The Joy of Looking, Chapter 87

  • Posted on December 31, 2015 at 1:34 pm

By Naughty Mommy

Tuesday morning at breakfast, Molly asked our mother if we could go horseback riding again. It looked like another nice day for it, and since we hadn’t made any other plans, Mommy said okay. But not all of us went. Kate and I decided to stay behind, hoping Shepard and Rachel might show up again. And sure enough, they did, though not for a couple of hours.

The others walked over to the stables at a little after 11:00. They’d packed sandwiches and fruit and cookies and stuff, planning to have a picnic somewhere. My sister and I made our own lunch — or really just snacked on whatever we felt like, chips and nuts and beef jerky and candy. You know, a nutritious balanced meal.

At about 1:30, we saw the two girls coming our way, ambling along the lakeside again, seemingly in no hurry. I noticed, though, that this time both were wearing short-shorts, while the day before they’d had jeans on. Did that mean anything? I didn’t know, but I hoped it might.

They came up to us and Kate said, “Hey.”

“Hey,” they replied. I nodded at them, smiling.

“Um, so, do you guys want to go out in the canoe again?” my sister asked.

They said they did.

“So, like, my sister Julie’s gonna come along too, all right?”

I saw Rachel frown slightly. She tried to stop herself, but it was obvious that she didn’t much like the idea of having an older girl along, maybe as a chaperone or something.

“She’s totally cool, you guys,” Kate assured them, taking my arm. “I mean, like, you guys are best friends, right? And that’s what she is for me. Julie’s my BFF.”

Now both kids were frowning, looking puzzled. Apparently it was hard for them to understand how anyone could be best friends with a sibling. That didn’t matter, though. I loved Katie for saying it.

The other girls could hardly object, anyway, since it was our canoe. We walked down to the dock and climbed in. Kate said we should take life jackets along with us, even if we weren’t planning to wear them. That way, when we came back, we could slip them on shortly before we arrived, just in case Mommy was waiting for us. My sister can be pretty smart sometimes.

There wasn’t much conversation at first as we paddled away. My presence seemed to have put a damper on things. But as we left the area where most of the cabins were and got the feel of being out on our own on an adventure, they started chatting a little more, sharing opinions about school and songs and movies and how awful parents could be. Girl talk.

After a while Kate said, “Hey, uh, whaddya think? You guys wanna get out and maybe go pick some blackberries again?”

I sensed this was code for kissing, and I assumed that Rachel and Shepard got the same message. In any case, they said they’d like to. A few minutes later Kate guided the canoe into sort of a sheltered inlet where we tied up and climbed out, then started up a narrow trail into the woods.

We hiked maybe a hundred yards, mostly uphill, until we came to a sunny open spot with some big boulders and a nice view of the lake. Kate, who was leading the way, stopped there. I looked around and didn’t see any blackberry bushes — in fact, I didn’t eat a single blackberry that day. But I did do some kissing!

My sister grinned at the other two girls. She stepped toward Rachel, putting her hands on the little brunette’s shoulders, then leaning in and kissing her mouth. Nothing was said. They just started kissing.

God, I love watching girls kiss, especially younger girls. There’s almost nothing hotter than a pair of pre-teens sucking each other’s lips. It made me want to play with myself as I stood there watching them, but of course I didn’t.

After finishing with Rachel, Kate turned to Shepard. The taller girl was obviously eager for her chance, immediately grabbing my sister and wrapping her arms around her, practically humping her as they kissed. If I thought it was hot watching Kate with Rachel, it was positively incendiary seeing her with Shepard.

When they broke apart after a minute or two, their faces were flushed, both girls giggling excitedly and wiping their mouths. By that time, I was shivering with lust. My pussy was soaked and I wondered if I might be so wet it would be visible right through my tight shorts, though I didn’t check.

Kate looked at me with a wicked grin. She could easily tell how I was feeling.

“You want to try some kissing?” she asked, nodding toward the other girl. “Maybe with Rachel?”

“Uh, um, y-yeah, okay,” I stammered. I tried to smile confidently at Rachel as I went to her, but I’m sure my face showed as much nervousness as arousal.

