The Secret Society of the Pussycats Club, Chapter 11

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By Cheryl Taggert

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Mia Thomas awoke at 2:14 A.M. with a burning in her pussy. When she was awake enough to know why her pussy seemed to be on fire, she blushed and her eyes bulged. She’d been dreaming. It had been one of the most erotic dreams she’d ever had, and she’d had some very hot ones in her life. She was only 33 years old, but she’d enjoyed such dreams for more than twenty years now. Usually, they were an enhancement to what was a very active sex life. This dream, however, embarrassed her, and her blush was so complete she thought if her husband woke up he would be able to see it in the dim moonlight that barely filled their bedroom.

Dan, her husband, lay snoring softly beside her while Mia considered the dream that was already haunting her thoughts and still scorching her pussy. She knew it would be a long time before she could deal with what she’d been dreaming. She was breathing hard, whether from horniness or shock she couldn’t tell, and she could still feel the hard button of her clit throbbing from the effects of the erotic dream.

Erotic? she thought to herself. Shameful is more like it.

She wished she could forget the dream, but she knew she never would. It was forever burned into her mind. Wanting to forget it only made the images stronger.

Mia took a few deep breaths in an effort to calm herself as she thought about the dream, hoping she would come to some logical conclusion as to why she’d dreamt what she had. The swollen clit that was bathing in the juices of her pussy was suggesting the conclusion was less than logical and more than erotic. The forbidden fruit of the dream beckoned her hand to her pussy, but she refused to follow that request…at least until she could get a better understanding of why she had dreamt of having sex with her daughter Susan and Susan’s best friend, Heather.

In her dream she was walking in the nearby park with Susan. It was a bright and beautiful day, and the conversation from the dream that she could remember – at least the “normal” conversation – had been about the wonderful weather and how nice it was to go for walks on days like that.

Susan had said she needed to pee and had stepped off the path to do so. Mia had told her she needed to move farther off the path so passersby would not see her, but Susan had said…

“It’s okay, Mom. I do this all the time.”

As she pulled down her panties and squatted right next to the path, a young couple had walked by and greeted Susan as if they saw twelve-year-old girls squatting in the park to pee every day. Susan waved to them and continued with her business.

Mia could clearly see her daughter’s pubes, which were lightly downed with soft blond hair, and the yellow stream that cascaded from within the folds of her pussy. In the dream she looked away to see if anyone else were approaching, and when she looked back, both Susan and Heather were there peeing. Not only that, but they were also naked.

Suddenly the dream shifted and it was fine that they were naked, and in fact she had suddenly been naked as well. Mia looked around and noticed the couple who had greeted Susan earlier. They were in a grassy area next to the path, totally naked and already into a hot sixty-nine. When she looked back at where Susan and Heather had been peeing, they were gone. Then when she looked at the grassy area, she saw they were now on a blanket near the couple. And they were doing exactly what the man and woman were doing as well: Their tongues were buried in each other’s pussy.

As she strode to where her daughter and friend were, she noticed that now the grassy area was a hotbed of sexual activity. The couple she’d seen earlier were now fucking. Suddenly, she recognized them as two friends from work. Two women were nearby as well. One had a strap-on and was fucking the other. A pile of naked bodies were about twenty feet away from Susan and Heather, and they were all fucking, sucking, kissing, and masturbating either themselves or someone else.

Mia gazed at the orgy in the grass, taking in as much as she could. She was not shocked by this public display of sex, at least not in her dream. Instead, she was horny. She looked at her daughter and Heather, who pulled her shiny, wet mouth away from Susan’s pussy long enough to say…

“Come join us, Ms. Thomas. We both want you to.”

Then she was there, squatting beside the girls, one her own daughter, and she was running her hands along their pubescent bodies. Susan was on top, and Mia relished the feel of her small butt as she massaged her daughter there before moving her hand along the anal cleft to the soft region beneath….

As Mia lay there in the dim moonlight remembering the dream, she could still feel what it had felt like to touch Susan’s warm, wet pussy while feeling Heather’s tongue doing its best to coax an orgasm from her best friend. She could remember the way Heather’s tongue felt as it slid over her fingers that were massaging her daughter’s pussy. She recalled how her own pussy had felt in the dream, nearly bursting with the need to come herself. Not much had changed in that department now that she was awake.

