My Daughter’s Secrets, Part Three

  • Posted on January 5, 2018 at 9:44 am

By Misty Meadow

The next night. My daughter and I were ready and waiting when Jaqui rang our doorbell.

She gasped when Kitty opened the front door to let her in, staring in eager disbelief. We’d prepared for her arrival by stripping naked and donning those crotchless knickers. Kitty had gone a step further, wearing the white thigh high stockings, which gave her a deliciously slutty look. I could barely keep my hands off her.

“Oh, my God, Kitty! You look like you’re… ” Jaqui paused, struggling to find the words.

“…ready for anything?” I offered, grinning at her.

“We sure are,” Kitty said. “Come on in.”

Jaqui’s gaze swiveled from Kitty to me, then back again. “I see those crotchless panties got here.”

“They did, sweetheart… and I’ve got two pairs of them waiting for you upstairs.”

“So cool!” Jaqui squealed. “Um, can I put ‘em on now?”

“Yeah!” said Kitty. “C’mon, let’s go!”

“When you do, I want to take some pictures of the two of you against a dark backdrop,” I said, getting out my digital camera. “The curtains in my bedroom will be perfect. Come on upstairs.”

In my bedroom, I watched with my heart in my mouth as Jaqui stripped naked, then put on my gift. “Let me help!” Kitty demanded, then knelt in front of her friend to spread the opening at the crotch wide open, putting Jaqui’s pretty pussy on full display. “There,” she said, glancing up at me. “How’s that, Mum?”

“Lovely,” I replied. “Now, stand over there, in front of the curtains.” The girls got into place and posed for me. I took a couple of snapshots. My, what a mouth-watering sight they were — completely naked on top, pussies clearly displayed down below.

“Let’s try something a little different,” I said, pretending to think about what I wanted. “Hmm… okay, I know — why don’t you girls give each other a nice kiss?”

They didn’t hesitate for a second, just threw their arms round each other and kissed. It was just good fun at first, a game the girls were playing for the camera, as if I was going to make them stop if things got hot and heavy. But all I did was take one picture after another, and soon my little imps let their passion get the best of them. Before long, Kitty and Jaqui were kissing like lust-crazed lovers. Okay, time to kick it up a notch.

“All right, girls…” They were too much into each other to hear me, so I raised my voice. “Girls!” They quickly broke apart, both of them blushing. “That was perfect, just what I wanted. Now, I want you both to stand side by side, an arm round each other’s shoulder.”  They obeyed, and I drew closer, giving them a knowing smile. “Beautiful. Okay, now take your free hands…” I moistened my lips, fighting to keep my voice steady, “…and touch each other.”

They guessed exactly what I meant before I’d finished speaking. This time, they didn’t hesitate — and within seconds, Kitty and Jaqui were masturbating one another through the openings in the fronts of their knickers. Holy shit, what a lovely sight!

I took half a dozen more snapshots — then, without me asking them to, the girls began to kiss again, their tongues darting back and forth.

The temptation was there to keep this little photo session going, to encourage my daughter and her lover to strip completely naked, get on the bed and fuck for me and the camera. Then, I’d take off my own knickers and climb on the bed to join them, reaching out to touch…

I couldn’t, not just yet. As sexual as the moment had become, I wasn’t ready to let go completely and allow my forbidden fantasies to take over. To make love to Kitty. Soon, perhaps, but not right then.

Sighing, I put the camera to one side. “Well, I suppose I’d best leave you two little nymphos alone to get on with it.”

“On with what?” asked Jaqui, her face a portrait of innocence.

Sex, you idiot,” said Kitty. “She’s let us touch each other’s cunts, so I don’t think she’ll mind if we go even further.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Did you just use the word ‘cunt’, Kitty?”

She scowled back at me. “You use it all the time, Mum!”

“Ah, but I’m a grownup. You’re just a little girl. That’s a spanking offense.”

“You’re gonna spank Kitty, then?” said Jaqui, smirking. “Ooooh, Kit-ty’s been a bad girl and she’s gon-na get spa-anked!”

“You, too, Jaqui. You’re her partner in crime.” She didn’t seem to be unhappy about it. Neither did my little girl, actually.

“Across your knee?” Kitty asked.

I shook my head. “No, up on the bed, on all fours. That way I can get a better swing. You first, Kitty.”

She climbed on to the bed, facing sideways on her knees and elbows. I could tell that Kitty knew this was nothing more than a game. Still, I wondered: was she turned on by the prospect of getting spanked by her mum?

Picking up the camera and handing it to Jaqui, I tugged my daughter’s knickers down to her knees. Jaqui quickly moved behind Kitty to take a picture of her cunt and rosebud, now openly revealed in this lewd pose. I stood by the bed and ran my hand over her buttocks, marveling at how soft they were — yet also how firm — then I delivered six modest slaps, three on each cheek. She let out fake squeaks of protest, pretending that they hurt.

