Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 12

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By Cheryl Taggert

“I’d never tell a soul,” Corinne said. “But–” she hesitated before saying what she wanted so badly to say. “But can I watch you two together?”

Laura’s mouth dropped open. She looked over at Emily, who was grinning. Watch them together? This sleepover was turning out to be even better than Laura had imagined it ever could be. Sure, she was hoping whatever happened tonight would eventually lead to having sex with the sexy redhead, but this was like she’d bought a lottery ticket and hit the jackpot, when all she’d hoped for was maybe a hundred dollars.

“You want to watch us have sex?”

Corinne nodded. “Yeah. Do you mind?”

“What are you gonna do?” Emily asked. She grinned once again. “You know, while my sister and me are licking each other’s pussy and coming?”

Corinne blushed. “You know. . . .”

“Touching yourself?”

Corinne’s blush matched her hair. Laura spoke up. “We’ll do it for you on one condition.”

“What?” Corinne couldn’t believe her luck! She was going to get to watch these two sisters — blood sisters — having sex with each other. She’d do damn near anything to do that.

“You can get close, but you can’t come.”

Corinne’s smile faded. Not come? “Why not?” she asked.

Laura glanced at Emily, who was equally perplexed. “Because we want to do that,” she said, the tip of her tongue snaking out and grazing the center of her upper lip.

Corinne glanced at the bedroom door. It was locked, yes, but what would the girls’ mom think if she came upon a locked bedroom door? Her own mother would totally freak if Corinne locked the door with someone else in her room. To her mom, that was a sure sign that they were doing something they shouldn’t be doing, and licking pussies certainly qualified for that. She hadn’t really considered it at first because she figured they would watch some porn for about ten minutes and leave the room. They had already been in there at least fifteen minutes, so Laura and Emily’s mom would start to grow suspicious soon and come try to enter the bedroom, perhaps with a brief knock before trying the doorknob.

Laura saw the glance and knew what Corinne was thinking. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “My mom’s not going to come in.” She looked over at Emily before continuing. “She knows Emily and me sometimes masturbate together, and she’s cool with it.”

“Holy fuck!” Corinne said. “Does she know that’s what we’re doing now?”

“Maybe, but don’t let it bother you. Like I said, she’s fine with it. She and her sister used to do the same. She even told us her own brother took her virginity.”

Corinne didn’t know what to say. She was shocked that the girls knew that about their mom. She herself had no clue when her mom had lost her virginity, assuming it had been on her wedding night. Finally, she said, “Are you shitting me? Your mom had sex with her sister and brother?”

“Yes, but you can’t tell her you know. The truth is when Emily and me get it on and my mom’s the only other person in the house, we sometimes don’t bother to lock the door at all. I did it this time just to make you more comfortable.”

Corinne continued to blush. This news was a shock, but it was also sexy as hell. She could feel her pussy twinge at this revelation. A question occurred to her. “Has she ever, you know, caught you guys?”

Laura giggled. “Yeah. One time she walked in and stood there for about a minute, just watching. Then she reached inside her shorts and started diddling herself. She ended up coming watching us.”

“Does she know you guys do more than masturbate together?”

Emily piped up. “What do you think she caught us doing when she got herself off?”

Laura was happy that Emily hadn’t added anything about having sex with their mom. She wanted to move more gradually into that. It was one thing for a couple of sisters to get it on with each other, that happened all the time. It was something else entirely for two sisters to have sex with their own mother. She didn’t want to scare Corinne off. She just wanted to make things a bit more relaxed for Corinne, not to mention setting the stage for Corinne and her mom to enjoy each other at some point in the future. Laura could tell her mom thought Corinne was hot. This was just adding some lube to the possibility.

Corinne said, “So she knows we’re probably fooling around in here?”

“I’d say the odds are somewhere between 99.9 and 100 percent,” Laura said. “I’d have told you before, but I figured you might freak out. Now that we’ve all come at least once and are planning more, I wanted you to be more comfortable.”

“Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s put her ear to the door a couple of times already,” Emily offered.

