Lynn, Chapter 1

  • Posted on April 12, 2016 at 4:00 pm

By Little Alison

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in January 2014 }

Lynn stared at her computer screen in nervous anticipation, her fingers resting lightly on the keyboard, almost afraid to type, and ruin the moment. And this moment was when the sexy young girl she’d been chatting with the last two weeks was going to turn on her webcam and show Lynn her body.

Lynn was almost shaking with excitement and desire. She had her webcam hooked up, but hadn’t let anyone see her…yet.

So many questions went through her head. What if the girl is older than she said? What if the girl didn’t fulfill her expectations? What if it’s a guy? What if what if what if…

She glanced around her room as she heard, via voice chat, her little friend Amy, fumbling around with her cam, trying to get it going.

Lynn thought of how she had gotten here, waiting patiently in her comfy robe. It was just a odd piece of fate that led her to chat with Amy in the first place. She had decided to try internet dating after her marriage ended and the kids moved in with their dad. The men online, she quickly learned, were crude and silly and didn’t appeal to her at all. She started room hopping, just grabbing snippets of conversation from here and there.

Eventually she found herself in rooms with titles like “Moms 4 Moms” and “Div Moms for fun”. The chatting was more free in these rooms and the women listened as well and communicated. (She quickly learned the difference between the real women and the guys posing as women. Screen names with cars or aggressive animals were the tipoff.)

Masturbating while chatting with other women followed quickly, as Lynn was and always had been very sexual. She would pleasure herself while reading stories and chatting to women as sexual as she was. She hesitated at phone sex, but once she crossed that bridge, she grew to love it and found it almost essential to coming.

One phone lover turned her on to some videos featuring younger looking girls. Lynn had never thought of young girls like that, but she let her fantasies run wild and found herself devouring stories about young girls and engaging in ageplay online.

She had never orgasmed as powerfully as she did the first time a woman called her “Mommy,” during phone sex. She bucked and thrashed and almost fell out of her bed. Soon most of her fantasies revolved around being a ‘mommy’ who licked and fucked her little girl. And ‘little girl’ was becoming the key. She became fascinated by receiving pictures of young girls in sexual situations and found she was almost needing to see them sometimes.

It was while Lynn was in a room she created, “Mommy duz vyf ” when she first got a message from Amy.

It was like any other conversation she had in one of her rooms, but this one felt more urgent, almost too much so.

Amybunnie: Hi Mommy lynn 12f

MommyLynn: Hello little Bunny–36f… you are a young one aren’t you? Lynn often received messages where the woman claimed to be young, so it didn’t throw her that Amy said she was 12. Probably 40, thought Lynn.

Amybunnie: do you need a playmate

MommyLynn: A 12 year old playmate, hmmmm… sounds like it could be fun

Amybunnie: 🙂

MommyLynn: As long as you like it when Mommy comes to you at night and caresses your little legs in your bed.

Amybunnie: Oh yes Mommy, your hands feel so nice on my legs.

MommyLynn: my fingers creeping up your thighs, slowly spreading them apart… what kind of panties are you wearing for Mommy, Amy?

Amybunnie: I have on the lacy blue ones that Mommy bought for me. There’s already a wet spot on them Mommy

MommyLynn: mmm, you know what Mommy likes don’t you? I use my fingers to caress you through your panties, feeling how warm and wet your pussy is for me.

Amybunnie: Oh yes Mommy, so slick for you. you make me feel so good.

MommyLynn: leaning forward, I press my tongue onto the panties, pushing them to your warm pussy, tasting you.

Amybunnie: Oh God Mommy, I want that so much….do you skype?

MommyLynn: You want Mommy to hear you Amy?

Lynn was happy she wouldn’t have to type anymore, and could just concentrate on pleasing herself and hearing her new playmate pretend to be 12. She spread her legs and slowly traced her already wet lips with the fingers on her left hand, getting herself more aroused by her own teasing.

Quickly Amy sent Lynn the link, and soon Lynn heard the soft voice that made her skin tingle.

“Mommy, can you hear me okay?” Amy really did sound young, thought Lynn.

“Yes Amy, I can hear you fine, you sound very sexy. How old are you again?” Lynn just wanted to check.

Lynn heard giggling, “I’m 12 Mommy, just like I told you. Is that okay, do you still want to play with your little girl?” Amy’s voice had some pleading in it. And Lynn was now sure that Amy really was 12 years old.

