Sisters in Love

  • Posted on June 12, 2017 at 12:06 pm

Byย Cheryl Taggert

NOTE: ย The following early story of mine was originally published at the now-defunct Sisters in Love website. I was given my own author page at that site by the SiL owner, and that was where many of my stories had resided, even those published elsewhere, such as at Nifty and Lesbian Lolita.

As many of you know, the owner of the SiL site eventually found religion and abandoned the site, putting in its place an exhortation to find God. I suppose this fact is evidence of how much religion can change a person. She had been consumed with fantasies about sisters having sex together since she was a teenager and watched two sisters kissing, or at least that was the story she told me, and I had, nor do I have, any reason to doubt her.

To my knowledge, this is the only story I published at SiL that did not appear anywhere else, and since I had kept no personal archives, I considered it lost in cyberspace forever. Then we discovered that someone out there had made electronic copies of the stories prior to the site’s dismantling. This led to our Other Sitesย archive, and JetBoy explained in a recent blog article how that developed. This story, however, is being published once again at the main Juicy Secrets site because, after all, I am both the author of this piece and part-owner of this website.

There was an original foreword to this story at the SiL site, but I won’t place it here since if you are reading this, you know what kind of imagination I have, along with the topic of my favorite fantasies. I spent most of that foreword defending the subject matter that permeates my stories. However, I did laugh at one thing: I used a pseudonym for Lisa’s sister, Rachel, since back then she had not given me permission to use her real name, not to mention she was still under eighteen at that time. As I’ve said – times, they do change!

So, here is the newly polished, long-lost story, which I have re-titled in honor of the dead website to pay homage to what once was a very stimulating repository for wonderful, lesbian-themed, incest-related erotica. And no, I did not know Lisa when I was sixteen years old. This entire story is pure fiction.

It is true that I am a lesbian. I admitted it long ago and recently found myself wondering what it would be like to enjoy sex with those whom I loved the most, my younger sisters, especially Tammy, the older of the two. It wasn’t until I was sixteen and had experienced touching and mutual masturbation with a friend, Lisa, that I found out how wonderful such an existence could be.

I was intrigued by the possibilities with my sisters, but a bit disconcerted by the label that surely accompanied such an act. Incest. It was such a taboo word. Ugly. Like rape or abuse and, in certain circles, lesbianism. But somehow these words just didn’t fit my image of what occupied my mind regarding my sisters. For one thing, I wasn’t wanting to control anyone or force anyone to do anything. Nor was I feeling that anything I could do would be categorized as abusive. My sisters, Tammy and Jenny, were very close to me. We had always been close, and even when I wanted to, I couldn’t control them or get them to do anything they didn’t want to do. In fact Jenny, the youngest, was the most stubborn of the three of us. So the very idea that I could “abuse” them was ridiculous. We loved each other. As it turns out, we loved each other in a way most people would find distasteful at best. But we are happy.

Trust me. If we ever did have any kind of erotic play, it wouldn’t be abusive. Loving, yes. Abusive? No way.

Perhaps I should explain how it came to be that we developed from loving sisters to LOVING sisters.

It was about ten years ago that it happened, when I was sixteen. I had been thinking these thoughts for a couple of months when the fantasy became a reality. And as it happened, I was not the one to begin the seduction. It was Tammy and Jenny who made the first moves. Since I am the oldest, how could that be abusive?

It all began when I was taking a bath and Tammy, who was fourteen at the time, entered the bathroom the three of us shared.

I was lying in the tub, enjoying the down time and the thoughts that were strolling through my mind. It wasn’t that I was horny exactly. I was just feeling, well, erotic. The warm water enveloped my body as I began to remember the time with my friend Lisa the night before. She had spent the night with me and we had fooled around, fingering each other and moving on to hump each other’s leg to orgasm, our usual method of mutual masturbation, but nothing more. Never anything more, it seemed. I was lying there in the water and wondering what it would be like to taste a girl. At that fateful moment, Tammy entered the bathroom. She needed to pee and couldn’t wait. Since we all three shared the one bathroom, I was used to this intrusion. Dropping her shorts and panties, Tammy sat on the toilet and began to talk while the sound of her pee splashed against the side of the bowl.

