Serendipity, Chapter 55

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By Naughty Mommy

To keep track of everyone while the cruise on the luxury yacht is underway, you can use this chart.

“That’s right, baby, that’s good,” Stacie said to Jordan, “keep moving your fingers in and out.”

Coached by her mother, the child now had two fingers inside Dani’s vagina, shoving them all the way in and then sliding them out about halfway before plunging them back in again. Dani shuddered and groaned with each eager thrust. Her pussy was very wet, making it easy for Jordan to reach in as far as her small fingers could go.

For Jordan, it was a fun new game, something she’d never tried before. She had seen other women and girls doing it, but this was a first for her, and she liked it! The feeling inside was amazing, kind of soft and fluffy, like cotton candy, but warm and squishy too. The smell was really yummy, making her want to lick and taste some more, but they said she was just supposed to use her fingers now, so that’s what she did.

As the little girl fucked Dani, Jordan’s grandmother Carol took over licking and sucking the teenager’s clit. Carol worked to keep Dani at the peak of arousal, making sure her juices would continue to flow while not quite letting her go over the top.

They were all in the expansive main saloon of the luxury yacht Carte Blanche. Surrounding Dani, the 16-year-old blonde lying on the padded bench, were not only Carol and Jordan and Stacie, but the rest of the cruise guests: seven more women and ten more girls, all mothers and daughters. Quite a few were nude by now, with the others still in their pajama party attire. They were joined by various members of the crew, half a dozen women and teenagers, along with three other little girls, daughters of the first mate and the captain.

In addition to the finger-fucking and pussy-licking in the center of the room, there was a lot more sex going on. Sisters Sheila and Bridget were in a 69 on one of the long curving sofas. Eve was now holding the doll-like Charlie in her arms, fingering her tiny pussy as the girl’s mother, Caroline, massaged Eve’s clit with one hand while fucking her cunt from behind with the other. Abby, who had been kissing Stephanie a few minutes earlier, was now involved with Stephanie’s partner, Veronica. The older woman was kneeling on the floor between the tall blonde’s legs, her hands gripping the teen’s tight bottom, pulling her in as she sucked on Abby’s clit.

Stephanie, meanwhile, had crouched down between her daughters, Hailey and Holly, so she could caress their little pussies as the 8-year-olds watched Jordan play with Dani and looked around at everything else that was going on. From where they stood, the twins could see that the Spanish lady, Ana, was licking Bambi while Angela, Bambi’s mom, was licking Jenifer, Ana’s daughter. The girls also saw their sister Kelly rubbing Debby the same way Mommy was rubbing them. Their new friend, Melissa, was rubbing her little sister Jemma that way too, and on the other side of them, Erin and her sister Fiona were both rubbing each other like that. In fact, it seemed like almost everybody was touching or kissing or licking somebody.

“All right, now we want to try three fingers, okay?” Stacie said.

Jordan looked at her mommy. “Three fingers?”

“Uh-huh. Do you think they’ll fit?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. I think so. Lemme try.”

The 7-year-old drew the first two fingers of her right hand out of Dani’s pussy. They glistened with her juices. Jordan giggled. She took one big lick of the fingers, savoring the delicious taste, before adding a third finger and placing them at the opening to the tight vagina.

Carol lifted her mouth away from the teenager’s clit. She wanted to watch this.

“No, please,” begged Dani as she raised her head, “don’t stop, make me come. I need to come!”

“Uh-uh!” Julie refused. “Not yet. Don’t let her come yet. It’s better that way.”

“Oh my god,” Dani sighed, her head falling back, slender body trembling with arousal. “Please…”

Holding her friend’s hand in hers, Desiree chuckled, “It’s okay. My mom does that with me too, makes me wait all the time. And she’s right, it does make it even better. You’ll see.”

“Go ahead, honey,” Stacie urged her daughter. “Put your fingers inside now, all three.”


Jordan pushed. There was a moment of resistance, but then the three fingers slowly eased inside.

“Ohhh, fuck,” Dani groaned.

Carol began licking the girl again.

“I do that with you, don’t I, Mommy?” Amanda said to Tina. “I fuck your pussy.”

Tina hugged her daughter from behind, nuzzling and kissing her cheek. “Yes, you sure do, honey. You fuck Mommy, and it feels sooo nice!” She’d had three of Amanda’s fingers inside her many times — but never more than that. Tina wondered how far they were intending to go with Dani.

Standing close by, Caroline overheard the conversation. While continuing to fondle Eve, she asked the woman, “Do your daughters fuck you that way?”

