The Joy of Lake Tahoe, Chapter 1

  • Posted on October 7, 2015 at 3:47 pm

By Naughty Mommy

Note: This story was written for a friend, by special request. As you will see, it includes characters familiar to us from The Joy of Looking, along with a couple of new characters. Several months after this was published, I merged it into JoL as Chapters 99 through 102, with just a few edits to make it fit the flow. Enjoy!

For my sister Molly’s 9th birthday, Mommy decided to do something really special for her. They went away for a long weekend on a horseback riding trip, just the two of them, staying at a lodge up in the mountains. Monday was a holiday, Columbus Day, and the schools would be closed, so they’d have three days.

Of course, Kate and I knew that our little sister and our mother not only would be riding horses but also enjoying plenty of hot sex together every night — and maybe during the day as well — which was fine with us, obviously. Our whole family had been sexually active with each other for several months now, and we’d never been happier or felt closer.

The cool thing for Kate and me, though, was that we got to go on a trip too. We were flying out to Nevada for the weekend to stay with our Aunt Barbara. Actually she was our mom’s aunt, her mother’s little sister, which meant that technically she was our great aunt but we just called her Aunt Barbara. She was in her forties and still fairly attractive, tall and blonde and slim, with long legs and a nice chest. She’d been married and divorced a couple of times and didn’t have any kids. Currently she was single.

Kate and I were pretty sure Aunt Barbara didn’t know anything about what was going on in our family, that we were all fucking each other and everything. Mommy had told us not to say a word about it to her, so of course we didn’t.

Anyway, we arrived at the airport in Reno, Nevada, late on Friday afternoon. Aunt Barbara met us at the gate, hugging us and kissing us, telling us how much we’d grown and everything, you know, the way adults always do.

As we walked out toward the parking area, she said to me, “Julie, you just get prettier every time I see you. What grade are you in now?”

“Um, eighth.”

“Eighth grade. I remember that age… that’s when I had my first real boyfriend.” She sent me a wink. “You must be breaking a lot of boys’ hearts, I’ll bet, aren’t you?”

“Oh, well, sort of, I guess.” My aunt didn’t know, obviously, that I was a lesbian.

“And Kate, your mother tells me you’re the star player on the basketball team. That’s impressive.”

“Well, I mean, I’m not really the star — but I’m the captain,” Kate said proudly.

“Wonderful! What grade are you in this year?”


“All right… Ah! Here’s the car, finally.”

So, we put our stuff in, and our aunt drove us up to where she lived — in this huge resort hotel and casino on Lake Tahoe! Because she was a vice president of the company that owned the place, she actually lived right in the hotel, in a big suite. And that’s where we were staying too. Very cool.

The first thing Aunt Barbara did when we got to the hotel lobby was take us to one of the restaurants. But we didn’t sit down or anything. She handed menus to us and said we could order anything we liked for dinner and dessert and they would bring it all upstairs to us. Double cool.

We made our choices and then headed for the elevator. The suite was super nice inside. Aunt Barbara was just telling us to make ourselves at home when her cell phone rang. She looked at it and frowned, then answered. After talking to someone for a couple of minutes, she set down the phone and said, “Bad news, kids.”

I must have had a worried look on my face, because Aunt Barbara smiled at me and laid a hand on my shoulder, squeezing it.

“No, don’t fret,” she said, “it’s not that kind of bad news. It’s just that something has come up and I’m going to be in meetings most of the day tomorrow, perhaps all day. It concerns a possible merger between our company and another company. So we won’t be able to do any of the things I had planned. Sunday, though, I’ll spend the whole day with you, I promise.”

Kate and I looked at each other and shrugged. We weren’t quite sure where that left us, but we could be flexible.

Aunt Barbara apologized again for the unexpected change of plans, then showed us the room where we would sleep. It was big and kind of fancy, but there was only one bed, even though it was queen-size.

“You girls don’t mind sleeping together, do you?” she asked.

Ha-ha! If she only knew!

“No,” I smiled, “we don’t mind at all. It’ll be fine.”

We ate our dinner, which was really good, and talked some more, answering Aunt Barbara’s typical boring grownup questions. After that, we watched TV for a while, but before long, Kate and I went in to bed.

