Nothin’ goin’ on but the rent

  • Posted on November 26, 2015 at 6:48 pm

By JetBoy

Ain’t nothing going on now
But the rent
A whole lotta bills and my money’s spent…
— James Brown

My name is Sue Bedford. I’m 35 years old and live in Little Rock, Arkansas, where I own several houses that I rent out. They were built fast and on the cheap in the eighties, during a real estate boom that was practically over before it began. The property got tied up in litigation for several years, and got put on the market when no one was buying.

I secured a loan from the bank, my parents fronted me the rest — and just like that, I was the owner of five homes in a newly-developed neighborhood that never quite got finished, part of what used to be the industrial side of town before all the factory work got shipped to Asia. I quit my paper-shuffling job, which I’d always hated, and advertised for tenants.

Within a few weeks, all of my houses were occupied. Pleasure palaces they’re not — none of them are air-conditioned, for one thing, and the wiring was done in a fairly slipshod way — but I set the rent fairly low to compensate. I’d spent a big part of my younger days in Daddy’s workshop where he’d taught me how to use all his tools, so I was able to do most of the repairs myself.

It’s a good living, but every now and then I’ve had to deal with deadbeats who use all kinds of angles to scam me on the rent. I’m a pleasant enough gal and understand that sometimes, folks will have trouble making ends meet, but I won’t hesitate to kick out anyone who tries to take advantage of my good nature.

On this one particular day, a hot, humid July afternoon, I was on the way to one of my houses to collect back rent from one of my problem tenants. Jill was a twentyish single mom of a ten-year-old girl named Tammy. She worked two jobs to make ends meet, but couldn’t manage her money worth a damn. This was the fourth time in a year that she’d been over a week late with the rent — and it was only August!

I felt sorry for Jill, but she always had some excuse as to why she couldn’t come up with the rent right then. My car’s in the shop, I had to get Tammy new shoes for school, I got a dentist bill, missed a couple days at work, come back in a week and I’ll have it, I swear.

I was tired of her nonsense, and armed with an eviction notice. It was pay-up-or-get-out time for Jill, and I wasn’t about to accept any more empty promises.

Normally I would have called first — but sometimes when I did that with Jill, she had a way of making herself scarce before I got there. This time I’d chosen to drop in without a heads-up, determined that she wouldn’t be pulling her little evasive maneuver that day.

As I approached the house, I was satisfied to see her car out front. So far, so good. Parking my truck, I pushed past the gate of the white picket fence, strolled up to the open front door and knocked on the screen. That time of year, folks who relied on electric fans to cool their homes would leave the doors and windows open during the day, using screened doors and windows to keep bugs out.

No one answered. The TV was on — some afternoon talk show turned up loud. I rapped again, harder this time. Still no response.

“Hello… anybody here?” I called through the screen door while knocking once more. Was Jill ignoring me, or simply hiding? Whichever it was, she wouldn’t wriggle off the hook so easily.

I tried the handle on the screen door and it opened. “Hello?” I called out again as I entered the house. Still no answer. “Jill?”

I began to feel a bit apprehensive. This wasn’t the worst neighborhood in town, but it wasn’t the best, either. Some of the meth users from around these parts are crazier than a bag of snakes, capable of doing anything to get their dope money.

Craning my head around the entryway to the kitchen, I looked in — no one there. I went over to the back door, which was also open, and glanced through the screen, thinking that Jill might be in the yard. She wasn’t. I went back into the living room.

On the television, the talk-show host was saying, “You claim to be ab-so-lute-ly certain that this baby is yours, Mitch, and that Crystal was faithful while you were in Afghanistan. Well, I have the paternity test results right here.” He brandished an envelope.

“Shut the fuck up,” I muttered, moving toward the stairs that led to the second floor. For no reason I could have put into words, my nerves were jangling. Something wasn’t right.

Cautiously reaching the top of the steps, I crept to the first doorway and took a quick peek inside. It was a mess — clothes and toys strewn carelessly about, bed unmade, a young girl’s things covering every flat surface in sight. The room obviously belonged to Jill’s daughter Tammy. No sign of the girl, though — or her mother.