She and I kissed. It was tentative, though, on both our parts. Don’t get me wrong. I loved kissing Rachel. Her lips were incredibly full and soft and yielding — but she was mostly passive, and so was I. Neither of us even used any tongue.

It was a very different story when I turned to Shepard. The tall freckled girl slid easily into my arms and brought her open mouth readily to mine. We made out for what seemed like an awfully long time. It was probably only a couple of minutes in reality, but it felt a lot longer. I closed my eyes and tasted her tongue and smelled her scent and wanted more, much more.

As she’d done with Kate, Shepard pressed her skinny body against me, rubbing up and down. She was obviously eager to explore the possibilities of girl-girl interaction. So would there be more, here today, out in the woods?

There wasn’t, unfortunately. Kissing was as far as we went. It was amusing, though, what happened next. After Shepard and I finally finished and stepped apart, grinning and wiping our mouths, Kate came over to me, taking my hand.

She looked at the other girls and said, “You want to see us kiss?”

Their eyebrows shot up. “You guys?” Rachel asked.

“Uh-huh,” Kate nodded, and without further ado wrapped her arms tightly around me, bringing her lips to mine.

I was already extremely turned on, of course, and as you know, kissing my sister drives me wild. Soon I was moaning and pawing and grinding on her as I sucked her tongue. She and I must have put on quite a show for the other girls, although I wasn’t really thinking about that at the time. All I knew was I had Kate’s slim, strong body in my arms, her lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth. She wanted me, and I wanted her.

Again, though, nothing more really happened except for kissing. Well, kissing and humping and ass-grabbing and so on. But our hands stayed on the outside of our clothes.

That wasn’t the end of the kissing, I’m happy to say. After getting a taste of it, none of us wanted to stop. We stayed out there in the sun for maybe another 45 minutes, swapping partners and swapping spit. After a while, however, I felt my face burning, and not just from the heat of passion. The other girls agreed it was time to start back.

When we arrived at the dock below our cabin, life jackets donned about a minute earlier, we found that Molly and Chelsea and Dana and Mommy had returned from their ride. They were sitting outside on lawn chairs — but they weren’t alone. A woman and a teenage girl were with them, a pair we’d never seen before.

Shepard and Rachel thanked us and said goodbye, waving politely at our mom before heading off in the direction of their own cabins. My sister and I walked up the slope toward our group, wondering who these new people were.

“Hey girls,” Mommy called. “Did you have fun?”

“Yeah, we did,” I smiled, “a lot of fun.”

I was sure she got the implication. But just to emphasize it, I licked my lips, kind of wagging my tongue. If that gave our mother the impression that perhaps more had happened than just kissing, that was fine. Kate and I would be happy to tell her the real story later on.

The woman we hadn’t met got to her feet. Mommy did too.

“Loretta,” she began, “and Sage,” she added, nodding at the teenager, who was still seated, “I’d like you to meet my daughters, Julie and Kate.”

“Hello,” we said.

Loretta stepped forward to shake my hand. She had a firm, warm grip and a friendly smile. I liked her immediately. She was very tan, probably olive-skinned to begin with, and wore her glossy dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her eyes were deep brown and beautiful, tastefully highlighted with mascara, black eyeliner, and kind of a silvery-blue eye shadow. The woman was slim but full-breasted, probably in her early forties. She was dressed in boots, tight jeans, and a short-sleeved cream-colored blouse open enough to reveal a bit of cleavage. I wanted her.

While Loretta shook Kate’s hand, I glanced down at Sage, who was squinting up toward me, shading her eyes as she looked into the sun. She was somewhat heavier than her mother and also full-breasted. Her dark hair was cut very short. I couldn’t tell for sure how old she was, but older than me, maybe 15 or 16. Sage wasn’t tan like Loretta but wore a lot of dark makeup, sort of goth style. There was a piercing in one eyebrow, a gold bar. She wore Doc Martens, torn black jeans, and a black t-shirt with a Metallica logo. I smiled at her, but didn’t get a smile back.

