Shopping with Mom

  • Posted on April 14, 2017 at 2:56 pm

By JetBoy

Sarah stole a glance at her watch as she turned into the entrance road to Crestwood High School, then grimaced. Ten minutes late, damn it. Pulling up to the curb outside the front entrance, she smiled sheepishly at her daughter Cathy, who was seated on the steps.

With an amused roll of her eyes, the pretty sixteen-year-old picked up her satchel, bouncing down the stairs to the car. Opening the door on the passenger side, she dropped into the seat. “What kept you?”

“Sorry, hon,” Sarah sighed. “The cat got out, and I had to coax her out from under the house before I could leave. So, how did your finals go?”

“Okay, I guess… better than I expected, anyhow.”

Sarah patted her daughter’s thigh. “Good girl. Feel like kicking off summer vacation with a trip to the mall?”

Cathy grinned eagerly. “Oh, absolutely.”

It was a twenty minute drive to the Galleria, their town’s largest mall. Sarah pulled into a parking space and turned off the engine.

“Aw-right… let’s shop till we drop!” said Cathy as she opened the car door.

“Just a second, baby,” said Sarah. “It’s so hot… I need to take this damn bra off.”

Cathy watched as Sarah quickly and expertly removed her bra, pulling it from the sleeve of her dress and throwing it into the back seat. She felt a sudden flush of arousal at the thought of her sexy mother wearing nothing beneath her top.

Cathy was secretly bisexual, and had recently surprised herself by drifting into a hot reverie about her mom while masturbating. Alarmed, she tried to thrust the very idea from her mind, but the image persisted — and in the end the teen had given in, picturing herself lying naked with Sarah, kissing and fondling her mother until she exploded in the most intense orgasm.

Since that night, Cathy’s desire to engage in lesbian incest with her mom had blossomed into an obsession. She knew nothing would ever come of it, of course, but it couldn’t stop her from dreaming.

Her tits are awesome, Cathy mused as she emerged from the car, noting the outline of her mother’s nipples through the blouse she wore. Wish I could get a really good look at them…

Suddenly she had a wicked impulse. “Hold on, Mom,” said Cathy as she copied her mom’s actions, slipping out of her own bra just like Sarah had. “Here, catch.”

She tossed it to her mother, who was standing by the open car door. Sarah just managed to snatch the bra from the air before it fell to the ground.

For some strange reason, holding Cathy’s underwear, still warm from the girl’s body, made Sarah feel deliciously wicked — like she and her daughter were doing something they shouldn’t. Quite the pair of bad girls, she thought with a smile.

Dropping the bra inside the car, she locked the door, then walked over to take her daughter’s hand.

“Shall we grab a bite first?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Over the next two hours mother and daughter wandered around the mall, drifting in and out of shops. The whole while, Cathy found herself constantly dwelling on the attraction she felt for her mother.

At one point, Sarah had tried on an elegant blue number that showcased her still-luscious legs to dazzling effect. The sight had Cathy drifting into a fantasy in which she slowly removed the dress from her mother — who happened to be completely nude underneath — then leaned in close to kiss her cunt.

Absently licking her lips, Cathy wondered how her mom’s sex was styled. Were her pubes thick and lush, neatly trimmed or completely shaved away? I don’t even know, she glumly told herself.

As they were leaving Macy’s, a thought flashed into the teen’s mind. I’d never dare to make a move on Mom, not ever… but what if I just tried to get her hot?

The idea appealed to the teen. Of course, it won’t really lead to anything, but just knowing that Mom thinks I’m sexy, that I even turn her on — that alone makes it worth the risk!

Seizing Sarah’s hand, Cathy led her mother to a chic clothing shop that specialized in a more daring line of apparel. “Let’s go here, Mom.”

Soon, Sarah was standing outside the changing room while her daughter tried on a short black dress.

“What do you think, Mom?” asked Cathy as she stepped out of the changing room.

“You look great in that, honey… you like it?”

“I love it!” the teen grinned.

“Good, but I think you’ll need some sexy underwear to match. Try the other dress on and I’ll go and pick some out for you.”

“Okay, thanks.” Cathy said, making her way back into the cubicle. Taking a moment to compose herself, she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. Let’s do this, she decided, unzipping the dress and letting it pool at her feet.

Meanwhile, Sarah wandered through the rails of underwear, selecting a few sheer, skimpy pairs of panties for Cathy to try, as well as a couple of intimate items for herself. Heading back to the changing room, she paused at a rack marked 50% OFF to pick out a summer dress that had caught her eye.

“How’s that other dress, sweetheart?” asked Sarah as she reached the cubicle.

Cathy’s muffled voice replied from inside. “It’s nice, Mom… but I’ve got a problem.”

“What’s wrong?”

“The — damn it! — the zipper’s stuck.”

“Do you need a hand?”


“Shall I come in? Or are you coming out?”

“Mom… get in here!”

Sarah slipped into the cubicle with her daughter. A large mirror covered one wall, and a chair stood in the corner, Cathy’s skirt and blouse resting upon it. Hanging on the wall were several dresses that Cathy had already tried on.