I checked the bathroom across the way… empty. Retracing my steps, I went past the stairs toward the other bedroom. The door was almost closed, but not quite. Drawing near, I listened without looking inside. There was the whir of a fan running and strangely muffled human sounds.

Not knowing what to think, I nudged the door open — and that’s when I got the shock of my life.

There lying completely naked on the bed, legs spread wide, was ten-year-old Tammy, her wrists bound to the headboard with pantyhose. Sprawled between the child’s thighs, mouth covering her daughter’s bare slit, was Tammy’s mother Jill.

I could only stand, frozen to the spot, staring in complete disbelief. Jill was eagerly going down on her little girl while Tammy writhed and moaned on the bed, eyes closed, tugging at the nylon ties that bound her.

At first, I thought that Tammy was an unwilling prisoner, tied to the bed and forced to suffer Jill’s oral molestation. Thankfully, I paused long enough to realize that this child was anything but reluctant.

“Oh, Mama,” she whimpered. “Feels so good, so good… lick me more!”

Don’t get me wrong, I have no objection to lesbian sex. In fact, I’m gay myself. Actually, I knew that Jill was at least bisexual, because I’d seen her a time or two in the local dyke bar. But watching her eat her underage daughter’s pussy — well, that was a whole new kind of wild.

Tammy was a gorgeous little girl who looked amazing naked. She was tall for her age, more willowy than thin, with long blonde hair that spilled like sunlight onto the pillow — though a few strands were glued to her damp face and shoulders. Her chest was perfectly flat, adorned with raspberry nipples.

Jill’s head mostly obscured her daughter’s sex, though I caught the occasional glimpse of Tammy’s rosy slit as Jill pleasured the child with steady swipes of the tongue. I found myself longing for the woman to raise her head, to move just long enough to give me a real look at what her little girl had.

It was then that Tammy’s eyes fluttered open. Seeing me standing there, she gasped in horror.

Jill immediately sat up and spun around to gape at me, her mouth and chin wet from her daughter’s sex. Time seemed to go motionless for an endless instant, then she exploded.

“You fuckin’ bitch!” Jill cried, covering herself with a sheet and rushing toward me. Startled, I backed away. “Get the hell outta here, you, you cunt!” she shrieked, slamming the door shut. “What the fuck do you want?” Her voice rang out from the other side.

“I — I’ve just…” I stammered, head spinning like merry-go-round at what I’d seen. “I’m…”

“Hold on a minute,” Jill fired back.

I heard some rustling around inside the bedroom and in a minute Jill emerged from the bedroom in a floral bathrobe.

“You’ve got some explainin’ to do, lady. What in hell are you doing, roamin’ around in our house? You think ‘cause you own this place, we don’t get any fuckin’ privacy? I got half a mind to kick the shit outta you,” Jill said, glaring at me with fire in her eyes.

Somehow, I found the words to speak. “I only came to — to collect the rent,” I replied, trying to still my galloping pulse. “No one answered the door, and it looked like someone was home, so I came in looking for you.”

She said nothing… but her expression softened just a bit.

“Listen, it’s none of my business what you two are doing,” I added. “As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t see a thing.”

Jill took a deep breath, nodded. “Okay, I’m sorry I flew off the handle… but I need you to go,” she said.

“I will, Jill — just as soon as you pay your rent. It’s overdue again. Way overdue.”

“I… I don’t have it. Some other bills came up that I had to take care of. I’ll have it next week for sure,” she said, going slightly pale. “I just need a little more time.”

I shook my head. “You’ve had time, Jill. I’m sorry, but you give me no choice. Here,” I said as I took a folded piece of paper from the pocket of my flannel shirt.

“Wh-what is this?” she asked, her face white with fear. Jill made no move to take the paper from my hand. She knew.

“It’s an eviction notice. You’ve got three days to either pay the rent or move out. I don’t like to do this, but I can’t let you stay for free,” I said, staring at her. Shit, I hated this part of my job.

“Oh, my God, no. This can’t be happening,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. “I got no money and no place to go. Look, I know I’ll have the money next week. I get my paycheck and m-my sister is s’posed to pay me back a loan I gave her…” She was sobbing in earnest now.

