I was desperate to use the ladies room and so quietly sneaked upstairs. That’s when I saw you. I watched you for quite a while actually.”

The glass was doing nothing – Claire took another big gulp instead.

“I could see that you had pulled up your dress and had your hand inside your knickers. You were playing with yourself whilst looking into that back bedroom. The only people in that room were our daughters. Something or someone in that room led you to finger yourself and I think it was our little girls.”

Claire’s heart was racing as she looked at Leia, not saying a word as she didn’t want to incriminate herself.

“I saw that they were both asleep, so whatever triggered you to grab yourself was directly from your own imagination, wasn’t it Claire?”

She stared down at her table in front of her, unable to make eye contact and wishing she was anywhere but here.

“You stood outside the bedroom of our sleeping little girls, looking at them and finger-fucking yourself while imagining things which I can only imagine involved you and at least one of them.”

Claire’s embarrassment had grown throughout this conversation but Leia was absolutely right. There was no reasonable way to deny it. She’d tried to think of a suitable excuse, but there simply wasn’t one, so Claire did the only thing she could think of–she nodded.

The blonde was waiting for the hammer to fall and to be screamed at or hit or something, so she closed her eyes tightly. Leia instead smiled, unseen by Claire, and took a sip of her own wine to drag out Claire’s discomfort a fraction longer before continuing. “Hmm, that’s so hot.”

Claire almost spat out her wine, her eyes suddenly wide. “What?!”

“Jesus yeah, watching the effect that they had on you was mesmeric. I know what it’s like when you see something that just tickles every erogenous zone on your body at the same instant–it’s like your spine… hums. Seeing someone else experience that moment was ridiculously stimulating.”

Claire looked at her for a long time. She was partly relieved that the secret was out and was still processing the fact that Leia enjoyed it, but those feeling were more than balanced by embarrassment and a need to be guarded. “But it’s your daughter,” she whispered.

“Ah, so it was Molly then?” said Leia, sipping her wine. Both women took a sip of wine at the same time, not knowing who should speak next.

“You think she’s sexy, don’t you?” said Leia in a low, seductive voice. Claire was stunned at how this conversation had turned and held the glass to her lips, looking straight at her new friend.

She paused, a thousand thoughts streaming through her brain at such speed she couldn’t focus on any of them. Her lips trembling slightly, she whispered, “Yes,” before adding, “really sexy.”

“So what exactly were you imagining about my daughter?” asked Leia as if it was the most normal question in the world. “You might as well be honest with me.”

“You’re certain you don’t mind?”

“Absolutely. In fact, it’s making me cream in my knickers right now.”

Claire bit her lip as she thought. She’d been caught finger-fucking herself while watching this woman’s nine-year-old daughter and sort of confessed to imagining a scenario between them; it couldn’t really get much worse. After a long pause, Claire relinquished and added her side of the story, especially since it was turning Leia on rather than pissing her off. For the first time, she wondered where this might lead.

“I’d come upstairs to use my bathroom just like you did. All the lights were off, and as I passed by their room I checked in on them. You know how hot it was that day and the windows were open trying to get some breeze in. I was actually a little surprised they’d both fallen asleep with the barbecue still going on outside but…anyway. Both of them were out of the covers and they were both in little pyjama shorts with a t-shirt. Molly was lying on her right side right in front of me but with her left leg bent forward across her. I could see the curve of her body in the light from the floodlight outside, and it just suddenly overwhelmed me.

“I really like that position when…”, she hesitated before admonishing herself for this unexpected prudishness. “I really like that position when someone goes down on me as they can…they can get both front and back,” she admitted.

“Ah, you like having your arsehole eaten as well as your cunt, do you?” asked Leia.

The words shocked Claire but somehow helped turn her overriding feelings from guilt and shame towards being actually turned on. She couldn’t work out if Leia was still trying to trick her somehow but the 32-year-old actually seemed aroused, just as she’d said. Claire pressed on. She only liked to use the ‘C’ word in the most intimate scenarios but she realized she’d have to say it aloud in this conversation. That in itself was one of her taboos broken and it only added to her own arousal.

“I do, yes. I love having my… cunt eaten like that. And having a hot girl’s tongue in my arsehole is so hot.”

“Given the existence of Jess, I suspect that, like me, you haven’t always been exclusively into women and girls?” asked Leia.

“No,” Claire replied, “I was married years ago but we didn’t last long. He was desperate for a threesome, and I eventually relented having been curious for a while. I’d messed around with friends while growing up but that was me going all the way for the first time. In the end I think he felt a little left out, but he got his fantasy and I got the realization that I much preferred women. But…can we back up a step?”

