How My Niece Juli Came To Be My Vixen, Chapter 1

  • Posted on January 26, 2017 at 4:02 pm

By Openmindedwoman

Note from Juicy Secrets:  This fine story, as you will soon discover, is something of a departure from the usual fare at our site. That’s because it includes a fairly generous amount of hetero sex. We have no plans to post more items with this sort of content, but the story below is so well-written and so compelling that we just couldn’t turn it down. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. 


If my sister wasn’t such a flake, it might never have happened this way.

But she is, and I couldn’t be happier.

I’m Leslie, 36 now, and sort of separated from a husband who drifts in and out of my life. Actually, he’s so much into his own startup business and chasing sports events around the country that he’s often gone for weeks at a time. So we aren’t divorced, formally, but it leaves me pretty lonely, and it leaves me with opportunity.

Fortunately the finances are pretty well taken care of, and I can do my job as a substitute high school and junior high teacher pretty much on a schedule of my own choosing. I’m 5’6″, with dark wavy hair usually about shoulder length, and a body that is a little softer and rounder than I’d like. Still, I can smile at myself in the mirror most of the time, and I can turn a head at the grocery, especially if I let my full, heavy C cup tits sway without a bra under a light top, or a halfway unbuttoned one.

I like doing that, just to keep myself on edge.

I guess I’ve always liked that, especially because when I do it, my nipples slide against the fabric and they say “Yes, ma’am! We’ll be coming right up… Atten-tion!” Oh my god, they are sooo sensitive. And it seems to make my pussy so warm and moist when I notice younger people’s eyes lock onto them.

My sister is three years older, and she was a good big sister when we were teens. She even let me touch her well-developed breasts once when I was first seeing my little swollen bumps start to blossom. But then, some months later, she was very clear that it wasn’t ‘right’ and we shouldn’t do that anymore.

Melissa really never could make up her mind about things… whether it was that, or which dress to wear, or where she left her schoolwork or car keys, or whether to follow Mom’s and Dad’s instructions to the letter. She ended up more like them, pretty conservative, but with some exasperation in her disorganized manner of life. She also ended up with a deadbeat of a husband who left when her daughter Julianne and her son Justin were 4 and 3, respectively.

He still pays some child support, but it isn’t enough. It works for them, though, as she manages to hold down a reasonable job. But she has always needed help with my darling niece and nephew, so I’ve been a pretty constant part of their lives, either staying with them at their house, or having them at mine.

My own erotic journey involved a constant itch, it seems, to satisfy the wilder side.  I’m much more the family rebel than my sister, testing the stern rules that Mom and Dad laid down about what I could wear and not wear, and when I could start dating, and with lots of warnings about being a ‘good girl’.

By the time I was 13, in 7th grade, the boys at school thought I was a pretty good girl, and I loved the attention. Ha! Boys are so easy. Letting them have a little feel was lots of fun, and it didn’t take much time to learn that I could make them erect so fast. That was a rush, and pretty intriguing for a girl whose friends, most of them anyway, only talked about what boys’ ‘stiffies’ must be like.

Ahhh, teen hormones… mine included. That was when my tits popped to A cups, and I realized that my nipples were longer than ANY of my friends’ nipples. And I also noticed that other girls seemed to notice them, and silently, I know there was a lot of visual comparing going on.

Then, in 9th grade, when I was 15, finally with just enough curly brown pubic hair to not be embarrassed in phys ed, I began to get tingly feelings about some of those other girls. Lots of exciting conversations during sleepovers led to sorting out those who also felt like experimenting, and I soon learned the delights of orgasms under the fingers and tongues of other girls, and how intimate and soft and incredibly arousing it is to return all those exploring touches.

I got especially turned on by the flirty mom of one of my first girlfriends. She was divorced, and I later found out she was seeing other women. She knew about us, about her daughter and me, and two other girls, and was open with her daughter about her own relationships. She never exactly hit on me, totally, but she was a huggy, touchy type of an ‘older close friend’. Sometimes, when I got a greeting hug, she would pull me close and linger, my head between her full womanly breasts, and she would let her hands slide over my back, sometimes down to cup my tight teen bottom, and when I masturbated by myself, somehow my thoughts often turned to the really naughty, sort of taboo element in across-generations sex.

My journey continued right through college, and then, after working on my own for a number of years, I met a guy who had incredible drive and personality and convinced me to get married. Possibly a big mistake, but now, as things are working out, I can see that opportunity comes in strange ways and you just have to recognize it. I recognized it by the playful way that I got along with my sister’s kids, Juli and Justin, and the large amount of time and influence I seemed to have with them.

