Masturbation Methods and Timing

  • Posted on November 21, 2015 at 11:20 pm

By Cheryl Taggert

I have been lucky enough to have had sex with a number of other girls in my life. One thing I’ve found is that we all seem to have a favorite way to masturbate. Some girls love plunging fingers inside themselves, or playing with their ass while rubbing or fingering their pussies. Others are water lovers. They enjoy lying down in the tub while the faucet runs, splashing their pussies into orgasms, or they enjoy standing in pools where the filter jet pushes the water along for filtration. Still others are humpers, choosing to hump a pillow or other soft item like a stuffed toy, or maybe their own hands and fingers.

My first question to you readers is this: What is your favorite method of getting yourself off?

My next question has to do with issues of time. How old were you (approximately) when you first discovered that touching yourself felt good “down there”? How old were you (approximately if you can’t recall exactly) when you had your first self-induced orgasm? What other circumstances accompanying that event might we be interested in hearing?

As the poser of these questions, I will, of course, go first. (And to my wife, Lisa, you are REQUIRED to answer this!! No, I’m not bullshitting! Everyone will LOVE your story!)

I love to masturbate in a variety of ways, including all the ones I mentioned above, depending on my mood, but to be honest there’s something special about humping things. I love to lie on my belly and rub myself against a pillow or a stuffed animal. (Yes, I still have stuffed animals. Pooh Bear LOVES my pussy, you see.) Sometimes my fingers join in to help massage my clit to orgasm; sometimes they don’t. I’ve had Lisa video me doing this to myself, and I must say she’s right when she says I have a lovely ass, especially when it’s going up and down like that and clenching as I press my pussy into Pooh’s face or my pillow while coming.

This love of humping may stem from my earliest masturbation efforts, which I had no idea had anything to do with sex at the time. Many of you know the story of my rocking horse, Shadow, that my parents got for me Christmas the year I turned four. I loved to ride Shadow, and the longer the ride was, the better it felt. My pussy, though immature, was still capable of being stimulated by constant rubbing, which is exactly what happened. All I knew was that it felt really good “down there” when I rode Shadow long enough. It may sound odd, but when I first heard the word masturbation, I did not equate it with what I’d done years before on my rocking horse. It wasn’t until later when I had time to think about what it was and what I’d done as a small child that I realized I’d been blissfully masturbating in front of my parents all during my early childhood.

I distinctly recall two things about this. First, I remember after one lovely ride going into the bathroom and pulling my shorts and panties down to look at what my mother had always called my “po-po.” I had figured out that the pleasurable feelings emanated from there. I touched myself where the good feelings seemed to be, and recall it felt very good indeed. I was puzzled as to why this one area of my body caused such nice feelings when I rode my horse or when I touched it as I had, especially since my mother had been very clear that I was NOT to touch myself there except to bathe it or wipe myself after using the bathroom. For this reason I knew better than to ask my parents anything about this mysterious feeling I got when riding Shadow for long periods of time. It got to where I would ride for the sole reason of getting those feelings. Much later, I figured out that I could use my fingers and stuffed animals to get those same feelings. I don’t know if I would be termed sexually precocious, but I definitely had a very active clitoris that grew to be easily stimulated.

Because I got started so early with masturbation, I also achieved my first orgasm at a very young age, perhaps 5, but certainly no later than 6. I may well have had small orgasms prior to the one I can recall distinctly and count as my first, but I don’t remember any of them. As I said, it just felt very good for a long time.

Then one day I was riding Shadow and it felt…different. I was pressing my little pussy against the “saddle” (the back that had a painted saddle on it) and the small plastic horn that stuck up from the “saddle,” and the urge to push harder was not to be denied. Suddenly, the area around my pussy (which I still called my po-po until I was 8 or 9), seemed to explode into this tingling sensation that spread throughout my mid-section. It was both scary and wonderful all at the same time. I wondered if I’d hurt myself in some way. Upon inspection, however, everything seemed to still be there and I wasn’t bleeding anywhere, so I decided I’d probably be okay. After some time went by, I think I decided to ride again to see if I could have the same feelings. The memories are a bit fuzzy from that long ago. Again, I was deathly afraid to approach my mother about it, and discussing anything involving my “po-po” with my father was out of the question entirely. In any case, I did continue riding and sometimes I’d come and sometimes I wouldn’t.

