The Joy of Looking, Chapter 112

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By Naughty Mommy

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The next morning, we found a note on the coffee table. Dana and Megan had decided to spend the night together at Megan’s apartment. Around 10:30, the phone rang. It was Dana. She talked to Mommy for a minute, then Megan got on the phone with her.

We all met for lunch early that afternoon at Burger Barn. It was pretty clear now that Megan and Dana were a couple. They never stopped holding hands, just so cute. I wondered, though, how soon Dana would let her new girlfriend know about the ‘special’ relationships among the members of our family, and how it might go when she did. I made a mental note to talk with my mom about that, and with my big sister too, when I got the chance.

When Monday came, it was my turn to do some explaining about relationships. As usual, Karen took me home after I attended the classes at her high school. This time, however, instead of stopping in the park to make out, I suggested we drive out toward the waterfront and then up into the hills overlooking it, to a spot I knew that had a lovely view of the bay and the city. I’m not sure why, but I thought that would be a better place for us to have the conversation we were going to have. Karen said sure, no problem.

On our way there, we chatted about things in general, mostly school stuff, nothing sexual or intimate. When we arrived, we parked the car, then got out and walked. The weather had turned warm for November, highs above 70, so we didn’t need jackets. We strolled along a path that wound across the hill until we came to a secluded bench. There we sat.

“So, um,” I began, “I told Mommy about you and me, what we’ve done, and like I said, she’s totally cool with it. You don’t have to worry. She likes you a lot and she has no problem if I have sex with girls.”

“Okay,” Karen smiled.

I swallowed before going on. It was easier to think about having a talk like this than to actually do it. But I forced myself to continue. “And, see, I wanted to tell you about a lot of stuff that’s happened since, you know, since I watched you and my mom together.”

“That must have been, um… tell me what that was like,” said Karen. “You were, what, only 10?”

“Yeah, I was 10.”

“And you were, I mean, you were watching us on purpose, right? Had you seen us before?”

“Uh-huh, that was the third time.”

“The third time, wow. So you liked it? You liked watching us?”

“Yeah, I did, definitely. It was kind of scary at first, but then it was, you know, exciting.”

Karen frowned, “I, um, I only got kind of a quick look at you that night, but I think — you were like naked or something, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, I was. Well, almost. I had a little blouse on, but it was open. That was all I was wearing.”

“Were you masturbating?”


“Wow.” She shook her head in amazement. “And… and your mom knew you were watching?”

“Yep. She liked it. She likes having me watch her.”

“That’s, that is awesome. Totally hot. Is that what you wanted to tell me?”

“Well, I mean, there’s actually a lot more than that.”


“See, Karen, after that, my mom and I, we got, we became… well, it’s like with Miranda and Marisol, you know? The same as with them. My mom and I are lovers.”

“No way.”

“Yes way.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Oh my god, Julie, that is just … unbelievable. That is so cool!”

“You really think so?” I asked.

“Yeah, I do. I love it!”

“Good. Because there’s more.”


“Uh-huh. It’s not only me. It’s Kate and Molly too, the whole family. We all have sex together. And Dana and Chelsea, all of us.”

“Oh my god. The whole family? Even the little girls?”

“Uh-huh, everyone. We all sleep together.”

“Goddamn fuck that is awesome!”

I’d never heard Karen swear much before. This must have impressed her a lot.

“Jesus, Julie, now I wish we were in the park. I really want to have sex again, right now!”

“Okay,” I giggled, “we can. Not here, of course, but if you wanna go to the park — or we could go to my house.”

“Your house…”

“Sure. You can you have sex with my sisters too, if you want. And with my mom when she gets home.”

“Wow.” The girl was staring off into the distance, probably seeing herself naked in bed with my mother and my sisters. “But — oh shit.”

She opened her phone and looked at it. “I just remembered I’m supposed to pick up my dad at 5:00 when he gets off work today. His car is in the shop. My mom is on late shift at the hospital.” Karen’s mother was a nurse. Her father worked at the public library.

“Okay, well, maybe Wednesday then,” I suggested.

“Shit!” she laughed. “On Wednesday afternoon I have this college recruiting thing. You’ll have to take the bus home that day.”

“All right. Well, anyway, you’re coming to dinner with us on Friday. So just be prepared to be fucked by a whole bunch of girls and women that night — me, my mom, my sisters — Dana and Chelsea, all of us!”

“Wow.” She got that faraway look again. I expected she would be fantasizing about our family while masturbating in bed that night.

