The Joy of Looking, Chapter 116

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By Naughty Mommy

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I didn’t wake until almost 10:00, much later than I usually slept, even on the weekend. Kate was still snoozing.

But mmmm, I could smell something, something good. I smelled coffee, and bacon — Sunday morning breakfast! I got out of bed and peed, washed my face and hands, then quickly put on shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs. I was really curious to see who might still be there and what they were doing. Plus I was hungry!

Everyone was already up but us. The little kids, all five of them, were seated around the table in the dining room, eating waffles with maple syrup. My mom had expanded the table, inserting two extra leaves, and covered it with a big white tablecloth. Theresa and Paula were sitting beside the girls, drinking coffee. Megan was with them too, so I assumed she and Dana must have come over earlier, while I was still asleep.

“Good morning,” said Megan, showing a big smile.

“Morning, Julie,” said Paula. Both she and Theresa were wearing silk robes, which I recognized as my mother’s. I wondered what they might have on beneath those robes, if anything.

“G’morning,” I nodded.

“Good morning, dear,” said Theresa, sending me a wink. I heard the kids mumble their greetings too, around mouthfuls of food. Which reminded me, I was really hungry. I went into the kitchen.

Mommy was making waffles. Dana was frying bacon, turning it over. I hugged my mom, giving her a kiss. I kissed Dana too.

“Why don’t you let me do that,” I said to my mom, “and you can go sit with your friends.”

“No, it’s all right,” Mommy said. “We’re almost done. This should be the last of it, at least until Katie gets up.”

She took a warmed plate from the oven, then opened the waffle iron and removed a big fluffy waffle, putting it on the plate and handing it to me. It smelled heavenly!

After taking off her apron, she gave me another kiss, and said, “Come on, let’s go sit with them, and you can eat. I can tell how hungry you are.”

“You’re right, I am,” I giggled.

“Dana, you come along too,” Mommy said. “That bacon is crisp enough.”

“Okay, be right there.”

My mom and I went into the dining room. The extended table was pretty big, but it was still a tight fit getting us all around it. We managed, though. On the table was a pitcher of orange juice. Mommy poured me a glass, then took her seat. I dove into my breakfast.

It was a festive atmosphere, like a holiday or a celebration. And I suppose my mother did have something to celebrate, having acquired two new bed partners the night before. Although no one came right out and admitted they’d had sex, they weren’t trying terribly hard to hide it either. At one point, Paula said, “We decided to have our own grownup slumber party, since you kids were having one. It was a lot of fun!”

“I’ll say it was,” nodded Theresa.

Riley kept catching my eye, smiling at me as if we shared a special secret, which we did. And when Kate came downstairs a few minutes later, squeezing into the last available space at the table, I noticed Riley smiling at her the same way.

After everyone was finally finished eating, Paula offered to help my mother with the dishes.

“No, please, don’t worry about it. That’s what dishwashers are for,” Mommy said, “not to mention all these girls. They have to earn their keep, you know.”

So, while Theresa and Paula went upstairs with our mom to put their clothes on, and while the younger kids watched TV and played with Legos, Kate and I took care of the cleanup. We were assisted by Megan and Dana, who were almost part of the family now. Well, Dana was part of the family, and in a way it seemed like Megan was too, since she and her daughter Samantha were at our house so much. Anyway, it didn’t take long with four of us working on it.

Mommy came downstairs a few minutes later together with Paula and Theresa, who were now dressed in their things from the night before. When my mother saw Kate and me removing the syrupy tablecloth and getting ready to pull out the extra leaves from the dining table, she said, “Kids, why don’t you leave those in for now.”

“Leave them in?”

“Uh-huh, I have a plan,” she winked.

Kate and I looked at each other, not quite sure what she meant by that. Shrugging, we left the table extended. I put the tablecloth in the washing machine and started it up.

At the front door, lots of hugs and kisses were exchanged as our guests prepared to leave. There certainly was a new dynamic now. Theresa was much less formal, though no less flirtatious, and Paula seemed to bubble over with happiness, giggling and gabbing like a teenager.

It took a while, but finally they were gone. Megan and Samantha went home too. Dana and Chelsea stayed, of course, though they would go back to their own apartment after dinner that evening since it was a school night.

“Well, that was fun,” my mother said as we walked slowly toward the family room. Her arm was around my waist, and mine was around hers. Dana was with us, holding my other hand. Molly and Chelsea had run upstairs to play in Molly’s room and Kate was getting ready to go for a jog around the neighborhood.

“So, did you have a good time with those two last night,” Dana asked Mommy, “after Megan and I left?”

“I’ll say I did. That Paula really is a wildcat in bed, she’ll do anything. And Theresa loosened up after a while too, although she seems to enjoy simply watching as much as anything else.”

