The Family Kiss, Part Two

  • Posted on March 10, 2017 at 2:36 pm

By Naughty Mommy

The next day was Sunday. In the morning, after they finished eating breakfast, Nanna and her Mommy told Chelsea they were all three going to take a shower together. Chelsea was excited, because this was something new they had never done before. She had often taken a shower with her Mommy, but never with Nanna in there too.

It was fun standing under the warm water with both of them, watching the soapy lather slide down their naked bodies as they washed each other. Chelsea liked looking at them side by side, comparing them, seeing how their faces looked alike, but how her Mommy was a little bit shorter than her Nanna, and Nanna’s titties were bigger than Mommy’s.

She also loved it when she saw her Mommy and her Nanna kissing each other in the shower that day. They were kissing in a different way than she’d ever seen them kiss before, with their mouths open, like Nanna did with Chelsea when they were doing the Family Kiss. When she watched them kissing like that, it made Chelsea feel hot and fluttery inside her JJ and it made her want to pet her kitty, so she did.

~  ~  ~

After the shower, they gently dried each other off, and rubbed nice-smelling lotion all over each other’s bodies. Then Nanna picked Chelsea up in her arms and they all three went naked into Mommy’s bedroom and got into her bed together.

The little girl felt so excited. This was something new, but it was also something she knew all about. She was very good at doing the Family Kiss, and she was eager to show her Mommy how she could do it — and especially eager to do it with her!

“Now, my sweetness,” Nanna said to Chelsea, “you’ve done such an excellent job learning to do the Family Kiss and playing the Lollipop Game that I have decided you’re ready for more, okay?”

“Okay,” the child grinned, nodding happily.

Chelsea, her Mommy, and her Nanna were on the bed, facing each other in a little three-way circle, each of them on their knees. Chelsea saw that her Mommy’s face was getting red, and that she was breathing hard and petting her kitty. That made the girl want to pet her kitty too, but instead she just waited to find out what they were going to do next.

The first thing they did was play the Lollipop Game with Chelsea’s Mommy. That was fun for Chelsea, because she got to pretend that her Mommy’s nipples were sweet lollipops, and she could lick them and suck them as much as she wanted. It turned out, however, that the game was different than before, because this time there were three people playing. So not only was Chelsea sucking on her Mommy’s nipples, but Nanna was too!

Chelsea’s Mommy seemed to really like playing the Lollipop Game. While Nanna and Chelsea were licking and sucking her nipples, she kept on petting her kitty, and then she put her fingers all the way up inside her JJ, and pretty soon she was having an orgasm.

As she finished with her orgasm, Chelsea’s Mommy took her fingers out of her JJ and held them up in front of Nanna’s mouth. Her Mommy’s fingers were really wet, and Chelsea could smell that same delicious smell that she got from her own JJ and from Nanna’s JJ. Mommy put her fingers in Nanna’s mouth, and then they started kissing. They were both licking the wet fingers and kissing each other at the same time, using their tongues a lot. When Chelsea saw them doing that, it really made her want to pet her kitty. But she still didn’t know whether that was part of the game, so she waited.

After Chelsea’s Nanna and her Mommy stopped kissing, Nanna turned to the child and said, “And now, precious girl, I’m going to do the Family Kiss with your Mommy. Would you like to see that?”

“Yes, I would!” Chelsea’s eyes sparkled as she imagined seeing her Nanna and her Mommy doing that together.

Her Mommy laid down on the bed then, only not the way Chelsea usually did. When the little girl would do the Family Kiss with her Nanna, she started by just laying flat on her back. Her Mommy, though, who was very flexible, pulled both of her legs up and back until they were almost behind her head! This made her JJ, which was wet and pink and open, stand up very high so it would be really easy for Nanna to put her own JJ right on top of it.

Chelsea was so excited by this that she just couldn’t keep from petting her kitty any longer. She put her hand down there and started rubbing, and when her Mommy and her Nanna saw what she was doing, they both just smiled at her, so Chelsea knew it was okay.

Nanna got on top of her Mommy. She used her fingers to open her pussy lips and put them over her Mommy’s pussy lips. As Nanna carefully adjusted things, getting the parts in just the right position, Chelsea saw that her Mommy would kind of shiver all over each time Nanna touched her down there. She was also playing with her own nipples. Chelsea could tell that her Mommy was very excited about doing the Family Kiss with Nanna.

