Lessons Learned, Chapter 1

  • Posted on October 2, 2017 at 10:45 am

By Amanda Lynn

“So, as we saw from the video, King Tutankhamun or King Tut if you will, was an Egyptian Pharaoh who reigned from 1332 to 1323 BC during the 18th dynasty…”

Jessica followed the movements of her teacher as she crossed the distance from her desk to the chalkboard. The class had just finished watching a short film on the ‘Boy King’ and now their history teacher was preparing to scribble notes on the blackboard.

Thirty-year-old Jill Lessel, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, trim and fit, usually caught the attention of the teenage boys in her class. The clothes she wore, be it a simple skirt and blouse or a stylish pantsuit, were always school appropriate yet still complimented her figure and made her look sexy.

The boys weren’t the only ones who ogled her body as she moved about the front of the class. Fifteen-year-old Jessica Taylor also had succumbed to her beauty while in her presence. The difference between her and the boys, though, was that her thoughts were of sweet, gentle, romantic liaisons with her teacher, not the disgusting porn movie fuck scenes that the boys imagined.

Jessica smiled when Ms. Lessel began to write on the board. Not because of the notes she would have to take down, but because the sexy woman was wearing a snug pair of slacks. Jessica liked it when she wore slacks, simple because when she wrote on the board her perfect ass would wiggle, and the pants made it that much more erotic. Well, at least to Jessica it did.

“Who can tell me in which Kingdom Tut reigned?” Ms. Lessel asked the class.

“The Egyptian Kingdom,” someone called out near the back of the room, causing the other students to break into laughter.

Jill looked at the class. Corner of her mouth raised and brow furrowed. Damn, she looked so cute. “No, Steven. Not the Egyptian Kingdom. Let me rephrase the question. In which period of Egyptian history did King Tut reign?”

Jessica knew the answer. Her eyes might be focused on Ms. Lessel’s legs or butt or perfect smile during her classes, but she still absorbed all of what the woman taught. Maybe to impress her, but also because she enjoyed the subject matter, Jessica used to put her hand up to answer all the time — then often would be rewarded with teasing calls of teacher’s pet or brainiac or some similar taunt.

Jill looked around the room for several moments. When no one raised their hand, she looked at Jessica. “Jess, can you help the class out?”

Jessica cringed, waiting for a snide remark from someone. When none seemed to be forthcoming she replied in a timid voice, her eyes meeting Ms. Lessel’s, “The New Kingdom.”

“Correct. Nice to see someone was paying attention,” Jill said as she lightly touched Jessica’s shoulder before turning and walking back to the front of the class.

Jessica shuddered. The touch had been electric. A little thrill of excitement had shot through her, right down to her core. She suppressed her moan thinking just how much she wanted Ms. Lessel to touch her again, to touch her all over.

Absently she scissored her legs and squeezed them together as she felt the heat rise in her face. She looked up at Ms. Lessel, and found she was looking back with a strange grin on her face. Her eyes seemed to sparkle just then. Oh, god. Did she see what I did? Jessica thought. Her face reddened even more.

For the rest of the class, she couldn’t look at Ms. Lessel’s face for fear of further embarrassment. She watched the board, or her notebook, or her teacher’s legs, her long gorgeous legs. Finally, the buzzer rang and Jessica, along with the rest of the class, scrambled from their seats.

“Don’t forget,” Jill called out. “Quiz tomorrow. Chapters five through seven.”

She was answered with grunts and groans and muffled curses. Jessica wasn’t worried, she would ace it. She always did. Jessica gave Ms. Lessel a quick look and a meek smile as she passed her desk on the way to the door.

“See you tomorrow, Jess. Have a pleasant evening.” Jill said in what seemed to Jessica to be a flirtatious voice.

“Bye,” was all she could manage to say as she hurried out the door. Well, it had been more of a squeak really, and her face burned once more.

Her head was spinning. Was Ms. Lessel flirting with her? Was that possible? No. She’d imagined it. She had to have, right? Regardless, her sex was wide awake to the possibility, and it wanted attention now.

“What was that all about?” A voice to her right said.

Jessica jumped at the sound, almost dropping the books she was carrying.

“Shit, Sam, you scared me!” She frowned at her friend Samantha, Sam for short. “What did you say?”

“I asked you what that was all about?”

“What was what all about?” Jessica asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Jess, please,” Sam giggled. “You turned fifty shades of horny when she touched you.”