“Jill… we’ve been through this before,” I sighed. “Every time I come here for what you owe me, you’ve got some damn excuse.”

Jill took a deep breath, fought to calm herself. “Look — hold on. I got an idea that might be kind of a… a good faith offerin’ for you to let us stay here, least ‘til I get the money next week,” she said.

Now what? “Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“Wait here a minute.” She ducked into her bedroom.

I could hear Jill and Tammy talking, their voices low. After a couple of minutes, the door opened and Jill returned, still wrapped in her robe.

“Okay, here’s the deal. Tammy and I talked it over and we’ll let you come in my bedroom and watch us fuck, just like we were when you busted in on us. No touching, ‘less we say so. For that, you wait until next week for the rent. Deal?” Jill asked, looking up at me with anxious eyes.

“What makes you think I’d be interested in watching you and your daughter?” I asked, trying to keep my voice even. Inside, my heart was pounding.

She made a face. “Cut the crap, lady. You’re into chicks, just like me… and I saw the way you were lookin’ at Tammy, not three minutes ago. Hell, I had you pegged as queer the day we moved in, but I sure didn’t know you was into the young stuff.”

I felt my face grow hot, a tightness forming in my belly at the realization that the secret I’d kept locked inside for so long, so damn long, had finally revealed itself.

When I realized at the tender age of twelve that I was a lesbian, the girls I most longed to kiss and touch were all younger than me — especially Kitty, the freckly, pigtailed eight-year-old who lived two doors down. So many nights I spent with the sheets drawn up to my chin, biting my lip to keep from moaning as I masturbated to visions of undressing Kitty, exploring her bare body.

As I ripened into womanhood I’d assumed my fantasies would mature along with me, that I’d come to crave sex with older girls and women instead of kids. Somehow, though, it didn’t quite work out that way. Oh, I had an active enough sex life, picking up curious college girls, closeted housewives and the occasional out lesbian… but I couldn’t bring myself to settle down with one lover. That hunger for forbidden candy was too strong.

Now I’d been outed, and by my own traitorous eyes. With a single glance, Jill had seen the helpless desire on my face as I’d stared at her naked little girl. She knew me for what I was. No point in arguing.

I stood there like a poleaxed idiot, pondering this crazy offer. God knows it was tempting, but something didn’t feel right. “Wait, wait. You and your daughter are going to perform for me? How does she feel about that? If she isn’t — I mean, I don’t want to…” I was picturing the frightened expression I’d seen on Tammy’s face when she first spotted me in the doorway, and it was anything but an arousing image.

“Don’t you worry none about that,” Jill replied. “She loves gettin’ grown women all hot and bothered. Why, just last month I got called in to her school to meet with the principal, ’cause Tammy kept flashin’ her panties at the teacher.” She shook her head — either in awe or exasperation, I couldn’t tell. “My baby girl has a good eye for the ladies, but her, um, her gay-dar ain’t quite there yet. I mean, I met her teacher last fall. I coulda told Tammy — that woman was straight as a yardstick.” Jill paused, looking me up and down, clearly liking what she saw. “She’ll like you, that’s for damn sure.”

Be still, my beating heart. “So, then… Tammy, she’s okay with me watching you two, er, make love?”

Jill gave a snort of laughter. “Hon, you’ll make her year.”

“And then I… I give you until next week to pay the rent.”

She nodded slowly, deliberately. “The way I see it, we’re givin’ you a pretty goddamn good deal here. You get to see some hot mother-daughter sex, and you’ll get your money next week. That’s the deal, take it or leave it,” she finished, then gave a helpless shrug. “I don’t have nothin’ else to offer.”

It was a dangerous, perverted proposition, but that only made it more exciting. Besides, I wanted a better look at Tammy.

“It’s a deal,” I said.

Jill gave me a brusque nod. “You wait here, now. Come in when I call.”

She disappeared into the bedroom and left the door open about a foot. I stood outside, heart pounding at the thought of what I was getting myself involved in. Had I lost my mind? Probably.

