Teaching the Girls, Chapter 8

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By Naughty Mommy

After that we stopped for dinner, the five of us marching downstairs, proudly naked. Quite a crew!

The table was already set, I found, and as Cherise began to slice the freshly baked bread and Danielle served up big bowls of incredibly delicious-smelling beef stew from the slow cooker, and as Addison poured juice for the girls and Kay opened a bottle of red wine, I simply stood there smiling like a goof. A very happy goof!!

Yeah, I know I’m probably using way too many exclamation points according to the so-called experts, but I mean, how could I not feel totally fantastic?! Not only did I get to have sex with these super cute little girls and then suck their mom’s nipples, but now they were going to feed me too!! And it all smelled unbelievably great!!!

We sat down to eat, grinning and chattering. Kay asked if I would like to have a glass of wine, and I said sure. I knew my parents wouldn’t mind. Sometimes they let me drink a little wine with supper. They figured it was good for me to get used to it so I wouldn’t go crazy later. I figured they were right, and I enjoyed the taste.

The wine Kay poured was really good. It was a kind I’d never heard of, Egri Bikavér. She told me it was Hungarian, and that’s when I learned that Danielle’s grandparents on her mother’s side were both born in Hungary. They’d emigrated to the United States from Budapest as a young married couple in the 1950s, living for a short time in New Jersey before moving to Baltimore.

“That’s where she gets her good looks,” Kay winked. “Hungarian girls are the most beautiful in the world.”

“Aww, thanks,” Danielle blushed.

So, everything was just perfect: the wine, the food, the conversation, and especially the scenery — all those lovely nude feminine bodies — I couldn’t have asked for more. Well, I did ask for seconds of beef stew after scarfing down my first bowl, sopping up the rich broth with another slice of homemade bread. Yes, I was in heaven. No doubt about it.

When the meal was over, and the small amount of cleanup quickly handled, I expected we would probably head back upstairs to the master bedroom, but I was in for a surprise.

“Let’s just go in the living room, all right?” Kay suggested. “We can take our glasses in there and relax.” She’d opened a second bottle of wine, so we took that with us, and the kids brought their refilled glasses of juice along too.

The blinds were drawn, and we had plenty of privacy. Kay and Danielle settled on the couch, their daughters snuggling in beside them, while I sat in an armchair, crossing my legs and sipping my wine. I noted with amusement that this was the same seat I’d occupied on the previous Saturday afternoon after I first arrived, before any of our delightfully illicit sexual activities had taken place. So much had happened since then, and all of it wonderful!

We chatted for a couple of minutes about nothing in particular, until Danielle said, wagging her eyebrows, “So, what’s next on the teaching protocol, Britt? I’m eager for us to get started again.”

“Oh, um, okay…”

I felt my heart pounding, the color rising in my cheeks. Even though it all had gone just right so far, my plan working precisely as I’d hoped, we still had some major boundaries to cross. Would they think I was a total pervert, asking for what I wanted next?

Actually, that wasn’t quite right. The next thing was only halfway perverted, no worse than any of the things we’d done before, which everyone enjoyed. Okay, so, settle down, Britt, I said to myself. You can do this. You can make it happen.

I forced a smile. “Well, I think now we should find out if the girls were really paying attention. You know, when I was showing them how to make love to a woman’s breasts. I’d like them to try it with me and see how well they do, okay?”

“Ooh, yeah…” Kay rubbed her hands together. “I can’t wait to see that.”

We rearranged ourselves, the women getting up while I moved to the couch, sitting in the middle between Addison and Cherise. The naked little girls giggled and clutched my arms.

There were two large, comfortable chairs in the room, not far from the couch and facing diagonally toward it. That’s where I assumed Kay and Danielle would be. I was right about that — except before they sat down, they opened the bottom drawer in a side cabinet and got out a pair of big fluffy towels, placing them on the chairs beneath them.

Pretty smart, I thought, preparing in advance for the overflow. I hadn’t noticed Kay being unusually gooey, but Danielle definitely was a gusher.

“All right, we’re ready,” said Kay, winking at me.

Her hand was already busily working between her legs, rubbing her pussy. She could never get enough, it seemed. Kay was constantly touching herself, striving for the next climax.