Mia realized that at some point while reliving the dream, her hands had obeyed her clit’s beckoning. She was gently rubbing herself and swiftly approaching her climax.

What’s wrong with me? she wondered. She had never before felt any desire for her daughter or any of Susan’s friends.

She decided to be honest with herself, though. She had thought about young girls before, just not her daughter or anyone she actually knew.

Okay, there was the time she messed around with a girl she had babysat when she was fifteen. But that had been in the middle of adolescence, a time of figuring out who you were. She was a grown woman now, in a marriage that satisfied her on all levels.

She thought some more and wasn’t sure she liked what was occurring to her. Memories seemed to tumble from her subconscious mind to her conscious memories, surfacing like bubbles rising from the bottom of a deep lake.

There was that time she had walked in on Susan last year when Susan had just showered and was still naked in her room. Mia hadn’t known Susan was in there, thinking she was still in the bathroom, and she’d gone in to collect any stray articles of clothing that needed laundering. She remembered now that her nipples had stiffened at the sight of a naked Susan bent over to pick up the panties she had dropped on the floor while getting dressed. She remembered thinking how beautiful her daughter’s butt was and how erotic it was to see the folds of her bald pussy peeking from between her upper thighs.

Okay, she thought to herself, maybe I noticed my slit getting wet at that sight and thinking of Susan later as I lay in bed. Alright, so she was masturbating as she lay thinking of it, but she wasn’t really coming to that image.

Was she?

The dream came rushing back to her, like a favorite fantasy she’d forgotten long ago. She had rubbed Susan’s pussy while Heather licked it and then extended her hand over Susan’s bobbing head to feel Heather’s wet pussy at the same time.

She looked around in the dream and saw that people who had been having sex moments before were now watching them. The next thing she knew in the dream was that she was in what is called a daisy chain with Susan and Heather. Mia’s dream lips were now locked onto her daughter’s flooded pussy while Susan licked Heather, and Heather licked her.

A young girl she didn’t recognize, who appeared to be only eight or nine years old, joined them, leaning over to suck on her nipples, nursing her like a baby. Then the woman who had seen and spoken to Susan as she peed was there, having abandoned the man apparently. She was alternating between the two girls’ asses, licking first one then the other.

The girls were moaning loudly in the dream, as was Mia, and she wondered if she’d made any noises in bed while the dream worked to make her clit beg for the climax.

Mia was now lying in bed, remembering the dream, and rubbing her clit wildly, needing the release of sexual energy. She hoped the dream would go away once she came. She knew, of course, that it would never really leave her. Once something like that invaded your mind, it was there to stay.

When she remembered how the young girl who’d been sucking her nipples had moved to her ass and licked her there, Mia climaxed. She struggled to keep it a quiet one, and she mostly succeeded. Only small squeals escaped her throat, and her breathing, though very loud compared to normal, was not loud enough to wake Dan. She knew once he was asleep, he would be out until morning.

Mia lay in her bed, bathed in a light sheen of perspiration, doing her best to catch her breath. The images from the dream were still blazing against the viewing screen of her mind. Her clit was throbbing from the immense orgasm she had just experienced. Each tremble of her button whispered, more, as if only one orgasm would simply be insufficient, thank you very much.

Mia turned over onto her side and tried to ignore her still wide awake clitoris. She tried thinking of other things, but each one turned into a sexual image. She thought about doorknobs, an innocuous image if ever there was one, but she saw herself backing up to one and allowing it to enter her wet vagina. Then she thought of the PTSA, of which she was the previous year’s president, but all she saw was Shannon Greer, a very sexy brunette who had been her vice-president, lying naked and pushing her own daughter’s head between her naked thighs and saying, “Yes, Sweetie! Lick Mommy there!” That image turned into Mia doing and saying the same things to Susan.

It was no use. Her clit was still begging for attention, and she knew she would have to give it all it wanted before it would allow her to sleep again.

Rising quietly from the bed, she gave in to her carnal desires, acknowledging her lust for her own twelve-year-old daughter for now, and went to Susan’s bedroom. She thought about the good fortune that Susan was spending the night with Heather that night. If not, I might rape her, she thought to herself.