Accessory to child molestation, I told myself, Oh, yeah, and incest. That’ll look great on a rap sheet.

“Okay, c’mon in,” I heard Jill call from the bedroom.

Slowly, I pushed open the door and was greeted by the sight of mother and daughter, both nude and sprawled on the bed. Tammy had been released from her bonds and was lying flat on her back, while Jill faced me sideways, propped up by an elbow.

I paused to admire them both. Jill was medium height and had brown hair highlighted with blonde streaks, hazel eyes, pale complexion, and a body that was full-figured without being fat. She had medium sized breasts with large erect nipples, and her bush was thick and untrimmed, just the way I like it.

Tammy was a smaller, slimmer image of her mother, actually looking more like a sister than daughter. I remembered Jill telling me once about how young she’d been when she got knocked up — still a high school junior, she said. Tammy’s legs were parted, giving me an excellent view of her bare slit, glistening with wetness.

I glanced up, letting myself into the child’s eyes. What I saw in them sent a ripple of anticipation through me. Tammy’s sex wasn’t exposed by accident — she was deliberately letting me see everything. As my gaze journeyed back down, she spread her thighs even wider.

Holy fucking shit.

All in all, they were a very appealing pair. Okay, that was the understatement of the year. Truth was, my cunt was dripping at the sight of these two beauties.

“Hi, Miz Bedford,” Tammy said, the youthful lilt in her voice a stark reminder that this nude goddess was still a child.

“Hi, Tammy,” I said, struggling to sound cool and collected.

“You gonna watch Mama and me do sex stuff?” she asked.

I swallowed. “Well… yeah, I am. If that’s, um, okay with you.” Jill was lying back, relaxing, amused by my obvious case of nerves.

“Sure,” Tammy replied with a nod, studying me thoughtfully. A brief pause, then, “Are you gay?”

Hey!” Frowning, Jill gave her daughter a light smack on the thigh. “Mind your manners, girl. You don’t just ask someone that!”

“Oh, it’s okay,” I said. “Yes, Tammy. I’m a lesbian.”

“I’m gay, too!” Tammy enthused, hugging herself. “I love girls… but I ‘specially love pretty ladies. Mama say I can’t tell anyone ’bout me being gay, though — not till I’m more grown up.”

“Yeah, well, that’s cause you live in Arkansas,” muttered Jill.

“Do you think I’m pretty, Miz Bedford?” the girl said, relaxing back into the mussed sheets.

“I think you’re beautiful, honey. Oh, and please — call me Sue.”

“Sue…” murmured Tammy, speaking the name dreamily, then suddenly turned to face her mother. “Can we play now, Mama? I want Sue to see us do sex!”

Jill enfolded the nude child in her arms. “Course we can, baby girl.” She gently kissed Tammy’s mouth, then looked up at me. “Have a seat,” she said, gesturing toward a chair by the side of the bed. “Get naked if you want. No joinin’ in, though… least not ‘til I say so.”

Without a word, I walked over to the chair and sat, trying to look calmer than I was.

“Comfy? Mind if we get started?” Jill asked with a wry grin. My pulse racing, I nodded.

Jill gave Tammy a kiss. It was soft and shy at first, then they eased into deeper, longer kisses. Their bodies were crushed together, Jill’s large breasts squashed into her little girl’s boyish chest.

As her tongue slipped into the child’s willing mouth, Jill began to tease Tammy’s left nipple, tracing circles around the taut bud with her fingertip.

The room was silent but for the soft thwock thwock thwock of the old electric fan, perched on a table next to an open window, lazily twisting from side to side like some kind of curious witness to these perverse proceedings. The feeble stirrings of air it kicked up were just about the only relief available from the afternoon heat. Both Tammy and Jill were glazed from head to toe with perspiration, and I was getting damp under the arms myself. Inside my panties, of course, it was a fucking swamp.

When their lips drifted gently apart, Tammy and her mother exchanged a loving look that thrilled me to my soul.

“Sweet baby girl,” Jill cooed, staring into the child’s eyes. “My little lover. You like bein’ your mama’s lover, don’tcha?”

“Yeah,” Tammy whispered, ducking her head, a lovely hint of color flushing her cheeks.

