• Posted on January 25, 2017 at 1:17 pm

By Naughty Mommy

This short story came to me in a dream. I woke up very early, around 5:30 AM, and just had to get out of bed and write it all down. Hope you find it tasty! – N.M.

I love children. I always wanted to be a mom, but never found the right man and so I never married. I’m still a single girl (if I can call myself a girl at age 38).

Anyway, it’s almost 3:30 now, time for them to start arriving. I have everything ready, cupcakes freshly made, juice ready to pour. Just because I’m not a mother, that doesn’t mean I can’t spend many happy hours around the ones I love: those adorable children, my precious little girls.

The doorbell rings. The first to appear, as usual, is Jenny. Seven years old and as cute as she can be. I open the door and let her in. Jenny reaches up and wraps her arms around my neck, giving me a big hug. I return the hug and kiss her pretty mouth. Dressed today in a dark red pinafore over a long-sleeved white shirt, she is just adorable, her cheeks rosy from the cold air outside.

I take Jenny’s coat and give her another kiss, then lead her into the playroom. The small table, child-size, is all set. As she sits down, the doorbell rings again.

Twenty minutes later, everyone is here. My usual group, five girls between ages six and ten. I do their mothers a favor by watching these children for a couple of hours every day after school. I don’t charge anything for this service. It’s my pleasure.

The girls enjoy their cupcakes and juice. I love watching them eat, sitting around the low table in their miniature chairs, giggling and licking their fingers, their darling lips and chins gooey with frosting. I sit with them and sip my scotch, waiting for them to finish.

When the last crumbs have been consumed, it’s time for me to perform. The kids turn to me expectant, faces glowing with anticipation, eyes bright with excitement. They’ve had their sugar rush, and now they’re ready for another kind of thrill.

The oldest, Monica, nods slowly to me, her dark eyes hooded. She’s the only one, so far, who has followed my example. I expect the others will in time. I certainly hope so.

I put down my empty glass and spread my legs. My skirt rides up. I’m not wearing any panties. The children ooh and ahh. My pussy is very wet. I open my blouse, revealing my braless breasts. I take them in my hands, squeezing them, pinching the erect nipples as I gaze into the eyes of the girls. More sighs and murmurs of approval. Monica has a hand between her legs now, rubbing herself.

My breasts are rather large, pendulous enough that I can suck my own nipples. My young guests love to watch me do this, and I love watching them watch me. It makes my pussy even wetter to see their eager faces. My clit throbs as I lick and suck the stiff brown nipples. I spread my legs very wide, leaning back in the chair. The scent of my lust fills the room. The children are enthralled by what they’re viewing and by what they smell.

I finish with my breasts, then lower both hands to my crotch. I massage the swollen labia, fingers growing slippery with lubrication. A groan escapes me, unbidden. This is what I live for, to give my special girls a very special show each day.

My mouth is watering. I swallow and lick my lips, breath coming fast, chest heaving. I’m already close to a climax, though I haven’t yet touched my clit. All day long, as I bake and prepare and look forward to what the children and I will do later, after school, my arousal steadily builds until it becomes nearly unbearable — but I never allow myself to relieve the pressure. I hold it all in, preserving it for my little friends, my audience.

Monica’s hand is inside her panties, rubbing. At ten years old, she is more than capable of giving herself an orgasm, even if she is still hairless and almost completely flat-chested. The delight of sexual pleasure is something that comes early for girls, a gift we can enjoy from a very young age.

I’ve been masturbating for as long as I can remember, always loving the feel of my fingers working between my legs. At around six or seven, I can’t remember for certain, I had my first orgasm and was hooked for life. I’ve never stopped playing with myself, though now I restrict my climaxes to a certain time each afternoon. That makes them all the more powerful.

A drip of gooey moisture oozes out of my cunt, sliding down to my anus. I finger myself there, watching the eyes of the kids grow wide as I diddle my asshole. Then I lift my feet to the table, scooting lower in my chair, opening myself all the way to them, fully exposing my sex. They are captivated by the sight.

