No Longer Alone

  • Posted on January 15, 2017 at 1:59 pm

Lizzie says…

I live in New Hampshire and I’m 18. I have always known that my interests are different than the norm. Starting around age 12, I found that I was into looking at younger girls, and that it excited me. I experimented whenever I could with my friends my age, and when I was 14 came out to my family as a lesbian — but did not come out about my real interests.

Obviously I never felt I could be open about my desires and have always searched for an appropriate outlet. I haven’t been truly happy in a relationship because I haven’t been able to express those desires. I’ll get a crush on the cute little girls I see, and I’ve always enjoyed watching my mom in situations when she didn’t know I was watching.

The whole thing has been so confusing and depressing for me until I found this site a few days ago. Now all I do is read the stories and cum over and over again. Finally I feel like I’m not alone anymore.

Does anyone else have similar experiences or feelings?

PS – If you’d like to talk privately with me about this, you can find my contact info on the “Staying in Touch” post. Thanks!


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  1. sue says:

    hi, yes I and my partner Kim have both gone thru what you describe. thankfully we had each other, but I very much agree that finding this site is a huge help.

  2. Debbie says:

    I think a lot of us have experienced similar feelings Lizzie

  3. Alison says:

    I think a lot of us went through the same feelings. I’m 19, bisexual and with a growing fondness for younger girls, but my parents don’t know that I even like girls my own age. It’s been impossible to find someone to talk to about it, until I found JS. Since then, I’ve had strong feelings of guilt, but more often, wonderful surges of pleasure and happiness.
    You’re not alone, we love you and we want to help you and enjoy our feelings together. Welcome, and it’s so wonderful you chose to open up with us.

    • Fertile Girl says:

      Yes, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Normal feelings and JS is here to support with wonderful, loving art and fiction.

  4. JetBoy says:

    Lizzie, I can safely speak for Naughty Mommy, Cheryl and myself in telling you this: one of our main objectives in starting up Juicy Secrets (other than the desire to compile some really hot stories!) was to provide an online home away from home for people like you, somewhere where you feel free to write about urges and desires that you’d ordinarily have to conceal from the world.

    If we’ve contributed at all to your feeling a little less lonely, or helped you make a friend, then our work was worth it and then some. Thanks for sharing. We love you!

  5. Lizzie says:

    Thanks everyone. I’ve gotten to talk to a few people. Some unfortunately were guys pretending to be women, and the rest were guys that were honest and have been great. I’d love a chance to talk to some women in here though. Haha

    • JetBoy says:

      How completely bizarre… men attempting to pass themselves off as women in order to hobnob with lesbians? What on earth are they hoping to achieve? Pull off a covert gay-to-het conversion?

      When first beginning to write lesbian erotica, I toyed with the notion of assuming the identity of a female, figuring that readers would then be more inclined to investigate (and enjoy) my stories. But after a minute or less of deliberation, I decided that keeping up the facade would be much too much work. Besides, there’s a certain distinction in being a guy who can turn out a half-decent ode to Sappho.

  6. Ashley says:

    Lizzie I too been through the rough journey with my secrets and feeling alone. When finding Juicy Secrets though I to felt liberated and happy with my secrets.
    It is a great gift to have this site and people that don’t judge and are open as well as ready to chat.

  7. babykeiko says:

    hi lizzie… same story… same feelings… but i want to be the little one… with someone older/experienced/loving/mature/nurturing… i have found some wonderful friends here… and write very occasionally (you can find my stories on leslita:

    My best work is also here on JS: a short story that Jetboy morphed into an epic long version which he did 80% of the work for and I contributed, guided and edited for the remaining 20%…

    hope you enjoy your time here as much as i do!!!

  8. annon says:

    lizzie you a beautiful young lady with that sweet Innocent look. it too bad you dont swing both ways as guys can be fun sometimes as well

  9. AlyssasMom says:

    I too have experienced great frustration, but in a deeper way. While I do appreciate the struggle anyone with ‘abnormal attractions’ must face, my fate seems even worse. Like many who frequent sites like this one, I lived the majority of my life trying to conform to the norms we all get exposed to, and I never really felt like I ‘belonged’ in any of my intimate relationships. I didn’t identify with any sexual identity, but I was definately aware that some kind of need inside of me was going unfulfilled… that is until I had my daughter. I don’t judge anyone for how they came to be who they are, or by the reasons they have behind any pursuits, but I know I’m quite different from most of you in the sense that my ‘attractions’ or preferences don’t stem from the erotic side of things. I do enjoy reading many stories here and elsewhere, and I’m thankful that places exist where I can safely experience other’s perspectives, but sadly, I still feel truly alone. You see, I’ve fallen in love with a child the same way many of you have loved your adult partners. I don’t come here for the purpose of ‘getting off’, (though I’d be lying if I said it’s never happened) because my attraction isn’t based on the physical or sensual, as it is with so many of you. I’ve been contacted by many people here who never fail to ask that we exchange fantasies, but I don’t have a fantasy. I don’t have a need to titillate people, or be titillated by them. I guess that’s why I feel like I don’t really fit in, at least socially. A great paranoia exists for me because I have so much to lose; she’s not just my child, but the love of my life. I’ve come so close, so many times, to crossing the line and I guess you could say I come here in an attempt to prevent that from happening. It is my purpose for coming here that alienates me from the people here. For many of you this is a place of great pleasure and satisfaction, but for me it’s a necessity, and a sad reminder that I am alone in the midst of you.

