The Temptation of Julie, Part One

  • Posted on June 4, 2016 at 2:09 pm

By Alice Gee

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in July 2008 }

Julie Brown stood over the island in the center of her kitchen preparing vegetables. She heard the screen door slam behind her and then the excited chatter of young girl’s voices.

She turned to see her 11-year-old daughter Carrie walk through the door arm in arm with her best friend, 10-year-old Tina.

“Well, good afternoon, girls. How was the day at school?”

“Fine,” replied Carrie indifferently.

But the response from Tina was entirely different. She untangled her arm from Carrie’s and ran towards the older woman.

Julie knew what was coming and quickly placed the serrated knife onto the worktop. She quickly opened her arms as Tina ran up to give her one of her trademark hugs.

This was the typical greeting that Tina gave to all of the people she met, friends and strangers alike. Julie did not know what effect it had on other people but she knew that it had an overwhelming effect on her. Her heart raced and a pleasurable tingle emanated from her pussy.

Tina rushed into Julie’s arms and threw her arms around her waist while reaching with her lips to place a wet kiss on the Julie’s cheek.

Julie’s arms went around the young girl and she placed her hands on Tina’s hips, all the while wishing she could let her hands roam down and grasp the firm, rounded cheeks of Tina’s young bottom.

“Hello, Mrs Brown. I am so happy to see you again.” Tina gushed whilst squeezing Julie’s body.

“And I am happy to see you, little one. You are always welcome here. But you know you gave me the same greeting when I saw you this morning.” Julie smiled down on the enthusiastic youngster while her nipples hardened and she knew that her pussy would be leaking fluids to stain the crotch her white hipster briefs.

“Do you mean you don’t want me to give you a hug?” Tina pouted while staring up into Julie’s eyes.

“Of course not, my lovely. I am always pleased to get a hug from you. It makes my day.” Julie stated, though she was wishing that the hug was only the prelude to more pleasurable things. Things that would lead to getting this young temptress naked and lying on the bed, her knees in the air and Julie nestled between her thighs licking out her tight virgin pussy. A shiver of excitement passed through her body at this agreeable thought. She often mused to herself on whether she would ever get up the nerve to take her longings a step further.


She was unsure of when the little hugs that she received form Tina had turned from being amusing diversions into lustful yearnings. Certainly she had been on the receiving end of Tina’s hugs for the past three years. Since the young girl and her parents had moved into the house next door, Tina had immediately teamed up with Julie’s daughter Carrie, and as they both attended the same local school, the two girls had soon become fast friends.

Through that friendship Tina had become an almost permanent fixture in the Brown household. The fact that the Browns had a swimming pool in their yard whilst Tina’s parents did not ensured that the girl was at the Brown’s house every day during the summer and every weekend during the school year. Julie might be unsure when the change in her feelings toward Tina came about, but she knew that the desire to seduce the girl was becoming stronger with each enthusiastic hug and each soft kiss on the cheek.

“Oy, you two, when you are finished, Tina and I are supposed to going for a swim.” Carrie’s voice cut into Julie’s reverie.

Julie reluctantly dropped her hands away from Tina’s sweet young form. She looked down at her daughter’s friend, smiled, leaned forward to place a swift kiss on the young girl’s nose and said, “Go on, Tina, you know what Carrie’s like when she thinks she is being ignored.”

“Why don’t you come and swim with us, it’ll be fun,” Tina looked earnestly into Julie’s eyes.

“Maybe later, poppet. I have to prepare dinner. Now go and enjoy yourself.”

Tina quickly turned and ran to catch up with her friend. When she had caught up with Carrie she turned and treated Julie to a dazzling smile and wave of her hand. Julie’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at that smile. She knew she was being foolish, lusting after a child was a recipe for disaster. And though she had vowed in the past never to make a move on the young girl, her resolve was dissolving with every passing day and every heart-wrenching hug.


Julie watched as the girls headed towards Carrie’s room to change into their swimsuits. Tina always left her swimwear and towels at the house and had done for many years. Julie had never minded the extra laundry because she had from the very start welcomed the girl into her home, recognizing that her bubbly nature and infectious laughter was what her daughter needed.

Until Tina had appeared on the scene, Carrie had tended to be a little shy, even reserved, but Tina had soon cured her of that. The girl was a breath of fresh air in everyone’s life. With her blond ponytail, bright blue eyes, easy smile, slim attractive body and pretty features the girl was a revelation in the Brown household. She would enter the house and it was immediately turned into a place of fun and laughter. No one seemed to be immune to her.