Slowly, hungrily, I spread my pussy lips with my hands. I’m trembling so hard now, and nearly gasping for air, that I couldn’t speak if I wanted to. And anyway, there are no words that can convey what I’m demonstrating with my actions. That says it all.

As I place a fingertip at the opening of my vagina and begin to push it in, I notice that Olivia, one of my two eight-year-olds, has pulled up her little dress and is rubbing herself, massaging her crotch through her panties. This is the first time I’ve seen her do that. I’m very pleased.

I fuck my cunt, first with one finger, then with two. Sometimes after pressing my fingers very deep inside, I’ll draw them out and hold my hand up for the kids, letting them see the gleaming, slippery wetness. I do that now, and every one of the girls licks her lips. I smile at them, then fuck myself some more.

But god, I really can’t wait much longer. My pussy aches with need. Juices are streaming out of me, dripping down between my legs. It’s almost time.

I show them my clit, pulling the skin back. I have a very big clitoris, larger than most, I think. Erect, as it is now, it sticks up proudly, half an inch at least, pink and fat and glistening. The children shift closer in their chairs, eyes very wide, wanting to see.

The tension is thick. I’m right there, on the edge. The slightest touch on my clit will send me shooting over the top. I can see that the little girls are aroused too, their faces flushed. Monica is panting, huffing and puffing as she plays with herself. She’s ready.

Gritting my teeth — hoping that for once I can keep my eyes open when I come so I can observe their reactions — I push my hands together, squeezing my clit between my lips and doing a quick scissoring motion with my fingers. It takes only a moment, and then I explode into orgasm, grunting and groaning loudly. The sensations are too intense and my eyes slam shut, my body writhing as wave after wave of climactic pleasure crashes over me. I feel the gush of juices flowing from my vagina, dripping onto the chair. Somehow, somewhere, I can hear Monica coming too, making her high-pitched squeal.

I don’t stop with one. So much pent-up desire has accumulated inside me throughout the day that I can easily come again, numerous times. I ride the wave, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing, jiggling my hands, drawing the pleasure out, extending my rapture for as long as I possibly can. Along the way, I sometimes catch little sounds of approval from the girls, exclamations of excitement, even clapping.

When I finally finish, several minutes later, I’m totally exhausted, spent, worn out. My head lolls back as my chest heaves. My hands fall away, dropping to the floor. I know my legs are still spread wide, my sodden pussy in full view. What a sight this must make: five little girls seated around a doll table, staring at a woman’s juicy cunt.

I often wonder if one of my guests will ever try anything else, if they might want to touch me or even lick me at this point. So far, no one has. But maybe someday.

The doorbell rings.

I gather myself together as best I can, smiling to the kids while rising unsteadily to my feet. I walk to the door, licking my fingers, not bothering to button my blouse.

Emma’s mother is here. She gives me a wink, kisses my cheek, then helps Emma on with her coat. They leave. Shortly after, Monica’s mother arrives, and then Cindy’s. They greet me cheerfully, thanking me, taking their girls and departing.

By 5:30, the house is empty again, except for me. I wipe off the messy chair, clean up the few dishes, and think about what treat I might bake for the girls tomorrow.


45 Comments on Cupcakes

  1. David says:

    Great story Mom. Short but ohh so hot.

  2. Johanna says:

    Mmmmmm! I wish I had your dreams; thanks for sharing.

    • Steve says:

      I just found this site. My comment is almost 6 years late so I guess that makes me a Johnny-cum-lately. My sleeping dreams are almost never sexual but my daydreams…. they are many and they definitely are.

    • Ronnie says:

      Very good story. I Would also love to read how this all started, and how this big group of girls msnage to keep the secret.

  3. Margaret says:

    You must have been in a hyper-excited state when you woke from that dream, just like I am now. What a delicious tale. One day very soon those tiny poppets will be licking more than frosting off their slender little fingers. Cupcakes and cream …. what a delightful combination.

