Sisters on the Rebound

  • Posted on May 15, 2018 at 8:36 am


by JetBoy

My name is Polly. Short for Polyhymnia, if you can believe that. I’m seventeen years old. I’m 5’5″, and weigh 130 pounds. I have long, jet black hair that falls down to my ass and hazel eyes. I’ve got a nice round butt and large tits.

Let me say that yeah, I’m kinda chubby. I prefer it that way. I like food and I like being who I am — a shapely, beautiful girl. I may be a few pounds overweight by some folks’ standards, but it’s never had an effect on my sex life.

This is about how I entered into a sexual relationship with my big sister Callie when I was sixteen, and how things got even wilder from there.

Callie is built a lot like me, but even sexier — full-figured, with a nice rack and an ass like a juicy pink apple. Oh, and her full name is Calliope. Mom majored in Greek history, and named us after two of the Muses.

Callie and I live with our mother. Our father ran out on us when we my sister and I were just kids, and Mom ended up turning to other women herself, finally telling us that she was a lesbian. We were cool with that, since she seemed happier than she had ever been with our dad — who was kind of a prick, truth be told.

About halfway through high school, my sister and I both realized that we were gay, too. Mom was delighted. “Believe me, I’d much rather have you two getting it on with girls than boys,” she told us with a grin. “That way, you’ll only get knocked up on purpose.”

I soon became romantically involved with a cute, brainy girl named Eden, and we were a total item for months. She had a certain air about her that drove me wild, like the librarian who turns into a sex kitten when she takes her glasses off — though truth be told, I thought she was pretty hot with them on. We were both novices at the lesbian thing, but soon enough we’d done just about everything that two girls can do between the sheets.

As for Callie, she was a free spirit who preferred to play the field, getting in relationships with at least half a dozen different girls while I was with Eden. During her senior year she finally settled on one, a deadly-cool punkette who called herself Voxx.

We live in a fairly liberal area, so almost everyone we knew were cool with my sister and me being gay. In fact, we were both pretty popular.

Then Eden’s dad got a sweet job offer hundreds of miles away in Atlanta, and her family pulled up roots and moved away.  I was willing to keep a long-distance relationship going between us, but Eden refused. “Look, babe,” she insisted, “I still love you, but we need to make a clean break here. It sucks, yeah, but it’s better than us going through this long, slow drifting apart thing. At least this way, we can still be friends.”

Oh, sure, I knew deep down inside that she was right, but that didn’t make it hurt any less when Eden gave me that last goodbye kiss, then walked away with a backward glance and a sad smile.

There’s something about that first breakup that turns even the toughest boys and girls into drama queens, and believe you me, I was no exception. I suspect that after the first few days, my friends were ready to push me in front of a bus. It awful, but eventually I began to recover. I wasn’t quite ready to look for someone new, though.

Anyway, I was sitting on the couch one day, doing homework. Mom was away on a business trip, so my sister and I had the house to ourselves for the weekend.

Callie walked into the room and sat down behind me. She scooted up close and curled both arms around my waist, hugging me to her. Then she began to cry.

I was alarmed — my sister wasn’t one to shed tears easily. “What’s the matter, Cal? What’s wrong?”

She caught her breath, then mumbled, “Voxx just broke up with me.”

Surprised, I turned to Callie. “You’re kidding! God, I thought it was the real thing for you guys. What happened?”

She made a face. “Well… let’s just say that it wasn’t pleasant. She decided she missed being with guys, so she gave me the chop.”

I winced. That’s the problem with getting involved with bisexual girls — there’s always the possibility that they’ll switch teams on you. Callie had been so certain that Voxx was done with boys, though. “I’m sorry, sis,” I murmured, giving her hand a squeeze. “Guess we’re both in the same leaky boat, huh?”

“You said it, kiddo,” Callie said. She suddenly rose to her feet. “By the gods, I do believe that we are both in need of tall, cool and very strong drinks.”

“A libation, by Athena’s sword!” I declare. “Make it so, Calliope. In fact, bring the whole damned bottle.”

So she did. A couple of whiskey-and-cokes later, our mood had improved slightly, though we were still pretty glum.

“Y’know,” Callie said, swirling the ice about in her glass, “me and Voxx had a great relationship, while it lasted — but right now, what I’m missing most is the sex.”