Leia smiled, wondering if Claire had caught what she’d said.

“You just said that you’re exclusively into women?”

“That’s right.”

“And girls?” continued Claire. “You like girls?”

“I do,” said Leia, smiling.

Claire paused. “Do you like Jess?” she asked.

“Claire, the question was, what was going through your head when you were finger-fucking yourself whilst watching my little girl.” It was a simple question but it was another example of Leia framing their relationship; she would be slightly dominant over her friend.

Claire smiled, oblivious to the subtle manipulation. She’d instead been thinking that she’d veered off track in the conversation following Leia’s comments. She took back up where she’d left off.

“Okay. I saw her bottom and it made me think of her being licked. At first my thoughts were of a girly-sleepover where Jess was lying lower down the bed and licking her pussy, and that was the point I started to pleasure myself.”

Claire looked at Leia before continuing: “Then I wondered about doing it myself, then–” She stopped herself, not sure she wanted to admit the next sentence to herself, never mind anyone else.

“Then–?” prompted Leia, smiling.

Claire sighed, realizing she’d given herself up. “Then I had this vision that it was Jess and me both licking her at the same time.”

“I like that,” said Leia quietly.

“That’s what made me really play with myself,” said Claire, bringing an end to her confession.

“Thank you, honey,” said Leia, taking another sip of the wine. “The idea of you and Jess lying naked on a bed together, both licking the same pussy at the same time, is a real turn on.” Leia’s hand reached up, resting on her cleavage as her eyes glazed over slightly, clearly transported into her own little fantasy. “I can picture you both doing that to me and your tongues playing with each other over my clit.”

“Oh God, Leia,” Claire said, her breathing becoming noticeably heavier. Not only was this stunning woman forgiving…no, encouraging Claire’s desires towards her own underage daughter, but she’d also confessed to harboring similar desires toward Jessica. Worse than that…or was it better, she wasn’t sure any more… she’d also hinted at Claire’s darkest, most intense and personal fantasy: Claire and her own daughter.

Both women were lost in their own imaginations for a few moments before Leia continued the conversation. “That idea struck a nerve in your pussy, didn’t it?” she said, smiling gently. Leia knew how to dirty talk. She knew the little pauses to drop in and when to elongate or emphasize certain words. She could see Claire was a fan.

“It did” replied Claire.

“You and your daughter, your naked bodies pressed up against each other and kissing between my wide-spread thighs.”

“Oh fuck.” Claire’s thighs were pressing together hard now.

“Oh wow Claire, I can feel how wet you’re getting. You like this don’t you? You like me talking dirty to you like this?” Leia realized she had tapped into a rich seam of Claire’s depravity–already knowing the answer to every question she asked. “You like me talking about little girls, don’t you? Or when I mention incest? Mmm, and you like it when I mention that she’s only nine-years-old too? Oh wow, yes you do. Look how wet you are, you dirty girl.”

Claire blushed. “Yes.”

She stared into Claire’s eyes, which were glazed over with lust, and smiled. “You’re partial to some mother-daughter incest as well I see–good to know. So, do you think my little girl is sexy?” asked Leia, teasing her friend with a sultry smile. “You think my sweet little nine-year-old girl would be a good fuck?”

Claire instantly became both thoroughly embarrassed and thoroughly turned on. “I really do.” She wasn’t sure which mischievous part of her brain formed the next question but it proved to be a breakthrough point for both women: “Don’t you?”

Leia looked at her for a moment then held her arm forward, her glass tipped forward ever so slightly in Claire’s direction, inviting the same movement in return. The glasses clinked as Leia grinned. She’d decided it was time to bring Claire into her world.

“Fuck yeah, she’s sexy,” Leia said, grinning. “I guess you’ve already seen most of her flesh in those short shorts and tiny top but you just wait.”

“For what?”

“For when you see her naked. She has the sweetest little pussy.” Claire took a few seconds to process what Leia had said. “I mean,” Leia continued, “that is if you want to….” She left the thought hanging in the air–Claire would have to speak next.

“I’m going to see her naked?”

“If you want to,” said Leia. “She’s certainly happy to.”

Claire nearly spat back her wine. “You’ve talked to her about this? About me?”

“Of course! We’re really close.”

“But–but what kind of things did you…did she… say about me?”

“Well, it started off as quite an innocent conversation just before going to bed a couple of weeks ago. We were snuggled up together on the sofa together after watching some movie or other. We’d both had baths and were sitting there in our pyjamas when she started talking about Jessica.”

Leia refilled the glasses and was gazing at Claire now. She’d spent the previous couple of days planning what she was going to say and before Claire had even stepped foot through the doorway. Leia knew that if all went to plan, then Claire would be going home a very happy girl.