She paused. And though she paused, she noticed that she was still running her fingers along her wet lips, still sliding along her own clit and seemed almost wetter than she’d ever been. Her head was telling her to be careful, but her body really wanted to play with this obviously real 12-year-old girl.

“Mommy would love to play with you baby,” Lynn typed slowly, deliberately, “are you alone today? Not going to get into trouble?” Lynn’s heart was pounding harder as she chatted, her fingers moving faster on her pussy, inserting and pulling out a finger to increase her pleasure.

“My mom and sister went shopping, so I have an hour or so and am so horny and want my mommy to fuck me. Will you fuck me Mommy?” Amy was breathing hard, obviously rubbing herself as well.

“Yes baby, Mommy will do everything to you.” Lynn grabbed a small vibrator from a side table, “Tell Mommy what you’re doing now… tell Mommy how you please your little pussy.” Lynn slipped the tip of the vibe into her well lubricated pussy… slowly.

“I have my legs spread for you, Mommy… I’m so wet and I’m rubbing my pussy just like you showed me to. Oh fuck Mommy, this feels so good. You want to hear it, Mommy?”

Lynn answered quickly, “Yes baby, let Mommy hear how wet your sweet pussy is.”

There was a fumbling noise then Lynn heard the unmistakeable sounds of Amy’s fingers furiously rubbing her wet pussy. Lynn turned her vibrator on and pressed it deeper into herself as she listened to Amy rubbing faster.

“That’s so good Amy, you are so hot. Mommy is fucking her own pussy for you. I wish you could see how wet you get Mommy.”

“Mommy, I want you here.”

“Amy, if I was there I’d spread those warm wet lips of yours, move my tongue up and down on your pussy, flick your hard little clit fast and hard… would you like that?” Lynn was pumping the vibe in and out fast now, she wasn’t sure how long before she exploded. She was already dripping her juices down her thighs and onto her computer chair.

“Mommy, yes, yes Mommy… I’m so close, Mommy…”

“As I licked your little clit I’d press a finger into you, letting your young pussy grip it as I pushed deeper into your body… all the while tasting your juices.” Lynn pressed the vibe against her own clit, feeling the tell tale signs of mini-orgasms roll through her body, presaging one of her massive messy wet cums.

“Oh yes Mommy… I’m gonna… ahhhhhhhhhhhh” Amy was almost screaming as she came. Lynn heard the moans and sighs and breathing that accompany an unrestrained orgasm. Amy kept going and going, so loud and trying to speak, but not making any coherent sentences.

Lynn pinched and pulled one of her nipples as she pressed the vibe firmly to her engorged clit. “Oh fuck Amy . . .” As if shocked, Lynn bounced and moved and rocked in her computer chair, her hand, though weak with the spreading super-orgasm, keeping the vibe firmly in place. Every moment seemed to bring her a higher level of orgasm and she didn’t even care that she was being very loud.

In the middle of her thrashing about, she heard Amy encourage her, “Mommy, come for me, come and let me taste it.”

Her chair was soaked and her nipple sore by the time she came down from the incredible orgasm. Lynn slowly caressed her chest, stomach and outer lips as she tried to recover, avoiding her clit, as it was far too sensitive.

The next few minutes of chat was filled with heavy breathing, repeated “Oh my god”s, and affirmations of how great it was. Finally Amy managed a full sentence.

“Mommy,” she began, still slightly breathless, “I have to go. My mom will be home soon and I have to get my homework done or she’ll be mad.”

Shit, thought Lynn, she totally forgot Amy actually had a real mom and real life other than just being a lovely plaything! Again, a bit of uncertainty crept into her mind about playing with her. But quickly it was overshadowed by the recent memory of their fun.

“Amy, that was fantastic. You go and do what you have to and don’t get into trouble… unless it’s with me.” Lynn and Amy both laughed.

“I want to do this a lot.” Amy said, impishly.

“Me too, Amy,” Lynn responded, “every day works for me.”

They both laughed and said their goodbyes.

Amy, to Lynn’s astonishment, kept showing up online and they played at least every other day, with Amy and Lynn playing out every fantasy they could think of.

Then came the day that Amy suggested they video chat. And that had Lynn nervous all over again. Nervous but excited.

The screen went from black to a picture and Lynn finally got a view of what Amy looked like.

“Oh my,” Lynn sighed, “Amy, you’re… gorgeous…”

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    soooooo hot we loved it, Ready for more. I (Brenda) would love to maybe contribute from my own personal experiences someday if I can. I adore ALL things lesbian/bi

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