“We met at the stables earlier today,” Mommy told us, “and went riding together. Then I asked them to come here for dinner. We’ll do some grilling later, nothing fancy, just hamburgers and hot dogs.”

“Okay,” I said. Feeling cheeky and perhaps a bit possessive, I went over to my mom and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Hi, honey,” my mother smiled, petting my hair and gazing into my eyes when we finished the short kiss.

Then she said, “Would you girls like something to drink? There are plenty of Cokes and things in the fridge. Juice too.”

I saw that Loretta, Dana, and my mom all had beers. Chelsea was drinking juice, while Molly and Sage each had Cokes. My sister and I went inside and got Cokes for ourselves too.

For the next couple of hours, the adults sat and chatted. Loretta was an attorney, like my mom, so that gave them plenty to talk about. At one point, I asked Sage if she wanted to go out in the canoe, but she said no. Kate fetched a frisbee, though, and we tossed that around for a while. Sage even joined in, however reluctantly. I wondered if her sullen demeanor was an act or if she was genuinely depressed. I was able to drag out from her, at least, that she was 15 and would be a junior in high school the next year.

We also learned that Loretta had recently been divorced. This was in fact the first vacation for her and her daughter without the dad. That might have been part of why Sage seemed so blue, I thought. Or maybe it was just her personality.

It was cute, though, because Kate appeared to take Sage’s stoniness as a challenge. She tried to show her how to throw the frisbee better, even getting the teen to laugh a couple of times. That was a major accomplishment!

Dana too did her best to involve Sage in conversation, talking with her about music and clothes and stuff. The two didn’t really seem to have much in common, but it was nice that Dana made the effort.

After dinner was over, we all went inside. Loretta had made noises about going back to their small rented cabin, which was located a little further around the lake, but Mommy insisted they stay longer. I had a pretty good idea what was on her mind, at least eventually.

The adults sat down in the living area and Sage sat with them. Molly and Chelsea immediately trotted up the stairs and disappeared into a bedroom to play with dolls and things, or maybe to play with each other. I thought about asking Sage if she wanted to come upstairs with me and Kate, but then decided not to. I was formulating another plan.

I led Kate into the master bedroom and then out onto a small balcony that had a nice view of the lake. We weren’t there for the view, however. A set of wooden stairs led down the outside of the cabin to the grassy area where we’d been sitting earlier. From there we could quietly sneak through a side door into the kitchen. And from there, we could spy on the others, or at a minimum eavesdrop on them.

That’s what we did — although for the longest time it seemed like my plan would be a total bust. The talk was mostly pretty boring, a lot of lawyer stuff at first, comparing cases and so on, and then they chatted for a while about neighborhoods and schools, and then Mommy got Dana to tell Loretta and Sage all about what she was studying at the fashion institute. Kate was clearly getting bored, if not downright irritated, and I was almost ready to give up too.

But then, after a short lull in the conversation, Loretta said, “I realize it probably isn’t my place to ask this, but I’m just wondering… um, are you two, you know, a couple?”

She obviously meant Mommy and Dana. I carefully pushed the swinging door from the kitchen open a tiny bit so I could peek through the crack. Kate was on her hands and knees below me, looking through too.

We could see that our mother was holding Dana’s hand. They were sitting close together on the room’s only sofa. Sage and Loretta were in separate armchairs, facing them.

Before answering, Mommy lifted Dana’s hand to her lips, tenderly kissing her fingers. Then she smiled and replied, “No, we’re not. Or at least not in the way I think you’re asking. It’s true that we do have a relationship, a sexual relationship. But Dana and I are both free to pursue our interests with other women… or girls.”

It was clever the way she added that tag at the end. The way she’d said it, ‘girls’ could be taken as referring to young women, like in their twenties, or possibly to mature teenagers — but it also could be taken to mean actual girls, like me and Kate!

“Oh, uh, um, all right.” Loretta seemed startled. Sage was wide-eyed.

It wasn’t entirely clear what they were thinking, but there was no doubt that they were thinking, wondering… probably even more curious now than before. Our mother had played it perfectly.

