The Thunderstorm

  • Posted on July 15, 2016 at 2:25 pm

By Naughty Mommy


Kenzie woke with a start. For a moment, she wasn’t sure where she was. The dark room she was sleeping in seemed familiar, but it was not her own … and then it gradually came to her.

With a feeling of relief, Kenzie recalled what had happened.

Earlier that night, a loud storm with heavy winds and crashing lightning had frightened her so badly that she’d fled from her bed to her big sister’s room, begging Brianna to let her sleep with her, just for a while. Their mother was out of town on business for a couple of days, and even though Kenzie was 13 years old and liked to think of herself as becoming mature and independent, at times she still needed the feeling of someone she loved being close and comforting.

Brianna’s room was bigger than hers, and it seemed sturdy and safe. Not long after she’d crawled into bed with her sibling, the thunder had quieted and Kenzie had fallen fast asleep.

Now, however, it was the middle of the night, and although she could hear rain falling steadily outside the window, something else had awakened her. It appeared that her sister was perhaps having a bad dream. Her moans and movements in the bed had awakened Kenzie.


But 16-year-old Brianna wasn’t having a bad dream — she was masturbating. She had to. Brianna masturbated every night. It was the only way she could put herself to sleep.

After she got in bed and turned out the lights, she would close her eyes and begin fantasizing, running her hands over her own body as she imagined herself in sexy situations, making love with a boy — or, much more often now, with a girl. In the past few months, that had become her favorite fantasy: kissing and touching one of the pretty girls at her school. It always got her very excited and gave her the best orgasms.

An hour earlier, Brianna had just been getting started with her nightly session of pleasuring herself when her door had opened and Kenzie came in, saying she was scared and wanted to get in bed with her.

It was frustrating, but what could she do? Brianna loved her little sister, and didn’t want her to be frightened.

Fortunately, it didn’t seem that Kenzie had realized what she’d interrupted. Brianna spent a few minutes comforting her. They’d hugged briefly beneath the covers, and although Brianna was nude (she always slept that way now because it made masturbation easier), Kenzie hadn’t said anything about that. Then the younger girl had turned over on her other side and within a few minutes appeared to be asleep.

Brianna tried to fall asleep as well. She turned from one side to the other, thinking calm, peaceful thoughts, but it was no use. After waiting a long time, hoping she would eventually drift off, Brianna at last made the decision to be very careful and quiet and give herself the orgasm she so desperately needed.

Lying on her back, she closed her eyes and pretended. As she fondled her breasts, she imagined it was Mia Hansen, the cute blonde sophomore in French class, touching her. She licked her fingers and wet the tips of her nipples, rubbing them gently, fantasizing that Mia was licking her tits.

She thought of another girl, Courtney Shaw, that sexy brunette senior with the amazing long legs who always wore such short skirts. Brianna had never met her, but whenever she pictured herself naked with Courtney it made her incredibly hot.

She pretended that while Mia was sucking on her nipples. Courtney was kissing her, and that while Brianna and Courtney were kissing, Courtney was reaching under Brianna’s skirt and putting her hand inside her panties and touching her pussy. Brianna’s fingers caressed her labia as she fantasized about Courtney and Mia making love to her.

Opening her legs a bit wider, she let one finger slide into her warm folds and ease down to find the opening to her vagina. As she pressed the tip of her finger inside herself, Brianna had to stifle a small cry. She was trying very hard to be quiet, but she was so juicy and it felt so good!

She began lightly circling her clitoris with her lubricated finger and tried her best to be still, but the mattress was not firm enough to completely conceal her movements.


Kenzie wondered what it was. The bed was moving in a certain rhythm, and the way she heard Brianna breathing, almost panting, it didn’t seem so much like a bad dream but more like her sister was excited, aroused. Could it be that Brianna — was masturbating?

Kenzie knew about masturbation. She’d been doing it herself since she was 12. But that was something you did in private, wasn’t it? It had never occurred to her that you might do it when someone else was right there in the bed with you, even if you assumed they were asleep.

