A Package Deal, Part One

  • Posted on April 14, 2016 at 10:25 am

By Jeneee

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in January 2010 }

There was a promise of spring in the air that Saturday afternoon in late March. The sun shone brightly, causing a slight glare to shimmer from the surface of the freshly flooded neighborhood ice rink. Children of all ages dressed in a wide range of colorful outfits were out taking advantage of the good weather, the younger ones somewhat hesitant as they cautiously tested their shaky skating abilities, while the older, more experienced kids confidently sped around, gliding and zigzagging between the slower children, sometimes coming dangerously close to bumping into one or more of them in their haste to show off their prowess to their friends. Invariably someone would fall onto their knees or rump, then struggle to pull themselves up again before another skater could run into them. Here and there an occasional adult skated alongside children, holding their hands and lending encouragement as their little boy or girl slowly developed the confidence to eventually try to go it alone on the slightly intimidating ice.

Thirty-one year old Marcie Johansen had taken a break from her writing — she was currently working on a new novel for children — to get a bit of exercise that afternoon. She had just finished lacing on her skates when a commotion developed at the end of the rink closest to her.

Quickly looking over, she saw a young girl who had obviously taken a spill, lying on the ice and crying while holding her leg. A sheepish looking older boy of about fourteen, who had apparently knocked her down, was trying to help her up again, but without much success.

Marcie quickly skated over to the group that now surrounded the little girl and knelt down beside her to see how badly she was hurt and what she might do to help the poor kid up onto her skates again. “What happened, sweetie?” Marcie asked her tenderly. “How badly are you hurt? Can I help you back to your feet?”

“He bumped into me and I fell down… and my leg — it hurts,” the little girl sobbed, tears continuing to run down her cheeks causing Marcie’s heart to go out to the sweet child.

“Show me where it hurts, honey,” Marcie urged her as she looked up at the teenage boy with a frown. “You need to be more careful,” she scolded him. “You could really injure someone, speeding around the ice like that.”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled and then turned, seeming eager to skate away and join his friends. “I didn’t hit her hard, really. I don’t think she’s hurt that bad,” he said over his shoulder. And then he was gone.

Marcie looked back at the little girl, who appeared to be about eight years old, and took hold of one of her hands, asking her if she thought she could stand. At that moment, however, another woman arrived in a hurry, spraying powdery bits of ice all over Marcie as she screeched to a stop, pushing her out of the way and quickly leaning down over the child.

“What happened, baby? Are you all right? My God, I knew I shouldn’t have left you alone!” she cried in a panicky voice.

“I’m fine, Mommy. Some boy knocked me over and my knee hurts a bit, but this nice lady came over to help me. I think I can get up if you hold me,” she sniffled.

Between the two of them, Marcie and the girl’s mother were able to pull the little girl back onto her feet so she could test her leg. As other skaters continued to fly by, the two women were able to help the limping child over to the side of the rink where she cautiously sat down on a bench and rested while her mother carefully rolled up the leg of her pants to take a closer look at the injury. Her knee was swollen a bit, but otherwise she seemed undamaged.

“Is it okay with you if I check it out?” Marcie asked. “I’m trained in first aid.”

The girl’s mother nodded, and Marcie carefully proceeded to run her hand gently up the girl’s leg starting at the ankle, marveling at the smooth texture of her skin while gently squeezing until she reached the child’s knee — at which point the little girl winced.

“It’s probably just a bit of a knee sprain,” Marcie offered. “The rest of your leg seems fine, sweetie. Once you get home a little ice should help reduce the swelling, and you’ll be as good as new tomorrow,” she confidently told the girl with a smile as her mother started to roll down her pant leg.

“Thanks for all your help,” the mother said to Marcie. “I’m sorry I pushed you away at first but I thought it might have been you who knocked her over,” she added, apologetically. “I had to leave her by herself for a few minutes to use the washroom and she insisted she’d be fine until I got back. She skates pretty well, but I guess accidents can happen, especially on such a crowded rink as this one is today. By the way, my name is Kat,” she said, holding out her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Kat,” Marcie smiled. “I’m Marcie. And I suppose you’re Kitten, right?” she joked, looking at the little girl, who was now able to manage a giggle, her bright blue eyes beginning to shine in the sunlight as she started to recover from her little mishap.

“How did you know?” she replied, grinning. “That’s what Mommy calls me sometimes. She’s the cat and I’m the kitty. My real name’s Lara, but you can still call me Kitty if you like.”

“Lara is a pretty name for such a pretty girl,” Marcie told her, bringing an even broader smile to the little girl’s face as Marcie reached out her hand to shake Lara’s.

The young girl had a sweet, heart shaped face framed with wavy blonde hair clipped over her dainty ears with pink barrettes. Her lips were full and her cute button nose was adorable, as was the tiny dimple on the point of her chin. Her cheeks were now flushed from the skating she’d been doing and, all in all, she looked to be a perfect picture of radiant health.