Corinne swallowed hard. She was getting so turned on from this that it surprised her. She had often wished her own parents were a little more lenient about sexual things. She didn’t expect them to urge her to seek sexual partners or anything, but she often wished she was better understood when it came to things like masturbation. For the first time in her life, she wondered if her own mother had ever masturbated. She considered the possibility that she may have even messed around when she was young, maybe even with a girl she knew.

But this?! She thought the girls’ mother was sexy, and now she began to picture the girls lying in bed, licking each other, as their mother entered and began masturbating, even having an orgasm right there in the sisters’ bedroom.

She squeezed her thighs together. Laura reached out and touched her knee, having recognized the movement for what it was — an effort to come. “Nuh-uh. Not yet,” Laura said.

Corinne’s nervous energy caused her to giggle. “You think she might be on the other side of the door right now, listening?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Laura said.

Suddenly, Corinne did something she thought she would never do in a million years. It was something that just occurred to her and she’d done before thinking about it. She began to squeal and moan out a fake orgasm loud enough to be heard almost anywhere in the house.

Laura’s jaw dropped open when Corinne did this, and despite the fact it really didn’t matter if they were heard, she reached out, giggling, and clamped a hand over her friend’s mouth. All three girls burst into laughter, which lasted for a while. Corinne couldn’t control herself. She actually felt relief that she could just be herself here.

Then an urge hit her. “Oh, god! I gotta pee!” she said, rising to rush into her clothes. “Where’s the bathroom?!” she asked.

Laura reached out and stopped her from putting on more than her panties, grabbing the shorts from the girl’s grasp. “Nuh-uh,” she said. “Go like that. It’s down the hall on the right.”

Corinne’s mouth opened into a large “O” as she realized she would have to go down the hall in nothing but panties, and the girls’ mother was out there, possibly right outside the door. It was either that, or pee right there on the floor.

“Oh, shit!” she muttered and darted toward the door. She nearly collided with the woman standing there as she threw the door open and dashed down the hall and into the bathroom. Yanking down the flimsy panties, she sat just in time for the pee to spray into the bowl. Just as she was finishing and reaching for the toilet paper, she heard Laura outside the door saying, “Just wipe! No rubbing!” The sisters burst into giggles once again, and Corinne blushed. She followed her friend’s instructions and did nothing more than wipe the pee from her pussy — along with quite a bit of her pussy cream.

When she flushed, the door opened and a naked Emily was pushing her out of the way to get to the toilet. Sitting, she began to pee, the door standing open. Laura, naked and laughing, was standing in the hall beside her mother, who was dressed, but also laughing.

“I guess they told you I was okay with their fun time,” Sandra said.

Corinne nodded, blushing. “I’m sorry if I made too much noise. It was a joke really.”

“Don’t apologize, sweetie. Just enjoy yourself while you’re here,” Sandra said, then added, “As long as it’s only us girls, that is.”

“I — well — I don’t know what to say. My mom would have a cow if she knew what we were doing,” Corinne said.

“Well, your secret’s safe with me,” Sandra said, running her eyes up and down Corinne’s nearly naked body, obviously enjoying the sight. “Are you a natural redhead?” Sandra asked, even though the answer was fairly obvious even if she couldn’t see the girl’s pubes.

“Yes,” Corinne answered as Emily got up from the commode and flushed.

Laura giggled as she replaced her sister. “Corinne, she’s hinting for you to remove your panties.”

Corinne looked at Sandra, embarrassed for not catching the innuendo. “Oh.”

When the young teen stood there for a moment, Sandra said softly, “Well? Don’t I at least get a peek?”

Corinne figured what the hell and pulled her panties down to her knees, letting them drop to her ankles. She stepped primly out of them and stood naked in the hallway, allowing the woman to get an eyeful of her nudity.

Sandra licked her lips subconsciously. “My, you are pretty, aren’t you?” Corinne just stood there, continuing to blush. “So how much did they tell you about me?” Sandra asked.

Laura interrupted as she wiped herself before Corinne could answer. “Just that you know about me and Emily and you’ve walked in on us before and liked what you saw.”

They all stood there awkwardly for a moment until the toilet flushed and Laura was there, pulling Corinne back into the bedroom, Emily following. The younger girl glanced at her mother and smiled before she shut the door.

Sandra looked down at the floor where Corinne’s panties sat. Bending over, she held the gusset to her nose and inhaled before licking some of the cream that was cooling on the soft fabric. Delicious!