Jessica gave her a dirty look, and once again she felt the all too familiar heat in her face. Damn it to hell! She cursed herself.

“Exactly like that.” Sam pointed at her.

“It’ll never happen, you know,” she added after they’d walked a few feet down the hall.

“What won’t?” Jessica played dumb, hoping Sam would drop it.

“You and Ms. Lessel, dumb ass,” Sam teased. “She’s twice your age and she’s your teacher, for fuck sake. The only thing that would happen is heartbreak and humiliation for you, and prison for her,” her friend finished in a more serious tone.

Jessica stopped and studied Sam’s face. She was right. Jessica was just kidding herself if she thought anything good could come out of a relationship with Ms. Lessel. Actually, she didn’t know if Ms. Lessel was at all interested in her or even if she was interested in girls. But that wasn’t going to change the way Jessica felt when she was in Ms. Lessel’s classroom.

She sighed. “I know… but you have to admit she’s so gorgeous,” Jessica said as a smile returned to her face.

Sam groaned, rolling her eyes. “Yes Jess, she’s gorgeous. Now would you please forget about anything ever happening between you two?”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll keep my fantasies of her to my bedroom,” Jessica said with a sly grin.

“Fuck, Jess,” Sam replied with a chuckle, “I don’t need to know that!”

The buzzer rang, and the two girls headed into their next class.


When Jessica arrived home after school, she found the front door locked as she knew it would be. Her parents were at work, and she didn’t expect them home for a couple of hours yet. Unlocking the door, she headed inside and secured it behind her. There were a few household chores that she was expected to do before her parents got home, but they were quick and simple tasks, so she knew she had time to take care of the ache that was between her legs first.

Heading upstairs to her bedroom she quickly pulled off her jeans and shirt. Jessica stood in front of the mirror and removed her bra and panties. She looked at her reflection and cupped her breasts. They were small and capped with pink nipples that were now rapidly stiffening at the playful touch of her fingers.

Her belly was flat and her legs strong, thanks mostly to the soccer and floor hockey teams she was on. Sam had been right. She had been all sorts of horny in history class, and it didn’t seem to have gone away. She had seen Ms. Lessel in the hall a couple of times after her history class, and she could have sworn she had seen her lick her lips as they passed.

Jessica moaned as she pushed her hand down through her trimmed bush and onto her sex. She was wet, no, she was soaked. She watched herself slide a finger through the slick folds of her labia only to have it disappear from sight as it plunged into her core. She twitched and grunted. Spreading her legs a little more, she pulled the finger out and brought it to her mouth. Slowly she sucked it clean, watching herself in the mirror.

“You’re such a dirty girl,” she said to her reflection. The reflection winked and gave her a naughty smile.

Moving to the side of her bed, Jessica sat down. Opening the bottom drawer of her nightstand, she reached into the back and from under some clutter pulled out a battery-powered toothbrush. Sam had told her about this trick during a sleepover a few months ago when their conversation had turned to masturbation and sex toys.

She set the toothbrush on the nightstand, then stretched out on the bed, her head on the pillow. Jessica pinched at her nipples, twisting and pulling them. She sighed contentedly while images of her sexy history teacher played in her mind. Jessica pictured Ms. Lessel, Jill, in class at the chalkboard, her cute ass wiggling as she wrote.

She imagined Jill turning to face her, the only person in the class, and then slowly unbutton her blouse and push it off her shoulders.

Jessica moaned and moved one hand to her belly. She could feel the warmth of her skin as she caressed herself.

In her imagination, Jill had removed her pants and stood there, only feet from Jessica, in saucy red lingerie. She stared at Jessica with smoldering eyes as she licked her lips.

Jessica was beginning to pant, and she felt the heat in her face, across her chest, and between her legs. Her hand moved to her clit. It was swollen, and throbbed under her touch. She rubbed it with her finger in small, slow circles. She twitched and quivered while deep inside she felt the stirring of a developing storm.

Jill was beside her, in her mind’s eye, bent slightly at the waist and stroking her face with the back of her hand.

Jessica pushed her fingers through her silky-smooth folds and played with her lips, pulling at them, before slipping two fingers into her core. Pushing in as deep as she could, she pulled back only to drive her fingers in again. Jessica groaned and bucked as she fucked herself, the tempest in her belly growing stronger.

In her fantasy, Jessica was now naked and standing in front of her hot sexy teacher. Jill was touching her, fingering Jessica’s soaked cunt.