When I finished, she stood and started to pull her knickers up. “Oh, no,” I said. “I’m not gonna let you wear knickers until bedtime, as an additional punishment.”

She stepped out of them, grinning. “Fine by me.” I couldn’t keep from smiling back, knowing that she was perfectly content to go starkers, the little hussy.

Handing the camera over to Kitty, Jaqui got up on the bed and I dragged her knickers down. I repeated my disciplinary action just as I had with Kitty, pulsing from head to toe with helpless lust as my hand ran over Jaqui’s bum, my fingers temptingly close to her cunt. Kitty got a few good pictures, then she leaned in and untangled Jaqui’s knickers from round her ankles.

Now naked but for Kitty’s stockings, the girls sat on the bed with me and looked through the photos we’d just taken. These were “dirty” pictures in the sweetest sense, and I intended to download the lot into my computer for future “reference”, if you know what I mean. Jaqui and Kitty giggled and nudged each other at the sight of our naughty games, clearly thrilled. No doubt about it, these two nymphets were exhibitionists, just like me.

As if she’d just read my mind, Jaqui leaned back, her legs carelessly spread. “This isn’t punishment,” she said. “I like having no knickers on.”

“Me too,” said Kitty, grinning, sitting cross-legged so her cunt was prominently displayed.

Unable to resist, I stood up, aiming the camera at them.

“Sit closer together,” I asked. “Put your arms round each other. That’s right.. perfect!” I took the shot, then studied it. “Oh, my God, this is delicious!” I crowed. “Two sexy little nymphets showing off their vaginas with big smiles on their faces.” Jaqui took the phone from my hand and they looked at the screen.

“You mean, ‘showing off our cunts’,” Kitty said. “I just got spanked for it, so I might as well get my money’s worth and use the ‘C’ word whenever I want.” She gazed adoringly at Jaqui. “I think your cunt is so pretty.”

“I guess,” Jaqui gave a shy smile, “but yours is prettier…” Slowly, as if they had all the time in the world, the girls drifted together in a kiss.

It was plain to see that the girls were going to make love. Me, I desperately wanted to watch it happen, but this moment belonged to them, not me. So, mustering every iota of my will power, I said, “Enjoy yourselves, girls,” and left, padding down the hallway to the bathroom and seating myself on the loo, spreading my legs wide open.

Crotchless knickers are perfect for masturbating in. You don’t even have to take them off.


Every day I’d been sneaking looks in Kitty’s diary to see what she’d written.

Oct 16th:
Everything’s changed. My mum’s like a new person. Yes, she’s gone completely overboard. Get this: She told me that we should be in our crotchless knickers when Jaqui arrived, then she took pictures of us and even got us to touch each other! I bet she would’ve liked to watch what we did next, but she left, I think ‘cos she didn’t want to spoil our fun. That’s what I love about her, she’ll do anything to make me happy. I kinda wish she had stayed, though.

Anyhow, after Mum left Jaqui and I were on the bed, head to tail, eating each other’s cunts, and Jaqui did something amazing. She moved her head even deeper between my legs and licked my bum hole! It felt so good, different from having my cunt licked, much dirtier, and that made it extra fun. Then I did the same to her and she told me I’d almost made her cum, just from that.

After that we played with each other’s tits, even though we don’t really even have any. I can make her nipples stand out like it’s cold outside and she likes that. She asked me if I wanted to

I heard the front door slam, so I quickly shoved Kitty’s diary back on the bookshelf and scurried to my own room.

Kitty came up the stairs and I nonchalantly stepped out onto the landing. “Hi, honey,” I say as she passed me, going in to her room. She just gave me a quick nod.

Then suddenly she was back out on the landing again, her face blazing with fury. “You bitch!” she snarled. “You’ve been reading my diary! It’s private, don’t you get it? How could you?” Her outrage was like a slap in the face. I was busted. “Don’t even try to deny it. I know exactly where I put it on the shelf and now it’s in a different place.”

Oh, I tried to defend myself. “I found it on the floor last week and I just couldn’t resist a quick look and then I couldn’t stop looking. I’m so sorry, my darling. Please don’t hate me.” My pleading was pitiful.

“I do hate you!” she yelled, stomping back into her room and slamming the door.

The only thing I could do was to give Kitty time to cool down, then I’d tell her how much I love her and that I thought everything I’d read was wonderful and that I approved of everything she said and felt. I wonder if Jaqui knows about the diary.


The next day Kitty came home from school and went upstairs, ignoring me. Her bedroom door thudded shut.

I sat at the kitchen table, trying to calm my jangled nerves. Throughout the day, I’d been working on a way to get back in my daughter’s good graces again — and to make amends for my unacceptable behavior.

I gave her a few minutes to settle down, then went upstairs and knocked on her door.