“Oh my god! Your mom really is fine with this,” Corinne said.

“Good thing, considering the wail you let out earlier,” Laura replied. “Now, where were we?”

“You were about to have sex with Emily while I watch and masturbate.”

“And not come,” Laura reminded her.

“And not come,” Corinne agreed.

She watched as the sisters climbed onto the bed and embraced. They kissed each other, using tongues and obviously enjoying something they did frequently. Corinne was amazed that the girls were so familiar with each other. She was excited that this was not their first kiss, that they probably did this at least several times a week.

Corinne sat in one of the chairs to watch and began pinching her nipples slightly, feeling them pucker to express their desire. Her right hand reached slowly toward her pussy, caressing the soft mound.

At that moment, the bedroom door burst open. Sandra stood in the doorway. Hanging from her finger were Corinne’s panties. It was the only clothing on her body.

Corinne jumped at the sudden intrusion, her hands and arms moving instinctively to cover her nakedness. Then she noticed that the woman was naked.

“You left these in the hallway. I wouldn’t want my son or husband to find them,” she said, smiling. She looked at her daughters, lying together on the bed, hands frozen where they had been when she entered the room.

Sandra stepped over to the other chair and turned it to face her daughters. Looking at Corinne, she said, “You don’t mind if I join you, do you?”

Corinne shook her head, dumbfounded at these developments. Was their mother going to masturbate right there in front of her? In front of her daughters? What would she do when her daughters invited her onto the bed to keep their promise of licking her to an orgasm?

She watched as the older woman began pinching her own nipples and reached down to her own tummy, massaging the soft flesh before moving on to the open and hairless pussy. Turning to Corinne, Sandra said, “Well?” indicating she should join in.

Corinne continued touching herself, enjoying the feel of her hands and fingers.

On the bed, the sisters had moved on from kissing to tonguing each other’s nipples. Emily took Laura’s left nipple into he mouth and sucked on it while Laura stroked her sister’s hair. She looked like a mother nursing her daughter. The connection between them was intimate and loving.

Emily’s hand stole down her sister’s front to begin massaging her older sister’s pussy. Corinne could hear the sounds of the girl’s fingers as they spread Laura’s pussy cream over the folds and clit. Corinne pulled her fingers from her own cunt and stuck them into her mouth. She loved the flavor of her own pussy and wondered what it would taste like if she licked the sister’s on the bed. Would their juices taste different from her own?

She heard a moan from Sandra, beside her. Corinne watched as the woman pleasured herself and the girl wondered what a grown woman’s pussy would taste like. The idea that they were watching Sandra’s daughters making love, and that the mother was obviously getting off on what she was seeing, caused a ripple of intense passion to roll through Corinne’s body, spreading outward from her pussy.

She’s getting off watching her own daughters have sex, she thought to herself as the trembling of those waves of passion coursed throughout her.

Corinne felt the first waves of her orgasm and suddenly remembered what Laura had told her — that they would have sex for her if she promised not to come. She immediately withdrew her fingers from her pulsating pussy, just in time to stop the orgasm from cascading over the edge and enveloping her whole body in its rhythms and shocks. She fought to control her desire. Her pussy seemed to be demanding that she get back there right this instant! Her desire to come overwhelmed her.

Instead of waiting for the girls to finish their lovemaking, Corinne stood and climbed onto the bed with them. She was aware of the view she must have given the girls’ mother, who was still seated and rubbing herself to an orgasm she would not be required to prevent.

“What a lovely ass,” she heard Sandra say.

Laura gave Corinne a quick look of surprise, followed by one of understanding.

“I can’t wait,” Corinne said and lay back, offering her pussy to whichever girl could get there first.

Laura scooted over and planted her lips on the offered pussy, raking her tongue over the sensitive clit and the soft folds of flesh, all slick with Corinne’s juices. Emily moved to where she could get her own mouth on her sister’s pussy and reached down to fondle her own slit, spreading her cream around and enjoying the delicious thrills that gave her.

Then Emily had a thought. She maneuvered her hips over to Corinne, not even thinking about whether or not the older girl had ever licked another girl’s pussy. Emily simply assumed Corinne desperately wanted to make oral love to her pussy.