    • 14u2h82 says:

      I just wanted to say that you are not alone. I have known from a young age that I am attracted to younger females. I wasn’t worried about it after the birth of my daughter. I figured I would never be sexually atracted to her. Until one day, suddenly, I was. I was horrified at myself. Eventually, I actually left home so that she would never be molested like I was. Sadly, me leaving home also messed her up. It was a no win situation.
      I am fully ok with my attraction these days, but it seems so futile at times. I really only enjoy sex when I’m in a serious commited relationship. However, no young girl could really fulfill me emotionally and intellectually like someone with life experience. Furthermore, even though I am a male, the mother daughter sex stories are what really turn me on. I ALMOST wish I could be a woman.
      Finally, I don’t think I’ll ever meet a woman who would tolerate my fantasies, so I don’t think I’ll ever be in a relationship again. I am 42 and facing self exile because I will not be with a woman who can’t share my attraction to younger girls. We don’t have to ever act on them, it’d just be great if we could talk about it. I don’t think she’s out there. So, you see, you’re not alone as you think.
      I appologize for any grammar or spelling errors, I did this whole thing on a phone since I visit this site on a burner phone.

  10. snowy says:

    I concur with lizzie, afternoon delight is a wonderful tale. Babykeiko- your tales are sensual and clever, I hope you find time to write more: the lactation essay, the girl on the train (with its delightful unexpected ending) among others are great pieces.

  11. babykeiko says:

    Thank you Debbie and Snowy for your kind words… in order to write i need to be in a “special place” in my head… i have at least one story kind of all worked out in my head… but finding the time to write is hard (i have a day job! and it is taking me places and has me working at odd hours…).

    anyway, thanks again and i promise i will write… at some point!

    Feel free to connect with me via email – my details can be found in the post with the email contact details!

  12. sue says:

    I love all of you and your comments, and sorry AlyssasMom is in such a sad place.
    I very much enjoy Babykeiko stories, and loved Jetboy’s “Afternoon Delight.” Along those lines I really loved “Nanna Comes to Help” another great series of 3 generations enjoying each other.

  13. Linda says:

    Yes lots of males on here, got duped a few times. I think it’s prob 98% male on here

    • kraM says:

      I’m all for “outing” the fakers. I wish there were some sort of test to prove your gender. Maybe if women cared to be known as real they could send a private message to a moderator with their screen name in a photo of whatever feminine feature they wanted to show. They could still stay anonymous and no one else would see. But maybe that’s a crazy idea.

      • To me, it really doesn’t matter. As long as no one is being significantly harmed by the deception, I’d say just let people do what they want to do. Of course, I almost never chat with anyone, so perhaps my opinion should not count for much. 😉

      • Jennifer says:

        As for my person, I would do that without hesitation. 😉 I see no point why I will not show my face to one of the three founders except their fun not to know with whom they are dealing 😀

  14. ken says:

    I don’t get why so many guys pretend to be females on here. I’m a guy and have never felt the need to lie about my gender here.

    • Jimmy says:

      Same here Ken.. Better to be honest

    • 14u2h82 says:

      Why on earth pretend to be what you’re not. I just enjoy the thought of a woman and a girl being together. Hell, even more than I like the thought of being with one myself.

      • lilknicksfan says:

        agreed , no way I would “pretend” I am female, I am attracted to young girls but not going to lie to tlk to someone

  15. Ashley says:

    I am a frequent reader of all the sex stories on here.. They get me very turned on and hot.. but I do feel guilty at times reading them.. For they are forbidden stories.. I am Ashley I’m 28 and a mom of a daughter.. I would like to find other women that like the same fanasties.. just to chat with.. I have Kik ashleylez69682 or you can email me on my email.. hope you ladies have good day

    • Cheryl says:

      Ashley, accept who you are. I tried to deny this aspect of myself and was miserable. But don’t break the law. These stories are fantasy, and no government can legislate your thoughts, so while not appreciated by everyone, these stories are legal.

      Take care!

    • Sarah says:

      I know how you feel. I’m an older mom. Yes I’ve thought about this for years and fought who I was. It’s not easy. You are not alone.

  16. Andrea says:

    Lizzie please check your twitter page, Im trying so bad to get in touch with you. 19 yo lesbian I feel exactly what you describe. WE NEED TO BE FRIENDS GIRL <3

  17. Louisa says:

    You are not alone. I actually want to take the next step.

  18. Stewart says:

    I am a 59year old physically fit man that adores lesbian lolita love. I have a real story I would like to share, however if there is no interest I will not bother. I would love to communicate with any women that share these fantasies or actual scenerios that involve lesbian preteen love and sex.