“Is Lisa gone home?” she asked.

“Yeah. She left about fifteen minutes ago. Why?”

“Just wondering,” she said, smiling slyly. I was immediately suspicious. I had seen that smile before. It meant Tammy knew something she wasn’t willing to tell, at least not without prodding. At fourteen, she could be a pest that way.

“What does that mean?” I asked, soaping my boobs. I noticed her eyes watching the movement of my bare hands as they soaped my larger titties.

“Oh, nothing,” said Tammy. The smile was still there, and as her older sister I worried that she may have something on me. Usually, when she said, “Oh, nothing,” she actually meant, “really something.”

“What do you know that you aren’t saying?”

“Oh, let’s just say I peeked into your room last night, and you weren’t exactly sleeping.”

It was obvious. She had seen me and Lisa together. There was obviously no reason to try to deny what had happened, her look said it all. I was caught.

“Are you going to tell?” I asked, suddenly afraid that she was setting up blackmail of her older sister.

“Maybe, maybe not.”

My little sister, true to form, was being enigmatic. I persisted.

“And what is THAT supposed to mean?”

“Well, it depends.”

“On what?” I asked, expecting something like I have to clean her room or do some other chores normally reserved for her.

“On if you’ll tell me about it or not.”

Now I understood. Tammy was curious and perhaps wanted to try it. I was not surprised really. She is, after all, my sister, and I was the girl incapable of going a day without a thousand sexual thoughts.

“Is that all? You just want me to tell you about it?”

“Well…. yeah.” She was hesitant to admit she was wanting to try it, but she was always the transparent sister. She couldn’t hide her thoughts if her life depended on it.

I realized she was still sitting on the toilet with her panties down below her knees. Her legs were spread, and I could see her downy slit, covered in her sparse, almost invisible, light blond hair. I looked up and noticed that her little nipples were beginning to show themselves through her cotton tee-shirt since she wasn’t wearing a bra. My God, she’s horny, I thought to myself. I felt myself getting warmer… everywhere.

“Well,” I began. “If I do tell you, you have to promise never to tell.”

At this point she would have promised anything. “Okay, I won’t tell Mom or Dad. I promise.”

I realized the omission. “What about Jenny? You can’t tell her either.”

“Too late. She saw you and Lisa too.” Her smile was enough to make me realize I’d been had.

Now I WAS nervous. Jenny, being only twelve at the time, would be harder to convince not to tattle. It occurred to me she may have already done so. Tammy read my thoughts. “She hasn’t told. I convinced her not to.”

“How’d you do that?”

“I told her I’d get you to tell us all about it.”

This was new. “US?”

“Yeah. If you’ll include her in your little story time, she won’t tell either.”

I was suddenly getting very horny despite my nervousness. This was sort of my own fantasy coming true. My sisters seemed to be willing to become involved in my sexual life. Could this be leading to even more? I was curious to discover if it would. I didn’t want to “seduce” my sisters, but they seemed to be trying to seduce me. I swallowed hard and felt the lump in my throat subside just a bit.

“Where is she?”

“In our room. She’s waiting to hear from me.”

“Are Mom and Dad gone yet?” My parents had been getting ready for work when I had started my bath. We were home for the summer vacation.

“Yes,” said my younger sister, grinning in the knowledge that she and Jenny had succeeded in their little “plan” for hearing how I got started with girl-girl sex. The house was ours since we were alone.

I made my decision. Not a difficult one to be sure, and I understood that it had been made the moment she had asked me to tell them about my night with Lisa. “Call her.”

“Jenny!” Tammy called out.

“Yeah?” we heard Jenny answer.

“Get your ass in here! She’s gonna tell us.”

I warmed the bath with more hot water while we waited for little Jenny to enter our mutual bathroom as well as what would become our mutual secret.

