The Joy of Looking, Chapter 105

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By Naughty Mommy

It was pitch dark. I could hardly see a thing. There was one large window in the master bedroom of the hotel suite, but it was covered with heavy curtains, tightly drawn. A clock radio on the side of the bed by Kate glowed dimly, and there were faint red and blue status lights on the plasma TV and on the DVD player. That was all, though.

I turned my head to the side, trying to see Aunt Barbara. I could barely make her out, only the outline of her profile. But I could sense movement. There was no question about it — she was definitely masturbating. Her head bobbed in time with the other motion I felt, the bed rocking slightly, the mattress bouncing a bit. My aunt was breathing fast as well, breathing audibly, sometimes gasping and quietly moaning. She was already off to a fast start, and I was still just lying there!

It made me smile to think how quickly Aunt Barbara had begun. She must have been just itching for it the whole time we were talking. I put one hand on my breast, playing with the nipple, while the other went between my legs, massaging my clit, then sliding down to dip into my vagina. I was very wet, and I could usually come pretty quickly when I wanted to. Still, something was missing. It didn’t bother me that much not to be able to see each other, but at least I want to hear their voices.

So I asked, “Have you guys started yet?”

“I have,” Kate replied immediately.

After a short pause, Aunt Barbara said, “Yeah, I have. I’ve started.”

“Okay,” I said. I rubbed myself faster, both hands between my legs now, one working on my clit, the other teasing my vagina.

After another minute or so, when I felt an orgasm slowly beginning to build, I spoke up again. “Sometimes,” I said, “when me and Kate are doing it together, we like to try to, you know, get there at the same time. Do you wanna do that?”

“All right, we can do that,” Aunt Barbara answered. Her voice was shaky, throaty.

“How close are you?” I asked.

“Pretty… fucking… close.”

“Okay.” I rubbed my clit faster, trying to catch up. “Kate, how about you? Close yet?”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh,” she said in practically a squeak. I knew what that meant: she was right on the edge. “Any time,” she added.

“Yeah, me too,” panted Aunt Barbara, “any time… like… like… like right fucking NOW!”

I heard a groan from the center of the bed and then a squeal from the far side. The mattress was shaking with the energy of their climaxes — and that was all I needed. I’d been afraid I might not get there in time, but when I heard them both coming and felt the physical impacts of their orgasms, that put me over the top.

The first thing I noticed as I returned to the land of the living after enjoying la petite mort was the heady aroma, that smell I love so much. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes and inhaling through my nose… mmm, so very nice, the spicy perfume of feminine sex, the scent of pussy… it was strong in the room.

No one was saying anything. I could hear heavy breathing and felt the covers rise and fall, but the clearest sign of what we’d just done together was that delicious scent filling the air. I took another deep breath, then lifted a hand to my mouth so I could taste it as well, licking my fingers. And I did more than just lick them. I rubbed the sticky fingers on my face, bringing the other hand up too, spreading my yummy juices all around on my lips, my cheeks, my chin, my nose, my forehead, everywhere. I wanted to be bathed in sex.

When I thought about that, I realized how badly I wanted to come again. Well, I really wanted something else — I wanted to fuck my aunt and my sister, and have them fuck me — but I didn’t think our aunt was ready for that yet. She might be at some point, perhaps, but probably not yet. So instead I just murmured, “That was nice.”

I heard happy sighs of agreement from the others. And then I asked, “Um, can you do it more than once, Aunt Barbara? Because I can, and Kate can too. We almost always do.”

There was a pause, and then an amused laugh. “More than once? Oh yeah, hell yeah.”

“Good,” I said, “because I really want to do it again. Kate, do you want to?”

“I already am.”

“You are?” I giggled.

“She’s not the only one,” said Aunt Barbara. “I am too!”

We all laughed together, giddy with the intoxication of sexual arousal — and yes, one of us was intoxicated with something else too — then settled down to masturbate again. Except now I had another idea.

“Um, is it all right this time if I talk a little bit while we’re doing it?”

“If you talk?” Aunt Barbara asked.

