Darkness Falls, Chapter 4

  • Posted on November 26, 2016 at 4:14 pm

By Girl Lover

In her bed, Susan had been trying to fall asleep but couldn’t. She kept seeing Elena’s cute face smiling at her, her buds poking through her shirt, her pale legs. She became aware of her hand sliding towards her vagina. She didn’t mean to, it just happened. Moving the first three fingers slowly in a circle, she pressed down on her clit when suddenly she heard the door open.

She froze, quickly looking through the darkness of her room to the door as it closed. Suddenly anxious, she called out, “Elena?”

The bed squeaked as something pressed down on it. “It’s me,” Elena’s voice came out of the dark.

“What’s wrong?” Susan asked uneasily.

She could feel the bed jostling as the pale form came closer and stopped right beside her. Susan looked at Elena sitting beside her in the dim light. There was something about the way she looked. Her clothes were too white.

Susan reached her hand out towards Elena’s chest and touched bare skin. “Are you naked?!”

She felt the sheet being pulled back, then felt her breasts being gently grasped.

“What are you doing?!” Susan asked fearfully.

“I’ve seen how you’ve looked at me.” Elena’s whisper sounded next to her ear, even though Elena was still upright beside her. “You can do more than just look.”

“Elena… you shouldn’t be doing this.” Susan grasped Elena’s hands.

“Why not?” Elena answered, continuing to squeeze.

“Because…” Susan pulled her hands away from her breasts. “Because I shouldn’t be having these thoughts about you.”

“But I’m having thoughts about you too,” Elena said. “I want to do this. How is it wrong?”

“We barely know each other.”

“We trust each other with our lives.”

Susan was running out of reasons for why they shouldn’t do this. Elena lay down beside her. Susan turned to look at her, “Elena?”


“You really want to… for us to… make love?”

“Don’t you?” Elena countered.

This made Susan think about what she really wanted. Susan bit her bottom lip in thought, “But what will it mean for us? I mean we’re friends, so if we do this… what will we be? Girlfriends?”

“I would like us to be.”

“But I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what to do,” Susan told her worriedly.

“I’ll show you.”

Elena raised up and slowly leaned over.

Susan stared wide-eyed as Elena came closer, thinking, ‘Is she going to kiss me?’ She pushed her head back into the pillow as Elena’s lips pressed against hers. ‘Ohmygod, she is kissing me!’ As Elena’s lips slowly caressed hers, Susan didn’t move, partly out of shock and partly because she really didn’t know what to do.

Elena pulled back and asked, “How was that?”

Susan thought for a few seconds, trying to put it into words and the only thing that came to mind was, “Nice.”

Elena smiled as she leaned over and once again gently pressed her lips against Susan’s. This time, it wasn’t as shocking to Susan and she accepted it. Still not knowing what to do, she just lay still while Elena gently pinched her lips with her own and licked her lips. Then as Elena continued to kiss her, Susan began moving her lips slightly as she relaxed and let her feelings take over. Elena stretched out, a leg between Susan’s legs, lying partially on top of her.

Feeling Elena’s body on hers, Susan slowly reached out with her hand and touched the bare skin of Elena’s side. Her hand recoiled at first at the touch of her skin, still unsure as to whether this was right, but she reached out again. As her fingers felt Elena’s body, they delicately traced along her contours ever so slowly. Coming to the swell of her bottom, her hand moved across and just inside her crack.

As she comprehended that her hand was on Elena’s bare butt, that’s when she gave into her lust and accepted what was happening. They were going to do it! They were actually going to have sex!

Wrapping her other arm around Elena’s back, she moaned as her breathing became heavier. Despite her limited experience in kissing, she went with her feelings and mouthed Elena’s lips, trying to match what Elena was doing to her.

Elena’s lips soon moved away as she kissed her way down Susan’s neck. Susan watched as Elena pulled her nightgown off her shoulder, exposing her left breast. Then as Susan watched, Elena leaned over and placed her mouth on it.

“Oww!” Susan suddenly cried out as she jerked in pain.

Elena swiftly pulled away. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It’s my stupid fangs!”