Of course, you know us well enough by now to guess that even though we went to bed, we definitely did not go to sleep right away. My sister and I kissed and caressed and played with each other’s pussies and licked and sucked and fucked — both enjoying several delicious orgasms before we finally were ready to drift off.

* * * * *

I woke up fairly early in the morning, as I usually did, and spent some time writing in my journal while Kate snored beside me. Just after 8:00, Aunt Barbara knocked on our bedroom door and stuck her head inside. I was prepared for that, having already put on boxers and a t-shirt, but Kate was still naked. Luckily, she was enough under the covers that nobody could tell.

“My first meeting is at 9:00,” our aunt said. “I’ve got breakfast coming up in about 15 minutes. You kids ready to rise and shine?”

“Sure, no problem,” I smiled.

Kate snuffled and groaned and pawed at her nose, crinkling her eyes. She is not a morning person.

As we ate, Aunt Barbara entered my cell number into her phone, and told us she would call later to let us know how the day was going and when she expected to be free. She said we could walk all around the hotel and out onto the property, go down to the lake if we wanted to, use the sauna or the gym if we felt like it, or do just about anything else.

She gave us plastic badges to hang around our necks, telling us that they not only would gain us admittance anywhere in the hotel (except the casino), but that the magnetic stripe would allow us to purchase anything and everything we wanted — within reason, of course.

“That means Tiffany’s is off limits,” she joked.

There were several high-end stores connected with the hotel, but neither Kate nor I are big shoppers, so that wouldn’t pose much of a temptation.

“All right, so we’re all set,” Aunt Barbara said. “Now, Julie, you’re the oldest, so you have to be responsible. You’ll look out for the little one, won’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am, I will.”

I saw Kate stifling a frown, which made me giggle inside. She hated being called ‘little’ at age 11 and really resented the implication that she couldn’t watch out for herself. She also thought it was dumb that I always acted so polite. But she didn’t say anything about it. She didn’t have to; her look said it all.

Once we were down in the lobby and on our own, however, Kate was fine. She absolutely loved anything adventurous. Exploring the huge grounds and the lake and checking out the gym and maybe trying to sneak into the casino sounded like a ton of fun to her.

“Where do you wanna go first?” I asked my sister. Even though I was the oldest, in a lot of ways Kate was more of a leader.

“Umm,” she put a finger on her chin, looking around, “maybe the lake, although it might still be kinda cold…”

“Yeah, no shit. It was freezing when we got here last night.”

Kate giggled, “Okay, but later though. I’m telling you we have to go down there at some point no matter how cold it is.”

Just then I noticed a cute girl near us. She was standing partway behind some potted plants by a seating area in the lobby. I thought she might have been watching us, but when I looked her way her back was turned.

The girl was young, about our height and probably around our age. A slim blonde, she was wearing a short flippy skirt, sneakers with no socks, and an oversized long-sleeve pullover shirt. Her legs were long and thin and tan. As I was about to look away, I saw her glance over her shoulder at us.

Kate was saying something about the gym. I interrupted her. “Hey, see that girl?”

“What girl?”

“That one there, with the nice legs. I think she’s watching us.”

“Hm, yeah, I guess she is kinda cute. Julie, you always seem to locate hot girls no matter where we are.”

“I know, it’s like radar or something. Girldar maybe.”

My sister giggled again.

The blonde sauntered across the lobby, heading away from us toward the shops. Her skirt was really short. We could practically see her butt. She stopped in front of a bookstore, looking in the window.

I grabbed Kate’s arm. “Come on, let’s go check her out. I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

As we got closer to the girl, she seemed to sense us coming somehow, or at least that’s how it appeared to me. Anyway, she went inside the store. Kate and I followed her in a few seconds later.

Then it was kind of comical. We didn’t want to appear overly forward, so we sort of pretended to be browsing, and it looked like the girl was browsing too. First she was in the Juvenile section, then Romance, then Erotica (!), but every time we moved nearer to her, she stepped away.

After basically circling the small bookstore, the blonde went outside again, into the lobby, and we followed her. I think Kate was getting exasperated, tiring of the game, but I couldn’t help it. There was something about that girl that attracted me like a magnet.