Jill smiled. “Don’t be bashful, now. We want Miz Bedford to see how much in love we are. I told you, hon — she likes pretty little girls, just like your mama does.”

Hearing my secret obsession named by another person couldn’t help but unnerve me, even if I knew that they weren’t about to go blabbing it to the world. Of course, those jitters I felt only made me more excited.

Jill caressed her daughter’s flat chest, then lightly pinched her nipple — which drew a whimper from Tammy.

As if suddenly overcome by desire, Tammy reached up to cup and squeeze her mother’s breasts, leaning in to place soft kisses on Jill’s neck.

Without a thought, I popped the button at the top of my jeans, then unzipped them, drinking in the heated action on the bed. Jill was now slowly kissing a path down to her daughter’s tummy. She trailed her lips to the smooth cleft of Tammy’s sex and lightly nuzzled her there.

Tammy arched her back upward in response, a soft cry escaping her throat.

Jill responded with a long slow lick along the length of her child’s slit. The second pass of her tongue began at Tammy’s anus and trailed up through her crack, then she pushed her tongue into the little girl’s hole. I actually saw it enter her cunt.

“Oh, Mama, that feels so good,” Tammy moaned.

As I watched Jill go down on her daughter, I kicked off my boots, then struggled out of my jeans and panties. Now naked from the waist down, I began to masturbate, my legs splayed far apart.

Jill licked her way up to the top of Tammy’s pussy and began to tease her daughter’s clit with little flicks of her tongue. A shudder ran the length of the child’s body — then she seized her mother’s head, holding it in place between her thighs while she gasped in ecstasy, trembling from head to toe. The girl’s eyes were wide, staring sightlessly at the ceiling.

Her sucking mouth still fastened to her daughter’s clit, Jill placed a finger at the entrance of Tammy’s hole and slowly eased it inside, right up to the third knuckle. Clearly, the girl was no virgin.

“Yes, Mama… oh! Oh yeah, that’s s-so good. Oh yeah, right there. Lick me, Mama,” Tammy panted. “Ooohh, I… I’m almost there…!”

The little girl’s breathing was now coming in gulps, her head rolling back and forth on the pillow. She was completely covered in a fine sheen of sweat.

“That’s it. Ohhhhh, don’t stop!” Tammy screamed, thrusting her vulva into Jill’s face. “Oh M-mama, l love you! OHHHHH!”

Tammy was thrashing about wildly on the bed as Jill held onto her daughter for dear life, still nursing at the child’s clitoris while fingering her hole. Her mouth was coated with Tammy’s juices, some of it dripping onto the rumpled sheets below.

Aching for release, I plunged two fingers into my cunt, mashing down on my clit with the ball of the thumb. Just like that, I was buffeted by a violent orgasm, one that shook me from top to bottom.

I felt ecstasy gradually ebb, breath hissing through my clenched teeth as I watched Tammy come down from her own rapture.

Jill raised her face from between Tammy’s quivering thighs, pausing to lick her lips. “How was that, baby doll?” she cooed.

“That was nice. You always make me feel real good,” Tammy said. She glanced my way; the sight of me half-naked and cupping my vulva seemed to please her. “I wanna do it to you now, Mama. Can I lick you?”

“Course you can, hon,” Jill drawled, rolling onto her back. She parted her thighs, exposing a juicy cunt that made my mouth water. I wondered if I’d get the chance to taste it.

With a delighted squeal, Tammy crawled on top of her mother. They began to kiss, Tammy licking her own wetness from her mother’s lips and chin, then the child started nuzzling Jill’s neck.

“Oh, hon,” the older woman said, “Momma loves you so much, so damn much…”

Tammy left a trail of tender licks and kisses down to Jill’s shoulder, then to her left tit. She gave her mama’s nipple a playful lick, then enveloped it with her mouth and began to suckle. Meanwhile, her hand found its way to Jill’s other breast, cupping the soft globe, giving it a squeeze.

This drew an audible moan from Jill. “Ohhh, baby girl… you know what Mama likes. Mmm, that feels simply dee-vine.”