“Thank you, Miss Marcie. You really think I’m pretty?” Lara asked, her face flushing even more, her hand still clasped in Marcie’s.

“Of course you are, my dear,” Marcie assured her, glancing over at Kat. “And I’m sure your mom’s told you that, too, hasn’t she?” she added with a smile.

“Well, she’s my mom, so she’s s’posed to say things like that, huh?” the little girl giggled.

“Lara!” Kat sternly exclaimed. “Don’t be so precocious.”

“What’s that mean?” Lara asked her, a puzzled look on her face.

Her mother laughed. “You can look it up in the dictionary when we get home. Oh, and don’t you think you should let go of Marcie’s hand now? You’ve been holding on to it like it’s a lifeline or something.”

“Oops, sorry,” the child blushed, hastily taking her hand back. “I… I didn’t realize.”

Marcie smiled at her. “That’s okay, honey. I was just passing some magic healing energy over to you, so your knee will get better faster,” she told the little girl, winking at her.

“Was that part of your first aid training, too?” Kat asked, with a knowing smile on her face. “Or is that something you just reserve for pretty young girls?” she couldn’t help but add — hoping she wasn’t being too forward, but thinking that she’d sensed a little more than just a good Samaritan interest in her daughter from Marcie.

At the same time, however, she found Marcie to be quite attractive herself. Kat judged her to be a few years younger than she was, with dark, shiny hair and deep brown eyes that were quite appealing.

Kat had been separated from her husband for over four years, the divorce being finalised only months ago, but she hadn’t been the least bit interested in trying to start a relationship with another man. In fact, she’d recently discovered — re-discovered, really, she corrected herself — an attraction to those of her own sex.

As with many young girls, her first sexual awakening and subsequent explorations had been with a much older girl, a college student named Brenda who had been her regular babysitter. Kat often found herself remembering the tender, loving moments they had shared together. They had been neighbors from when Kat was four until Brenda moved away to another city, after she graduated.

Brenda was a lovely but shy teen who never dated, even though she was frequently asked out. People in the area had been puzzled as to why such a beautiful, intelligent girl seemed to have no interest in boys. As it turned out, Brenda was only interested in girls… and her first tentative explorations of lesbian love were with Kat, the little girl she babysat.

Such lovely times they had enjoyed together as their curiosity led them to moments of sweet intimacy, taking their clothes off in the privacy of their bedrooms and playing games of exploration and discovery, exchanging kisses and touching one another. By the time Kat was eleven and Brenda twenty-one, their private play time had progressed to sharing passionate French kisses while they fondled each other to orgasm… or as Kat always thought of it, “super time.”

When Brenda had moved, theirs had been a tearful and heartbreaking farewell, followed initially by frequent letter writing lasting for several months, but after a while this had slowed down as both of them started to develop new friendships and eventually lost touch with each other.

Even after such a long time, however, Kat still experienced an old familiar tingle in her tummy and between her thighs in bed at night as memories of those sweet times with Brenda returned. Now she felt stirrings of new desire as she watched the subtle interplay between her daughter and this attractive stranger, who had taken the time to lend a bit of comfort and encouragement to Lara.

Kat’s reverie was interrupted by Marcie telling them that, since Lara now seemed to be on the mend, she ought to go back on the ice and get the exercise she’d promised herself before once again returning to her work.

Experiencing a momentary pang of disappointment, Kat quickly thanked her once again for her help and, reaching out once more to grasp Marcie’s hand, told the smiling woman that it would be nice to see her again.

“Yeah, Mommy!” exclaimed Lara, tugging at her mother’s coat. “Why don’t we invite her to dinner?” She turned to her new friend. Would you please come, Miss Marcie, please? Then you can check on my leg again,” she pleaded, smiling hopefully. “Or maybe give me more of that magic healing,” she added with a giggle, looking back at her mother. “Can she, Mommy? Can she come home to dinner with us?” the child begged.

Kat shrugged, a little surprised at the bond that seemed to be developing between her daughter and Marcie, but at the same time feeling a slight surge of warmth in her tummy. “Well, honey, that’s up to Marcie. She may be a busy lady, you know. And we don’t know… she might have a husband or a family of her own to look after,” she explained to Lara, her heartbeat accelerating slightly as she turned to look at Marcie for a response.

Marcie smiled and thanked them both for the invitation. “No, I live alone. Just me and my kitten,” she laughed. “Yes, I have a kitty of my own to keep me company. She’s only six months old, but she thinks she owns me.”

Lara giggled. “That’s funny, Mommy. You and Miss Marcie both have kitties.” She turned back to Marcie, grinning hugely. “You can bring your kitty with you if you like, when you come to dinner,” the little girl urged her new friend, eager to convince her to join them.

“I’d better not, sweetie. She’d just make a pest of herself.” Looking over at Kat, she added, “I’m not sure I can make it tonight, though. I’d like to get some skating in this afternoon before it gets too late and then I should really get home and shower, and then get back to work.”