“You said it,” I sighed, falling back into the couch, “Here we are — a couple of cute babes, all hot and bothered and no one to fuck.”

“Really,” she murmured. “I’m feeling randy as hell, too.”

Then Callie leaned into me, her body pressing against mine. My heart began to race as she slipped her hands under my shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and her hands slid up to cup my breasts. I felt her warm tongue circling the outside of my ear.

She whispered, “Hey, Polly… can I kiss you?”

I mumbled “S-sure,” my heart going like sixty. I couldn’t believe this — my sister was coming on to me!

Just like that, I moved into Callie and kissed my sister like a lover for the first time. Our tongues met and mingled as the kissing grew increasingly heated. I felt her hand slide down into the sweatpants I wore, her fingers curling between my thighs.

I tore my mouth from hers, crying out my ecstasy to the ceiling as Callie eased a finger into my vagina.

It was magical. I’d never been in heat like this, every millimeter of me on fire for my sister. I had to have her.

Callie and I frantically, clumsily stripped each other as we made out on the couch. It seemed to take forever, because we couldn’t stop kissing, but eventually we were both nude.

I cupped my sister’s face and whispered, “Take me to bed, Callie. Make love to me.”

We held hands as we walked down the hall to Callie’s bedroom. When we got to her room she closed the door, turned to me and whispered, “I want you so much, sis.” Then she enfolded me in her arms.

What followed was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. My sister and I got into bed and we fucked for hours. She ate my pussy, I ate hers, then we got in a sixty-nine and went at it simultaneously. We rested for a while, cuddling and kissing, then she slid two fingers into my pussy and fucked me like crazy until I saw stars. Then I got her up on all fours and ate her asshole, then fingered her from behind. When my sister came that time, she nearly screamed the house down. It was one hell of a night.

Callie and I stayed naked for the entire weekend. We only came out of the bedroom for meals, bathroom breaks or simply to get a dose of fresh air. Even then, we would soon return to bed to make love all over again.

We were about to go to sleep on Saturday night at about 3 AM, mouths sticky from each other’s cunts and assholes, bodies bathed in sweat, the two of us cuddling each other lovingly.

As we shared sleepy kisses, Callie said, “So what do you think? About us?”

I replied, “This weekend… God, it’s been the absolute best.”

Callie nodded. “I totally agree. And that brings me to something really important.”

“What’s that, babe?”

She whispered, “You and me, babe. I want us to be girlfriends.”

“You’ll always be my friend… and my sister.”

Callie shook her head. “No. I want more than that. I want you to be my lover, and have you all to myself. I don’t care who knows.”

I nibbled my lower lip thoughtfully. “You want us to keep being lovers… okay, that sounds great. But you want us to be totally open about, well, being sisters who fuck each other?”

Callie said, “Yeah, that’s it — a real, open relationship. I want to be public about loving you. Polly, I started wanting you back when you were thirteen, and those feelings only got stronger since then. That’s why I was with so many other girls, but I was never totally satisfied — even with Voxx. I’m in love with you, and I don’t want to be with anyone else, okay?”

I was on the verge of tears. I said, “I love you too, Callie… you know what? If people have a problem with us being together, they can go jump in a volcano.” I took Callie into my arms, kissed her and whispered, “Yes, sis… I’ll be your lover.”

“Oh, Polly,” she whispered, “I’ve never been so happy. This was meant to be, I just know it.”

For my part, I didn’t feel quite as confident. “Um, I hate to bring this up, but when should we tell Mom about us?”

Callie said, “Let’s stay in bed the rest of the weekend and we can tell her Monday morning. Maybe by then she’ll have figured it out on her own.”

Sunday came and went. Callie and I were shut up in her room all day, even after Mom got home. We came out for dinner wearing nothing but panties and t-shirts, still flushed and sweaty from sex. Either Mom was clueless, or she just wasn’t saying anything.

Except for quick lunch and dinner breaks, Callie and I were in bed together for nearly three days straight. At no point did we put on clothes, other than when we ate with Mom on Sunday night. I had more orgasms that weekend than I’ve probably had in my life, or it sure seemed that way.