  4. Sally says:

    nice story mommy I wont be able look at a cup cake again without thinking of this story delicious

  5. Jennifer says:

    This gives me ideas lol, just kidding, a highly arousing story, thumbs up! 🙂

  6. kacey says:

    NM, your dreams are so…….HOT!! Well at least to us they are! For you they must be positively volcanic!! Keep ’em coming, dahlin’! (Pun thoroughly intended) 😀

  7. angie says:

    Love your stories mommy. I usually like girls a bit older in the stories, but the way you wrote this was very hot. Thanks for giving us all that little extra bit of pleasure.

  8. JetBoy says:

    Cupcakes and masturbation — two of the great pleasures in life, now joined together in a beautiful way. Love it!

  9. Thanks, everyone. I’m very glad you all enjoyed this brief story. I know it was short, but the next one from me will be a little bit longer, I promise. 😀

  10. Linda says:

    Wow this has put me in one of those moods!!

  11. jeffreyblueeyes says:

    Very erotic can’t wait for the next chapter.This age range is just lovely.great story.

  12. Pink Taco says:

    I’m in love with you.

  13. Evan says:

    Wow, hot dream. I think it could develop into a few more chapters 🙂

  14. Jozef says:

    Great. as always…

  15. Emma says:

    Mommy. I really enjoy your stories. You are the best.

  16. Cheryl says:

    Just a quick reminder. If you post a comment that violates the Terms of Use, it will be removed or, if you’re new to the site, never appear.

  17. Lily says:

    Wow, I decided to see how this site was doing… I’m glad I came (pun intended).

  18. jenn says:

    lov the story… growing up getting peeks at my mom having sex and finding her toys to play with have given me lots of thoughts over the years

  19. Kevin Waugh says:

    Very very HOT!!! I hope someday the girls join in!!!!

  20. Tock says:

    Wow. So hot….I’m a mess myself reading and fantasizing about this.

  21. kraM says:

    This story sounds awfully familiar. I wonder if I’ve read it some place else before.

    • Hm, I don’t know, kraM. The first and only time this story has ever been published, to my knowledge, was just over one year ago here at Juicy Secrets. I suppose it’s possible some creep might have posted it somewhere else without authorization. If that’s the case, and you can recall where you saw it, please let me know!

  22. Jay Denton says:

    Omg naughty mommy,
    I’ve made a mess now. I love being watched when I masturbate. The thought of all those eyes on my sloppy wet cunt is electrifying. Thank you so much xx

  23. Gordon says:

    Great story. Nothing would be hotter than watching 5 little girls get so turned on. I am absolutely fascinated by women who love little girls. Its my favorite fantasy. I love the site. Thanks!

  24. Kathy says:

    Reading of what I read has turn me on. I love how she tell of her dreams. I am so wet and play with my self. Dreaming of pleasure. Yes I to baby sit. mmm go to the front room reread and play

  25. drew says:

    mmmmm! lovely and delicious! what a naughty dream! Love this story!

  26. Georgia_Jordyn says:

    Wish I had grown up in your neighborhood.

  27. Shy Mom says:

    I love this vignette. What a delicious bit-sized treat, like cupcakes or the little girls who love them. 🙂

    • Shy Mom says:

      Oops – “bite-sized,” not “bit-sized,” though delicious bits of cupcakes and little girls are bite-sized. 😛

  28. Sapphmore says:

    Wow. No messing about, bish bash bosh,hot story that punches a picture into your memory. I copied this story to text to keep in my archive on the day it was originally posted on JS and haven’t read it since that day. This is definitely crying out for more, the “some day” the girls get in on the action needs to come soon, perhaps one tells her mum who comes round to see what’s going on, although it seems one at least already knows. Maybe the woman shows the mum, they get it on and she confesses how it all started.

    Great story Naughty Mommy

  29. lofftie50 says:

    so nice to re read this story

  30. Great potential. Really need to extend it contact with the girls.

  31. Sensualist says:

    There is one thing better than watching these little girls get aroused…that is to help them over the orgasmic edge. I’m eating my cupcake now, yummie

  32. Brian says:

    This story never gets old…I love it !

  33. fame says:

    Part 2 please

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