Close-Ups: Images of Desire, Chapter 1

  • Posted on August 29, 2016 at 11:17 am

By JetBoy (with babykeiko)

It was warm in the photography studio beneath the dazzling intensity of the lights, but eight-year-old Lynn, Linnie to her mother and nearly everyone who knew her, was used to it.

She’d been an experienced model for years, posing since she was a toddler in ads for children’s clothes, toy catalogs, family restaurants and the like. Linnie was popular with advertising agencies for her cherubic face, long, full-bodied hair, golden-hued skin, and a certain adorable aspect that just couldn’t be faked. The camera loved her, and that love translated into steady work for the little girl.

But this session was special. In the last few months Linnie had become the preferred child model of one of her regular photographers, a woman named Alex. They worked together frequently for commercial shoots. Recently, though, Linnie’s time with Alex had drifted more and more into the realm of private photography, posing for snapshots not meant to be seen by the public. There was a smaller, private corner of Alex’s loft that she and the child would move to after the work was done. There several cameras waited, loaded and ready.

A pattern quickly developed between photographer and model — first, the regular commercial assignments, then their special session, consisting of whatever Alex wanted.

Initially, they began with little Linnie in things like cute tops and shorts, pajamas and bathing suits — but as the child grew increasingly comfortable, the outfits became skimpier, even sexier. The photographs were dreamy and sensuous, never lewd or distasteful.

Though Linnie had been a little uneasy at first with the intimacy of these private sessions, she quickly came to enjoy them much more than her regular modeling jobs. First of all, she loved the attention from Alex — whose full name was Alexandra, though Linnie always addressed her as “Miss Alex.” She was a large but attractive woman, her body soft and full, even Rubenesque. Yet she possessed a strength and assurance that gave her a truer beauty than many of the models Linnie encountered in her day-to-day work.

Linnie loved the way that Alex took charge during a shoot, never treating her like a silly little girl or calling her babyish names, the way so many of the other photographers did. Instead, the woman was very direct with her instructions, just as she would be with a grownup model. Linnie wanted to be as professional as she could, not needing to think about the job, just to be herself in the presence of someone who loved her. Linnie knew, deep down inside, that Alex did love her, too.

Truth be told, she also enjoyed the naughty outfits Alex gave her to wear — but most of all, she loved how it felt to reveal her body to the older woman. Being a child, Linnie’s understanding of sexuality was still dimly defined, but for her there was a very real thrill in modeling without wearing much in the way of clothes, and in being photographed in strange poses unlike any she’d ever attempted for toy advertisements. This work was a little bit scary but incredibly exciting, and somehow it made her feel more like a grownup than ever before. Posing for Alex in skimpy underthings gave her all sorts of luscious sensations down in her tummy. Even her kitty, that mysterious place between her legs, would become all warm and tingly. To Linnie, it was like kisses and a hot bath and chocolate — all at once!

After the first few of these special, more intimate sessions, the directions from Alex started to become physical, rather than verbal. Instead of giving Linnie instructions, the woman would often simply move the child into the poses she wanted: a leg bent this way, her arm elegantly arched over her head, her bottom teasingly presented to the camera. The girl’s heart would skip a beat as Alex silently turned her onto one side, then touched a thigh with warm, soft hands as she positioned it, her body molded and arranged to fit the photographer’s imagination.

Alex always dressed in a very casual way around Linnie. Then gradually, over the course of the shoot, the woman would somehow end up wearing less and less, though Linnie seldom saw her remove a piece of clothing. It was as if Alex magically became exposed, a little at a time — just as Linnie herself was inching ever nearer to nudity without quite getting there.

The child was fascinated with the older woman’s body, and never missed an opportunity to steal a furtive glance at the scantily-clad photographer as she snapped off one shot after another. Alex was every inch a woman, and Linnie loved to peek at her pendulous breasts, nipples clearly visible beneath the thin t-shirts she wore. Then there was her cute belly button, easily seen if the top Alex wore was short enough, nestled in her soft, slightly rounded tummy.