I had to wonder, when I reached my thirties, would I be that way too? Able to come, like, ten or more times a day? It’s true that when I was with these women and their daughters, playing our sexy games, my orgasm count certainly did increase. But normally, on my own, three or maybe four was about my maximum. After that I was too worn out. Maybe older women were just like that, with even stronger needs than a teenager and more stamina as well. Someday, presumably, I would find out for myself.

“Go ahead, honey,” said Danielle, “you can start now.”

Oops. Once again I’d allowed my ruminating to get in the way of action. It was time to get on with things.

“Oh, uh, sorry,” I grinned. “I just like watching you guys. You’re both very hot.”

“Thanks,” Danielle nodded. She was masturbating too, slumped in her chair, running a slender finger up and down through her juicy slit, spectacular long legs spread wide. It was quite a sight, extremely erotic.

On the other hand, cuddling next to me were two adorable little girls, only nine and ten years old, smiling and eager for sex. And that, of course, was even more erotic — making love with such young kids was absolutely forbidden, but so incredibly desirable!

I looked back and forth between them, making steady eye contact, letting them connect with me. When I thought they were ready, properly focused, I said in a quiet voice, “All right, let’s see how much you both have learned. Do you remember how to start?”

“Just with touching,” said Cherise. “Um, only light touching, with your fingertips.”

“Yeah, and, like, go slow at first,” Addison put in.

“That’s right, very good,” I said to them. “So, why don’t you begin, one on either side, okay?”

Oh my god, can you imagine how wonderful this was? A pair of darling girls, so young they had no boobs yet, but they both were touching me, and so lovingly, small hands tenderly caressing, moving around my breasts, slowly circling, fingers edging closer and closer to my nipples.

“Mmm, that’s really nice,” I murmured. “You’re doing very, very well.”

By now my nipples were as hard as they could be, throbbing and begging for attention. There was only one problem. The kids, it seemed, had taken my earlier instruction all too literally. They were going slow, all right, maybe too slow. It was almost like there was a contest between them, to see who could take the longest time before reaching my nipple. Their little fingertips softly circled, around and around and around, coming ever closer but never quite touching.

Were they trying to drive me insane? If so, they were succeeding. I had to put a stop to it.

In a voice choked with arousal, I said, “That’s… enough of that, I think. You can do the next thing now.”

“Are you aching?” Addison giggled. “Like my mom said she was?”

“Yes, I am,” I nodded, “definitely.”

“Does it make you want to come?” the girl added with a mischievous grin.

“Uh-huh, it sure does.”

“Mmmm, fuck — you’re gonna make me come.” That was Kay. She was pumping two fingers in and out of her cunt. They were soaked with her juices.

I didn’t reply to the woman, just gave her a quick smile. Instead I said to the girls, “Go on, um… do, you know, the next thing.”

“Okay,” said Cherise. She brought her index finger to her mouth, licking the tip. Addison did the same. Then they placed their wet fingertips on the very ends of my nipples, rubbing in tiny circles.

“Goddamn,” I groaned, my head falling back, eyes closed.

The electric tingling sensation went straight from my nipples to my clit. It felt like I was on fire. I swear the kids could have made me come just by doing that. Except I wanted still more from them, much more.

“Now,” I croaked, “u-use your tongues now.”

“But what about, don’t we do this first?” asked Cherise.

I raised my head again, opening my heavy-lidded eyes. Cherise was holding her fingers in a cone shape, exactly the way I’d shown them with Kay and then with Danielle.

“Um, yeah, all right, do that first.”

So they did. The girls each placed a hand over one breast, and slowly drew their small fingers up, bringing them together, lightly squeezing and pulling on my nipples, repeating this several times.

God, it felt so fucking good. I gritted my teeth, squeezing my legs together. Should I masturbate? I certainly wanted to, but I was also supposed to be teaching them, and maybe that should take precedent. It was hard to think straight with so much lust and desire coursing through my body.

Before I could decide what to do, they went on to the next step. Addison and Cherise, the two sexy fourth-graders, started flicking their little tongues over the tips of my nipples.

Now I was incapable of resisting. Without making a conscious decision, my hands went between my legs, fingers stroking my erect clit.

Both girls flattened their tongues, sliding up and down, then going around in circles on my tits.