Jessica fumbled for her toothbrush. As soon as she found it, she turned it on and touched its smooth head to her hypersensitive clit. She bucked and sucked in sharply at the contact. Jessica held the vibrating head in place as the jolts of electricity flashed along every nerve in her body. She was breathing hard, gasping for air. Her bedroom was filled with the buzz of her makeshift vibrator along with her moans and curses as she approached orgasm.

Jill was now fingering her feverishly in her imagination, talking dirty and nibbling her ear.

“Fuck me, Jill! Fuck me!” Jessica screamed as the orgasm tore through her. She stiffened and arched her back off the bed. Jessica shook and twitched as she was swept away by the sweet ecstasy that washed over her.

The girl lay still with her eyes closed as the last of the aftershocks faded away. When her breathing returned to normal, she reached for the toothbrush that lay buzzing somewhere beside her. It had rolled under her leg after she dropped it during her orgasm.

“Oh, Jill,’’ she murmured softly.

She was doomed, she told herself, to spend the rest of her school days creaming her jeans every time she was near Ms. Lessel. She could look but never touch. Maybe she could live with that. Hell, it was only another three years until she finished high school. Jessica groaned at the idea and forced herself to get up. A quick shower, then chores and homework.


“So? How was it?” Sam asked mischievously, plopping down on the seat beside Jessica.

Jessica looked at her friend as the school bus lurched away from the curb. “How was what?”

“The Lessel-flavored orgasm I just know you had yesterday,” she said as she poked her in the ribs.

Jessica flinched. “Absolutely awesome. Do you want the details?” she shot back with a grin.

“Hell no!” Sam laughed.

For the rest of the ride to school, they chatted and carried on. When the bus stopped in front of the school, they got off and headed inside to their lockers.

“Double history today, Jess. Are you going to be able to control yourself that long?” Sam goaded her friend after she looked at the schedule that was taped to the inside of her locker door.

“Well, if I can’t, you can relieve that itch for me.” Jessica waggled her eyebrows at Sam as she took the books she needed and closed her locker.

“You should only be so lucky,” Sam snorted.

“This from the straight chick,” Jessica laughed.

Jessica was glad that the double history periods were divided by their lunch break. She wasn’t sure if she could last a full eighty minutes in the same room as Ms. Lessel. Jessica was already in her seat, and smiled when her teacher entered the room.

Jill was wearing a tight sweater that emphasized her small, perfectly shaped breasts and a skirt that showed off her sexy legs. Jessica sighed softly and felt the heat in her groin grow. It’s going to be a long class, she thought. Thankfully she had a quiz to focus on for most of this period.

“Deep breaths, tiger. You can do this,” Sam whispered with a giggle from her seat in the row next to hers.

“Bite me.”

“Good morning all. Let’s get the painful part over with first, shall we? Everything off your desks, save a pen or pencil and eraser,” Jill said. Once she was satisfied that everyone was ready, she handed out the test papers.

As Jessica had expected, the quiz was a no-brainer for anyone who had bothered to read the chapters. She knew she had aced it and she could have handed in the paper and left the room, as was the standard practice when tests and quizzes were being taken. Instead, she opted to review her answers several times. Well, she gave the appearance of doing that. In reality, it was just an excuse to stay in the classroom a little longer and steal more glances of her oh so sexy teacher.

Ms. Lessel was sitting at her desk at the front of the class, busy working on a small stack of papers that lay in front of her. Jessica took the opportunity to look down at the large opening in the front of the desk and to Ms. Lessel’s long legs. They were crossed at the ankle and gently angled away from her chair. Jessica’s view was partially blocked by the desk, and she could only clearly see Ms. Lessel’s knees, calves, and feet, but that was okay. She traced the lines of her legs up and down, admiring everything about them.

Naughty thoughts were beginning to form in her mind. Her lips were dry, and she licked them. As she watched, Ms. Lessel uncrossed and then slowly spread her legs apart, wide. Jessica swallowed, cursing the desk for blocking her view. But then a bolt of fear shot through her. How long had she been staring? Was it a coincidence, or did the teacher spread her legs on purpose, for her?

She glanced up at Ms. Lessel and their eyes met. Jill was staring back at her, with that strange smile on her face again, the one that Jessica couldn’t quite read.

Jessica found herself frozen, unable to draw her eyes away from her teacher’s. Could she read what was on her mind? Was the expression on her face betraying what she felt inside? Her heart was pounding in her chest, and she could feel the heat rising. Jessica felt nervous, excited, even a bit scared. She could feel the arousal oozing from her.