After making sure their nipples were lined up, they started kissing again. Chelsea hoped it would be all right if she moved in a little closer to watch this. Anyway, she did, and no one seemed to mind. As she watched them kissing, and as she heard the way her Mommy and her Nanna were both moaning so much, it made Chelsea want to pet her kitty even faster. She started getting that special hot feeling deep down inside her, and when Nanna began to move on top of her Mommy, and Chelsea could see both of their JJ’s sliding together, and she could smell that wonderful wet stuff that came out of them, the little girl knew she wouldn’t have to wait very long to have an orgasm.

Chelsea rubbed her kitty very very fast as she watched her Nanna kissing her Mommy and saw them rubbing their JJ’s together harder and harder and saw her Mommy was getting hot and sweaty and she heard her almost screaming even though they were still kissing with their tongues and moving very fast look at Mommy she’s naked look what Nanna’s doing to her pet my kitty pet my kitty oh it feels so hot so hot my JJ it’s hot like it’s on fire all wet stuff down there it’s so hot and nice and Nanna Mommy kissing Mommy Mommy — OHHHH!!!!!

When Chelsea’s orgasm was finally done, she opened her eyes and saw that Nanna and her Mommy had finished doing the Family Kiss. They were laying on the bed, looking at her and smiling, doing what Chelsea knew was called ‘spooning’, because Nanna did that with her sometimes. Nanna had her hand on Mommy’s titty and was playing with her nipple.

“How are you feeling, little baby?” her Mommy asked Chelsea.

“Good, Mommy,” the girl smiled happily, “really good.”

“Are you ready to show me how you can do the Family Kiss, with me?”

Hearing her Mommy say that made Chelsea get all fluttery inside. Without even thinking about it, she started petting her kitty again.

“Oh, Mommy, can I? Really?”

“Yes, you can, sweetheart. Really.” Chelsea’s Mommy sat up and patted a spot on the bed next to her. “Lay down here.”

The little girl moved over and laid down beside her. But just as her mother began to get on top of her, Chelsea asked, “Mommy?”

“Yes, baby?”

“Is it okay if I pull my legs up, like you did?” She started lifting her legs and stretching them back. That must have been a good idea, because it made her Mommy smile.

“I would love it if you did that, honey,” her mother said, as she petted her own kitty. “You look so beautiful that way.”

Chelsea pulled her legs back toward her head really far and looked down at herself. She could see that her JJ was pink and wet and open, just as her Mommy’s had been. “See, Mommy? My JJ looks like yours did.”

“Yes, it does, darling. You’re so precious.” Mommy stared at Chelsea’s JJ for a moment, then she bent her head down and kissed Chelsea right there!! It made Chelsea shiver all over when she felt her Mommy’s lips kissing her JJ.

Then she noticed that as her Mommy sat up again, she looked over at Nanna, who was petting her own kitty, and they winked at each other. Chelsea wasn’t sure what that meant, but they both seemed happy and that made her glad.

Anyway, Chelsea was so excited about doing the Family Kiss with Mommy that she pulled hard on her legs again, stretching them back as far as she could, trying to make her JJ stand up tall for her Mommy.

Her mother kept petting her kitty as she looked at Chelsea holding herself that way, but then she began to climb on top of the girl, getting in position for the Family Kiss. Reaching between her legs, she opened her pussy lips, and then Chelsea watched as her Mommy put her fingers inside her own JJ again and moved them in and out a few times before she carefully lowered her JJ over Chelsea’s.

It felt so wonderful, having her Mommy’s warm, wet JJ on top of hers. Looking down, Chelsea thought it was interesting that her Mommy’s pussy lips were not as big and thick as Nanna’s, but smaller and pinker, more like Chelsea’s. She loved both of them, though, and she knew she wanted to keep doing the Family Kiss with her Mommy and with her Nanna forever.

Mommy put her nipples on top of Chelsea’s. They were stiff. It tickled when her Mommy shifted from side to side for a minute, brushing the tips of her nipples over the little girl’s. Mommy whispered, “So beautiful.”

They were almost ready. Mommy brought her face close to Chelsea’s. She could feel her Mommy’s hot breath. Her eyes, half closed, looked into her daughter’s. “Chelsea, my darling baby girl, I’ve waited so long for this.”

Chelsea smiled up at her, whispering, “I love you, Mommy.”

