More Than Just Friends, Chapter 1

  • Posted on July 10, 2016 at 2:41 pm

By Jeneee

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in April 2007 }


“Mommy, Mommy, can we go into the hot tub? Puleeeeease!”

These were the first words out of the mouth of my eight year old daughter, Emily, as she came charging through the side door of the kitchen, screen banging behind her, and a shy looking girl of about the same age, whom I had never seen before, tagging along beside her.

“Whoa, sweetie,” I laughed. “Slow down. Who is your friend?” I asked, as I glanced at her over my shoulder.

“Oh, yeah, sorry, this is Pam, she’s my new best friend at school. Started today.” I smiled to myself, thinking: Best friends in one day? Don’t you just love kids.

My hands were deep in the sink washing dishes, but I reached for a nearby towel and dried them quickly, walked up to Pam and shook her soft little hand as I looked into her deep blue eyes. She had long, wavy blonde hair that reached down to the middle of her back and was wearing a flowery blue dress that wasn’t exactly the kind of outfit that most of the girls wore to Emily’s school, and I suspected her mom would dress her a little differently the next day once she found out. In contrast, Emily was wearing her favorite baggy beige pants that were a little too loose on her and bared her cute belly button, a short black tee on top.

“Pleased to meet you Pam. And welcome to our home.” She blushed. I don’t think she was expecting that kind of greeting.

“Hi,” she managed, before glancing down at her feet. Oh well, Emily would soon get her out of her shell if I knew my daughter.

“Mom, can we, puleeease? I told Pam we had a hot tub and she’s never been in one before,” Emily pleaded, with that hard to refuse look on her cute face.

“I suppose it will be okay,” I replied. “Run along upstairs and get changed.” Emily shrieked and charged from the room with Pam glancing at me behind her, as if waiting for permission from me.

“It’s okay, sweetie, you can go too,” I told her, watching a sweet smile form on her face as she left the kitchen mouthing ‘thanks.’

I wonder what kind of home life she has? I found myself musing, as she followed Emily upstairs. She seemed very reserved, unlike most of Emily’s friends who seemed to think they were part of our family whenever they visited. It wasn’t unusual for them to stay for dinner, or even for a weekend sleepover if their parents allowed. I sometimes felt like their mom away from home.

As I returned to the dishes Emily yelled down to me from the top of the stairs. “Mom, Pam doesn’t have anything to wear in the hot tub. Can I lend her one of my bathing suits, or can we just go in in our undies?” Drying my hands yet again, I walked to the bottom of the stairs and looked up at Emily who had already stripped to her panties and was peering down at me.

It doesn’t really matter, sweetie,” I replied. “But the only other bathing suit you have would probably be too small for Pam since you wore it last summer, and it was already getting too tight for you then, remember? That’s why we bought you a new one this spring.”

“Okay, then we’ll just have to go in our undies,” she replied, and ran back into her bedroom again. I returned to my dishes once more, glancing through the window to make sure the hot tub was still uncovered. My girlfriend and I had used it the night before and had forgotten to cover it when we came in. I thought she might have done it this morning before she left, but she hadn’t. I smiled, remembering that she had left in such a hurry. I’d kept her in bed as long as I could and she was frantic about being late for work when I finally let her go, pissed at me, but happy all the same.

Suddenly the thumping of little feet pounding down the staircase brought me back to the present and two little girls streaked past me, naked except for their panties, through the kitchen door and out onto the back porch where I heard them screech as they splashed into the hot tub. Their giggles swept through the kitchen window, followed by shrieks as they splashed one another gleefully. Well, I thought, Pam has sure come out of her shell quickly.

I soon finished my kitchen chores and went outside to see how they were both doing, finding them both sprawled out side by side, with only their heads above the surface of the water. By now, Emily had turned on the jets and the surface was clouded with bubbles, hiding the rest of their bodies from me.

“So, Pam, how do you like being in a hot tub?” I asked, crouching down beside them.

“Mmmm, it feels so great. I wish we had one at home,” she replied, closing her eyes and kicking her feet in the water.

“Hey, you kicked me,” Emily wailed, splashing Pam who giggled and kicked at her again. Emily splashed her back and soon both girls’ faces were soaked, hair plastered to their bodies, squirming together in the water.

“You’re welcome to come over anytime,” I told Pam, amid the screeching. “You seem to fit right in here,” I laughed, and started to walk away back into the house.