But best of all, Linnie decided, was Alex’s round, inviting bottom, especially when covered only by plain cotton panties. The child’s heart seemed to beat faster when she saw the shadowy line between Alex’s buttocks, occasionally detectable when she moved or stood in a certain way.

Alex kept her studio very warm — “to keep you comfy, sweetheart,” she always said. So for her to shed items of clothing while she worked made perfect sense, yet it only added to the strange, wonderful feelings that the awed eight-year-old experienced while she posed.

Once a few of these private shoots had taken place, Linnie found herself longing for Alex to take things even further than before; to tell her to take off everything, to completely expose her body. Then perhaps Alex would undress as well, giving the child a good look at what she wanted to see so very much.

To Linnie, the prospect of a glimpse at the older woman’s nudity was like a long denied, eagerly awaited treat. The child loved to look at pictures of naked women, including the ones Alex had taken that adorned this part of the studio, and it always made her light-headed to imagine what it would be like, seeing her beloved Miss Alex without any clothes on at all.

For this shoot, Linnie was on a lovely faux-antique bed with a carved oaken frame, the large mattress covered with a buttery yellow spread. The girl wore the tiniest of bikini undies, with little bow ties on the sides and two pretty butterflies on the front of the panties to conceal the outline of her babyish pudenda. Her ensemble was topped by a filmy, see-through top with spaghetti straps over her slim shoulders.

Usually, Alex’s special sessions with Linnie were conducted in complete privacy. Once the commercial work was done, the studio was cleared of onlookers, and the photographer’s assistant, who handled the lighting and makeup, was sent home for the day. So there was no one to see the titillating outfits the little girl wore, or the provocative positions Alex had her assume.

This day, though… this day was different. There was a silent witness to the sensual display.

Linnie’s mother Yukio watched from a nearby couch placed against the wall, taking in the view while Alex and her daughter worked together. And though the sofa was plush and deep, Yukio was perched on the edge of her seat, eyes wide as she drank in the lovely sight of the woman and the child, both scantily clad.

Linnie was in her barely-there bikini underthings, while Alex was barefoot, wearing only red panties and a white “wife beater” top that poorly concealed her generous breasts. Her discarded bra dangled from an unused tripod, and her nipples were so prominent beneath the flimsy top that their pinkness could be seen.

Yukio found herself enthralled by the beauty of her little girl, how the sensual nature of Linnie’s poses made the nearly nude eight-year-old seem, for the first time, like a sexual creature. But her attention, for the most part, was centered on Alex. Her heart throbbed as she gazed longingly at the full-figured photographer, who was busily snapping one shot after another.

The 35-year-old Japanese woman was smitten by Alex, and had been from the moment she introduced herself to her daughter’s new employer. As they first shook hands, Yukio was trembling inside, her body seething with desire.

Alex reminded Yukio of her very first lover, a babysitter named Sophie who had taken her to bed when Yukio had been an awkward girl of twelve.

Sophie was a gym teacher from a nearby high school, and she had been amazingly warm and friendly with little Yukio from the start. The shy Japanese preteen was a lonely child, too often ignored by her career- driven parents, while Sophie was a lesbian in her late twenties with an unsatisfied appetite for young girls.

Perhaps it was inevitable that they would become intimate. In fact, they first made love when Sophie was staying overnight with Yukio, looking after the young girl while her parents were out of town for a corporate conference.

She’d been nervous and a bit frightened at first, but when she finally understood what Sophie wanted, Yukio eagerly gave herself over to her babysitter — first, nestling in the woman’s arms, sharing soft kisses that gradually grew increasingly passionate, then climbing the stairs hand in hand with Sophie to her bedroom, where she meekly allowed herself to be undressed.

Then Yukio lay naked upon the bed, watching with huge eyes as Sophie removed every bit of her own clothing, then posed proudly for the little girl, hands resting on her shapely hips.