  19. Julie18 says:

    I love reading all of the comments here and feeling less and less alone. I am curious though, are there others here more like me who are the younger one attracted to older? All of the comments seem to revolve around ones attraction to young which is hard to relate to being the young one interested in the older.

    • PoppaBear says:

      Hi, Julie, I’ve been visiting sites like this one for many years and have met a few younger women, ‘daughters’ if you will, but the majority of women who contribute to comment pages and chat forums are older, and able to talk about their attraction to young girls They are more confident in their interests and able to communicate more easily.
      If there are more younger girls here they may only want to read and enjoy the stories and stay in the backgroun, and they may lack the ability to communicate easily.
      Keep talking, commenting on the stories you like, and on the experiences people share. I am sure you will encourage other young women like you to join in and then you’ll have a group you can share with.

    • Sarah says:

      I can relate to you because I was just like you when I was your age. Only I didn’t have a place like this read and ask questions. When I was in high school, I was very attracted to several women I knew, one of them family, and I had no idea how to even talk to someone about that. I did have one experience with an older woman then…. just to admit it. So while I’m not your age now, I really do know what you are going through. It’s not easy sometimes.
      I think there are more girls than you think that are attracted to older women and I’m glad you are posting. I’m glad u like being here.

    • Julie18 says:

      Thanks PoppaBear and Sarah,
      A small part of me felt out of place because I am not attracted to younger girls and didn’t fit in.
      Sarah, it is nice to not feel so alone. I can’t even imagine having these feelings and not having a place like this to at least come to and read stories from like minded people let alone talk with them. That must have been pretty tough 🙁

  20. Zeke says:

    I don’t understand why guys hide who they are on here either. Just be you and move on. It’s not like people are going to shame you for having fantasies – everything is legal there – and we can enjoy a forum that’s open for discussion of those feelings.

    I have had an intense amount of fantasy about young girls and them playing with each other or a family member. I don’t get why it’s such an arousiing things to have in my subconcious as I have no desire or excitement of it in real life. It honestly feels creepy to me. It’s just something that’s always been there. As a long-term lurker of this site and frequent reader of the stories here, I’ve found they ca help me reach what is exciting. It seems to me that the ilicit nature and the “naughtiness” to it all is what the driving force is. Innoncence, new experiences, naivete run amuck…it’s free and fun. I have been fomulating a story for years here and while I live very vicariously through these stories, I don’t think I can find a true satisfaction for what I yearn in my mind. I have written many, many adult fiction stories in my life (50+ I’m guessing) and they’ve done well overall when published to free sites. I can’t figure out why it’s been so hard with 2 solid years of background for a leslita story to come together for me. I’m hoping that at some point I’ll get the nerve to write it, have someone peruse for critique and then convince myself to submit it. The rest of all of it would be based on the readers, my fingers crossed the entire time. I’m hoping that if I ever get to that point that it’ll be well received and can possibly open up other possibilities for other stories.

  21. briana says:

    hi all, 18 y/o bi curious girl here. if any older women would like to chat on the phone or via skype with me, feel free to email me at [email protected]

  22. Victoria says:

    Lovely Lizzie, you are certainly not alone. Your story is so alike my own and, if we only could know, thousands of women surely dream of little girls too. Many times I have wondered about women I know who have sooo delicious little daughters… Don’t they ever have fantasies about them? I am sure many do. Juicy Secrets, and Lesbian Lolita, are wonderful outlets for our hidden desires and I do bless the Internet. I don’t know how women with such secret passions could cope in olden times! Have a great time with your dreams sweet girl, I wish we could get in touch and share our visions and desires and more… I melt just thinking on it. Love, Vicky

  23. GoldButterfly says:

    Yes, I do understand those feelings. I have them too, so I am glad to have found this place. So many cute and yummy young girls out there. I am 29 and have a daughter of my own.


    If anyone would like to contact me, feel free:

    Email: [email protected]
    Wickr: blondone89

  24. Becky B says:

    I just want to echo everyone else here- you’re defi not alone! It took me a while to come to grips with a lot of things about my sexuality and I simply cannot say enough how much I appreciate everyone here. I’d also been very out as bisexual for several years, but completely pushed aside the arousal that I felt about leslita stories/fantasies. Sometimes my fantasies would drift to girls as young as 11-12 and I felt like there must be something very wrong with me. The stories and discussion have really helped me feel more comfortable with myself and more excited to read and participate here!

  25. pattybigirl says:

    Love this site!

    Had crushes on older women since I was 11 or 12.. mostly moms gfs.. even made out with one when I was 13!

    • Rita says:

      I also began ‘noticing’ some of the older girls and then older women when I was young, probably 9 or 10 Became more aware of feelings. And getting that ‘tingling’ below when I’d look
      Besides some fooling around with gf when younger, when I was almost 15, I kissed my aunt. Well, a bit more than a familial kiss.

  26. Larry1863 says:

    Hey. I’m a guy but I’m here for you. I’ve got the same desires and only two other people know.

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