Monday morning, we were all at the dining room eating breakfast. My sister and I were pretty excited and a little nervous, not sure how Mom would take the news. Finally our eyes met, and Callie gave me a little nod.

Taking a deep breath, I said, “Mom, Callie and I are lovers.”

Mom glanced up from her scrambled eggs with startled eyes. “You are?”

Brazening it out, I plowed ahead. “Yep. We’ve been having sex with each other all weekend… and it’s not just fooling around, Mom. This thing is — well, it’s pretty serious.” I reached for Callie’s hand.

“We’ve got it bad,” my sister chimed in, grinning sheepishly. “But that’s not all, Mom. Polly and I don’t want to hide how we feel. We plan to be completely open about our relationship, and don’t care what anyone else thinks — well, except for you, that is.”

Mom pondered our words for a moment, then nodded. “You two are my daughters, and I adore you both. If you want to be lovers, and you feel strongly enough to tell the world — well, you’ve got my support.” She paused, looked down at her breakfast plate, sighed. “I was the same way when I was your age, y’know…”

We stared at Mom, puzzled. “What do you mean?” Callie finally asked.

Taking a deep breath, Mom replied, “I was in love with my sister, too.”

“Aunt May?” I gasped. “Wow! Did you ever… do anything about it?”

Mom sighed again. “No, I was afraid to. She’s totally straight. I’m still in love with May, too… she knows I’m a lesbian, but not that I want to go to bed with her.”

Callie leaned forward, eyes alive with excitement. “You should do something about it, Mom. Let her know how you feel. I bet she wouldn’t be offended, even if she didn’t want to be with you.”

I said, “I always thought she was sexy — but she must really be a hot piece of ass to keep you in love with her all these years.”

Callie giggled. “Besides… Polly and I would love to see you two fuck.”

Mom smiled at that. “I swear, you two are total perverts. Good thing I love you both to bits, or I’d sell your story to the tabloids and quit my job.”

We shared a laugh, then Callie and I put our plates in the sink and went upstairs to get dressed for the first time in days, thrilled that Mom was cool with our new relationship.

Fast forward to Friday morning, about 8 AM. Callie and I had just finished an early morning romp in bed. She didn’t have to work that day, but I did have school.

I came downstairs for breakfast wearing a t-shirt and nothing else. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, reading the paper. She was dressed in a silk kimono that she often wore — but this morning, it was hanging completely open. Needless to say, she was naked underneath.

I said, “Damn, Mom, don’t you look fine this morning.”

Mom laughed. “Well, you little hussies inspired me. Since the two of you are walking around half naked all the time, I decided to do the same.”

Mom was turned towards me as we talked. I could see that her nipples were erect. I noticed that her pussy was shaved, except for a thin strip of dark hair. I could see the pink flesh of her cunt, and was a little weirded out to find myself turned on.

Holy shit… was my own mother getting me hot? Now that Callie and I were lovers, the thought of committing incest with Mom sure didn’t seem nearly as shocking as it would have a month ago.

Feeling a surge of boldness, I took off my t-shirt and put it in the laundry hamper, so that I was completely naked. I reached up into the cupboard for a coffee cup, stretching to give Mom a good look at all of me.

She purred, “You’ve grown into one hell of a babe, Polly. Verrrry sexy…”

I grinned. “Thanks, Mom. Coming from a woman who loves women, that’s quite a compliment.”

Mom nodded thoughtfully. “Well, you’ve definitely got the body type that I go for. Y’know, I don’t know why anyone thinks thin women are so damn special. Give me a lover with big tits and an ass I can really grab onto, and I’m a happy gal.” Her eyes were glued to me when she said that, and it made me feel all warm and tingly.

Mom was still studying me in a very intriguing way when Callie came downstairs, completely nude. She sat beside me, and we shared a few passionate kisses. It really turned me on to French my sister in front of my mother, and I found myself hoping that it got Mom hot, too.

Finally Callie broke away, stroking my cheek lovingly. Then she fixed herself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat it.

Mom said, “I’m gonna be out all day tomorrow, so you girls will have the house to yourself. I’m leaving you thirty bucks — you can order a pizza, or have Chinese delivered.”

Callie giggled and said, “Hooking up with Rachel, huh?” Rachel had been Mom’s lover for about six months.