“Really?” Jenny asked when she had entered. She looked over at Tammy sitting on the toilet with her panties down around her ankles then at me in the bath. She had seen both of us naked before, plenty of times really, but there was something decidedly different about the way she was looking at us now. It was the same way Tammy had been looking at me since she had entered the bathroom. Now I realized what that difference was. They were both horny and were noticing me for the first time… noticing me sexually. I could feel the moisture between my legs increase. This could definitely be fun, I decided.

I took a deep breath and spoke up. “Okay. I will tell you everything, but ONLY if you don’t tell Mom or Dad — EVER!!!”

Jenny grinned. There was excitement in her eyes. “I promise.”

“First, tell me how you caught me.”

Tammy responded, telling how it happened that my most private moments were discovered. “I heard some moaning when I went past the door to your bedroom. I knew right away what was happening. I listened at the door for a couple of minutes and finally eased it open just a crack. By that time Jenny had seen what I was doing and had joined me. We watched you two humping each other. We saw you shudder really hard, and I took Jenny back to our room and explained that you had had an orgasm. She knows what they are, but she hasn’t had one yet.”

“Are you sure Mom and Dad didn’t notice what was happening?” I was still nervous that they might know something, especially since my sisters had caught me so easily. How difficult would it be for my parents to have heard?

“No. They were already in bed. I think they were fucking in fact,” said Jenny, a gleam in her eye at her use of the forbidden word.

I looked at my sisters. Both of them were staring at me, waiting for the details. Jenny was still in her pj’s.

Tammy was still in a tee shirt and her panties. Well barely, since those were gathered in a heap around her ankles.

“Okay, Lisa and I have been lovers for a couple of months now. We were talking about sex one night and Lisa asked if I ever masturbated when I was horny. We both admitted we did. Then the next thing you know, we were masturbating ourselves. No touching of each other at first. Just doing ourselves. Soon, one of her hands eased over and touched my thigh, up near my pussy. The feeling was fantastic. It was so different from touching myself. Even though she was just touching my leg, the touch was electric. I enjoyed that feeling, and decided she probably wouldn’t mind if I touched her thigh too. So I did. Her moans increased when I did that. We were lying side-by-side and her hand began to inch upwards towards my pussy. I was rubbing my clit and I could feel my skin responding to her touch. Soon her hand was at the crook where my leg and pussy meet. I was sure she could feel my pubic hair. I did the same, moving my hand to the same area on her. She squeezed the area there; I did the same. On we went, me copying her movements. Then she just turned and we dropped all pretense. We were hot for each other. Our hands sought out each other’s pussy. We began finger-fucking each other, lying close together, and we began kissing too. Soon, we began to hump each other’s thighs. Now that is our favorite way to do each other.”

“Have you ever….” Tammy began slowly, not sure how to say what was on her mind. I had been involved in my own story, not really noticing my little sisters. Now I saw that Tammy and Jenny had both been busy. Tammy now had her legs spread and her hand was in her lap, touching herself, not frantically, just enough to keep her pussy simmering. Jenny was rubbing her little pussy through the thin material of her pj’s. I could see through the material enough to notice that she was not wearing panties, but she rarely did for bed unless she was on her period, which had only begun a couple of months ago.

“Have I ever… what?” I asked, thinking I might know the question, but wanting to hear it said.

“…. eaten a pussy before?” Tammy finished, blushing. I decided it was definitely time to try it. Her hand increased its urgency. Jenny was watching Tammy, her eyes moving with the tiny movements of her sister’s hand.

“No,” I answered. “I take it neither of you have ever done anything with another girl?”

My own hand, almost without a thought from me, had begun exploring my throbbing clit. I was slippery wet, and not from the water. I was completely slick from my juices.

Tammy’s eyes followed my hand to its destination. She watched as her breathing increased, matching the gentle rhythms of her own touches. I decided to perform for both my sisters as Jenny turned her attention to me as well. My hand began its trained motions. My index finger entered my soft canal, coating itself with my juices. I leaned back, my left hand joining my right, and I began to masturbate for my little sisters.