By the time I was around 8, I was an accomplished masturbator. My mother caught me doing it once and nearly skinned me alive. She made me swear never to do it again (yeah, right). I just made sure I would never get caught again. I’d gotten lazy about “security” and was busy humping my pillow or a soft toy when dear old mom walked in to see my naked butt riding away on that heavenly softness. She never caught me again, and it wasn’t until later that I realized she had to know I was still doing it, but she had started knocking on my door before entering after that. It’s funny how I never equated the two events — catching me and starting to knock first — until years later. I suppose she just didn’t want to have to deal with it if she caught me again.

I’ve read about childhood masturbation, and it appears I am not as rare a case as I used to think. Doctors believe they’ve witnessed children of both sexes on sonograms in the process of masturbating and perhaps even reaching a small climax while still in the womb, based on the shudder that follows such actions. Mothers have reported catching their toddlers happily masturbating away, and have even caught them in the throes of an orgasm, based on descriptions told to doctors. Most of these stories involve young girls. I’m sure boys have done this as well, but someone once told me that a little boy’s penis won’t remain hard for long. I have no experience with that, but it does seem that little girls are more capable of orgasms at such a young age.

Of course, like me, these children have zero concept of this being anything about sex. To them it just feels good. I can attest to that. When I was 4, 5, and 6, riding Shadow simply felt good “down there” where I was forbidden to touch, though the forbidding of doing so never seemed to stick in my case…and hopefully not in a lot of other cases I know must be out there still.

All I know is I would tell my daughter, “Go ahead, sweetie! Rub it to your heart’s content!”

So, how about you folks? This question is for both males and females, by the way!


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  1. SuzyQ says:

    After reading all these experiences my pussy is extremely stimulated and swollen!! I want to share my earliest experience as a little girl about 3 maybe 4 years old. I know I wasn’t in school yet because my mom would nap during the day while my older sister was in school. This is hard for me to confess but we had a miniature toy poodle named Cindy. She would always sniff my crotch when I was on the floor playing. Her tongue would dart onto my panties and it felt warm and nice. Once I realized she would do it more when my legs were spread wide open I would call her over to me on purpose and push her nose between my legs until she started to sniff and eventually lick. My panties had gotten very wet now I know it was from my pussy juice I took them off. Cindy started to lick my soft, tiny pussy and I got this rush of complete wetness and ticklish feeling. I got so scared but wanted more and more. I was hooked. This continued every day when my mom took her nap. I don’t know why I waited for her to fall asleep. I guess I knew it was naughty. The feeling of her little tongue licking my pussy was the best thing I’ve ever felt. Sometimes I would rub her belly to encourage her and I liked playing with her cottonball pussy. She would lay very still. This continued til we moved when I was 9 and we had to give her away. I thing about her a lot. That’s probably why I am so turned on my little tongues.

    • Phil says:

      SuzyQ, I second what Poppabear said– I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to share this experience. BTW, guys like little doggy tongues, too. When I was a youngster, I would let the family dog get up on the bed with me and lick my ass. I would masturbate while he licked my anus. It was heavenly!

  2. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    SuzyQ, it’s great that you feel comfortable enough in this forum to tell us about your early experiences. I’ll leave it to your sisters here to comment in detail, but I hope you find friends, and more, here with us.

    • SuzyQ says:

      Thank you Poppabear. I hesitated for a while before clicking submit but it is my earliest memory of anything sexual. I just remember how wonderful it felt and was sad when we gave Cindy away.

  3. Saapho69 says:

    Suzy Q I make no judgment’s on what anyone likes or liked. I would be a hypocrite if I did lol. When I really get turned on I will do or try just about anything. In the spirit of that I have let a dog lick my pussy once. I believe in freewill above all. So everyone is free to explore whatever sexual desires they like. Keep exploring sister

    • SuzyQ says:

      I am the same way. When im in that zone my mind has taken me down numerous roads lol but my go-to is always little girls. Never fails to get me off the hardest!!