Mom winked. “You know me too well, babe. Yep, we’re going to the movies.”

Most girls would probably then ask their mother what movie she was going to see — then again, my sister and I weren’t most girls. “And after that, let me guess — back to her place for a romp in the sack?”

“Oh, of course!” she replied.

Suddenly Callie said, “You know… we should all get together sometime and have some fun.”

Heart racing at my sister’s boldness, I carefully replied, “That sounds interesting.”

Mom had a thoughtful expression on her face. Finally she said, “Well, I think we could maybe work something out.”

There was a long, significant silence… then I giggled. “Damn, this is crazy.”

Mom said, “No other word for it. I never thought I’d ever agree to go to bed with my own daughters.” She smiled at me. “You know, Polly, I always suspected you would be gay, even when you were a girl.”

Hmmm… now, that was interesting. “Really? Why was that?”

Mom said, “Well, I breastfed you until you were four years old. You didn’t seem to want to stop sucking my nipples.” She smiled shyly. “I… I actually used to masturbate sometimes, back when I used to nurse you.”

I said, “Well, Mom, you do have great tits.” Then I snickered. “It’s a good thing I didn’t nurse from your pussy. I wouldn’t have wanted to stop!”

At that, Mom gave me a look that make me feel tingly all over… and my heart began to race as she slowly parted her thighs, her eyes still locked with mine. What I saw in them was an open invitation, one I couldn’t refuse.

Without a second thought I slowly rose, moved over to Mom and knelt between her legs. She scooted up a bit in her chair, waiting to see what I would do.

Licking my lips, I moved into her until I was inches away from her pussy. My heart throbbed as I leaned in, opened her with my fingers and buried my mouth in her wetness, sliding my tongue through the pink flesh of my own mother’s cunt. She was delicious.

Mom said, “Oh Jesus, honey. You have no idea how g-good that feels…”

I grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer, feasting on her pussy — then I flicked at her clit with my tongue.

“Oh, my God,” I heard Callie whisper. “That looks so fuckin’ hot.” I could hear her chair scrape back as she stood, then padded over to me and Mom. “Um… you guys got room for one more?”

“Yes, angel,” Mom moaned. “Kiss me — kiss your momma.”

Callie leaned down, resting a hand on Mom’s shoulder. I watched in awe as their mouths met — tongues flashing into action, their kiss quickly growing hot and passionate. I continued to eat my mother’s pussy, probing her wet heat with a thrusting tongue.

Tugging Mom’s kimono open, Callie knelt next to her and sucked a thick nipple between her lips. Mom moaned, cradling my sister’s head to her breasts. “Oh my sweet girls,” she gasped, “I adore you both.”

I began rubbing her clit with my thumb, and she quickly responded, her body seizing up in a spasm of pleasure, panting, “Mmmm, yes. Oh Polly, make love to Momma, yeah, fuck me, fuck me–”

A hoarse scream broke from Mom’s lips as she came, shaking so hard that her chair was jerking, making sharp squeaking sounds against the kitchen floor. I kept eating her cunt, drinking deep of the thick, warm nectar that oozed from my mother’s body.

Callie was kissing Mom’s neck, fondling her generous breasts… and Mom was returning the favor, groping wildly at my sister’s tits with trembling hands.

I finally withdrew with a few tender kisses upon Mom’s juicy cunt — and she pulled me to her with one arm. Her mouth sought mine, and I kissed my mother like a lover for the first time. She hummed happily as her tongue circled my lips, sampling the essence of her pussy that coated them.

Then we broke apart, and the three of us exchanged incredulous glances. “Wow,” I said quietly, “that was… wow!”

“Jesus, that happened so — so fast,” my sister murmured.

“I loved it,” Mom sighed. “I want to fuck you two right here, right now…” She grimaced. “But I’ve got to get to work — and you have school, Polly.” Mom made as if to stand, and Callie and I reluctantly released her. “Sorry, girls… we’ll have to continue this tonight.” She kissed each of us on the cheek. “I owe you an orgasm apiece.”

At that, we all smiled, and went our various ways, getting ourselves ready to face the day — content in the knowledge that our slutty incest games would continue that very night.