Seeing her worried look, Susan quickly told her, “I’m okay.”

“I forgot about them,” Elena said quietly.

“It didn’t really hurt that much. It just surprised me.” Susan felt sorry for Elena who was looking so remorseful. “Hey, uh… can I see them? Your fangs.”

Elena looked surprised, “Really? You want to?”

Sniffing in embarrassment, Susan nodded shyly. Elena smirked at her, then opened her mouth, raising her upper lip.

Susan’s eyes widened in astonishment, “Wooow….” In a whisper, she asked, “Can I… touch it?”

“Sure!” Elena suppressed a giggle at Susan’s awe.

Susan reached out and gently poked the point of one of the fangs, then expressed, “Hey, you’ve got fangs in your lower jaw also!”

Unable to hold back her giggle at that comment, Elena said, “I know.”

Elena grasped Susan’s breast again, then slowly lowered her mouth to it, being careful not to bite. Susan watched as she kissed and licked the breast, creating a stirring in her loins. Elena slowly moved downward, kissing the beautiful woman before her while pulling her nightgown off.

Susan scarcely breathed as her body was uncovered by this little girl who was gazing at it almost in reverence. Susan no longer felt ashamed of her feelings, felt only the lust which was quickly building within her. And when Elena laid her face between Susan’s legs, it was too much. Almost immediately, her muscles tensed up and her breathing became heavier.

The faint stirring in her loins swiftly became an overwhelming torrent, causing a warbling wail to erupt from her mouth, “UUUUUUUGGGHHHH!!….” Susan gripped the bedsheets tightly in her balled fists as her back arched in the air, and continued to wail until, as Elena released her, she slowly sank back into the bed, completely drained.

Gasping for breath, she could only lie there for a minute until her strength returned. Elena rose up, her face wet with Susan’s juices. Grinning broadly, she crawled over and lay down beside Susan. Susan turned to look at her, but upon seeing Elena’s sweet face covered with her juices, she winced, quickly apologizing, “OHMYGOD!! I AM SO SORRY! I can’t believe I did that…”

Elena licked it off her lips, “I like it.”

“Here, let me wipe it off…” Susan reached over to the nightstand for a tissue.

The girl reached out, taking Susan’s hand, “No, don’t. I like it.”

Still disgusted by the mess on Elena’s face, she said, “At least let me wipe your mouth.” She reached over and grabbed a tissue before Elena could object, then wiped Elena’s mouth like a mother tending to her baby. Then she looked at Elena, not knowing what to do and too embarrassed to say anything.

Elena asked, “Would you like to touch me?”

Susan looked at the girl’s chest, then slowly put her hand out but stopped halfway.

Taking Susan’s hand, hovering in midair, Elena brought it to her breasts. Seeing the worried look in Susan’s eyes, she quietly told her, “It’s okay. Relax. I want you to touch me.”

As Susan’s hand lightly brushed across the tiny buds, she pulled back at first, but Elena held it against her breasts, gently moving Susan’s hand back and forth over them, letting her become accustomed to it.

Quickly getting over her reluctance, Susan stared longingly at the nipple that she delicately traced circles around, while occasionally dragging her finger across it. Elena lay still, watching Susan in her exploration as she became bolder with each passing minute until finally, she slowly leaned down and kissed it. With her heart pounding, Susan kept kissing it, then kissed the other breast. Partly in lust, partly in veneration, she made love to Elena’s breasts for the sheer beauty that they were; a pale white hill topped by a pink knob. She nuzzled against Elena’s chest, sliding lower towards that secret spot that Susan had been longing to see.

Hardly daring to breathe, she gazed at Elena’s sex as it lay before her. Then feeling more confident than ever, she touched it. She sucked in her breath and flinched at the thought of having touched a young girl’s vagina, then she reached out a second time and touched it again. This time, she didn’t pull back but held her finger there, running it along the closed slit.

Elena’s legs opened, allowing her to see more. Susan glanced at Elena, who was watching her with a slight smile. Suddenly feeling shy, Susan guiltily smiled back and turned again to the pale closed lips between Elena’s legs that were opening up to reveal the pinkness inside. Susan reached in, feeling the soft, hot wetness. She ran her finger around, feeling every part of it. Looking up at Elena, she asked, “What did you do to mine?”