* * *

The week went by. I didn’t see Karen at all on Wednesday, but we talked briefly on the phone, confirming our plans for Friday night. I did have a little sex, though, in addition to my usual masturbation and the fooling around I did most days with Kate and Molly.

Now that Hannah and I had become intimate, she would often come home with me after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we would seclude ourselves in my bedroom for a nice round of kissing, fondling, and pussy eating. We didn’t do that at her house because Lauren worked at home and Hannah worried about getting caught. And since I hadn’t told Hannah anything yet about my sexual involvement with my sisters — not to mention with my mom — it had to be just the two of us in my room.

Someday soon, I kept telling myself, I’m going to have to find a way to let Hannah know the truth. I was pretty sure she’d be into it. All along, I had a feeling about her, that this was a girl who would be turned on by something like that. And I was right, she was, although it was still a couple of more weeks until it all came out. We’ll get to that later.

In the meantime, two other interesting things happened. First, our mother told us she’d finally talked Paula into going out dancing with them again. On Saturday night, a big group was hitting the clubs together — Mommy, Dana, Megan, Theresa, and Paula — and the best part was, their young daughters would all be spending the night at our house for a sleepover! That was definitely something to look forward to.

The second thing, of course, was Friday night when Karen, our former babysitter, had dinner with us. She drove me home from school that day, and instead of stopping in the park or anything like that, we just came straight to my house. I could tell Karen was nervous, so I kept reassuring her, telling how much everyone in the family liked her. I held her hand as we walked up to the door.

We found Molly, Chelsea, and Kate on the floor in the family room playing a board game — LIFE — but using the modified rules we’d devised. Instead of a mother and a father, each family had two moms, a pair of pink pins sitting side by side in the little cars, and the families never had sons, of course, only daughters. We sat with the kids and watched until the game was over. Chelsea won.

As they were putting the pieces back in the box, the phone rang, and I picked it up. It was Mommy. She told me she was planning to bring home fish and chips for dinner from a pub we liked. That sounded great. She should be home by about 5:45, she said, and Dana would likely arrive around then too, coming from her job at the insurance agency.

That gave us more than an hour to do whatever we wanted. First, though, I asked Kate and Molly and Chelsea if they had any homework, since Mommy always insisted we take care of that before anything else. They said theirs was all done.

I, unfortunately, had to read a chapter and write an essay for the World History class I was taking at Karen’s high school. So, while Chelsea and Molly trotted upstairs to play with Barbies in Molly’s room, and Kate sat with Karen on the sofa to teach her all about the Metroid: Other M video game, I went into the dining room and sat at the table to do my reading and my writing.

After that was finished, I rejoined Karen and my sister.

“Man, this is complicated,” Karen frowned, when I asked her how it was going. “I don’t think I could ever understand it all.”

“It’s not that hard,” said Kate as she directed Samus Aran on a careful search through some kind of abandoned space station or something. “You just have to play it a lot.”

“Like you do,” I teased, “hundreds of hours a day.”

“Yeah, well, you’re the one who got me started,” said Kate. “You gave it to me for my birthday.”

“That’s true,” I nodded. I remembered choosing the game for her, not knowing anything about it but liking the pictures of the character on the boxes of the games she was featured in.

I picked up the Metroid: Other M box and looked at it again. Out loud, I read a quote from a review: “Samus was the video game industry’s first dominant female, a femme de force that didn’t rely on a man to save her.” With a chuckle, I added, “That’s how come I got this for you, Kate, because she doesn’t rely on a man.”

“Men, who needs ‘em, yuck,” sneered my sister. Karen giggled.

We heard the garage door open. Mommy was home. I got up and Karen did too. We went into the kitchen while Kate continued playing. After my mom put down the bags of food she was carrying, she gave Karen a big hug, then took my face in her hands, smiling and giving me a long wet kiss on the lips.

“I love you, honey,” she said.

“I love you too, Mom.”

Ten minutes later, Dana arrived. The little girls came downstairs and we ate our tasty fish and chips. Conversation over dinner was mostly routine at first, about work and school and other things. But then Dana began telling Karen about what she was studying at the Institute of Fashion Technology.

“You know what? You’re really pretty,” Dana said to the teenager. “And I’ll bet you’re photogenic too. Can I take some shots of you?”

“Of me?”

“Uh-huh. See, for one of my classes we’re supposed to take a lot of photos of people and then we compare them, talking about clothing styles and stuff like that.”

“Okay…” said Karen.

“And you’re so pretty, you’d be perfect.”