But as she rolled that thought around in her head for a moment, the idea of masturbating with someone else suddenly became very enticing. Just imagine how naughty it would be to touch yourself that way and have someone else — like another girl, maybe even your big sister — watching while you did it, and then you would watch her touching herself too, and you could both get excited and perhaps even come at the same time. That would be awesome!

Kenzie was wide awake now. She wanted to say something, to let Brianna know that she knew, and to ask — oh please, please, let me do it with you, let me watch, and you can watch me — but she was afraid her sister might not understand or that she would get angry. So she just waited and listened.


Licking her lips, Brianna imagined that Mia was moving up to kiss her on the mouth while Courtney was sliding down to eat her pussy. She pushed a finger inside her moist vagina, fucking herself, dreaming it was Courtney’s tongue licking her, tasting her, penetrating her.

That was such a thrilling fantasy! It was amazing how much hotter it was to think about girls instead of boys. Sometimes at school she would look furtively at Courtney in the hallway and wonder what it would be like to lie between her long bare legs and look at her cunt. Or in French class, she would smile at Mia and Mia would smile back and Brianna would wish she could pull Mia’s clothes off and touch her tits and suck on her nipples.

Several times this year it had been so bad that she’d actually had to go into the bathroom at school and make herself come because she couldn’t stand it any longer. That was really risky because it would be easy to get caught by one of the other girls, but in a way that made it even more exciting.

Now, lying in the dark and masturbating, with her little sister asleep in bed right beside her, knowing that she was going to make herself come, and that if she wasn’t careful Kenzie might wake up and see what Brianna was doing — but maybe that would make Kenzie excited too! Could it be?

When she thought about that, about Kenzie watching her and getting excited, and Brianna allowing her to look at her wet cunt while she fucked herself, she suddenly had to come, soon, and she didn’t care who found out about it. She began to move her legs wider apart.


There was no doubt about it. Kenzie could hear the wet squishiness of her sister’s fingers in her pussy. She knew without question what Brianna was doing, and it sounded like she might be getting close to an orgasm. That made Kenzie extremely excited.

Slowly, very slowly, she had eased from her side onto her back. Then, as quietly and smoothly as she could, she’d slid one hand under her nightie to feel her small breasts. Her nipples were stiff and swollen and exquisitely sensitive. She’d shuddered involuntarily when she pinched a nipple and felt the shock wave of pleasure between her legs. She’d let her other hand slip inside her panties. But in order to touch more than just the edges of her soft, sparse pubic hair, she would have to open her legs.


Not realizing it, the two girls moved at the same time. As they both parted their thighs, their knees touched.

Brianna stopped still for a moment and turned her head to see if she had accidentally awakened her sister. What she saw in the dim light was Kenzie’s face looking back at her. She was awake, all right, apparently wide awake.

Kenzie spoke first. “Are you… touching yourself?” she whispered.

“Uh-huh,” Brianna nodded sheepishly, embarrassed to be caught, but really not wanting to stop. She let her moistened fingers find the tip of her clitoris as she stared into Kenzie’s eyes.

“Please don’t stop,” begged the younger girl. “Keep going. But… um… can I watch you?”

Hearing that request almost made Brianna come instantly. “You — you want to watch me make myself come?”

“Yeah,” nodded Kenzie, “and I want to do it too. With you.”

Brianna breathed a sigh of relief, then impulsively leaned over and gave her sister a quick kiss on the lips, and pulled back, smiling. “Okay, me too. But, um, do you want to do it in the dark? Or turn on a lamp or something?”

“In the light. I want to see!” Kenzie’s pretty face was beaming with anticipation.

“Okay,” Brianna giggled. “Just a minute.” She turned the other way and reached up to switch on the bedside lamp.

In the brighter light, Kenzie could clearly see her sister’s bare breasts. They were small, though not as small as her own, and round with beautiful erect nipples. Until that moment, Kenzie would never have imagined thinking what she was thinking just then: that she wanted to suck those nipples.