“Yeah, oh my god,” said Katie, “she’s so good at that. When Julie talks to me while we’re doing it, she gets me so hot, I mean like drives me insane.”

I heard my aunt’s voice in the dark. “Oh, really? What do you talk about?”

“Um, you know, about whatever it is that turns us on the most, I guess. Like, um, when you do it by yourself, what do you think about?”

“What do I think about?” she asked.

“Yeah. Like, I mean, is it maybe people kissing or having sex? Do you think about, I don’t know, a really good-looking man you like? Maybe a movie star, like, oh, Johnny Depp, or someone you know in real life — is that the kind of thing you think about?”

After a pause, she answered, “Uh, well, sometimes, I suppose…”

“So, what else do you think about? Like, um, maybe sexy women instead of men? ‘Cause I think about that a lot. In fact, I actually never think about men, only women and girls. Is that what you think about?”

A longer pause this time. Then, “…yes.”

I was already rubbing myself, of course. It makes it a lot hotter for me when I can talk while masturbating with someone, or even when making love. The communication, the open sharing of thoughts and feelings, for some reason that really gets me going.

My clit was hard under my fingers, my pussy dripping onto the sheets. It wasn’t going to take long at all for me to come this time, but I wanted to extend the discussion, try to get my aunt to reveal more to us about her sexual fantasies, so I deliberately slowed down my self-manipulation.

I also decided to take a chance. “Can I ask you something, Aunt Barbara? Something personal?”

“Personal??” she chuckled. “Don’t you think what we’re doing now is pretty personal?”

“Yeah, but… I mean, I want to ask you about things you do and stuff. If that’s okay.”

“Well… sure, why not. Go ahead, ask away.”

“All right, um… see, what I want know is, do you ever, like, watch pornography or anything? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“Hmm, well…”

“It’s okay to tell us, though. We won’t be shocked or anything. Kate and I have both seen porn. It’s not like the old days, you know, where kids were more innocent.”

“No, I guess it’s not.”

“So, do you watch it sometimes?”

My aunt took a few seconds before answering. I heard a sharp intake of breath, and a groan. Her movements were increasingly urgent, the bed bouncing more noticeably. Apparently this subject was turning her on.

“Yeah, I… I do,” she finally said. “I watch porn. I like it.”

“I like it too,” I replied. “What kind do you watch most?”


“Do you like lesbian porn? Girls together?”

The pause again. And then, “Uh-huh, I like that.”

“Me too. I like to see girls kissing. And touching each other. Is that what you like?”

“Yes… it is.” She groaned again, more loudly. Her breath was coming very fast.

“Are you getting close?” I asked.


“Kate, what about you?”

“Yeah, I am,” my sister said. “But keep talking, Julie. I like it.”

“Okay. Um, yeah, I really like to see pretty girls kissing and touching each other, fingers rubbing soft skin…”

As I said that, I reached my left hand across my body to touch Aunt Barbara’s arm. She was on my right. My other hand was working between my legs.

When she felt my caress, fingers lightly stroking her arm, she gasped and sighed, clearly enjoying the contact, but at the same time whispered, “No…”

I didn’t stop. I continued touching her, my fingertips slowly sliding up her arm to her shoulder. “Girls are so soft. Women are so beautiful. Don’t you think?”

She didn’t reply.

I shifted slightly closer on the bed, until our arms and legs were touching. Her skin was warm. My fingers gently caressed her shoulder, then moved further across a few inches, to the top of her chest.

“No,” she whispered again, while making no real effort to stop me.

“I love to see girls together,” I continued. “Pretty girls kissing each other, touching each other. Or even… a younger girl with an older woman. That really turns me on. I love that.”

I found the swell of her breast, moved my fingers down a bit, almost but not quite reaching the nipple, then eased around to the side, surrounding her tit, taking it in my hand, softly squeezing.

“Do you like that too, Aunt Barbara? Lesbian porn where women have sex with young girls? is that what you like?”

“Julie, I — I can’t —”

That wasn’t my aunt, it was my sister. Kate was starting to come. We heard a squeal, felt the mattress bounce hard beneath us.