As Tammy continued to pleasure her mother’s nipple, the little girl’s left hand began a slow trek down Jill’s body, making its way between her legs. Jill spread herself even wider, welcoming that straying hand. From where I sat, I could actually see the thick fluids flowing from her cunt, oozing into the cleft of her anus.

Tammy ran her finger up the length of Jill’s slit, pausing to toy with her mother’s clitoris for a moment.

“Yes, that’s it, baby. Touch my clit. Love your mama,” Jill said.

I stared in awe as this naked child began to kiss and lick her way down her mother’s belly. She paused at her navel and briefly stuck her tongue into it with a giggle. God, it was so fucking erotic, seeing such a young girl — the kind you could easily visualize playing at hopscotch or skipping rope — eagerly making love to a grown woman.

Tammy continued her journey downward until she had her mouth just above Jill’s crack. She was turned sideways and her ass was sticking up in the air pointing directly at me. I got a great view of her rosebud and her still-moist pussy.

Even though I’d just had an orgasm, I was starting to get wet again. The sight of these incestuous lovers was too much for me.

Tammy took a long lick along the length of her mother’s slit, and Jill moaned her approval. “Oh baby, you make your mama so hot. Do my pussy, eat me,” she moaned.

With that encouragement, Tammy took another slow long lick of her mother’s pussy. She paused to savor the taste, then pressed her mouth into the juicy flesh.

“Yeah… that’s it, baby. Make me come,” Jill pleaded.

I was teasing my cunt lightly, wanting to stretch out the pleasure this time. I could feel the warmth build in the core of my belly, and knew I was well on my way to another orgasm.

Jill was frantically groping her tits, tugging fiercely at the crimson nipples. From where I sat, I had an excellent view of Tammy’s lovemaking, and watched her licking a path up to the inflamed pink spear of her mama’s clit. She took it into her mouth and started sucking it like a nipple. I noticed that she had two fingers working her mother’s hole, the child’s little hand already dripping with nectar.

Suddenly, a violent jerk surged through Jill’s body. She cried, “Oh God. Ohhhhhh! My baby girl, m-my precious little girl yes! FUCK! Oh, baby, fuck your mama so g-good, don’t ever, ever stop…” babbling crazily as Tammy thrust her fingers in and yanked them out again, arm pumping like a piston.

Jill’s voice rose to a choked howl as her head lifted from the pillow, then she went completely limp.

Tammy slowly raised her face from Mama’s cunt, licking her lips. As if remembering I was there, she glanced around, bashfully looking away when she saw me slumped back in the chair, masturbating in a frenzy.

I felt a wave of heat that had nothing to do with the hot afternoon rush through my body, and I grinned back at Tammy. If there’s a sexier sight than a sweet smile from a gorgeous little girl, her mouth wet from eating pussy, I’ve never witnessed it — although the view I had of that cute bottom of hers was a very close runner-up…

While I was losing myself in the beauty of Tammy’s nakedness, Jill was rousing herself, reaching out for her daughter as she sat up. “C’mere, sweetheart,” she said, enfolding the child in her arms. Their mouths came together in a tender but passionate kiss.

They lay down, their bodies spooned lovingly together, then Jill turned to stare at me. “Hey, Sue… why don’tcha come over here, have some fun with us.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. Rising from the chair — which now showed a plate-sized wet spot where I’d been sitting — I tore off my top and bra, then knelt on the bed behind Jill, grasping her hips to guide the woman into the position I wanted, up on all fours.

Holy shit, did she have a sexy ass. Parting her cheeks, I dipped my head to trail a long, slow lick up through the dark cleft of her anus.

Jill moaned. “Oh, yeah, Sue… hell yeah. Lick my butthole!” I was burrowing between her cheeks, loving the essence of pussy that had oozed down into her crack.

As I rimmed Jill, Tammy scooted underneath her, the girl’s little hands curving around the backs of her mama’s thighs. Jill gasped, then stammered, “Okay, b-baby girl, go easy on my pussy. I’m still kinda tender down there, ‘kay?”

“Okay, Mama,” the child said. Jill moaned again, then I heard the moist sounds of Tammy’s mouth, just inches from mine as she ate her mother’s cunt.