“Fuck, yeah, don’t stop,” I told them. “Don’t stop!”

They didn’t stop, and they weren’t going slow anymore either. Almost instinctively, it seemed, they began to suck.

Dimly I heard throaty grunting noises from Kay and Danielle, the moms of these children who were nursing at my breasts. It sounded like both women were coming, but I couldn’t hear them clearly — because I was screaming so loud, climaxing with two little girls sucking on my nipples as I furiously rubbed my cunt.


“Can we lick you now?” said Addison.

I blinked, opening my eyes partway. “Huh…? What?”

“Can we lick you now?” she repeated. “I wanna taste you again.”

“Yeah, me too,” agreed Cherise. “I do too.”

The kids were kneeling on either side of me, actually bouncing on the sofa cushions in their eagerness.

“Yes, do that,” said Kay, who’d risen from her chair and was standing close to us. She was nude, of course, hands gently massaging her womanly body, one between her legs, the other on her breasts. “You don’t mind, do you, Britt?”

Obviously, I didn’t mind. I would love having the girls do that, though I was still only half-conscious after such an overpowering orgasm.

I shook my head, trying to clear it. My vision was blurry. Maybe I’d had too much wine at dinner, two full glasses, or maybe I’d simply had too much sex — no, not that! A person could never have too much sex!!

“What’s so funny?” asked Addison, grinning at me.

I realized I was giggling uncontrollably. When I came in earlier that afternoon, I’d thought the women seemed giddy, intoxicated, but now I was the one.

“It’s nothing,” I managed to reply, taking a deep breath and pushing myself up a little bit. “I’m just happy, that’s all.”

“Aww, that’s sweet,” said Kay. She sat down next to me, nudging Addison to the side, and gave me a big hug while plastering my cheek with wet kisses. “I’m so glad you’re happy, Britt. You’ve made us happy too, very very happy.”

Danielle joined us on the couch, squeezing in between me and Cherise, wrapping her long arms around me and adorning my face with more kisses, saying, “Yeah, we really do want to thank you, honey. You have no idea how happy you’ve made us.”

“Wait! I wanna hug her too!” cried Addison, climbing over her mom to flop on top of me, hugging and kissing. Suddenly Cherise was there as well, and I was completely covered by an avalanche of naked feminine bodies rubbing up against me, two beautiful women and their sexy young daughters.

This love fest went on for at least half a minute, maybe longer, until I thought I might suffocate. Finally Kay drew back, saying, “Now what was it you girls said you wanted to do with Britt?”

“Lick her!” said Addison.

“Lick her pussy!” said Cherise.

And so they did. Once again, as on the previous Saturday, I had both kids between my legs, smiling up at me, licking and fingering and giggling and sucking and kissing. Beside me on the couch were their mothers, leaning in close, watching everything and rubbing themselves.

Although the girls still weren’t experts and a lot more instruction would be required — which I would happily provide — their eager enthusiasm, combined with my awareness of what was happening, how deliciously wrong and dirty it all was, brought me quickly to the brink.

“You’re gonna, you’re gonna fucking make me come!!” I panted.

“You want us to fuck you?” asked Addison. To Cherise, she said, “Put your finger in her, okay? And I will too. Together, both at once.”


I felt two fingers pushing up inside my wet vagina, probing, stretching, reaching deep, and then I felt their warm tongues on my clit — “God! YES!!” I cried, erupting into climax.

Following my second titanic orgasm in the space of only about fifteen minutes, I really needed to rest for a bit. The women drank more wine, the kids yakked and had some juice, while I semi-snoozed on the couch, drifting in and out of sleep. I wanted very badly to do more with them, not give up for the night, but temporarily, at least, I was wiped out.

Fortunately it didn’t take too long for me to gather myself. Or maybe it did take a while. I don’t know, I’m not sure how long it was. At any rate, I finally sat up, took a deep breath, then smiled at everyone and said, “Okay, I feel a lot better now. Thanks for letting me sort of recuperate.”

Kay, who was seated beside me, placed her hand on my leg, softly patting. As if she could read my thoughts, she said, “Are you sure you don’t want to just call it a night, sweetie? It’s no problem if you feel that way. We understand.”