“God! Fuck!!” Aunt Barbara cried.

She was coming too. I wasn’t quite there yet — I’d backed off too much — so instead, I squeezed my aunt’s breast more tightly and then slid my fingers up to the taut nipple, pinching it, twisting it, as she climaxed. It was so amazing to be where I was, even if I wasn’t ready to come… just to be holding her breast, playing with her nipple, fondling the woman’s naked body under the covers in the darkness of her bedroom as she reached orgasm.

I continued rubbing my clit, but turned onto my side, facing her. With a hand still on her breast, I kissed her shoulder, then her neck, detecting the scent of her perfume along with the stronger aroma of her climax. And this one lasted a really long time. She just kept coming, again and again, as I squeezed the fat nipple and kissed and licked her neck.

Eventually, her spasms receded. “God… god…” she panted, then brought a hand up, trying to push my fingers away from her tit. But I didn’t budge, not at all. I stayed right where I was, my hand clutching her breast. After a second or two, she appeared to give in, raising her hand to her face, pushing away a few strands of hair, wiping her brow as she sighed, “God… oh my god…” before dropping the hand to her side again.

Two or three minutes went by, Aunt Barbara’s breathing gradually becoming calmer. Everyone was quiet. I gently massaged her breast, not with any urgency, just making sure she knew my hand was there.

Finally I said, in a small voice, “Um, I didn’t, you know… I mean… I didn’t come that time. So is it okay if I do it now? Do you mind?”

There was no response from her, nothing at all. I lifted my head, looking more closely at my aunt. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted, chest rising and falling very slowly. It looked like she was asleep.

“Kate,” I whispered.

“Huh?” My sister pushed herself up on an elbow. It was dark, but I could see her cute chipmunk face.

“I think she fell asleep, or passed out.”

“She did?”

I nodded. Then I said, “Aunt Barbara?”

No reply, no movement, not even a flutter of the eyelids. Just calm, slow breathing. I leaned in closer and softly kissed her lips. Still no response. Apparently all that alcohol and then the orgasms had taken their toll.

I gently pushed the covers down, almost to her waist, revealing the woman’s full, round breasts. Licking my lips, I caught Kate’s eye and nodded to her. Then I lowered my face to Aunt Barbara’s nipple and licked it.

“Julie!” Kate hissed. I glanced up at her. She was shaking her head in disapproval.

“It’s okay,” I whispered. “Mommy said I should.”


“Come on, you do it too.”

I licked the nipple again, feeling it lengthen and stiffen under my tongue.

Kate watched me for a moment, then looked at the tit nearest her, staring at the nipple. I saw her licking her lips, as I had done. The temptation must simply have been irresistible, because her face moved closer, closer… and then her lips parted and she covered the nipple, taking it into her mouth, sucking on it.

I liked that idea, a lot. It turned me on. I began to suck the nipple too, loving the rubbery hardness in my mouth, the slightly tart taste.

Aunt Barbara moaned. I raised my head for a moment, checking on her. She still seemed to be asleep. Her eyes were closed, her body relaxed. I nodded at Kate, and we didn’t stop. She and I sucked and licked the woman’s big nipples for another minute or so, grinning back and forth at each other.

Soon our aunt began to respond. She was breathing faster. Her legs started to twitch. She moaned again. I took my mouth from the breast, replacing it with my hand, squeezing and pulling the hard, wet nipple. Shifting a little higher on the bed, I placed my mouth by her ear, softly saying, “You’re having a dream, the best dream you’ve ever had… two young girls are in your bed, playing with you, making love to you…”

I saw my aunt’s lips move. At first I couldn’t understand what she’d said, if anything. But as I bent closer to her, cocking my head, I could hear a whisper, “Young girls, young girls…”

In her ear, I said, “Yes, young girls, in your bed… they want to love you, play with you, kiss you and touch you…”

“Yes.” Her voice was slightly louder now.

“And they want you to play with them, too… they want you to touch them.”