We had an unexpected meeting of the school newspaper staff, that day, so I was late getting home. I walked in the door and nobody was in the kitchen or living room. I went upstairs — and the first thing I heard was moaning. I grinned in delight, knowing perfectly well what that sound was and where it was coming from.

I approached Mom’s room. The door was slightly ajar, and I slowly pushed it open, pulse throbbing at the delicious sight. Callie was lying on her back, thighs splayed apart, with Mom kneeling between them, her ass in the air as she ate my sister’s pussy.

I was hypnotized at the incredible view I had of Mom from where I stood. Not only was her pussy open and shining with moisture, the crack of her ass was on open display.

I moved into the room, on fire with lust. I’d already eaten Mom’s pussy that day — now I’d have a taste of her asshole.

Callie was squirming on the bed crying, “Oh God. I love this, Mom. Don’t stop. Oh God, just keep eating my pussy. Oh shit. Oh….”

Mom must have sensed my presence, because she glanced back to see me at the door, She grinned, licking her lips. “Get out of those clothes, Polly, and join the family orgy!”

Callie’s eyes fluttered open. “Fuck, sis… what t-took you so long? Ooooh… come p-play with us…”

I shucked my clothes as quickly as I could and knelt behind Mom on the bed. I couldn’t take my eyes from my mother’s incredible ass. I began to nuzzle it, kissing the soft flesh. Mom moaned into my sister’s cunt.

Wanting more, I licked my way in between Mom’s soft buttocks, kissing her rosebud. She whimpered, and I extended my tongue to lick at her ass crack. My sister and I loved anal play, and I wanted my mother to see how good a lover I was.

I could hear the wet sounds Mom was making as she went down on Callie, feasting on my sister’s cunt. I licked my mother’s anus up and down, then parted her cheeks wider, trying to stretch her open so I could get my tongue into her rectum. This felt so sexy and nasty, what we three were doing together… I loved it!

My sister screamed with pleasure as she came, shaking the bed while she thrashed wildly about. Mom just kept eating her pussy until Callie pleaded for her to stop. I was now fucking my mother’s ass with my tongue, sliding a hand between her quivering thighs to cup her pussy. God, her cunt was hot as a furnace!

I plunged two fingers into Mom, fucking her hard, deep and fast. Somehow I knew that was how she liked it… and sure enough, she arched her back, crying out in rapture. “Oh! Oh yes, baby. Fuck me. Fuck your momma!” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Callie rise from the bed.

I was in heaven, my tongue in my beautiful mother’s asshole and my fingers in her cunt… but my excitement got bumped up another notch when I felt my sister’s sweaty body pressing against my backside. She reached around to cup my breasts, scissoring my throbbing nipples between her fingers. I saw stars when she did that.

Then Callie began trailing her tongue down my spine, headed for my nether regions. She licked a path through my anus and down to the juicy slit. My body shuddered as she buried her mouth in my cunt, sucking and kissing the warm, wet flesh that lurked within.

She ate my pussy just long enough to get me to the brink of orgasm… then I felt her lips brush my ear, my sister whispering, “Wanna get fucked, Polly?”

I lifted my face from Mom’s ass, twisted around to eye my sister and growled, “Yeah, babe. Use the eight-inch cock… and don’t be too gentle.” Swiveling back to my mother, I said, “Scoot up some, Mom. I need some room.”

Mom was panting like a marathon runner, but she managed to advance a foot or so toward the head of the bed, leaving me enough space to kneel behind her. That accomplished, I buried my face between my mother’s buttocks to press my lips into her butt crack, still driving my fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, Polly,” Mom moaned, “oh, yes. My s-sweet daughter, my love. I… oh God, I adore you…”

I kissed and sucked at her asshole, my mother’s fluids flowing over my hand while I fucked her — then I felt the tip of Callie’s cock ease its way into my cunt. I moaned my approval into Mom’s anus. My sister clutched my hips with both hands, the whole glorious length of her strap-on sliding into me. It took my breath away.

She moved slowly at first, opening me up to the hard fucking I craved — and within seconds, Callie was plowing me like a raging beast, her belly making sharp slapping sounds against my ass with every stroke.