Sarah paused to hang up the dresses she’d selected for herself, then placed the underwear in the chair. Turning to her daughter, she saw that the material of the dress had caught in the zipper. Carefully she unhooked the fabric and slid the zipper down, then helped Cathy remove the dress.

As she knelt beside her nearly naked daughter, Sarah was amazed — and not a little shocked! — to realize that she was becoming aroused. She gazed at the lovely young girl, naked except for a small pair of purple panties that seemed to mold themselves to her vulva.

Then Sarah spied a streak of wetness on the front of Cathy’s panties… and a sharp surge of something unexpected raced through her.

It had been a long time since Sarah had last made love to a woman — a cute teenager about her daughter’s age that she’d picked up in a bar after work. She’d never summoned up the nerve to discuss her sexuality with Cathy, to confess her attraction to other women.

Now Sarah’s daughter was all but nude and standing before her, looking incredibly desirable.

Jesus Christ, Sarah thought, suddenly uneasy. What the hell am I thinking?

This was bad, really bad. She couldn’t let herself feel arousal at the sight of her own daughter — as if Cathy was some young hottie she’d just met at the bar!

Cathy’s pulse raced as she studied her mother’s face, stunned by what she’d briefly glimpsed there. Holy shit, she told herself, it worked, it really did! Mom’s turned on!

It seemed ridiculous, as if she was hallucinating. But Cathy knew sexual heat when she encountered it, no matter how subtly that feeling made itself known. My mother is looking at me while I’m practically naked — and it’s getting her excited. So what happens now? Have I got the nerve to make the first move…?

Shaking herself, trying to clear the lustful thoughts that were filling her mind, Sarah slowly rose to her feet, noticing that Cathy was watching her with deep penetrating eyes.

“I — I brought some underwear for you t-to look at,” Sarah stammered.

“Thanks, Mom. What about you — are you going to try on those dresses?” asked Cathy, pointing at the garments that Sarah had brought along with her.

“I thought I would,” Sarah murmured, suddenly unsure of what to do with her hands.

“Here, let me help.” Cathy’s cunt was throbbing at the possibility of seeing her mother nude. “Turn around — I’ll unzip you.” She swallowed, tried to calm her pounding heart.

Sarah shivered as Cathy unzipped her dress, the teen’s fingers gliding down her spine. God, was Cathy actually undressing her? She was giddy, feeling a sudden an impulse to lose control, make something dangerous happen.

As the dress fell to the floor, Cathy gaped at her mom’s buttocks, left all but completely bare by the tiny thong Sarah wore.

It was too much for her to resist. Feeling as though she was waltzing in space, Cathy stepped closer, slipping both arms around the older woman’s waist. “I love you, Mom,” she breathed, kissing her mother’s bare shoulder.

“I love you too, honey,” Sarah whispered, thrilled beyond belief by the touch of her daughter’s skin. She watched the moment unfold in the mirror – her naked body, Cathy’s arms enfolding it, hands sliding upward to cup Sarah’s breasts.

She stared at the teenage girl’s reflected image, saw a question in her eyes. Without intending to, without words, she answered yes.

Sarah turned to face her daughter, stifling a moan as Cathy’s nipples brushed against hers. Slowly, as if time itself had ceased to exist, their mouths drifted together.

Sarah shivered as she felt the teen’s tongue glide across her lips. Then one of her daughter’s legs slid between her own, a thigh pressing tightly into her sex.

She whimpered, lips parting — and Cathy’s tongue darted into her mouth.

Never had Sarah considered anything so perverse as making love to her own daughter, not before today. Now, as their bodies molded together, she knew only raw desire. She drew the teen’s body closer to hers, eagerly returning Cathy’s kiss.

Suddenly breaking away, the teen gently steered her mother backwards until Sarah sat down heavily in the dressing cubicle’s single chair. Dropping to her knees, Cathy quickly stripped away the tiny thong. Gazing hungrily at the glistening pussy before her, she burrowed between Sarah’s thighs.

With a skill learned through hours of sexual games with her friend and occasional lover Jade, she began to kiss her mother’s cunt.

Sarah gasped as at the touch of her daughter’s nuzzling mouth, then pressed white knuckles against her teeth to stifle the noises of passion that seethed inside as Cathy’s tongue emerged to lick.

It seemed only moments before Sarah was panting in ecstasy, quivering helplessly as Cathy carried her through the impossible heights of her orgasm.

Once Sarah managed to regain her breath she stood, drew the girl to her feet and kissed her roughly. For the first time in a long while, she tasted herself on another woman’s mouth, their tongues meeting, entwining.

Sarah nudged Cathy towards the chair, tugging her daughter’s panties down and off and throwing them onto the floor. Now, for the first time since Cathy had been an infant, she found herself closely examining her daughter’s sex. Her neatly trimmed pubes seemed to point the way to the teen’s womanhood, and the smell of her arousal was divine.

Licking her lips, Sarah moved in for the kill. Her tongue bathed Cathy’s cunt, sampling and savoring the girl’s sweetness.