I reached down and found Aunt Barbara’s hand, resting at her side. Squirming around a bit, I managed to get it tucked between my legs, her fingers pressing against my pussy.

I said to her, “Please, put your finger inside. The girl wants you to fuck her. She needs it. Feel how warm she is, how wet she is. Put your finger inside.”

With my hand holding hers, I rubbed the woman’s fingers inside my slit. I really was very wet.

“Please do it. She wants you to fuck her. Put your fingers inside.”


Her eyes were closed. It looked like my aunt was asleep, but she was responding — a little bit, anyway — so she must have been a halfway state, between dreaming and awake. Her hand wasn’t moving much, though, lying mostly limp. It was frustrating, because I wasn’t just saying that. I really did want her to fuck me!

So I took charge. Gripping her middle finger in my fingers, I placed it at the opening to my vagina, then pushed it in. God, it felt nice. “Fuck me,” I said, “fuck my pussy.”

Aunt Barbara was coming to life. Her hand began to move, the finger sliding deeper inside me.

“That’s right, fuck my pussy,” I repeated.

I glanced down at my sister. Kate was astride our aunt’s leg. It looked like she was humping her. Her hands were on the woman’s breasts, squeezing and pushing them together so she could go back and forth from one big nipple to the other, licking and sucking them both.

In my aunt’s ear, I said, “What a great dream, the hottest dream you’ve ever had… two girls in your bed and you’re having sex with them, fucking them.”

“Fucking, fucking… yes.” Her finger moved faster inside me.

My hand was on my clit now. I didn’t need to guide Aunt Barbara any more. She was doing the work on her own — and I was quickly getting close to an orgasm. “Fuck me, fuck me hard,” I urged, “make me come!”

Hearing a squeak, I looked at Kate again. She was still holding our aunt’s tits in her hands, squeezing the nipples, but she was no longer sucking or licking them. Her eyes were tightly shut, her face pinched. Kate was breathing hard, gasping, humping like mad on the woman’s leg, rubbing her pussy against her, getting ready to come.

Seeing that pushed me over the edge. The sexual energy swirled up from inside, a sudden uncontrollable surge — and then I was climaxing, bursting into orgasm, coming all over my aunt’s hand.

I hadn’t meant to come quite so quickly. It wasn’t what I’d planned. I wanted to have Aunt Barbara come too, with us, but that didn’t happen. Instead my sister and I both climaxed, me with my aunt’s finger deep inside my cunt, Kate riding her leg.

It took us a minute or so to calm down. We each were pretty noisy when we came, not to mention active, our taut young bodies straining and shaking with the intense vigor of our orgasms. But somehow all this hadn’t been enough to wake Aunt Barbara up. She was still asleep, it appeared, or at least pretending to be. I never knew for sure.

Anyway, as I felt the final tremors fading away, I took my aunt’s hand in mine, and slowly drew her finger out of my vagina. I lifted the hand, bringing it up to her face. Even in the dim light, her middle finger was gleaming, dripping with my juices. I placed the finger on her lips, rubbing it around.

“Taste the girl,” I whispered in my aunt’s ear. “Taste her pussy.”

Her lips parted. She extended her tongue, licking the finger. I slipped it into her mouth. She sucked on it, sighing in pleasure.

Even though I had just completed a climax, I was eager and ready for more. And now I decided to go all the way. My heart pounded with excitement, with anticipation, as I got to my knees. Bending over again, close to her ear, I asked, “Do you like how she tastes? You like that girl’s pussy?”

There was no verbal answer, only a soft moan.

Straightening up, I looked at Kate. She was alert, watching me. I motioned to her, pointing downward, nodding toward Aunt Barbara’s crotch. “Lick her,” I mouthed.

My sister’s eyebrows shot up. Really? she seemed to be asking. I nodded, pointing more firmly. Kate giggled, then scooted down between our aunt’s legs, pushing the covers fully away.

I watched my sister get in place, leaning in close, starting to kiss and nuzzle and lick — and then I swung my leg over Aunt Barbara, straddling her head.