Brianna noticed her little sister staring at her chest. “Do you like my tits?” She cupped them in her hands.

Kenzie simply nodded, transfixed. “Mm-hmm.”

“Let me see yours.”

Though Brianna was three years older, the sisters were almost the same height, about 5’4”. Brianna weighed a bit more, because her body was more developed, but both girls were quite slender. Kenzie’s hair was blonde and straight, while Brianna’s was curly and dark brown, but they both had striking blue eyes that they’d inherited from their mother, an Irish beauty.

Kenzie sat up in bed and pulled her nightie off over her head. Brianna had to suppress a gasp when she saw her sister’s perfect little titties. They were conical, set high on her chest, with puffy nipples.

“Nice…” breathed the older girl. “Take off your panties too.”

Kenzie slipped her white cotton panties with pink bunnies over her narrow hips and down her long legs. When she was naked, she sat on her knees and faced her sister.

Brianna could see the younger girl’s swollen labia between her parted thighs. The lamplight caught glints of moisture in her downy pubic hair. It took Brianna’s breath away.

In all her recent fantasies of sex with girls from her school, she had never envisioned anyone quite as enticing as this, and never had she imagined that she would be sitting naked in her bed with such a girl — and certainly it had never occurred to her that the girl would be her own baby sister!

But there she was. And she was perfect.

It was Kenzie’s turn to notice the staring. Brianna’s eyes were fixed on her crotch. “Do you, um, do you wanna do it now?”

“Yeah.” Brianna took a deep breath, swallowed, then tore her eyes away and shifted in the bed until she was in the same position as Kenzie and they were facing each other.

“Wow, you’re like… smooth.”

Brianna looked down at her own pubis. She kept it shaved bare, the way she’d seen in so many of the lesbian videos she’d watched on the Internet. “Do you like it that way?”

“Yeah, it’s, um, really sexy.”

“I know. I like how it looks, and also how it feels when I, you know, touch myself.”

“Show me how you do it.”

“You mean how I shave?”

“Well, yeah, later — but right now, show me how you masturbate. I want to watch you.”

“Okay,” said Brianna, “and I want to watch you too.”

For half a minute, though, the girls remained still, just looking at each other’s nubile naked bodies. Finally, Brianna spoke. “Um, it’ll be easier for me if I lie down, though, ‘cause that’s how I always do it. Is that okay?”

“Sure, of course. And I’ll watch, all right?”

“Okay.” Brianna lay on her back next to her sister. Staring up into Kenzie’s eyes, she began to gently fondle her breasts, in the same way that she always started her masturbation sessions. But this time, instead of imagining that it was Mia or Courtney or one of the other girls from her high school classes touching her, she pretended that her little sister Kenzie was making love to her.

As she pinched her stiff nipples, Brianna felt her juices flowing between her legs. Closing her eyes, she licked her lips in delicious anticipation of the sexual sensations she was about to enjoy. After giving her breasts one last affectionate squeeze, she slowly slid both hands down over her belly to her hairless mound and to the insides of her upper thighs, where the skin was so soft and delicate and sensitive. She pulled her knees up, spreading her legs wide apart, giving herself access to her throbbing sex, and then she heard a groan from her sister.


Kenzie could not believe what she was seeing! In the year and a half that she’d been masturbating, her fantasies had never been anything like this. Mostly, in fact, it was a physical thing — she loved how it felt to touch her nubile body and bring herself to orgasm, and so she did it a lot, at least once a day. But whatever visions of sex danced in her head as she masturbated (when she had them at all) were somewhat generic, usually replays of romantic scenes from recent movies she’d watched, or perhaps from books she’d read. But certainly nothing like this!