And she was right.

Corinne pulled the girl’s hips to her and glued her mouth to the younger girl’s cunt, licking up and down the slick lips of the girl’s pussy and settling on her clit.

Sandra couldn’t believe what had happened. She had insisted Corinne not find out about what she and her daughters did, and now she was sitting here, naked and masturbating as she watched the young teenagers in a daisy chain. She knew it wouldn’t be long for her, the tell-tale signs of her approaching orgasm bringing jolts of pleasure that would build and build until she fell off the mountain and into the bliss that awaited. Her hand was a blur as she rubbed herself, her other hand pinching and pulling her nipples.

The woman could see Emily’s mouth licking her older sister’s pussy, a pussy she longed to tongue even now, but she hesitated. For some crazy reason, she figured that masturbating while watching this erotic scene involving her own daughters was somehow not as big a thing as actually licking her daughters’ pussies in front of Corinne who an hour ago had no idea that there was any incest at all in her family. She supposed masturbating to their fun was not quite the same as engaging in sex with them, so she contented herself to bringing herself off while the three girls worked to bring each other to climax.

Then Corinne was coming. She didn’t need to announce it or anything as silly as that. Sandra just knew the signs. The girl’s hips were bucking against Laura’s mouth, and loud moans and gasps seemed to strangle their way out of the girl. Corinne began to chant “Oh, FUCK!” over and over as waves of pleasure swept through her.

Laura started coming within seconds of the beginning of Corinne’s orgasm. She, too, pushed her pussy into the mouth that devoured her, and Emily expertly held on, keeping her mouth and tongue pressed against her sister’s vulva.

When the older girls had finished coming, they lay back, exhausted. This left poor Emily still without her own orgasm.

Sandra thought, what the hell, and clambered onto the bed, moving her own pussy to Emily’s beautiful mouth while placing her own lips against her daughter’s mound. Corinne watched as the mother and daughter engaged in a wild sixty-nine. Laura was watching Corinne to see her reaction.

Once the mother-daughter pair had reached their mutual orgasms, Laura took Corinne into her arms, kissed her, and said, “Now you know.” Corinne lay there, staring into her friend’s eyes for a moment before glancing over to where Emily and her mother were now kissing each other. She watched as Emily’s hand stroked and squeezed her mother’s ass familiarly while the older woman returned the caress.

“Are you freaked out?” Laura asked her friend.

Corinne grinned at Laura. “Fuck no! I’m turned on!”

Laura smiled and kissed Corinne, their tongues playing lazily with each other. She pulled back finally and said, “You’re welcome over any time. We can have lots of fun. Besides, you don’t know about everything. There’s still a lot to tell you.”

Corinne raised her eyebrows. More? What else could there be?

“Your brother?” she guessed, wondering what it would be like to fuck him.

“Shit, no!” Laura said, laughing. “I’m 100% lesbian, and so is Emily.”

“Then what?” Corinne asked.

“Later,” Laura answered. “When we’re alone.” She winked at Corinne.

Corinne giggled and leaned in for another kiss, thinking how she’d found paradise right there in her own town.

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  1. This is kind of interesting. In some ways “Tracy’s Dilemma” is not really a traditional story at all, with a standard plot-line, more like a loosely connected series of vignettes. But it’s all extremely hot!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I suppose you’re right, NM. And I’m glad you are enjoying it. I will be keeping the main characters of Tracy and her daughters, Kelli and Kate, involved with others and each other, but my plan is to see how far and vast the web of sexual pleasure can spread, in a number of degrees of separation. For instance, it will turn out that . . . well, maybe I should let the readers follow the fun without giving anything away. 🙂

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    OMG. Loved this so much. It reminds me of when mum watched me and Jamie, my gf fucking. Jamie was as amazed as Corinne when she saw mum sat there masturbating as she watched us

    • Cheryl says:

      Thank you, Jay! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to comment on this at all. I don’t feel good every day, and it seemed my efforts weren’t worth it.

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    I read this chapter when it was first posted and, as per usual, your writing left me all tingly and warm. Don’t ever stop entertaining us, please.

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    Can’t believe you ever thought your efforts weren’t worth it Cheryl.
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