Soon Tammy was making her own purring sounds of pleasure. I couldn’t see exactly what Jill was doing to her little girl, but by the way the child’s body was shifting around beneath ours, it was clear that she was getting loved too.

The haze of afternoon heat was thick as tar in the bedroom while we fucked, the three of us a tangle of slippery, sweating bodies. I slipped an arm beneath Jill as I ate her asshole, my hand groping for Tammy’s flat chest, which I lovingly stroked. Finding a tiny nipple, I gave it a tweak between finger and thumb.

Then Tammy cried, “Oh God, oh, yes. OOOOOOHHH!” She bucked violently, back arching as a second orgasm enveloped her thin frame. Even as she came, the child did her best not to neglect her mama, mauling Jill’s cunt with her hand. I was pressed against mother and daughter tightly enough to feel Tammy’s fingers moving between Jill’s thighs.

Then Jill’s legs were quivering as her own climax kicked in. “FUCK! Oh. Oh. OHH! God, that feels soooo fuckin’ good. YES!” Her daughter and I kept working her holes, probing and licking until she finally howled for us to stop, God damn it, before we gave her a heart attack.

Raising my face from Jill’s ass, I couldn’t help but grin with satisfaction as she crumpled onto her side, lying motionless on the sodden sheets, looking about as well-fucked as can be.

Before I knew what was what, little Tammy was pushing me onto the bed, rolling me onto my back. That cute little girl was now a ten-year-old tigress. Her hands pawed my breasts as she kissed me hotly, her tongue plunging into my mouth. The taste of pussy coated Tammy’s lips and chin, and I eagerly sampled the flavor of her mother in the kiss.

I felt Jill’s hands grasp my thighs, parting them, her face pressing into my matted pubes. She nuzzled me there, inhaling deeply, drinking in the aroma of cunt. I was shaking inside, dying for her to eat me.

I moaned into her little girl’s mouth when Jill gave my pussy a sloppy French kiss, her tongue darting deep into me. Lord, did she ever know how to go down on a woman — wild, messy and aggressive as hell, just the way I like it. If it hadn’t been for the orgasm I’d had just moments earlier, Jill would have brought me off in seconds. As it was, I could feel the pressure begin and rise inside me, building into something big. Really big.

Breaking our kiss with a wet smack, Tammy flashed me a quick smile before scooting down to join her mom between my outstretched legs. “Let me lick Sue some, Mama,” she pleaded. “I never tasted anyone’s pussy, ‘cept for yours.”

Jill raised her head, gave her daughter a loving smile. “Tell you what, honey,” she said. “Let’s you and me lick her together, okay?”

“Yeah!” the child squealed. “That sounds fun.”

“Go ahead, then.” Jill opened me up with her fingers, giving Tammy a good look inside my vagina. “Get you a taste.”

“Mmmmmm,” the girl purred, moistening her lips, every ounce of attention focused on the juicy sex before her. Drawing nearer, she took a long, slow lick, then paused to sample my flavor. I let out a trembling breath, my heart pounding like a jackhammer.

Turning to her mother, Tammy giggled with delight. “It’s kinda like yours, Mama… but different, too!”

“Do you like it? Then be a good girl and tell Miz Bedford so, honey,” murmured Jill, giving her child a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Tammy’s eyes met mine, and she gave me a bashful smile, back to her sweet ten-year-old self. “I… I like the way you taste, ma’am.”

I just melted inside, overcome by an unexpected surge of love that made my head swim. “Thank you, angel,” I whispered, reaching out to caress Tammy’s cheek. God… was I falling in love with this little girl?

“Now you lie back and relax, babe,” Jill said, bringing me back to the here and now. “Me and Tammy are gonna make you feel all kinds of good.”

I drifted back into the pillow’s soft embrace, joyfully offering myself up to mother and daughter. A blissful sigh escaped my lips as I felt Jill’s warm tongue trace my slit.

As they took turns licking me, Jill and Tammy sometimes paused to exchange heated kisses. The sight of them sharing my honey from tongue to tongue was one of the hottest sights imaginable.