“She was saying how great Jess had looked in her little summer dress the previous day and how much she wanted to kiss her.”

“Wow!” said Claire “that’s quite… worldly of her, isn’t it?”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Leia said, smiling. “Anyway, I was teasing her and asking what else she’d like to do to Jess. She was getting slightly embarrassed and, dare I say, a little turned on when she also mentioned you.”

“You’re kidding me!”

“Not a bit,” said Leia, dismissing the comment and carrying on with her story. “She was talking about how nice you looked in those shorts and how they really suited you. She also really liked your shoes and I think she wants to pinch your sunglasses.”

Claire laughed then gave a shy smile. “Well…thank you.”

“And then I asked how much–precisely–she liked you and Jessica.”

“And?” said Claire.

“And…. she said she’d like to kiss you both at the same time, one on either side so she could turn her head and kiss a hot mother and daughter at once.”

“Oh, bullshit,” Claire said, laughing. “She did not say that; you’re messing with me.”

Leia simply smiled at her.

“Nine-year-old girls don’t go around talking about kissing other girls, never mind actually doing it. They certainly don’t have conversations about threesomes involving her friend’s mother too! What’s this all about, Leia?” asked Claire, confusion on her face.

“Let me ask you a question. What were we wearing when we came round to your house for the barbecue?” said Leia as she delved into her bag and took out her phone.

“Er… you were in a full length white bohemian dress with red flowers and Molly was in her shorts and bikini top, like we said.”

“Mmm-hmm, and you’d recognize your own downstairs bathroom, wouldn’t you?” asked Leia as her fingers flew over the screen’s surface.

“Well, yes, of course.”

Her friend turned the phone towards Claire to show the video she’d just opened. “Hi Claire, it’s Leia here and I’ve got Molly with me. We’ve just nipped away from the party for a few minutes to record this little message that you may or may not ever see. I hope you do though. We both do, don’t we, babe?”

“Hi Claire, yeah we do. I was looking at you and Jessica today at the party and you’re both looking so lovely.”

“They are, aren’t they, Molly? How does that make you feel?”

“It makes me feel like I want to kiss them both, Mummy.”

Claire’s pussy was suddenly getting wet, and she felt deliciously uncomfortable.

“Kiss them, baby? Together?”

“Fuck yeah, Mummy!”

Claire gasped at the sound of little Molly swearing.

“Well, let’s show Claire what you mean, shall we?” Leia and her daughter both smiled at each other and launched into a very tender but full-on passionate kiss.

“Fuck!” Claire breathed.

The mother and her little nine-year-old girl on screen were still kissing, and Claire watched as Molly began running her hands into her mum’s hair. Claire had always been a little jealous of Leia’s full black hair from the moment they’d met, and she’d wondered how it’d feel tightly grasped in her hands more than once. She closed her eyes momentarily and shook her head. Damn, Claire, she thought, you’re sitting watching a little girl and her mother kissing like this–one of your deepest fantasies–and you’re thinking about Leia’s hair? What’s wrong with you?

All too soon the video ended. Claire didn’t know what to say except that she knew she couldn’t just leave it at that.

“You and Molly?”

“Yes,” said Leia, slightly embarrassed but turned on herself.

“You kiss each other?”

“We–we do everything with each other.”

“So that’s why you were saying that about her sweet little pussy?” said Claire with a hint of a smile on her face.

“That’s precisely why I said that, yeah.”

Claire paused, pondering a very specific question for a while before finally gathering the courage to ask.

“For how long?”

Leia hesitated, smiling. “We’ll get to that. I take it from your reaction that you and Jessica aren’t playing with each other too?”

“No!” Claire said, a knee-jerk reaction. After a couple of seconds to process what she’d just seen and heard, she figured a confession to Leia was more than okay. “I mean… I’ve thought about it.”

“I’m not surprised,” said Leia, turning on the charm. “She’s such a sweet little girl, so charming and just as beautiful as her mother.”

Claire graciously smiled quickly as Leia took a sadistic little pleasure in taking the conversation in a different direction: “I’ve been wanting to fuck her since the moment I saw her.” Claire gasped but didn’t stop her. “I’ve often imagined looking down at those sexy blue eyes between my legs as she ate my cunt… mmmmmmmmm”

“Leia!” said Claire without any conviction.

“You like young girls, don’t you, Claire? You obviously like my little Molly and your own darling daughter is a little sexpot–I can’t imagine she would have escaped your attention.”

“Leia… I–”

“It’s okay, Claire.” She smiled. “I’ve already confessed that I regularly fuck my little girl. It’s okay if you want to fuck yours as well. Or mine, come to think of it.”