“Uh, yes, yes, they do.”

“How many fingers?”

“I… don’t know. Two, I think, but I’m not sure. Usually when that happens, I’m kind of… overcome.”

Stacie said to Jordan, “Move your fingers faster if you can, okay?”


The child began pumping her little fingers in and out. Dani squealed and squirmed, eyes shut tight, face pinched. Carol backed off a bit on licking her clit so the teen wouldn’t come too soon.

“Do you like this, Debby?” Kelly asked her 9-year-old lover. They were standing to the side, just behind Desiree.

“Uh-huh, I like it, but… they’re not hurting her, are they?”

“No, I don’t think so. I mean, I’ve never had that many fingers inside me, so I don’t know, I guess it might hurt a little bit — but, you know, it would feel good in a way too. Anyhow, I think they’ll be careful.”


They heard a girl cry out. It was Bambi, coming in Ana’s mouth. Right after her, Jenifer climaxed too, coming loudly in Angela’s mouth. A few seconds later, Eve came, with Caroline fingering her. Three quick orgasms in succession.

Jordan kept on fucking Dani with her fingers. Soon there was another climax, Abby coming in Veronica’s mouth. And then it was Georgia, coming hard as she humped her little girl, Jemma, grinding her pussy against the child’s hip. At almost the same time, on the sofa, Bridget was coming in Sheila’s mouth while Sheila came in Bridget’s mouth; simultaneous orgasms, relatively quiet for once, but extremely powerful.

Catching her eye, Julie nodded at Stacie, who then tapped her mother, Carol, on the shoulder.

“It’s time for the lube,” Stacie told her.

On the bridge, Emma suddenly got to her feet.

“Καριόλης!” she cursed, shaking her head, walking briskly around. She was trying to put off her own orgasm — not that she wanted to, but she was getting too close and couldn’t allow herself to climax while on watch.

Carol reached down, picking up the container of Liquid Silk.

“Okay, sweetie,” Stacie said to Jordan. “Um, take your fingers out kind of slowly, okay? Not too fast.”

“Like this?” Very slowly, the child began easing her fingers out of Dani’s pussy.

“Yes, that’s good,” Stacie chuckled. She was pleased to see, though, that once the fingers had been removed, the teen’s vagina was still gaping open. That was what they wanted.

“Please let me come now,” Dani almost sobbed, “I really need it.”

“Sorry, honey, not yet,” Julie soothed, stroking her hair. “Soon, but not yet.”


Julie leaned down and gently kissed her mouth. “I promise it’ll be worth it. You just hold on.”

The little blonde was holding on, tightly, to her best friend’s hand. Desiree put her cheek beside Dani’s, whispering, “She’s right, believe me, it really is best this way. Mommy does this with me all the time, and it’s awesome.”

“Here, baby.” Carol reached across to Jordan’s hand, taking her by the wrist. “I’m just going to put some of this stuff on you.”

She pumped the squirt top several times, liberally applying the water-based lube to the child’s hand. After spreading it all around with her fingers, including the wrist and partway up the arm, Carol nodded in satisfaction. “That should do it.”

“All right, so…” Stacie swallowed hard. The young woman had never been part of anything remotely like this before. She didn’t want her daughter to sense her nervousness, though, so she tried to smile and keep it fun.

“So, um, the next part of this game is you put your whole hand inside!”

Jordan blinked, startled.

She looked at her mother, at Dani’s pussy, at her grandmother, and then back at Dani. After a moment’s pause, she shrugged, “Okay.”

The audience pressed in closer, a large crowd of sweaty women and girls, all nude or nearly nude, intensely aroused and eager to see. Those who had recently climaxed were still breathing very hard. Some even continued to shudder with residual spasms. But no one wanted to miss this. They got up from their seats and up off the floor, everyone angling for the best view.

Sisters Bridget and Sheila struggled off the sofa, legs shaky, faces red, wiping their mouths and grinning at each other. Hand in hand, they joined Sheila’s daughters, Erin and Fiona, near the end of the padded bench.

“Bunch your fingers together,” Carol instructed Jordan, showing her, “and then just go ahead, push them inside, as far as you can.”


All eyes were on Dani’s pussy and on Jordan’s little hand, gleaming with lubricant. The tips of four fingers slowly disappeared inside, and then a bit more went in, up to about the second knuckle. But that was all. Jordan stopped.

“Push harder, honey,” Carol urged, while also gently rubbing Dani’s clit with her own fingers, trying to keep the teenager excited. “It’s okay.”

