Getting Big

  • Posted on December 31, 2016 at 1:01 pm

By Naughty Mommy

Mom, I think there’s something wrong…

What do you mean, sweetheart?

Well, see this part right here? Why does it get big when I rub it?

Oh, well, uh, that’s… that part of your body is called your clitoris. It’s supposed to get big when it’s, um, when it’s stimulated… if you rub it, I mean. That’s normal.

It is?



Does it hurt or anything?

Nuh-uh, it feels nice. When we were in the shower tonight and you were washing me there, it felt really good. So when I went to my bedroom, I tried rubbing it that way some more, but then it seemed like it was getting bigger or something, and so I looked at it in the mirror. Then I saw how — well, here, lemme show you.

Oh, but, um… I don’t know if…

Mmm, this feels really really good. But see, Mom? Look at it. See how when I rub it this way, it gets all big and fat and pink? It’s supposed to do that?

Yes, honey, yes, it is. That’s perfectly normal. Everyone’s, well, every woman’s or girl’s clitoris will do that when it’s stimulated properly.

What do you mean, properly?

Well, I just mean, in a way that feels good to you. That can be different for everyone. It’s just sort of a matter of experimentation, of trying different things and seeing what works best for you.

Okay. But, um, you said everybody has one?

Yes, well, every woman or girl has a clitoris. But you can just call it a clit if you want to. That’s what most of us do.

Do you have one?

Yes, of course I do.

Does it get big when you rub it, like mine does?

Uh, well, yes…

Will you show me?

Show you what?

I wanna see yours, Mom, your clit thing, and see if it gets big like mine when you rub it.

Well, I… I can promise you it does. But I’m not sure it’s such a good idea for me to show you.

Why not?

It’s, just, it’s… that’s not what mommies are supposed to do.

What do you mean?

Um, I, I don’t really know. It’s just, well, some people say… but then, people do say a lot of stupid things, and so, on the other hand, it could be that… I’m sorry, sweetie, I know I’m babbling, sort of thinking out loud, but you know what?


I think they’re wrong.

Who’s wrong?

People who say moms shouldn’t teach their daughters about things like this.

Okay. So, does that mean you’re gonna show me?

Yes, I believe I will. Here, let me take off my panties first… okay, there, that feels better.


Yes, honey?

When I get big, will I have hair down there too?

Yes, of course you will. You know that.

But, um, Kerie’s mom doesn’t have any.

She — what do you mean?

When I was the sleepover at her house the other night, I saw her mom naked and she doesn’t have any hair down there.

You saw her mother naked?

Yeah. She came in and kissed Kerie goodnight at bedtime, and she kissed me too. She just took a bath, she said, so she was still naked.

She was?

Uh-huh. But how come she doesn’t have any hair down there, like you do?

Oh, uh, well, that’s probably because she shaves it off. Some women prefer doing that.

How big do I have to be? How long until I get hair, I mean?

Um, that just depends. It’s different for everyone. For me, it started coming in when I was about 11, I think. That means it probably will be a few more years for you.

Okay. Can I see your thing now, your clit?

Mmm, ahh, yes… whew, it seems like it’s getting warm in here. Does it feel warm to you?


It’s just me, I guess. Sort of a hot flash or something. Anyway, let me try to show you now. Here you go. Lean down now and look close. See it right there? That’s Mommy’s clit.

Will it get big if you rub it? Like mine?

Uh, well, probably.

Show me, okay? I wanna see.

Well, except, the thing is, honey, if I start rubbing it, I… well, I might get pretty excited and not want to stop.

What do you mean?

Have you…?  No, I suppose you haven’t.

Haven’t what?

Had an orgasm. Do you, well, do you even know what an orgasm is?

Nuh-uh. What is it?

It’s, um, it’s what happens when you rub yourself, or if someone else rubs you, or maybe licks you, and then—

Licks you?!

Yes, that’s, well, that’s one of the ways to stimulate your clit. For someone to do it for you, I mean. They can rub it with their fingers, or they can sort of lick it or suck it.



Can you do that with me?

Um, well…… that’s where I think we should draw the line, sweetheart. Let’s just do this. I’ll go ahead and show you how I rub myself, and you can watch me, and tell me if it looks like my clit is getting bigger, okay?

Okay, that sounds good.

Here we go. You can get down close if you want to. I’ll spread my legs, and you can watch.

All right.

Move in real close, baby girl.


Watch Mommy now. Look at my clit. Watch what happens when I rub it. Mmm, it feels good. See how it’s growing, swelling, getting big?


You like watching Mommy this way, honey?

Yeah, I do.

Want to watch Mommy come?

What do you mean?

I mean, um, have an orgasm. If you want, I’ll let you watch me have an orgasm, okay?