“I licked it.”

Susan’s face took on a look of disgust, “You licked it?”

“Yea. Don’t worry. It’s not dirty.”

Susan lowered her face down to it and sniffed. It didn’t smell bad, so she gingerly stuck her tongue out and touched it. And found that it really didn’t have much of a taste. It was warm, wet, and a tiny bit salty, but that was it. So she gave a small lick and looked at Elena for approval.

Elena smiled, “Yea, just like that.”

Susan stretched herself out between Elena’s legs with her mouth just inches from Elena’s sex. She touched it with her finger, gliding along the inside, going deeper and then pulling her finger out to smell it. Not smelling anything disagreeable, she again cautiously leaned down and gave it a lick. Elena let out a slight gasp, encouraging her to keep licking.

Susan licked a few more times and watched as Elena’s legs opened up and her breathing quickened. Excited by how she was turning on this little girl, Susan began licking in earnest, then as her lust took over, she pushed her face firmly against Elena’s vulva.

Elena threw back her head as her eyes squinched tightly shut. As she felt herself cumming, she opened her mouth wide, and uttered an unearthly scream.

Susan suddenly flinched and jerked her head up to look at Elena, who was gripping the wrought-iron bed frame behind her, twisting it so that it tore loose from the poles. As Susan looked on in shock, Elena opened her eyes and saw Susan staring at her, terrified.

Looking up at the iron bar in her hands, she gasped, “Oh damn… I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!”

Quickly jumping up, she turned around and looked at the bent bed frame and the torn piece in her hands. Wincing silently, she breathed out in frustration and laid the metal bar down on the bed. She turned to face Susan. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have grabbed it.”

Susan could only stare at the bent and torn metal pieces that used to be her bed frame. “Jesus…” she mumbled under her breath.

“I’m sorry,” Elena repeated.

Susan turned from looking at the pole to focusing on Elena’s face, “It’s okay… it’s… I’m just surprised by how strong you are.”

“You aren’t mad that I broke it?” Elena anxiously asked, her face wincing.

“No… no…” Susan quickly told her, then shyly asked, “So I made you orgasm?”

Elena smiled, walking over on her knees, then pulling Susan to her, “You made me cum… so hard.” She gently pulled Susan down with her so they were lying beside each other. As they lay on their sides, each facing the other, Elena gently poked Susan’s breast.

“I can’t believe we did that!” Susan exclaimed. “So, this means we’re girlfriends?”

Elena nodded.

Susan stared off into space, “I’m a lesbian now… a pedophile lesbian.”

“I don’t see it that way,” Elena told her. “You don’t like women or little girls. You like me. And I like you.”

They lay together for several minutes, enjoying each other’s company, till Elena said, “I have to go feed now.”

Susan’s eyebrows raised in surprise, “I forgot… I was thinking how we were going to fall asleep here, and I forgot that you still haven’t eaten.”

Elena raised up, telling her, “I’ll be back in a little while.” She began to get out of bed, but then quickly turned around and knelt down and kissed Susan. Then she got up and went to her room to get dressed.

Just before leaving, she poked her head in. “Bye.”

“Bye,” Susan smiled. As Elena left and the door closed, Susan reflected on everything that just happened. Her first sexual experience. Not with a man. Not with an adult. But a little girl. A little vampire girl. Was she in love? They had only known each other for two days, but in those two days, she had become so accustomed to Elena that she couldn’t imagine being without her. Susan, the woman who was afraid of everything, in love with a vampire.


It was approaching midnight when Elena opened the door and walked back inside the apartment. She had gone down to the train bridge nearby where she sometimes saw stray dogs. She had found one but it wasn’t a quick kill, and she had gotten pretty messy in the process.

“Elena? Is that you?” she heard Susan’s voice from the bedroom.

“Don’t come out!” Elena warned.

“Why not?” Susan asked.