  4. Judy Leroy says:

    I was about 8 or 9 when I really started, but we have to go back a little to when I was younger to say what I got started or what.
    My mother was a single working lady for a really up scale hotel and had to dress appropriately so she always wore a nice dress, heels and nylons to work. After work back home she always stepped out of her heels at the door then went into her bedroom to start undressing and after a little bathroom potty stop she reemerged in just her slip and panties, most times with out her bra. Now mom wasn’t all that pretty she was more business like with her brown hair, blue eyes and ,rater small busts and it didn’t help that she wore glasses. She was still a women you’d notice as her walk and statue was kind of sexy, the way she held herself you just knew there was something more under her appearance. Now back to me.
    On bath days, about every other day if not every she would bathe me in the tub and after drying me off she’d wrap a towel around me and we’d go into the living room to read or play a game, one of the games I liked to play was horsey. Mom would cross her legs and I would get up on her legs naked and she would hold my hands as she humped me up and down on her slip cover leg. As I did this over time I liked the feel of her silky slip between my thighs as I hugged my thighs about her and then she started to slip me a little back and forth over her. This enticed me no end till I started to wet and soil her slip, and mommy liked this too. I could tell by the way she closed her eyes and sometimes she stopped to touch herself. I asked her if she was all right as she stopped and she told me she just had to adjust her slip and it felt good to touch herself down there and I began to notice she was wet too like I’d wet on her. Later on as I played dress up in some of mom’s things I’d sometimes wear her slips and as I felt the silky slip over me and began touching myself my girlfriend and I started masturbating. I still do these days even though I’m turning 63 and love it, especially when I wear my silky satins.
    Hope all of you have fun too,
    Love Judy

  5. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    Thank you, Judy, for such a charming story about your life with your sexy mother in the fifties and sixties. Welcome to our gang on the best erotic site on the internet.

    • SuzyQ says:

      Yes thank you Judy for sharing your story. I must tell you that it aroused me very much to think about how much your mom must have enjoyed feeling your little wet pussy slipping back and forth on her leg. I can picture it now!!! mmmmmm

      • Judy Leroy says:

        Thank you Suzy for a comment you never know if someone reads your comments.

        • Raoul says:

          Sooo many read, so few say anything, (myself included), but very heat inducing, thank you.

          • Judy Leroy says:

            Thanks Raoul please lets you want to speak out also we have to let other know we are not weird just we have those moments of thought that cannot be controlled by others opinion

  6. SuzyQ says:

    So true Judy. When I found this site I finally realized I’m not the only one with these thoughts and feelings. Reading everyone’s experiences and fantasies gets my heart racing and my pussy soaked!!!!!

  7. Kelly Wilson says:

    I remember the first time for me vividly. I think I was about 5, I saw a box on the bench and thought it was for me. I opened it. It was a book called “The Joy of Sex” (I wasn’t sure of that then, but I became very sure). I realised that the book was not for me. But it intrigued me…

    Some months later I was playing in my mother’s wardrobe and I found it, hidden. I took it out and leafed through it. I was amazed, titilated and intrigued. I felt good between my legs and I rubbed my vagina. That was it, it felt good. No more. I was paranoid about mother finding me. So I put it back.

    But I was hooked and when I knew it was safe, went back and back and back. I would open my vagina and compare and loved touching myself more and more. Again, no orgasm, but so much pleasure.

    It felt so taboo to me to be playing in my mother’s room on her floor. I kept going back, it felt so good, the best and even better that it was in the saftey of Mother’s room. Like we had a bond, although she never knew.

    I would have been nearly 8 when I was into pressing two fingers hard inside myself and sometimes 3. It was near this time that I orgasmed for the first time.

    From the day I first found that book, for so long, I masturbated myself every night. I loved how it felt.

    I think my experience also was the making of my intense fantasies for my mother. The thought of committing incest with her is one I treasure.

  8. C says:

    I can’t remember when I first discovered that touching my clit felt good. But I know I was very little, and that I used to touch myself a lot.