Entering Susan’s room, Mia went directly to the dirty clothes hamper in one corner of the room and found what she wanted within seconds of opening it. There near the top of the pile of clothes sat a pair of Susan’s panties. She held them to her nose, wondering if they would have any strong scent at all, given Susan was only twelve.

What she smelled filled her with a lust so strong she nearly fell over. The panties reeked of pussy! Apparently, Susan had gotten very horny indeed sometime in the past couple of days.

Of course, Mia had no way of knowing her daughter had worn those panties on the last day of school, when she had engaged in sex with Heather and one of her teachers, Ms. Simmons. Not only that, but Susan had also gone home with Heather that day and had sex with Heather and her little sister, Tina. The juices that had filled her panties on both those occasions had left behind a very strong aroma of pussy, and these were the panties Mia now smelled. Mia, of course, was completely oblivious to her daughter’s recent sexual escapades. All she knew was the condition of the panties.

The knowledge her little girl had become so turned on for some reason led her to begin wondering what had caused such a discharge of sexual fluids. While it was true that the natural lubrication of the pussy would leave some remnants behind to cause this scent, it was obvious to Mia that this was not the result of such a small amount. The panties were encrusted with the juices, causing the gusset to be stiff instead of soft.

Mia herself had started having orgasms when she was around ten, so it occurred to her now that her own daughter was almost certainly enjoying them as well. She could not imagine failing to come while getting as turned on as Susan would have to have been to leave behind this much pussy juice.

Mia stripped off her t-shirt and panties and lay naked on Susan’s bed, spreading her legs and holding the panties to her nostrils. She had never tried panty sniffing before as a means of obtaining a sexual thrill, but this was different. These were Susan’s panties, and Mia imagined her daughter lying in this very bed and masturbating to orgasms. She thought her baby girl had probably had hundreds while lying exactly where she was lying right now, and that thought pushed her over the edge.

Her fingers flew across her clit while she inhaled the scent of her daughter’s pussy. The climax skyrocketed through her body, causing massive shuddering and rather loud moans and grunts, making her thankful she’d come into Susan’s room instead of remaining in her own bed beside her sleeping husband. In the middle of her orgasm, she pushed the gusset of the panties into her mouth and tasted her daughter’s juices.

It was not until she’d brought herself to two more orgasms that she felt satisfied enough to return to her own room to lie beside Dan, who was still snoring softly. She was tired and realized as she got under the light covers that she had not washed her hands, so she licked them clean instead, savoring her flavor as well as Susan’s. She could actually taste the difference as she sucked her fingers and she thought of people who could discern small nuances in wine by tasting them. Had she been a pussy juice connoisseur all her life without knowing it? She lay there for a while longer, still trying to make some sense of this sudden change in her life.

Finally, Mia drifted off to sleep. Her clit was still hinting that another orgasm could be had, but she was able to ignore it.

When she awoke in the morning, she could not remember any dreams that may have occurred after getting back to sleep, but the one she could remember haunted her all day, making her clit begin to beg for release once more. When that happened, she would busy herself with other tasks. She was at work and quite busy, so there was enough to occupy her mind. Still, she felt like an addict needing a fix. Ignoring her need nearly drove her insane, and trips to the bathroom were hurried affairs, lest she give in to the carnal desires that had been a nearly constant companion since the middle of the night before.

Mia wondered if she’d be able to refrain from attacking either her pussy or Susan’s once she got home from work.


Susan awoke that night as well. She was thinking of her mother, who was at that moment doing her best not to remember her dream, but of course Susan knew nothing of this.

The night had been a good one. Cheryl was able to give her some advice regarding how she might entice her mom into at least talking about sex, even if she wasn’t interested in having sex with her own daughter. Susan was thankful she had friends like Heather and Tina, whose mom was so sexy and open about topics like this.

The four of them had sat around the dinner table that night after getting home from the orgy. Nobody was interested in sex, having worn themselves out having sex with the teachers — Lisa and Jennifer — as well as Becca and Monica. Their pussies were all rather raw from all the fingering, licking, and anything else someone wanted to do to them, so instead of engaging in more sex, they had talked about it. Specifically, they’d talked about Susan’s mother, Mia, and how to go about either seducing her or at least allowing Susan to have her fun whether at home or at Heather and Tina’s house. Of course, Cheryl had told Susan she could not mention any of the adults, and Susan had looked offended that Cheryl would think she might do something like that.