“Go away!” she shouted, her voice more full of hurt than anger.

The door had no lock, so I slowly opened it and stepped into my daughter’s room. Kitty was lying on the bed in a foetal position, on her side with her knees under her chin, facing away from me and quietly crying. I sat down beside her.

“There’s no way for me to say how sorry I am,” I began, having rehearsed my speech all day. “What I did to you was inexcusable. I should never have read your diary, and I apologise to you and Jaqui, but let me say this. Nothing that you wrote has caused me, in any way, to think less of you. Quite the contrary, I approve of all the things you did with Jaqui. You’re both simply exploring your sexuality, just as I did at your age.”

With that, I paused, hoping for a response. Kitty remained silent — but at least she was no longer crying, so I continued. “To be honest, I… I’m thrilled that you and Jaqui are lovers. In fact, it excites me. You wrote in your diary that it surprised you, how open and permissive I’ve become in the last couple of weeks. Well, it’s because of what I read. I love you more now than I ever have.”

I took a deep breath. “So here’s what I’ve done. I’ve started a diary of my own and every day I’ll write about what I do and how I feel inside, and my thoughts about you… and I’m going to let you read it anytime you like. I promise that I’ll describe my innermost feelings — the secret kind that, up until now, I haven’t dared reveal to you. Things like — well, you’ll have to see for yourself. Some people might think that the feelings I have for you are perverted, but…”

I took the new diary from my apron pocket, opened it to the first page. “So here we go. I’ve written today’s entry and I’m going to read it aloud to you.

“Oct. 18th:
Yesterday was horrible. I was stupid enough to put Kitty’s diary back in the wrong place, so she discovered that I’d been reading it. She was outraged, quite justifiably. Now she won’t speak to me, and I’m devastated. How can I tell her how beautiful reading her diary was, how thrilled I was to learn of what she and Jaqui were doing with each other?”

She rolled on to her back to face me, her face streaked with tears. I felt an urge to cry myself, but fought it off and kept reading to her.

“I want Kitty to know that her diary has changed how I think about her… and in a good way. When I read about her doing things with Jaqui that most parents would be horrified to learn about, I was turned on to the point where I just had to lift my skirt and masturbate, right there and then. It was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.

“And then later, when she and Jaqui caught me asleep on the sofa without my knickers… I think that was when I understood, for the first time, the feelings I had for my daughter. After that day, I became more and more bold around her — letting her see more of my body, and encouraging Kitty to show me more of hers.

“Then there was the night when she let me watch her as she touched Jaqui, just as a lover would. I don’t think she had any idea how difficult it was for me to leave the girls right then, to let them have their privacy. All I could think of at that moment was what I’d seen the day before in Kitty’s diary, the part where she said that if Jaqui and I made love in front of her, she might want to join in. I almost came in my knickers when I read that!

“How utterly thrilling it would be to have all my fantasies about Kitty come true, and I’d be able to show my wonderful little girl how deeply I love her. One of the reasons I kept on reading her diary, even when I knew I shouldn’t, was to discover if anything that I did crossed a line, so I could stop doing it, but she never wrote that there was anything that put her off. That gave me hope that soon Kitty might let me make love to her for real… only without coming between her and Jaqui. I’d never want to do that.”

That’s as far as I got,” I said, closing the journal and placing it on the dresser. “I love you, my darling Kitty, more than life itself. Now, I’m begging your forgiveness.”

Her lips trembling, eyes brimming with fresh tears, she extended her arms to me, drawing me in and pulling me on top of her. “I know you love me, Mum,” she said in a tiny voice, choked with emotion. “I was just s-so embarrassed, ‘cos you found out all my secrets.” She paused, sniffled, then whispered, “Do you really love me the same way I love Jaqui?”

I caressed her face. “I do, my angel.”

“And, um… do you want to have real sex with me?”

“Only if you want it too,” I murmured.

“Yes, I do,” she nodded, “but I was too scared to tell you. Then I fell in love with Jaqui and I thought it might change things… but I still want you too, Mum. I know now that If you and I had sex, it wouldn’t change what I feel for Jaqui. I love you both, but in different ways.”

“Am I forgiven, then…?” I asked, my heart in my mouth.

Kitty gave me a smile that could’ve thawed an iceberg. “Of course you are, silly!” She pressed her mouth to mine and we drifted into a long passionate tongue kiss.

“So I’ll leave my diary on the bedside table in my room,” I said, “and you can read it anytime you like.”

“And you can read mine, Mum. You know where to find it.” She nibbled her lower lip. “Do you… would you like to have sex right now?”

“Yes, I would,” I replied, “but let’s not rush this, sweetie. We don’t have to make love right away just because we can. Let’s wait until the moment is right. I want our first time to be perfect.”

“Yeah,” Kitty sighed. “I love you, Mummy.”