As she saw Brianna begin to pull up her knees, spreading her legs apart, the younger girl felt compelled to shift her position to get a better view of what was happening. She leaned to the side, supporting herself on an elbow, and gazed down at her sister’s pussy. As she stared at the swollen labia, pink in the lamplight, she watched the lips slowly pull apart, revealing a darker center, glistening with moisture. Inhaling the aroma of her sister’s arousal, she was so overwhelmed with erotic excitement that she moaned out loud.


Brianna opened her eyes. She saw that Kenzie was leaning over her, looking closely at her pussy. “Do you like watching me?” she breathed.

“Yeah, it’s… you’re so beautiful,” the younger girl answered, without taking her eyes off her sister’s sex.

Brianna spread her legs even wider, wanting to give Kenzie the best view possible. She brushed her fingertips over the highly sensitive skin of her inner thighs, the way she always did before touching her pussy. It gave her a feeling of butterflies in her tummy. Then she brought her hands slowly together, tenderly squeezing her labia between them. It felt so good it made her catch her breath.

She heard her sister whimper, apparently with passion, and then she saw the girl’s hand moving toward her own crotch. Kenzie lifted one slender leg, allowing her fingers to caress her pussy lips, and then, as Brianna watched, Kenzie’s middle finger disappeared between her labia and she heard her groan.

Brianna moved her hands ever so slightly, sliding them side by side in a gentle sawing motion. It was a technique she’d discovered in the bathroom at school, a way she could stimulate herself quietly but effectively. It always brought her close to orgasm very quickly.


Even though it was comfortably warm in the house that night, Kenzie felt herself shivering with excitement, trembling with lust. Watching Brianna squeeze her labia between her hands, she noticed gleaming beads of moisture emerging from the crack between those beautiful lips. It was intensely arousing, and it made Kenzie aware of how wet she was too.

She moved one hand to her crotch, lifted her thigh, and touched herself. Her vulva was hot and steamy. She gently caressed her labia, then let her middle finger slide between her lips. She was so wet inside that her fingertip slid easily inward, toward the opening to her vagina. She groaned in pleasure.


The trick that Brianna used on her pussy lips at school, when she wanted to come quickly but quietly, was guaranteed to bring her to the edge in almost no time. She could just unzip her jeans or pull up her skirt and do it right through her panties. It was easy, fast, almost silent, and very satisfying. Tonight, however, there was no need to keep anything hidden. She wanted to be open with Kenzie, to let her little sister see everything, to watch closely while she fucked herself with her fingers, to look right inside her cunt when she was coming.

Brianna tried to shift a bit to her side, putting her pussy more directly in line with Kenzie’s gaze. As she did, her leg bumped against the younger girl’s elbow. To Brianna’s surprise, Kenzie responded by pushing herself up straight and then lifting her own leg over Brianna’s so she was kneeling, straddling her thigh, her wet pussy just above Brianna’s knee. Keeping her right hand at her crotch, her middle finger diddling her vagina, Kenzie used her left hand to press against Brianna’s other leg, her right leg, pushing her sister’s thighs open as far as they would go.


When Brianna dipped two fingers from each hand between her pussy lips and then pulled them apart, opening her labia and revealing the shiny pink wetness within, Kenzie gasped. “Omigod!”

Involuntarily, instinctively, Kenzie lowered her sex onto Brianna’s thigh and began humping her. She still had a finger inside her pussy, but she was pressing herself against her sister’s warm thigh. Her other hand went to her breasts to pinch her little nipples.


“You are so hot…” sighed Brianna.

Kenzie looked at her. Their eyes met and locked together. Both girls seemed to realize they were taking a big step, crossing a line, moving into uncharted territory. What they were doing was wrong, wasn’t it? And yet, and yet — it felt so good, how could they stop now?

“You are so fucking hot,” repeated Brianna.

“So are you,” answered Kenzie as she increased the thrust of her crotch against the older girl’s leg. “I’m — ah! — I’m — I’m — getting close!”

“Are you going to come on me, baby? Are you going to come on my leg?” Brianna wanted to come, badly, but even more than that she wanted to watch her little sister climax first. She held her cunt wide open with her fingers, in case Kenzie wanted to look at her again, but for the moment stopped masturbating.