Then she heard Nanna groaning. Glancing to the side, she saw that Nanna was petting her kitty very fast and it looked like she was having an orgasm. When Chelsea looked back at her Mommy’s face, Mommy lowered her mouth to Chelsea’s and they kissed.

As soon as Mommy’s lips met Chelsea’s and they began to kiss, she also started moving her body, sliding her JJ up and down over Chelsea’s. Her Mommy’s tongue was in her mouth, which felt nice to Chelsea, and her Mommy’s hands were grabbing her, it seemed like everywhere, and she was moving very fast on top of her.

Chelsea was excited by this, except that her Mommy was sliding up and down so fast and pressing so hard, it took her a little by surprise. The girl had her legs pulled back and spread open and it was like her Mommy was pushing her JJ way down inside her, getting deeper than Nanna had ever been. It felt like — just what she’d said — that her Mommy had been waiting such a very long time for this and she couldn’t bear to wait a second longer until she had an orgasm with her daughter while they did the Family Kiss.

It was only a few seconds more and then her Mommy had that orgasm, a really big one too. So much of that wet stuff came out of her Mommy’s JJ that Chelsea could feel it running down her bottom and dripping onto the bed. Her Mommy was kind of crying and screaming while it happened. They weren’t kissing any more with their mouths, and Mommy was all red in the face, and her eyes were shut tight. Chelsea had never seen her Mommy look like that before.

As soon as she was done, though, Chelsea’s Mommy put her arms around her and hugged her tight and kissed her neck and cried, “Oh my darling baby girl, oh I love you so much!” It seemed like she was sobbing. She kept kissing Chelsea and hugging her for a long time, until finally she kissed her softly one more time on the mouth and then got up.

But then Chelsea saw her Mommy grab Nanna and they started hugging tightly and Chelsea’s Mommy started crying a lot more. Chelsea wasn’t really sure what it meant, if she was happy or sad. She even heard her Mommy calling Nanna ‘Mommy’ while she cried and hugged her. Chelsea had never heard her call her that before, even though she knew that Nanna was her Mommy’s mommy.

Chelsea sat up on the bed and started to rub Mommy’s back a little bit, trying to tell her everything was okay and that she shouldn’t be sad. Then her Mommy turned and grabbed Chelsea again and pulled her close and she said, “No, I’m not sad at all, darling. I’m so happy. So happy!!”

They all three hugged each other for a while, and Chelsea saw that Nanna was crying too, but it was only because she was very happy.

After a few minutes, her mother took a big deep breath, wiped away the last of her tears, and smiled at Chelsea. “Okay, baby girl. All done with the crying. I’m sorry if I upset you or scared you.”

“It’s okay, Mommy, I’m all right,” said Chelsea.

Mommy took her little girl’s face in her hands and gave her a big kiss on the mouth. Then she said, “And now, sweetheart, Nanna and I are going to teach you how to do the second part of the Family Kiss.”

Chelsea was excited. She hadn’t even known there was a second part to the Family Kiss, and she was eager to find out what it might be.

They showed her. Mommy laid down on the bed again and Nanna laid on top of her, except this time it was very different, because Nanna was turned upside down!

“You see, honey,” Nanna explained, “just like the first part of the Family Kiss, this is also sort of a whole body kiss. All of our skin is touching. But this time, instead of putting our mouths on our mouths and our JJ’s on our JJ’s, we do it the other way around.”

Chelsea’s eyes went wide as she saw what they were doing.

Her Mommy said, “Now I’m going to kiss Nanna’s JJ and Nanna will kiss my JJ. You watch us, baby, so you’ll know how to do it with us, okay?”


The girl watched closely as her Mommy lifted her mouth up to her Nanna’s JJ. She could see that Nanna’s pussy lips were already open, and she could see all the way inside her, but then when her Mommy put her lips on Nanna’s pussy lips, suddenly Chelsea thought of something.

“Mommy,” she asked excitedly, “is that why when I was little you told me this part here is called the pussy lips? Because for the Family Kiss, for this part of it, I mean, you kiss the pussy lips with your other lips?”

“That’s exactly right,” her Mommy smiled. “What a smart girl you are.”

“Oh, and there’s one more thing you should know.”

That was Nanna. Chelsea scooted down to where Nanna’s face was between her Mommy’s legs.