“Because I’m…”

“What —” Elena heard Susan say just as she stepped out, looked over at Elena and stifled a scream. Shutting her eyes, she quickly turned away.

Elena told her, “Lemme get in the bathroom!”

As Susan went back in her room with her eyes still squeezed tightly shut, Elena quickly ran to the bathroom and pulled off her bloody clothes. Turning on the shower, she washed the dried blood off her arms, face, and hair. After drying herself off, she was about to walk out when she saw the toothbrush on the sink and remembered about brushing her teeth.

Looking at the mirror and opening her mouth, she saw red streaks in between her teeth, “Yea, I guess I better brush them.” After she finished, she stepped out naked, first carrying her clothes to the laundry basket in her room, then going into Susan’s room.

Susan was seated on the side of the bed, dressed in her nightgown. She glanced up as Elena stepped in.

“I’m clean again,” she told Susan, walking towards her in the darkened room.

“Ohmygod! That was the grossest thing I have ever seen,” Susan muttered. “I’ve never seen so much blood. I nearly upchucked my dinner.”

“I’m sorry,” Elena said quietly. “I guess I’m just used to it.”

Elena came over and stood in front of Susan, who was still sitting on the side of the bed. As Susan gazed at the naked young girl before her, she quickly forgot the disgusting mess that Elena was just minutes ago.

Taking hold of Susan’s gown, Elena slowly pulled it up till it caught where Susan was sitting on it.

“Can you stand up?” Elena asked.

As Susan stood, Elena continued pulling the gown off over her head, then dropped it on the floor. Using her hands, Elena gently guided Susan back down on the bed. Then she crawled up on the bed on her hands and knees, straddling Susan. Bending her head down, she laid gentle kisses on top of Susan’s breasts and then her lips, before stretching out on top of her. Susan’s arms came around her as each made love to the other using their hands and lips till they lost all sense of reason and became two rutting animals, grinding their bodies together.

With their gasping moans breaking the silence, they quickly worked themselves up into a frenzy and exploded together. As Susan came, she held Elena’s body tightly together and pushed her vulva hard against Elena’s thigh as she let out a whimpering moan. Then, exhausted from her effort, her arms dropped listlessly onto the bed and she lay still, breathing heavily.

Elena slid off, keeping her arm and leg on top of Susan so she could hold her. Susan opened her eyes, staring at the ceiling for a few seconds, then whispered, “That was incredible.”

Turning her head to look at Elena, she asked, “How do you do that to me?” to which Elena smirked shyly.



Susan looked over at the clock. 6:30. Groaning, she reached over and turned it off, then lay back. She had stayed up too late last night.

Turning to her side, she saw Elena grinning at her. A smile broke out as Susan turned over, facing her. “Did you just stay up all night watching me?”

Elena nodded happily.

Susan sighed happily as she cupped Elena’s cheek, “As much as I want to stay here with you, I need to go to work.” She leaned over and kissed Elena, holding it. She felt Elena’s arm come around her, than slide down her body till it stopped between her legs. Elena’s hand instinctively pushed inwards and Susan’s legs opened, seemingly with a mind of their own.

Susan giggled then pulled back, “Okay, we need to stop or I’m really going to be late.”

Elena groaned with a pouty look on her face.

“We have tonight,” Susan reminded her, then threw back the sheet and got out of bed.

Elena watched her for a few seconds then followed her to the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” Susan asked.

“To take a shower with you.”

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

“I don’t mind,” Elena told her.

“Well, I do. Besides, I need to get think about getting to work, not playing around in the shower.” Seeing the disappointed look on Elena’s face, she reminded her, “I’ll be home soon.”

Elena, somewhat satisfied, nodded and went back to the bedroom.

After her shower, Susan made herself some breakfast and brought it to the bed to eat. When she finished, she suddenly became aware of her window. Even though the curtain was closed, she went to the closet and took a blanket that was folded neatly on the shelf and carried it over to cover the opening.

Turning to Elena, she asked, “Is that good?”

Elena nodded.