    But I didn’t have my first orgasm till I was around 12. I was looking at a picture of a woman masturbating when suddenly my pussy started spasming. I was taken by such surprise never having experienced this before.

    When my orgasm subsided, I realized what had happened. And after that I masturbated every night!

  9. Rachael n Rob says:

    My first time was at eight. I got started a little late compared to others. I knew it felt good to touch and grind down there but my mom and grandmother did the evil nasty talk to me.
    I was staying at a friend’s house over night. Her older sister came to talk to us after lights out. She showed us her cunnie which was covered with pubic hair was amazing. She just started playing with it and used her hair brush handle inside her and rubbed her clit and came. Her sister knew what to do, but I needed help and her sister found my clit and I was off to the races !
    Later, when I was 13, I rode my bike almost 20 miles to see that girl where she went to college. She was my first time with a female. She taught me how to masturbate with tight panties and letting my pubic hair, when wet, rub my clit. Also how to go down on women, trib and a few other things.
    As a sexually aware mom, I made sure my daughter knew that touching herself was a treat and should be enjoyed and used as a learning experience. When I met my partner, his daughter was a little younger and while nude like we were, was rather reserved. That changed!
    Lol. Enjoy!

  10. Amanda says:

    Hello, all. This is such a wonderful website and I am so glad I found it. As for the topic at hand. Pardon the pun, I guess I was a late bloomer. As far as I can remember, I was about 8 when I started masturbating. Well at least started masturbated with a purpose. I guess there were times before when I would touch myself, in the tub or mindlessly diddle while in front of the TV. My mother would say to me. “It’s ok to do that but do it in your bedroom in private.” Maybe I was thick but I never really clued into what she was talking about. Touching myself like that felt nice but nothing special.

    Now when I was eight whatever switch that connects the pussy to the pleasure center of the brain was not only moved to the on position, it was welded in place. I remember this as clear as if it were yesterday. It was summer and it was hot and sleeping was not easy. 1972, no central air. I was tossing and turning and accidentally rolled on top of a stuffed teddy bear. I called mine Yogi because he had a little friend which, naturally, I called Booboo. Neither looked anything like their cartoon character counterparts.

    I digress. When I rolled over on him, his hard plastic nose landed right where it needed too. Scared the crap out of me. Once I hand convinced myself that I hadn’t broken anything I began to explore that spot and that is when 8-year-old Amanda discovered masturbation and that it felt really freaking good. Yogi and I soon became lovers so to speak. I humped that poor bear ragged. These days I typically use my fingers, sometimes a pillow.

    Making me come was something Yogi could do well and he did often. But my first earth shattering, toe curling masturbatory orgasm was given to me by Peter Benchley.

    Little pause so you scratch your heads………..

    In 1976 he published his novel, “The Deep”. Great book, the movie not so much. In it, there is a scene where the heroine is attacked in her hotel room by voodoo type guys and is threatened to stay away from a diving site she had been exploring. Anyway while doing voodoo stuff they use a chicken foot and rub all over her pussy. Sick right? I don’t know why but 12-year-old me got so turned on that I reread the passage half a dozen times, put the book down and masturbated to the most intense orgasm I had had to date. (disclaimer: I do not now nor have ever had any desire to have sex with animals or animal parts. Just so we’re clear.)

    It was 1976, I lived in a small town so access to anything sex related was almost non-existent, so that passage which, by today’s standards is pretty tame, for me back then was certainly taboo. 1976 was also the year I discovered the joys of being with a girl. But that’s another story.

    Yogi was reincarnated into a hand-crafted snake when I was 16. My mother knitted the body and stuffed it with the innards of Yogi, I had literally humped all the fur off him. She also transplanted his eyes. I never tried humping the snake but I did, accidentally, of course, see my niece enjoying herself with it. Maybe someday I will share my story with her. 🙂

    I have babbled on enough, this is starting to turn into a book I think. Speaking of which. NaughtyMommy is so kindly editing a story I have written and will be publishing it as soon as it is ready. Please keep an eye out for it and let me know what you think.