“Love you too, Kitty-kat. So,” I sat up, “who’s up for curry from the corner takeaway, then?”

My daughter jumped to her feet. “Me!” she cried, all thoughts of sex gone — for the moment, anyhow.


When Jaqui learned that I’d been reading my daughter’s diary — Kitty told her all about it at school the next day — she was remarkably blasé about it.

Kitty told me what she said, quoting, “That explains a lot. That’s why she liked showing her cunt off all the time. She already knew just about everything we did. And what she didn’t read about, she could guess ‘cos she’s not stupid. In a way, I kinda like the idea of being spied on, having your mum masturbate to thoughts of us. It’s like when I get undressed at night with my bedroom curtains open, imagining that someone in out there in the street, watching me.”


I was in Kitty’s room again. I undressed completely, sat in front of the mirror and started reading her diary, which she’d left on her dresser for me to find. I held it in one hand, with the other tucked between my legs.

Oct. 22nd:
Mum’s awesome! Once I got over the shock of what she did and how mad I was, I realised that this diary got her all turned on and now I’m glad she read it.

Last night Jaqui came over, so we all got together in Mum’s room. We couldn’t wait to get all our clothes off! Mum took pictures of us as we posed for her, then she took more as Jaqui and I made love. We did what they call a sixty nine on her bed, where we put our faces between each other’s legs and I lick her pussy and she licks mine.

Then Jaqui said she’d like Mum to eat her cunt, but Mum said that ‘cos I’m her baby girl, she ought to lick me first. I was so excited! She’s been a lesbian for way longer then me or Jaqui, so she’s much more expert at eating pussies. She made me cum twice!

When I was done, I told Mum to go ahead and do it to Jaqui. So there she was on her hands and knees, licking my girlfriend, her bum up in the air. I couldn’t just watch, I wanted to play! I got behind Mum, lubed up my hand and pushed all my fingers into her cunt. She was really warm inside, and so wet I was able to get my whole hand inside her. OMG it was so incredible! I was halfway up my arm in Mum’s cunt, I swear!

When I did that, she went completely crazy, like I’d never seen my mum before. Afterwards she said I made her have so many orgasms, she lost count. Jaqui wanted to lick Mum’s cunt then, but Mum was so wiped out that she fell asleep. Jaqui did it anyway. She said my mum tasted really good, almost as good as I do.

Jaqui and I played some with Mum’s vibrator after that. I never knew that something up my bum could feel so good! Jaqui liked it too, when I did it put in in hers. She said that some time we should trick Mum into lying on the bed and then we’d tie her wrists to the head of the bed too quickly for her to stop us, and then she’d be all ours. We could do anything we want to her!

I closed the book. My tummy churned with excitement when I pictured myself, helplessly bound to the bed, two naked preteen nymphets all over me, tweaking my tits, fingering my cunt, one sitting on my face as the other fisted me.

The front door slammed.

“We’re home!” Kitty called. “Where are you?” I stayed silent. “We’re gonna find you, Mum. You can’t hide from us. We’re taking our clothes off and then we’re coming upstairs for you!”

There was a pause, then some giggles. Jaqui called, “We’re gonna rip your clothes off and have our way with you. We’ll find you — won’t we, Kitty?”

“Yes, she’ll be completely helpless after we tie her up.”

I heard the patter of bare feet on the stairs, then the door burst open and in rushed two naked little devils, excitement written on their faces.

“Look!” Jaqui said, “she’s reading your diary and masturbating!”

“These days, that’s the main reason I write in it,” said Kitty, grinning.

They flung themselves on me, forcing me onto my back. I surrendered, letting the diary fall to the floor — ready and willing to let these two underage lesbians do whatever they liked to me.

The End


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  1. Swan says:

    Well, that was lots of fun. I liked the use of the diaries for communication. Reminded me of the old days when people actually mailed letters to each other. Nice ending, Mom probably thinks she has died and gone to a lesbian heaven. Keep up the good work, as I am sure we all are looking forward to more stories from Misty.

  2. cherryco says:

    I really loved this! I had to put on fresh panties after reading, next time I’ll take them off first! 😉 Thanks Misty!!

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    I loved reading this. Good job.

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    Lovely read Misty … as always. Thanks 🙂

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    Nothing sexy about producing child pornography in a story. Shoot and I wanted to like this one.

    • JetBoy says:

      So you’re okay with a mother having sex with her underage daughter, but object to her taking nude photos of the girl for her own private use? I can’t help but feel that your logic is a bit muddled here.

  6. Jenniferbigirll says:

    Being younger, i lov stories from younger point of view!

  7. Momof4 says:

    New to this, I totally loved this. As for the pictures, please tell me a parent who hasn’t taken risque pictures of their children

  8. Lance says:

    great story misty. Thank you keep it up!

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