“Yeah, I’m… ” the 13-year-old glanced briefly down at her sister’s wet pink pussy, and then back again at her eyes, at her lips, at her beautiful tits. She wanted to kiss her sister, wanted to kiss her mouth, her breasts, suck her nipples, lick her pussy, make love to her… “I’m, oh god!!!” and then she was coming.


It was the peak moment of Brianna’s existence up to that point. Better than any orgasm she had ever given herself, far more thrilling than any fantasy she could devise, this experience of having an unbelievably desirable young girl, so small and slender, barely pubescent — but naked, aroused, in heat, mounting her leg, rubbing her pussy against her, and then climaxing while she watched! Brianna could only lie there, her heart pounding, her mouth agape, astounded at the perfectly wonderful turn her life was taking.

“Ohhh!!! Oooohhhh….!!!” cried Kenzie.

She looked so much like a child, so thin and delicate with barely visible breasts — and yet, at the same time, fully a woman in her sexual desires — and she was bringing herself to a powerful orgasm atop Brianna’s thigh.

Brianna could feel the wetness from her sister’s pussy on her leg, could feel the girl’s hot slippery sex sliding against her. She wanted to touch Kenzie down there herself, wanted to rub her clit, make her come. Was it possible that Kenzie would actually let her do such a thing?


Kenzie’s eyes had been closed while she was climaxing, but suddenly they shot wide open. She shuddered violently, uttered a last loud groan, and then pitched forward on the bed, lying on her back next to her sister, panting and gently twitching.

Brianna watched her for a moment, then turned onto her side, facing Kenzie. As she stared at the girl’s lovely face, she slowly pressed two fingers into the opening of her own vagina. She was very wet and they slid in without much resistance. The feeling of being filled and probed caused her to moan, loudly. Kenzie’s eyelids fluttered.

Brianna’s two fingers pressed more deeply inside herself, then slid out a little bit, and then pressed back in, harder and deeper. As she began to fuck herself, she used her other hand to rub her clit. She would come, and soon.

Kenzie’s eyelids fluttered again. Brianna watched as the nubile blonde licked her lips. It made Brianna want to kiss her. She knew now that she had to have her, had to fuck her — but did that make Brianna a lesbian? Were both of them?

It didn’t really matter. Brianna didn’t care. All she knew was that she wanted to touch that beautiful young body and kiss that mouth, and the fact that she was lusting for someone of her own sex — her own baby sister! — didn’t matter at all. She would have her, she would fuck her, they would be lovers… and then suddenly Brianna was coming.


Kenzie heard cries of passion, moaning and groaning, whimpers and squeaks. Emerging from her fugue, she realized that Brianna was climaxing. She turned on her side toward her sister and watched.

Brianna’s eyes were tightly shut. Her face reflected total ecstasy, deep feelings of intense sexual satisfaction that Kenzie knew well. She smiled, happy with the thought that the two of them were now so close that they could share this joy, this ultimate pleasure together.

She could smell Brianna’s hot wetness. It brought a renewed feeling of desire to her. She wanted to come again too. She started rubbing herself.


As Brianna came down from her climax, she opened her eyes and looked at Kenzie. Their faces were just inches apart. Brianna sighed and smiled, and Kenzie smiled back at her. Removing her two fingers from inside her cunt, Brianna lifted them to her mouth and sucked on them.

“You like doing that too?” asked Kenzie.

“What, masturbate? Well, yeah…”

“No,” Kenzie giggled, “I mean taste yourself, after you come.”

“Oh. Yeah, I do. You too?”

“Uh-huh.” Kenzie wriggled a bit, pushing a finger between her pussy lips and into her vagina. Then she brought the wet finger to her mouth and licked it while looking into her sister’s eyes.

Brianna smiled again. She moved her other hand down and dipped it into her pussy, then gave herself another taste of her juices.