Jimmy, Julie’s husband, had predicted within months of Tina entering their lives that the little girl would leave a trail of broken hearts in her wake as she traveled through life. Julie ruefully admitted to herself that hers was probably the first to fall for the girl’s undoubted charms.

Julie had no history of lesbian affairs; she had passed through high school and then college without ever feeling any attraction to her own sex. She appreciated the good looks and poise of other females but had never considered any of them in a sexual way. That had changed within the past three months when the amusement of Tina’s hugs had begun to take on a whole new dimension in Julie’s sex-starved mind.

At thirty-six Julie was a very attractive woman. A regular workout regime at the gym helped to keep her body trim. Her butt drew many appreciative glances when she ventured out in shorts or jeans. Her breasts were a B-cup, but she considered them perfect for her body shape. She wore her blond hair in a bob style that framed the classic good looks inherited from her northern European ancestors.

Her husband Jimmy had dubbed her ‘one hot sexy piece of ass’ on many occasions and she felt the accolade justified. She knew she looked good, she knew men desired her, but she was married; happily married to a man who loved her and whom she loved in return.

The problem was that Jimmy worked away so much. He was an oil rig worker and was invariably working overseas. Presently he was on a platform in the North Sea between Scotland and Norway. He worked a rotation schedule of one month at home, one month away. And although the money he earned afforded them a very comfortable southern California life style, the one month away turned Julie from a happy, well-fucked suburban housewife with no sexual hang-ups into a very horny, very frustrated, very vulnerable woman. She had contemplated having an affair but she felt unable to betray her husband in that way. To her the marriage vows were sacred. So she had begun to surf the internet and began reading erotic stories.

She found she was not turned on by heterosexual stories, but found that lesbian fiction piqued her interest. She was amazed how turned on she became when she read these stories. She had delved deeper until she found inter-generational themed stories and at last she knew she had come home. This was what she wanted. This was a fantasy so wild, so exciting that she could orgasm without using her fingers as she read.

She merely had to squeeze her thighs together and roll her hips as she read of the seduction of young teenage girls by middle-aged housewives, doctors, teachers — a whole slew of women loving, touching and licking young girls. When she finally found a site that dealt with the seduction of prepubescent girls, she experienced the most tremendous orgasm of her life. Even her husband, who was no slouch in the bedroom, could not bring out this feeling of euphoria.

So here she was with over two weeks until Jimmy came home again. She was horny, frustrated and in sore need of sexual relief. She diddled her clit most nights but found the experience sadly unfulfilling. She craved human contact when she made love, and although she would still lust after Tina even after Jimmy had returned home, Julie found she could control her desires while her husband gave her snatch the attention it needed. While he was away the temptation to do something foolish was becoming irresistible.


She completed the preparation of the vegetables; the meat was seasoned and placed in the refrigerator. Julie decided that she had done enough for the moment. Any other tasks could be postponed until later.

Julie decided to join the girls out at the pool. She made her way to her bedroom to change into her swimsuit. Once in the bedroom she stripped off her top and shorts, followed by her bra and hipsters.

She glanced at the crotch of her pants and confirmed her previous thoughts that her pussy had been leaking when she had embraced young Tina. Julie took a sniff of the pants and gave a little nod of approval at the scent of her own arousal.

She walked over to her full length mirror to give herself the once-over. Satisfied that she still had what it took, she donned a modest white bikini and headed for the yard.

Julie exited the house and walked over to the pool. She placed one of the sun loungers into position so that she would be able to soak the late afternoon sunshine. Before she lay down, Julie looked across at the two young girls. Her daughter Carrie was in the water lazily floating on her back.

Tina had her back to Julie as she climbed out of the pool. Her pale blue bikini bottom had crept into the crack of the young girl’s ass so that one butt cheek was completely exposed.

A small sigh escaped from Julie’s lips as she gazed on the young girl’s perfect orb.

When she reached the top of the poolside ladder Tina reached behind her to place a finger under her bikini bottom to adjust it back into shape.

Julie expelled an even longer sigh as she imagined it was her finger that was smoothing across the girl’s perfectly rounded butt cheek preparatory to running her finger into the crack of her ass and tickle the puckered rim of her little anus.