I was unable to continue rimming Mom at that point… too busy panting in ecstasy as my sister pounded me with her cock. I kept fingering her, though — four fingers buried in her cunt, to be specific, and I seemed to work my way deeper inside my mother as I went.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Mom cried, “Oh, Polly… put your whole hand in me. Fist your momma — God, please do it. I want to feel it all!”

Though my entire body was rocking from the force of my sister’s frenzied pounding, I managed to give Mom what she wanted, folding my thumb inward and pushing my entire hand past her vaginal ring. And with a thrust, I was inside. I’d never fisted a woman before, and was thrilled by the sense of power it gave me.

Mom screamed, her head thrown back, then rasped, “Oh Jesus yes, that f-feels so good!”

We three quickly fell into a mutual rhythm of savage, unrestrained fucking that had the headboard banging against the wall — Callie pumping me with her cock, my hand plunging deep into Mom’s cunt. Three women, bodies lurching together like a row of pounding pistons, striking fire with each stroke.

Mom was first to come, her frame suddenly going rigid, an animal cry ripped from her throat. Her vagina gripped my hand with each spasm. Finally, with one last strangled gasp, she went limp as a rag doll, utterly drained.

I’d been leaning on Mom, since I only had one hand to hold me up while I fist-fucked her, and I slumped forward when she did. Luckily, Callie moved along with me, clutching my hips tightly to keep her cock from popping out… then with her strong arms she tugged me back against her pelvis and began to thrust the strap-on into me even harder, if that was possible.

Withdrawing my hand from Mom’s cunt with a slurping sound, I pushed back into my sister’s rough invasion… a mixture of pleasure and pain that lit me up like the Fourth of July.

“Fuck me,” I mumbled into my mother’s back, since I was now lying on top of her. “Fuck me, Callie,  fuck me!” God, she was brutal, pummeling me like we were fighting, almost — and somehow, it felt like the sweetest of kisses.

Mom squirmed around underneath me, turning herself so that we were facing one another. Enfolding me in two strong arms, she kissed my mouth, her tongue plunging between my lips to match the hard strokes of my sister’s cock. So I was getting it good and proper at both ends.

Then I felt Callie’s thumb pressing against the tight pucker of my anus — and I braced myself for what was to come. Without missing a beat, she pushed against the sweat-slicked hole until it popped inside, shoving it deep into the slippery canal with a sharp thrust.

Ripping my mouth from Mom’s, I threw my head back — a strangled cry exploding from my guts as an earthquake, a cataclysm, a tsunami of an orgasm smashed into me like a brick wall. It hit hard, then intensified, quickly rising to a peak. I heard myself scream, then everything went black.

When my eyes fluttered open I was nestled between Mom and Callie on the bed, bathed from head to toe in perspiration. My mother and sister were also damp from our workout, and we had fun letting our slippery bodies slide together as we shared lazy kisses and whispered words of love.

The End


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  1. Charles Rosenberg says:

    She purred, “You’ve grown into one hell of a babe, Cass. Verrrry sexy…”

    My only complaint with the story. Mom is talking to Polly. Other than that it was hot, especially the fisting.

    • JetBoy says:

      Oops! Cass was Polly’s original name, until I read about the seven Muses and got the idea of naming the sisters in this story after two of them. Guess I missed one when making the change. Good catch, Charles.

  2. Sally says:

    mmmm a really hot story I came twice thanks jet boy you made my clit tingle

  3. kim says:

    Mom must have sensed my presence, because she glanced back to see me at the door, She grinned, licking her lips. “Get out of those clothes, Polly, and join the family orgy!”

    Callie’s eyes fluttered open. “Fuck, sis… what t-took you so long? Ooooh… come p-play with us…”

    I had to come there. but that didn’t stop me reading the rest and having another come. good job, Jetboy.

  4. Euphorsyne.Thalia&Aglia says:

    Mmm! such sweet heaven! what a way to start my day!
    Thia is an amazing story!..quick & sassy…and so
    fucking hot! Polly,Callie and Mom(and perhaps Aunt May,in some future chapters?)
    what a trio!
    Thanks JetBoy!

  5. Gary says:

    WOW that was really really really hot and extremely sexy. It turned me on and got my cock really really hard and I got two mind blowing orgasms just thinking about seeing the 3 of y’all eating eachothers pussy and sucking on eachothers clit. Thanks for sharing.

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