Yukio still recalled how her heart throbbed as she drank in the sight of Sophie’s magnificent body, so unlike the boyish frame she herself had possessed in those days. She had large and slightly drooping breasts like soft, pink pears, made for nuzzling, while her nipples were absolutely huge and pointed downward from her generous chest. She had a lovely, somewhat bulging tummy and a body with enough bulk to make her full-figured rather than fat.

Sophie had stood at the foot of the bed long enough to let her new lover have a good look, then climbed on to lie beside Yukio, taking the slender twelve-year-old into her arms and claiming her mouth in a sweet French kiss.

Their first time together was intense, driven, the lust of the woman harmonizing perfectly with the girl’s excitement. When Sophie lay between Yukio’s quivering thighs and licked wildly at the virginal slit, the dazzled child could only whimper, certain that nothing else in the whole world could feel as good as this…

The second time Sophie made love to her was all gentleness, tender caresses coupled with the feather-light touch of lips on skin, their bare bodies moving languidly together amidst the tangled sheets until Yukio came again. And once she’d regained her breath, the timid young girl became bold, eager to return the pleasures she’d been given.

More than two decades later, watching Alex and her daughter at work, Yukio shivered as she remembered the thick, dark curls adorning Sophie’s pubis, the glistening pink flesh that lurked beneath them, the warm wetness that she found waiting within the juicy slit when she fingered her new lover — and, nicest of all, the tart, rich taste when she licked it for the first time.

Still recalling the loveliness of Sophie’s sex, Yukio found herself staring at the front of Alex’s panties while the woman reloaded her camera, wondering if she shaved or not.

Yukio was only able to repeat her intimacy with Sophie on three other occasions, but these were more than enough to convince her that she was meant to love women — and sure enough, with a single exception, all her lovers and sexual partners had been female.

Her daughter Linnie had been the result of Yukio’s only sexual experience with a man; a Nigerian doctor named Okwe, who she’d met while on vacation in London not long after completing her Master’s degree. She had found him immensely charming, and was surprised to find herself allowing him to take her to bed. In fact, she slept with him several more times during her week in England. They’d always used protection, but it had clearly failed at least once.

Yukio was stunned to learn of her pregnancy a few weeks after returning to the States. For days she agonized over what to do, then finally resolved to keep and raise the child herself. Seven months later, Lynn was born.

Linnie’s remarkable beauty was a mixture of the best features of both her parents. The elegant lines of her face and the gently curved mouth came from Yukio, while the laughing brown eyes had been one of Okwe’s nicest attributes. The thick, curly hair seemed to owe more to Africa, while the golden tone to her skin was a blend of both races. Whatever her heritage, though, there was no doubt that Linnie was an enchanting creature.

Back in the here and now, a surge of renewed desire flowed through Yukio’s slight form as Alex bent forward for a couple of shots, the material of her panties stretching enough to reveal the crease between her buttocks. Yukio squirmed in her seat as she imagined herself kneeling behind Alex and kissing her bare bottom, then licking a moist path through the woman’s anal cleft.

Setting her camera aside, Alex padded over to Linnie and, without a word, positioned the child so that she was kneeling, both hands resting on her head. Once she had the pose she wanted, Alex began to rapidly snap off shot after shot, getting views of Linnie’s front and profile.

Noticing that her little girl’s nipples were quite visible through the filmy top she wore, Yukio was surprised to find that the sight of her child’s partial nudity only added to her own arousal.

It’s all erotic, she decided, all of it. The whole scene playing out before me. Alex, my daughter, the sexy underthings… it’s all part of the same living dream. She would have given anything to be Linnie at that moment: a pliable doll, there for the sexy photographer to use as she wished.

As if she intended to tease the enthralled mother even more, Alex chose that moment to arrange Linnie again, this time positioning the child on her back with knees folded sideways, fully exposing the crotch of her panties.