She didn’t push her advantage, though. She waited. We waited. What would happen next?

After what seemed like forever, Loretta glanced at Sage, then slowly uncrossed her legs.

“Well,” she began, clearing her throat, “it’s pretty late. We should be getting back.”

Again there was a pause. Finally, Mommy said, “All right. I’m so glad you could come tonight. I do hope we’ll see you again.”

They all stood up. I suddenly realized what we had to do. Grabbing Kate’s hand, I pulled her with me toward the side door. Trying to be quiet, we slipped out, then quickly climbed the stairs back up to the balcony. We could dimly hear our mother’s voice calling, “Molly? Chelsea? Girls? Come on down and say goodnight!”

* * *

We did see them again — the very next night, in fact.

We’d spent the day on a long hike, following one of Kate’s prized trails. She took us up beside a swift-flowing stream, and we eventually came to a small waterfall. It was quite lovely. We enjoyed a leisurely picnic lunch there before returning.

Arriving back at the cabin around 4:00, we had some cool drinks and then relaxed outside, feeling happy and comfortable in the soft breeze off the lake. At about 5:30, who should come along but Sage and Loretta! They were walking to the restaurant for supper, or so they said, and their route just happened to take them past our cabin. They asked if we’d like to join them, and we said we would.

Sage seemed like a different person that evening. Her makeup was less severe and she was talking a lot more, even smiling sometimes. She was still dressed all in black, but at least she didn’t appear so depressed. Loretta, on the other hand, was much more reserved than she had been the day before. She was polite enough but not nearly as outgoing. It gave me a lot to think about.

When we were finished with dinner and dessert, Mommy invited them back to our cabin again. It looked to me like Loretta was about to decline, but before she could open her mouth, Sage jumped in, “Yeah, sure, that sounds great!” Her mother was pretty much forced to agree.

What had changed, of course, was that both Sage and Loretta knew for a fact, after the night before, that my mom and Dana were lesbian lovers — and maybe more important, that they were not exclusive, that they had an open relationship. In essence, my mother had offered both herself and Dana as sex partners for Loretta, or even for Sage!

This revelation apparently had made Loretta feel cautious about getting too close to us, or perhaps it was more that she felt the need to be protective of her 15-year-old daughter. That’s understandable, I suppose, but it was interesting that the news seemed to have the opposite effect on Sage. As I said, she was much more friendly and talkative during dinner. While we were eating, I saw her put her hand on Dana’s arm a couple of times, something she never would have done the day before. I was certain now that it was Sage, not her mom, who’d suggested they go to dinner at the restaurant, and who made sure they would stroll right past our cabin.

Anyway, my mom and Loretta paid the bill, and then we headed back. As we were walking, I kind of pulled Sage aside a little bit, making sure we were out of earshot of her mother, and said, “Hey, um, when we get there, I have something I want to show you, up in my room, okay? I think you’ll really like it.”

She looked at me quizzically. “What is it?”

“I can’t tell you now, ‘cause they might hear,” I said, using a low voice and nodding toward the adults, who were ahead of us.

I’m sure she must have been wondering what a dumb kid like me might have that an older girl like her could possibly be interested in — but on the other hand, she was wondering.

Sage didn’t reply right away. She searched my eyes, looking for a clue, and finally just said, “Okay.”

The sun still hadn’t set when we reached the cabin, so the adults decided to sit outside a while. Molly and Chelsea immediately went in and trotted upstairs to their bedroom. I’d noticed that the two little girls were spending as much time alone together as they could now, enjoying some fun games, no doubt.

Sage came along with me and Kate to the master bedroom, which I shared with my mom. As I closed the door behind us, I asked, “Do you like porn?”

“Porn?!” I don’t think Sage was expecting that from a 12-year-old. She didn’t say anything else, just stared at me. Kate giggled.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded. “Kate and me both like porn. We watch it a lot. Sometimes with our mom too.”

“With your mom??”

I really had her going now. Sage was wide-eyed, her mouth hanging open. But she wasn’t shocked or appalled. There was a look of desire on her face, too, of sexual arousal. I could see it in her eyes.