With a leer, I made a suggestion. “Maybe you should show her some of the pictures you took of Sage and Loretta on our vacation.”

“Yes, that’s a very good idea,” Mommy agreed.

We got up from the table, clearing stuff away and putting the dishes in the dishwasher. That only took a couple of minutes. Meanwhile Dana got out her camera and hooked it up to the TV. We all sat together in the family room to look at the photos. Karen, Dana, and Kate were on the sofa, with Dana in the middle. I was in one of the armchairs, with Chelsea sitting on my lap. Mommy was in the other armchair, Molly on her lap.

Before getting to the sexy vacation pictures, Dana scrolled through several other shots she’d taken of random people on the street, mostly attractive teenage girls and young women. Some of them were a bit voyeuristic, with Dana capturing a glimpse of a girl’s panties as she sat in a certain way. She also showed us a few she had of a young mom with a toddler in a stroller. The woman was in a loose-fitting top, and as she bent over, we could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. Dana had zoomed in to get a nice shot of the woman’s breast and her nipple. It was pretty sexy.

“Did you show that one in your class?” asked Karen.

“No,” Dana chuckled. “When I take those kind, it’s just for my own enjoyment. Later on at night, sometimes Chelsea and I will look at them together and play with ourselves or each other.”

I watched Karen’s eyes go wide as she thought about Dana and her 7-year-old daughter masturbating together and having sex. She already knew all about our family’s incestuous lesbian activities — but it was one thing to hear about it from me in the abstract, and another thing to actually imagine it taking place. More than that, tonight Karen would almost certainly see it happen right in front of her. I saw her cheeks grow red. She squirmed on the sofa, crossing her legs and squeezing them together.

Next we went on to the special vacation set. Dana started with her shots of Sage, first fully clothed, then in her bra with her shirt off. Then we got to the pictures of Sage and Loretta together — a mother and daughter taking off each other’s clothes, touching and kissing. Even though I’d seen the photos before, several times, I still found myself becoming incredibly aroused.

“I love these,” Dana said softly. “I’m really proud of them.”

“I can see why,” Karen remarked, swallowing and squeezing her legs together again.

Kate held up her own camera, which she’d brought down from her room after dinner. “Can I show her some of mine now, of me and Julie?”

“Okay, sure,” Dana nodded.

She unhooked the cable from her camera and handed it to Kate, who attached it to hers. After fiddling with the camera for a moment, Kate said, “Okay, so, here we go. Um, Julie and I took these on our trip to Lake Tahoe, last month.”

Karen and the others were treated to several very naughty shots of me and my sister posing nude. In a few of them, we actually held our pink pussies wide open with our fingers, totally exposing ourselves. These photos may not have been as artistic as Dana’s, but they were undoubtedly erotic — not to mention pornographic!

“Wow,” said Karen, “that is really hot.”

“So, uh, do you think you’d like to pose for me?” Dana asked the girl. “Or, I guess, for both of us — Katie can take some shots of you too.”

“Yeah, well… all right, if you want me to.”

Karen was wearing a short black skater skirt with a coral tank top and a gray cardigan sweater. She had her shoes off, as did the rest of us. Her legs were bare.

Dana stood up. “Just stay there,” she said to Karen. “We’ll start like that.”

Kate got up too. They both took several shots of Karen seated on the sofa, encouraging her to relax, to smile, to try a few different poses.

Then Dana said, “Okay, now spread your legs for me.”

“What?” asked Karen.

“You know, just open your legs a little bit. I want to see your panties.” As Dana was saying this, she knelt in front of the pretty teenager, aiming the lens right between her legs.

“Well, okay,” Karen giggled, blushing. But she slowly moved her knees apart, gradually opening them wider, as the two photographers clicked away.

I’d got up from my chair to get a better view. Standing next to Kate, I licked my lips and put a hand on my breast, fondling my erect nipple though my shirt as I watched Karen’s thighs spread apart. She was starting to get into it, playing the role of a seductive glamour model, writhing as though in heat.

“Nice,” I heard my mother say. Glancing to the side, I saw that she was masturbating, her dress hiked up, both hands inside her panties. She’d shifted Molly onto the arm of the chair. Molly had a hand between her own legs, rubbing herself. I looked over at 7-year-old Chelsea, whom I’d left in the other armchair. She was masturbating too.

Quickly I reached under my denim skirt and pulled my panties down, stepping out of them. Now I could touch myself with nothing in the way. My pussy was very juicy, my clit swollen and hard. God, I love sex!