I want you to watch me, baby. I like it. Watch Mommy play with her pussy. Watch me rub my clit. Watch me.

You’re doing it fast.

Uh-huh. It feels so good. Mommy’s getting close. Mommy’s gonna come for you, baby. Want to watch Mommy come?


Watch me. Watch me. Look at Mommy’s pussy, little girl. Look at Mommy’s — oh god! OHH!! UNNHHH!! AHH!!!


Ooohh, mmmm, oh my god, oh my god, that was so good…

You got really wet, Mom. Did you pee?

Uh, no, honey, I didn’t pee. I’m all sweaty now too, whew. But, uh, that stuff, well, it’s something else. It’s something that happens to women sometimes when they come.

It came out a lot. Made the sheets all wet.

Yes, I know. I can wash them tomorrow.

It smells good.

You like how it smells?

Uh-huh. But what’s pussy?


You said ‘pussy’, play with your pussy. Is that the same as your clit?

Well, no, not really. Usually when we say pussy, we’re talking about the vagina, you know, the opening down here. But it can mean sort of the whole thing too, all of it.

All right.

You wanna see Mommy’s vagina? You know what a vagina is, don’t you?

I think so.

You have one too, of course, but it’ll look different from mine. Here, baby, let me show you Mommy’s pussy, Mommy’s vagina. I’ll pull my lips open and let you see everything. Do you like it?


Um, you know, sweetie, sometimes when I rub my clit, when I play with myself, I’ll push a finger or two up inside my vagina, like this. Deep inside.


Mmmm, god, I’m so wet. I love doing this. It feels so good. I love to fuck my pussy.

Isn’t fuck a bad word, Mommy?

Well, yes, sometimes it is. Usually. But when you and me are together like this, privately, we can say that and it’s just fine. All right?


Get down real close and watch again, okay?

All right.

You want to watch Mommy fuck her pussy, little girl?


Wanna see Mommy come again?


Can you, will you say it for me?

What do you mean?

I like hearing you say it. Tell me what you want.

Um, okay… I want to watch you rub your clit, Mom. And I want to see you, um, fuck your pussy. Fuck your pussy for me, Mom.

Yes, baby, yes, baby, say it again!

Fuck your pussy, Mom! Fuck your pussy!

Uh-huh, uh-huh, I’m getting close — watch me, baby, watch Mommy come!!

Fuck your pussy, Mom!!


Wow! It —

Ohhh, ahhhhh, mmmmmmm…

Wow, Mom, you got like, I mean, some of that stuff got on me that time. It sprayed all over my face, in my mouth.

Oooh, oh, um, sorry, honey…

It’s okay, I don’t mind. I like it. It tastes good.

You like it?


You like how Mommy’s pussy tastes?

Yeah, I do.

Mmm, god, I… I don’t know, but I think maybe we should stop now.


You should probably go to bed now, sweetheart.

How come? I don’t want to.

Well, because I… I may want to do some other things with you, things that I really shouldn’t do.

Like what?

Uh, it’s just…

Please, Mom? I don’t wanna go to bed yet.

You don’t?

No, please, can’t I stay up? Can’t we do more?

Well, then, uh, all right, how about this? Would you like to show me your pussy again? Show me how your clit gets big when you play with it?


Um, lie down, all right? On your back. That’s good. Spread your legs wide. Ooh, you’re so pretty.

Thank you, Mommy.

I love to look at you. In fact, can I tell you something?


Well, you know you said how you liked it when I was washing you earlier, in the shower? The way I was rubbing you?


Um, see, the truth is, I don’t do that only to wash you, to make you clean. It’s also, because, well, because I like how it feels. Touching you, I mean. I love touching you down there, honey, rubbing your pretty pussy. It gets me excited.

I like it too. I wish you’d do it more.

Do you?


Mmm, all right, so… let me get down here close. I want to look at your clit, watch you while you play with yourself, okay?



Yes, honey?

Are you gonna keep rubbing yourself too? The way you are now?

Well, yes, I might just do that. You don’t mind, do you?

No, I don’t mind.

But right now, show me your clit, little girl. Mommy wants to see your clit. Mommy wants to watch you touch yourself.


Mmmm, god, you are so beautiful.

Thanks, Mom.

Play with your clit. Yes, that’s right, sweetie, keep doing it. Ooh, I can see it growing, getting big. Do you like how it feels when you rub yourself?


You’re so pretty, so sexy. Can I… I think I want to kiss you, okay?

Kiss me?

Yes, I want to kiss your pussy.

You do?



Mmm, such a pretty pussy…


All you all right?

Yeah, it’s just, um, when you kissed me that way, it made me sort of feel all funny inside. Like electricity or something.

Did it feel bad?

No, not bad, just funny. But I liked it. Do it some more.