This time I hurried, making sure she wouldn’t get away. Kate tagged along behind. I caught up with the girl outside a cosmetics shop.

“Hey, uh, don’t I know you from somewhere?” I said. A cliché, if there ever was one, but it seemed to work.

“Oh, hi,” the cute girl replied. “Um, I don’t know, but maybe.”

There was a pause, no one sure what to say next. Finally I ventured, “Are you, like, do you live around here or something?”

She shook her head. “No, we’re only here for the day. My moms are attending this seminar thing. They said I could sit with them if I wanted to, but it was fucking boring, so then I asked if I could just walk around and they said okay.”

“Uh-huh,” I nodded. “We’re here for only a little while too, visiting our aunt for a couple days.”

Another short pause as we just looked at each other.

“Um, my name’s Julie. This is my sister, Kate.”

“Hi, I’m Allie — but my friends call me Fucker.”

“Fucker?!” Kate laughed out loud.

“Uh-huh. It’s kind of a nickname.”

“No way,” said Kate.

“Yes way,” she smiled. “I’m not shitting you. When I was a baby, my sister always called me LittleFucker. My moms picked up on it and it kinda stuck, then after a while it just became Fucker.”

I frowned, “But, like, at school and stuff, your teachers, I mean…”

“No, they all call me Allie, which I don’t like as much. You guys can call me Fucker, okay?”

“Okay, Fucker,” Kate laughed again. “What a great name!”

I glanced around, hoping nobody else was close enough to have heard this part of the conversation. No one was.

“Well, uh, so, what are you doing today?” I asked her. “Anything special?”

“No,” she shrugged, “just hangin’ around. How about you?”

“Nothing special. We can do whatever we want, at least until our aunt is done with her meetings and everything.”

The three of us started ambling along together, not going anywhere in particular, just walking. I was in the middle.

After a minute, Kate said, “I really wanna go down to the lake and check it out, you know?”

Allie giggled, “Now? It’s fucking freezing outside!”

“I know,” Kate smiled, “that’s what Julie said too.” Then she added, “What grade are you in? I’m in sixth.”

“I’m in sixth too. I just turned 12. How old are you?”

“I’m 11, almost 12,” said Kate.

That wasn’t exactly true, since my sister had turned 11 only a few months earlier. I winked at her, then told Allie, “I’m 13, almost 14.”

“Shut up,” said Kate, punching my shoulder. “Your birthday was just last month.”

“I know,” I grinned.

We stopped at an upscale candy store, a place that sold designer chocolates and stuff. Allie peered in the window. “Shit, I would be like 800 pounds if I ate as much of that as I want to.”

“You?” I chuckled. “You’re so damn skinny, no way.”

“Oh, thanks.” She turned and smiled at me, running her tongue around her lips in a way that made my pussy tingle.

Suddenly Kate said, “Hey, I know! You guys don’t want to be cold, so how ‘bout if we go find the gym here and get in the sauna. You wanna do that?”

I could have kissed her right then. What a brilliant idea!

“The sauna?” Allie asked, eyebrows raised. “They have one here?”

“Yeah, that’s what our aunt said anyway,” Kate replied. “Let’s go find it, okay?”

Allie nodded, then said, “Okay, but, like, are you sure they’ll let us in?”

“Hell yeah, we can go anywhere.” My sister held up the plastic badge around her neck displaying it. “We’re like VIPs and stuff.”

Allie frowned. “What do you mean?”

Chuckling, I explained, “Our Aunt Barbara is vice president of the company that owns this hotel. So, see, with these badges supposedly we can go wherever we want. Anywhere except the casino, that is.”

“Yeah, but I think later we should try to fucking sneak in there anyway,” said Kate, with an evil grin. “But now let’s go find the sauna.”

We asked at the desk and were told that the gym was one level down. We could either take the elevator or a set of stairs near the front window of the lobby that looked out over the sparkling blue lake. We chose the stairs.

As we were trotting down, Allie said, “Shit, I don’t have a badge, though. Maybe they won’t let me in, or…”

I turned to her, grinning. “That’s when you just say, ‘Badges? I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!’”