Karen leaned back on the sofa, raising her legs, holding them high in a V shape, hands behind her knees as she smiled at the cameras. Dana and Kate moved in closer, taking more pictures. Everyone was able to see a conspicuous dark wet spot in the center of Karen’s satin panties.

Before long, those panties were removed. The next photos were of the girl’s shaved pussy. She was just as juicy as I was. Kate and Dana then took a series of shots of Karen masturbating, rubbing her clit, sliding her fingers inside her cunt.

“Don’t stop until you come,” Dana told her. “I wanna see that. In fact…” She looked at her camera for a moment, adjusting a setting. I later found out she was switching from photo to video.

“Okay, go on,” urged Dana, “make yourself come.”

And that’s what Karen did. She masturbated for the cameras as my mom and my little sisters and I watched. We masturbated too, and when Karen reached orgasm, so did I. My mother had already come a minute or so earlier, but I could hear her climaxing again, a second time. I don’t think either Molly or Chelsea came then, although it’s possible they did. But both would have plenty of orgasms later on that evening, as would the rest of us.

After Karen climaxed, that was the end of the photography. My mom got up from her chair. She went to the pretty brunette, leaning down and kissing her mouth. “Mmm, welcome back, my sweet girl,” she said, “it’s so nice to have you here again.”

“Thanks,” Karen giggled, “I’m glad I could come.”

“So am I,” said Mommy. “And now I really want a taste of your pussy. Would that be all right?”

Grinning, Karen nodded, “Sure, of course.”

My mother knelt on the sofa between Karen’s outstretched legs, pausing to simply enjoy looking at the girl for a moment, taking in the lovely sight. She had been the first person to ever have sex with her, more than two years earlier when Karen was only 14.

Before she began licking, Mommy said, “How many other… girls or women have you had, since me? If you don’t mind my asking.”

“No, I don’t mind,” Karen replied. “Um, two women and three girls. Well, with Julie I guess it’s four, expect we haven’t really done anything yet except masturbate each other.”

“Well, tonight,” my mother said with a wink, “we’re going to increase those numbers by quite a few. That is, if you’re willing.”

“Oh, yeah, definitely,” Karen said, “the more, the better!”

“Right,” Mommy nodded, “that’s my adage.”

“Mine too,” agreed Dana. While the other two were talking, she’d been hurriedly taking off her clothes and now was naked. The tiny blonde was rubbing her pussy with one hand, the other playing with her nipples. “After Mommy gets done, can I be next?”

“Okay,” Karen laughed. I don’t know if she thought it was funny that Dana called our mother ‘Mommy’ or that Dana seemed so bubbly and eager. Perhaps it was both. Her laughter, however, soon turned into sighs of pleasure as Mommy’s tongue bathed her sex.

Kate, Molly, Chelsea, Dana, and I stood close, watching and masturbating as our mother ate Karen’s pussy. Dana climaxed almost immediately — it never took her long — and when Karen came in Mommy’s mouth, Dana climaxed for the second or maybe the third time. Kate reached orgasm too, and so did I. Again, I’m not sure if the younger girls came or not. They were often fairly quiet, so it was hard to tell, but Katie’s high-pitched squeals were unmistakable.

When our mom moved away, after first planting one more lingering wet kiss on Karen’s pussy and another on her mouth, Dana quickly took her place. As she nibbled on the teenager’s clit while sliding a finger inside her vagina, she reached between her own legs with her other hand and continued masturbating.

Mommy went to the little ones, asking Chelsea and Molly to strip her and then suck her nipples. They happily agreed, retiring to an armchair for that. Kate joined them, kneeling between our mother’s legs to eat her cunt.

I took off the rest of my clothes — a long-sleeved shirt, a lacy camisole, and a short skirt — tossing them aside. Then I climbed on top of Karen and sat on her face.

It was amazing to be there, looking down into her beautiful brown eyes, seeing her beneath me, starting to lick me. I rode her tongue, loving the feel of that wet warmth on my labia, on my clit, inside my vagina. I was getting close again very fast.

But when I thought about what was actually happening — that this girl who was eating me now was the same one I’d seen having sex with my mom when I was only 10 years old — and as I recalled having my very first orgasm one night while I watched them, that put me over the top. I came hard and wet on Karen’s face, groaning as my pussy gushed all over her.