Oooh!! Mom, do it again!!

Mmm, I love kissing your pretty pussy, licking your sweet clit…

Do it again!!

Mmm, so nice…

Mom, it’s — Mom, I’m —

More kisses for baby girl, more kissing and licking…

Mom, Mom, Mom, I’m gonna — ohhhh!!!!

Yes, yes, yes, oh my god, you taste so good. Mommy’s pretty little girl, coming in my mouth.

Mommy, did I…

I think you did, sweetheart. I think you had your first orgasm.

Wow. It’s just… wow…

Mmm, that’s so hot. I have to — I really need to come again, honey. But, uh, I’m just gonna get up on top of you here, okay? Just like this. I want you to see Mommy’s pussy up close, when I’m right on top of you.


Look at Mommy’s pussy, right in front of your face. See how I’m fucking myself?


You want to kiss me, baby? Want to kiss Mommy’s pussy?

Really? Can I?

Yes, honey, I want you to. Kiss Mommy’s pussy, little girl, right here. Kiss Mommy’s fucking pussy.


Oh my fucking god, yes! Do it again!

Mmm, mmm…

Jesus Christ, it feels so good. Look at your pretty face, your little mouth, right on my fucking pussy. So hot!


Will you say it for me?


Tell me you want to kiss my pussy.

I do. I want to kiss your pussy, Mom. I like kissing your pussy.

Mmm, yes, do it again. That’s right. Oh my god, so nice. And say it again.

I wanna kiss your pussy, Mommy, and I wanna lick it too. It tastes so good!

Yes, baby, yes, baby, lick my pussy. Lick Mommy’s pussy. Lick my fucking cunt!

Your cunt?


I love your pussy, Mommy! I want to lick your fucking cunt!

Okay, uh-huh, right there, don’t stop, keep licking me… don’t stop, don’t stop, right there, uh-huh, right there… ohmygod ohmygod I’m gonna come in your mouth!!!

The End


36 Comments on Getting Big

  1. Sylvie says:

    One word: 3 syllables: DEE-LISH-USSSS :p

  2. Quinlan says:

    Niiiice. Makes me feel like a perverted detective listening to wiretap or something.

  3. Matthew says:

    Nice. I want to read more about Kerie and her mom and maybe all four of them.

  4. Summer says:

    Oh my, I absolutely adore this one. Keeping it as simple dialog was brilliant.

    The way the mother spoke, the way her desire became more urgent, voicing the taboo nature of what was happening, admitting to her daughter (and herself) what she so badly wanted….Wow.

    It reminds me of one of my favorite chapters of Secrets, I think it was 12, where Jae was talking as she rubbed her pussy on Kerie…


    Oh, and mom getting her little one to talk dirty to help push her over the edge…So good!

    Thank you, NM! Makes for a very happy New Year!

    • Evan says:

      Totally agree, Summer 😉

    • Lisa says:

      YES! I thought the SAME thing! Loved that part where she was rubbing on Kerrie’s chest and talking dirty while her mother watched!! Also an early chapter of “the Joy of Looking” (Chapter 4) where her mother jilled right on top of her face only inches away. This “Getting Big” story is fantastic! Thank you so much! Just perfect!

  5. Evan says:

    Loved this first time, exploration, and going down the rabbit hole. Love the naughty nature, and the love, passion. Great times..

  6. kaiakitty says:

    I love stories where a mother teaches her daughter just like that. 🙂 Now I just have to get back to my own writing.

  7. Tray21 says:

    Your stories never fail to make me tingle in all the right places.

  8. Margaret says:

    Such a lovely scene, a mother and daughter gently exploring each other. What a thrill it would be for her to initiate her daughter into the joys of self-pleasure and mutual pleasure giving.

  9. eloquent delinquent says:

    Amazing scene, clever characterization. I know firsthand that exercises like this are difficult (the writing, I mean – licking a darling pussy is as natural as breath), but you make it look effortless.

    Great job, NM! This is why you’re the standard every other Lesbian Lolita author aspires to!

  10. Thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments! I wasn’t sure I could make this story work, or that anyone would like the unusual style, but it seems to be okay. 😀

  11. Provita says:

    What a naughty mom you are. Love your stories.

  12. JetBoy says:

    VERY nice. Amazing what one can accomplish by stripping a story down to its bare bones. That’s awfully hard to do, though… so kudos to Naughty Mommy for pulling it off so well!

  13. 14u2h82 says:

    Telling a story just with dialogue is very difficult. You did a great job, NM. It was like radio for the eyes, and it was super sexy.

