The Secret Society of the Pussycats Club, Chapter 10

  • Posted on October 20, 2015 at 12:53 pm

By Cheryl Taggert

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After the orgy Cheryl was on her way home with her daughters, Heather and Tina, along with Susan, Heather’s best friend. They’d had quite an afternoon together. It had been their first orgy together (Cheryl had been to a few in college), and of course it was the central topic of their conversation on the ride home.

Heather was curious about a number of things regarding her mother, but decided to wait until they were able to be alone before asking them. She instinctively knew that such personal questions as were on her mind were more likely to be accepted and answered when they had more privacy.

Tina, of course, had no such filter. “Mom, when can we do this again?”

“Did you like it?” Cheryl asked, knowing the obvious answer but asking the question anyway.

“Of course! Who wouldn’t?” Tina said.

“My mom,” piped up Susan. “She’d have a cow if she knew.”

“Your mom likes coming, doesn’t she?” Tina asked. “That’s what I meant. Who wouldn’t like coming?”

“I don’t know,” Susan answered. “It’s not like we talk about it. I can’t very well go up to my mom and say, ‘Hey, Mom, aren’t orgasms great?’ or anything like that.”

The girls laughed at this.

“Sure!” said Heather. “You could say, ‘So, Mom, how about we sixty-nine?’ You could even be naked when you ask her.”

The girls went into hysterics over that one. Susan, however, was only laughing on the outside. Inside, she was envious of her friends. She wondered what it would be like to at least see her mom having sex, especially with another woman. She glanced at Cheryl as she drove, imagining her with her mom. The truth was she’d considered sex with her mom before. It was a common masturbation fantasy of hers.

“You could say you had a nightmare and want to sleep with her in her bed,” said Tina, who was growing serious about the idea of Susan having sex with her own mother.

“My dad sleeps in her bed,” said Susan, “and there’s no way I’m doing anything sexual with him.”

Tina was disappointed her idea didn’t work. Shrugging, she said, “Yeah, I guess so. But it sure would be cool if someone could seduce your mom and get her involved with our fun.” Then Tina had the same thought Susan had a moment before. “Mom, why couldn’t you do it?”

Cheryl, who’d had to pay attention to her driving since they were now on the freeway and in some heavy traffic, hadn’t been listening to the conversation. “Do what?” she asked.

“Seduce Susan’s mom,” Tina answered. “We need someone to do it with her so Susan can have sex with her too.”

Cheryl was amazed the girls’ conversation had moved to that idea. “Honey, maybe Susan doesn’t want to have sex with her mom. It’s not for everybody, you know.”

“Sure she does,” said Tina. She turned to Susan. “Don’t ya?”

Susan thought about the many fantasies she’d had of her mom and blushed. Cheryl noticed this in the mirror and spoke up. “Tina, you’re embarrassing Susan. Stop this talk. She obviously doesn’t want to do anything of the sort. We’re different. I’ve thought about this for a while, and so have you and your sister. Susan is free to want what she wants — and not want what she doesn’t want.”

Susan was starting to feel awkward with Tina and Cheryl talking as if she weren’t there. She suddenly realized this was the only group of people she could admit her feelings to and not feel ashamed.

“But I do!” she blurted. The car grew silent except for the sound of the tires rolling over the pavement. Tina had been the only one in the car who’d taken the idea seriously, and even she was surprised at this open admission.

“You do?” Heather asked.

“Yes,” Susan answered. “I’ve thought about it a lot.” Tears suddenly formed in her eyes. They surprised Susan as much as anyone else.

Heather hugged Susan to her, wishing they didn’t have to wear the seatbelts so they could embrace more fully. “It’s okay, Suz!” she said. “We know how you feel. I’m just surprised you never said anything about it before.”

Cheryl spoke up, addressing Susan. “We’ll be at our house in a moment. We can talk then, okay?”

Susan sniffled and used her shirt hem to wipe her eyes. “Okay.”

Cheryl continued to drive the short distance and soon they were home. As they entered the house, Cheryl said, “Susan, do you want to stay the night?”

Susan nodded enthusiastically.

“Then call your mom and tell her I invited you to stay.”

Susan smiled and pulled out her phone. In a few minutes, all was arranged for the spontaneous sleepover.


Candace, now totally nude and lying beside Carolyn on her sister’s bed, spread her legs. She could feel the air caressing the moisture of her pussy. It felt the way a hot iron must feel when water hits it. She knew her pussy was sizzling right now.

Carolyn looked at Candace, knowing what was about to happen. The thought made her clit begin to stiffen, despite the fact she’d just come only a few minutes ago. As she looked at her sister’s naked body spread before her, she decided to watch for a while before joining in.

Candace had nothing more than little bee-sting nipples. They were often sore, but when she was horny, that soreness easily became erotic sensitivity. She reached up with her left hand and began to massage her nipples, which were the color of raspberries and about as big. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the shivers of sexual thrill that vibrated from her little nipples to her pussy. She could feel her clit responding to her touches.