Kenzie did the same thing and the girls giggled, scrunching closer together until their knees and foreheads were touching.

They lay like that for a while, gently sucking on their own fingers, gazing into each other’s eyes, warm in the glow of completed orgasms, but both aware of a growing desire for more.

Finally, Brianna whispered. “I think I want to kiss you.”

Kenzie’s reply was an even softer whisper. “Okay.”

It didn’t happen immediately. They remained poised on the brink for a minute or two longer, their warm breath mixing, their passions increasing. Each could feel the pull of the other’s tempting body. They would look into each other’s eyes, then at their lips, then down to their nipples, then back to their eyes.

Brianna slowly withdrew her fingers from her mouth. She reached toward her sister, sliding her hand behind her neck, then turned her head slightly so their mouths could meet.

It was a tender, perfect kiss, but one filled with urgency. The first kiss led to another, then another. Brianna put her arms around Kenzie, and Kenzie hugged Brianna. They kissed deeply, tongues exploring, and crushed their naked bodies together.

After what seemed like a long time, kissing, sucking, nibbling at one another’s lips, the girls finally drew apart, giggling and grinning as they wiped their mouths and tried to catch their breath.

“You know what?” Kenzie said.


“I want to do it again.”

“Kiss some more?” asked Brianna.

“No, I mean, um, I wanna, you know, masturbate again.”

“You do?”

“Uh-huh, is that okay?”

“Well, yeah, but, um…” Brianna swallowed hard. She knew she was crossing a line, but she couldn’t hold back. She had to at least ask. “Do you mind if I, like, help you?”

“What do you mean?” said Kenzie, eyes growing wide.

“I mean, help you… you know, rub you. And you could do me too. We could do each other.”

“Wow! Oh my god, yes!” The 13-year-old exclaimed, her pretty face glowing with excitement.


It was somewhat awkward at first. Neither of them had any experience with other girls. Brianna had made out with boys a few times, but that was all. Both were still virgins, though neither had an intact hymen. Their fingers had taken care of that.

And now their hands and fingers were for the first time touching and exploring the sex of another girl. The sisters lay side by side, gazing into each other’s eyes, occasionally kissing but mostly concentrating on the things they could feel, what their fingertips were discovering, noticing the differences and the similarities between their pussies.

“How do you, um, how do you want me to do it?” Kenzie asked.

“Can you, like, fuck me? That’s what I like most. Put your fingers inside, two fingers, all right? As deep as you can.”

“God, um, all right.”

Brianna closed her eyes. She lifted her top leg, giving Kenzie easier access. The younger girl took a deep breath, reached a bit lower, found the opening she was looking for, and pressed a finger in. Her sister’s vagina was surprisingly hot inside, and very moist and slippery. She pushed the finger in still deeper.

“Two fingers,” Brianna groaned, “two fingers, okay?”

“Okay,” Kenzie nodded.

But just as she made the move to add a second digit, she suddenly twitched, uttering a cry. Brianna’s fingers were rubbing Kenzie’s clit and had found the precise spot. This was exactly how Kenzie liked it best. She could barely breathe, and couldn’t stop shaking. It was hard to think about anything else, but somehow she forced herself to do what her sister wanted, to give her the pleasure she desired. She added another finger, shoving them in as deep as she could, and then they kissed.


Kissing, fucking, rubbing — they were in perfect rhythm, fingers moving fast, passion mounting — the sweet smell of sex and sweat and lust permeating the night air.

The physical sensations were unbelievably intense. Both girls moaned loudly, and the sounds of their moans and of their fingers playing in the wetness between their legs was almost enough on its own to make them come. But even more than the sounds or the sensations, it was the knowledge of what they were doing — sisters having sex — that drove them so wild.

Finally they reached climax, tremendously powerful simultaneous orgasms that seemed to go on for a full minute, backs arching, hips thrusting, fingers delving, voices crying out. When at last it was over and they came back to reality, they huddled in one another’s arms, gasping for breath, foreheads pressed together, neither able to say a word for almost another minute.