She smiled meekly, then tore her gaze away from Ms. Lessel’s brilliant blue eyes and focused on the quiz paper in front of her. Jessica took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. When she was ready, she collected her books and stood up, but had to place a hand on her desk as her legs wobbled for a second. She approached Ms. Lessel’s desk, trying to avoid eye contact, and gave her the completed quiz.

“Thanks, Jess. See you next period,” Jill said sweetly.

Not trusting her voice, Jessica just nodded. She wanted to run from the room and scream. She was so incredibly turned on right now. Jessica turned and headed for the door, each step an effort, and it seemed as if the door was moving farther away with every step she took. Finally, the doorknob was in her hand, and she yanked the door open and stepped into the hall.

Jessica leaned with her back against the wall. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Get a grip on yourself, Jess. In control once again, she dropped her books off at her locker and headed for the bathroom.

Seated on a toilet, she relieved her bladder and wiped herself. Her clit was still begging for attention, and it reminded her of that when she brushed against it while wiping. She would just have to ignore that until she got home… or would she? Sitting in the silence of the bathroom, she looked at her watch and saw that she had about 15 minutes before the buzzer rang for lunch. Do I dare? Jessica giggled.

She hesitated briefly, then wet two fingers with her mouth, touched them to her sex, and began to rub. A soft moan escaped her as she increased the tempo of her moving fingers. Jessica was breathing harder now, and the pressure was building deep inside. Leaning back against the toilet tank, she spread her legs the best she could, her surroundings faded away.

It was getting closer and closer. Jolts of pleasure were racing up and down her spine. The thrill of getting off in the girls’ room and the possibility of getting caught only added to the excitement. Only a few wonderful minutes later it took her. Jessica had to bite down on her fist to keep from screaming. She jerked and twitched and whimpered as the orgasm washed over her.

As the exquisite pleasure faded away, she waited until her breathing slowed. Wiping herself again, she stood, pulled up her pants and flushed. Jessica jumped when she opened the door to the stall. Leaning against the counter, ankles crossed and arms folded across her chest, Sam was looking at her with an eyebrow raised and a wide grin on her face.

“Damn, girl! Couldn’t you wait until after school?” she said with a giggle.

“How long… how much… I mean…” Jessica stammered. She was a bit embarrassed that she had been caught, but it also sent a little wave of excitement through her.

“Enough. Maybe next time you should lock the door.” Sam pointed at the deadbolt lock. “But hey, don’t sweat it. You’re not the first girl to Jill off.” Sam chuckled, “See what I did there? Jill off? You know, Jill…”

“I get it. Very funny,” Jess snorted. “And just how do you know that other girls are doing it too?”

“Same way I know you were. Now, come on, it’s almost lunch time, but wash your hands first. You smell like pussy.”

Jessica gave Sam a playful punch to the shoulder, then washed her hands before they left the bathroom. As they stepped into the hall, the buzzer sounded, and the once empty corridor was soon filled with a multitude of students heading for their lockers, the cafeteria, or outside.

After they finished lunch, Jessica and Samantha made their way back to the classroom for their second history period. They were early, and they passed the time with idle chit-chat.

“By the way,” Sam said. “I won’t be able to go to the dance Friday night.”

“Oh? How come?” Jessica asked, feeling a bit disappointed. She wanted to go, but only if Sam was going. It wasn’t like she wouldn’t have a good time or anything. It just would have been more fun with her best friend there.

“Davy’s birthday. Mom wants the family to go for supper and then a movie.”

“Oh, well. There’s always the next dance I guess,” Jess said with a sigh.

“Nothing’s stopping you from going,” Sam said, sensing her friend’s disappointment.

“Yeah, I know. But it’s just not the same.”

Sam chuckled, “Just think. Without me there, some pretty girl might take pity and you could get lucky. Maybe even Becky Wilson.” Sam leaned in to whisper the name of the school’s prissy head cheerleader.

Jessica shot her a dirty look. “I wouldn’t give that arrogant bitch, or the rest of the airhead cheerleaders, the time of day!” she growled.

Sam laughed out loud. “Relax Jess, I was kidding.”

“Fine. Besides, what makes you think I need a pity fuck anyway?” Jessica questioned her friend with a hushed voice.

“Really, Jess? Do I need remind you of the bathroom?”