“Can you remember, honey,” Nanna asked, “when you were eight years old, and I first began teaching you about the Family Kiss, and I told you not only our lips should be touching when we did it, but also our tongues?”

“Uh-huh,” Chelsea nodded.

“So, in this part, when you kiss the pussy lips with your lips, use your tongue too. Use it a lot. There isn’t another tongue for you to touch, of course, but use your tongue to lick all around inside while you’re kissing. It’s especially nice when you use it to lick the little kitty, just like when you pet it, but using your tongue instead of your hand.”

Chelsea’s eyes went wide again. This was so interesting!

“You can use your fingers too,” Nanna continued, “either to pet the kitty while you’re kissing the JJ, or you can put your fingers inside the JJ while you’re petting the kitty with your tongue.”

Nanna saw the expression of astonishment on Chelsea’s face.

“I know this is a lot we’re telling you, dear, and maybe it’s hard for you to take it all in at once,” she told the girl, “but you just watch close and try to learn. I promise you will have lots of time to practice with both me and your Mommy, as much time as you need, until you can do this part of the Family Kiss just as beautifully as you do the first part.”

So, Chelsea watched as her Mommy and her Nanna showed her how to do the second part of the Family Kiss. She went back and forth on the bed looking at her Mommy kissing her Nanna’s JJ, and her Nanna kissing her Mommy’s JJ. She saw them using lips and tongues and fingers, and then she saw them both have an orgasm, first her Mommy, and then her Nanna a few minutes later.

It was amazing. Chelsea couldn’t wait to try it for herself!

And as soon as Mommy and Nanna were done, right after Nanna finished her orgasm, they told Chelsea to lay on her back, and then Nanna got on top of her, upside down, just the way she had been with Chelsea’s Mommy. And Chelsea got to try doing the second part of the Family Kiss for the first time ever.

It didn’t take long until Chelsea discovered that this new way of doing the Family Kiss was very different from the other way and it felt very good. In fact, as soon as she felt her Nanna’s lips on her pussy lips and Nanna’s tongue petting her kitty and her fingers touching inside her JJ — well, Chelsea had her own very big orgasm that day, the biggest one she had ever felt!

She actually had two orgasms with Nanna on top of her, one after the other, and then Mommy got on top of her, and pretty soon the little girl had three more orgasms!

She could hardly believe how great this part of the Family Kiss was. It almost made her wish they had started teaching it to her when she was a much younger girl.

The only bad thing about the day was it turned out that Chelsea didn’t yet know how to do all that new stuff well enough to help either Mommy or Nanna have an orgasm. She tried, but she couldn’t. Partly that was because the child was so busy having her own orgasms that she kept forgetting what she was supposed to do.

It was okay, though. Her Mommy and her Nanna were both very happy with how much she was learning, and they reminded Chelsea that she would be given plenty of time to practice with each of them, whenever she wanted.

And she did. She practiced a lot. It only took a few more days until Chelsea was able to do it so well that she could give both her Nanna and her Mommy as many orgasms as they could give her. They had so much fun that way, doing it over and over again.

~  ~  ~

A few weeks later, Chelsea and her Mommy moved all their stuff out of their apartment and took it over to Nanna’s house. Her Mommy told Chelsea they were starting a new and very special part of her life, because for the next several years, until Chelsea was ready to have a baby girl of her own, they would all live together, and they would sleep together too.

Nanna had a nice house with a big bedroom and a very big bed. She also had a big closet, like a whole separate room, where they all three could keep their clothes. And in Nanna’s bathroom was a great big tub, big enough for them to get in together and wash each other and have fun.

Chelsea was so very happy. That first night at Nanna’s house, because it was a special occasion, she got to decide what they would have for dinner — she could pick anything she wanted — and she said mac’n’cheese, so that is what they had.

After dinner, they took a bath together, and it was just as fun as Chelsea thought it would be. She got to wash her Mommy and her Nanna everywhere, and they washed her too. It felt so good. She watched Nanna and her Mommy kissing again, using their tongues, while they washed each other’s JJ’s. It looked like maybe her Mommy had an orgasm, but Chelsea wasn’t sure, because her Mommy was almost always very excited like that now.

After they got out of the bathtub they dried each other off and rubbed lots of nice lotion all over each other, the way they’d done on the day when Chelsea learned about the second part of the Family Kiss.