* * *

We changed partners, going round and round for another hour or so. I wasn’t able to keep track of it all, but I’m almost positive everyone had sex with Karen at least one time if not more. I remember I had a lovely 69 with Kate, and I’m sure I tribbed with Chelsea — I loved doing that, fucking a 7-year-old — and I may have done the same with Molly as well. I know Mommy fucked me that way, and I’m sure I saw Dana tribbing with Karen too.

The loudest orgasm of the night occurred when Karen was sitting on Molly’s face. This was near the end. They were on the floor, nude like everyone else. The rest of us were watching them. A few may have been masturbating, or perhaps gently rubbing the person next to them, but our attention was focused on Molly and Karen.

I’ve often wondered what was going through Karen’s mind then. I didn’t ask her about it afterwards, and I wish I had. Perhaps she was thinking about babysitting for us a few years earlier, remembering that this little blonde girl had been only 6 years old at the time, not much more than a toddler. And now here she was, having lesbian sex with her — and not only that, but with her sisters and her mom too!

Whatever it was Karen was thinking, something had the effect of causing her to scream at the top of her lungs as she climaxed on top of Molly. It was quite an impressive shriek. Luckily the neighbors didn’t call the cops or anything.

When she finished, Karen toppled to the floor, hands clenched between her legs, holding her pussy as residual spasms sent shudders through her body. We all gathered around, stroking her, soothing her, softly kissing and caressing.

* * *

To conclude the memorable occasion, Mommy made vanilla milkshakes for us, adding a dash of Bailey’s Irish Cream to provide a little kick (Dana’s and hers had more than a dash, I suspect). We snuggled close together in the family room, slurping the sweet treats, relishing the warmth and intimacy of our special family. Our mother sat in the middle of the sofa with Karen and Kate on one side of her, Molly and Dana on the other. Chelsea was on Dana’s lap. I was on the floor, hugging Kate’s and Karen’s legs. We were all still naked.

Mommy took a sip of her shake, then said to Karen as she petted her hair, “Would you like to spend the night with us?”

“No — I mean, yeah, I would, except I told my girlfriend I’d come over to her house tonight. She’s kind of like eager to hear all about it.”

“Oh, you have a girlfriend? That’s nice,” said my mom.

“Yeah, well, it is nice,” Karen said. “But, um, she’s, like, older than me. Did Julie tell you that?”

“No,” Mommy shook her head. “All she told me was that sometimes you and she park in the car after school so you can kiss, and play with each other’s pussies.”

That made the little girls giggle.

“Yeah, we do,” Karen grinned, “and that’s nice too. But, see, my girlfriend — her name is Miranda — she’s, um, 29, and, like, she’s married, but she’s getting divorced. And she, well, she has two kids.”

Karen stopped. She was gazing at my mother, studying her face, apparently wondering what sort of reaction she would get.

Mommy smiled at her. “That sounds lovely. You must like moms. First me, and now Miranda, huh?”

I saw Karen blush. She looked down for a second, then raised her eyes again. “Yeah, I… I do like moms. And — well, anyway, I guess I should get going. She’s waiting for me.”

“All right.” My mom pulled Karen close and kissed her lips, then said, “Please tell Miranda thank you for letting us spend this time with you tonight.”

“Okay, I will.”

“I’d really like to meet her. Do you think that would be possible?” Mommy asked.

“Well, sure, I think so. Except, um, like, in a couple days we’re driving to New Jersey to have Thanksgiving with her family. Miranda wants me to meet them. My parents practically had a fit, but I told them how important it was for me. They know I’m gay and everything, but still. Anyway, they finally said okay.”

“Good for you,” Mommy said, patting Karen’s knee. “I’m proud of you standing up for yourself that way.”

“Thanks. Like I said, it’s really important to me.”

“You must love Miranda very much.”

“Yeah, I do. I really do, a lot.”

“I’m so glad. And that makes me want to meet her even more. Will you tell her that? In fact, maybe you could just ask her if it would be all right for me to call her. I’d love to talk with her on the phone if nothing else.”

“Okay, um, I’ll ask her.”

Karen got up to leave, finding her clothes and putting them on (the rest of us remained naked, as we’d soon be going to bed). I’d wondered while she and my mom were having their talk if Karen might say something about Marisol, but she never did. The fact that the little girl was also part of a kinky three-way sexual relationship with Karen and Miranda would have to be revealed at another time, I supposed.

We said goodbye at the door, exchanging hugs and kisses all around. My mother wished Karen a Happy Thanksgiving, since she likely wouldn’t see her again until after the holiday. After she drove away, we went upstairs, giggling and joking as we decided who would sleep with whom that night.

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