  11. kim says:

    I enjoyed reading that so much, thanks for sharing with us Amanda

  12. Sarah says:

    I love this topic. Your comments are amazing. First of all thank you for making this website. I think I was 7 or 8 and I had no idea what I was doing but I read allot I had read Bram Stoker Dracula. The original. There is a passage in the book that described a very vivid sex scene. I remember that that was the first time I locked my bedroom door to play more. I remember just wanting to keep fingering all night. I never said anything until a gf from school asked me if I had ever done it. We talked about it and I discovered most girls did it but never talked about it.

    I was always interested in girls and when I was 15 I was sleeping over at a friend’s house and after she asked me 4 times I showed her how I did it. I laid on her bed and she watched me cum. It’s still one of my fondest memories because that’s when I knew I was at least bi.

    I knew my daughter was playing when she was 12. I told her it was ok it just needs to be a bedroom thing. When she left for college I gave her her own vibe. I slipped it into her suitcase. I hope this answers some questions.

  13. Kelsey says:

    I discovered masturbation purely by accident. I do remember that I was six years old. One day I got a pleasant reaction from between my legs as I was wiggling around against a pillow on our couch. I quickly realized that the more I rubbed it the better it was continuing to feel. It was weird because I instinctively felt like I was being naughty but it felt so good at the time that I wasn’t going to stop. Of course, before long my little cootie was tingling and throbbing like mad! I didn’t cum but OMG I loved it! It only took about a week for me to actually experience my first orgasm. I quickly became a little masturbation fiend. I masturbated at least once every night in bed and very often during the day as well. I’m sure I was the horniest first grade girl around.

    • Cheryl says:

      Horniest first grade girl around? I would have loved to be a friend of yours back then. We could have had a contest! 🙂

      • Purple Les says:

        Wow, someone invent a time machine fast. I would love to both see and get in to that contest. Why can’t that be a reality TV show? “Who’s America’s Horniest First Grade Girl”

      • Kelsey says:

        Cheryl, It would have been great to have a friend that I could have shared my favorite hobby with!

  14. L says:

    I am now 74 yo and a lover of sex,my wife is 79 yo and has never been a fan of sex.I don’t know if the problem is me or her.I have a decent tool I bring to the game, but,,,,,,,,So I masturbate when I need to.At about age 7 I introduced my sister to masturbation. We carried on an affair until she was about 13. I am 2 years older than her. There was never intercourse between us. Small town, everyone knew everyone.Could imagine if we had gotten her pregnant. Midwest Bible Belt and all. Sometimes I would initiate the play, sometimes she would. We both enjoyed sex to the fullest. I suggested a few months ago that when our spouses passed,we could share a home. “Like Butch and Jean did”.They were neighbors who shared a bed for many years, into adulthood. She just gave me a funny look, still not sure what it meant. I love little girls about 10 yo. I have never had one since my sister and would never attempt it. But I use this site and some others to get off on my fantasies.And some of the stories I read here have me getting off 3 to 4 times per week.I had a friend in another state who fantasized about young girls around 5-6 years of age.We would have phone sex while I would read her stories from these sites.Soon, into the story she would be masturbating with me on the phone and suddenly her voice would become that of a young girl.She was 70 at the time.She would climax as long as I read to her.I loved those sessions. L.

  15. Terry says:

    Start by saying I’m a male that finds this site a turn on .
    I’m bi . Right my first time was about ten at school in the Jim ,
    I was climbing the ropes and as I slid down I got the best ever tingling,
    Had a big boner on as we called it . Wife tells me hers was on a stone in the sea , she sat on it and the waves moved over it and mad her first about 8 she think . Ps she is bi too

  16. PoppaBear says:

    Some of you will know that occasionally I share interesting articles I come across in newspapers, so here is another one, and this topic seemed the most appropriate place to share it.
    Is the multiple orgasm a myth? For some women, none of them on this site, a single orgasm would seem to be a myth.

    Enjoy, your next orgasm, of course.