Still, Susan was worried how her mom might take the news that her daughter enjoyed sex — with herself if nobody else.

“Honey, your mother almost certainly knows you masturbate, or at least she strongly suspects it. It’s normal for girls to do that at your age,” Cheryl said.

“She never talks about it at all, though, not even in a joke,” said Susan. “It’s like sex doesn’t exist.”

“She’s probably too embarrassed to bring it up,” Cheryl said.

While they talked, Heather and Tina sat and listened, figuring their mother would be better at giving advice on something like this.

“So how do I go about bringing it up? Mom’s not the only one who’s too embarrassed.”

“Well, to be honest, it’s easier for a young girl to bring this up with her mom than it is for a mom to bring it up. Adults sometimes feel they want to discuss these things with their children but are afraid the child doesn’t want to talk about such things,” said Cheryl. “They’re afraid of embarrassing their children.”

“What do you think she’d do if I brought it up?” asked Susan.

“I’m certain she’d talk to you about it. The longer you two talk about sex, the more comfortable she will become with it, and so will you.”

“Couldn’t you, like, seduce her or something? I bet she’d have sex with you. You’re the prettiest woman she knows. She’s said that before, even.”

Cheryl was surprised Mia had said that about her. And flattered. Mia was very pretty herself, but she felt that seducing her, even if she were successful, wouldn’t suddenly part the sea of silence on the topic between Susan and her mother, and she told Susan this.

“Then what should I say?” Susan asked.

“Why not try talking about feeling turned on by certain things? Tell her that you’ve noticed that certain things make you get all tingly down there. If you use clinical words like vagina instead of pussy or words like that, she will accept what you are saying as a desire to know about things like that.”

“But my desire is to lick her pussy and for her to lick mine!” said Susan.

“One step at a time, baby-doll,” Cheryl answered with a chuckle. “I doubt seriously the first conversation you have with her about your sexuality and desires will result in the two of you in bed together. If that happens, and I have to be honest with you that it is extremely possible it never will, it will have to be after the two of you are at least fine with talking about your own feelings, and probably hers as well. It’s not easy for most parents to discuss their orgasms or their masturbation habits with their children. It makes us feel too vulnerable.”

“Do you think my mom masturbates?” Susan asked, and Cheryl had to chuckle again.

“I’m certain of it. She seems like a happy person and doesn’t come off to me as any kind of prude or religious nut, so I would be shocked if she doesn’t.”

“She’s not real religious,” Susan said.

“I know,” Cheryl answered. “And I’ve seen her with your dad at parties, and I can tell you they do enjoy each other’s company, so her sex life is totally alive,” she added.

Susan and Cheryl had talked for nearly an hour, with Heather and Tina taking part only occasionally, and Susan had finally decided to talk to her mom, despite thinking it would get her no nearer her goal of having sex with her. She would try talking to her tomorrow when her mom got home from work. That would give her the day to plan exactly what to say.

Susan lay next to a naked Heather and thought about the conversation she’d had with Cheryl until she once again felt tired. She thought of starting something with her best friend, but her pussy was still too raw from the orgy for that.

Maybe she, Heather, and Tina could do something tomorrow or the next day. She planned to ask her mom if Heather and Tina both could spend the night one night soon. She wondered if her mom would allow her to continue seeing her friends if she knew what they did together. She was planning on eventually telling her mom about the fun they had without including anything about anyone else, especially the adults. Of course, Susan would only share that news if her mom seemed okay with the fact she masturbates herself to orgasms, and even then she wasn’t planning on telling her right away, just…eventually. If her mom had problems with her masturbating, she would drop the whole subject.

She drifted off and was not aware of anything until she awoke the next morning. After breakfast with Heather and Tina, she walked home. They were all too sore from the previous two days’ sex to do anything, but they all knew that would change once their pussies got a little rest. Heather and Tina, as well as Cheryl, were completely in favor of another sleepover, this time at Susan’s.

“I’ll be jealous, but I understand,” Cheryl had said with a small laugh.

Susan wondered as she walked home about her pending conversation with her mom. She hoped it went as well as Cheryl seemed to think it would.

Of course, what happened was far from what she hoped or expected.

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