Jordan glanced at her Nanna, who gave her a wink and a smile. The child nodded, took a deep breath, and pushed — up to the third knuckle now — a heavy groan from Dani — and then suddenly the hand slipped in, all the way up to the wrist.

There was a collective gasp from the crowd.

“Oh my gosh!” said Tina.

“Oh my fucking god,” added Gwen.

“Yes, yes, yes,” sighed Stephanie, as she fondled her twin daughters.

Georgia didn’t say anything, but she climaxed yet again, grinding against Jemma.

Julie leaned down beside Dani, kissing her forehead, petting her cheek. “How are you doing, babe? You okay?”

The teen’s eyes were closed, her cheeks flushed, her whole body trembling. “Yeah, it’s — she — she’s fucking me — little girl — fucking me!”

“That’s right, sweetie,” Julie chuckled, “she sure is.”

On the bridge, Emma was leaning close to the monitor, staring. She had a pair of headphones on, so she could hear everything. One of the overhead cameras, zoomed in, captured the scene perfectly. Emma’s fingers dripped with her juices. Her clit throbbed.

“Tell her to turn her hand now,” Julie suggested. “You know, palm up.”

“Okay,” Stacie nodded, licking her lips.

“Did you hear?” she said to Jordan. “Can you turn your hand, upward?”

“Uh-huh, I think so.” Slowly the little girl rotated her arm.

“Oh… ooh… ohh my god…” Dani moaned.

Julie smiled, “Good, very good. And now, the fist.”

“Jesus,” Stacie sighed, dropping her head and closing her eyes. She had two fingers pressed deep inside herself, her thumb strumming her clit, and was almost ready to come.

Noticing this, Veronica took over the instruction. She stepped forward and knelt beside Jordan, placing a warm hand on the child’s back. “You’re doing such a good job, honey, such a good job. Everyone’s really proud of you.”

“That’s right, we are, and we’re very proud of you too, Dani,” Julie said, stroking and kissing the teenager’s cheek. “You still doing okay? You want us to continue?”

“Yeah, I am. I like it. Make her fuck me. I want her to fuck me hard.”

Julie nodded at Veronica, indicating they should go ahead.

“Okay, um, now, can you make your fingers into a fist, like this?” Veronica held her hand in front of Jordan, demonstrating.

“A fist?”

“Yes, a fist. Just carefully pull your fingers together, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Jordan stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth, concentrating. No one could actually see her fingers moving, of course, slowly coming together inside the girl’s body, clenching into a fist — but Dani certainly was able to feel it. As the child pulled her small fingers inward, they pressed against the front of Dani’s vagina, stimulating her G-spot.

The young blonde groaned again, loudly.

“Now, keep a fist,” Veronica said to Jordan, “but, also, try to move your hand in and out a little bit, okay?”

Giving a nod, Jordan did as she was asked. Everyone watched and saw her slender arm begin to piston in and out of Dani’s sex.

Jordan did something else then too, while kneeling on the bench. Without being told, and without really even thinking about it, she shifted slightly to the side, straddling Dani’s thigh, humping her mound against the girl.

“Jesus Christ,” Sheila exclaimed. “This is so goddamn fucking hot!”

Sheila was masturbating now, and she wasn’t the only one. Fingers were very busy, all around the room. Every woman and every girl, in fact, was either rubbing her own pussy, or being rubbed by someone, or grinding on another girl or woman as they watched the action.

“Faster!” urged Julie. Jordan complied.

“Yeah!” Dani cried. “Fuck me hard!!”

Hands on clits, fingers in cunts, pussies on legs, humping, fondling, grabbing — girls and women, mothers and daughters, in a frenzy of lust — and in the center of it all, a 7-year-old girl deeply fisting a previously virgin teenager.

“Fuck me! Fuck m—EEEEEE!!!!” Dani shrieked as the most powerful orgasm of her life crashed over her.

Within the next 30 seconds, every single person in that room reached climax, either masturbating or being masturbated or humping. There were screams and cries and moans, gasps and sighs and groans, clits throbbing, cunts clamping around fingers, pussy juice streaming down legs and onto the floor, little girls and teenagers and grown women all coming at the same time.

Only one person on that yacht did not have an orgasm then. Somehow Emma was able to resist. In a way she was glad, because it meant she could watch and not miss anything. She could see it all on the various video screens, be a witness to an amazingly erotic event. And Emma was sure, too, that she would make up for it in a big way very soon. They were just getting started.

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