Leia watched Claire’s face for a response but didn’t get one. To prompt her, Leia stood up from the table, leaving the wine where it was and stretched out to take Claire’s hand in hers, pulling her up and walking her into the kitchen.

“This is a little more secluded. The dining room looks out onto the front of the property, but no-one can see us here.” Leia smiled seductively. “Just tell me one thing.” Claire nodded. “Would you like to watch it again?”

Claire was becoming audibly excited, her breathing more ragged, and she nodded her head. Leia grinned and pushed Claire gently back against the kitchen worktop, stepping in close so that their bodies were pressed together. Leia was a little shorter so her face was about level with Claire’s neck. She stretched up slightly, arching her back a little and pushing out her breasts into Claire’s slim body, then held the phone out in a position where they could both watch.

Claire certainly wasn’t complaining; Leia was a stunning woman–just her type actually–and she would have found this moment incredibly erotic anyway, but the addition of that video, the conversation and the wine were blowing her mind. They watched it through once more with Leia gently gyrating against Claire’s body. When it finished, she pressed play again. Leia turned her head and started to plant some kisses on Claire’s neck, breathing deeply and using her tongue to apply tiny licks as well. Claire’s knees almost buckled–she was almost overwhelmed with lust and possibilities.

The video played one final time and Leia reached up further, whispering into Claire’s ear just as the movie finished, “Her bald, little cunt tastes so sweet.”

Claire grabbed Leia’s head and started kissing her strongly, wrapping her leg around Leia and pulling her closer: “Oh fuck, Leia, that’s so hot!” she managed to moan in between kisses. The two women were writhing against each other for a few minutes as they whispered at each other.

“You like that, Claire? Did that turn you on?”

“Yes. Jeez, yes”

“Is it the thought of my little girl lusting after you which gets you all horny?” said Leia as she grabbed Claire’s breasts through her thin dress.

Claire nodded, kissing Leia harder.

“Mmm, you naughty slut. You like little underage girls do you? You like my little nine-year-old daughter?”

“Yes! Oh fuck, yes! I do!” she confessed.

“It makes you horny that my little nine-year-old girl lusts after you, doesn’t it?” asked Leia, sliding her hand down to press against her friend’s pussy. Claire moved her hips to allow Leia better access. This was a huge turn-on, particularly when Leia reached under her dress and slid her knickers to one side.

“Mmmm, I do love a shaven pussy,” Leia said, grinning, as she found Claire’s clit between her fingers, causing the blonde to judder slightly as Leia’s fingertips gently scissored together. Their kisses continued as did Leia’s filthy talk.

“What do you think of the video where Molly kissed me?” she asked, her tongue flicking out to touch Claire’s top lip.

“Oh fuck!” said Claire, her pussy wobbling now. “I really liked that.”

“Do you now?” she grinned. “You like that I kissed my little girl, do you? You like that I often kiss my little girl, and she kisses me too?” Leia’s fingers were running faster and faster now and Claire’s breathing was becoming ragged.

“You like the idea of mummies and daughters together, do you? Of nasty lesbian incest?”

Claire trembled. “Yes.”

“You like the fact that my daughter and I play with each other?” Leia was really ramping it up now, stressing some of the words and speaking them more loudly as Claire approached her orgasm. “You like that this hot little SLUT fingering your pussy right now fucked her own DAUGHTER last night, do you? You like that I ATE her tight little NINE-year-old CUNT? You like that my UNDERAGE little slut daughter made her mummy CUM on her pretty little tongue? Can you imagine that? My little girl between my legs with her little mouth attached to my CUNT?”

Something exploded inside Claire.

She had never orgasmed like this before, and the whirlpool inside her head and her climax seemed to last for minutes. Leia knew that she didn’t need to say any more–her words would already be going round and round inside Claire’s head as the orgasm flowed and ebbed. She merely supported her friend through the strongest parts to prevent her collapsing to the floor. Leia eased down her caresses, becoming gentler and slower as Claire gradually came back from her own mini-oblivion.

It took a few minutes for Claire to be able to stand properly again and straighten her clothes whilst Leia stood watching and smiling, licking her fingers clean one by one.

“You taste amazing, Claire.”

“Fuuuuuck,” groaned her friend, happily as she followed Leia back to the dining room to pick up the glasses of wine. Leia smiled, saying, “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together.” Then she offered up her glass again in a silent toast.

Claire threw her head back for a moment, said ‘SHIT!” loudly at the ceiling before she faced Leia with a big smile as she raised her own glass to meet it. “What the fuck are we doing?” she said, laughing. “Cheers!” Clink!

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    Something exploded inside Claire.”

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