Although Yukio knew she oughtn’t to look, her eyes were drawn between the child’s thighs, and a shiver fluttered up and down her spine as she perceived the contours of her daughter’s sex through the skimpy underpants. Linnie had prominent labia for her age, and Yukio could detect the very slight rise of her little girl’s mound. Once again she recalled the lovely flower of Sophie’s vagina, the first she had ever seen up close, and how enchanted she had been by her first lover’s rose-hued lips…

Suddenly angry with herself, Yukio pressed the nails of her right hand into the soft skin of her thigh, willing the sharp pain to sweep away the fevered thoughts that whirled madly inside her head. Alex was the one she wanted, the object of her lust. Why, then, was the sight of her barely-clad daughter feeding that hunger?

Then an image entered, unbidden, into the shocked woman’s mind. She saw herself and Linnie in bed together, the two of them naked, their bodies gently entwined as if they had just made love. Linnie was nuzzling her mummy’s breasts, while Yukio was cupping her child’s firm little bottom with both hands.

No, Yukio admonished herself, clenching her jaw. I won’t allow these thoughts. I won’t!

Once more she gazed at Alex, forcibly banishing these fantasies of incest and pedophilia to the darkest recesses of her mind.

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  1. I’m so glad to see this wonderful story again — and it’s exciting, too, that JetBoy has revised and improved the tale since it first made its appearance at Leslita more than six years ago. “Close-Ups” is one of those special stories that was a big inspiration to me back when I was gaining the desire to become a serious writer of erotic fiction. Kudos, JB!

  2. Rube says:

    I had to chuckle when you described Alex as Rubenesque, my nom de plume. Rubens’ art has been described as having “acres of sumptuous flesh” which seems to fit Alex quite well. I am looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. DaughterLover says:

    If this is a relic from Leslita, shame on me that I missed it! Won’t make the same mistake here. It’s a wonderful start, and I can relate to the mother’s dilemma (although I wouldn’t fight it) 🙂

  4. chef says:

    Thanks. Will be looking for more.

  5. JetBoy says:

    Thanks for the copious praise! If my story inspired you to take up lesbian fiction, Naughty Mommy, that makes it twice as valuable to me.

    This is one of the stories I’m proudest of, actually. I’ve been saving it to post for a special occasion… and somehow this Monday morning seemed special enough! Hope it brings all of you a measure of pleasure.

  6. Aliciamom says:

    Oh that was wonderful!

  7. babykeiko says:

    woohooo…. it is back for an encore… it is also one of my favorites if i say so myself… this story was a great labor of love between Jetboy and me… i still have all the emails back and forth where we discussed who/what/when/how… i really wanted to make sure that my ideas, inspiration, tone and (yes) desires were represented in the right way… and Jetboy did such a wonderful job of taking my story to a whole new levels (my original is still on Leslita with all my other writings)…

    i had some experience in writing collaboratively with Louisa May and then later with Daddy’s Little Slut Muffin’… those can also be found on Leslita…

    thank you Jetboy for being an awesome friend and fiendishly talented writer… with love from babykeiko xxx

    • JetBoy says:

      Thanks and love right back at’cha, dear heart. The creative journey we shared was a lovely one indeed, a memory I’ll always treasure. One of the main reasons I posted it here was because I knew it would make you happy… and because you were sure to leave an affectionate comment like the one above to warm my flinty old heart. May your delights (both spiritual and carnal) be infinite, babykeiko! xxxx, Danny

  8. Kimberly says:

    Great story JetBoy, it was so stimulating.
    But, Part 2 wont open, can you re-post it?

  9. Kim says:

    JetBoy, your story, Close-Ups: Images of Desire Chapter 2
    doesn’t come-up, can it be re-posted.

  10. PreteenLover says:

    super hot story.

  11. mollymom says:

    just finding this now – keiko, many thanks for that! about to jump on to part two …

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