I looked over and now Jenny had her pj’s down below her knees just like Tammy’s panties. She was playing with her little clit, which was swollen between her nearly bald, puffy lips. I could see the moisture there and the pinkness of her most private skin. Tammy was beginning to really get busy with her pussy. She had more hair around her cunt than Jenny did, but it was still very sparse. Jenny had a tiny growing patch of soft hair, so thin I could still see the bare skin of her pussy mound beneath it.

The sight of my baby sister’s pussy was too much for my over-sexed brain to handle. I felt my climax start deep inside my pussy and begin to work itself outward to the rest of my body.

I arched my back, and my two sisters watched in amazement as I came in front of them for the second time, but certainly not for the last time in our lives. I moaned and panted out the intensity of it. But it was far from enough. I had decided to taste Tammy’s pussy first, then Jenny’s.

I got up finally and squatted before Tammy’s heavenly, down-covered lips. She was glassy-eyed with her arousal. Jenny left her small chair and positioned herself on the floor to watch. I moved in and glued my lips to my younger sister’s pussy. It tasted wonderful, better than I had imagined in fact. She instantly responded. Her back arched, moving her pussy into my lips. I tongued that hard nub that was usually enfolded within her pussy, but which was now a firm button that was reaching for my tongue and lips. I could feel Jenny’s head hovering. I looked up. She was fascinated, aroused, rubbing her own little pussy. I could hear the squishiness of it. I reached up and kissed her passionately on the lips. She returned the kiss ardently. Her lack of experience was touching, her movements tentative. I stuck out my tongue and she tasted her sister on my mouth. I offered Tammy’s pussy to her. She hesitated for only a second and then plunged her face between Tammy’s thighs just as Tammy moved to the floor, placing her face at my pussy and beginning to lick me. I pulled Jenny to me. Soon we were in a delightful daisy chain. Finally, Tammy came, bucking against Jenny’s cum-smeared face. I then had the pleasure of giving Jenny her first orgasm. She was shocked by the sudden feelings that seemed to slam her body. Finally, I had my second orgasm, my third since the night before, rocking my hips against Tammy’s face.

Finally, we lay back to catch our breath. Then I looked at each of my little sisters.

“I guess you know this changes everything about our relationship?” I said to them.

“Isn’t that great?” Tammy said, smiling.

“I’ll say,” said little Jenny, exhausted and licking her lips to taste her sister’s juices on them.

“I think I agree,” I answered, thinking about the many nights and remaining summer days without our parents home that we would have together, and wondering how long ago we could have started this shared pleasure. “In fact, I know I do.”


Well, that is my story of me and my sisters. We are older now, of course. And we live together as a loving threesome. My parents still don’t suspect anything, thinking we are just together for financial reasons. Roommates. We are more than that, of course. We are lovers. It is a double taboo, being both lesbians and sisters in a loving incestuous relationship. But we don’t care. The world can kiss our asses, for all we care.

In fact, that might even be fun.


15 Comments on Sisters in Love

  1. robt66 says:

    My oh my. Erotic is an understatement.

  2. I remember when I first discovered the Nifty archive, more than ten years ago, and found that there were dozens if not hundreds of stories featuring my FAVORITE kind of taboo erotica — lesbian incest. ๐Ÿ˜€ And very soon I also discovered that there was one author in particular whose stories always drove me wild with lust.

    That author’s name was Cheryl Taggert. I didn’t know Cheryl back then, nor did I realize that she was still so young, nearly as young as the sexy, lusty teenage nymphets in her stories. What I did know is that I longed to be able to write as well as her, and maybe someday find enough courage to publish something I wrote. And now here we are, Cheryl and I working together on our own website, along with my other favorite author from way back when, our beloved ‘big brother’, JetBoy. Isn’t life wonderful?