  17. Cheryl says:

    Interesting article. I read it, despite the early assertion that women don’t have multiple orgasms. Well, I’m not sure what would “qualify” as multiple orgasms, but I assure you that Lisa and I both are able to reach orgasm after orgasm with VERY short periods in between. I call it “riding the wave.” The article does go on to discuss this lack of a need for “rest” by women who orgasm. I would also suggest that the real women who post on our site (yes, I am not stupid and realize at least SOME of the “females” here aren’t) are not in the percentage of women who don’t orgasm. I believe that inability is mostly psychological, relating to having parents who drummed into their heads that such good feelings are wrong. My own mother would have been that way if she deigned to discuss sex with me at all. Fortunately, I managed to discover them at a very young age, prior to any ability of my mother to sour my mind against the wonderful feelings associated with the sexual climax. That said, the women who visit our website are rather liberated, sexually. We are totally open to the feelings derived from sexual stimulation to the point of orgasm; therefore, we are not part of the number of poor women who never have them.

    I’ve known a woman in real life who confessed to me she’d never had an orgasm. I asked her if she ever tried masturbation, to which she replied something akin to “Heavens NO! I would never do that! It’s disgusting!” I pointed out that her approach to sex as something dirty was her entire problem. It actually struck a chord with her. She began to realize that if she saw sex as dirty, then pleasure from it was dirty as well. Therefore, the proliferation of women who don’t experience orgasms is, in my view, totally the result of male-dominated society, especially where sex is concerned.

    Another friend of mine once told me she and her husband got some porn videos to watch at home. He became so upset that she actually got turned on watching these men and women having sex together (which of course was FINE for him) that he forbid them to ever watch one again. This Neanderthal was actually JEALOUS that his wife was enjoying looking at the men’s naked bodies. (She is, of course, heterosexual.) She was really upset by this since, as she told me, “I found I really enjoyed watching porn!” She ended up resorting to looking at it online (as many women do) and masturbating. As she told me later, “I thought it was only the guys who would sneak around watching porn online.”

    I was also sort of proud that lesbians have orgasms at a much higher rate than heterosexual women. I guess there are still 20% of us who feel too guilty that we have sex in the first place to enjoy it, barring a physiological reason behind it.

    As for the G-spot, I’m not much into that myself, but I did read once that the clitoris actually extends up into the body behind the pubic bone. I would imagine that women who enjoy having that area stimulated are simply getting their “inner” clitoris massaged. I like it, but it’s not an “OH MY GOD!” kind of thing for me or Lisa, though Lisa enjoys being stimulated there more than I do.

    Finally, I find it misogynistic that we even have to try to define the reason for a female orgasm. I think the author of the article had it right when she said that it (the clitoris) appears to exist only for pleasure. So what’s wrong with that? Do we HAVE to have an explanation for it beyond that? Or is that too threatening to the male ego that we have an organ solely dedicated to sexual pleasure, and men don’t?

    Sorry for the length of this, but once I started, I found I had a lot to say on the matter. Scientists can go ahead and tell me I don’t have multiple orgasms. My answer to that is I don’t give a fuck what they think. I will simply continue to enjoy them while they’re frothing at the mouth because they don’t (“they” being the male-dominated world of sexual research).

  18. Julie S says:

    Last year my sister was visiting and showed me a new facial cleaner she uses called a Clarisonic.She told me how great it was as a facial cleaner ,exfoliater to help keep her skin smooth.Of course after I tried it I wondered what it would feel like down below, so one day while she was gone shopping for a few hours and I had some alone,I tried on my pussy and let tell you I was instantly hooked.After her visit on bought for myself and use it frequently.I love it when I have the house to myself and watch some naughty lesbian porn and use my Clarisonic to get myself off.I never had the courage to ask my sister if she uses it to masturbate,but have fantasies about her doing it too,legs spread wide getting herself off with it.I suspect she does it too.