Soon my lovers were both going down on me — Jill licking at my opening, occasionally slipping down to tease my anus, Tammy paying tribute to my clit with tiny flicks of the tongue that had me seeing stars.

Finally the child sucked my clit into her mouth, and I went off like a Roman candle, clutching the bed for dear life as tornadoes, typhoons and tsunamis roiled and raged inside me, battering my body until my moan rose to a shriek.

When I came back to myself, the three of us were snuggled together, Tammy and Jill adorning my damp face with gentle kisses.

“Wow!” Tammy exclaimed. “That was — it was awesome… we gotta do that again sometime!”

“Yeah, I’ll say,” said Jill, her fingers brushing my nipples. “Got room in your life for a coupla new fuck-buddies, Sue?”

“Jesus effin’ Christ,” I gasped, briefly pausing to suck on Tammy’s tongue, “you two are incredible!”

Jill propped herself on one elbow. “So, um, about the rent… our deal’s still on, right? I get the cash to you next week?”

“Fuck it,” I gasped. “As long as I’m part of this, your rent’s on me.”

Jill’s smile was something to see. “Bless your heart,” she said, placing a tender kiss on my cheek. “Why don’t you stick around and spend the night with us, Sue? We can send out for a pizza, get us a bottle of wine… then come back up here for some more fun when it cools down.”

“Yeah!” Tammy squealed. “Can you stay over, Sue? Oh, please please please pretty please?”

“How can I say no?” I laughed.

There are all kinds of games we can play,” Jill added. “You’ve not properly tasted Tammy yet… and she’s got the sweetest little pussy you’ll ever lick.”

“Oh, my…” I sighed, nestling close to my two new lovers. “I think I must have died and gone to heaven.”

Jill laughed warmly. “You’re in heaven, all right, but you ain’t dead…” she whispered, pausing to nip at my ear, “not yet.”

I snorted in laughter, then moaned as her hot, moist mouth covered mine in a passionate kiss. As we embraced, I felt Tammy’s tongue trace along my inner thigh, and reached down to pat her shoulder encouragingly as she licked a path to my womanly center.

Guess this room’s not gonna get the chance to cool down, I told myself, not anytime soon.


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  1. kim says:

    I’ve been missing your stories JetBoy, this was a good one, real good. loved the pic too.

  2. JetBoy says:

    I never stopped writing, Kim… in fact, I have quite a few stories in various states of completion. My life just happens to be a verrrrry cluttered one, without as much Author Time as I’d like.

    That said, my immense gratitude for the kind words. Praise from you means a lot to me.

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    I agree with my good friend Kim, great story, JetBoy. I could see and hear every word – just the way I like it.

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    Fucking sweet! No sweeter flavor than young and smooth.

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    This is an updated version of the Simon Legree story, it seems. It is well told and sufficiently prurient to merit a high rating on anyone’s readability scale. Thanks for posting it.

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    Very erotic JetBoy, can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks for the submission.

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    outstanding! loved it,,,,……. made me cum so much

  9. JetBoy says:

    Thanks to all of you for the kind words — they are precious as rubies to me.

    I’d also like to extend a LONG overdue shout-out to my beloved site partner Naughty Mommy, for her valuable help in finding photographs to accompany my stories, this one being a perfect example. Whenever I have trouble locating the ideal image, I always reach out to her… and she comes through every time. Dear lady, my glass is hoisted in your direction.

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    Congratulations for this very lovely and very hot story, JetBoy!! Thanks!

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    Short, sweet and scorching hot — beautiful story!

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      This story is beautiful, it has awoken my in most deepest feelings. I’ve always been attracted to younger girls but have always been afraid to admit it to myself out loud. I got so wet reading this lovely story and having multiple orgasms, I finally had to say it out loud. The picture is so heavenly. The young girl is the vision of my fantasies. Thank you so much for letting me finally say this. I’d love to see more pictures of young goddesses.

  13. DH says:

    I’d just remembered this story and just re read … Excellent!

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    Once again, JetBoy, proof just how good your little one off stories are.

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    So do fucking hot absolutely loved it

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