Unzipping a pouch in my suitcase, I reached in and pulled out a DVD, handing it to her. “Lesbian porn. That’s what we like best.”

The DVD I gave her was called Chick Licks. I pointed to a name on the cover: Desiree. “Do you know who that is?”


“Desiree. See her picture, here? You recognize her?”

Sage held the cover closer to her face, studying the photo of a slender blonde teenaged girl, fully nude, of course. She shook her head, “No.”

“That’s my sister, Dana. From like ten years ago, when she was 17.”

“Your sister?? Wait…” She looked even more closely at the DVD. “Omigod, that is her. But, but — your sister? I thought she was your mom’s girlfriend?”

“She is,” I nodded. “She’s our sister and she’s our mother’s girlfriend.”

Kate giggled again.

“What are you talking about??” demanded Sage. “I, I don’t — that doesn’t make any sense.”

“I know,” I chuckled. “Dana’s not really our sister, not in real life, I mean. See, we sort of adopted her in a way, and Chelsea too. Now they’re both our sisters. They don’t live with us, but that’s how we think of them.”

Sage examined the DVD cover again. She seemed to be having a hard time connecting the photo of the sexy porn actress with that nice young woman sitting outside the cabin, even though it was pretty obvious they were the same person.

Finally she handed the DVD back to me, slowly shaking her head. “That’s… pretty amazing. But, I mean, I don’t… how can you say she’s your sister, and like… wait, um…”

A lightbulb went on. Sage began to see the truth. “I think, I mean, did I hear, um, Dana — did I hear her call your mom Mommy? Instead of, like, Suzanne?”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded. “Like I said, we think of her as our sister now. And our mom thinks of her as a daughter. And also as her lover. One of them, anyway.”

“Oh my god, that is some wild kinky shit.”

“Kinky shit, yeah!” Kate laughed.

“So, do you wanna watch this?” I asked Sage, holding up the DVD.

“Um… sure, okay.”

I got out my mom’s laptop and booted it up. We sat together on the bed, leaning back against pillows. The bed wasn’t very wide, which meant we were squeezed in fairly close together. Sage was in the middle. I’d set up that tray of my mom’s to hold the laptop in front of her. We were all three still dressed at that point, but I was hoping that might change before too long.

The DVD started. I leaned over and selected the chapter that had Dana in it. We watched as she and an older woman who was supposed to be her neighbor flirted for a bit and then started kissing and stuff. The other woman was around 35, probably, and very hot. The scene was in the backyard of her house. Dana/Desiree was wearing sort of a little girl dress and had her hair in pigtails, making her look like she was only about 10 or something. They took off each other’s clothes and soon were having acrobatic sex on a lounge chair.

After a couple of minutes, Kate caught my eye. She was breathing hard, and her face was flushed. It was clear what she wanted. I nodded to her, licking my lips. We both unzipped our shorts and stuck our hands down inside our undies.

Sage saw what we were doing. She looked back and forth between my sister and me. She kept glancing at one of us, then the other, as if trying to make up her mind.

“Oh well, what the fuck,” she eventually said, opening her own jeans and pushing a hand inside.

We masturbated together as we watched Dana sucking the woman’s nipples, then fingering her, then eating her pussy. Kate came first. I came a few seconds after her. When the woman had an orgasm in Dana’s mouth, Sage climaxed.

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    After a couple of minutes, Kate caught my eye. She was breathing hard, and her face was flushed. It was clear what she wanted. I nodded to her, licking my lips. We both unzipped our shorts and stuck our hands down inside our undies.

    Sage saw what we were doing. She looked back and forth between my sister and me. She kept glancing at one of us, then the other, as if trying to make up her mind.

    “Oh well, what the fuck,” she eventually said, opening her own jeans and pushing a hand inside.

    We masturbated together as we watched Dana sucking the woman’s nipples, then fingering her, then eating her pussy. Kate came first. I came a few seconds after her. When the woman had an orgasm in Dana’s mouth, Sage climaxed.

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