Before she had a chance to respond, Jill entered the room, her arms full of books and papers. Somehow, she also managed to carry a cup of coffee. When she reached her desk, it quickly became apparent that she couldn’t unload her arms without either spilling the coffee or dropping the papers she was carrying.

After a couple of aborted attempts, she looked over at Jessica. “Jess, would you be a dear and give me a hand here?”

Jessica swallowed hard. Snap out of it you silly twit. You can do this, she said to herself.

“Go on, Jess. Your damsel in distress awaits,” Sam whispered.

She looked over at Sam and shot her a dirty look, then got up and made her way to the desk. Jessica just stood there not quite knowing what she should do.

“If you could take my coffee for me, that would be great. Careful, it’s hot.”

“Huh? Coffee, of course,” she stammered then reached for the cup. For just a moment their fingers touched as she eased the cup from her teacher’s hand. Jessica willed herself to keep from shaking as she lowered the steaming cup of coffee to the desk.

After Jill set the pile of books and paper safely on the desk, she looked up and smiled at Jessica. Again, their eyes met, and Jessica felt the butterflies take flight in her stomach. Then she felt Ms. Lessel’s hand touch hers. Her thumb gently caressed Jessica’s knuckles and time seemed to stop.

“Thanks, sweetie. You’re a lifesaver,” Jill said in a low voice that sounded all too seductive to Jessica.

Jessica just stood there staring into the woman’s eyes. She knew she should say something but words wouldn’t come. She was completely lost in the moment.

“Jessica? Are you okay?” Jill asked.

Hearing her name, she was brought back to the here and now. “Huh? Yeah. Sorry. Umm… you’re welcome.” She gave Ms. Lessel a smile then headed back to her desk feeling like a fool. You idiot! she thought to herself.

As she sat, the buzzer sounded, and the rest of her classmates wandered in and took their seats. Ms. Lessel instructed the class to read the next couple of chapters while she finished marking the quizzes, then they would go over them together.

Jessica looked at the words on the pages of her textbook, but she didn’t see them. She was thinking about their fingers touching around the coffee cup, about her thumb caressing Jessica’s hand. Was the woman flirting with her or not? Did she dare hope?

Her daydream was interrupted by a test paper being placed on the book in front of her. A large 100% and a smiley face in red ink topped the first page.

“Good job, Jess,” Jill said before she moved down the aisle.

When Jessica turned the page of the test paper, her eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. In the center of the page, on a yellow sticky, she saw a handwritten note. Hope to see you at the dance, it read, and was signed with a single capital J and a little heart and smiley face.

Jessica quickly pulled the note off the page and shoved it in her pocket, hoping Sam hadn’t noticed. Ms. Lessel passed by her again, and Jessica stiffened as she felt fingertips subtly brush against her arm.

For the rest of the class, Jessica just watched dreamily as Ms. Lessel reviewed the quiz. When the buzzer sounded, she didn’t make any effort to move and was rewarded with a swat to the back of her shoulder.

“Come on, Jess. Get your head out of the clouds,” Sam coaxed.

Jessica grunted then gathered her stuff. She returned the smile that Ms. Lessel gave her as she followed Sam out of the room.

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    love the possibilities! great so far!!!

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    Do the girls speak that way to each other, at that age?? Wow. lol

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    Amanda Lynn, you nailed it, again, I love your stories, and yes, especially at that age teenagers talk to each other that way, Provita. 😉

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    Good story about the yearnings of a young girl for a beautiful teacher, and well told.

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    I can’t wait for the next chapter!!

    And, yes, Provita, teen girls do talk to each other like that if they know each other well. We are just as aware our friends masturbate as boys are, I suppose. And by the time we are fifteen, we know every one of the girls in school masturbates (unless they are total prudes). And today, masturbation is a more open topic than it was before the internet and having porn available in every home. I was fortunate to be just of the age that I more or less went through my teen years with the internet. My parents had NO CLUE what I was entertaining myself with back then!!

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    Thank-you everyone for your comments. I’m glad that you are enjoying my story.

    Cheryl, When I went through my teen years, the internet didn’t exist yet. So, I had to settle for novels with steamy sex scenes or, if I was very lucky, an issue of Playboy that had been carelessly discarded. Usually, though I relied on my imagination.

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    Missed this first time around. Pity.


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    YES is the answer to the “is my teacher flirting with me” question lol. Most of us guys were clueless at that age, not knowing how mature and aroused a preteen could be. If only….day dreaming again. LOVE the story!!

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