“Come in with us, Mom,” Emily yelled after me. “Only you have to wear your undies too, so we’re all equal,” she added, laughing. Pam giggled and punched Emily in the shoulder for being so outspoken.

“Can we get something to drink, Mom?” she added, before I could answer.

“You’ll have to get it yourself while I change. There’s juice and soda in the fridge if you like.”

“Ooooh, so you are coming in with us then, yeah, yeah!” she chanted, climbing out of the water to fetch some drinks for them from the kitchen. I watched as she ran by me — Never walk when you can run at that age, I thought — water dripping from her, panties clinging tightly to her slim body, leaving nothing to the imagination. I turned and smiled once more at Pam before following Emily inside, wondering what I should really wear in the hot tub, not sure that I should just be in my panties and bra with a new girlfriend of my daughter. What might she tell her parents?

I followed Emily into the kitchen. She was standing in front of the open refrigerator deciding what to take, finally selecting a couple of sodas for her and Pam. “What are you going to have, Mom?” she asked.

“I’ll just grab a glass of wine when I come back down, sweetie,” I replied, smiling at my now shivering wet girl. Her panties had slipped inside her slit a little and clung tightly, showing off her puffy girlish mound. I hugged her to me, cupping her little bum as I kissed her cheek.

“I like your new friend. She seems really sweet, hon. Hope you stay friends with her.”

“Yeah, she’s fun Mommy, and I think she likes you too,” she smiled, pulling away from me and giggling at my now wet clothes from hugging her so closely. “So, what you gonna wear, Mom?” she asked slyly. She’d seen me in my undies many times of course, even naked once in a while, but she didn’t know if I’d be so open with Pam there.

“You’ll see,” I teased. “Now run along before Pam wonders what happened to you.” And off she ran, screen door slamming behind her as usual. I climbed the stairs to my room, deciding, What the hell, it’s only underwear, and it covers as much of me as my bathing suit anyway. Anything to give the girls a giggle.

I took off my shorts and top and left them on the bed. As I reached the kitchen I went to the wine rack and selected a red Merlot, pouring some into one of the plastic wine glasses we had bought especially for use in the hot tub. Armed with my wine, and dressed in only my bikini panties and bra, I slipped through the kitchen door and joined the girls beside the hot tub. Our yard was quite sheltered from the neighbors so we didn’t have to worry about prying eyes, something my girlfriend and I took advantage of frequently when we ‘tubbed’ naked.

I noticed Pam staring at me as I appeared, and again I wondered if I should have put on my bathing suit. When she caught my eye, she quickly averted hers and I thought I even detected a slight blush, but it was hard to tell for sure because both girls were glowing from the heat of the tub. I placed the wine glass on the deck and climbed into the tub beside the two young girls, feeling the warmth of the water wrap cozily around me.

“So, how do you like your first time in a hot tub, Pam?”

“It’s so nice, and I love the bubbles,” she smiled back. “I’ve got a jet right behind me and it’s, like, massaging my back,” she giggled.

“Yeah,” added Emily, “you can squirm around and get massaged anywhere if you like,” sneaking a peek at me as if she knew I knew what she meant.

I wonder what she knows? I thought to myself. She been spying on me? My girlfriend and I are pretty skilled at ‘getting jetted,’ as we refer to it. My clit just loves the feeling, and I’ve experienced orgasms many times, either together with her or by myself. I even had one once when Emily and I were in the tub together one day. I had to restrain my usual exuberance with her present, but she noticed my closed eyes and flushed face and asked me if I was okay. I’d told her I was fine, just relaxing, and she seemed to be satisfied. But not half as satisfied as I was. Now I wondered if she knew all along.

Pam giggled at Emily’s comment, and this time I was certain she blushed. I took a sip of my wine and began to wonder just how much she and my daughter knew about the pleasures of sex. Little did I know then that I was soon to find out.

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  1. Evan says:

    lovely intro – excited for the rest!

    • Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

      I agree, Evan. Intriguing. I wonder if we are on our way to a mummy-girlfriend-daughter-girlfriend liaison?

  2. Lisa says:

    Another exciting, beautiful story! I love your work!

  3. kraM says:

    Nice gradual start. Don’t care for the spoiler tease at the end but I guess I should know it’s coming. I was afraid the story was going to say mom and daughter had been doing it already. Glad to see that it didn’t.

  4. sue says:

    Yes, a classic. Great to read again.

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