“This is a dream,” I said aloud. “A very hot, sexy dream. You’re going to lick the girl’s pussy.”

I lowered myself to her mouth, pressing my moist, swollen labia against her lips. And then I began to ride her face.

Kate and I had sex with our aunt that night. It wasn’t a dream. Kate sucked and licked and ate her cunt, while I held the woman’s head in my hands, grinding my pussy into her mouth. Aunt Barbara did a little bit of licking, but was mostly passive at that point, still half asleep, apparently. That didn’t matter, though. As turned on as I was, just the feel of her warm lips, her wet mouth, her tongue when it made contact with my clit — that was more than enough. Within a minute, or maybe less, I was almost ready to come.

Then a change occurred. Her body began to move. I felt a shudder beneath me and heard a loud groan. I felt Aunt Barbara’s hands on my bottom, pulling me in closer. I also sensed that she was bucking, pushing her cunt into Kate’s mouth. She groaned more loudly, and her tongue and lips became more active, lapping at my pussy, eating me.

“Yes, yes!” I moaned, holding her head tightly as I rocked faster and faster, fucking her face.

She and I reached orgasm at almost the same time. I started first, gasping and crying in ecstasy as powerful spasms exploded inside me, thick juices pouring from my vagina into her mouth. Even in the midst of my passion, I was somehow able to tell that my aunt was coming too, climaxing in my 11-year-old sister’s mouth.

* * *

Five minutes later, we had swapped positions. I was between Aunt Barbara’s legs now, licking and sucking her delicious pussy, while Kate was sitting on her face. As we were making the switch, I thought I saw my aunt’s eyes flutter open for just a moment, taking in what was happening, watching us, although I couldn’t be certain. Perhaps I only imagined that.

In any case, the cunt in front of my mouth was the important thing. I nibbled at her clit, sucked her labia, tongued her vagina, nuzzled up and down in the warm, moist, fragrant furrow. God, I love pussy so much. Any girl, any woman, any age. I love the taste, the smell, the feel… I can never get enough.

Kate came first that time. She rode our aunt’s face and soon was shrieking in excitement, obviously coming very hard. When she finished, I saw her collapse onto the bed, both hands clutched between her legs, slim body still shuddering.

With renewed intensity, I sucked Aunt Barbara’s swollen clitoris and also pushed two fingers up inside her slippery vagina, fucking her. Then I felt hands on my head, seeming at first as if she might be trying to frantically push me away — and I heard her grunt, “No!” — yet barely a second later that was replaced with a plea, “Yes! Yes!” as her fingers gripped my hair, pulling my mouth tightly against her sex.

Was my aunt dreaming, or was she awake? Did she know what was happening? Did she realize she was having sex with underage girls, with her own nieces? Was she wrestling with the morality of that? Could that be why I’d heard the No and then the Yes in quick succession?

I still don’t know the answer to those questions. But what I do know is that Aunt Barbara climaxed in my mouth. She almost roared as she came, going rigid for a beat or two, then bouncing on the bed, crying out, ramming her cunt into my mouth again and again, hot juices spurting out, soaking my face. It was an astonishing orgasm, loud and wet and long, incredibly powerful. Could it really have occurred in her sleep?

Whatever the truth is, her climax finally came to an end, and then our aunt became almost entirely motionless. Every muscle in her body seemed to go limp at once, to completely relax, as if she were soaking into the bed — which, incidentally, was soaked with her fluids. She was breathing hard, of course, her chest rising and falling, but that was the only motion we could see. Her eyes were closed, her face slack. It appeared that she had fallen asleep again, or perhaps was still sleeping.

Kate was sitting up, and so was I. We exchanged glances, smiling at one another, and looked again at our aunt. Then we made a decision. We slid off the bed, located our t-shirts, and silently left the room, closing the door behind us.

Back in our own bedroom, cuddling together in the dark beneath the covers, my sister and I talked for a few minutes about what we’d just done, how exciting it was. We were both still very turned on, so we fingered each other, and kissed, enjoying one final orgasm together before drifting off to sleep.

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