  3. Cheryl says:

    Naughty Mommy, I remember feeling like that about YOUR writing! Yes, I was rather young when I started with my first story, “The Secret Society of the Pussycats Club.” Only 19. Oh, MY, what I would like to do with my nineteen-year-old self (not to mention my even younger self)!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, I’m approaching middle age, turning 35 this September (YIKES!!), and understanding what everyone meant when they said a woman reaches her sexual peak in her mid-30’s. I used to think that if I hadn’t reached it yet, I would almost certainly be doing my best to have orgasms 24/7. I thought I was just “joking” with myself. And now, here I am… doing my best to have orgasms 24/7!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am so honored to be a part of this website’s management. Working with you and JetBoy is a dream come true. May the dream continue!!

  4. Drod says:

    Very nice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Amanda Lynn says:

    Cheryl dear, I will be 53 on the 17th of this month. Before I found JS I had one or two orgasms a day. Now, thanks to the talented writers here, that number has increased. ๐Ÿ™‚ So don’t take any stock in the ‘sexual peak’ horse shit.

    ps. Loved this story. Needs a sequel.

  6. JetBoy says:

    I adored Cheryl’s story when first encountering it at Sisters in Love, and have had a copy of it in my story collection for ages without even knowing it was hers. Great to have it back again for the world (well, OUR world) to enjoy.

    And yes, working on this site with writers like Cheryl and Naughty Mommy has been a joyous experience from Day One. I know that we three gush a lot about how much we like and appreciate each other, but it’s no hyperbole, folks — this partnership with my virtual sisters is an absolute oasis in troubled times, and I hold them both in the highest, tip-toppest of regards.

    • Cheryl says:

      My, we DO get on well, don’t we?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Nary a cross word. Actually NEVER a cross word. We seem made for each other as far as partnerships of this kind are concerned.

  7. Chris says:

    First I would like to say that I love your site, I check everyday for updates. I love-it when I see that one of you three has posted a new story, or chapter of a story, all three of you are very talented writers. Thirdly, I am sooo glad you “rescued” this story from being “lost.” Keep-up your writing and posting for all of us devoted fans of JS.

    • Cheryl says:

      Wow, Chris! Thank you so much! I was happy to have “found” this story too. I agree that some sequels are in order, but they’ll have to wait. I am actually working on two different stories for the site at once, as well as writing a mainstream novel. (No, I won’t share anything about it, especially if it is published one day. I don’t use my real name here, and even if I use a pen name to publish something in the “real” world of fiction, finding out real names in that arena is fairly easy to do. My true identity here, as well as those of my partners, is as closely guarded as Clark Kent’s identity. In fact, I know nothing more of their true identities than their first names, and even those might be pseudonyms.)

  8. Sally says:

    lovely story Cheryl, I know I keep saying it but this site is the best

    • Cheryl says:

      Thank you, Sally! I wrote this for the Sisters-in-Love site that closed down years ago. It was the only story posted there that I never posted anywhere else. Fortunately, JetBoy had saved it, along with other material from that once-lovely website.

      It could use some “polish” and tightening up (I was much younger and less mature as a writer back then), but it’s still a “stimulating” read. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Ashley says:

    I absolutely love these stories. I just found this website the other day and I wish I had found it sooner. The writers here are amazing and fufill all of these random incestuous lesbian fantasies I’ve had. Reading the comments on this story are interesting because I almost find it adorable that you three go back so far. I don’t think I’ll ever get around to uploading or writing any stories but I hope to eventually read all of the ones posted here. I hope you guys continue to bathe in euphoria and lust as you write and if I may leave a suggestion, something about younger girls discovering themselves and their potential might be nice~

    Best of wishes,

  10. Phil says:

    i love your stories, they are so descriptive and erotic. very glad that you have now a new home. please keep writing.

  11. Jordynles says:

    OMG amazing and please more…..

  12. Don says:

    Hello Cheryl, Thank you for writing such a great and intimate story. I think it was very well written and expressed the inner feelings all women have about their sexual explorings and feelings. Most women repress or feel guilt about their most secret feelings (At least I got that impression from the women I dated and was intimate with during my college days (Many had curiosity, but not willing to explore or act on their curiosity and desires.

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