“No, I, um… there’s still more stuff I want to do. And I, I’m fine, really. I want to keep going.”

“All right. If you’re sure.”

“Yeah, I am. Definitely. I’m ready.”

“Okay, so, what is it you want to do next?” Kay asked.

“Well, uh, I actually think it might work better if we go upstairs again, to your bedroom. If, you know, if you guys don’t mind.”

“You’re the boss,” said Danielle, “or maybe I should say you’re the teacher. Anyhow, you just tell us what to do, Britt, and we’ll do it.”

That was exactly what I wanted to hear. And if these women really meant it, then it shouldn’t be too hard for me to achieve what I was aiming for, to take the next big step.

First, however, I needed to check on the two kids, sitting on the floor in front of us, drinking their juice. Might they be getting bored, restless, their attention spans running out?

“You guys, um, Addison and Cherise? Do you still want to keep doing this kind of stuff?” I asked. “Because I mean, we don’t have to. We can play games or watch a movie or do something else if you’d rather…”

They both looked at me like I was crazy. Cherise frowned. Addison shook her head, then put a hand between her legs, stroking her hairless pussy, and said, “I don’t wanna play any games now — except for these kinds of games!” She burst into laughter, and the others joined her.

So much for short attention spans. They were ready for more sex, and so was I!

When we got upstairs to Kay’s room, I asked the moms to sit on the bed, leaning on pillows against the headboard. Then I positioned their daughters with them, Cherise next to Danielle, Addison beside Kay. I was on my knees in the center of the king-size bed, facing them.

“Okay, so,” I began, “the next thing is more practice. The girls did a good job on me, like, touching and licking my boobs. But I want them to keep practicing now, get more experience.”

“Wait — what?” said Kay.

“It’s just for teaching,” I told her. “They have to get experience, so why not do it with you, right?”


Danielle intervened, “No, really, I think it’s fine. Britt’s our teacher. She knows what’s best.”

Kay turned to her. “Are you sure?”

“Uh-huh,” Danielle nodded. She was holding her small tits in her hands, lightly massaging them and squeezing the nipples. “I think we should do this. I really do.”

“Well, uh… all right,” Kay said slowly. “I suppose we can, if it’s just for teaching.”

“Of course it is,” I assured her. “The only way these kids can learn is by doing, and they both need a lot more practice.”

“Ooh, goodie!” Addison giggled, bouncing on her knees next to her mom.

Cherise, meanwhile, was licking her lips as she stared at Danielle’s breasts, ogling her mother’s hard nipples.

“So, um, ladies, put your hands down at your sides,” I said. They did, and then I told the girls they could begin, doing all the things I’d taught them previously.

I sat and watched, quickly becoming aroused. Addison and Cherise were good students, had learned their lessons well. They took it slow at first, as instructed, but it was immediately evident that the gentle caress of their small fingers was having a powerful effect.

Both Kay and Danielle were breathing quickly, chests rising and falling. Their nipples were stiffly erect, though they hadn’t been directly touched yet by the girls. The women squirmed on the bed, hands fidgeting, and I saw them squeezing their legs together.

We came to the next part. The kids grinned at one another. They’d finished circling their mother’s breasts, moving closer and closer — ever so close — without quite contacting the turgid nipples. Now they each licked the end of one index finger and placed it over the tip of a nipple.

“No, uh, do both,” I said. “Lick two fingers and do both nipples at once.”

“Oh, okay,” said Addison, with Cherise nodding in agreement.

This was almost too much for the women. When they felt those moist fingertips teasing, tickling their nipples, Kay and Danielle groaned in unison, bodies shuddering dramatically. It was amusing, in a way, to see such an exaggerated response, but I could easily tell they weren’t faking. They were extremely turned on, and I was too!

“Now, uh…” I had to stop and clear my throat, “now your tongues. Don’t worry about using your hands any more, just your tongues and your mouths.”

As I gave the girls this instruction, my hand went between my own legs. My clit was throbbing, so incredibly sensitive. I knew I could make myself come with only a few strokes, but for the moment I avoided that, instead massaging my labia and the opening to my vagina. I wanted to wait if possible, try to manage it so I would reach orgasm at the same time the women did — assuming, of course, that they were willing to go that far, climax in such an intimate fashion, with their daughters sucking their nipples. Would they do that?