Brianna spoke first. “You okay?” she panted.

“Uh-huh, yeah,” replied her little sister. “You?”

“Uh-huh. Perfect, totally perfect.”

The rain had stopped. The storm had passed. It was quiet outside.

After they shared one more soft kiss, Brianna asked, “You wanna go back to bed now? To your own bed, I mean?”

Kenzie shook her head. “No.”

“Okay, good,” the older girl giggled.

Wrapped in one another’s arms, they nuzzled, hugged, softy caressed, and soon were drifting off to sleep, blissfully content.




17 Comments on The Thunderstorm

  1. eloquent delinquent says:

    Wow, what a cute, adorable story. Loved the girls’ anxieties and how they got soothed away. The dialogue and psychology seemed very teenage, from the horniness to the fantasies to the excitement of sharing sex for the first time.

    Amazing! You really are the best, Naughty Mommy.

  2. Evan says:

    Oh. Wow. Thank you for this incredibly hot short love story. The spontaneity of it with the hidden lust coming out in full erotic and sexual expression. Hot!

  3. Sally says:

    mmm lovely story naughty mommy enjoyed reading it twice then had to get some me time in the bedroom just love your stories

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely comments. 😀 This is actually one of my older stories, something I wrote seven or eight years ago. But this is the first time it’s ever been published. I’m glad you liked it!

  5. Debbie says:

    I was intending to get up early this morning, but I’ve decided to stay in bed and read this beautiful story again. I’m absolutely dripping N.M. Thank you.

  6. sue says:

    ohhh you got me right here

    Kenzie sat up in bed and pulled her nightie off over her head. Brianna had to suppress a gasp when she saw her sister’s perfect little titties. They were conical, set high on her chest, with puffy nipples.

    “Nice…” breathed the older girl. “Take off your panties too.”

    Kenzie slipped her white cotton panties with pink bunnies over her narrow hips and down her long legs. When she was naked, she sat on her knees and faced her sister.

    Brianna could see the younger girl’s swollen labia between her parted thighs. The lamplight caught glints of moisture in her downy pubic hair. It took Brianna’s breath away.

  7. Martin Hooper says:

    I’d like to know NM if their mum would like to join in too…

    Love the story very sexy!

  8. JetBoy says:

    Very sweet, very sexy. Your extended sagas are incredible, but this reminds us that you also have the wherewithal to turn out a scrumptious short story.

  9. william chase says:

    Naughty Mommy, is there a Part Two to this Story [The Thunderstorm]? After all, the girls’ parents are still away for the weekend. My mind runs amok at what would happen in the morning, and throughout the day. Lovely short story, Thank you!

    • William, I’m very glad you like my story, and I truly appreciate your comment and your request. This tells me the characters came alive for you, since you’re wondering what might have happened with them later. However, I don’t have any plans for another chapter on this story. It seems just right to me as it is, sort of a quick peek into the lives of these girls, all in one setting.

  10. jesse says:

    These are the stories i love so much. And this one is absolutely incredible. The ones that have dozens of chapters are more about the smut, which is obviously completely okay, these are erotic stories after all, im just saying i more prefer the stories where the sex is driven by romance, passion, and first time experience. And once again i find this particular story to be just amazing. I was seriously in awe. I like all of jetboys romantic stories the best on here, but this particular story as well as a couple other of yours, are my top favs.

  11. Carli says:

    What a beautiful sweet and erotic story. Your imagery of these two cute young girls took my breath away and had my own fingers extremely busy reading this ~blush~

  12. Stewart says:

    Thank you for wonderful short story. Loved the fact that the two sisters were having fun together.

  13. kim says:

    Definitely worth a reread. Sue had read it before and it was new to me. So I enjoyed what was to me a new Naughty Mommy story. Sue enjoyed it since it was mostly forgotten to her.

    A beautiful story of sisters loving. Erotically and lovingly written.

    Kim & Sue

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