And then it was time for bed. They got in and just cuddled for a long time. They were all naked, and Chelsea was in the middle, between her Nanna and her Mommy. She didn’t know if they were going to do the Family Kiss or play the Lollipop Game or what, but she didn’t really care. She was just so happy being right there where she was at that moment.

They did play the Lollipop Game that night, and they did the Family Kiss too, both parts of it more than once. Everyone got to kiss and lick everyone else just about everywhere. It was perfect! Finally they all got together in the middle of the bed in kind of a big hug and Nanna reached over and turned off the light and then they went to sleep.

Except they didn’t sleep for very long, because three or four times during the night Chelsea woke up when she felt someone’s hands on her or someone kissing her. It was dark and she couldn’t always tell for sure who it was. But after she woke up and started moving around, soon they would all three be awake and then there would be lots of touching and kissing in the dark.

Sometimes she had one person kissing her mouth and another one kissing her JJ, or maybe she had both Nanna’s nipple and her Mommy’s nipple rubbing on her lips at the same time and she tried to lick and suck them both. There were tongues and fingers everywhere that night, and Mommy and Nanna and Chelsea all had so many orgasms.

It was funny, though, because they didn’t really do the Family Kiss or anything organized like that. They were just in the dark in bed and whatever you wanted to do you could do.

~  ~  ~

In the morning, Chelsea asked her Mommy about that, and her Mommy told her that was the way grownup ladies did it. When Nanna would come and visit them in their apartment and Nanna slept in Mommy’s bed with her, that was what they did during the night.

“Am I a grownup lady now, Mommy?” asked Chelsea. They were sitting in a big chair in Nanna’s living room. Chelsea was on her Mommy’s lap.

“Well, not really, honey,” answered Mommy, “but in a few more years you will be old enough to start thinking about having a little girl of your own. A lot more things will happen between now and then. Your body will change, as it has already started to, and then before long you’ll be ready to look around for the right kind of man to help you have a baby. But until then, you and me and Nanna get to enjoy this very special time when we will all live together and sleep together and love each other any time we want.”

Mommy slid her hand between Chelsea’s legs and rubbed her JJ through her panties.

“And you know what?”

“What, Mommy?”

“After you have a baby girl of your own, when she gets big enough, around eight years old or so, then I will start to teach her all about the Family Kiss.”

“Because you will be her Nanna!” It struck Chelsea as an inspiration. She could suddenly see how it all worked, how it fit together.

“That’s right, darling, I will be her Nanna.” Mommy hugged her and kissed her on the lips. “And then, someday, a long time from now, after your little girl is big enough to have a baby of her own, and that little girl grows up—”

“Then I will be her Nanna!!” Chelsea cried. “And I can teach her the Family Kiss!!”

“Yes, my love.”

And they were happy ever after.


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  1. Margaret says:

    What a beautiful story. The sense of love and family shines through. What a sweet image, three generations sharing a bed and a special intimacy passed down from mother to daughter.

  2. Aliciamom says:

    Oh my…that was so beautiful and erotic. Thank you so much for a wonderful story.

  3. revelnit says:

    Very nice story. Would have been nice to delve into what was going on in Mom and Nannas bedroom between bouts with Chelsea. Would Mom be expressing reservations about her Mother being with her daughter? Perhaps a story where the mother and grandmother were competing to seduce the daughter would be a good starting concept for another story?

  4. Sarah says:

    Wonderful story. I liked how it keeps going. You’re a great writer.

  5. Thank you very much, Margaret, Aliciamom, revelnit, and Sarah. ❤

    Sarah — welcome to Juicy Secrets, I’m glad you found us!

    • Sarah says:

      I’m definitely a fan now. I’ll be reading allot this weekend…. I have allot to catch up on. And yes. I’ll comment with wet fingers.

  6. sue says:

    What a hot family tradition, and hot story.

  7. Provita says:

    Thank you for a lovely story. I will send this story to a very special woman in the Philippine (48years).. she has a relation with her daughter (28years). And she want to play with her granddaughter…

  8. Linda says:

    Truly amazing, one of my faves so far. Love this site and the people in it so lucky to have found this

  9. Thank you, Linda, and Provita, and Sue (belatedly) — I’m glad you enjoyed my little bedtime story!

  10. gordon says:

    love the storyvery much the teaching of sexual love to her from nanna and her momwas beautiful

  11. Jay Denton says:

    An excellent follow up to part one. Hopefully my nana friend will enjoy it too.

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