  19. UncleJack says:

    Thank you for sharing even when it’s scary to do so. So much more common than you think as far as I know. I have talked to so many female friends that let the family dog sniff lick or dry hump them when no one was around.
    Reminds me of a weekend my last wife’s friend was in town many years ago. We had two boys about five and seven-ish and this friend had a daughter about seven or eight.
    In the weeks prior the wife had admonished the boys for letting the dog lick their pee pee as they were always running around the house naked. Nothing sexual, we just couldn’t keep clothes on them. By the first day end the friends daughter was running around naked too. I got up sunday morning and made my way to the kitchen which adjoined the living room and saw the friend just standing in the entry way to the living room from the kitchen, once I got around and closer I saw beyond her shoulder that her daughter was laying back on the couch legs spread wide and buck naked while our poodle licked her bald pussy from bottom to top, just going to town. I froze there for a sec, not wanting to be caught spying but couldn’t peel myself away. She must not have heard me cause she just stood there watching. Felt like minutes but I’m sure it was less. I slowly backed out of the kitchen quietly then came back in real noisy like and the friend turned in a startle and admonished her daughter to stop letting the dog sniff around like that.
    I just played along. I have never forgotten that scene. So freaking hot. Not overly sexual but so full of naughty.

  20. UncleJack says:

    Love this topic. Thanks to everyone who replied. Love reading about your early experiences.
    I know I started playing with myself early. I had been shown how to get a feeling or whatever but I dont actually really remember masturbating until about five years old or so. I was taking a bath and had jumped in just as the tub started filling so I could get warm in the water pooling at the bottom.
    I think I had gotten up on my knees to reach for some toys on a shelf above the faucet and my dick went into the stream of water coming out. It was like a jolt of electricity. I was all “whaaaa?”
    So I stuck my penis back in the stream and it was soft and warm (hot actually) and pleasant but not what I felt a second ago, so i moved around a bit and found just the right spot and omg it felt amazing. Tickly and good and almost too much but not quite. At least not at first. If I was just in the perfect spot the feeling would build. If I moved the feeling would evaporate. So I would get in the right spot and feel the tingle build and build until kaboom I would orgasm so hard I’d fall down from my kneeling position. I took a bath like every day from then on.
    Another way my sister showed me to get a feeling is that she showed me a game where we would take this old muscle massager (was seriously old. It looked like it was from the 1920’s or something) it was handheld but bulky, it took two hands to hold onto it as it was powerful and buzzy noisy.
    Anyway, we would have a contest to see who could hold it on our crotch the longest. Usually this meant it was passed back and forth a couple times to try to outlast each others last attempt but that never worked. Once you got the feeling it took no time to get there again. Most of the time we had clothes on but I remember on time we did it naked and it is etched in my memory how the half round head of the massager looked as she shoved it into her slit. It didnt go in exactly but it made her pussy lips squish out to the sides around it. Her legs were hanging over each arm of the upholstered chair she was in and her hips just made these tiny humping motions into the massager. Her eyes squinted shut as she concontracted and tried to hold it longer than me. Even then I knew it was obscene and dirty to see a little girl do it like that. God it was hot though thinking back now.
    I never won that game, she always outlasted me.
    The last time I remember playing that game we were in the living room middle of the day with our clothes on sitting across from each other. It was her turn and she was humping, or more like vibrating with the massager her crotch was wiggling so fast and then our mom walked in the room and yelled “what are you doing?” As usual being the littlest I didnt get in trouble but she got hauled off I to the other room and I didnt see that massager again for a long time.
    In time I started beating off in the regular way since the bath wasnt always available. Around that time I found my dads porn stash of magazines. It even had child porn in it so for the longest time I thought that was regular porn. The first erotic story I read was in that stash, I remember it vividly still.

    As an adult I am usually just lazy and rub one out, though I did recently recall the massager story and used a back massager to masturbate with. It took a long time and I had to hold it lightly just at the right spot but came super hard from it.
    The best way hands down I’ve found so far is to use one of those silicone sleeve things. I lay a towel down across the bed, lube up the sleeve, lay belly down on the towel and trap the sleeve under me while I can hang my chin over the side of the bed and read erotica while humping the slick tight sleeve. It is amazeballs…

  21. Britishmummy says:

    My first time masturbating I was 8 years old. My mum introduced me to it on my 8th birthday. She demonstrated for me and then talked me through it. I didn’t cum first I it soon got the hang of it. My mum and I were never sexual with each other but we would masturbate together regularly and some of my friends would masturbate with her as a group during sleepovers. Now I like to tie my strapon to a chair and ride it but you need a good strong chair to do that!! Broke a few!!

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