As Susan started getting dressed, she noticed Elena fighting to stay awake, but nodding off. Coming over and sitting down on the bed beside Elena, she stroked her hair and whispered, “Go to sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

As Elena’s eyes closed and she fell asleep, Susan looked down on her lovingly, and smiled at the sight of her hyperventilating. She quietly stood up and finished getting dressed, then going to the door and turning out the light, she took a last look at Elena before leaving. As she watched her sleeping soundly, with her rapid breathing, she wondered as to this new relationship.

‘Just a few days ago, I was alone in this world. And everyone was human. We only have a few hours together every day. With her being nocturnal, her diet, and hoping there are no crosses nearby when we go out, this relationship will have its peculiarities. Other people have a man or a woman. I have a little girl… who happens to be a vampire. But despite what it is, I’m in love with her. And when I get back, I will wait for the darkness to fall so she will wake and we can be together again.’



16 Comments on Darkness Falls, Chapter 4

  1. Quinlan says:

    Hrmmm, don’t know how I feel about this ending. It seems rushed. Other than this ending it was really good.

  2. PoppaBear says:

    This is not a genre I know anything about (vampires, not lesbian erotica) but I can see why it ended there, Quinlan.

    We naturally want more, because we enjoy the effect it has on us, but a relationship had been established between a shy woman who hid from the world and a creature from another world who had to hide. Short story writers are allowed to do that.

    • Quinlan says:

      I’m not questioning why it ended where it did. It’s just after the slow buildup it felt rushed.

      • John bridger says:

        Thank you for a beutful story. I have read and reread it several times. I belive it to be true by the way you have writen it. Thank you. Love. JOHN xxxxxxxx. 🌄 🏝

  3. Sola says:

    Nooooo, I wanted more.
    I was finding this very interesting.
    I hope you come back to this and expand on it.

  4. Girl Lover says:

    I know the ending seems rushed and it really is. By this point in the story, I had run out of ideas and was eager to get started on my new story. I wanted to continue this story. I really did and still do, but I simply don’t have any ideas on what to write about. I thought about maybe Susan could adopt a puppy and Elena would have to fight the temptation of eating the puppy. It would be sorta comical, but it wouldn’t be long enough to mean anything to the story. Another idea would be if Susan’s parents were to visit for Christmas, but still, I couldn’t think of anything meaningful to the story. If any of you can think of something, I would appreciate it.

    • Johnbridger says:

      I know it was writen 4 years ago but I live in hope that you will find a story line to continue this beautifull story I love it. Love. JOHN xxxxxxx

  5. PoppaBear says:

    Thank you, Girl Lover, as an author, for explaining to us how these things work.

    Just because we have enjoyed something, we think you should keep the story going, but, as you have shown, that’s not always or often, possible.

    We have so many really good authors here that we are a bit spoiled and as a former editor I am grateful to you for pointing out to readers that when the well is empty you can’t go on.

  6. Personally, I like the ending just as it is. It brings the story to a lovely conclusion, ending on a sweet, hopeful note. ❤

    I’ll admit that when I first read this piece after it was submitted, I too wanted more chapters. In fact, I urged the author to write more. But now, after reading it through several times in the process of copy editing, it feels just right to me. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  7. David says:

    What a perfect ending to the story. They finally made love (or lust lol) and now have the rest of Susan’s life together. I love how erotic and well written the love making was. Thanks Girl Lover and I look forward to your next story.

  8. Girl Lover says:

    Thank you all for your comments. It will be at least a few months before my next story because it’s really long and I want to wait till the whole thing is finished before I submit it.

  9. snowy says:

    Nice work. Like the others I would love to read more, but I have to agree that it would probably fall victim to the over subscribed romantic vampire memes. Looking forward to your next submission….

  10. Jordynles says:

    OMG loved this but definitely hoping for more too so fingers crossed here…

  11. Annah says:

    I am not into sci-fi or fantasy stories at all so I reluctantly opened, what a surprise! This was a beautiful love story. Thank you!

  12. erinzeasy says:

    Excellent, simple, straightforward, well written, Thank you.

  13. John Bridger says:

    Sutch a beutifull love story . I loved it from start to finish. I have reread it several times and still enjoy it. Well done. Love JOHN

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