As Carolyn watched her baby sister pleasuring herself, her own pussy began to respond. She had watched this same thing maybe a thousand times, but she never tired of it. The two sisters were completely familiar with each other sexually and had watched each other masturbate countless times. Carolyn knew Candace loved to watch her get herself off just as much as she loved watching Candace do the same. They often would get together on their sofa in the TV room and lie with their backs to the arms of the sofa, facing each other as they manipulated their pussies to orgasm. Sometimes, they even made a game of it, seeing who could get there first.

Candace was ignoring her sister for the moment while still knowing she was watching her. And almost certainly getting turned on. Candace loved having her big sister watch her masturbate. The thrill it produced was fed by the knowledge that Carolyn, who was seventeen, got turned on watching her ten-year-old sister. The adoration fed Candace’s ego, making her feel pretty and desirable. Such emotions might be rare in most girls her age, but all Candace knew was it turned her on a lot to be admired and loved by her sister in such a way as this.

She felt sorry for any girls who didn’t share with their sisters what she and Carolyn shared. Age, as Carolyn often said (as well as Aunt Daphne), is just a number. She knew her big sister loved her in every way imaginable. They had even discussed living together when Candace became an adult — maybe sooner if their parents would let Candace move in with Carolyn when she moved out of the house. Candace was all too aware that her sister would be leaving home eventually, long before she herself was old enough to live on her own, and sometimes her heart would freeze at the thought and tears would fill her eyes and spill down her cheeks. For this reason, Candace cherished their moments together like this. So it was this she was thinking about as she slowly moved her right hand to her pussy and began rubbing softly.

Carolyn could feel her mouth watering at the vision of her sister. Candace’s right hand had begun to gently probe the inner folds of her own pussy while her left hand was tenderly massaging her tiny breast buds. Carolyn listened to Candace’s breathing, melting with the thought of her sister’s passion.

Candace gathered the sticky fluids of her pussy on her fingers and smeared it over her inner labia, moistening the lips to make them slick. She didn’t get as wet as Carolyn did, but Carolyn had explained to her that ten-year-old girls didn’t produce as much pussy juices as older girls do. “Your clit’s ready for sex, but your vagina isn’t,” she’d said and laughed. Still, she was able to produce enough to lubricate herself. She kept her eyes closed and listened to the slick sounds of her fingers sliding around her pussy, passing across her sensitive clit, bringing small spasms of sexual joy that rippled through her body with each electric touch, each searing contact with her compact bundle of nerves that made this activity so satisfying.

Carolyn watched and listened as her sister’s hand movements bumped things up a notch. The fingers were no longer slowly exploring her pussy, spreading the lubricating juices to make the act more enjoyable. Now she was beginning to masturbate in earnest. Beginning to rub her clit with the goal of achieving an orgasm. Carolyn likened this transition to shifting gears in her car. First gear was the “get comfortable” stage. This was what she thought of as second gear, the “okay, let’s get this moving” stage. She sat up in her bed and sat with her legs crossed beneath her and her knees spread, revealing her pussy. She looked down at the shaved and waxed pussy, admiring it for the millionth time, and smelling the wonderful aroma of sex that rose from it to her nose. She could also detect Candace’s scent, one she was very familiar with, after all.

Candace felt her sister move in the bed. She knew Carolyn was now sitting up to her right and admiring her naked body and enjoying her baby sister’s little show. She could hear her breathing now, quicker than before, nearly matching her own breaths. She opened her eyes and looked at Carolyn, whose own eyes were fixed on Candace’s middle, admiring her hairless pussy and the hand that was pleasuring it now. Carolyn’s right hand had started to pinch her right nipple. Candace watched as the button of prominent flesh puckered and strained for more touches. Her own mouth watered to taste her big sister’s breasts. She hoped Carolyn would make a move toward her, but she decided she would wait. If Carolyn wasn’t interested in doing more than watching, Candace would be fine with that.

Carolyn was well aware she was in love with her little sister. She could think of nobody she would rather be with, whether it was in bed or at the mall. Many of her friends thought she was weird for loving to be with her so much, but she didn’t care. She was in love with her, and that’s all that mattered. She’d seen enough. Candace was moving into third gear, a much faster rubbing designed to bring the pussy near enough to climax that a final push with a hand blurred by speed — fourth gear — would push things over the edge. She looked up toward her baby sister’s face. Candace’s mouth was slack with the passion she felt. Candace’s eyes, glazed with desire, were watching her. Begging, actually.

Carolyn reached out and her hand joined Candace’s hand. Now they were both rubbing Candace’s pussy. Wet sounds filled the room, joined by Candace’s moans and squeals. She was getting close now.

Carolyn moved down between her baby sister’s legs and dove into the open, inviting pussy. Her tongue joined Candace’s vibrating fingers, joining in the welcome assault of her clit and feeling the hard nub beneath her lips and tongue as it strained to bring the ultimate joy to Candace.