They both giggled.

We found the gym, which the hotel actually called the Fitness Center, and then located the sauna. There was no problem at all getting Allie in. The badges Kate and I wore seemed to operate like a powerful talisman.

Full-length windows in front of the stair-stepping machines faced a lawn that sloped down toward the lake. The sauna, however, was in the rear, close to the locker rooms. A young, attractive, very polite female attendant handed us big fluffy towels and one-piece bathing suits and brand-new flip-flops too. She took us to a set of lockers and gave us three keys with pins that would attach to our suits. The attendant told us there was a full-size swimming pool and also a hot tub, but we were eager to try the sauna.

Now it was time to take off our clothes and put on the suits. I looked around and saw changing rooms, a line of little booths like at a clothing store. “There,” I said, pointing, “that’s where we change.”

Allie put a hand on my arm. “I don’t want to go in one all by myself. Can I share with you?”

“Yeah, me too,” nodded Kate. “Let’s all go together.”

“Those booths look pretty fucking small,” I giggled. “But I guess we can try.”

The truth was, of course, that I would be very happy to change clothes alongside this cute girl, and my sexy sister too. I only hoped my panties wouldn’t be too noticeably wet.

We squeezed in and had a great time getting out of our clothes and into our suits in such a tight space. None of us seemed to mind pressing her body up against the others as we took off our shirts and as Kate and I pulled off our jeans and Allie wiggled out of her skirt.

When we were down to just our panties, we stopped for a moment and gazed at one another. It was warm in there, and close. We’d all been laughing as we undressed and were breathing hard.

Our eyes went automatically to each other’s breasts. We were all about the same size, still not very big. At barely 13, I had only small cone-shaped mounds with puffy pink nipples. Kate’s boobies were more rounded than mine but not large at all, with tight brown nipples like little buttons. Allie was sort of in-between. Her developing breasts were soft and white, not even a mouthful yet, with sweet pink nipples.

After we finished studying each other’s bodies, Allie looked into my eyes. She licked her lips again the way she’d done outside the candy store. I felt a surge of lust that actually made me shiver. She parted her lips, lifting her chin. For a second, I thought she was going to kiss me, or that I was going to kiss her, but then the moment passed.

“Okay, uh-um,” I stammered, swallowing hard, “l-let’s get our suits on.”

I could see Kate suppressing a grin. She knew how turned on I was.

Because it was such a tight fit inside the booth, we had to take turns removing our underwear and squeezing into the bathing suits. I went first. My panties were wet, but if either of the others noticed, they didn’t say anything. I pulled up the suit. It was racing style, made of a light, stretchy material. My erect nipples showed clearly through the thin fabric.

Kate went next, then Allie. When our young blonde friend pushed her bikini panties down, I tried to get a look at her crotch, to see if she had any pussy hair yet. If she did, I couldn’t find it then.

Giggling again, we left the changing room, wearing our suits and the new flip-flops. We put our clothes in the lockers, picked up our towels and headed for the sauna.

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  1. Terri says:


    It seems like a lifetime ago since the adventures of Julie, Kate and Molly first came to our attention…bless you for furthering their adventures (and ours)…thank you…thank you…thank you from my warm heart to my moist pussy…kitty kisses from this missus

    Terri (TLez)

  2. I know what you mean, Terri. It does seem like a long time ago. 😉 And you know what else? Like many a mom, I sometimes find myself wishing my girls were little once more. I yearn for Julie and Kate in their earlier, more innocent, still making discovery stages. Alas, we can never go back again…

  3. Casey says:

    I am so excited that these characters are getting revisited. I absolutely adore The Joy of Looking. Looking forward to reading more of their erotic adventures.

  4. jorge says:

    I am so glad I continue to check on your stories; just finish the second reading of the joy of looking and notice this story and was I surprize to find my favorite characters in a new story. this one I will enjoy like a cup of fine wine; thank you for keeping your fans in mind

  5. Nathan Riches says:

    So, the friend you wrote this story for was Ebo? Just that “Fucker” shows up in a few of his stories as well, seems a little too much of a coincidence. Lovely story.

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