With a little shake of her head Julie lay down on the lounger, adjusted her sunglasses and relaxed while enjoying the warmth of the sun on her lightly bronzed skin. Thoughts of Tina’s smooth young body occupied her thoughts and she could feel a tingle of desire rekindle itself in her pussy.

As she lay under the sun Julie pondered the problem of how to find out if Tina would be interested in a little sex action without frightening the girl, causing an uncomfortable scene with potentially disastrous results. Julie did not underestimate the consequences of what would happen, should this all go wrong. She knew that she must tread very carefully and try to ensure that any move she made was likely to be welcomed otherwise her very comfortable life style could come to an abrupt and sudden end.

Public humiliation, divorce, even jail could result from a precipitous move on the young girl. Julie told herself that she needed to be very sure that her advances would be well received before she should make any overt move.

She knew that Tina’s young age would mean that she would have no experience in recognizing any subtle hints or suggestions. So, she needed to arouse the girl without raising any alarms bells.

How the hell am I supposed to do that? mused Julie as she reclined in the lounger.


Suddenly, she sat bolt upright as a cascade of cold water splashed down on her exposed tummy.

Her eyes flew open and she saw Tina standing there gleefully grinning as she held the glass that she had used to pour cold water onto Julie’s stomach.

“You little minx, you just wait until I get hold of you. You are oh, so in trouble,” Julie cried as her body shivered from the effects of the cold dousing.

Tina ran away howling with laughter, tears running down her cheeks as dodged between the chairs and tables surrounding the pool.

Julie took off after the laughing child — laughing herself, but determined to pay her back for the indignity she had suffered.

Julie’s longer stride soon told and she grasped Tina around the waist and wrestled her to the ground, sitting astride the girl. Her fingers immediately sought out Tina’s bare midriff and began to mercilessly tickle the young girl.

Tina’s happy laughter changed to hysterical screams as Julie ruthlessly got revenge on her hapless victim.

Gradually Julie realized the position she was in. She was astride the object of her secret desires. Her bikini clad crotch began to send pleasurable messages to her brain as it rubbed across the young girl’s bucking lower abdomen. Julie’s fingers slowly stopped tickling and began to caress the warm, smooth skin of the girl’s exposed waist.

Tina’s screams of hysterical laughter subsided as she felt the change in Julie’s finger action. She began to experience the pleasurable warmth of the smooth caresses of the older woman’s fingertips. Her head stopped tossing from side to side and she looked questioningly into Julie’s eyes, an almost pleading look on her face as she struggled to understand what these new feelings meant.

She instinctively knew that something had changed between herself and her best friend’s mother, but due to her inexperience she had no idea what those changes were. All she knew was that suddenly her skin had become so sensitive to the older woman’s touch — not in the ticklish sense, but something deeper and more meaningful.

This new feeling both scared and excited her. She felt an unfamiliar stirring within her tummy. Strange sensations began to take over her body and she wanted Carrie’s mom to keep doing whatever it was she was doing because it felt so nice, so exciting and so good. Tina had no idea what was happening but whatever it was, she did not want it to stop.


Julie suddenly pulled her hands away from Tina’s body; she looked furtively around to see if her actions had been witnessed. The only person close enough to observe what was happening was her daughter Carrie, who remained floating on her back in the pool, gently propelling herself around with short strokes of her hands and feet.

Julie rose to her feet and looked down into Tina’s eyes. She was quite unsure of what to say. A jumble of thoughts kept tumbling over themselves in her brain. One thought began to push forward and crowd out the rest. The realization that she had almost lost control. She had almost given in to her base desires and came very close to molesting the young girl. She was unsure where the resolve to break off the caressing came from but she was profoundly glad that it had arrived in time to save what could have become a very serious situation with potentially catastrophic repercussions.

She shook her head to clear the lustful thoughts from her brain and then reached down to pull the young girl to her feet and said. “Come on, you mischievous young imp, do that again and I will really give you a good tickling. I let you off lightly this time.”

Tina allowed herself to be pulled upright and lurched into Julie’s body. She grasped Julie’s hands to steady herself while she looked into the older woman’s face as if to find the answer to the myriad of questions that were swirling through her head. Something had just changed in her life — of that, Tina was very sure. What that change was she had no idea but she felt hot, flustered, and a warm tingling sensation could be felt spreading out from her young pussy.