They were vibrant and active kids, and liked running around naked after bath time. It got so they would splash and play when I was giving them a bath when they were 6 and 5, and I began doing it naked myself, just to stay dry on the outside edge of the tub. After a bit of that, I recognized that what I really wanted was simply for them to grow up being unashamed of their naked bodies and to be accustomed to their Aunt Leslie being naked around them.

With that in mind, I just stayed naked after slippery soaping and rinsing their bodies and drying them off from head to toe. There was nothing overtly sexual about any of that touch when they were so young, but touch is intimate and familiar when it is on naked bodies, and I wanted that to feel like a natural and warm and welcoming thing, not a forced or uncomfortable thing. So in the early days I avoided lingering too long on any body parts, or making any suggestive comments, even if there were a few butterflies in my stomach when I did it.

But I stayed naked. And my sister never knew.

Naked when we went to the kitchen for a snack, and naked when we went to the living room couch to read a story or watch a show on TV. They loved running around naked anyway, like any number of kids I’ve known in other families.

By the time Juli was 8 years old and Justin was 7, their mom announced that they were too old to be nude together any more, and made them get dressed around the house.

But on days or evenings when Aunt Leslie was their nanny we did it just like always… bare skin and giggles.

Of course, they had to agree that it was our own thing to do and not to ever tell their mom, because she would have put an end to it. And so we continued… bath time, drying off, having a snack, and sitting on the couch together. Bare naked skin, smooth young skin, hip to hip with me.

They were warm and snuggly, and if I was reading a story they would lean against my arms, one on each side, to see the pages and practice reading some of the words. If we were watching TV I would wrap one arm around each and they would snuggle under my armpit, their heads against the sides of my C cup breasts. They loved being ‘in the nest’ that way and would often lift my arm to wrap it around them if I didn’t do it first.

I loved that, because that way my touches included the fronts of their arms, the outsides of their necks and cheeks and ears, and when draping casually around their bodies, my hands would end up on their chests, moving lightly as we watched the TV. It was easy to let my fingers drift across their nipples, then back to the center, then back to the nipples, just ever so lightly across them. It was all about intimate touch amid conversation and the dialog of the show. But I could feel their nipples pucker, as stimulated nipples do, and occasionally I could feel a little squirm.

I could also tell they liked it. The way we were sitting naturally left their inside arms either in their own laps, or more often, resting on my thigh. I sat with my legs slightly open, knees spread, not hiding myself, just being, well, open, a little exposed. Justin’s cheek would press a little more firmly into my right breast, and without saying anything, Juli would sometimes take my hand and move it over her nipple when it was resting in between them or on her arm. It made me remember how much I loved touching my own nipples when I was her age, watching them pucker, feeling the warmth spread into my tummy and not really knowing what it was all about. Moving fingers, absentmindedly caressing warm accessible skin was common, and I could feel theirs moving over my thighs as well as we watched TV and talked about whatever.

It drove me crazy, and my tummy churned, and my pussy clenched inside.

Juli had had a tongue sucking habit all her life, and when she was in a relaxed zone or even asleep, she would slightly part her lips, the tip of her tongue sticking out and then pulling back quickly, over and over as she made little suckling noises. It may have been a leftover of being nursed by my sister, or just something that was comforting, but it happened a lot when we were quiet like that, snuggling. It made me feel there were possibilities there, and I could tell by her body language that Juli was receptive to whatever was happening, even without words.

Justin, on the other hand, was a little squirmier when his nipples were being caressed, and sometime in those years he began to get erections when I did it. Sometimes he would move his right hand to his young hard cock and just hold it, or cup his balls, squeezing lightly while we watched. Sometimes he would turn his head a little and nuzzle my tit with his nose, and let his fingers slide back and forth on the inside warm smooth skin of my thigh.

I was thrilled that our casual way of being together included the lovely, warm, safe way of being naked, combined with a growing awareness of their body sensations, and a total comfort level with both their nakedness and mine.

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21 Comments on How My Niece Juli Came To Be My Vixen, Chapter 1

  1. Matthew says:

    No dialogue, no storytelling, and male sexuality. This story is a symptom of the seeming decline of this site in the last couple of months since I found it.

    There have been precious few stories or chapters with actual sex between women and girls. “Branching out” and “departures from the usual fare” disguising hetero sex are signs of desperation.

    It’s not too late, though. You shouldn’t be so desperate so soon. The story of the week is a great idea. “Branch out” by writing new variations, like more romance stories (with plenty of sex) between women and girls. That’s just one genre that is woefully underexplored.

    Step it up, Juicy Secrets!

    • JetBoy says:

      “Branching out” and “departures from the usual fare” disguising hetero sex are signs of desperation.

      This is, of course, a huge load of bollocks. Believe me, Cheryl, Naughty Mommy, and I are anything but desperate about the future of Juicy Secrets. (In fact, I’m happy to tell you that we have a large backlog of stories and chapters in the wings waiting to be posted, every one dripping with lesbian sexuality.)