“Next time we’ll stay,” promised Dana. “I’ll need to talk Megan into it, but I think she will. I’ve been giving her lots of hints — about group sex, I mean, all of us together.”

“Even the kids?” I asked.

“Uh-huh, even the kids, eventually anyway. We talk about that sometimes in bed, you know, like doing role plays, one of us pretending to be a little girl. Usually that’s me, of course. Last night, I pretended I was Samantha, and Megan went totally crazy, she was just so turned on by it.”

“Speaking of kids,” Mommy said to me, squeezing my waist, “did you and Riley have fun watching us last night?”

I was shocked by this, dumbfounded. Here I thought I’d been so careful, and yet she’d known all along we were there! Not that I was ashamed or embarrassed about it or anything — my mother loved having me watch her — but I really was surprised.

“You saw us?”

“Of course I saw. How could I not? My 13-year-old daughter running her hands all over a naked 9-year-old girl? Naturally I noticed that, and I enjoyed it too.”

“Wow, guess I need to do a better job of hiding or something.”

The three of us sat together on the sofa. My mother kissed my cheek. “Don’t you worry about it, sweetheart, it’s fine. Soon enough, hopefully, we’ll have no need to hide anything at all, from any of them.”

“Yeah, I hope you’re right,” I nodded. Then I remembered what I wanted to ask. “So, um, what’s your plan with the dining table?”

“Oh, well, you know, Thanksgiving is coming up this week,” Mommy smiled. “And I was thinking of inviting some friends to join us for turkey dinner.”

“Some friends? Who?”

“Well, remember when I told you I’d like to develop a closer relationship with Hannah and Lindsey, and their mothers, Kelsey and Lauren? Much closer, if you get my drift.”

I did remember her saying that. She hadn’t really had an opportunity to do anything about it yet, however. So maybe that was her plan — get to know them better over Thanksgiving dinner … and possibly seduce them? — I liked that idea!

“Wow, that would be great,” I said. “Have you invited them?”

“No, not yet. But I think I’ll call them right now.”

She made the call, and they accepted. On Thursday, we’d have a nice big group joining us for turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce — not only Kelsey, Hannah, Lauren, and Lindsey, but Megan and Samantha too, along with Dana and Chelsea, obviously. All together, including the four of us, that would make twelve women and girls. No wonder Mommy said to leave the table extended!

* * *

What a great week that was.

I only got to see Karen once, on Monday. School was let out early on Wednesday for the long holiday weekend, so I didn’t see her then. But Monday afternoon she drove me home from school. She and I enjoyed a nice round of girl sex in the family room with Kate and Molly and Chelsea. (Samantha wasn’t there that day because her mother had Mondays off from work.) And when Dana and Mommy both arrived around 5:30, they played with us a little bit too.

“Will you stay for dinner?” my mom asked Karen, after she finished riding her face, coming all over her. “Nothing special tonight, just leftovers, but we’d love to have you, as always.”

“Thank you, but no, I really can’t. I need to get home to my parents,” Karen said, wiping some of the goo from my mother’s pussy off her chin and licking her finger. She was lying on her back on the carpet. “They’re still kind of upset that I’m going with Miranda to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. So I’m trying to be really nice and stuff as much as I can, let ‘em know everything’s okay.”

“All right, I understand,” Mommy smiled as she got to her feet, shaking out her blonde hair, brushing it back from her face. She was nude, her lovely body gleaming, covered in a sheen of sweat.

I rolled off my little sister Molly. We’d been kissing and tribbing, and had both reached orgasm at almost the same time. It was great. Now I leaned back on my hands and admired my mother’s beauty, her incredible sensuality, thinking how lucky I was, how lucky we all were.

We heard a squeal from the sofa. Chelsea was climaxing. Her mother, Dana, was on top of her in a ’69’. I knew Dana had come a few minutes earlier, and now it was Chelsea’s turn. What a beautiful thing it is to see a mom bring her little girl to orgasm!

Kate sat up too, grinning and wiping her own mouth. She’d been between Karen’s legs, eating her and bringing her to climax just before Mommy came. Kate was naked as well, as were all of us except Karen. The teen still had her denim miniskirt on, though her panties were off and the skirt pushed up to her waist. Her blouse was open. She wore no bra.

“Oh, but I wanted to tell you,” Karen said to my mom as she got up and started buttoning her blouse. “I talked to Miranda. She says it’s fine if you want to call her. I can give you her number. She says she’d like to meet you guys too, maybe after we get back.”

“That would be lovely,” Mommy said. “I’d like that.”

Karen finished dressing, gave Miranda’s number to Mommy, and then kissed us and got ready to leave, apologizing that she couldn’t stay for dinner.