A feeling of embarrassment crept over her. She was suddenly self-conscious for the first time in her young existence. She had always felt happy, contented and comfortable knowing that she was surrounded by people that loved her and that she loved in return but now she was conscious of her body and her near nudity. More importantly she was conscious of the close proximity of Carrie’s mom and her near nudity.

She felt a desire to reach out and caress the bare midriff of Carrie’s mom but was overcome with a feeling of shyness. A feeling that was totally alien to the young girl. Differing emotions engulfed her 10 year old brain. Her heart was pounding and she felt an almost over-whelming desire to embrace the older woman. She had always felt the need to touch people; Tina gave out hugs like other people gave out hand-shakes. But this time the need was different and did not know how to handle it.

She blurted out a very quick. “I’m sorry,” to Julie and ran to the pool and jumped in. She swam around the pool, all the while trying to make sense of what had just happened.


Julie stood there watching the child swim across the pool. The idle thought that Carrie is a very confident swimmer entered her head and was quickly displaced by the thought of what had almost occurred.

What am I to do? Julie agonized to herself. I cannot avoid the girl, neither can I bar her from the house. This is becoming more than I can bear. The temptation is too much to handle.

With that tormenting thought, Julie turned and headed for the house, deciding that she’d had enough of the sun and needed to get indoors to cool off.


If she had turned round at that moment she would have seen that she was the object of some very admiring glances from Tina as the young girl held on to the far side of the pool.

She has a very good figure, Tina mused to herself. I’ve never really noticed that before, she has nice long slim legs and her butt is very neat and nicely rounded not like most of the older women who tend to have fat asses. Tina giggled at her naughty thoughts and the naughty words that she had used.


Julie walked briskly into the house and headed for her bedroom. She closed the door behind her and started to remove her bikini. As the top came off her nipples sprang free. Julie noticed that they were as hard as pebbles and raised her hands to slowly massage both breasts. A familiar warm feeling began to spread out from her tingling pussy.

Oh dear, that young minx has got me so horny. What is happening to me? I have never felt like this about anyone before. Not even about Jimmy. Julie continued to gently massage her breasts as these plaintive thoughts coursed through her brain.

She lowered her hands to remove the bikini bottoms, lifting her feet to remove the article from her body, then brought the thin strip of material up to her face. She noted that the gusset of the bikini bottoms was soaked with her secretions. She raised the white strip to her nose and inhaled deeply. Her eyes closed as the aroma of her own arousal assailed her nostrils.

“I wonder what young Tina smells like?” Julie said softly to herself. “I bet she smells and tastes divine.”

A small shiver of anticipation overtook her body. “I have to have her. I have to know what she tastes like. I cannot go on like this. It will drive me insane.”

Julie’s hands went down to her dripping snatch. She ran her fingers through her soft, brown pubic hairs and on to her final goal, the small, erect protrusion of her clitoris.

Her fingers found the hard, little button and she pressed two fingers onto the sensitive organ. Her hand then began to rotate in a circular motion as the tingling in her pussy was heightened by her fast approaching orgasm.

The two fingers on her right hand were now furiously rubbing her ever more sensitive clitoris while the fingers of her left hand continued to rub and pinch the erect nipples of her left breast.

A vision of Tina’s creamy white butt cheek peeking out from her bikini bottoms entered Julie’s mind as her climax overtook her. A feeling of pure animalistic pleasure emanated from her hot pulsating pussy to engulf her body. Her legs buckled and she crumpled to the carpeted floor as wave after wave of intense sexual joy swept through her jerking limbs.

As Julie lay on the floor she continued to gently smooth and caress her clitoris and the hot, sodden lips of her labia as the aftermath of the fantastic orgasm slowly receded and left her with a wonderful feeling of satisfaction.

Julie raised her sodden fingers to her mouth and licked her warm juices from her fingers as her mind played over the reasons for such a state of arousal.

“Wow! That was one hell of an orgasm. This girl has got me behaving like a sixteen-year-old. I have to have her, whatever the risk. I have to have her but I need to move carefully. First, I have to get her alone and then I have to move slowly. She must not know what is going on until it is too late. I’m sure that once I get her aroused, she will take to it like a duck to water.” Julie’s inner thoughts were spoken to an empty room as she continued to slowly and gently lick every trace of her juices from her saturated fingers and hand.

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