  14. Thanks, 14u2h82, and JetBoy, and Provita — it feels really nice getting so much positive feedback!

  15. PestoPosta says:

    … you know, here I was quietly planning on simply lurking (forever) and enjoying, but I stumble upon this simple tale, good god…

    and well, I had to let you know, you did me in in one story. :3

    I did not even make it to the end of the story. X3

    … and I usually read through about 6+ chapters of yours before the little death. XD (not a slight against your skill, just a strong will, or something XD)

    On an related note, for the love of god never stop writing, I am so happy to have found you (ditto this site). I suspect you know just how hard it is to find sites that cater to this particular kink. And you do it so stunningly well, so… more please… and never stop.

    If I maybe so bold as to ask, please if not continue (I know you are hesitant to do so, as you do not wish to stagnate) at least finish The Joy of Looking, you have no clue how disappointed I was not to finish at the finish. XD

    … oh, and thanks for getting me into bed before 6am this time around XD

    PS: You know, I might have to give this kinky writing thing a shot, now that you forced me into commenting. XD

    • Thank you, PestoPosta. I’m glad that something finally brought you out of hiding and into our comment space. 😀

      As for Joy of Looking, I really do plan to finish that story someday, and I apologize for putting it off for so long. Your encouragement might get me to move that up in my writing schedule a little bit.

      • PestoPosta says:

        Well I am a lurker by nature, so I am likely to crawl back under the bed, and go back to lurking, but who knows.
        Just know I will always be here reading, and enjoying. :3
        (For some reason I feel under the bed is the best place to lurk around here. XD)

        *fingers crossed*
        Well be encouragement, ideally to continue it, ;3
        133 chapters is just not enough to keep me satiated. XD
        I need my Dana and Chelsea, Julie and Hannah, Julie and her mum, the Victoria Secrets girls fix.

        The characters could grow up, and continue the story;
        I am sure/hope you already thought of that. X3
        I would love to see Julie and Hannah with a family of their own. :3
        Molly getting to play with their kid… makes my toes curl thinking about it. X3

        Also I would not worry too much about repetition; repeating something as delicious as your descriptions can only cement the imagery in the mind’s eye… and by the time the 100+ chapter rolls around the old will be new again.

        Hell you could even intentionally repeat with Julie and Hannah’s children. I am sure you can see parallels. X3

        Also also Secrets more please. X3
        … just more in general… but more Secrets specifically. XD

        … and maybe a new series, “The Adventures of the Victoria Secrets’ Girls”… a bunch of one shot, short sweet and smutty stories, just a thought. :3
        Something about them… never gunna be able to walk past that shop and not think of them. X3

        ok I'ma stop gushing now. XD

        Nothing to apologize, you are writing this presumably on your free time, putting it up, and ask nothing in return for it.
        I am just happy to read whatever it is you write. :3

        On a related note is there a way to see a full list of an author’s works here… been trying to find one and if there is one it is not obvious to me. :/

        • On a related note is there a way to see a full list of an author’s works here… been trying to find one and if there is one it is not obvious to me.

          Er, well, if you click on the designated tabs at the top of the page you can see all of my stories, or all of Cheryl’s, or all of JetBoy’s. Our guest authors have all their stories itemized under Other Authors. Is that what you were looking for?

  16. Steve says:

    Wow that was so hot. I love the naughty talk. Makes me wish I was a 7 yr old girl and you were my mommy.

  17. Frank says:

    With so many comments, do you need any more? I’ll say my piece anyway. Another arousing story from the naughtiest mommy I know. Loved the dialogue, using dirty language, and putting it into the mouths of children is a real turn on for me, and you did it beautifully. Thankyou.

  18. Kerry says:

    Wow. Wonderful. This story was the cherry on top of a lazy Sunday morning in bed. I feel like Ive just had my ear pressed to a door, listening to a very kinky conversation.

    I was having second thoughts about reading these stories but temptation and curiosity always gets the better of me lol

  19. Georgia_Jordyn says:

    OMG you need to write more about everyone in this story

  20. lisa says:

    so ive read many stories like this and many are great some could use a bit more work and getting to the point quicker like your story

    it didnt take to long before the plot showed up witch i love but i was curious when people right these type of stories here does the righter right what they only fantasize about or are they stories that comes from experience?

  21. Tim says:

    Wow, what a wonderful story to re-post. No messing about, straight to the point, and hugely erotic and arousing. I have read it before, but OMG it is certainly one to read again. And I might add it wasn’t just reading that I did to it!!!

  22. sue says:

    Yes agree with Tim very much. I never could through this story in one setting and I still can’t. A classic.

  23. Erocritique says:

    This may be the dirtiest most beautiful story on JS. So immediate and raw. Sometimes less is truly more.

  24. Oldman says:

    Naughty Mommy is the best , I love her stories

  25. Peter says:

    When is there going to be a part two

  26. Klayre says:

    Uhhhhhh wow

  27. Birdie says:

    One of the hottest!

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