Secrets, Chapter 11

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By Naughty Mommy

As planned, Rose stopped by our house a little after 11:00 on Sunday morning to pick up her daughter. She seemed surprised and a bit flustered to find Jae there, but quickly recovered.

While Jae was giving the woman a warm hug and then a lingering, somewhat sensual kiss on the lips, I noticed both Melissa and Kerie watching closely. It was likely they were wondering, as I had earlier, where this relationship might go.

Rose was blushing when the long kiss ended, but she smiled at Melissa and asked, “So, did you have a good time?”

“Yeah, the best!” replied the girl.

“Good, I’m glad. Now get your stuff, we have to go.”

“Wouldn’t you like to stay for a while?” I asked. “Have a cup of coffee?”

“No, I’m sorry, I really would, but I can’t. Emily’s out in the car. She’s appearing in a fashion show at the mall this afternoon and we’re running late. We’ll do it another time, okay?”

“Of course, whenever you’d like. You’re always welcome here.”

We said our goodbyes and they were on their way.

“So,” said Jae, as I shut the front door, “what do you guys have planned for the day? Any chance I can tag along?”

“Um, well,” I began, “I really want to talk with you, with both of you, about a few things. Let’s go sit down, okay?”

“All right,” Jae shrugged.

As we started toward the living room, I asked my sister, “Oh, do you want some more coffee?”

“No, thanks. I’m good.”

Kerie and I sat on the couch, Jae in a chair close to us. She was wearing a pair of my sweatpants along with one of my old t-shirts. Her feet were bare.

“Okay,” I began, “the first thing is, I want to ask you, Kerie, sweetheart, about what you and Melissa did last night, in your room. You can tell me anything, whatever it is, and I promise I won’t get mad. Whatever you did is fine, okay?”

Kerie nodded.

I turned to Jae. “She and I already had a talk about this,” I explained, “and agreed that we weren’t going to have any secrets between us, not about things like that. We do have to keep some stuff, you know, private from other people, but not from each other.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Jae, smiling.

To Kerie, I said, “All right, so, do you want to tell me what you guys did?”

My little girl frowned, looking up and off to the side, as if trying to remember. “Well, um, we played Barbies, and we played house, and we played school, and we tried on clothes, and we played shopping, and, um, and we did do one thing — I hope you won’t get mad.”

I patted her knee. “No, I already told you, I won’t get mad. You can just tell me, whatever it was. Go on.”

“Okay, well, um, after you and Aunt Jae went in your room, me and Melissa got hungry, so we went out and got some cookies and we took ‘em back to my room. Was that bad?”

“No, honey, it wasn’t bad,” I chuckled. “I know I usually say you’re not supposed to have food in your room, but that was sort of like a party last night, having Melissa sleep over, so it’s just fine, no problem.”

She looked relieved.

“But what I really meant to ask is whether you did anything else with Melissa. Anything like, you know, the kinds of games you and I play with each other in bed at night.”

Kerie grinned. “Yeah, we did.”

“Okay. What did you do?”

“Well, it was after we got in bed. She slept in my bed, both of us together. And um, I told her how you and me always sleep, you know, naked, with nothing on, so that’s what me and Melissa did too.”

“All right. Anything else?”

“Yeah, um, I showed her how we do that. How I lift up one leg and rub myself against you. Or how you do that with me. We tried it both ways, but it didn’t really work. Not like it does with you.”

I couldn’t help but smile, feeling such love for my precious daughter. I rubbed my hand along her leg, caressing her thigh. She was in a little sundress, very short. Her skin felt soft and warm.

“When you say it didn’t work,” I asked gently, “do you mean you didn’t have an orgasm?”

“Uh-huh,” Kerie nodded. “We didn’t. Not then.”

“Not then…? What do you mean?”

“Well, um, Melissa told me at home she uses her teddy. She gets on top of him and rubs herself on him, kinda like how I do with you. That’s how she gets orgasms.”

My eyes went wide. “Wow, she told you that?”

“Uh-huh, and she showed me too.”

“She showed you?”

“Yeah, with my monkey. She did it with him instead.”

“Oh my gosh. Did it work? I mean, did she actually come?”

“Uh-huh,” Kerie smiled. “And then I tried it too, on him, except I didn’t like it that much. Not like with you.”

“Wow, okay… so, was there anything else? Anything else like that, I mean? Or is that all?”