“You have to work on a Saturday night?” Lara pouted, unable to hide her disappointment. “What do you do?”

“Well, I kind of work for myself, by myself, sweetie. I’m a writer, you see, and I’m almost finished with a new novel which is just about to reach the climax — that’s the important part of the story,” she added, in case the young girl didn’t know what she meant by ‘the climax.’ I just have a few more little details to work out in my head, so I thought I’d go skating for a bit of exercise. I know it sounds funny, but I tend to be able to work things out better while I’m skating. So I’ll more than likely be ready with some ideas to put down when I’m finished here. But what about tomorrow, would that work?” she asked, and immediately saw a big smile break out on Lara’s face.

“Yes, yes, that’s perfect, isn’t it Mommy?” Lara asked Kat, almost pleadingly.

“We’d be happy to have you,” her mother responded with a smile. “Could you come, say, around five?”

“That would be great. Thanks again. I’m so glad to have met you both,” Marcie told them, warmed by the happy look on Lara’s face.

The two women exchanged telephone numbers, Kat gave Marcie their address, and it was all settled.

After saying their goodbyes Lara and her mother watched Marcie make her way back on to the ice and skate around for a few minutes, then changed into their boots and left. Lara walked with a slight limp but was already feeling better, especially now that Marcie had agreed to come to visit them.

“She’s really nice, isn’t she Mommy? And I don’t mean just because she told me I’m pretty,” Lara giggled. “But I think she’s pretty, don’t you?” she asked, peering up at her mother.

“Yes, I do,” Kat agreed, already feeling stirrings of excitement over the possibility of getting to know Marcie better. “She’s very pretty. Just like you!” she added with a wink, reaching over to grasp her daughter’s hand. “Come on, kitten,” she laughed. “Let’s get you home and put some ice on that knee.”


Marcie spent the next hour wearing herself out, skating around the rink until she was almost ready to drop. As the afternoon wore on the skaters thinned out a little, giving her more room to move – which was just as well, because she was locked in thought about the final section of her novel, as well as feelings of anticipation for dinner the next day with her new friends, so she wasn’t paying much attention to her surroundings. She barely avoided several collisions, earning Marcie glares of annoyance from some of the slower moving skaters. Much to her chagrin, she almost ran into the young boy who had knocked Lara down. That near miss caused her to decide that enough was enough, so she quickly left the ice, took off her skates and started for home.

Relaxing in the shower was her first goal when she reached her apartment and Marcie luxuriated for several minutes in the hot spray of her vibrating showerhead as she soaped her tired body and shampooed her long, dark, wavy hair. After drying herself she slipped into her robe, made herself a strong mug of coffee and returned to her computer with fresh ideas to build into the final chapters of her novel.

Marcie typed furiously for close to an hour, tying up several loose ends she had left dangling before going out to skate — ends that had slowly begun to weave themselves together as she whirled around the ice. And as she finished the next-to-last chapter, finally logging off her computer and preparing for bed, she knew she would sleep well that night.

And sleep well she did, although her dreams throughout the night were an odd combination of characters from her novel blending together with Lara and her mother, and as dreams often do, they flitted from one crazy scenario to another without regard for logic of any kind.

In this one particular dream Lara’s knee had swollen so badly from her fall that it had torn through the material of her pants which Marcie and Kat had furiously pulled off the poor little girl as she lay squirming in pain on the ice, dressed only in pink panties.

The first aid Marcie rendered consisted of firmly rubbing Lara’s mound through her panties with the palm of her hand repeating “This will make it feel better, Kitty,” over and over again until Lara had an immensely powerful orgasm; at which point the swelling of her knee immediately disappeared while at the same time the child’s panties became soaked and transparent, clinging to her smooth vulva like a second skin.

Lara’s mother was so relieved to see the swelling go down that she hugged Marcie whispering “magic powers, magic powers,” into her ear and then kissing her hard on the mouth, pressing their bodies together.

Marcie awakened suddenly with the echo of this phrase still ringing in her ears, trying to hug the now non-existent body of Kat tightly to her.

“Damn, what was that all about?” she muttered to herself, quickly opening her eyes to the reality of daylight streaming into her room through the partially closed blinds. Finding she’d become sexually aroused by the dream she quickly began to caress her already wet pussy, eventually bringing herself off to visions of the soft, smooth skin of Lara’s leg dancing through her mind.

As she came back down to earth, happy thoughts of both completing her novel and the anticipated evening with her new friends — at least one of whom she now realized had aroused her in a somewhat sensual way — flitted through her head. She crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom giggling as she thought to herself, Well, one great climax deserves another, I suppose.

After breakfast, she spent most of the day going over final edits of her novel and preparing the manuscript for submission to her publisher. Then she fed her kitten once more and started getting herself ready for that evening’s dinner with her new friends.

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