Sarah couldn’t believe what she was doing — kneeling in the changing cubicle of a clothing store, eating her daughter’s pussy, where at any minute a store assistant might appear to ask if everything was okay. But the risk of being caught only seemed to increase the thrill Sarah felt as she pressed her face deeper between the girl’s thighs.

Cathy cradled her mom’s head, fingers entwined in Sarah’s long hair, guiding the hot mouth that worked so lovingly on her cunt and clitoris, trying to restrain her own moans of pleasure. She suddenly threw back her head with a loud gasp, eyes tightly closed and teeth gritted as she came, coating her mom’s lips and chin with her juices.

As she recovered, Cathy pulled her mother up and into her arms. “Fuck, Mom!” she whispered, “that was — amazing!”

“For me too, baby,” sighed Sarah, embracing her daughter. Their mouths met again in a heated kiss, bodies pressed tightly together, arousing them both all over again.

Mother and daughter quickly dressed, minus panties, and left the changing room — abandoning the store’s merchandise where it lay, all thoughts of shopping forgotten. Without a word, they exited the store and headed back to the car, walking briskly.

As Sarah drove out of the parking lot, she was very aware of Cathy’s eyes on her. She turned to her daughter. “Honey… do you feel bad about what just happened?”

The teen shook her head emphatically. “No, Mom, of course not! I loved it. I hope we can do it again, lots of times. If you want to, that is.” She carefully studied her mother. “How about you?”

“God, Cathy, I know we shouldn’t have done what we did, but I’m not sorry… I want it to happen again, too. I think — I think I could fall in love with you.”

Cathy’s eyes misted at her mother’s words. “I love you too, Mom,” she whispered, placing a hand on Sarah’s thigh.

Sarah glanced at the adoring face of her child. “I’ve got an idea — let’s make a little detour before we go home.” Flicking on the turn indicator, she guided the car into a side road.

“But… where? What for?” asked a puzzled Cathy.

“Shhh, sweetheart. You’ll see.”

Sarah turned onto a quiet lane that she followed for about a mile before pulling into an unpaved turnout on the edge of the woods. She stopped the car and, switching off the ignition, turned to her daughter. “Let’s go for a walk, honey.”

Climbing from the car, Sarah opened the trunk and pulled out an old blanket she kept in there, draped it over an arm and strolled into a trail leading into the woods, Cathy close behind.

Cathy gazed about her. “Where are we, Mom?”

Sarah laughed. “Believe it or not, we’re heading to my old make-out spot. It’s where I used to go with boys sometimes, when I was on a really hot date.”

“Oh,” Cathy replied. She paused, then grinned. “Ever come here with another girl, Mom?”

“No, dear. Oh, I’ve had sex with more than a few women, but you’re the first one I’ve ever brought here.”

With that mother and daughter walked contentedly along the peaceful trail, hands linked.

A few minutes later, Sarah led her daughter from the main path onto a barely visible one that wound between the trees. Following this path, they made their way into a little clearing beside a gently burbling creek.

“Oh my gosh, Mom,” Cathy breathed, gazing at the beauty surrounding her, “this place is perfect.”

Sarah sighed contentedly as she looked about. “Goodness… it hasn’t changed a bit.” She spread her blanket beside the stream and settled down, then patted the space beside her with a smile. “Come sit with me, baby.”

As she seated herself next to her mother, Cathy allowed her dress to ride up, revealing her cunt to Sarah’s lust-filled gaze. Reaching out, she lifted her mother’s skirt to expose her treasures, leaning close to brush the glistening labia with her fingertips.

Sarah moaned, “I love you, sweetie…”

“I love you too,” Cathy said just before she kissed her mother — tenderly at first, then with an ardor that made Sarah’s head spin.

Mother and daughter lay down together, mouths hungry as they pulled and tugged at each other’s clothing. Soon they were naked, tongues and limbs lovingly entangled as they continued to share deep kisses.

Rearranging themselves under Sarah’s direction, they entwined their legs, pressing their dripping pussies together. They began to slowly grind into each other, quickly picking up their pace until mother and daughter were fucking like wild animals.

Their bodies glistened in the sweat of shared passion as they both rose towards release, staring at one another, astounded by the intensity of this newfound lust. They came simultaneously, the tranquility of the clearing shattered by the sounds of lovemaking as they cried out together. A few startled birds took to the sky from a nearby tree.

Spent, the two women lay on their sides, their bodies cooling in a gentle breeze. Content to lie together for a long while, their sexual heat finally rose once more to claim them both.

Sarah mounted Cathy in the sixty-nine position, the new lovers burying their faces between one another’s thighs to enjoy the thick, sweet juices that flowed there. Once more, the clearing echoed with muffled moans and the sounds of mouth and tongue on wet flesh — a mother and her daughter, sharing love in a wonderful new way.

As they recovered from their pleasure Sarah held Cathy close, stroking her hair and cradling the girl’s face to her breasts. A feeling of utter serenity filled her soul.


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