“That’s all. She just did that with my monkey one time, showing me, and then I tried it too, and then I tried it on her some more. But then after that we stopped and just talked and stuff. We tried to keep awake, but then we fell asleep.”

“All right.” I gave my daughter a big hug, rubbing and patting her back. Then I kissed her on the lips. “Thank you for telling me all about everything, sweetheart, for not keeping secrets. I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome.”

I took a deep breath and slowly let it out, feeling happy and proud of myself. I’m a good mom.

Then I turned to Jae, “Did you have anything, maybe, to add, or anything to ask?”

“Not really. It does kind of remind me, though — Kerie’s story of what they did — it kind of reminds me of when we were kids, some of the stuff I did with you.”

I nodded, “Uh-huh, me too.”

“But you know,” added Jae, “as long as we’re all telling each other everything, I guess I really should tell you, Kerie, about the, uh, the date I had with Rose last night, with Melissa’s mom.”

“Ms. Beddingdon,” said Kerie.

“Yes, that’s right,” Jae smiled. “Ms. Beddingdon. Anyway, she came over and we had dinner at my house, and we had a real good time. We, um, we also did a lot of kissing, and well, we had sex. I don’t want to keep secrets like that from you, since it seems we’re not supposed to.”

“Are you in love?” Kerie asked, innocently.

“Oh, uh, not really, not like that. I like her very much. We’re friends, and I’ll probably be seeing more of her, but I wouldn’t really say we’re in love. Just friends.”


I winked at Jae, then turned back to my daughter, patting her knee. “Now, honey, the next thing… you told me before that you thought it might be fun to, you know, to play our game with Aunt Jae sometime. Would you still like to do that?”

“Uh-huh,” Kerie nodded eagerly, eyes bright with anticipation.

“Jae?” I said. “Are you still up for that? You don’t have to, of course, if you don’t want to.”

“Oh my god, are you kidding? I’d love to!”

“Good. Well, then, I think now would be the perfect time. We have the whole afternoon free, nothing else we need to do. But do you, uh, do you think you guys would like to be alone when you do it? Or is it okay if I’m there too, with you?”

“Oh, I think you should be there,” said Jae, “definitely.” She was perched on the edge of her chair, elbows on her knees, looking eager.

“Me too,” agreed Kerie. “All three of us.”

“All right,” I said. “And, um, so, do you want to go in the bedroom? Or, I suppose, do it here? Jae, which would you prefer?”

“Hell, anywhere,” she laughed. “Except, you know, now that I think about it, how about in Kerie’s bedroom? Would that be okay?”

“Sure,” I nodded. “Why not?”

Kerie clapped her hands. “Yay! We’ve never done it in there before. We’ve done it in bed, in Mommy’s bed, I mean, and in here, too, right here” — she patted the couch with her hand — “and in the kitchen, kind of, except not really. But we never did it in my room yet. That’ll be fun!”

My daughter’s face was glowing. She was bubbling over with excitement.

As we entered the bedroom, Jae looked slowly around, taking it all in — the pink curtains, the My Little Pony wallpaper, the Barbie Dreamhouse — and nodded with approval. She’d been in Kerie’s room before, of course, but not that often and not recently.

“Uh-huh, just perfect,” she smiled. “A little girl’s bedroom, perfect.”

I was pretty sure I knew what my sister was thinking. Playing ‘the game’ with Kerie in a room like that would emphasize what she was doing — the forbidden thrill of having sex with a child, a little girl. Never mind that the room was a total mess, with dolls and clothes and toys strewn everywhere. If anything, that made the contrast with an adult’s bedroom even plainer.

“So, how do you want to start?” Jae smiled at Kerie.

“We have to take our clothes off first.”

“Okay. That’s easy.”

Jae pushed down my borrowed sweatpants, stepping out of them, then whipped the t-shirt off as well, flinging it away. She wore nothing underneath. “Ta-da!” she exclaimed, holding out her arms.

“Yay!” clapped Kerie, laughing. “Okay, my turn now!”

My little girl pulled her loose sundress over her head, then quickly skimmed her yellow flowered undies down, kicking them off. She jumped up in the air and landed with her feet wide apart, arms stretched out. “Ta-da! Ta-da!”

“Hurray!” Jae and I both applauded.

“Mommy, you should get naked too,” said Kerie.

Jae nodded. “I agree, she’s right.”