“No, don’t you worry,” our mother said, giving her a hug. “It’s important that you maintain a good relationship with your parents, very important. It’s the right thing to do.”

“I guess so. Okay, bye,” Karen smiled and waved as she walked out to her car. “See you next week, Julie!”

* * *

On Wednesday afternoon, with school out early and my mom’s law office closing at noon as well, she and I went grocery shopping. We came home loaded down with bags and bags of food, including a 20-pound turkey, several jars of cranberry sauce, green beans, sweet potatoes, four bottles of champagne, the makings for both cherry pie and pumpkin pie, and a whole lot more. Then we started cooking.

By that evening, the house smelled wonderful. We’d boiled and mashed the sweet potatoes and they were in the refrigerator now, in a casserole, waiting to be baked the next day with a marshmallow topping. Two pies were in the oven, almost done. We called out for pizza for dinner, then cleaned up the kitchen.

In the morning, we got back to work. It was time to get the turkey going. We boiled the giblets for gravy, stuffed the bird, and had it in the oven by 10:00, slowly roasting. Our plan was to eat at 3:00. Our guests would be arriving around 2:00. What fun!

And it was fun, a lot of fun. Not only the dinner, which was totally fabulous, but all the happy conversation, fueled by champagne, and then of course the sexy games we played afterwards.

Actually, the subject of games came up during dessert, as we were filling our already full bellies with pie and fresh whipped cream. Omigod, what a meal that was! Anyhow, around a mouthful of pumpkin pie, Chelsea said, “Can we play Undercover Spies when we’re done?”

“Oh, uh, well, maybe we can,” said Mommy, “although we should probably rest for a while first, let our food digest a bit.”

“Okay,” Chelsea nodded, happy with the answer.

“What game is that?” Lauren asked.

Hannah looked at me, eyebrows raised. It was clear that neither she nor Lindsey had said anything to either of their moms about that game or how it was played. Apparently they were about to find out.

However, before any of us could reply to Lauren’s question, Samantha piped up, “And can we do kissing too, after, like the other night?”

“Kissing??” This time Lauren’s eyebrows were raised.

Samantha nodded. “Yeah, um, when we finished playing, after we won, we did practice kissing. We were all naked. It was fun.”

“Oh my…” That was Kelsey, Hannah’s mum. She had her hand at her throat. She took a deep breath, then licked her lips and said, “You, uh, you were all naked, and kissing?”

I wondered if my mother, or perhaps Megan, would try to cut this discussion short, turn the conversation to something else before too much was revealed. But neither of them did.

“Uh-huh,” Samantha grinned excitedly, her eyes crinkled almost shut.

“We were on Mommy’s bed,” Chelsea put in, “with, um — what are your friend’s names?” She looked at Molly.

“Riley and Emily,” said Molly.

“Yeah. With Riley and Emily,” continued Chelsea, “and Molly and Kate and Julie, and me and Samantha.”

“That’s a lot of girls,” my mother chuckled. “All on my bed?”

“Uh-huh,” Chelsea nodded, beaming.

I was watching Kelsey. She was wearing a stretchy low-cut white top beneath a dark brown cardigan sweater, which was unbuttoned. The top displayed plenty of cleavage. As the woman listened, her hand moved down from her throat to caress the tops of her breasts. I’m not sure if she even realized what she was doing, but the effect was extremely sexy.

“I really like kissing,” Samantha said, smiling at her mother. Megan blushed.

“Me too,” said Lindsey. “You should tell ‘em, Mom.”

“Uh, well, I…” Now Lauren was blushing too.

“It’s okay, they won’t mind,” Lindsey said. “Chelsea’s mom showed her, and Samantha’s mom showed her, and Molly’s mom does it too, with her. You should tell ‘em, they won’t mind.”

I looked across the table at Hannah. She had her head down, studying her hands. Were there secrets about her family that we were about to learn? I’d been wanting to tell my friend all about us when the time was right, but was it possible they were hiding things too?

My mother cleared her throat. “Well, it does sound like we’ll have plenty of interesting things to share with each other. First, though, Julie and Kate, let’s clear the table and get the dishwasher started, all right? Hannah, you can help us too, if you’d like. Dana, why don’t you take the women into the family room, maybe pour some more coffee. The younger girls can do whatever they want. It won’t take long, and then we can sit down for a nice friendly chat about kissing, and… whatever else might come up.”

Twenty minutes later, it was time for our chat. We all got together in the family room. Kelsey, Lauren, and Dana were on the sofa, with Chelsea on Dana’s lap. Megan was seated in one of the armchairs, with Samantha on her lap, and my mom was in the other armchair, with Molly at her feet. Scattered around, sitting on the arms of the sofa or the chairs and on the floor, were the rest of the kids. The adults had fresh cups of coffee, which Mommy had spiked with whiskey.