      As to this story, we three thoroughly enjoyed it, enough to deem it a worthy addition to the site despite being something of a departure from our normal fare. At the same time, we also made it abundantly clear that we have no plans to post any more stories with heterosexual content. Maybe you ought to read the introduction up above a little more carefully before charging in with half-baked assumptions about our motives, chum.

      And as to claiming that “There have been precious few stories or chapters with actual sex between women and girls”… well, I simply don’t understand what you’re on about. A few examples, perhaps…?

    • Cheryl says:

      Matthew, you’re entitled to your opinion, of course. However, you seem to be under the impression that we have some kind of stake in the success or failure of Juicy Secrets, thus leading to what you call “desperation.” The only thing we hold of value is good writing. Our acceptance rate for submitted stories is somewhere around one out of four. Sometimes the writing is not to our standards. Other times the subject matter is not appealing to us. We operate on the assumption that what we like will be liked by our readers. There is more to this story, and believe me that the sex between the narrator and the girl gets very hot.

      One thing the three of us loathe, however, is the kind of story I call “wankers” — stories with little plot, no sense of character, and zero tension. If stories that feature quick sex with no real story is what you want, an abundance exists in cyberspace. Enjoy them.

      We like to think our readers are seeking more than that. We consider Juicy Secrets to be a place where hot sexuality can be presented with good writing. If you have become disappointed with our offerings, we are fine with agreeing that we are not for you. We make no money based on “hits” or anything else. We started this site, which costs nothing but our time (a great deal of it), to offer well-written lesbian erotica. If that isn’t what you’re looking for, we understand.

      • jefferyblueeyes says:

        Oh a stroke or wanker story void of all plots that gets right to the sex — sometimes that just is what is needed to bring one let’s say “closer” and there are many sites out there with that. But to have the JS curated site full of quality lesbian stories gF (FFg my personal favorite) nature void of cruelty and abuse is something I come here for. I admit that I like the stories that end after chapter 10 but not before chapter 3. I live for the “Click here for the next chapter” link!

  2. Margaret says:

    A beautifully gentle and sensual introduction to what should be a lovely addition to the collection.

  3. Drod says:

    A fair amount of hetero-sex? I don’t like the sound of that… 🙁

  4. jefferyblueeyes says:

    There are only a few writers on the site and it takes a lot of effort to write great new stories – I think everyone is doing a great job – keep it up!

  5. angie says:

    I think the story is lovely and well-written. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Drod, don’t let it worry you. The boy gets involved a little bit, but the Fg sex is delicious enough that we accepted this wonderfully written story. Consider this: we don’t usually post stories that include more than peripheral hetero sex, but we posted this one. Tantalizing enough to keep you reading? 😉

    Jeffrey and Angie, thank you on behalf of the site owners and the author, who may comment herself to thank you as well.

  7. Johanna says:

    Actually, I find the participation of a little boy to be fun at times . . . no big boys, though. I like the direction this tale is taking.

  8. Sid says:

    I, too, think this is very well written and look forward to more! Might be a slight departure, but it still keeps with the overall theme of the site methinks.

  9. BKS says:

    I have been a member of this site since its early days as Rachael at My Dirty Little Mind recommended it on her site. In addition, I always eagerly anticipated anything written on Leslita by any of the 3 JS owners before JS existed. I would guess I have been a fan for at least a decade, especially of Jet Boy. Their corporate body of writing has been top drawer both in quality and consistent in theme. Therefore, I believe Matthew is off base with his derogatory comments. He is of course free to feel whatever he feels, no matter how silly those feelings might be.

    A huge thank you to all of the authors represented on Juicy Secrets and in particular the 3 owners.

    • Jennifer says:


    • JetBoy says:

      Aw, I’m positively blushing. BKS, your words of kindness are a blessing to the eye and a balm to the soul. Thanks to you, my friend. And to our beloved Jennifer, for concurring. And to all of you goodly folks who value what we do here.

      • Jennifer says:

        Awwwww now it is my turn to blush, beloved Jennifer? That is sooooooooo sweet and kind of you, now my day is even more worth going on! 🙂

  10. Sam says:

    It was well written and believable. I liked it

  11. Tim says:

    I’ve found this story after it’s been on here for a while, but what a lovely start to the New Year it is proving to be. And really I would just also like to add that despite the occasional criticism such as the first comment on this story, JS continues to provide me with an abundance of great stories, and some high quality erotica. So thanks again to the JS team – we really do appreciate all you do, and a very Happy New Year to you all.

  12. Stewart says:

    I wasn’t going to read this story, but I did and really enjoyed it. I look forward to chapter 13. Thanks

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