It didn’t seem there would be much resistance. Both moms were feverishly masturbating. I hadn’t told them to and they hadn’t asked permission. It just happened automatically.

I saw Cherise glance back at me. It appeared she might be concerned about skipping a step, but I didn’t care. To hell with the curriculum — I wanted to see the little girls’ mouths on their mothers’ breasts! I nodded at her to continue, and she did.

Addison was already flicking her tongue over Kay’s nipples, going back and forth between her tits, licking one nipple then the other.

“Fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah,” Kay muttered as her fingers worked rapidly between her legs.

Cherise leaned in and licked Danielle’s hard brown nipple.

“GOD!!” the woman exclaimed, her body shaking.

So that issue was resolved, halfway at least. Danielle climaxed with Cherise licking her nipple. The girl hadn’t even started sucking yet.

I hadn’t come yet either, and I was glad about that. I really wanted to see everything, see as much of this as I could before an orgasm overwhelmed me.

“Suck my nipple, baby,” Kay suddenly hissed to her daughter. “Suck it!”

Another step would be skipped — no flattened tongue circling the nipple, just sucking right away — and that was fine with me.

Addison curled up next to her mom. Smiling, looking as happy as I had ever seen the girl, she ran her tongue one time around the engorged pink nipple, then took the breast in her mouth.

Kay didn’t climax immediately. Perhaps she wanted to put it off, as I was attempting, so she could enjoy the delicious sensations a little longer. I’ve never had a child, and I doubt I ever will, but I do love having my nipples sucked by a pretty girl. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be if that girl was your own beautiful daughter.

At any rate, Kay was petting Addison’s hair, cooing to the child. She was still masturbating, and breathing hard, though her fingers were not moving quite as fast as before.

Meanwhile, Cherise had crawled onto her mother’s lap. Danielle had an arm around the girl, and with the other hand was cupping a breast, raising it, offering the erect nipple to her daughter.

I watched as Cherise looked up into Danielle’s eyes. They gazed at one another for a moment, then the woman bent down, tenderly kissing the child’s lips.

“Go ahead, sweetheart,” Danielle whispered.

Cherise giggled, squirming with excitement like a kid at Christmas. Then she took the offered nipple, closing her lips over it, and began to suck. Danielle groaned, and the hand that had been holding her breast went back between her legs, rubbing her clit.

“So nice,” I murmured to myself, “so nice.”

I had a finger deep inside my cunt, slowly moving in and out. My other hand was on my chest, squeezing my tits, pulling and twisting the nipples. I was getting close, almost on the edge, nearly there. But still I wanted to wait, hoping to see two more things…

First, would Kay allow herself to reach climax as Danielle had done? Or did she perhaps think that would be taboo, going a little too far? Second, would the girls do even more, maybe do what I’d fantasized about, sliding their hands down to touch their mother’s pussies? That would be so amazing to see!

The first question was soon answered.

Although Kay had briefly seemed to slow things down a bit, she was quickly heating up again. I could see her whole body trembling with arousal. Her cheeks were flushed, face shiny with sweat, fingers moving faster now between her legs.

Then I heard her say the exact same thing she’d said to me only a few hours earlier. “That’s right, suck Mommy’s nipple, baby girl. Make Mommy come!”

Addison opened her eyes. Without releasing the tit from her mouth, she turned her head slightly and looked up at her mother.

“Uh-huh,” Kay nodded to her. “Make Mommy come, little girl. Make Mommy come!”

The child grinned. I could actually see Kay’s fat pink nipple inside Addison’s mouth, held between her teeth, before she resumed her eager sucking.

I was rubbing myself faster too, no longer avoiding my clit but squeezing it with my juicy, slippery fingers, feeling that wonderful surge from within, the thrilling rise of an impending climax.

“Goddamn yes!” said Kay. “Make me come, little baby! Mommy wants to come while you suck her fucking nipple!!”

And with these thrillingly dirty words, the woman soared over the top, gasping and shuddering.

I came with her, and in the moment before I was forced to shut my eyes, I saw Danielle reach climax again as well. She groaned and shook, one hand clamped between her legs, the other clutching Cherise’s head, pulling her little girl’s face against her breast.

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