“Really? Well, okay,” I shrugged.

I was wearing shorts and panties along with a tank top and bra. After thinking a moment, I felt inspired to do my undressing in a manner different from theirs. First, however, I glanced at the window, wondering if I should pull the shade down, then decided not to. Kerie’s bedroom faced the backyard, but there were lots of trees and shrubbery out there and the yard was fenced. No one could see in.

So, as I started singing kind of a stripper tune — “Bum-ba-bum, bum-ba-bum” — and gyrating my body, I unbuttoned and unzipped the shorts, then gradually turned my back to them, still swaying, wagging my behind and easing the shorts down my legs, stepping out of them. Then I grabbed my butt with both hands, shaking it.

Kerie and Jae laughed and cheered. They were sitting side by side on the unmade bed.

Facing away from them, humming and swaying, I pulled the tank top slowly up and off, then reached back to unhook the clasp on my bra. I shrugged the straps from my shoulders, but held the cups over my breasts as I slowly turned toward them again.

Smiling and licking my lips, I leered, “You want to see more?”

“Yeah!” cried my sister and my daughter.

I let the bra fall away and took my breasts in my hands, jiggling them, lifting them up, licking my lips again as I looked at my erect nipples.

“Oh my god!” Jae exclaimed. “I didn’t know you had this in you!”

Giggling, feeling very happy and very dirty at the same time, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties and began peeling them down, inch by inch, as sensually and seductively as I knew how.

When my smoothly shaved mound came into view, Jae cooed, “Ooh,” and Kerie joined her, “Ooh!”

Then my pussy lips were revealed. They were sticky and wet.

“Nice,” said Jae.

“Yeah,” Kerie agreed.

I pulled the panties the rest of the way down and struck a little pose, receiving loud applause.

“Okay, that show’s over,” I said, smiling. “Now I want to watch you two play the game.”

“All right,” Jae nodded, turning to Kerie. “What do you want to do first?”

“Tickling!” my daughter immediately declared.

“Tickling?” asked Jae.

“Yeah. You lay down and I’ll get on top of you and you tickle me.”

“Okay, sure.”

As Jae shifted around, lying on her back, head on a pillow, and as Kerie climbed on top of her, giggling, I had to remind myself once again that my daughter was still just a little girl, only 8 years old. She liked playing games, real games, not necessarily sexy games, but fun things like tickling. This might lead to other things — it would, of course, and she would enjoy those too, very much — but I really wanted to remember to play with her more in bed at night, not just have sex with her.

While I was musing, they got going. With their height difference — my sister was  5’8” and Kerie only 4’4” — Kerie’s face was about at the level of Jae’s breasts as she lay between her legs. That made me wonder for a moment if I would see any nipple-sucking that afternoon, and I certainly hoped I would. But for now, Jae just started tickling her, at the waist, under the arms, at the neck. Kerie squirmed and shrieked in delight, laughing wildly.

This went on for a minute or two, until Kerie was out of breath, almost sobbing in pleasure, her whole body trembling. I saw a sheen of sweat on her back. She lay for a few moments, panting, cheek resting on Jae’s chest. Then she raised her head, and said, “Now kissing.”

“Okay,” Jae nodded.

Kerie moved up a little higher until their lips were almost touching. “I like kissing,” she said to my sister, before they began.

“So do I,” said Jae. “I like it a lot.”

Their mouths came together, lips apart. Both were using tongues, right away. I could hear soft moans, along with wet slurping sounds. Jae stroked Kerie’s back, one hand sliding down to grab a small butt cheek.

I stepped closer to the bed, licking my lips, taking my breasts in my hands, pinching the hard nipples. Then I pressed my thighs together, clenching the muscles, making my clit tingle.

Should I do it? Should I masturbate, right there in front of them? Well, why not? Jae had seen me do it before, as had Kerie of course. I moved my feet slightly apart and put a hand between my legs, rubbing my clit, the other hand massaging my breasts.

On the bed, my sister and my little girl were kissing with even more urgency, sucking at each other’s mouths. Jae had both hands on Kerie’s bottom, squeezing hard, fingers reaching into the crack.

Kerie finally broke the long kiss. “Now? Should we do it now?” she panted.

“Do what?” asked Jae.

“You know, um, the game. Me rubbing on you.”

“Oh, uh, sure. Yes, absolutely.”