“So,” my mother began, “what shall we talk about? I know — kissing!”

That brought excited giggles from the girls along with nervous laughter from Lauren, Kelsey, and Megan.

“Seriously, though, we’re all friends here,” Mommy continued, “and I don’t think we need to keep secrets. We can and should trust each other, and I’m sure none of us would do or say something to embarrass anyone else, right?”

She looked around at each of the women and received nods of agreement, if somewhat tentative. Then she said, “All right, well, let me go first. A few minutes ago, you heard Lindsey say something about my little girl Molly, about me showing her how to kiss. And it’s true, I have done that, and I did the same thing with my other daughters too, Kate and Julie. I enjoyed it very much, and I think they did too, didn’t you, girls?”

Molly and Kate and I nodded happily at our mother.

Mommy went on, “From what Lindsey said, it appears I’m not the only mom here who’s taught her daughters about kissing. So, I’ve made my confession. Would anyone like to go next?”

Dana immediately responded. “Sure, I’ll say it. I showed Chelsea how to kiss. It feels really nice doing it with her. I like it and she does too. We do it a lot. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all.” She hugged her little girl and kissed her cheek. Chelsea smiled.

After a brief pause, several seconds of silence in the room, Megan cleared her throat, and said, “Well, okay, I guess I’ll take my turn next.” Blushing, she added, “This is kind of like Truth or Dare, isn’t it?”

The other women laughed with her.

“But anyway,” said Megan, “I, um, I’ve done that with Samantha too, you know, kissed her in sort of a grown-up way.” She blushed even redder, then went on, “I, uh, I only started doing it recently, just last week, in fact. But now we, well, we do it pretty much every day, or every night. I like it a lot, and I think she does too, don’t you, honey?”

“Yeah, I do, Mommy. I love it!” The girl punctuated this by turning to her mom and kissing her lips. They giggled together.

“All right,” said Lauren, nodding and smiling, “since everyone here is telling the truth — like Megan said, Truth or Dare, though I’m not sure what the dares might be — but anyway, I’ll confess as well. I’ve kissed my own daughter, Lindsey, like that. We’ve been doing it for, well, since last summer, around the time Kelsey and Hannah moved over here to live with us. As a matter of fact…”

Lauren glanced at her cousin Kelsey, next to her on the sofa, then said, “You know, I think it might be best if I stopped here, and let Kelsey say whatever she wants to say.”

Now it was Kelsey’s turn to blush. The plump, pretty brunette had her hand on her chest again, fingertips lightly stroking the tops of her breasts. She looked around the room, smiling at everyone, actually batting her eyelashes like an ingenue. After a deep breath, she said, “Very well, loves, here is a truth then. I do kiss my daughter Hannah, same as Lauren kisses Lindsey, and ‘perantly same as how Megan and Dana and Suzanne have all done. Quite the group of randy mums, aren’t we?”

There was laughter all around, along with nods of agreement from the women.

Kelsey continued, “As a matter of fact, when Lindsey and I do it with our girls, it’s often the four of us together, all at once. We like to trade off, going ‘round, you know. Lovely fun, it is.”

Hannah caught my eye. She was blushing too, but smiling and nodding as well. She seemed to be relieved, perhaps glad that the secret she’d been holding back was out in the open.

“And I’m like Dana,” added Kelsey. “I think girls learning to kiss is a good thing, nothing bad at all. Learning from their mums? Sure, why not? Who better to teach ‘em, that’s what I say.”

Everyone appeared to agree with this. But Kelsey still wasn’t finished. After looking at Lauren, who gave her a little nod, she said, “Just so you know, when we was girls ourselves, Lauren and me, cousins living close, on the same street, we did a lot of kissing, didn’t we. Kissing and, well… playing with one another, you know, how girls do. We, ah, let’s see, I was perhaps 11 or 12 when we started, and she would have been 10 or 11. Does that sound right?”

Lauren nodded.

“There was another little cousin too,” Kelsey told us. “Ginny was her name, even younger, and we fooled around with her as well whenever we had the chance. They didn’t live close, though, so it wasn’t often we got to see her, more’s the pity. She’s all grown now, ‘course, and we lost touch. Been years since I saw her, or even thought about her much. But bein’ here now, with all you lovely women and girls makes me think about the old days, it does, those good times.”

She and Lauren smiled at each other. Apparently on impulse, Lauren suddenly leaned in and kissed Kelsey on the lips, holding the kiss a moment longer than you might expect. As she drew away, there were sighs of delighted pleasure from the other moms in the room. Things were beginning to heat up.

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