Wetting the index finger of her right hand, Carolyn began to toy with Candace’s small, puckered anus. Carolyn knew from experience this one spot nearly drove her sister wild when it was touched during sex.

This time was no different.

Candace nearly screamed with the erotic thrill that was beginning to pass through her as her older sister tongued and kissed her clit while her finger tickled her butthole. In seconds she was coming, spasms wracking her body as the electric thrill of orgasm raced through her. She could feel her nipples reacting to the onslaught of pleasure. Her tummy clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed, as the waves of her climax ran its course like sudden tide shifts, first coming in, then going out, and repeating the powerful ebb and flow of coming.

Finally, she could take no more and pushed her sister’s head away from her throbbing pussy. Carolyn always loved this act. It meant Candace had reached the epitome of joy and satisfaction. Carolyn knew that feeling as well. Her clit was at least as sensitive as Candace’s, and when she came the pleasure sometimes grew so intense she could not stand for anything to touch her clit.

Carolyn watched as Candace caught her breath. Once recovery was nearly complete, Carolyn moved to where she could sit on her sister’s face. This was something they often did, and each girl loved to have her sister in such a wonderful position.

Candace smiled and reached up. Grasping Carolyn’s hips, she eagerly pulled the pussy towards her mouth.

Candace spent about ten seconds enjoying the taste of her sister’s soaked pussy. Her first lick brought nearly a mouthful of nectar, and she swallowed greedily. Soon, she was sliding her tongue and lips across her big sister’s pussy, determined to give her an orgasm at least as amazing as the one she herself had just had.

It didn’t take long. Within two minutes of starting to make oral love to Carolyn’s pussy, Candace could feel the contractions of orgasm against her tongue and lips. Carolyn screamed out with the intensity of her orgasm, long guttural syllables that said nothing, but communicated everything. Carolyn shook and jolted, jerking rhythmically with the bolts of lightning that were cascading through her as the orgasm consumed her body and mind.

“Enough! Enough!” she gasped, as the limit of pleasure was reached and exceeded.

Soon, the sisters were lying beside each other, kissing softly and exploring the other’s mouth with her tongue. There was no urgency, just love and contentment in the kisses.

Carolyn smiled at her little sister, just ten years old but so adult in so many ways.

“I love you,” they said simultaneously. They giggled at this timing, so sweet and so perfect, and stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“We need to get up and get dressed,” Carolyn said. “Mom will be home soon.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Candace without moving.

“Really,” Carolyn said, beginning to stir.

“Yeah,” said Candace, trying to hold her there.

Carolyn began to laugh and struggled to extricate herself from her sister’s embrace, and it became a sort of wrestling match, complete with giggles. Soon, she’d succeeded in getting away and sat up, getting off the bed to make sure Candace couldn’t lock onto her again. She realized that she was happy to be up, but sad at the same time because she had to get up despite her desire to lie there with her sister for the next few hours.

“C’mon. We need to make my bed. It’s a mess. If Mom sees it, she’ll know someone had sex in here.”

“Your room smells like a pussy juice factory. She might know anyway,” said Candace.

“Well, she knows I masturbate, so she’ll just think that from the smell. But no way would my bed be this mussed.”

“That’ll teach you to get caught,” said Candace, smiling. She was aware their mom had caught Carolyn masturbating when Carolyn was fourteen.

“She wasn’t mad. Just embarrassed she’d caught me like that.”

“Hey, she’s the one that walked in on you when you were in the shower,” Candace said.

“Yeah. The weird thing was it wasn’t until I turned around that I knew she was there. I’ve wondered if she planned to watch me come.”

Candace scrunched up her nose in confusion. “Why would she do that?”

“Hey, her little sister is into little girls. Maybe Mom is too.”

“I guess I never thought of it like that,” said Candace.

Carolyn knew more than she was telling, though. She thought about Aunt Daphne’s stories of what she and their mom did when they were young. Carolyn had been sworn to secrecy, and this was one secret she’d managed to keep. She wasn’t sure how Candace would take it if she knew their mom had seduced her own little sister when they were kids. Their mom was four years older than Aunt Daphne, and Mom had seduced her sister when she was thirteen and Aunt Daphne only nine.

“Well, I don’t want her to know about the two of us,” she said, wondering if Mom would be that shocked or would even mind, for that matter, if she did know. After all, she’d done the same thing from the time Aunt Daphne was nine, and they’d continued fooling around until Mom and Dad married, according to what Aunt Daphne had said, and that was when Mom was twenty and Aunt Daphne, sixteen.

Candace got up and the girls got dressed and made the bed. They arrived downstairs and had just turned on the TV when their mom walked in the door.

“Just in time,” whispered Candace.

“Next time, we may not be so lucky, so get up when I tell you, okay?”

“Okay,” said Candace, and the girls sat back, thinking about how fortunate they were.

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  1. Evan says:

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