Kerie wriggled down until their mounds were at the same level. Jae’s legs were spread wide. I could see that she was very wet, pussy lips gleaming.

Before starting, Kerie glanced up at me, a huge smile on her face. I winked at my daughter and blew her a kiss. She giggled, then returned her attention to Jae, and to the game.

“I like doing this,” she said.

“Okay, good. I can’t wait,” Jae replied.

Kerie began moving, just the way she did with me, pushing her vulva into Jae’s sex, sliding up and down. From this angle, I could see that her buttocks would tense with each upward thrust, muscles tightening. I wondered if that stimulated her clit, as it would with me, or if she was still too young for that.

“Mmm, god,” sighed Jae, “so nice.”

I pushed a finger inside my own pussy, crouching slightly, groaning in pleasure as I reached deep, finding the g-spot and teasing it. With my other hand I rubbed my clit.

Kerie’s pace was increasing. She had her hands on Jae’s shoulders, supporting herself as they tribbed. My little girl’s eyes were closed, her face pinched in concentration. Would she be able to come? I hoped so — I wanted to see that!

“Uh-huh, uh-huh, do it, baby,” hissed Jae. “Fuck me, fuck my cunt!”

Kerie slid up and down, up and down, now making little squeaking noises that I could hear along with the slippery wet sounds of pussy on pussy.

I slid a second finger inside my hot vagina, pumping in and out. I was quickly getting close.

It looked like Jae was just about ready as well. Her cheeks were red, face shiny with sweat, eyes squeezed shut, head twisting from side to side as she panted, “Yes! Yes!”

I fucked myself hard, palm slapping against my vulva. Kerie fucked Jae, faster and faster. The room was filled with the aroma of pussy and with the sounds of hot girl-girl sex.

Suddenly Jae cried, “OH! FUCK!” her body jerking in rhythmic spasms. She was climaxing.

Kerie’s squeaks became a single long squeal. Then all at once she went rigid, holding her breath, face turning almost purple. She gasped and shuddered. My little girl was climaxing.

I fucked my own cunt as fast as I could and rubbed my clit, fingers flying. I wanted to come with them, so badly. And then I was there, over the top, exploding into orgasm.

Somehow I managed to keep my feet. I stumbled a bit as I came, both hands clamped between my legs, sticky juices oozing from my pulsating vagina, dripping off my fingers. When it was nearly over, and I was able to relax somewhat, I reached out, finding the mattress. My eyes were still closed, the tremors not yet finished.

I sat on the edge of the bed, tenderly patting my pussy, soothing it, taking a final deep breath and then opening my eyes.

Jae had her arms wrapped around Kerie. They were kissing again. I smiled and licked my fingers, tasting myself. It made me so happy to see them that way — the two people I loved most in the world, sharing affection, giving one another pleasure. I’d clearly made the right choice, deciding to allow this. And how could I not? If they both wanted it and both enjoyed it, as they obviously did, why should I stand in their way?

I knelt on the floor, close to them, placing a hand on my little girl’s shoulder. “Hey, you two?” I asked softly. “Having a good time?”

Kerie turned toward me, licking her lips. “Yeah, that was fun, Mommy. I liked it.”

“I liked it too,” Jae grinned, and comically rolled her eyes. “Ohh, how I liked it!”

I laughed, giving Jae a kiss on the lips. Then I nuzzled Kerie’s nose, kissing her as well. “So, what’s next?” I asked.

“I wanna do it the other way now,” my daughter answered immediately, “with Aunt Jae on top, and, you know, my leg up high.”

“Okay,” I nodded. “That sounds good.”

They rearranged themselves, with Jae getting up and Kerie taking her place, lying on her back with one thin leg held straight up. Jae mounted her, straddling Kerie’s thigh, pressing their pussies together.

It was amazing to see. I wasn’t quite ready to come again yet, but I gently massaged my sex, playing with myself as I watched my sister fuck my little girl.

Jae came twice that way over a span of about fifteen minutes and Kerie came once as well, somewhere in the middle between Jae’s orgasms. Although I hadn’t really expected to — hadn’t thought I was close enough yet — when I saw Kerie start to come, I reached climax too.

The feeling surged up all at once, bursting over me. I couldn’t stop it, and of course I didn’t want to. I loved it. It’s so incredibly erotic to be there with your own young daughter as she has an orgasm. Every mother should experience it.

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